Breaking down Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI’s 35 player squad


In two weeks time, Jorge SAMPAOLI will announce the list of 35 players that will be in contention for the trip to Russia.

It appears that he will continue to remain in Europe for another 7 days and that we could be in for some surprises. According to Argentine journalist Hernan CLAUS on Diairo Ole, SAMPAOLI will continue his European tour starting in Paris where he will meet Angel DI MARIA and Giovanni LO CELSO. From then on, he will travel to Turin to meet Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA.

His next stop will be Milan where is he will be monitoring the progress of Lucas BIGLIA’s fracture vertebra injury. He is also expected make a further assessment with regards to Mauro ICARDI whose 27 goals for Inter this season has put added pressure on him to include him on the list. Worth noting that ICARDI was not even in contention for the trip to Russia not too long ago.

SAMPAOLI will then travel to Catalonia where will be a guest at the Camp Nou for the all-important Clasico match-up between Barcelona and Real Madrid. After this, he will return back to Buenos Aires to prepare the final list for the 14th of May.

According to CLAUS, this is expected to be the final list of 35 players when SAMPAOLI makes his announcement officially.


Federico FAZIO
Marcos ROJO
Fabricio BUSTOS

Eduardo SALVIO
Marcos ACUNA
Erik LAMELA / Emiliano RIGONI
Maximiliano MEZA

Lionel MESSI
Cristian PAVON


  1. I DOn’t like the look of this 35.

    How are we suppossed to do anything with just 2 CBs? Rojo & mori are the most useless players in the world right now. They don’t even make the bench anymore & sampaoli is taking them? has that baldy lost his mind?
    BRING IN GARAY for heaven’s sake, how difficult it is to understand a simple thing. The man has been brilliant this season & he was the pillar of our defense in 2014. Give him the spot he deserves. Bring in ansaldi too if not but Garay is a must.

    The midfield should have battaglia & kranevittar. The only reason masch should be there is his experience and leadership ability but no way he should start games just to rest players after we are winning convincingly in group stage.

    FUCK higuain. stop with this bullshit. What is this obssession with including injured & flop players. What has Aguero done for all these years? NOTHING. get in Messi, Icardi, Laturo, Pavon, Alario/aguero (if he can prove heis 100% fit & is willing to give his all instead of walking around like a dumbass all day long & then crying like a girl after losing it.)

  2. To be honest, I don’t expect Argentina to win but there is this feeling that takes me back in time. Anyway I read about how no Argentine fan gave Carlos Bilardo’s team a chance to make the semis. Michel Platini, Paolo Rossi, Hugo Sanchez, Emil Butragueno and Zico were all rated higher than Maradona in 1986. But things turned out differently.
    The 1990 WC, 1993 COPA and 2014 were successful campaigns without any attractive football. 93, was one of worst tournament experience the team looked like losing the next match. Thanks to Batistuta and Sergio Goygochea individually, bailing the team out til victory. Therefore I’m not going to predict anything or put expectations on the team. I’m just going to enjoy watching Messi at his last WC.

  3. A lot of midfielders in the list and only 7 defenders..if we are going to play back 4 formation i dont think acuna n salvio can be used as fullbacks with only 2 almost all 7 players in the list will be automatically selected in final 23…no need of 16 midfielders n 5 keepers in 35…what would happen if couple of defenders get injured before the date to submit the final squad…..??

    • LB: Tagliafico, Rojo (Acuna wingback), CB Otamendi, Fazio, Mercado, Rojo, Mori/Pezzela, Mascherano RB Bustos, Mercado (Salvio as wingback) only on paper 7 defenders imo

  4. Ansaldi should be selected and he is 1000 times better than marcado…Bustos is very good but he is not matured at the moment ..rojo mori doesn’t deserve 35man list..Gary pezella must be selected…no more higuain plz…aguero may be selected if he is 100% physical mental and match fit…icardi dybala must be selected within 23man squad.. battaglia and ascacibar must be selected…

  5. I hope that Sampoli have got a plan and clear picture what he want and accomplish from every single player. Although it looks like he wants to rebuild the squad which is too risky with the limited left time he have now. Romero, Cabalerro, Armani, Otamendi, Fazio,Taglifico,Bustos, Pezzela, Salvio, Lo Celso, Banega, Enzo Perez, Acuna, Ascacibar, Perroti, Di Maria, Lanzini,Meza,Kun Aquero and Messi with Dybala, Pavon and Martinez will make a great squad.

    • Lewandoski and Higuain can’t be on the same sentence… Lewandoski occasionally has off games but Higuain’s off games happens frequently!!!

      • Lewandoski is playing against Librarians and electricians in the Bundesliga. Bayern Munich win the Bundesliga by double digits every season, and this with like 15 games remaining. How in the world can a player from Bayern have an off day in Germany when the other teams are just there to make up numbers? Lewandowski is currently overrated, just another media hype. I must admit though; he was good playing at Dortmund.

  6. If Rojo and Funes Mori are selected as backups for Otamendi and Fazio we are doomed.
    If not Garay then Pezzella should be picked, his whoscrored stats ratings are over 7 for this season. Rojo should not be selected at any cost. I would rather select aging Masch as a centre back instead of Rojo.. And we all know Masch is also not a good backup anymore..

    Funes mori was always an average defender but after the injury and with 0 playing time under his belt this season he shouldn’t even be on the list of 35 provisional players…

    Another big liability is going to be Mercado . His form has been dipping since last few weeks… And with bad form and slow as snail speed he will be a big risk.

    • My final 23 Players squad will be Romero, Armani, cabellero, fazio, taglifico, Funes Mori or Mascherono (as defender) Mercado, Bustos, otamadi, pazella, Di Maria, acuna, salvio, lo celso, lanzini, Meza, Banega, Messi, Martinaz, Pavon, Icardi, Higuain, Dybala Don’t want machcarono, Aguero, and biglia coz mash is not good ho aspired to Chinese there is no good exposure.and other 2 are injured.We want 💯/ fit player.dont take risk for selecting the injured players. If we take Mascherono we can take as defender for dressing room motivation

  7. I like muri, but he has not been playing for a long time, but if he remains fit and finds his form he may turn out to be a great asset. He is the only very good ball playing stopper we have right now. I have seen him playing one game as a left back for Argentina in copa centanario, he was great at that position.

  8. This team is not ready to win the world cup; the whole thing has turn into a big circus show. Sampaoli, the current captain of the Titanic ship is heading straight towards the iceberg. The level of competency coming from the current coaching staff is not encouraging, the only optimism for me is Aimar being among the leadership ranks…

    It’s this simple, select the 23 players (I don’t really have specific names) and keep several other alternatives in case of an emergency call up. Selecting 35 players is giving false hope to a lot of players on the rumored current list. What is the point of this uncertainty? There are no more games to try anything, the Haiti friendly game is basically a feel good sending off game, the result won’t even matter. The other game against Israel will be the same thing except for the AFA lining up their pockets financially. Sampaoli is just touring Europe for the sake of traveling and pretending to be a wannabe celebrity while burning AFA money. How many times will Sampaoli travel to Spain, Italy and England to sit down and chat with 1-3 players when he could be doing more specific things with his time? Sampaoli doesn’t give comfort to his players and he is not level headed on the touchline either, his constant pacing back and forth can be distracting and annoying to the players and the viewing audience. Argentina will be the first team in history to carry a 100 player roster to the world cup and they still will end up not winning the cup.

    • “This team is not ready to win the world cup; the whole thing has turn into a big circus show.”

      That’s the understatement of the year. This team (or squad) was barely apted to qualify to a WC… we are not even talking of winning or even fairing well… just to qualify. This cycle has been a complete tragedy almost from start to finish and i don’t see much room for optimism.

      • Well, several national team’s contenders in the past heading into the world cup was in worse shape than this current Argentina team yet the coaches knew 95% of their world cup roster and had an idea of what they were trying to achieve. This has not been the case with Argentina under Sampaoli. The team wasn’t this bad during the two Copas, yes we didn’t win, but Argentina look far better as a team/squad compare to today. Sad thing is, this is a team that made it to three consecutive finals yet here we’re struggling to put a team and a playing system together. Only in Argentina this can happen. Smh

          • Irrespective of WC result, Sampaoli will be at the helm until 2022; That’s good for ARG team; The target for Tapia/Sampaoli is to reach SF in this world cup; They already knew it that they aren’t going to win it;

  9. Hello, I want to ask one question that Can you find out the reason why Garay is not included in the list?? who makes him stopped being on the list, is it Garay himself, is it Coach or some other reasons??
    He was the pillar of the 2014 World Cup at the back??? This time he is not going to WC one way the other no matter who is behind this???? Sampaoli didn’t meet him in Spain as well.

    • I think only Messi can answer that question. Sampaoli said loud and clear “This is Messi team”. Argentina is always like that guys. Don’t be fooled. In 2010 we took a player in second division to the world cup while leaving the best right back in our history. in 1998 we left out Redondo one of the best if not the best 5 in the history of the game. What’s new? The same old stories….

    • They say grary have left the national team without a permit at the Copa America 2015 And because of this He is set aside

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