Luis ISLAS of Argentina: “ARMANI has to start against Iceland”


The former Argentina goalkeeper has stated that he thinks Franco ARMANI should start for at the World Cup against Iceland.

World Cup winner and a goalkeeper who was included in two Argentina squads for the big tournament has come out and spoken about his country’s goalkeeping situation. In an interview with TyC Sports, Argentina’s starting goalkeeper at the 1994 FIFA World Cup had this to say:

Luis ISLAS on Franco ARMANI:

“I would take him to the World Cup. We aren’t talking about an 18 year old kis, this is someone who maintains the same level match after match, stopping shots for a team like River. As a coach, I would take him, no doubt about it. But you have th respect the coach Jorge SAMPAOLI.”

Luis ISLAS on Sergio ROMERO:

“A goalkeeper is more trustworthy when he plays. But for ROMERO it obviously doesn’t cost him much. But I like a goalkeeper who plays.”

Luis ISLAS on who he thinks should start for Argentina at the World Cup.

“For his current form, ARMANI has to start against Iceland. But just as much, you would have to think about it a lot because I don’t know how he would respond with the National Team.”


  1. He may be selected with Romero and Cabellero…I also wish that Armani starts ….But that’s WC direct debut in world is not possible..


    Indeed it seems that Centurion has good chances to be on WC. Well, generally I’m not against him despite he is biggest ‘enfant terrible’ of Argentina football recently. Undoubtedly he is most similar to Neymar in style of play (toutes proportions gardées – of course). His fastness and permanent prone to dribble is making him constant trouble maker and threat in opponents defence. I would take him over some players but when I hear Centurion may takes Meza’ place I feel that’s absurdal.

    What’s the logic?: You are best player of our last friendly (Meza) and you may be out?!!! So what’s the aim of calling him up and playing friendlies at all. Or maybe it could better for Meza if he were our worst player against Spain because the worst like Biglia or Banega have already guaranteed places in WC. That’s world upside down. The more Meza had also good performances in club recently.

    • Me too I want meza instead of centurion… centurion,messi and pavon in starting line up looks great on paper but we dont know that will work whereas meza is already a proven player.

    • centurion on left and meza on right that’s gonna solve most of the problem’s in the midfield,lanzini is injury prone but lanzini,maza , centurion all are needed to create ample spaces that’s messi gonna use ,if you have centurion y don’t need dybala .drop dybala we r okay with the squad.

  3. If I were the coach, no matter what happens, Enzo Perez, Pavon, Acuna and Lo Celso will always be in the starting XI, in addition to Romero, Messi and Otamendi. The rest of the team will be in function of the team that we play against. For example, if we play 3-4-3, then I will use Mercado as RCB and Salvio as right midfielder. If we play with a defense of 4, then I would use Bustos as right fullback and Di Maria or Lanzini as right attacking midfielder.

    Acuna can play as left fullback or left midfielder. Pavon is fit for playing as left forward or left/right winger. He has his place in an attack of 2 or 3. For example, in an attack of 3, we may expect Pavon on the left and Di Maria on the right who cut inside, Messi in the middle, or Messi as playmaker and Aguero as forward. I see Enzo-Lo Celso as the motor of this team. If we play with a midfield of 3, then we may add Paredes or Biglia.

  4. ……………….Caballero


    ……………Battaglia..Lo Celso


    I doubt we have better team right now. Maybe someone more experienced instead Bustos but Mercado is not good choice and I don’t see Sampaoli having other options near NT. Messi should be as high as possible. Meza was best in our last firendly so he must be in final team while Pavon is currently beast in club. No.5 like Battaglia is must. Martinez already as good as Aguero while of more reliable fitness so Sampaoli should play him game by game.

    We need motor/engine-like players like 4 years ago were Lavezzi and Enzo now I see in this role Meza and Pavon the second more reliable fitness than Lanzini. First of all we should start players that are not injury prone to have contuinity in : so Aguero, Di Maria – out.

    • That’s a great squad. Id change it up a bit, I know ADM is injury prone but I’m hoping he stays fit.



      ……………Battaglia..Lo Celso
      Lanzini……………………………….. Di Maria


    • A nice line up Gonzalo and it’s conceivable considering Sampa’s rumored selection.
      I would make one change though: Acuna on the left side instead of Pavon/lanzini. Acuna can play anywhere on the left side of the field (LB, LM, LW) but he’s best when he’s playing midfield where he gets space to make his pacey runs and it’s one of the reasons why he excelled so much at Racing. Lanzini would be a no brainer if he wasn’t so injury prone plus his best position is CAM while Pavon is amazing when he’s really high up the field as a winger or a forward and I’m not sure how well he’d do as a midfielder.
      Another issue is Bustos whose been having a iffy time at Independiante recently, I hope it’s only a slight blip and not a regular occurrence.

      Ansaldi is an excellent addition but unfortunately there is no chance of him being selected while Icardi is very unlikely to be going to Russia either unless kun doesn’t recover so as sad it is to say your lineup is more fantasy than reality.

  5. But we all know Romero will obviously start.sometimes its feel like he gives bribe to coaches of Argentina team

    • Tabloid nonsense.

      How has Romero performance for the NT lead people like you to think bribes are happening…are you suggesting he hasn’t performed?

      • his inclusion in 2014 wc is also a strange thing.he was plain horrible in 2010 wc specially against germany any other player and he may not get a single minute after that match.he performed well in 2014 wc but he is horrible in playing from the back but still sampa prefers him and sampa’s style is based on possesion which need a good ball playing goalkeeper

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