Lucas BIGLIA out for six weeks, World Cup spot in jeapordy


Lucas BIGLIA is expected to miss five to six weeks following an injury he picked up on Saturday.

AC Milan gave an update on the latest developments pertaining to Lucas BIGLIA’s condition after he was withdrawn in their match against Benevento on Saturday. It appears he has suffered a slight lumbar fracture in his back and should be sidelined for around five to six weeks.

Argentine journalist Hernan CASTILLO has earlier tweeted that with the World Cup just eight weeks away, Jorge SAMPAOLI and Dr. MARTINEZ will need to seriously assess his condition on whether he makes the cut for Russia.

If BIGLIA isn’t fit enough to the World Cup, the door for Matias KRANEVITTER is now wide open. Both SAMPAOLI and Dr. MARTINEZ are now in Europe and will only make a decision at the end of their trip.


  1. This is a terrible mascherano will surely selected and most probably enzo Perez or paredes may start in dm role.we don’t have enough talent in this it’s a big blow and very important position

  2. I hope this was a blessing in disguise for Argentina in the WC. We need a bit more energetic DM like Battaglia. I hope Sampa selects him.

  3. This world cup is not looking good anymore for Argentina. One can only hope for the best. AS of right now from South America, the likes of Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia and even Peru are all ahead of Argentina. Brazil have the experience and continuity along with 90% of their world cup roster are loaded with star players from the best European clubs. Uruguay, Colombia, Peru all have continuity with their coaching which put them well ahead of this current Argentina team. My expectation is already at 0.005% for this year world cup with regards to Argentina. If the team fail in the group stage, I won’t be surprise. If the team fail in the round of sixteen I won’t be surprise. If the team get trounce by any solid team during the quarters I won’t be surprise either. The negativity going around has suck the little enthusiasm I had going for the team. There is negativity coming from all sort of places hitting this Argentina team, I just don’t see how the players withstand all this pressure without cracking, not to mention the whole 20 plus years without a major title will be another stumbling block looming over every single player head on the 2018 world cup roster. The truth is, Argentina will be the nation with the most pressure out of all the other major title contenders at this year world cup. The team at this point lack stability and the players and coaching staff don’t seem to have a single purpose heading into the 2018 world cup. I was trying to stay positive but I don’t see Argentina winning the 2018 world cup ahead of teams like Germany, Brazil, Spain, France etc with the quality depth they all have in every position. Just look at the rosters, if Argentina take six or five players off its current roster this team is basically at Mexico national team level to be honest. I couldn’t even imagine Argentina sending a B- team to the 2017 Confederation cup and winning it and at the same time play quality football. This is the last great Argentina cycle, the team will be like Holland and Italy several years from now. Argentina with all the retirements after the 2018 world cup won’t have a chance at the 2019 Copa America especially against Neymar-Brazil playing on home soil along with all the other motivated South American nations. So this is how I see it, no FIFA world cup title in 2018, no Copa America title in 2019, and no 2021 Confederation Cup tournament which would give needed experience to young players at the highest level.

    • Don’t lose hope, Kid. Remember Euro 92? Denmark replaced disqualified Yugoslavia and had to call players that were on holiday already. They hardly had any preparation but won the cup against all odds.

      Talking about odds, the bookies still fancy our chances even after the 6-1 defeat. We are the 5th team likely to win.

      • 5th favorite is nothing that’s not what we call favorites.favorites should be the top or at least 2nd place

  4. Assume that it’s just for 5-6 weeks plus the time to find back his level, gonna take roughly 8-9 weeks, so probably just in time for the 2nd game. In this position(half DM-half CM), in the supposed list of 34, I only see Enzo as alternative. Paredes is more a regista, Maschereno(if selected) I only see him as a RCB in a defense of 3-men(not sure will be the case). Kranevitter was decent against Russia but hard to judge a player in 1 game and I am not sure if he will be part of the 23.

    Biglia is not fast, creative or powerful but overall he’s a good player. Don’t expect him to tackle like Kante, to dribble like Pogba or to provide assists like Kroos. His job is to maintain the balance and to help to execute coach’s tactics. That kind of player is always useful, remember Deschamps with France in 98 and 2000. If he cannot make it, let’s hope Enzo save us like in 2014.

  5. Are you guys saying we don’t have a single defensive mid to replace an aging Biglia??? In today’s modern football most teams have very less time to develop team chemistry. All the powerhouse teams except Germany have their core players playing all across Europe but they don’t complain about not having enough time to setup team chemistry. We should take lesson on how Portugal and Greece were able to win the Euro with handful of good players. Germany is also not the same team from last world cup .. their main players are also aging and their youngsters are not as good as their seniors . Soon our players will be training for almost a month behind closed doors which is enough to build team chemistry and strategy. All you need a right group of players and a right coach to make things happen. Lets all pray Sampaoli has learnt his lesson from Nigeria and Spain’s bashing .

    Thank you Biglia you were one of the key players of our super miserly defense/mid in 2014 WC but your time is done with the national team.. you and Masch have lost your pace and its time to give way to other fitter and younger players.. some of us are still optimistic that he will be just fit for the WC but he is never going to be match fit.. No one is bashing any players here .. we are not individual player fan boys .. we want the team to win the Cup and for that to happen whether you like it or not some players need to be dropped !!

  6. I was pretty happy with biglias recent performances with Milan, but now we need to look elsewhere:
    Paredes and lo celso starting as the pivots?
    Surely too risky right?

  7. Players are dropping like flies or will be returning to the world cup fold either not match fit or at optimum level. Very worrying. Does Sampaoli use this moment to select the youngsters and throw caution to the wind?
    Biglia returning after 5 weeks doesn’t mean he will be at the level we would expect. Yes you return refreshed but that can mask your performance levels which you can only get from playing 3 to 4 competitive games.

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