Javier PASTORE on PSG future: “We’ll see…”


Following PSG’s 7-1 win in Ligue 1 against Monaco, Javier PASTORE took to the media to discuss his future at the club.

After rumors that the former Palermo man would leave Paris during the last January transfer market, PASTORE’s recent comments did nothing to calm those rumors. Speaking to Premium Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“This season is more beautiful because we lost the title last time out. This season we’ve had a great campaign. We beat Monaco 7-1 and this win gives us strength to end the season well. We knew that we’d have been crowned champions if we won. We needed to make it happen and we had a great match.

“The result is what it is, but Monaco are still a great team. What I’ll do this summer? I still don’t know. I want to end the season well. We have another cup to win and we’ll give it our all. As for after that, we’ll see…”

In a separate interview following PSG’s 7-1 win, PASTORE said the following:

“It is true that I have won a lot of titles since I arrived here but each is just as wonderful as the last. It is two times more wonderful because we faced Monaco tonight, the previous champion. We were very focused, we knew that if we won tonight, we would win the title… it is never easy to win a title.”

“Does it make me want to stay? Of course, each time we win, we ask ourselves what we need to do. Since I arrived in Paris, the club has changed a lot. Now, I have one year’s contract remaining and I have not yet spoken with the club’s representatives. We will wait for the right moment to have discussions. Right now, we have no clear idea yet.”

As PASTORE himself mentioned, we will see what the future holds for him.


  1. In terms of ball control and technique probably in the top 1% of world footballers, but he lacks stamina, persistence and is not the type of player that rolls up his sleeves if the going gets rough or we fall behind.

  2. Javier is another Banega, hella talented but sadly consistently inconsistent and with the likes of lanzini, Celso and Meza being there I don’t think he should even be considered.

  3. “Pastore” can make any opposition look like learners of the game,when his on his game. Sad to see such great talent wasted…or not. Well see when sampaoli list arrive.

  4. Pastore is wasting his time at P$G, frequently injured and bench makes his talent wasted , Need to move to Spain or better join EPL . Sadly, he lost the momentum and great opportunity to join this WC. One last game against Monaco will not convince Sampaoli’s mind on him. Sampaoli have written on paper the name of Lo Celso and Di Maria only. Maybe Lamela has better chance to be selected.

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