Pablo AIMAR joins Argentina coaching staff for World Cup


Pablo AIMAR has officialy joined the Argentina coaching staff.

After having joined the Argentina coaching staff on their recent trips to England and Spain for the friendly matches against Italy and Spain, AIMAR has now joined the staff and will be part of the team which goes to Russia for the World Cup. Per a report by TyC Sports, the former Argentina international will be on the plane to Russia.

Currently coaching the U17 team, Pablo was part of two Argentina squads which went to the 2002 World Cup as well as the 2006 World Cup. An idol of MESSI’s, there’s no doubt that the River Plate and Valencia legend can help out the younger players on the team with his experience.


  1. In order to win the world cup the team has to have a 5 3 2 formation, 5 for defence 3 in the midfield and 2 strikers , messi as an attacking midfielder, dybaila and icardi as strykers, such a potent attacking trio will over power all defences and lead to an explosion of goals and reduce the attention on messi allowing him to create or score goals thank you.

  2. Mascheranho, Rojo, and Higuin must be out from the world cup squad ASAP. Actually very honestly I can say basically Sampaoli believes in dreams more than realistic as some Argentine fans do. As a coach he is far inexperienced to handle Argentina as a team, unable to train players how to play as a team with full 90 minutes. Unable to develop players’ skills. This is all ground realistic. New assistant coach must work in this field So in my point of view Dybala, Icardi, Lautaro, Angel Correa, Eziquil Garay must be included

  3. All players we have been shouting out loud to be included in the team, but they are not called by Sampaoli:
    Dybala, Icardi, Garay, Enzo Perez, A.Correa, and some others.

    You can tell how fucked up we are at the moment. Funny enough some folks here keep saying hopefully we will win the WC, do you see Champions quality in our performance comparing to other teams? Now let’s be realistic and pray to reach at least the round of 16. Messi and his buddies won’t reach the final again because they are 4 years older now.

    • Only the friendlies doesn’t tell everything about argentina , yu knows in this short span of months sampaoli have tried 100players to find his best possible line up, even sampaoli was not interested in these friendlies, he just wanted to gather his squad and wanted to train them together to get gelled, but , anyway he put some players in this friendlies, where they played fantastic vs italy , but lost a bit of control in the last 30min vs spain , the first 60 min vs spain , the were equal ,there is something in his head , he knows it vey well, just calm down bro an lets hope , bcoz there is messi and god , everything will be alright.

    • @Argentina2018, After COPA AMERICA LOSS TO CHILE in 2016, I have the feeling that Messi and Argentina will win 2018 World Cup. This all things are happening for reasons, this 6-1 loss is a part of it.With God all are possible.
      I believe There will be a final between Argentina and France on July 15, 2018, in Russia where Argentina will beat France by 3-1.

      • Fanof argentina .

        Thanks for sharing ur opinion , in fact not only u , everybody in this world , here in mundo ,and me too have a strange feeling that something special is going to happen , with messi and argentina , lets hope that our dreams come true , I am lucky to live in a era , where a living god exist . lets hope for the best . vamos argentina.

  4. If Sampaoli doesn’t pick Dybala it will a big mistake LIke Mr Pekermen did in 2006 WC because mr Dimaria and Aguero are not going to last the whole tournament!! Remember when Mr I know Everything.. mr Pekerman instead of bringing in Messi he chose to Julio Cruz against Germany in 2006.. Messi was better finisher than the entire team at that age.. remember tevez missing one on one that game??? Messi would have buried Germany in that game with 1-0 lead and germany attacking!! Oh blood still boils remembering that game!!

    • Sulav

      Dybala is as important as messi , without a doubt , he is a direct replacement for messi , he is pure classical no 10 . he plays in the traditional argentina “enganche” role , just like messi , as I said if messi need to win the wc , dybala has to go.

      • Neither Messi nor Dybala are 10s. A ten is Maradona, Riquelme, Zidane, Xavi, etc. Messi started as a winger, became a do it all false #9 and now he is a hybrid between a supporting striker and a 10. Dybala is a supporting striker. The closest 10 we have is Banega, and he is closer to a negative 10.

          • actually messi is 12 because he creates,dictates and finishes there’s no one to compere😊.they say neymar is close but i don’t think so.

    • Oh man! I felt the same way but I was more fed up when pekerman pick up requelme only at 60min.Requelme was controlling the midfield and no other player can replace him at that moment. I felt like pekerman was bribed. It was the game changer pekerman played favour to german. I still get angry whenever I remember the moment.

  5. Right now Icardi over Higuain for WC.Once I preferred Higuain but now there is different conditions. We have many players who can send the ball in opposition penalty box easily and there we need a scorer who is Icardi.He is somewhat more clinical than Higuain but lesser than Lanzini,a real scorer at Inter and has more quick movement on the ball.Higuain is also good he understand game,a poacher,link up is very well.But we need a scorer like Cristiano Ronaldo.So we should go with Icardi.Bit he must be in good form.Lela can also help us in midfield and in left wing.He would be better than Di maria at LW.Garay should be called.A true DM is needed to cover our defence.

    • I prefer dybala over icardi.If aguero gets injured then I would play dybala in aguero’s position

  6. After supporting argentina for 24 years, i fianlly realized why we cannot do well in major tournaments in recent years.

    The reason is: We have too many good players to choose from.
    And all the NT coaches keep trying different players, and becos of the ever changing players, our team do not have enough time to play together to gel and to play as a team.

    We should stick with a group of players, give them more time to play together as a team, instead of as a group of individuals, then we can win the world cup and copa america.

    • Actually its opposite many talented players don’t get selected because of politics personal relationships between players and coaches and that’s why underperformed and now we lack world class players in midfield and defence

  7. I have full faith that argentina will win the WC18,but I dont know why sampaoli ignored dybala for this two crucial games,he is as important as messi , the problem is when u have two “ball players” in ur team , why dont u use them, this is the area where sampaoli is lagging from his desired playing style , messi and dybala are two ball players both are left footed , free kick beast , play makers ,outrageous dribblers , this is what argentina need , and the most important thing above all this is both players can attract defenders towards them which free’s up the strikers and wingers ,giving them ample space to score goals the best example is :- in the 1990 wc, the match vs brazil, where maradona was already in his 30’s like messi,with upcoming star cannigia, this is where maradona played exactly , what I told above , he knew that it would be impossible to make a solo run to score a goal vs brazil , also vs the mighty tafferel, he took up the bal from half way line dribbled 6players thus players ,cleverly moved toowards the right to pull the defenders, and cannigia exactly knew where he need to go , maradona played beautiful nutmeg pass to him , who rounded tafferel and scored the decisive goal. This where ball players are effective “.
    So its the same for dybala and messi , both knows how to attract defenders and both have a eye to make that tie settling pass to destroy the opponents once and for all. According to me , the only way messi and dybala can be gelled is to play messi in a deeper role , atypical no 10 role , and allow dybala to play as a false 9 , and some time to make transitions along the right wing , which will help him a lot , when messi make those darting runs , this will completely allow them to take full spaces on the pitch , I think sampaoli need to work on this , its need time , but once they get gelled , its nearly impossible to contain them by the opponents , one thing for sure ,if messi has to win the wc18 , dybala has to get selected. While for argentina , I already have a feeling ….. I dont know why messi is going to end his drought , this time , believe it or not , legends are made in the death moments , they dont get that success by calkwalks , vamos argentina , god bless messi , lots of support and love from india , i am indian but I feel more of an argentinian from my heart , argentina is like my second country .messi is our god , the messiah .

  8. The same with taking Di Maria and Aguero as starters. They will injured in WC 100% Just mark my words.

    And then you must bring another player in their place and start again building understanding the starters with the new one instead to play from first match someone not injury prone. Di Maria and Aguero muscles are not enough resilient to play on tournament when the strains are more tough. I don’t know why people can’t understand that.

    The paper stars will fall once again and then Sampaoli will have to bring players/hardworkers like Sabella’s Enzo Perez and Lavezzi. They will do much better. However Sampaoli is not going to have such players on WC.

    • Gonzalo , u are right to some extent , but we all hope that this two doesn’t get injured and remains fit, but if I had to say , I would take a.correa to replace as di maria , he is a beast I , think in this argentina team , after messi , correa is only the player ,who does body -to- body dribblings , he us humongous strength and power to shook off , the heaviest and big defenders like boateng , with pure speed and dribbling skills he will be a beast in that right wing , and he is evenly good at defensive duties , will even break opponents leg to recover the ball, people keep telling that argentina have nothing but messi , i will say argentina have everything , but u have to see it from depth , u have to go to depth. If correa plays as RW , it will ease mesdi a lot from that duties of making those darting runs , which will allow him freedom to make those deadliest passes, argentina have everything to win WC , they just need a little bit of eyes and brains and then everything is done.

      • No angel Correa he is mediocre and selfish I think best substitute for dimaria is lamela or Meza.this two has intensity skills hardworking everything and lamela right now playing superb for Tottenham and Meza proved he can be really good

        • Lamela is very useful but , he is very injury prone , where as for meza , he shined vs spain , but , he is till a rookie for NT, the best thing about a.correa is he doesn’t gets injured , defenders finds it very hard to tackle him , another thing is he can play with same intensity for all the 90 mins , where’d the others like di maria tires out after some 30 mins of flashes , correa is technically good, u should also see, why I referred him as a body to body dribbler , he takes on defenders aggressively , that is the thing that will win u a wc, lamela can be a good attacking midefielder, for mera he needs more time , he can be a superb sub in the last 30-40s mins as the opponents teams dry out , he can make those runs and expose the gaps .

          • I too agree about A. Corea being the best. But lamela or correa LW

            Lamela and meza is must for WC instead of Dimaria.
            MEZA is poor bench him

            Reason is ‘ last WC dimaria got injured crucial semi final. That made new player hard to adapt Dimaria postion.
            So i wish before this WC dimaria injury instead he gets injured during WC
            He cant defend well
            So better we play with some food players instead of injury prone dimaria

            Messi will only start dumaria if he included in WC squad. So i wish dimaria injury

  9. anuparno March 30, 2018 at 2:45 am

    ”No he can test players against Bolivia match according to fifa rule teams need to submit 23 man squad on June 4.before that they have to submit 35 man he can try out some players if he wants.”

    afa supporter March 30, 2018 at 5:34 am

    ”You are wrong.

    Argentina are still going to play Israel as well.

    Which makes it two games before world cup.”

    Yes, Sampaoli can experiment another 100 players against Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria too. And if that is not good enough, Argentina will have another round of 16 game to experiment another 200 players. Argentina won’t learn anything new playing against Bolivia and Israel right before the world cup. Both these games are tuned up games not experimental games. Sampaoli had enough players to look at since the Singapore and Brazil games all the way through to the friendly game against Spain. Getting the roster together and having time together is the most important thing for Samapaoli, this is what club teams benefit from that international teams lack, a sense of a group of guys being around each other for a long period of time. So what if FIFA allow for more experiment? That doesn’t mean Argentina can’t select it’s preferable 23 player roster. Moreover, Sampaoli already stated on Ole that their will be no squad of 35 players but only a roster of 23 players. A team like Argentina should have their house together and in order by the time the sending off game is concluded against Bolivia.

  10. Some people still think players like Biglia, Banega or Mascherano may play in central midfield for us and that will not lead to conceding few goals every game. Good luck

    • MASCHERANO was no longer the same after the 2015 Copa and Biglia lost it after 2014, Banega has some game left but the other 2 are finished.. everybody knew that except Sam prior to Tuesday!

      I heard somebody mentioning Gago….who ever it was. You’re out of your U Know WHAT mind.

      • I thought people as ‘homo sapiens’ learn from their mistakes. To be stupid is nothing more than make the same mistakes again and again without any changes. It cries venegance to heaven.

      • According to sources sampaoli decided that mascherano will not start in any game biglia will be starter and mascherano and biglia will not play together for sure.

  11. Sampauli is not as stubborn as Sabella or dumb as Bauza or Tata… If garay wants to play in the WC he will pick him… He selected ICardi … MASCH_MESSI syndicate did their best to keep icardi out of the team but sampaoli selected him…he has brought in so many young players after he took over… If he had taken the job after Tata we would have been ready by now… However we will have 1 whole month to train before the world cup… Hopefully Sampa is working on something

    • 1 month?? Are you sure?? I hope he picks garay he is the best we have right now.otamendi also error prone sometimes

  12. I find it hard to believe that the players we all want on the team or should I say the obvious choices that any fan would expect to be in Russia wont be in Russia.
    Dybala, hopefully Garay, maybe Gomes and Icardi will also be included.
    Had Higuian performed well then chances would be that he would selected without competition but now he could be a benchwarmer at best. ..etc
    We’ll get it done.

  13. WC 2018 :
    Final 23 man squad to be likely :
    Goalkeepers: Sergio Romero, Nahuel Guzmán,Willy Caballero.

    Defenders: Nicolás Otamendi,Federico Fazio,Gabriel Mercado,Nicolás Tagliafico,Ezequiel Garay.

    Midfielders: Manuel Lanzini,Ángel Di María,Ever Banega, Javier Mascherano,Lucas Biglia,Leandro Paredes,Marcos Acuña,Lo Celso.

    Forwards: Lionel Messi,Paulo Dybala,Sergio Agüero, Mauro Icardi,Deigo Perotti,Cristian Pavon,Lautaro Martínez.

    Backup 36 man squad IMO:
    Gonzalo Higuaín,Giovanni Simeone

    Javier Pastore,Alejandro Gómez,Ángel Correa,Joaquín Correa,Maximiliano Meza,Érik Lamela,Eduardo Salvio,Enzo Pérez /Guido Pizarro

    Mateo Musacchio,Fabricio Bustos

    Gerónimo Rulli/Franco Armani/Mariano Barbosa

    Please comments on this .. !!!

  14. E.Garay and Icardi should be called.Then we have Otamendi,Icardi and Garay in playing eleven so we can have good aerial threat in seven matches in WC. we need header goal. three or four header goal would be crucial.Higuain is good but Icardi is better scorer if he is in form.Augreo is also a good header.

  15. With back 4 formation and acuna and salvio as fullbacks will be horrible…so picking up defenders otamendi fazio tagliafico mercado plus 3 will be crucial… I dont know garay will be considered or not.if its then its 5 adding salvio and acuna to make it seven will not happen…
    The problem is sampaoli changed his plan from back 3 to back 4 but all the player selection was suiting back 3 and almost 18 midfielders were tested…
    One thing is sure that a lot of midfielders will be omitted from the squad to make it 23…i dont think there is enough room for all paredes lanzini lo celso meza to be selected together with mache biglia banega n dimaria…

    • I mean some of them are versatile so you would be able to use them in two positions. For instance Acuna will be playing as a LB but he is a winger.

      GK: 3

      Defenders: Otamendi, Fazio, Garay, Tagliafico, Bustos, Mercado (RB&CB), Acuna (LB & Winger), Salvio (RB & Winger) – So you have 4 CB, 3 RB, 2 LB in 8 players.

      Midfielder: Biglia, Mascherano, Paredes, Banega, Lanzini, Lo Celso (CM+CAM)

      Forwards: Messi, Dybala, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria, Perotti.

      Mercado/Bustos/Salvio Otamendi/Mercado Fazio/Garay Tagliafico/Acuna
      Lanzini/Salvio…….Messi/Dybala/Lo Celso………..Di Maria/Perotti

      Theree you have 23 players and each position has at least 2 players. Having said that, if Aguero is injured or Tagliafico is injured, we are fucked.

      • Where’s Meza among your players?

        Sorry, I forgot you have special idiosyncarsis to local players. Although to try to obliterate his name despite the fact he was better than Di Maria and the more Perotti is murky procedure. It’s too much for you to admit he was great.

        Also Higuain over Martinez and Icardi?!

        • Ya,

          I do have idiosyncrasy towards local players. If we have a player who plays in better competition with better players as teammates and better managers as coaches, he should be selected ahead of the guy who plays in an inferior league with worse teammates and managed by an inferior coach.

          People who look for regionalism instead of quality has some fancy name in English – Redneck, xenophobic, and in some case Racist.

          Meza is a fine player, who plays LW/RW or wide midfield. In his position there are players like Lanzini, DI Maria, Acuna, Perotti and Salvio. So no, he shouldn’t be selected ahead of these players just because he plays in the Primera.

          • After his performance in the first half against Spain, Meza is very likely going to Russia. Also he’s not just a RW/LW, he can also play anywhere in the midfield, infact he played DM several times and did really well because hes a tenacious, hardworking, skilled and versatile player.

          • I doubt you believ in your own words.

            Your logic is exactly the same that brings us the poor current state of NT:

            We should just select most famous players from most famous European clubs. Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain, Biglia, Banega, Mascherano… And there we go.

            That logic of selection depend on one thing: NOT THINKING. Good selecion is thought process, mentall stress. To find right player not just most popular. Taking players by routine is no thinking.
            When you have no idea to find better players instead the poor group I mentioned above that means you actually have no idea about Argentina resources.

            Oh really? Lanzini, DI Maria, Acuna, Perotti and Salvio – according to you are all they players on Meza position? We saw him as LF against Spain. Salvio, Acuna, Lanzini are not goin to play just LF. Moreover Meza can play box-to-box position as well. And of course you still have not place for such versatile player??? Or maybe you don’t know he can play CM?

            “if we have a player who plays in better competition with better players as teammates and better managers as coaches, he should be selected ahead of the guy who plays in an inferior league with worse teammates and managed by an inferior coach”

            That’s good for Fifa playstation when you must select players estimating him on paper. In real life the final assesment criterion is real life, real game. And in this real life, real match Meza was better than Di Maria, Acuna, Perotti, Salvio (Perottin is not going to be on WC. And you still want to take all the players above him? There are only 2 conclusions:

            1. You got blinders on

            2. You don’t want any player that I was promoting here because you have your personal war against me long time hence it’s very hard for you to admint that such player is good as you think of him as if he was “my player”

            I think it’s rather the second point. You should make your horizons broader and recognize Argentia potentiall all over the world. You see, you metioned above 3 players I was talking about here long befer anyone take them seriously: Lanzini, Acuna, Salvio. So maybe the players I’m pulling from “nowhere” actually are not just my personal fancies.

            And didn’t you one of the mundo members taking Pavon to team after previous friendlies?

          • Of course I’m not going to say finally: Meza is better than Di Maria, Salvio, Lanzini, Perotti or others for sure just because he was better in last friendlies (apart Lanzini). It’s just one brace of friendlies. But if the friendlies have the end to estimate and select players in this particular moment then ratings and chances of Meza for WC at this moment must be better than the other players which were not so good.

            So if someoen try despite the FACT ignore that and say: no actually I still prefer my famous old boys so then must be there some kind of ill and adverse structures or behavior of self destruction.

  16. World cuo squad for me: Romero, Guzman, Caballero, Mercado, Garay, Fazio, Acuna, Tagliafico, Otamendi, Mascherano, Salvio, Biglia, Banega, Di Maria, Paredes, Lanzini, Lo Celso, Pavon, Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Lautaro Martinez, Dybala.

    • I would like to replace straightway Higuain with Icardi …no need to call Higuain after that two very low quality performance from a high profile player .
      Garay is the best thing to be happen if he is back in squad.As he is regular strong performer for Valencia this season. if he is not selected then pazzella is far better than rojo or mori.
      Mascherano, Biglia this two are main problem with our midfield.. choosing both in starting 11 can be a disaster …example last match
      Salvio can be replace by Perotti/Correa/Maza.

      IMO Biglia can be replace by E.perez or some other DM ..

  17. I believe Sampaoli is extremely hard to read. Either he has a plan that he is working on or he is completly clueless. I think he has a plan, I believe he is actually working with 2022 in mind and that he does not think that he can be influential on the outcome of 2018 as he does not have enough time to tune in his preferable tactics and formations. His only hope for 2018 is Messi doing some magic and that is why he is saying that this is Messis team, ie letting Messi pick the team that he feels most comfortable with. So if he is indeed viewing 2022 as his real objective, why did he try Masch, Biglia, Banega in the last match? Perhaps to see how they stand up against a formidable midfield, to judge if they are up to it. Well either way now he should know.

  18. It appears only Rojo and Bustos will be eliminated from the WC squad. I had hoped that more players were axed. Given the fact that our strength is attack, I would suggest that Sampa picks only midfielders that think and act forward. The seven midfielders could be: Papu Gomez, J. Correa, Lamela, Lo Celso, Paredes, Meza and Lanzini.

    Let’s forget about Mascherano, Biglia and Enzo Perez. They were useful in their prime, but they are not the way forward and should not be considered for the WC because of some vague idea that we owe them for past performances.

  19. Hope aimar convinces sampaoli to drop higuain mascherano rojo from the final squad and include garay lamela or some good dm

  20. for a change lets all watch Maradona dancing while training video… hilarious… man born for football
    nobody was passionate about football like our own Maradona

  21. Any update on Fernando Gago.He is DM.we need him.Is he recovered fully.I think it has been six month since his ligament injury.He is better than Mascherano.He is like warrior.He is injury prone but we can take risk.

    • No way. Glassman. Will get injured for sure. Also nothing so exceptional about him now. Most of his great days was maybe a decade back. I hope sampaoli invests in the future – asacibar or battaglia.
      We always keep going back to the previous golden generation & I don’t think this helps. Same yardstick applies to garay. Don’t see any reason why a garay today is better than pezella

      • Garay is superb.he is the undisputed starter in Valencia and they concede very less against strong atletico barca and Madrid and he is a proven warrior with height and strength and played with otamendi previously so has good understanding also

      • Garay is the best Defender we have. He is better than otamendi and is a warrior like otamendi. A CB pair of Garay & Otamendi would be absolutely formidable for Strikers and forwards. I pray that he is called up.

        Btw you should watch his Valencia performances this season, TOP NOTCH!

      • Garay and Gago are very different cases, while I love Gago he’s way too much of a fitness liability (much like Kun and Maria) and there is no way he’d be able to play more that 3 games in a raw before getting injured.
        As for Garay, well he’s Argentina’s best defender IMO! He has it all, skill, set piece thread, dead ball threat, reads the game very well and is a starter for a strong club. Ezequiel ticks all the boxes and while I really like Pezzella the choice between the 2 of em is no choice at all!

        • but the biggest question is will sampa pick garay??? why news came he self exiled from national team?? sampa also met him personally during the qualifiers.what happened sampa never mentioned him also.when media reporting he is not interested playing then why he didnt come and clarify the matter?? why so late to say he is not retired?? there is real mystery surrounding it.will sampa call him now?? he will improve our defence massively no doubt we need him but the biggest question will sampa consider him??

          • To my knowledge there were never any confirmed reports that Garay ever stated that he retired from the NT or that Sampa has met with him at any point. The only thing that is confirmed right now is that garay went out and stated publicly that he’s open to coming back if someone asks him to.

  22. This is Argentina way. I’ve been a fan for over 30 years.whenever were the villains of the tourney that’s when we do well.its always been the way. Rugby tackles. Hard nosed tackling. No. Nonsense playing. a flash of brilliance from messi will do it. Let’s hope Messi wants it enough. Dimaria And the supporting cast are a nice touch but it’s all about Messi…Simple. I think we are quarter finalteam at best but Leo makes us a final candidate every toirney. I’m just glad he’s played for Argentina. God bless Leo. He will take over the tourney. I saw him live in Brazil and for me he be n hell Do one better inRussia. It’s his destiny. Grande Leo, Gtande pulga! Grande Messi!!!!

    • Your Words give me and lots of fans hope. God bless Argentina & Messi. hope they can do it this World Cup.



    MESSI plays well in Barca this season by moving from center to RW(DEMBELE, SUAREZ shift position with MESSI)

    SO Dybala RW can roam to CF
    MESSI CF can shift RW with DYBALA



  24. ARGENTINA need lamela, Augusto, pizzaro, Enzo to replace waste biglia

    Batalglia, kranveter can be tested again in friendly

    Garay is old and slow but good in defence than Rojo/Mori

    Banega is better coming sub

    Pizzaro is better than biglia and mascherano if in CDM to just defend

    Pablo, Paredes, martinez, meza, pavon, perroti, correa should be tried for next friendlies

    We need copa 2016 deadlier squad for WC

    Arg will be tough opponent with this lineup in attack






    LO CELSO MIDFIELD (attacking creativity and best thru balls)
    Lo celso for psg played CDM vs REAL MADRID



    Defence Mercado Otamendi Fazio/Garay/pezella/mori

    IF DIMARIA starts LW, then play LANZINI MIDFIELD


    Romero GK( world cup final experience)




    MESSIN wont play RW in WC so 4-2-3-1




    • There is no more friendly games to test any new player. The next game is a World Cup sending off match against Bolivia at home. Sampaoli will have is final World Cup 23 by the time the Bolivia game comes around. It’s time to solidify the roster and move on from these meaningless and unhelpful experimental game. The most important thing right now is for the group of World Cup players to be spending consiiderable amount of time together before the World Cup , this is better preparation than any friendly game.

      • No he can test players against Bolivia match according to fifa rule teams need to submit 23 man squad on June 4.before that they have to submit 35 man he can try out some players if he wants

      • You are wrong.

        Argentina are still going to play Israel as well.

        Which makes it two games before world cup.

        And yes sampaoli must use all the time even if it’s little amount of time to work on the squad and combinations he wants.

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