Alfio BASILE: “HIGUAIN soiled himself”


Former Argentina National Team coach Alfio BASILE wrote about Gonzalo HIGUAIN, the chance he missed in the 2014 FIFA World Cup final, Lionel MESSI, Jorge SAMPAOLI and Marcelo BIELSA.

In Alfio BASILE’s latest autobiography, the former two time Copa America winning coach commented on HIGUAIN’s infamous miss. In the book called “Generación Lio”, BASILE also spoke about Jorge SAMPAOLI (and how he doesn’t know him), Lionel MESSI himself and Marcelo BIELSA. Here’s what he had to say:

“Of all the players, the one that was most singled out by the people for blame was Gonzalo HIGUAIN. They do not want him in their squad because when that World Cup is remembered, the chance he missed at the start is what cost us the title.

“The truth is that it’s difficult to explain what happened to him, because suddenly he was unmarked, had the ball at his feet and was 20 metres from goal with every option open to him and could place the ball anywhere, but instead the mist descended and he fired it wide.

“It’s not good to say that he soiled himself, but that’s basically what happened. He was weighed down by the responsibility of realising he was about to score the goal that gave Argentina the World Cup and would gain immortality.”


“SAMPAOLI, in the group of coaches, no one knows him. Because between us, among colleagues, we all know each other. We always see each other in meetings in the different countries in South America but he was never in any of them. It’s amazing how he got the Argentina National Team job. He got it only because he won the Copa America with Chile by beating us. Only then did I find out who he was…”

Alfio BASILE on Marcelo BIELSA:

“BIELSA is the most marketed coach in the world. More than GUARDIOLA and MOURINHO put together. He manages mediocre teams that don’t have the obligation of being champions. How is it that when he took Lille, all of a sudden they even started televising the training sessions.”

Alfio BASILE on Lionel MESSI:

“MESSI is an alien. When I was coach, the “friends club” didn’t exist. At least, at that time it didn’t…”


  1. Nobody believed when few of us stated here about the friends club but now a man who is well-known in Argentina Football circles talks about friends club.
    Atleast now accept the truth guys.

  2. Should be instead sampaoli , ricardo la volpe Was chosen
    sampaoli A stress coach and From Bilsa school Pattern takes No achievement That except failure
    higuain is stupid I hate him so much

  3. Huigain is just not good enough. He usually do not score in big matches. I believe he was lucky to play for RM and somehow their was non existence hype. Seria A is the worst league.

  4. during russia friendlies messi clearly said in a interview he never intervened in the national team selection process.

  5. • it’s true what “alfio” is saying,the moment and with that the reality gut to higuan to know that he’s about to score for he’s country in the world cup final, and he just couldn’t rap he brain around that. I think that moment was to big for him and if one watch the reply of that moment one will see the expression on higuan face. That moment was too big for him and for that he does deserve everything that is coming he’s way.

    • for me I think he wants to go to the world cup as he would want to shut all the critics and for that it’s not a world cup anymore,its getting personal and I’m so worried about that issue.

    • it’s true rojo is one of Argentina best cb when on he’s game and I’d hope he can get to he’s best.

    • as for otamendi, for those of you who have been watching football for sometime will know that this man was always a yellow card waiting to happen, but he has some good attributes. For me I will go with fazio and garay because they are the best Argentina have, and for those of you who says you need one cb with speed…watch more football please.

    • The guy is absolutely great long time. I bet that’s his last season in Argentina. After WC, whoever will be our NT coach, should think about him.

  6. I cried watching this but it’s definitely worth looking at. What an unbelievable WC performance for Rojo last time around. Look at that service into the box! Also noted that his size against Nigeria and Germany was a huge asset. I hope his form comes back. I had written him off for this world cup until I remembered what he did when I watched this:

  7. Incredibly, Biglia has made a forward pass and it almost resulted in a goal! He has played some forward passes since and it feels like a blessing already! The opposition is poor though.

    • Jack: hello and its been a while and you are correct “he did shit him self”
      hig had enough time to have an asado and still have time to at very least get the ball on target, sure the keeper might have made a save but to miss the goal completely is a crime to say the least.

  8. friends club dont exist not now also.its complete imaginary term just to degrade and slander messi.people jealous of messi because they know their favourites cant reach messi’s level they try to knit pick his faults.he is human so he obviously will make some mistake.

    • during russia friendlies messi clearly said in a interview he never intervened in the national team selection process.

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