Lionel MESSI not fully fit for Argentina matches


Lionel MESSI is not fully fit for the Argentina matches.

Per a tweet by Martin AREVALO from TyC Sports, Lionel MESSI is not 100% for Argentina’s match against Italy on Friday. The idea is that MESSI will play but it does depend on how he is prior to the match.

MESSI is tires from the amount of matches he has played for Barcelona this season. The news is that he has a muscle injury.

No news as to who would replace the Argentina captain in the starting eleven should he not start. And with no Paulo DYBALA in the squad, it opens the door to many posibilities.


  1. The same old shit from Higuain. This guy is an absolute shite player if i have seen one. Awful passing, positioning, can’t score any goals against a top team. worthless garbage.

    Lanzini, bustos, tagla, paredes have been quite good. and so has been biglia.

  2. About Icardi and Dybala
    “Mauro’s case is similar to that of DYBALA’s.He’s a player we had chosen for something in the National Team but with the National Team, he didn’t have the footballing relationship with his team mates.”

  3. It breaks my heart to see again Argentina with these dead players like especially Hugain. He will 100 percent make sure Argentina do not win the world cup. Dybala could be our Gotez but Sampoali decided fart.

    • If anything he brother is the reason he’s not been playing well or why he hasn’t made the National Team. His brother is a complete idiot! Who cares who he rips

  4. Dybala must be in the team end of story.
    the people who support his omission are not fans of this team,
    It’s not a rumor that the players want Dybala and Icardi out. Sampaoli confirmed it himself.
    Icardi has 0% chance to be at the World Cup, the only way I see him in the World cup is if Higuain gets injured or plays like shit in the friendlies then maybe pressure will get to Sampaoli who in my opinion seems to be a flip-flopping coach who changes opinion.
    Dybala 20-30 I hope he knocks Madrid out by playing great that’s his only chance, pressure will hopefully get to Sampaoli.

    • When did Sampaoli say this? I doubt he said this, no coach would say this. It’s beyond ridiculous. Also, if that was true he wouldn’t be on the backup list.

    • “It’s not a rumor that the players want Dybala and Icardi out. Sampaoli confirmed it himself.” Did Sampaoli really say anything like that?
      There was rumours that Messi was insisting on signing Dybala instead of Dembele for Barcelona. Messi was supposedly angry at Barca for not listening to him. Assuming that Messi is the “dictator” of this “friends club”, Dybala should get a free pass at NT. I don’t know which rumours to believe.

  5. I agree that Argentine fans are worst especially who lives in the country itself.They do not respect their players.They just thinks that Maradona lifted the WC trophy for them.They always cursed Higuain for his misses.Even Augreo once said that even the children disrespected him.That is not the way to treat your players.

    • i am too but not all members… but some of them… maradona****** f**** fans…. they waiting for every opportunity to blame… messi… if argentina is messi team then… barcelona… he want to play with biglia dimaria auguero… higuain… then why barca signed surez… paulinho… they dont have brain to say this kind of things.. if they have brain… iniesta played for messi xavi played for messi… busguetes played for messi… surez played for messi… if dybala wont do that means he wont be in the starting eleven… 11 matches he never scored single goal… sampolli said both dont have lot of time… but he never rule them out…. if martinez wont perform well … icardi have chance… if he score 30+ goals in a league he will make 23 i am sure… aguero dimaria higuain messi friends…. how they became friends?…… they earned their place before…. aguero 4 th all time scored for argentina… and higuain too… i am not a fan of higuain… but he performed well in last two months thats why he earned his place…. if he failed in these frienlies… sampolli can change his mind.. auguero messi won under 20 champions ship for argentina and olymbic gold medal… some injuries.. aguero not at his best level in 2014 world cup.. and follwing copa… but when he is on form… he will be deadly… understand guys… if you dont understand these things… dont watch football…. do your other work… messi will win the world cup… and am sure…dybala and icardi will be in the 23… two players i dont want one is biglia and higuain… i am damn sure higuain wont be starter for argentina this world cup…. his fate will be decided against real madrid tie… i am sure messi will win this world cup… he needs support thats it…

  6. The fans are the ones who drive this insanity into the national team. This is why we end up with poor coaches and hap-hazard squads going to tournaments. Messi probably is injured and needs to rest. It isn’t heplful to have fans come on here (or anywhere) and start conversations about how Barcelona is ruining the team and how Messi picks the players. Completely ridiculous and not heplful. The media indsutry actively trolls for these theories and publishes stories to anecdotally coroborate.

    Anyone who believes these stories doesn’t realize there is an article written for every possible rumor for everything on the internet, does that make them all true? No… but if your only reading gossip stories which you want to believe then they becomes your reality.

    The media is hard on the team because the fans are open to have the team abused. If the fans supported the team they wouldn’t stand to read the trash which gets printed. This abuse weakens and divides the team, regardless of whether it’s true or not.

    If there is anyone whom has Messi’s best interest in mind my guess would be it’s his club who invests50m per year and does not want him hurt. Not the National Team and supporters who pay $0 and put the entire burden of sucess on his shoulders and don’t bother to say thank you. When their is failure they are happy to blame him and when there is sucesss happy to take it.

    Have we all forgot about Ecuador already? He showed up when we needed him and he got us here. We need to stand up for our team and our leader and trust that if he rests he’s doing what’s best for him come the world cup. Anything else is toxic.

    I am not meaning to attack anyone or blame anyone. I just want to share my persepctive.

    • I completely support your statement here brother. Too many uncalled-for comments and unverified rumors which are ruining our reputation and the players’ morale. Everbody should just give all our support to sampaoli and messi and we shall see what transpires.

    • Whoever says that Dybala can’t adapt is his fault bcoz quality players can adapt to every coach every system. At least don’t play him alongside Messi but not even call him is suspicious.If I understand DiMaria is better than Dybala?

  7. I understand the omission of Dybala. Sampaoli’s first task was to integrate both Dybala and Messi in the team. Dybala plays in the same position as Messi. Sampaoli had to find out something different for Dybala. He has failed to do that. He is using lack of time as an excuse. All right. I can understand that. But how can he leave out Icardi after acknowledging Higuain’s mental problem? Higuain can’t score in a final. That’s a fact! Icardi’s linkup play might not be as good as Higuain’s. But Icardi adds aerial threat – he scores from crosses. Higuain rarely scores those. If we drop both Dybala and Icardi, what do we have? The tried and trusted formula for failure, that is Higuain-Aguero-Messi-Di Maria. Fortunately though, this time, Di Maria can be replaced with others. But once the tournament starts Aguero will be injured or something. Heck he can’t even play these friendlies. Then all I can see is the red face of Higuain! because he has missed another chance to score in a crucial match and we are all thinking, why always us? why always Higuain!?

    • With all due respect saying that Messi and Dybala don’t mesh is a just horse s**t, Pair those 2 in a 4-4-2 system with a hard working creative midfield (paredes, correa, acuna, lanzini etc…) and give’em a few weeks of training and you’ll have the deadliest striking pair in international football. It’s that whole ‘crespo and batigol are too similar’ bulls*** all over again, honestly stupidity seems to be contagious with Argentine coaches.

      • Messi and Dybala played too little together. So I can’t really say whether their combination is going to work in the starting lineup, especially when we have Kun, Martinez, Icardi. If we put both Messi and Dybala as strikers in a 4-4-2, we have no room for any of our natural no.9s. The question is are we going to sacrifice a striker, who plays no.9 regularly for Dybala who plays more as a no.10 for his club?
        I want Dybala as a sub. Who can come off the bench and provide additional threat when we need a goal. His slingshot is second to none. He is a threat from anywhere around the box. Besides, his absence brings another question – where are the goals going to come from? Messi’s goals mostly come from late runs which means we need other primary sources of goal. Our midfielders rarely scores. So if Kun is injured, we only have Di Maria(not the best finisher) and Higuain. Dybala’s goal threat and ability to draw players could be a game changer.
        Sampaoli himself promised to find out a combination to fit in both Dybala and Messi. It’s a pity that he is going back on his words even before trying hard enough.

  8. So sad..once again favorite players out of the squad…it juz i los my hope..argentina coaching syndrome…

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  10. Dybla must be in the world squad.He is best sub for Messi( however Messi will not be substituted in any World cup matches) He can be sub for center forward or attacking midfielder.He is good in one on one with goalie unlike Higuain who is more like a poacher but better than Icardi

  11. That proved my point when I said we can’t expect to have messi all the time, what if he gets injured just before the WC? What is our plan B?
    Dybala is the solution, but evidently Messi doesn’t want both Dybala and Icardi in the team, and lets stop the nonsense theories of Aguero and Higuaín are faster than Dybala. I saw his speed in the last 2 games, he was a beast and deadly in one on one with the goalie, doesn’t panic.

    I said it million times, having Higuian and Aguero again won’t bring to us any victory, same old record. We need young strikers for the bench at least so they can run and cause threat for opposing defenders. I can tell you right here, It’s a big gamble if we let Dybala and Icardi both out of the WC squad. It is pathetic, Messi will be 31 in a few months, Higuaín, Aguero, and Diva are 30. How on earth are we going to attack and score with all oldies?

  12. Better to give Messi a rest in this friendly against Italy and start full against Spain. Messi are more needed in the training and finding the tune with his team mates. So sad to read the Sampaoli’s comment on Dybala and Icardi. i just hope that the door are not closed for Dybala. Are we repeating the same mistakes again and again by trusting Kun and Higuain as our main striker, even in the friendly kun is injured and no room for the next generation player such as Dybala for creativity and back up. Even though salute to Sampaoli for selecting Martinez and Pavon

    • I just read an article on and I believe its all down to Messi. Sampaoli talked about adaptation time. If you don’t have time so why do you bring new players less that 3 months before the world cup. He also talked about Dybala’s speed. That’s ridiculous Dybala is way faster than Higuain and Kun. I do beleive that Messi doesn’t want Dybala and that’s it. So sad…

      • No, Aguero is way faster than Dybala, even now, and sadly current Higuain isnt slower too (young Higuain was very fast), Dybala not a quick player, average.

        • Dyabala average? go check his current price in the market, one of the most wanted attackers in the world. Who asks for Aguero or Higuian deals? None

      • No offense friend but all this talk about Messi wanting this player or that ON or OFF the team is horseshit. Messi wants to win the world cup more than anything and will play with Mickey Mouse if that helps his cause.
        How many new faces have we seen since Sam took over….did you hear about Messi complaining? NO.

        You think Messi is worried that Dybala might outshine him, if not then why in the world would he want him off the team.
        Dybala is the real thing but unfortunately he only manged to show us glimpses of that greatness and that is probably why he is not on the team NOW and not because Messi wanted it as such.

        Switching gears, fucking Barcelona always does this bullshit, he plays for them and he is tip-top but all of sudden when his country comes calling……he is injured or needing rest!

      • It’s no brainer of course. Messi knows that bringing both Dybala and Icardi will be at the cost of losing 2 spots for his buddies Higuaín and Aguero.

        I won’t regret if Messi ends his career without a world cup. You can’t be a champion when you eye favoring friends and buddies be included in the team and excluding the best of best just because you don’t play video games with.

      • Exactly, if theres no time for Dybala to get adapted, then why brining a bunch of new faces and in important positions. Sampaoli is not being honest.

        • All 3 of them should be on the team and that will probably happen for the WC. I personally would like to see Icardi as well but time is very limited and that has nothing to do with either Messi or Sam because he should have been called to the team years ago!

  13. I unfortunately don’t speak Spanish but can someone tell me what Sampaoli said regarding Dybala in the last press conference please…..

  14. — Romero–
    Mercado– Otamendi –Tagliafico


    M.meza Acuna

    Pavon– –Perotti

    Sub –paredes ,lo celso ,di maria

  15. Exactly why its mind numbingly idiotic to not call up Dybala. Hes our Messi when Messi isnt there. I hope Sampa is just giving Dybala time to build confidence in the league and will 100% call him for the WC.

  16. Per tyc, if messi healthy, the formation should be:

    Wilfredo Caballero;
    Fabricio Bustos, Nicolás Otamendi, Federico Fazio, Nicolás Tagliafico;

    Lucas Biglia, Leandro Paredes

    ; Manuel Lanzini, Messi, Angel Di Maria;

    Gonzalo Higuain.

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