Lucas BIGLIA leaves AC Milan match injured


Alarming news for Jorge SAMPAOLI as Lucas BIGLIA was substituted off injured for AC Milan.

Lucas BIGLIA reportedly felt some discomfort in his lower back and left the pitch with 20 minutes to play on Saturday. It went from bad to worse for AC Milan. With the team losing 1-0 at home to Benevento, BIGLIA was taken out.

The seriousness of his injury is still unknown.


  1. Great game for Barca last night, another demonstration. If we look at closely how Spain, Real and Barca play, it’s exactly the same style: 2-6-2 or 3-5-2 when it has the ball, playing compact, everyone closed to the player who has the ball, the fullbacks stay on their flank and play almost as creator. I believe that system/positional change for Messi is really benefit to him. Same thing for Isco. It’s actually a great system for the 9 half. Netherlands played in the same way in 2014, more conservative, with Robben in this 9 half role, who was the star of the competition.

    Argentina can probably inspire from RM and Barca, but whatever the system, Messi need support. I remembered the games vs Venezuela and Uruguay in sep 17, Messi need to face to 3-4 defenders, others stayed static or expected a deep passing from him, no fullbacks were present as alternative. So basically the team was cut into 2. Things getting much better vs Peru, Ecuador and especially Russia, with the use of players like Acuna, Salvio, Enzo, Lo Celso, Pavon. I see Argentina playing more like a team, no more solely based on Messi’s exploits.

  2. I don’t know what you guys have against Biglia and Aguero but one thing that I am sure Biglia is one of our best performers. He plays with heart and soul. Like every player he has his limits. It is the coach’s responsibility to assess and put around him players that complement him. Aguero is always a sub for the NT so what can u ask him. I have never seen that fans have that much hate for their teams and this why we can’t win.

  3. It’s good to hear from julker and pablo. It’s been a long time. And you too El Principle.
    I agree the bashing here has crossed it’s limits. Even I will put my hands up on occasions where I’ve vented my anger on players like Marcedo, Higuain or Biglia.
    Like all of you guys, we are not fanboys of certain players (interesting to see how many bloggers will drop off when Messi retires) but die hard albiceleste fans.
    I appreciate some of the optimism here on mundo (never give up) especially the hype over Russia 2018.
    My problem is that it has come a year or 3 to 4 games early for Sampaoli. I think he’s a breath of fresh air and will get the job done BUT not in Russia. Sorry but I don’t share the same optimism. Instead I am thinking now about the copa america in Brazil next year and Qatar 2022.
    I believe that we still have a squad that can be balanced but it’s come too late.
    I will be happy to reach the quarters. Considering the potential opposition in that round.
    I see where Sampaoli is coming from when he selects players like Biglia, Banega, Higuain and Aguero. Team chemistry is important during tournaments (just ask the French in 2002!).
    Question is should I take a match fit Icardi over ‘dont ask me to score underpressure’ Higuain?
    Should I risk playing Mascherano and Biglia together who are slow against today’s high intensity midfielders of let’s say Germany and Spain?
    Alternatively take a huge gamble – just like France 2016 – play the youngsters and get them to gel and get a feel of tournament environment. Get the likes of Asicabar, Peredes and Lo Celso to play in the group stages and give them the self belief and that they are the future.

    • vik: like wise its always a pleasure hearing and reading you writing’s.

      my self I feel we have nothing to lose and simply have to throw caution into the wind, as you mentioned in the latter part of your latter statement ” Asicabar, Peredes and Lo Celso to play in the group stages and give them the self belief and that they are the future.” some new players beside some established old heads. id also add lamela to that lot
      ill go into it later as I’m late for work as I write this lol

  4. Biglia out for 5-6 weeks

    Not sure will Sampaoli still insist to select him.
    Dont think he will be match fit when the world cup starts.

    No Biglia for me anyway.

  5. I don’t know how many of you have read this. The news is that Sampaoli is set to meet Messi’ dad (For heaven’s sake) to get to know what would Messi’ opinion be if Mascherano is left out of the World Cup. No joke. Serious news. There’s more Sampaoli also wants Messi’ opinion on calling up Franco Armani.

    Back to earth and Sanity. Matias Vargas of Velez is attracting a lot of attention from Europe. It is reported Barca (apparently he is one of many including Lanzini, who are being looked at long-term Iniesta replacement) will wait on him till and after the WC to consider making a bid for him, so teams like Lazio and Fiorentina are waiting to pounce on him. Godoy Cruz’s Fabricio Angeleri has Dinamo Kiev and Marseille interest. Matias Zaracho on some big European team radar as well.
    Speaking of Marseille, Ocampos scored one and had 1 assist for Marseille last night. Has plenty of years in him to work his way into the NT set-up in the future.

  6. The recent discussions about certain players in Mundo make the blog really meaningless. Yes, Ofcourse we like some players more than others, but that doesn’t mean we can enjoy/wish worse for those whom whom we like little less.

    The hate towards Higuain, Aguero, Icardi, Dybala, Banega, Biglia, Romero….and for God’s sake even Messi makes me feel angry & dissapointed! It’s simply ridiculous to point fingers to each other and calling names like little girls.

    The productive talks & discussions died in this blog since the final of 2014 WC. Where Brazilians are behind there team after the infamous 7-1 defeat to Krauts, we are on the other hand cursing our own players, stuffs and federation!!

    We reached 3 fu*king major final in 3 years! And still one of the favourite to win the Russia WC. How much you can ask from players who proudly carrying the flag of Argentina in world football. Just look at Nederlands & Italy, who even thought this 2 great nations would have failed to qualify in WC? I don’t mention Chile because they are all about hype like England/Belgium, nothing else.

    Yes, we could have failed, but we should thankful to Messi & the whole team to stick together till the end. Even AFA step up in this crisis and went to Fifa to reduce the 4 match ban of Messi. What else you guys want from this team? Just stop demanding too much!

    Whoever play for Argentina in WC, we need to support the team just like the Sabella era. Sampaoli is a great coach, i personally don’t think after having his dream job he will ruin the opportunity like a mad Maradona. Sampaoli knows his limit, and it’s a good thing. After conceding 10 goals from 2 freindly, he realised his mistakes and now focusing in defence. His changed his favourite 3-4-2-1/3-4-3 to 4-2-3-1. And that’s a smart move. Testing new players is another good idea for the game plan he wants to emulate in Russia. Remember one thing, Sampaoli never guarantee any spot to anyone. Remember what he said after appointed?

    “I don’t want my team to depend on Messi. I want this team to play as a unit”

    Keep calm & cheers till the WC comes! Vamos Argentina!! 🙂

  7. Man, I am not argentina2018.

    I know him 4 years ago. He and Kid always argued, but they both are cool.

    I only have and will only have one account which is this and I never like to use multiple accounts like some of you.

    Argentina2018 is a fan of Barca, that is the reason why he hates Di Maria and Higuain so much. They both helped CR7 getting Ballon D’or.

    I am not that much of a fan of Barca. And I am not a hater of Madrid that much either. My man El Principe Redondo used to play there. My favorite team was Napoli in Maradona’s days.

    • Great to hear from you sir. And i am glad you are not!

      Considering the recent hatred from mundo members, it’s becoming tough to even read Mundo nowadays. People like you are the true souls of this blog. Hope you post more.

    • principe: hola sir and its been a while from me posting here (work is super busy) and great to see you are still here and you are still just you 🙂
      yes I remember those days of Napoli when they broke that milan strangle hold, football was very different back then.
      all the best…

      • Yes Pablo, that’s why I can’t understand if people today are fans of AC Milan or Inter or Juventus.

        Those three were the nemesis of Napoli.

        Can you guys imagine, it took 3 amazing Dutch legends of Milan and 3 German World Cup winner of Inter to rival the greatness of Diego. Diego “only” had Careca, and Alemao on his side.

        As for Mundo, I rarely posted, but I might be a bit more active when the World Cup starts.

        I will support the team no matter who Sampaoli would pick. Even if I say I don’t like this or that player, it does not make any difference anyway.

        We sre just fans.

    • I thought I was the only who fell in love for that player. When I was playing I wore the 5 and people called me Redondo…. Massive, massive player and great personality as well.

    • If I remember correctly Enzo was called up for last WC so late then it’s not too late for Battaglis, Ascacibar or Marcone.

      • @gonzalo, do you trust Battaglia with his defensive duty? I watched him against Atletico and was disappointed at his defensive contribution.

  8. I feel bad for Biglia because unlike Higuian, he plays with heart but short on talent and opposite is true for the other character.
    I remember seeing him playing for the first time against Portugal in a friendly and the potential was obvious but sadly a lot has changed since then.

  9. If enzo perez is his replacement then it is good but most likely masch will replace him in that case i rather have biglia start than masch.

  10. Don’t be so happy guys doesn’t seem like a serious injury… Good enough to get selected for the World cup and sink our ship due to lack of fitness and form!!

  11. biglia needs to be fit as i dont see we r winning any match masche starting as dm.he is essential to sideline masche.

  12. A lower back issue. At most a week.

    Higuain sneezed during practice. I wonder if this is gonna be an issue for Sampaoli as well.


  13. Yes great news for Argentina. I hope he’s out for a lifetime so he can practice his back passes in his backyard.

    Banega came straight from the bar to the game against Barcelona. Mercado shouldn’t be called up, not a NT material, has not business in defending. Lots of awful starters now showing their signs of weaknesses in big games. Higuaín against R.Madrid, I even forgot he took a part, that’s how much he was invincible.

    • This team is not on level with 1986. By god’s grace if Argentina somehow wins the WC, this will probably biggest achievement in the history of football. If you look at our Midfield and full backs positions(which are vital in today’s football), they are no where near world class compared to other contenders in this WC. Our only hope is opposite coaches park the bus considering we have Messi and we somehow beat teams through own goals, headers or corners. Even as optimistic fan, i do not see Arg. winning WC comfortably. Some of players do not put heart into Argentina team like Augero and others like Huigain are just not good enough. Our only hope is Messi, that is all. Everything from defense to midfield to attack(bar Messi) is just average/below average.

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