Argentina rumored line-up against Spain on Tuesday


A first rumored line-up is out for Argentina as preparations continues ahead of Tuesday’s friendly match against Spain.

After having missed out on training with the squad on Saturday, captain Lionel MESSI participated in the training session on Sunday at Real Madrid’s training complex. However, more bad news hit the team in terms of injuries. Zenit St. Petersburg’s Leandro PAREDES and West Ham United’s Manuel LANZINI both picked up knocks in their right legs and are not fully fit. It remains to be seen if they will take part in the match on Tuesday. With the already injured Sergio AGUERO, Angel DI MARIA and a not fully fit Lionel MESSI, this brings the list of injury hit players to five.

A photograph by Spanish media AS was taken of Jorge SAMPAOLI’s notebook with the names of players on it. That photograph included one team consisting of six players and another team consisting of seven players. On one side, these were the names:

Team 1 ahead of Spain match:


Team 2 ahead of Spain match:


MESSI as the wild card. BUSTOS and TAGLIAFICO’s names were put in as the ful backs with ACUNA, MERCADO and CORREA’s names put in on the side.

Argentina line-up from training
Jorge Sampaoli’s notes from Argentina training session ahead of match vs. Spain – Courtesy of AS.

However, La Nacion is reporting that this could be the eleven to start against the 2010 World Cup champions:

All three goalkeepers, that is to say Sergio ROMERO, Willy CABALLERO and Nahuel GUZMAN, all did specific training sessions.


  1. Wow LoCelso’s performance vs Italy must have left quite the impression on Sampoali. Last game, Samp settled for 4-2-3-1, which suited LoCelso’s game perfectly, playing in the hole behind Higuain while being flanked by 2 wingers (DiMaria & Lanzini)

    MiMaria LoCelso Lanzini

    With Messi being inserted back into the lineup, combined with LoCelso’s inability (lack of speed) to play the wing, Sampoali has opted for different formation 4-3-3 or 4-3-2-1 where the young lad can operate comfortably in the midfield. I think it’s fair to say that LoCelso has already secured his spot in the starting eleven.

    I could see the lineup below at the WC:

    Bustos Otamandi Fazio Tag/Acuna

    LoCelso Masch

    Lanzini Messi DiMaria


    If DiMaria is going to play (pass first) like he did VS Ecuador, start him. If not, please I would prefer someone who is less talented but more effective in the final 3rd like Perotti.

    Lanzini getting hurt is very disappointing because I was really looking forward to see what kind of chemistry he could develop with Messi.

    Not sure which one of the posters said this but Higuain is starting vs Spain so Sampaoli can get a better assessment of his play vs an elite team. One thing Higuain excels in, over Aguero, is his overall team play. While Augero is without a doubt a better finisher. I think Dybala will be selected for sure.

    We have some decent midfielders with different traits, strengths and weaknesses so finding that perfect combination for the WC will not be an easy task. Anyway, I am just glad I am not in Sampaoli’s shoes lol.

  2. Jorge Sampaoli and his assistant, Sebastian Beccacece, did a good job by preventing Spain from kidnapping a young talented Argentine midfielder who plays for Atletico Madrid youth team.

    He is called Juan Cruz Aguero, and now he is training with the team in Spain. Spanish Football Federation wanted to call him for their national team but Sampa and his assistant took action within no time.

  3. Two positions need to be sorted.

    DM and no. 9

    Higuain is shit he would flop again. Definition of Madness – Trying the same the thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    He has flopped in any big game he has played in his life and keeps bottling.

    Aguero – I don’t get how Delusional commentors here think he merits a spot in the team. The man has done nothing in the last 5 major tournaments for Argentina. He is a club man and the worst thing he doesn’t even try for his country.
    I still remember he coming on in second half and just walking around like he is here to stroll around like a spectator.

    Icardi – This guy can be the answer. But he is not a striker who has very good touch and can handle the ball very good. He is a penalty box striker but im not sure how good that would work in sampaoli’s system.

    IMO, Alario, Pratto, Martinez (definitely shud go to WC) should be tried too. Especially pratto coz he looked good when he played.

    The final five should inculde Aguero(bench) & icardi,martinez, Messi & Pratto/alario.

    If nothing works then play Messi as False 9 with Inverted wingers.


    Biglia – looked good vs italy with his tackling but then again he lacks the vision or any sort of quality on the ball.

    Mascherano – I don’t know how much is left in masch. But his last few games in barcelona were not good. But i still think he could do it.

    For this position a rotation of players in the group stage would help understand how to plan things for knockout.

    I just pray everything gets sorted out in time. Right now every other team have already sortede out their teams and we haven’t but i still have a lot of optisim for this world cup more than the last.

  4. I don’t get the hatred towards aguero in mundo.they can even b ok with that bum higuain who seriously don’t offer anything misses a lot nowadays and fat and slow.where as aguero has improved and playing like a 25 years old under pep.if he stays fit and not fatigued then we will see his actual potential in this wc.i always believed he is better than Suarez also just needed a bit more stamina.anyways I have a feeling this can b a wc where finally aguero excels.pep may rotate him with Jesus and he may reach wc fresher than ever and maybe he will b a better physical state than messi.velverde killing all barca players and I fearing for messi.hamstring is a serious thing

    • Better than which Suarez? Denis Suarez? If your talking about Luis then you need help. Luis suarez is a beast, Jusst look attheir performance in EPL. Suarez used to tear teams apart single handedly, Aguero the flopper is a tap in king.

      The Aguero of Atletico madrid was a real Beast. he single handedly destroyed Barca, Villarreal, Madrid, Valencia, Liverpool back then. Amazing dribbling, chance creation ability.

      But this Aguero is beyond help.

      Higuain should be out of the team, No doubt. The only reason i say this coz he is a big time choker. But you gotta be kidding me if you say he has performed worse than Higuain in any Compeition be it Copa or World cup. Aguero is the invisible Super hero in our team. Never does anything, EVER!!!

      Tournaments are not won on feelings or special charms. They are won on past performances and ability to perform when needed. Watch Aguero flop vs liverpool until he gets a tap in from 2 yards.

      Don’t ever Compare a legendary player like Suarez to a joke for NT like Aguero.

      • Both Suarez and aguero is not legend.Suarez is more hard working but aguero more talented.he improved under pep recently and will be a force to reckon with sampaoli in charge.sampa will make sure aguero become the aguero of independiente hard working good with the ball creating chances clinical in front of goal

        • why sampaoli not giving this effort for dybala snd many match these two played and how many times aguero failed ?all know the answer

      • Very well said. No way is lazy Aguero better than Suarez. Sadly though you will see him in WC in a secured spot by default.

    • roy in his twitter post also feared that aguero will be burnout and thats happening ,why we would take such risk for when stakes are high.Moreover his lifestyle is a big problem for himself.he played against nigeria and all knows the outcome,against russia tried really hard to tap in.

      • he scored against nigeria and argentina was leading until he was in pitch after 2nd half he was admitted to hospital and dybala and co failed big time

  5. I’m Request to Argentina Team manager to bring back Dybala. And plz plz never ever rely upon Aguero and Di Maria. Please understand both are physically unfit and they have never handled pressure if Argentina concede early goal. So please select the best 23 available who will be first physically fit with creative skills then how they fit into argentina’s style of play.
    So plz include Lautaro Martinez and Dybala. They are perfect for Messi. And also defensive tactics should be trained to selected defenders at highest label.Young Fittest talented players are enough to clich World cup. Don’t Rely Rely upon Higuin, Aguero and Di maria.

    • Aguero is best striker we have and dimaria also needed for creating danger.don’t pass your judgement.sampaoli knows what he is doing and he is a proven tactician in Chile and sevilla.only lautero has potential in striker role but I don’t get so much hatred for aguero.aguero top scorer for premier league and scored 36 goals for Argentina while dybala also performed well for club but failed to score even once in 12 matches he played so far.A fit aguero is still the top 3 strikers in the world with Harry Kane and Suarez are other 2

      • No Sampaoli doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s not Pep Guardiola for God’s sake. If he thinks Diva, Aguero and Higuaín are the answer to his awaiting world cup, then he’s dumber than Jjm Carrey.

        Isn’t he the same coach who failed to beat an awful Brazilian team last world cup when he had?

  6. Dybala should be in the team and if needed we will start a movement to include him in the team. We don’t want to regret like 2006 by creating another messi like situation.

    • Movement?? Lol. be serious.if dybala performs he will b selected.this kind of childish thing of movement or what don’t work in football world

  7. The upcoming match aginst Spain is an ultimate test for Sampaoli and his gang before making a final decision to write on or write off Higuian,Kun,Biglia,Parades, Di Maria and Rojo. They need to be fit and transform to steel from glass in order to gain the place at WC. Sampaoli have a great subs for them.

    As for Dybala and Icardi casse, we have experienced the same mistake since Billardo, Passarela,Pekerman, Diego for not including Diaz, Redondo and Zanetti. It becomes habits already

    • Higuaín, Aguero, Diva, and Biglia all have secured places by default whether they are fit or not, whether they participate in these tests or not. Who are we kidding here?

  8. I think Rojo and Funes mori should be used as CB for Next friendly.Funes mori is Sergio Ramos of Argentina.Good at attacking,aerial threat at opposition box and pacey.Caballero should start again.

    • Aguero is the superstar of this team.we are blessed that we have a coach who knows it.messi-aguero partnership will be deadly.messi will be marked by 3 players in knockouts so aguero will finish chances created by messi

      • Aguero is the superstar? What has he done for Argentina like ever? he is going to flop as usual.

        The worst part is, this loser doesn’t even work hard for his country. just stays in and around the box and keeps walking.

        • You will see in this world cup why I’m saying aguero a superstar.we have only 2 superstar in our team messi and aguero.dybala can be a one in future but not reached that level yet.i just hope aguero remains fit fr WC then u guys will eat your words.

          • Go See your superhero Lazero’s price in the market, you will laugh. People out there are not stupid, you know why his price is low and doesn’t get offers from big clubs? He has knee problem preventing him from continuous play. Though I must admit he’s a superhero in social media and selfies, he uses the world cup a tourism adventure to connect with friends and hunt ladies.

    • such a beast, it’s a crime not to give him a starting spot in the NT or at least a bench spot. What those coaches are thinking? Do they really understand football? I’m in doubt now, anyone can be a coach if that’s the case nowadays. Best player after Messi can’t be included in the team, pathetic and stinks.

    • If Dybala doesn’t make the world cup Ill consider Argentina as a country where they don’t have any respect for anyone. This an insult.

  9. If full fit Augero is available, Argentina should start him ahead of Hugain. If you look at Hugain in Juventus also, he has not improved at all. Most of the times he goes missing when there is pressure and there is no more pressure any game than in World Cup. I watch lot of juventus game, in big games Hugain also seems to realize he is not good enough hence miss lot of chances. I would take Suarez over Hugain and Augero. Suarez never gets injured and always fight for the team.

    • Higuaín is better than the selfie guy any day and plays with heart and spirit. Aguero is there just because he’s a friend of Messi, rather his best friend.

  10. Don’t really know how baldi is thinking, but the time remaining in his disposal doesn’t serve more experimentation.

    Aguero is injury prone and shouldn’t be selected IMHO, if his presence leave no space for Dybala, who should’ve been there with the squad as all agree here and based on recent forms, a trio of Higuain, Dybala and Messi would be our way to go, having a backup of Lautaro and another inform striker would have the case closed.

    Martinez should start against Spain, to be fair for his evaluation. And I personally, have high hopes on him and honestly, pairing him up with Dybala would our future attacking force.

    Against Spain I would like to see,

    Bustos, Otamendi, Mori, Acuña,
    Banega, Lo Celso,
    Messi, Martinez, Correa.

    The WC starting lineup I would love to see,

    Bustos, Otamendi, Fazio, Taglifiaco
    Banega, Lanzini
    Messi, Higuain, Dybala

    • FIFA released an official media statement on February 8 confirming that provisional squad lists – which have increased in size from 30 to 35 players – are required to be submitted by May 14, with their final 23-man squad list to be finalised on June 4 at the latest.

    • Because sampaoli wants to see higuain how he performs against good sides I think lautero Martinez may get some minutes in the end but Martinez may be our secret weapon in WC lets see if sampaoli give him any minutes or not.i doubtful about that.Tuesday will be a good test and don’t expect to win this one.draw will be a fantastic result.most probably we will loose this one.if we can pass this test it will be quite exciting for to see how our midfield cope against iniesta isco kokee alba carvajal asensio etc

  11. I also don’t see the point of keeping Aguero in the roster every time we play friendlies even after knowing he’s injured as shit. We have a plethora of wild attacking line up, why Aguero and his injured knee?

    Let’s face it now, why wasting one spot for a guy we all know will injure his knee after a few minutes of useless run on pitch? Aguero doesn’t play with heart for Argentina, carrying I don’t care attitude. Although Higuian sucks for The NT but at least he’s passionate about Argentina and the NT; his only problem is that he can’t score for us in decisive matches.

    • ur most delusional fan and most negative one always complaining . aguero is the top 3 strikers of the world and our best striker.without him we cant win .we can only win if messi-aguero partnership clicks in wc.we not only need messi 100% we also need aguero in 100%.just barca cant win without suarez.we cant win without aguero.

        • How many minutes he played in 2014?? And do we won that wc?? No.without him performing we won’t win.he was injured last 3 international tournaments so was not his peak.

          • brother thats the answer he always gets injured whenever needed .and at the final of 2014 wc he had been given a chance but played worst then higuen.he is careless ,i don’t see any passion for the nt in him.had he took proper care of himself for the sake of nt things wouldn’t be this worse.

  12. I see a lot of idiots here who think Messi picks his team. When Sampaoli said this is Messi’s team he just echoed Pep. When the GOAT plays, any team would be his team – he would own the team. The team must play around him and the rest of the should be compatible with him. Pep got rid of Zlatan (a huge player himself) because he didn’t work within the system where Pep can utilize Messi fully. (Same fate could come for Icardi as well)

    Dybala was not selected mostly due to two reasons. 1 – he was injured for some time (and also out of form prior to the injury – but he has been in great form since coming back) and he was immature to say he thinks it is difficult for him to play in team where Messi plays as he also plays in that position. He should not have said that. If he plays in Messi’s position in his club, that is fine, but in the NT he should have adjusted on either wing so that he can complement Messi.

    Higuain was selected because he has been playing well for Juve. He has even started scoring important goals in the knockout this season. And if Dybala is picked, it would be good to select him as they both have good chemistry. Higuain also is more experienced compared to Icardi. Icardi also didn’t cement his place when he was selected (although he didn’t get much opportunities). Icardi was also a bit out of form until recently (mainly during the time Sampa was meeting players to select the squad for current friendlies).

    DiMaria has been playing well in 2018 and so is Aguero. The fact that they could not bring the WC under some other do not mean Sampa should not pick them. Sampaoli must pick the best players available and he is doing that. He is also trying young players.

    So all of you, just STFMU and be calm. Sampa knows what he is doing. We should be grateful that he is our coach. We got a real brave coach after a long time. He will select a squad which can bring us the CUP. I am also pretty sure this Argentina team would play the best football compared to the recent teams (since 2006). Rest everything is in the hand’s of almighty. I hope he showers his blessings and we get that little luck which every team needs (in the form of a tough goal, referee decision – incl no bad decision against) to win a trophy.

    • Don’t even compare this team or any other team to Pekerman’s 2016 team or it would be an insult to the football books. I remember other National Teams would shit in their pants by just hearing they might face Argentina.

      • ya quarterfinal bursts.AS cruyeff once said playing beautiful without result is pointless and getting result without playing beautifully is boring.

      • I guess that team hardly get past mexico in round of sixteen with a miracle goal from maxi in extra time.SO what the point if you cannot get anything.

        • Never underestimate Mexico, they played with grit that time, and they will always. You think the result against Mexico had to be 7-0 for a convincing victory? All teams play their hearts and souls in the knockout stages and usually the result is by a margin win. Mexico was a tough team to defeat in 2016 and even this time around, they will surprise the hell out of you, just wait.

          • “I guess that team hardly get past mexico in round of sixteen with a miracle goal from maxi in extra time”

            So you think Mexico was a weak team back in 2006 WC?

            Mexico is always a tough team to face and in that wc (2006) they had a very good team that played beautiful collective football.

            Germany played 120 mins against Algeria (which is an inferior team to Mexico) in 2014 WC. I mentioned this to show you how difficult it is to beat a team in the later stages of the tournment.

  13. Sampaoli has improved the team immensly mainly because he always calls upon good players unlike previous coaches and choose the playing eleven and formation which suit our players. Gone are the tedious days when Masche and Biglia played as double pivot. I hope he selects Dybala in the WC squad and tries players who have been performing very well in this season like Garay, Pizarro, Pezella etc in the remaining friendly matches.

    We need Dybala, he is probably the most decisive player after Messi individually. He also knows how to score decisive goals. I hope he plays even better till the remainder of the season and earns his place in the WC squad. Having Dybala in the subs bench will be a great relief when the match is not going well as we like.

    We can use him atleast as a super sub. Hopefully he could be our Mario Gotze of WC 2010.

    My 23 players squad:

    Goalkeepers: 3
    Willy, Romero & Guzman

    (I hope Willy becomes the #1. He is more assured, it is a mystery why he has not got his place till now)

    Defense: 7
    LB: Bustos, Salvio/Papu
    RB: Tagliafico, Acuna/A Correa
    DF: Otamendi, Fazio/Pezzella, Funesmori/Garay

    (its a pity Garay has not been tried since Sampa came on)

    Midfield: 8
    Biglia/Pizarro, Masche, Banega/Pablo, LoCelso/Paredes, DiMaria, Lanzini, Pavon/Meza, Perotti

    Attack: 5
    Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala, Lauturo/Icardi

    Preferred 11:

    Team formation: 4-2-3-1

    Bustos | Otamendi | Garay | Taglia
    Masche | LoCelso
    Lanzini | Messi | DiMaria

    subs (any 3 depends on the game and the performance of first 11):
    Dybala for Lanzini/DiMaria
    Perotti for DiMaria
    Higuain for Aguero
    Banega for LoCelso/Masche
    Paredes for LoCelso

    We have two more months for fine tuning.

    Its a pity that the coaches can only select 23 players for the WC squad. I think for a huge tournament like WC where matches are played without much rest, there should be 25 players in the squad instead of 23.

    3 in GK, 8 in DF, 9 in MF & 5 in FW – total 25

    This way, coaches can get a few more options for positions where they are not fully convinced with. They will have the required resources to fine tune the playing 11 & subs at the last moment.

  14. Last match vs italy was a great one for us. It’s been a Long time since we saw argentina playing beautiful Football after the Copa 2016 Semi finals
    The Indroduction of Leandro Paredes and Manuel Lanzini Has brought something special in the midfield.. It’s a Dissapoinment that they coudn’t play against Spain
    Mascherano can’t Replace Paredes as He is more defensive and Paredes is More of a Box to Box Type
    Bustos and Tagli are perfect for LB and RB repectievly.
    Cabellero Must be in the wc squad
    Icardi and dybala must be called back!
    Argentina has Improved a lot under sampaoli. what a performance was that by our young lads
    Martinez must start against spain ahead of higuain

  15. Seems obvious to me that 4-3-2-1 will be the final system of Sampaoli for the world cup. Even though he still hesitates for some positions but the system seems to be defined. It will be 1 DM + 2 regista. Strangely, the least experienced Lo Celso has his place secured in this 3-men midfield. He plays almost every game since the match vs Russia. I guess Maschereno, Biglia and Banega should be part of the team. I think there is only 1 place left between Paredes and Pablo Perez. If Samp not satisfied with any of them, he should call back Enzo Perez.

    This system requires the fullback to participate a lot in attack. They will be in charge of creating unbalance to the opposite team. That’s why I really don’t see how Mercado can be a good fit. He should be selected as CB, along with Otamendi, Fazio and Rojo.

    So back to the fullbacks, I bet on Acuna and Bustos. If Salvio is recovered from injuries, it would be him and Acuna.

    100% sure for Messi , Di Maria and Lanzini. The forth one to choose between Pavon, Meza, Angel Correa and Perotti. Unfortunately no place for Dybala.

    For the forward, he should bring 3 players, I guess will be Aguero, Higuain and eventually Lautaro Martinez unless any last minute surprise.

    • We need Dybala, he is one of the best players in the world. He also knows to score decisive goals. I hope he plays even better till the remainder of the season and earns his place.

      We can use him atleast as a super sub. Hopefully he could be our Mario Gotze of WC 2010.

      My 23 players squad:

      Goalkeepers: 3
      Willy, Romero & Guzman

      (I hope Willy becomes the #1. He is more assured, it is a mystery why he has not got his place till now)

      Defense: 7
      LB: Bustos, Salvio/Papu
      RB: Tagliafico, Acuna/A Correa
      DF: Otamendi, Fazio/Pezzella, Funesmori/Garay

      (its a pity Garay has not been tried since Sampa came on)

      Midfield: 8
      Biglia/Pizarro, Masche, Banega/Pablo, LoCelso/Paredes, DiMaria, Lanzini, Pavon/Meza, Perotti

      Attack: 5
      Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Dybala, Lauturo/Icardi

      Preferred 11:

      Team formation: 4-2-3-1

      Bustos | Otamendi | Garay | Taglia
      Masche | LoCelso
      Lanzini | Messi | DiMaria

      subs (any 3 depends on the game and the performance of first 11):
      Dybala for Lanzini/DiMaria
      Perotti for DiMaria
      Higuain for Aguero
      Banega for LoCelso/Masche
      Paredes for LoCelso

      We have two more months for fine tuning.

      I also think for a huge tournament like WC where matches are played without much rest, there should be 25 players in the squad instead of 23.

      3 in GK, 8 in DF, 9 in MF & 5 in FW – total 25

    • Tagliafico is a sure I guess if he maintains his form he is a sure starter.bustos mayb sacrificed and Mercado may start because of defensive solidity.sampaoli still not sure about other cb who should partner otamendi.seems like funes Mori out of its between Fazio and rojo.acuna or bustos mayb backups for fullbacks.I am not convinced about perotti or pavon.they are mediocre players.i would play salvio in place of pavon as salvio also will help out defence and pavon don’t track back much.

  16. Guys I am not a football pundit , a fan of argentina football just a thought.Apart from this friendly I am more eager to see how fazio will play against barca on champions league , that a important place where all will play with 100%.Win or Loss if he able to perform decent then the defense dilemma will be solved as no team will be more lethal that suaraz messi combo with iniesta back there at WC.

  17. A couple of points. First, in the match against Italy it was the first time in years that I could remember we had speed on the pitch. Lo Celso and Lanzini Bustos and. Tagliafico were fast and all over the field. Paredes is way too slow, Biglia is average and Fazio is too clumsy. Rojo or Funes Mori are a better option.
    Messi not playing is an absolute joke. Muscle fatigue is key word for I’m tired. Barcelona can go screw themselves as they are so reliant on one player that they drive him into the ground.
    These games are very important for the World Cup and Sampa has already made a major miscalculation in not including Dybala Icardi and Alario. In 120 days, the Higuain Messi Dimaria Mascherano era will be 100 percent over. Look for a team of something like this, which is why they should have been included.
    Alario or Icardi
    Lanzini Dybala Lo Celso
    kranvitter/ tbd
    Tagliafico Funes Mori otamendi Bustos

    • Messi is not playing both games because we can only play 11 players at a time and Sampa wants to know who else can come in. He should also see how the team would perform in Messi’s absence. I think it might be agreed already that those who have already booked a place may not play both games. May be Messi’s slight injury may have played a part or he may have played the game against Italy and rested in this match.

      • No, Messi didn’t play because he has lots of important games in the league, Copa Del Rey, and Champions league for which he aims to reach the final this season. I don’t blame him since the club makes his pay cheque and player price in the market. He also needs to be rested before the real competition kicks off. I just blame Sampoali for not bringing his replacement and that is Dybala.

  18. La era #Sampaoli

    7 partidos dirigidos

    4 ganados

    3 empatados


    Messi 3

    Federico Fazio 1

    Joaquín Correa 1

    Alejandro Gómez 1

    Leandro Paredes 1

    Lucas Alario 1

    Ángel Di Maria 1

    Gabriel Mercado 1

    Sergio Agüero 1

    Rolf Feltscher en contra (Venezuela) 1

      • I don’t think you have watched Argentina games and understand how players have been playing.

        Acuna has been the best after Messi in the last few qualifiers whenever he has played. his decision making is good and he has created multiple chances.

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