Lucas BIGLIA on Argentina’s form: “Immediate results are impossible”


Argentina and AC Milan midfielder Lucas BIGLIA stated not to expect immediate results and that it takes patience and hard work to get results.

Speaking with TyC Sports, BIGLIA (who is presently sidelined due to an injury) commented on the constant changes which were happening to the Argentina National Team as well as the team without Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“Immediate results are impossible. We are a country that does not have patience, we want a coach to come in tomorrow and in three matches come out as champion. This will always be impossible. Without patience, we’ll never get anywhere.”

“Patience and hard work will give you results. We have had a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Ever since the end of the World Cup, we have changed coaches three times, we have played three different styles and in between have come and gone a lot of players. The coach now has to finish up the list and based off of that we will start working in another way.”

“To go and play a tournament of this magnitude you have to look at something else, not the present. You could have just come off a phenomenal season but after that at the World Cup, it’s something else.”

Lucas BIGLIA on Lionel MESSI:

“We all know that the one that changes the level of the National Team is MESSI and we want to help him feel more free and with less responsibilities. Lionel will be the one who will make his team mates win. When he’s not there, we are a good team or a normal team.”


  1. I don’t believe in all this – about patience, time, too many coaches blah blah blah. Our players seems to be more philosophical than technical in nature. I have 2 points to present my argument

    1. How long did Tite from Brazil take to turn it around? The way Brazil was going with Dunga, they would not have qualified. Tite literally changed and turned it around from game 1. No excuse. If the coach knows what to do, they can do it. Else you need time, patience, climate, grass, food all sorts of things to align.

    2. Players get paid millions and millions of dollars to play and understand systems. This is their profession. They should know how to play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 or 3-5-2. In their profession they must know what to do. After that little practice to master it. In my profession also strategies changes, bosses change, priorities change, politics change, but I know how to adapt and do my job under each different circumstances. I don’t even get paid millions.

    Bottom line, coaches need to have clear ideas and players need to own up. Brazil did. Argentina always have excuses.

  2. Pratto and Pity Martinez both in NT form. Pratto is 10 x better than Higuain.

    • in my opinion , he is better than Higuain
      Prato played 3 games with the NT and scored 2 goals.
      higuain did not score single goal for the national team since 2016

    • Pratto? He is bad so far in River 4 goals under 1090 mins is far from even average. Higuain is in very moderate form, but way better than this in a much harder league. In Seria A Pratto was completely useless. Centurion too, Gonzalo Martinez? Who knows? First he must to transfer in a competitive league.

      • Are you robot who always bring only stats? Pratto is 100 times better than Higuain in on every aspect. How can you talk about league comparisons when it’s Pratto scored goals not long ago in NT while Higuain has counless minutes without goal so long. Higuain recently in NT is worst striker I ever saw. He can’t even control ball.

        • Ofc, for me Lewandowski is the most overrated striker, bigger choker than Higuain, just wait the WC and you will see it again, if the 2 euros was not enough. Bayern won the UCL even with Mandzukic, but not with this “world class” striker. Just a missing machine or a ghost when it matters on the highest stages. Yes Pratto is 100 times better than bottler Lewa in every aspect, but still not good enough for us.

          • we are not discussing who is good enough for the NT here. if we are going to discuss that, then neither Higuain nor Prato are good enough for the NT.
            but if you ask me who is better for the NT , higuain or prato , then my answer is Prato of course.

        • “I really cannot understand where from this interesting clubs like Real and Arsenal in Lautaro Martinez. He is type of of lazy Aguero but Aguero is still more talented.”
          I think it’s impossible one of Maxi Romero/Ponce have not been better than Martinez.”
          “Martinez is worst No.9 I saw in Argentina T-shirt. Like Aguero in his laziest moments. This guy is slow and so static without ball. Put someone other in his place who working hard without ball and he will get 3 times more opportunities and 3 times more goals. Even Torres has more goals despite he is not No.9”
          “Lautaro is not good in reserva nor Primera.”
          From our hawk-eyed genius

    • I watched the extended highlights of the match and I can easily say the likes of Prato, Martinez, etc. are no where near European football standard. Sad but true, South American club football is now tier-2 at most. The days when River or Boca were giving Real Madrid or AC Milan hard run for their money is well gone. Not saying Argentina or Brazil do not produce world class players anymore but in reality, the best SA players are definitely in EU.

      • From one match highlights no one decide about a player’s ability; For ex, Pratto outperformed Aguero & Higuain in the WC qualifiers for ARG;

        Let us see in the WC; Apart from Messi, which players are going to perform; Local players & recently moved to smaller european clubs or players @big clubs of Europe for long time

  3. if he likes his country , he should stop playing with the NT.
    he is too slow. Argentina can not win without an athletic fast defensive midfielders.

  4. We don’t need use less fellow like icardi and Heguin..we can try..



  5. Biglia and Ascacibar as destroyer in 4-2-3-1 formation would be good gamble.They should be given chances to gel with each other.We have strong squad that is going to play another final.During 2014 WC we had luck on our side.May this time too.


    If only Banega, Higuain, and you were part of those who have gone things would’ve been way, way better than now. But, unfortunately, you have an INVISIBLE hand that always keeps you in the team no matter how bad your performances are.

  7. Now he’s talking too much about this team. He should not be in the squad. We have better players. Still he is asking for higuain. He should not be considered even as a sub. Sampaoli is still counting on him after getting injured . I don’t know why ascacibar and battaglia hasn’t been integrated so far.

  8. I cant really understand why some people are thinking like this.injury of biglia is a major concern for us as far as i am concerned.
    One thing is sure that he is not a world class midfielder but is he that bad??/a Big No….his attacking abilities are poor but as a defensive cover he is ok for me..if not then who? Pizzaro? Kranevitter?or someone from outside directly walking in to the 11 in aworld cup ?? Ascacibar? Battaglia?
    Again a big No….
    Hope he recovers in time and make the squad.
    My 8 midfielders is
    Mache biglia enzo paredes lanzini lo celso
    Meza dimaria
    With 5 upfront
    Messi pavon dybala aguero(martinez if not) icardi ( higuain will be here)…..

    • Why you selected Mascherano?
      He is done for NT.Have you forgotten humiliation against Nigeria and Spain.He could not get his job done.Responsible for conceding goals.Only Ascacibar can step up for NT.He is young but has good attitude,his reflexes are great.He is quick good in tackling.Only problem is his height.Mascberano his aged legs can not take us far.That is why Barca sold him to Chinese club.

  9. Right now Argentina need Ascacibar and Ansaldi and all will go well.We need time to gel the team.They should be chosen immediately.And good back up for defence.On attack we are best.Hurry Hurry

  10. It is because having these kind of losers that this team never wins anything. You would never hear these comments from fighters like ramos, maradona.

    GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE TEAM YOU IMBECILE! leave you effin loser, the team is better without you moron. We need young blood and better players who will fight for everything unlike this loser. who after being trashed by spain still didn’t make an effort the entire game. While the youngsters were fighting with everything. That’s what i love about them, you can lose but to go without fighting is the worst possible way.

  11. Why not sampaoli select young blood?Germany Brazil Spain France most of the players are young except Argentina..sampaoli thinks that old horse will lead for glory?if sampaoli thinks it then he is lost his thinking..mascherano higuain Di Maria biglia they all passed their highest peak so why sampaoli depend on them?even aguero will be not 100% fit for the leading striker and he will repeat the same action of 2014..from 2002 to 2014 all coaches are world class but they all dumb our beloved Argentina due to their wrong decision or tactics..and sampaoli also stepping on to their foot prints…this is unfortunate and globally Argentina fans are getting heart..

  12. The truth is Sampaoli need to focus on his playing scheme and young guns squad selections, why wasting time considering Masche, Biglia, Higuain,Rojo, Mori and even Kun who is still lying injured. Put the faith in Meza,Pavon,Lanzini, Parades, Perroti, Lo Celso, Tagfiliaco,Garay,Bustos, Dybala and Icardi and Lamela.

  13. Btw boateng seems out of world cup. Germany has good backups though. Unable to think what will happen to our defense if otamendi or fazio get injured.. luckily midfield & forwards we at least have some decent backups.

  14. I fully agree with biglia on coach front. It is impossible for coach to come & deliver so fast. Germany’s low has been with national coaching team since 2004 & main coach since 2006. They finally won in 2014. If u go back to other successful teams, every case had coach having time of at least 2 years before Wcup ( including bilardo, lippi, dell Bosque etc) . There is only 1 exception in last 3 decades – scolari in 2002 who came during a bad qualification campaign & managed to turn Brazil to wc champions. So reality is of sampaoli has to win WC 2018, it is a miracle . Our only reason to believe is bcos we have Messi which is a X factor . The whole culprit here is AFA who killed a well performing team by selecting incompetent coaches & then changing them like a pack of cards. Unlike Germany, Spain – we also have an added disadvantage of players syncing & playing only during international games unlike opponents where la liga , bundesliga helps build more chemistry between majority of players.
    Whatever is the result of WC2018, AFA should have the common sense of prevailing with sampaoli.

    • Scolari won in 2002 because he had all the best players in the world namely Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldino and R.Carlos. For me that was the greatest national team in the last 30 years. How could they lose with that team.

      Argentina do not have those kind of players in this world cup, but we are lucky enough, we still can win it, just like what Italy did in 2006.

  15. Well we have waited for 32 years already sir how long more do we have to wait… If you and your elder partner masch could give way to youngsters our defense wouldn’t be bombarded like against Spain and Nigeria and moreover you will have 1 month of closed training sessions… Or are you trying to polish Sampaoli boots to get selected even though you are unfit and injured!!

    • It’s a sad fact that masche needs to go. Nigeria, Spain games shows that his era is over. No point dragging & weighing down the team. It will be like a wasted spot if masche is selected. My most favorite player after maradona… But unfortunate truth. But if reports are to be believed he will make it.
      One big loss we had is Augusto. Before the ACL injury in 2016 end, he was fantastic for our midfield in his short stint. Never the same player after injury layoff & now permanently lost in china

    • Well for him mastering back passes requires a lifetime, so yeah patience so I can bore you even more with my back passes.

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