Guido PIZARRO on radar of Genoa, Tigres


Guido PIZARRO is on the radar of two different clubs.

With the transfer market closing in a few hours, the Sevilla man is wanted by Italian club Genoa and his old club, Tigres. According to a report, Genoa are interested in signing the Argentina international but it does look fairly difficult as they must first convince Guido as well as find an agreement with Sevilla.

The other club is Mexican team Tigres, Guido PIZARRO’s old stomping ground. Per a report by ESPN, the midfielder will be returning to his old team in a move which is expected to be confirmed in the upcoming hours. The deal would be on a four year contract.

Worth noting that PIZARRO did not train with Sevilla on Tuesday morning.


  1. As a huge Icardi fan, i would like him to go to barca than RM. He will have greater chance of success in Barca than Real. Suarez will probably sold in next summer, so they have vacant in that position. If he goes to RM and Ronaldo is still there, i cannot see it working. ROnaldo forced lesser player like Morata to be sold because he was scoring more goals than Ronaldo. Also Icardi was former barca youth, that will also excite fans and barca fans have more patience compare to RM fans.

    Also one thing to complain i have about Messi is he did not force current barca board to buy more Argentinians. when Maschanero and Messi were there, they usually used to be two best argentina players. So that means they talk about argentina in training ground and understand and respect the badge. That could happen if barca were to buy icardi or dybala. Instead Messi make them buy paulinho who is improving dalily playing next to messi and probably thinking of how to stop messi if they meet in World Cup. Messi should have forced Di mari transfer last summer. Such a Shame but i hope Icardi goes to barca, he would score as much as Suarez since Messi take 3 players with him. At last, Mighty god will help argentina win world cup 2018.

  2. Given Lo Celso’s recent performance, I won’t be surprised if Sampaoli’d rather use Biglia as a central-back(he tried once vs Signapore), along with Otamendi and Mercado. But hard to choose another 3 as subs.

    My 3-men midfield will be closed to the PSG style with Lo Celso as holding, Paredes or Banega as the deep lying playmaker(like Verratti) and Enzo Perez as the box to box( Rabiot). Kranevitter can be a good backup for Lo Celso. I also see Battaglia as potential sub of Enzo. Unfortunately he does not play enough with his club.

    In front of them, Messi as the nine half with Di Maria and Acuna in the starting XI. Pavon and Salvi are the 2nd choice of wingers. I am not sure if Sampaoli would rather pick up Dybala, Lanzini or Papu Gomez as Messi’s backup. Papu’s performance has been consistent since a while. Lanzini he is the talisman of West Ham. Another winger may be called too instead of the midfielder, should be between Angel Correa and Joaquin Correa.

    In attack, Aguero and Icardi. I don’t know any forward with international level.

    • I think Lo Celso – Paredes Partnership along with Lanzini & Ascacibar is what awaits us after the WC. I don’t think Sampa would go for inexperience in the Midfield for the WC, For 1 more WC we may have to see the same fellows. There is only 2 matches left for forming the team, Thats a vital point, If it was Sabella, Tata or Bauza we would have already known which is our 11 players but this is Sampa he is something different May be we will have a Surprise, Eagerly waiting for the March Friendlies..

  3. If we forget history and subscriptions to the NT and make a team based on current fitness and playing level, the team could look like this:

    Bustos, Otamendi, Garay, Tagliafico
    Pavon, Lo Celso, Paredes, DiMaria
    Messi, Aguero

  4. Biglia is our Number 5 & Enzo is our Box to Box player these 2 will surely be there because they were too good in that high pressure last qualifying match & Sampa wont be able to ignore that. Augusto’s chances is lesser now. And if Mascherano is preferred as a DM then Pizzarro will find it tuff to make it, he has to directly compete with Biglia & Masche. If Masche is preferred as a Defender then there is a chance.

    The Midfield is the most open position for us, Anyone can make it. Apart from Biglia & Enzo all the other places r open. Lo Celso(He is killing it recently) Banega (Will he play at least 1 World Cup) Paredes, Lanzini, Lamela, Pastore, Pablo Perez, Belluschi, Nacho, Augusto, Pizzaro etc etc

  5. I was watching a argentine show (fox sports)from this past week. They reckon Icardi and Dybala probably won’t go to World Cup and that Higuain will. I hope these guys are totally full of shit.

  6. I have always thought Pizarro was good for the national team when he played. I hope he stays in a top European league to further improve his game.

  7. Sampaoli will talk to Independiente coach, Ariel Holan, about 3 players: Bustos, Meza, Sanchez Mino. I expectaed to see Meza as Sampaoli interest seeing his recent form. Would be good choice. Bustos is matter of course. Our best RB ATM. Yesterday had assist in league as well as week ago.

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