Argentina to play Haiti in May friendly match


Argentina will play a friendly match against Haiti in May.

A change of plans for Jorge SAMPAOLI’s Argentina National Team as they prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As we reported in the past, the team was set to play Nicaragua in a farewell match in Argentina. However, per a report from TyC Sports, they will now play Haiti instead of Nicaragua.

While everything was set for the team to play Nicaragua on May 29, however, due to the current crisis going on in the country, the Nicaraguan FA had to pull out. Instead, the farewell match for the team before they fly out to Barcelona to prepare for the World Cup will be Haiti.

In May of 2010, Argentina (lead by previous coach Diego MARADONA) played a friendly match against Haiti which resulted in a 4-0 win. This match is still set to be played at La Bombonera and is simply used as a game to say goodbye to the fans prior to the World Cup. In 2010, Argentina’s opponent was Canada while in 2014 it was Slovenia.


  1. Hope to see Enzo-Paredes-Lo Celso in the midfield as Biglia won’t recover in time. To me, a midfield with 3 CM is the best for this team if we look at the performance of the recent games. If I were the coach, other than Messi and Otamendi, players like Acuna, Lo Celso and Enzo Perez will always be in the starting XI in any case. I always like mobile and agile players.

  2. A serious question: are more members reveiving phishing mails in which your mundo membership is mentioned?

  3. Godoy Cruz is best Superliga team of last months. Few worth notice players and one mentioned by me many times before – LB Fabrizio Angileri – long time I see in him NT material but his form of last weeks is impressive. Good prospect for NT after WC. Yesterday again with assist. Few weeks ago had actually 3 assist against San Lorenzo (0:5).

    • Who said these?

      “I really cannot understand where from this interesting clubs like Real and Arsenal in Lautaro Martinez. He is type of of lazy Aguero but Aguero is still more talented.”
      I think it’s impossible one of Maxi Romero/Ponce have not been better than Martinez.”
      “Martinez is worst No.9 I saw in Argentina T-shirt. Like Aguero in his laziest moments. This guy is slow and so static without ball. Put someone other in his place who working hard without ball and he will get 3 times more opportunities and 3 times more goals. Even Torres has more goals despite he is not No.9”
      “Lautaro is not good in reserva nor Primera.”

      • In that time I could say this once again. Indeed, Martinez looked lazy. Besides that was exagerrated emotional statement because of disappointments of youth team he was part of.

        And first of all: only stupid people are not able to change own mind. Just like you will still maintain Higuain is class striker. Now it’s pure pleasure to me promote Martinez as I just want to see Argentine resources blooming.

        Indeed, you know what is the general difference between us two: you can’t understand why I’m able to change my mind so radically and admit I was wrong because you can’t do that. You are always on personal war about “which player” will better. For you there are “yours” and the players “of mine” which are like your enemies (especially when from local league).

        Sorry but I’m above your narrow-minded rivalries and I’m for Argentina. I’m not noble man but when I see your interpersonal reactions I fell as if you originate from deep backwater.

        The fact you bring here the quatations despite it’s being completely irrelevant to my post above makes traits of your deviant psychological silhouette the more ridicule.

  4. Instead of opting for either experience or youth, an ideal blend of both is required. Having said this we should have faith on sampaoli to do that.

    Bottom line, Dont expect too much, keep a low profile and hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

  5. support no matter what trash of a squad ‘they’ select… afterall generations come and go but Argentina stays.
    Going to be very hard to digest when the final 23 is read out. ‘Talents and Interesting prospects sit out whereas old and injured travel to russia’
    No matter what, will love Argentina. Thats been the love story since 1986. Argentina has made us cry more than the joys.
    God Bless you Argentina.

  6. Following are the fifa 18 defender rating of the attackers everybody wants to play here:
    messi: 26
    aguero: 23
    higuain: 25
    dybala: 24
    icardi: 26
    lautaro: 33
    benedetto: 31 (sadly out)
    compare with strikers of rival teams:
    lewandowski: 37
    mandzukic: 67
    diego costa: 40
    neymar: 30
    coutinho: 35
    sandro wagner: 30
    iago aspas: 33
    lucas vazquez: 38
    suarez: 42
    cavani: 42
    greizzmann: 30
    mbappe: 47

    It is clear that we have an overload of creative players who don’t contribute nearly as much in defense. It’s OK if you’re messi, but otherwise not. It is a risk playing 2 of these players together. It is suicide to play 3 of them simultaneously. However it is not that we don’t have any body that runs & defends,
    di maria: 47
    lo celso: 40
    lanzini: 32
    meza: 37
    perotti: 32
    angel correa: 49
    joaquin correa: 37
    We needs to depend on these guys & not dybala icardi

    • I totally agree. Its Messi and at most another luxury player.. ideally just Messi. Everyone needs to run their ass off.. we need players with the hustle Saviola showed in thr past.

    • I hope you don’t mean FIFA 18, the PS game. If yes then you need to get into the real world and focus on reality rather than basing your facts on a fantasy game. Now I see why a lot people post line ups here. Coz their reasoning and arguments are based on PS FIFA. 🙉🙈

      • • @sabellista, I agree with you men, here are some dudes on mundo that talks like they “know”, but when you find out what their facts are based on…it’s a God dam same.

        • and yet these clowns argue like they know,these are also the clowns that speak about “messi” is saying who can be in the team and who can not.

        • just to make a point,if messi was doing this thing, than based on the player that messi is and we all know that he messi wants to win,why would he choose higuan? I mean come on,that does not make sense.

    • awesome!

      Definitely a lot of comments on whom they picked but I like the attempt, thinking a bit farther down the road. Also liked the arc on Dybala joining real madrid he needs a fresh start somewhere now.

      General comment is that is that this team lacks older players, it needs at least two. I’d love to see

      Funes Mori at CB would be 31 in 2022
      Maybe Rojo at left bac also 31 in 2022

      I keep thinking that you need a leader in the locker room like Mascherano in 2014, he was 30 then. Who can play that role?

    • It’s quite amazing to see the impressive number of great wingers for the next generation: Joaquin Correa, Angel Correa, Pavon, Cervi, Barco, Rigoni, …etc. They are going to replace the generation Di Maria, Papu Gomez, Gaitan, Piatti and Salvio. We also have great AM like Meza, Lanzini who can still play for the next 4 years.

      I think fullbacks should be the next area that we should improve. This position is so critical in the modern football. Currently we only have Acuna, Tagliafico and Bustos as the only optioins. Same for the central midfielders, only see Lo Celso, Paredes and Ascacibar, don’t see many young players in this position.

  7. Let’s smash Haiti and announce ourselves to the world football. Nothing less than 7-0 would be disappointment.

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