Giovani LO CELSO to start ahead of Lionel MESSI for Argentina


Giovani LO CELSO is set to start ahead of Lionel MESSI for the match tonight.

As we reported late Thursday night, a report emerged that Lionel MESSI is not fully fit and could potentially sit out Argentina’s friendly match against Italy. Now Friday afternoon in Manchester, England, it does appear as though MESSI has been ruled out for the match and the fans at the Etihad stadium will see Givoani LO CELSO of PSG start instead of MESSI. The Argentina captain is fighting muscle fatigue.

As things stand, here’s the rumored eleven for the match:

Giovani LO CELSO for Lionel MESSI


A fairly balanced team but a lot on the line for many of the players. Bar for possibly Nicolas OTAMENDI, Lucas BIGLIA and Angel DI MARIA, the rest of the players are all fighting for a place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup final squad.


  1. I don’t understand the fuss about Dybala’s exclusion. He failed to understand what is required of him from the coaching staff. Now he needs to show with Juve that he can partner with Higuain like the defeat of Tottenham. Coz Sampaoli talked about player relationships (movement understanding and anticipation, in other words) on the pitch. That will help Dybala’s case. The omissions are for footballing reason. Sampaoli is trying to say is that he is done with analyzing players and he has seen the players that can carry out his tactics. Simple as that. Dybala was one of the players who failed to represent his ideas on the pitch and he doesn’t time to fix it.
    Btw, thise who are whinning about Lo Celso as a playmaker. What is his original position before PSG?

    Lastly, these games are to test tactics. So the panic on Mundo is exaggerated out of proportion. So sit the fuck down and watch the game and make analysis post game instead of posting negative emotional shit.

    • Sampaoli is not a good coach, you should play on your players characteristics not inject players in a pre-established tactic. I never heard that. Dybala can play in every position in the attack. Guys do u remember how many matches Messi played in the NT where is was the shadow of himself. We continue with him until he was comfortable. Diego is right Sampaoli can’t do good.

      • There are coaches who play according to the strength of their players like Sabella, Alex Ferguson, Ancelotti and Lippi. Then you have coaches who fit players into their philosophy like Guardiola, Klopp, Joachim Loew and Mourinho. Sampaoli is in the second category.

        By the way Messi started to click when Sabella came on board. Everyone else with NT have failed to utilize Messi correctly and get the best out of him. It’s not like Leo started doing something different to adapted to the way he played for the NT. Barca simply play to Messi’s strength = Messi’s team. so why not the NT?

        • aptly said by Wenger Pls in his tweet “Seeing a lot of people say Dybala shouldn’t be called up because his form with Argentina is poor, and because he doesn’t play well with Messi. If a manager can’t find a way to play both Messi and Dybala and make it work, then really he’s not qualified to manage”

  2. Dybala and Icardi were introduced into a mess created by some of the players we are counting on now and had no time to ease into the team, the pressure was immense, while some other players have unlimited chances to fail.
    I hope Bustos, Tagliafico, Paredes, Lanzini, Le Celso play well because if not they will be thrown out of the team while Higuain, Biglia and some others will stay put.
    Sampaoli is trying to save face because he doesn’t sound logical.

    Don’t bash Le Celso. He is a great player, but he should not be Messi’s replacement because he is a different player.

  3. Messi is not at 100%, I don’t buy it. When Italy was eliminated we didn’t wanna play them. We only play Italy to avoid paying fees. So why risking the best player ever in a match like this?
    He will play Spain for sure….
    What a shame Dybala is not there….

  4. I don’t know whether Messi-Dybala duo would work whenever but I know they had too little time together. The same people who are always ready to give Higuain, Di Maria, Banega, Aguero, Biglia another chance are at the same time ready to give up on new players after 1-2 games. I heard after the only game of Tagliafico in NT that he is not good enough. Now everyone wants Tagliafico just because he is so good in Ajax as was in Independiente. But Ajax and Netherlands league is not better than Argentina league. I just want to repeat: new player needs even more time than Dybala had to be estimated.

  5. Dybla needs to understand that adaptability is also a part of game.Having versatility and flexibility makes you a complete player.He has played eleven game for NT and no goal scored.His worst performance was against Nigeria in friendly game.He needs to prove himself like Higuain and Augreo.

  6. Paredes,Biglia and Lo Celso? Three DMs in the lineup? What a joke!

    Dybala should be the best replacement, but for the current squad, Banega should come in to take Lanzini’s place and Lanzini to replace Messi.

    • Lo celso is not a dm.he is an attacking midfielder emery just played him as dm as Motta was injured it was a forced move

  7. How many games has Dybala played with Argentina with and without Messi? Has he lived up to the expectation? Or do you guys just want him there just because? That’s the question you guys should asked yourselves. After all, it’s a friendly. There’s nothing wrong wrong with trying other players.

    The WC is 3 months away. We don’t have that many friendlies left.

  8. This is superb.that means lo celso can also b selected fr Russia if he plays well he is under consideration

  9. wow what a surprise Lo Celso start ahead of Messi and Banega. I can accept it as it is a friendly match although it will bring a lower self confidence if we loss the game. Just can’t beleive if you have an option for best players why select the average one.

    Let watch the game and hope we will win it for boosting the spirit high and confirm that Sampaoli are right with his selection

  10. Damn. I flew from Amsterdam to Manchester to see the team including Messi.

    LoCelso as replacement for Messi is ridiculous. Imagine this was the WC… We need Dybala as backup.

    • great point . Imagine knockout rounds of World Cup & Messi cant play. Lo Celso…. hahaha.
      Sampaoli – Dybala pls. atleast as a supersub

  11. We can understand why Dybala should be in the team. This is a typical argentina team where the coach calls players that he likes but not the best ones…
    This is unbelievable and ridiculous in equal measure….

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