Gio LO CELSO and DI MARIA score as PSG win Ligue 1, more goal scorers


Giovani LO CELSO and Angel DI MARIA both scored (twice) in PSG’s impressive 7-1 win over Monaco which won them the league title. Last year saw PSG dethroned of the Ligue 1 crown and they came back with a vengeance. Giovani LO CELSO scored the opening goal of the match after Dani ALVES slid in the ball and LO CELSO passed it into the net.

Angel DI MARIA’s first goal was very reminiscent of the gold medal winning goal he scored for Argentina vs. Nigeria at the 2008 Olympics. One on one with the goalkeeper, DI MARIA chipped the ball over the goalkeeper to make it 3-0 for PSG.

LO CELSO made it 4-0 with a fantastic outside of the foot cross by Javier PASTORE as the former Rosario Central man headed the ball in. Goal number five came from another Javier PASTORE assist, this time a slide ball in to DI MARIA to make it 5-1 and seal the league title.

Congratulations to the Argentinians (Giovani LO CELSO, Angel DI MARIA and Javier PASTORE) on winning Ligue 1 with PSG.

Moving over to Spain, Angel CORREA (who was recently called-up to the Argentina squad) scored for Atletico Madrid in their 3-0 win against Levante. While a second place finish in La Liga is still on the table for CORREA and Diego SIMEONE’s men as well as a Europa League semi-final spot, CORREA’s spot in the Argentina team is far from secured. Now on nine goals for the season, CORREA is far from having a guaranteed spot for Argentina’s World Cup squad.

Over to Russia, former River Plate man Sebastian DRIUSSI scored the only goal for Zenit St. Petersburg in their 1-0 win vs. Anzhi Makachkala.

Giovani LO CELSO and Angel DI MARIA score for PSG

Angel CORREA scores for Atletico Madrid

Sebastian DRIUSSI scored for Zenit St. Petersburg


  1. I think it’s the 1st time I’ve seen the 3 Argentinians of PSG playing well in the same match. Pastore was magic. Such a shame that he has been so irregular due to his frequent injuries, otherwise with this talent he should have been 1 of the best midfielders of the world. Unfortunately I don’t think he’ll be part of the 23.

    Di Maria, actually didn’t see him much in the creation, maybe because he played in a more advanced position, but really efficient like a striker. He was so closed to a hat trick. One of his goals reminded me of his goal against Nigeria 10y ago. It’s very good to him if he finds back this confidence.

    Interesting match of Lo Celso last night, I think that should be his best position. Defensively, his pressing made significant impact. I saw Fabinho and Moutinho suffering a lot. Ok, they are not Casemiro and Kroos, but still international players. Otherwise, his vista, touch and long/short passing skill made the difference. On the 1st goal, he initiated the attack and finished it as well. In the national team, this position of right CM is actually very closed to that of Messi, we should see them playing a lot together.

  2. Di Maria is like a cancer to the team. scoring one goal in a useless game means nothing comparing to his form all year long. There is a reason when some folks on here called him Diva.

  3. I’m sick of this injuries of Bustos and Meza. Both are motor-like players that are able to push any team are participating. Bustos is no doubt most talented Argentina RB and he already deserved for WC. Hope he will back soon.

    Anyway it’s pleasure to see Independiente beating Boca even without Meza and Bustos.

    Martin Benitez is showing of late why Real have wanted him not long ago.

    • Don’t worry both will be back in action very soon. It is highly likely that Meza to come back within the next 7-10 days. I hope both will be part of the final 23-man squad.

    • Zaballata is also done like Mascherano.Zabaleta’s lack of pace was responsible for conceding many goals during qualifier specially against Brazil.Neymar was dominating Zabalata in Right side of pitch.Only Ansaldi can bring something positive to national side.

    • Sampa has already declared about the limited resources he has in both flanks especially Right flank. Wing back plan( Acuna ‘n Salvio) is mainly due to this restrain. Ansaldi imo fits for both roles(wing and right back ), at least as back up. Di Maria, Perotti, J. Correa, and Pavon will effectively track back in order to assisst the full or wing backs especially the first two.

      Lo Celso, E. Perez, Meza, Banega and Biglia can Marshall the midfield.

      I believe Sampa has assessed the weakness and strength of each of the countless players he called since his appointment. Stay tuned!

      • @Perotti, “Lo Celso, E. Perez, Meza, Banega and Biglia can Marshall the midfield”

        If anyone of Banega and Biglia is part of the starting XI or even the team as a general then you will expect failure- nothing else.

        We have seen enough of Biglia, Banega, and Higuain. Argentina doesn’t need failure anymore. These guys are the recipe for failure!

        • I understand your point, though i never said the two should play together as they are too slow for sampa tactic. Meanwhile it is hard to find a quality player from the current youth with a defensive attribute as much as Biglia and Banega. The inclusion of the two is compelling imo. Bataglia,Kranevitter, are not any better than Banega and Biglia.
          especially Biglia performs well when he is accompanied by Enzo perez.

          As such, Locelso E. Perez Banega/ Biglia would marshall the mid. I know the triangle has been tried against Nigeria. yet imo they were not the weekest links. The wing/flank were exposed. No wing neither full backs have been used in that much. The Midfield infact has excelled its counter part much. Had Acuna( as Full/wing back), Salvio( as Right wing) been used the result against Nigeria could ve been different.

          • “Meanwhile it is hard to find a quality player from the current youth with a defensive attribute as much as Biglia and Banega”

            Firstly, Biglia is past his prime and Banega can’t defend or even press opponents, so in that aspect he is a liability.

            Secondly, when you have players like Battaglia and Ascacibar you don’t even need to call Biglia and Banega up for the NT duty. Ascacibar is young and I trust him more than Biglia. Battaglia is also a very good DM with good dribbling and accurate tackling.

            In place of Banega there is E.Perez who we all know how great his work rate is. I’m sure if Banega played vs Ecuador instead of Enzo we would’ve seen a very bad result.

            Argentina doesn’t need flops like Banega and Biglia.

            If you want to see a team that likes playing football then drop these slow, static players and use energetic, young, dynamic players like Lanzini, Lo Celso, Battaglia, and Meza,.

        • I like Ascacibar. But how on earth are you compering him with Banega’s selection. On e.Perez i ve said it twice that Biglia performs well when accompanied by Perez. Ascacibar can’t make a single good pass comparing to Banega. In terms of defensive/tackling and tracking back record Banrga is still fairly good. Parades and Bataglia are way overhyped on Mundo. I would like to see Ascacibar taking Maschie’s role soon. But mentioning him in the same line as Banega shows how red herring an arguement could be to make one futile point i.e to ridicule great players like Babega. His passes are unmatched even in Europe forget by players like Ascacibar, Bataglia,Parades and Lanzini.

  4. I am very curious to see who sampaoli will pick in 35 man squad.I hope he release the squad names quickly.injury situation of Messi and aguero is a big concern.

  5. Lo Celso is on fire and can make positive impact to the team with his ability to score and passing. Sampaoli need to put him in the right position as he will works well with Messi. I do not understand why Sampa neglects A Correa and put more trust on Pavon and L.Martinez . For the competitive atmosphere Sampaoli ought to bring the fit and in form players not just the injured and almost guarantee players.

    And stop this negativity postings as it will just brings more headache, whatever it is, Sampaoli have the full authority and power to select his squad and bring the best player that suits his playing style. if someone post negativity just ignored and don’t read that post. No need to kick them out from this room. Who knows our conversation and suggestion in this room reached Sampaoli managerial teams. At least we give them a positive vibration to succeed in this WC.

  6. Good stuff from Lo Celso and Di Maria!
    On a more sad note… After Otamendi another defender is suffering from a sharp downfall in performance: Tagliafico. He started very well at Ajax, but in recent weeks his form has declined. Yesterday he was mostly covering air and was shown the yellow card twice and therefore sent off. He picks up cards very regularly. In the Ajax team he is overshadowed by De Ligt, 18 years old and already captain and said to be on the radar of various top teams.

    • Tagliafico had one bad game that’s all, it happens to the best of em. He’s been consistently excellent for Ajax and performed well in both games for Argentina so he’s one of the few players that I’m not worried about; on the other hand Romero’s lack of playing time, Kun, maria and Lanzini’s fitness, Banega’s inconsistency and Masch/Biglia/Higuain’s….well everything! does.

  7. Dear Roy Nemer

    With due respect I have only 1 request. @Argentina2018 is spreading negativity with his all his comments. Who is to blame if Sampaoli not selected @Argentina2018 favourite players. Hes feeling bad and criticizing with “Messi and friends” slogan . I think hes even idiotic fan claiming I am having multiple ID’s . Actually who is kid?
    He think Iam using Kid ID. BUT he cant accept his nonesense comments and hides when some1 exposes him. What is the use of this blog if People like @Argentina2018 repeat this negativity all the day.

    He will never gonna change unless hes treated well before WC. Until WC ends he will bark the same schit again and again.


    Hes not realizing Icardi played with Messi in qualifiers and it is Sampaoli who is controlling the game in WC not Icardi

    If Sampaoli dont select @Argentina 2018 prefered 23 squad for WC, then we hav to again tolerate the same slogans and negativity. Hes making this room unpleasant with nonsense comments. Let him change or I hope you ban him from this site.

    Every1 have different opinions but hes not even listening to us and behave as insane.

    • @ Lio Messi

      Look posting negative comments in and of themselves shouldn’t get anyone kicked out or banned, you should just try to ignore them, if however these negative comments turn to personal attacks and insults then and only then should said poster be reprimanded.

    • Having different opinion doesn’t mean you are not a fan of the team.
      we all want the team to succeed and hope it happens this year.

  8. Both correa , lanzini ,Meza,perotti,papu Gomez,Banega,lo colso,lamela,pizarro are going to decide our fate in Russia.These all players performance are vital for Argentina

  9. Di Maria + Lo Celso + Paredes – Lanzini

    Would love to see these guys start. May not win a ton of headers and may get out muscled a bit but would keep possession and feed Messi and Aguero beautiful passes.

    • Good midfield, I would like to have a traditional no.5 like Battaglia or Ascacibar in there to balance things out but since Argentina’s only likely 5s are Mascherano and Biglia then I say might as well not have any. The only problem I see with your midfield is that lanzini and dimaria are very injury prone, so much so that I doubt we can rely on them for more than 3 games in a row, so I suggest A.correa for Maria and Meza or Acuna for Lanzini but you can still have Angel and Manu on the bench because frankly it’s hard to exclude such players (if fit) just because they might (although likely) get injured.

      • Spot on

        A. Correa can be handy for Argentina in WC.
        And cant trust di maria atol even for 1 game. Pray to God that he play atleas 1 game without injury

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