Claudio CANIGGIA on 1990 World Cup final: “Had I played, we would have won”


A main figure in Argentina’s 1990 World Cup squad, Claudio CANIGGIA believes that had he played in the final against Germany, Argentina would have won the World Cup.

Suspended for the final after having received two yellow cards throughout the tournament, Claudio CANIGGIA has no doubt that the final would have ended different. Speaking with TyC Sports, a legendary figure of the Argentina National Team also gave his thoughts on Diego MARADONA as well as Lionel MESSI.

“I was so good and I felt so confident… I saw the Germans as being easier than the Italians or Brazilians. Bigots, slower… They would have brought me down and resulted in a penalty or someone would have kicked me. I’m sure that we would have defeated the Germans.”

Claudio also stated that MESSI and MARADONA “see things that no one else see” before stating that MARADONA “is the best player I have seen in history”. He also stated that “DI STEFANO, MARADONA and MESSI are the best in history.”

Speaking about his good friend Diego MARADONA:

“MARADONA is the only guy that could have been champion with Napoli; because of his personality, his leadership and because of how he was with his team mates. MARADONA is the most complete player I have ever seen.”

Claudio CANIGGIA on Lionel MESSI:

“MESSI is a phenomenon and very close to Diego, he’s great and he’s done some spectacular things. He’s very consistent. I don’t believe I’ve seen many players with his consistency.”

CANIGGIA scored two very important goals for Argentina, both coming in the knockout stages. The first was against Brazil in a 1-0 win after a magical run by Diego MARADONA. The second came in the semi-finals, reaching onto to a header to score against Italy.


  1. Long gone the days we have lethal strikers like Cannigia and Batigol. At the knockout stage, chances are just a few. We need someone who can convert them. I watched live the two games in WC90, we were pressed for the whole games but those few chances Cannigia converted changed our whole WC.

    • True it wasn’t attractive and beautiful but it was kind of effective. Now days I don’t see any warriors on the pitch. The 1990 team was going in to matches as if they are going to war.

  2. Huigain should come out and say statement like this and retire from Argentina NT. We dont need him.

  3. Caniggia was unique. But still it was his own fault. I saw the yellow card and I couldn’t believe it. I still remember the feeling. I was shocked and heartbroken. But the injury in 2002 was worse. I don’t want to remember the decision of passarella who refused to call redondo and caniggia for the world cup… what a waste……..

    • It’s not god it’s our mangers that have robbed us .. we could easily have 4 more world cups.. 1998,2002,2006,2014(sabella’s only blunder in the tournament came the final when he subbed Lavezzi for Aguero and Enzo for Gago)

  4. Cani is a smart and lethal striker. He can gets a penalty easily by his tricky diving but the 2nd yellow card he got during the semis against Italy was his silly own mistake, touching the ball instead of heading it. Agree if he play in the final Maradona might had a chance to lift his second WC Champion. Salute for Cannigia’s passion and fighting spirit for the N/T,

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