Esteban CAMBIASSO: “Lautaro is between HIGUAIN and ICARDI”


Inter Milan legend Esteban CAMBIASSO came out and stated that Lautaro MARTIEZ is a in between Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Mauro ICARDI.

Esteban CAMBIASSO knows a thing or two about top strikers. Playing alongside the likes of Hernan CRESPO, Adriano and Diego MILITO just to name a few, the now retired former treble winner spoke to Sky Sport Italia about Racing Club’s Lautaro MARTINEZ as well as Mauro ICARDI. Here’s what he had to say:

“ICARDI? In Argentina, there’s always talk about the abundance of quality that the coach SAMPAOLI has in attack. I think that’ll lead to HIGUAIN, AGUERO and Lautaro MARTINEZ being taken to the World Cup, which is very good.

“Can he play with ICARDI? Good players can always play together. As for his quality, he’s more similar to HIGUAIN, although Pipita is stronger outside the box.

“He’s in between [HIGUAIN] and ICARDI. As for ICARDI, I think the fault lies with the way [Inter] play. They’re not supporting him enough.”

Speaking about the World Cup, it’s never a bad time to post this video of CAMBIASSO’s greatest ever goal. The second in Argentina’s 6-0 win against Serbia and Montenegro at the 2006 World Cup.


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  2. Christ it keeps getting worse!!!!

    @Argentina2013 himself claiming hes talking trash. Now what’s the point of me arguing with him. Argentina 2018 just try to be polite even if Sampaoli excluded your favourite players orelse talk to him directly if you arent a coward.

    Dont repeat the same slogan Messi and Friends
    Then you are digging yourself being negative all the day.
    Icardi wont be selected for WC, so now bark to me again instead of feeling bad until the WC ends.

  3. The 2006 Cambiasso’s greatest ever goal against Serbia is really a Tango style goal and passing. It should be watch again and again by all the Arg players. Classic and with simple touching plus back heels by Saviola. Wow ! can’t express in words. Thats the beauty and our love for Mundo Albicelteste flourish and last forever.

    and as Cambiasso comments on Martinez, i just wish it can become true that Martinez will get his chance and shine in 2018 WC. We desperately need a powerful finisher not just high profile striker.

  4. #BATISTUTA: “I’d always want Messi in my team, but depending on a player doesn’t seem fair to me with level of NTs we are going to face at WC. It’s dangerous”

    “The No.9 should be Higuain, & I think Sampaoli agrees. There’s a lot of pressure on him – every touch has to be a goal”

  5. Lets assume a very likely scenario in the WC.. Its a knockout match against a strong team we are trailing by a goal or two… Who would you want to be the striker for Argentina Higuain or Icardi or Dybala… Do you really think Higuain has the mental strength to score and bail us out ?.. No… I didn’t think so.. That answers the question on who should be picked!!

  6. 2+2 doesn’t equal 5, it’s 4! Whoever states that Icardi can’t be in the best 35 players of Argentina and Dybala isn’t a lock to be in the best 23 of Argentina should be laughed at and any opinion coming from them should be regarded as science fiction because e they don’t have anything in common with reality., or they are yes men/women or sheep who eat up whatever is served to them.
    Sadly those kind of people are in charge and not only are they laughed at after their fail but we are also laughed at on their receipt. The whole team is disrespected and people like me don’t take this kindly because we don’t want our team ever being disrespected and want to be the best!We get angry, mad, sad, depressed at the possibility that our team gets disrespected and loses, while people who have no shame do what they do and continue so, it doesn’t bother them being disrespected and washed in dirt, they are used to that and immune, they don’t have pride.
    I want our team to win everything, and to not leave stones unturned and do our best to maximize our chances, simple as that. Excluding deserving players on directives from other people is not doing your best. As we don’t have many enemies we create our own Trojan horses to hurt our own team. What a shame. If it weren’t for selfish acts like this we would have more stars than 2 surely! But I think this is a vicious cycle like a Groundhog Day where we never learn, hopefully we win the cup!

  7. Kid, Leo or whatever your name is nowadays: I repeat again, you started insulting me for no reason even after I avoided nonsense trash talk, I will insult you as twice as yours, you or anyone defends you here. Bring it on.

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    As I mentioned, you insult, I will use every street word and vulgar on you as you deserve it goof.

    • Ha🤣ha so you accept that you were talking trash all the time. If you hardly need attention just talk positives instead of barking same slogans througout the day.

      **Sampaoli as coach Vs spain
      Messi and friends
      Icardi exclusion
      Romero default GK**

      If you have any problem with Sampaoli do talk to him directly instead being coward here. Who’s responsible if your favourite players gets excluded. Dont worry mahn this is part of life. Everything won’t be coming as you wish. Deal with it or Bark nonstop untill WC ends==😂😂==

  8. Everyone has the right to express his/her own opinion. Personally i disagree with quite many ones in here, i have to admit that some posts are even irritating to me but at the end of the day, no matter how much i personally disagree with them or how even annoying can be for me, i have to think why they were written by the poster and agree or not respect his/her own opinion. I won’t be desrespectful to any Argentina fan because we all have the same passion and desire and that is our beloved team rising again.

    I am writing this because the last days people are attacking each other firing personal insults. There is no need for these kind of bullshit because we are all on the same side. Media are being way too disrespectful towards our beloved team and they are constantly waiting at the corner. Do you remember the headlines after the huge loss to Spain? “Messiless Argentina got humiliated by Spain”. Let me ask you this now: Imagine you haven’t watch that match or even not being an Argentina fan and the next day you were going to read such headlines. What would you have thought? Let me answer this: I would have thought that Argentina without Messi have tried to beat Spain in order to show to the world prior to the wc that is among the favourites but failed miserably to do so by getting humiliated instead!

    But the point is that this is way far to reality! Reality is that Argentina was also missing Aguero, Di Maria, Lanzini, Icardi, Dybala and i don’t remember now who else, they put an experimental line up against a full strength Spain at their own soil and yes we were thrasted in a meaningless friendly! Of course it is not the first time they are messing around with the reality when it comes to Argentina and show things the way they like to so. I don’t remember such irritating headlines by the media when Spain was humiliated by Netherlands and had an early exit from the group stage from the previous world cup, nor such headlines when Argentina thrasted both Spain and Germany just after they became champions because the excuse back then was that they were meaningless friendlies. We are considered as underdogs and they are waiting at the corner to write something negative, to criticise and grab every single opportunity to underestimate us!

    But you know what? Its ok! Argentina has to use this kind of attack on its favour and then rub shit on their mouths! But in order to do so, unity and being humble is important.

    I don’t believe and i don’t want to believe in things such “Messi club of friends” etc but i still have the feeling that some things are not ok. For example, people talk about Icardi, anyone can check how highly he is rated by football experts, proffesionals and football legends and still if they are not convinced its ok, but i would like someone to tell me honestly, putting his arm on his hand, that this guy doesn’t even deserve to be included among the list of 35 players! I mean seriously now? Because the way i see it, it is pretty obvious to me that this is an exile! And i don’t like that no matter if it is about Icardi or whoever could be especially when at the same other players cannot be trusted either because of lack of fitness or lack of performing and yes i am talking about Aguero and Higuain who seem to be untouchables no matter what and i simply don’t feel ok with it.

    Anyway, i don’t care about a particular player, all i want is that everyone in here wants and thats simply seeing our beloved team rising again and shut our haters mouths!

  9. Sadly, this once a wonderful website, a haven for ARGENTINA diehard fans and supporters has morphed into this soap opera with cat-fights popping up here and there.

    News Flash>>>> this is not a popularity contest as in whose post is longer makes it better or more accurate.
    I for one lose interest after reading two paragraphs>>>>>> “the best of talk is that which is short and precise”.

  10. Higuain is not in form like he was earlier in this season . as he kept in bench in last match for Juventus ….And Aguero is not fully fit so considering the situation Icardi is the best option alongside Martinez…if Aguero will be fit though .. Higuain will not get into 23 as per current form so Martinez will be the main Striker.
    One good thing I saw yesterday Dybala played as a false 9 which can be good for ARGENTINA !!!
    In case of Midfield , Lo Celso, Lamela played very good in their matches … Di Maria was awesome as well against Monaco … But I was seeing the Pastore …he seems like old Pastore with proper touch and pass …did assist with some good play-making
    .. A.Correa,Gomez and Ocampos will be good Sub as they are very much hard worker …If you see last match of Marseille …Ocampos was very good with tackling and collecting the ball … …Correa And Gomez are like monster for 90 minute with energy .

    But sad to see A.Correa,Gomez,Pastore and Ocampos not get chance in 35 man squad … even Garay not got into the list ….how rojo and mori get call even Rigoni,macherano,Bigila,Pablo perez they are in the list ..

    • I once told this thing here in mundo , before this website got updated , that both dybala and messi can play in the same team ,without any problem , the problem regarding both is that , both play on the right and cuts through the centre, to open up spaces to exploit , now ,to use them , deploy dybala as false 9 and play messi in a bit more advanced attacking midfield role , this would allow them enough spaces. Plus , they should also make transitions to theirs position ,or simply exchange , they can play .
      The problem is the media , which overhypes everything .

  11. @Kid, this is the first two paragraphs of a long post posted by you on March 29th. Pls read it carefully. It shows me how inconsistent you are.

    “Argentina have the greatest strikers yet only one is on the field per game. What’s the point of having the best strikers in the world if you can’t transition 2 or 3 of them into the starting XI? Higuaín, Aguero, Dybala, Martinez and Icardi should all be on the world cup roster. At the end of the day, midfield and defense is not Argentina strength. The strength of the team is in the attack, so why holding back? I would’ve rather lose 6-5 to Spain than 6-1. This was embarrassing given the attack Argentina possess.

    What was the point of keeping Martinez on the bench against Spain? imo Higuain, Martinez and Meza should have started against Spain with Banega, Lo Celso and Mascherano (against Spain Masche was the only option) in midfield playing a 4-3-3 formation, with the younger Meza and Martinez helping the team defend deep when the ball is with the opposing team or go with Higuaín and Martinez in a 4-4-2 formation with Banega, Lo Celso, Perotti and Meza in midfield. What’s the point of Argentina having all these strikers yet the current Argentina manager is afraid of using them in a game?”

  12. Argentina2018 Man, keep your drama to yourself bro. You started a non substantial hate campaign against “Messi and friends,” it back fired and people started calling you out for it, now you are trying to change the narrative by saying stuff like I’m the other poster here who go by the name @Lio Messi. Bro, you can’t come on a Argentina World Cup website and attack Messi and not expect to get any blow back. Yea, I must be the only Lio Messi fan in the entire world. You accused me of being a girl and the user Lio Messi.Cheers bro and move on! 😁

  13. I totally Endorse what CAMBIASSO said:

    Icardi is just killer inside the box. Cant press 90min nor hav pace. Sampaoli is coaching Argentina. He knows who to dumb and trust

    Now after this statement @argentina2013 will bark to me again. He was lost when Sampaoli ignored Icardi in squad 35. And started barking Messi and friends Slogan for every comments past few days.

    I hope argentina2018 bark nonstop until WC ends. Your favourit players wont be selected by Sampaoli. Deal with it

  14. There is an idiot here with a fucked up attitude named himself “Leo Messi”, whos same person as Kid with a different ID , now seriously? How did he get the guts to call himself after a superior player with a calm personality? That’s shocking.
    So he didn’t find any other nick name like Argfan, goargentina, WC18, or whatever, no but he links his nasty personality and rotten attitude to Leo Messi.

    This is a public blog: Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and it is valid when corresponds to what the media around the world is saying such as:
    *Argentina is one man team currently.
    *Messi selects his friends
    *Argentina have a horrible defence and goalkeeping and with all the attacking talents they have, they struggle to score.
    *The nation haven’t won anything because they rely on Messi to bring magic

    There is more stuff published by very reliable experts and football analysts, I’m not creating something from my imagination. It’s pathetic if you only see things from one perspective or become emotional without a rationale….I can criticize and when it’s really bad, yes I single out certain players who are lame and rubbish. If the coach still insists on playing them, then he’s not qualified. What did Sampaoli have under his belt? World cup? CL? European league? Oh winning copa when both Brazil and Argentina have crisis? His game against Spain showed he has no clue against tough rivals.

    • Hey Argentina2018 Are you a Anti Argentine ? Is It ? or I can call you Anti Messi Fan !!!
      It’s time to Stop your non sense and rubbish statement ..who the hell are you Man !!!!!
      Saying statements against Messi proves that u are not a football lover !!!.. he is the only the Footballer Because of him Argentina go through in World cup 2018 … other wise you were in no place to talk like this remember other Countries loose this Big opportunity though they have big names with good players

  15. Romero played in four straight finals with both Argentina and Manchester United conceding only one goal yet people still doubt him. I mean, Romero is a pro, he is not flashy but he put his head down and get the job done. Moreover, Romero always grow in the Argentina national team shirt during a tournament. So what if Armani is having a good time in the Primeir, does this mean he should just walk right into the starting XI in a tournament as important as the world cup? On here, people like to pretend as if experience don’t matter at the world cup. Yea, the coach need to select players with zero to three caps and ask them to compete against teams with players who have been playing in championships after championships at the highest level. Boca Junior Roberto Abbondanzieri made his debut at the 2004 Copa America for Argentina, he continued in goal for Argentina during the 2006 CONMEBOL qualifiers, and was the leading goalkeeper for Argentina at the 2006 world cup. As far as things goes now, there should be no process whatsoever, you show some promise or have a couple of good games at club level and that should automatically guarantee a place at the world cup in the starting XI. Roberto Abbondanzieri wasn’t handpicked to be Argentina national team goalkeeper one to two months before the 2006 world cup, there was a process which allowed him to grow into the Argentina national team goalkeeper role. People seems to think what works in Argentina will work at the world cup, and act as if the pressure level of playing in the local Primeira is as same as the world cup. The goalkeeper position is where you need one of your most experience player on the pitch for a tournament like the world cup.

    Sampaoli can only do so much in such a short time. He can’t call up every single Argentinean player on the planet because some people here like player A or B. Asking Sampaoli to axed the entire team with the little time he had to build a world cup roster as coach is asking for disaster. Seriously, was Bataglia or Paredes or Kranevitter or Ascacibar was going to make a difference against Spain? People need to stop deluding themselves. The game against Spain was an experiment, the team suffered, and lost in the process, it’s time to move on. It’s not that serious.

    Many here were calling for Icardi and Dybala, Sampaoli responded, selected them for the two friendlies and the WCQ games against Uruguay and Venezuela, they were both underwhelming, both fail to impress especially at a time when they were coming off impressive goal scoring club form in Serie A. Sampaoli gave Higuain a break, that still wasn’t enough, gave Aguero a break and this still wasn’t enough. Even at the time Sampaoli called up Aguero for the Venezuela qualifiers, he didn’t give Aguero any playing time, Pastore was even consider a better option than Aguero against Venezuela as far as Sampaoli was concern at the time. People here are acting as if Sampaoli snubbed both Dybala and Icardi to accommodate Higuain and Aguero in the team. Despite all the talk about Messi friends, Benedetto, Pratto and Alario were seen as better alternatives to Icardi. How many games did it took Pratto to score a goal for Argentina? Like two or three games while Icardi fail to impress in two straight games. Dybala has now played 12 games for Argentina with zero goal. I mean, if these guys couldn’t show up for Argentina, then why should the coach wait on them in such a short period of time when the world cup is just around the corner? Sampaoli has been fair with his selection, the point is, Sampaoli is looking at the short term and not the long term. The 2018 world cup is the short term and the 2019 Copa, 2020 Centario (if CONMEBOL decides to keep the tournament going) and 2022 world cup are the long term projects. To ask Sampaoli to bring in 15-17 players for the 2018 world cup with zero to 10 caps between themselves is maddening at best. This is the world cup not the Olympics or U20 (and even in those tournaments the young players have enough playing time to build chemistry) where the coach gets to select raw and uncapped players without buyer’s remorse. You guys are kidding yourself if you don’t think the likes of Germany, Brazil, Spain, Belgium, Uruguay, France, Colombia, Croatia etc. won’t show up at the world cup with their most experience roster. Name me a player in the Brazilian national team starting XI that has zero to 10 caps? Men win world cups not kids!

    I’m not the biggest Biglia fan, but why he is not good enough for Argentina yet Paredes and Bataglia are good enough for Argentina? So Biglia can start for AC Milan in arguably the third best league in Europe after Spain and England, but he is not good enough to start or play for Argentina? While players like Paredes and Bataglia who play in low level leagues against light competition deserves a world cup spot and not Biglia? How does playing in Russia and Portugal benefits the Argentina national team over a guy who plays in Italy? I really don’t get this; I’m still trying to fathom all this. Let’s take Kranevitter for example, he had two stint in La Liga yet failed to impress with Atletico Madrid and Sevilla, he then moved to Russia to play where he actual look decent because the competition and talent in Russia is not world class or top level. Kranevitter couldn’t compete against the best in Spain, so he took the easy route by going to Russia to play against weaker teams in order to give himself a chance to make the 2018 world cup. This guy couldn’t cut it in La Liga, I don’t see how he helps Argentina at the 2018 world cup against the same players he struggled against in La Liga.

    Banega consistently start and play against the best teams in La Liga and the UCL this season yet he is not good enough for Argentina, but guys like Bataglia, Kranevitter and Paredes are better because they play against great competition in Portugal and Russia? So Banega playing against quality teams this season like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Liverpool (twice), Atletico Madrid, Manchester United (twice) and Bayern Munich does not deserve to be on the Argentina national team for the 2018 world cup? While Bataglia, Kranevitter and Parades who for 85% of their season play against the likes of Braga, Porto, Maritimo, Belenenses, FC Krasnodar, Rubin Kazan, CSKA Moscow etc. will bring more to the table for Argentina at the 2018 world cup? Paredes left Roma for Zenit, that’s all you need to know. Bataglia and Paredes might be talented, but what they’re not is top class or top level players which you need at a tournament like the world cup. I’ve seen these guys play and don’t see what they would add to Argentina world cup rosster hence the reason none of them will be going to the 2018 world cup. Banega is top class and world class at the same time and nothing you guys write here changes these facts. Listen to the experts sometimes instead of falling for your own hyped up players. The only time Banega had a good run in the team was during the 2016 Copa Centario, before he was mostly in and out of the team or sat on the bench. Banega is Argentina best CM midfielder in Europe right now, no one come close. Banega have scored two goals in his last three games for Argentina. How many midfielders we have who can actually score goals? Lo Celso and Lanzini are the only exceptions.

    I respect Lanzini, he got his chance and impressed while scoring a goal at the same time in his third cap for Argentina. This doesn’t change the fact that West Ham is a low level club team with a multi-millionaire owner. But unlike Bataglia and Paredes, Lanzini play against top level club teams in England which eventually help grow his game and character as a player. What in the world are you going to learn in Russia or Portugal that will benefit the Argentina national team at the 2018 world cup? Please guys enough of these low level players, this is not the U20 world cup. Icardi and Dybala never took the opportunity that was given to them. Lanzini took his opportunity in basically two and a half games for Argentina.

    Guys stop fighting a losing battle, the likes of Banega, Di Maria, Biglia, Higuain, Rojo, Masche are going to the world cup and nothing said here will change this reality. Sorry about Bustos injury but this guy was never going to the world cup. The most likely local players going to the 2018 world cup are Martinez and Pavon. The other 21 players will come from Europe and Mexico (Guzman). No way Armani comes in and take Cabellero and Guzman spot on the team. Meza is talented but he is way too raw for the world cup this time around, he need more high level exposure to fully grow as a complete player.

    • “Sorry about Bustos injury but this guy was never going to the world cup”.

      yea, He is just for fun among the 35 players.

      • “Meza is talented but he is way too raw for the world cup this time around, he need more high level exposure to fully grow as a complete player”

        @Kid, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

        • Dadir10 Meza is is raw bro,laugh all you want. The joke will be on you and lord Meza. 😅😅😅

          • @Kid, “The joke will be on you and lord Meza”

            It’s not the first time you mock an amazing player and praising him after a very short time. Lo Celso, Lanzini, and Tagliafico were all a bunch of overrated players in your eyes. But you realized later how Lanzini and Lo Celso are superior to your beloved Banega.

            History repeats itself!

      • Gonzalo, Banega won two Europa League, Olympics Gold, Copa finalist, in the CDR final against Barcelona and this season UCL best passer. Are you really trying to have this conversation? You is too weird bro..What have Meza done or won that is note worthy? Come back when you can effectively make a case for Meza.

        • We know very well the players are best only on club level and completely disfunctional in NT long time, especially at most important moments. After Meza’s performance against Italy there’s no reason not to start with him.

        • Kid ; really , if that’s the case for meza , then where did banega go in the match vs spain , meza was the only daring player in that match , who dribbled ,passed, created the cameos , whrres banega , he didnt move from the halfway line ,
          What is this man , which game do u watch football or baseball,
          Plz , dont just come here and comment rubbish about things u dont know . really , do u watch the games with ur eyes or ur toes,

      • FIFA allow 35 players, that is the rule, then the 35 will be broken down to 23. Sampaoli already said he will only have a list of 23 players and that the players from the 35 will be use as back up or emergency call up.

    • Oh! Suddenly Lanzini & Lo Celso are good players; They can straightly walk into the starting eleven for a major tournament like World Cup; Lanzini barely played 2 matches and Lo Celso 4 matches?

      FYI, Battaglia was the standout performer against Barca and Juve in Champions League & Juve, RM are interested in signing Paredes;

      Banega, Biglia, Rojo, Masche and Higuain are the worst players on the pitch against Spain; If not due to them ARG would not have been humiliated like that;

      If experience is what that alone matters, how come Spain crashed out in Group stage and in last 16 of WC & Euros respectively?

      • So Bataglia following Messi around all game while is team is losing is what you call good performance. Good performance? Bataglia didn’t even had 20 complete pass against Barcelona. Dude Rondon from West Brom was link to Barcelona. What you said doesn’t change the fact that Paredes is playing in Russia. You think Real Madrid is going to sign Paredes? Nice joke. Paredes couldn’t even control the games and put decisive passes together while he was playing in the Europa league knockout games against Celtic and RB Leipzig. So Spain was the only team with experience players at the 2014 World Cup? The guys on the Dutch team who destroyed Spain at the 2014 World Cup were their most experience players; Wesley Sneijder, Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben. Take these guys from the game and Spain would have easily won. Spain tied 3-3 with Russia, wow Russia is definitely a World Cup contender in 2018. The back passes against Spain is what undone the Argentina national team that day. Did you watch Bataglia against Atletico Madrid recently? He was average, Saul skipped by him with the ball and left Bataglia in his path ball watching. Bataglia is a Mexican and Costa Rican level player, and even on those teams I doubt he would get selected. Talk all you want but none of those guys come close to Banega, Masche and Biglia. If age is your best argument th you have none. Because despite guys like Paredes, Bataglia, Kranevitter being younger, they’re slow and feeble at best. There is always FIFA to create your own fantasy team.

        • Before 2014 World Cup, for which teams were Rojo & Biglia were playing? Biglia moved to Lazio just one year b4 the WC; Before that he was playing in some unknown Belgium league; Rojo – was playing for the same Sporting CP where now Battaglia was playing;

          Oh, didn’t Spain lose against Chile in WC 2014? Apart from Van Persie, Sneijder and Robben who were the other players in the starting eleven, how much experience they had and for what teams were they playing?

          Paredes was the man of the match against Celtic; Check out what Brendan Rodgers said about Paredes after the tie;

          Battaglia, Kranevitter slower than Biglia…. Nice Joke….
          Next time when you watch football, open your eyes;

    • Kid, Rojo in the squad? You must be kidding (pun intended 😉). According to your reasoning Garay, Pezzella and Ansaldi are fitter than him and start matches almost every week. Rojo is way way beyond his best period. No Rojo and no Funes Mori.

  16. Midfielder Agustin Almendra (born 2000) who debuted for Boca yesterday against Independiente (already represented Argentina youth teams) looked really promising.

  17. I made a search in whoscored: Lo Celso is the second best tackler in Europe this year with 4,5 tackles per 90 mins ( from more than 1000 mins players), better than Vidal or Casemiro, crazy for an AM, absolute insane, btw Bruno Zuculini was the best with 5 in his Verona days, and Lucas Ocampos with 4 per 90 mins in the top10 tackler too, an other very aggresive AM. Besides them only pitbulls, DM’s and defenders are on the top of this list. Pizarro 3,8 Ascacibar 3,4, Banega 2,8, Biglia 2,5, Lamela 2,4, Lo Celso has natural sense for tackles, a joy to watch.

    • A few months ago, I was amazed to see that he was the one having the most number of tackles in Ligue 1! I dont know whether he still has the same status.

    • Not surprising considering the fact that he’s been playing out of position as a holding midfielder for PSG. Celso has always been a box to box type ever since his Rosario central days. Truly a fantastic talent.

  18. I’m sick of this injuries of Bustos and Meza. Both are motor-like players that are able to push any team are participating. Bustos is no doubt most talented Argentina RB and he already deserved for WC.

    Anyway it’s pleasure to see Independiente beating Boca even without Meza and Bustos.

    Martin Benitez is showing of late why Real have wanted him not long ago.

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