Hernan CRESPO on Mauro ICARDI: “Argentina really need a striker like him”


Hernan CRESPO has come out and stated that it is possible that Mauro ICARDI is currently not in the Argentina team because ICARDI isn’t friends with Lionel MESSI.

Some big words coming from Argentina legend Hernan CRESPO in regards to Inter captain and number 9 Mauro ICARDI. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, CRESPO had this to say:

“If I were Inter, I’d never, ever sell ICARDI. What sign would it give to the fans if their most representative, most talented player, the captain of the team, was sold? I don’t know of teams who reinforce by selling their best player. If anything, it’s important to build on the top player, finding a group that can support him and let him perform to his best.

“Inside the penalty area, Icardi has no equal on a global scale. When a cross arrives, he is deadly. If you want to build moves with central passing, then Gonzalo HIGUAIN or Sergio AGUERO are more suited, but if you do like Inter with tons of crosses flung into the box, where are you going to get anyone better than ICARDI?

“He has such quick thinking and then executes it, he is physically like a bull, shoots well with his right or left foot, gets almost everything in the air.

“After Cristiano RONALDO and MESSI, who are on another planet, there are many strikers challenging for the third step on that podium and I put ICARDI in there.

“As far as I can see, it’s because he is no friend of MESSI, or am I wrong? My beloved Seleccion is now built around a magic circle, understand? ICARDI is not in that circle and therefore, unfortunately, won’t go to the World Cup in Russia.

“I believe this is a terrible mistake. Argentina really need a striker like him.”


  1. Ex players must be responsible not to make silly comments like Icardi is not being selected because he is not friends with Messi. You are just adding fuel to fire for your own personal gains. That’s terrible!

    Was Icardi Messi’s friend when he got selected? Did he perform exceptionally well in the limited chances he got (he played like a disjointed player who couldn’t come to terms with the team’s style of play). Are the players who are being selected much worse? (They play for Juve & Man City btw).

    I do think he would be a good plan B while acknowledging he’s the worse fit for plan A. He can’t play against a team who defend with 10 men which Argentina are going to face as long as they have Messi. But he would be useful if the plan A doesn’t work out and we need a plan B (bombarding crosses from left and right), then he would be the ideal player. But the problem is there are only 4 forward spots (one reserved for Messi), so atleast a couple of players who deserve a place will not get selected. Only 4 players from Higuain, Aguero, Icardi, Dybala, Lautaro, Pavon can be selected.

    Then there are X legends like Maradona who say Icardi must never be selected due to his personal life. Since the incident happened a few years back and the victim player is not in the squad, that shouldn’t be considered while selecting the team which Sampaoli didnt rightly.

    The fact is Sampa has done a really good job in the short time he has got. He has given chance for almost everyone which even affected us due to lack of stability. But he can never be questioned for not considering a player. If he is leaving out anyone, it’s purely because he thinks there is a player better suited to the game he wants to play and he can select only 23 players. Even in that 23, he can only select 4 or 5 forwards.

    So if your favourite player is not selected, shut your mouth up and support the team. Don’t try to create yet another controversy. We’ve had enough. And enough is enough!

    • Well said. Crespo shouldn’t have made such a comment. EA Fifa experts here, who want the team to be filled with South American teenagers commenting such craps is understandable.
      But this is unfortunate from a legend like him, behaving like he knows everything what’s going on in the team! Very very immature comment based on pure imaginary stories or rumours..

      I would like to see Icardi in bench, for crucial times, when we chasing.. those moments a player like him will be vital.. But dragging messi n that old stupid story of messi’s friends is unpardonable from him.
      Messi wants this World Cup, more than any of us fans or these Legends who failed to win a cup for Argentina… So imagining messi would block the manager from strengething the team for
      “friendship” is hilarious.

  2. Claudio Caniggia, who knows something about reaching impossible ends, spent a few days in Buenos Aires and remarked the obvious: “It’s true that we do not have the same game as Germany, Spain or Brazil, but we have something they do not have, we have Messi ” And, for the fourth consecutive World Cup, we must understand that there is the big difference, the great reason to believe despite everything. Brazil 2014 can attest.

    All the best Guys ….

  3. All countries have such ex players who say like that…

    23 squad members has to be good and they must gel well
    Not needed 23 superstar together

    Sampaoli has his idea…We should respect that ..
    He is a very good coach …

    Taking Argentina duty he becomes bad suddenly…
    Rely on him
    Not 100% of 35 squad for WC will satisfy any individual
    Hope fully fit and recovered players may be selected…
    Vamos Argentinos

  4. ok guys for icardi’s case it s not that simple to integrate somebody that everybody knows what he did i m not talking about people but in the groupe i bet that nobody likes him even if they re not from messi’s band. the fact is to win a world cup you need a unit group not a friend s group neither
    and in my opinion the problem is not about forwards but the midfielders are too bad defensively even biglia cause i read he was good defensively no he is n t at all. banega and di maria too useless instead they are always destroying the tempo
    messi could not do what he did with ecuador for 7 games on the raw he needs assistance and he will not find it on his old mate as he saw it before on the 3 finals nobody does anything on those games except lavezzi and he still believe on them hope he s right this time 🙂

  5. A lot of Aguero goals for national team are in friendly games. The problem with Aguero is he never tried his best, injury prone, inconsistent, specially after injury. Augero’s quality is great no doubt. Sampaoli said he liked Aguero at Indepediente the most as he did everything himself; this says it all.

    Why Cannigia is considered a legend even though he got much less goals than Aguero? He scored against Brazil and Italy in the knockout games with very few chances we got!

    • He was the top scorer for Argentina in 2011 copa America.he never got the proper chance in 2010 wc .unlikely he was injured in 2014 wc during the tournament.this is his world cup.if Argentina wants to win this aguero needs to be at his absolute peak.yes Messi also needs to be in his peak and also defense should be solid but to win the cup messi even in his peak can’t win us the trophy alone.messi needs aguero’s scoring form and some creativity from midfield and fullbacks.otherwise opponents easily will shut him down by zonal marking of 3-4 players.I have immense trust in aguero.

  6. Waveride
    Not only the players you mentioned.
    we even gave other countries Legends.

    – In 1930 we went to the Finals next time some of our players that were there played for Italy and became 2 times Champions.
    – The Legendary La Maquina by River and Labruna, Moreno, Munoz, Padernera, Loustau inspired the Dutch Total Football.
    – Alberto di Stefano A top 5 player of all time if he only had the World cup would be ranked with Maradona and some do it anyway.
    he won the Copa with Argentina in 1947 scoring 6 golas in 6 matches and Argentina refused to participate in 1950 where he could have won us the World cup, he never played for Argentina again.
    it’s so sad for us. he played for Spain.
    – Sivori a Juve legend, Maschio, Angellilo “the dirty faces” who won the 1957 Copa moved to Italy and were banned by our AFA to play for Argentina so missed the 1958 World cup.
    Again missing a chance – self inflicting pain. They played for Italy later on.
    – 78 Menotti left Bochini at home, winner of 5 Copa Libertadores, a time when not all the best players played in Europe. Bilardo corrected the wrong and took him to the World cup 86 to make a wrong right.
    – Ramon Diaz in 90, we chose to let him at home but we missed him in the final.
    and in recent times we all know what happened.

    How we played in 2006, our style was copied and teams won Champions leagues and World Cups with it.
    Our History is rich like no other team, because our brand of football was taken copied and people won titles with it.
    We could have had more Titles if it weren’t for some egoistical people, and people supporting them.
    We have Legends and we will always produce legends that is what I guarantee you, but winning titles I don’t guarantee because ego is always above our team, and we lack managing, administrating, and coaching. Those things as proven in this post have held us down and continue to hold us down.
    2 World Cups, we could have won at least 4.

    • Ghostdeini, i am aware of almost everything you said, but i have to thank you for your patience and time for writing this wonderful post because this post of yours is a pure reminder to all of us (including myself), why we are supporters of this special team.
      I agree with everything you said and i hope we finally witness what this team trully deserves and this is the top of the world!

      • Thank you. I know you know all those things better than me. Just wanted to support you and remind them that our place is to be number 1. 2nd is always a failure for us. This is the high standard i hold Argentina.

        • Ghostdeini,
          No my friend, i thank you! Your post have to be highlighted in every thread in my opinion, just to remind everyone how special our team is!

          And yes, everything but the first place is a failure for Argentina.

  7. It is funny how people are trying to underestimate Crespo now. Although i didn’t like what he said either, about messi’s friends, the disrespect toeards him is way too annoying! Crespo is a fool and disgrace? So what can you say about Aguero then who has two wcs under his belt and scored ZERO goals? A striker’s main job is TO SCORE GOALS not helping the team’s build up play, this is what midfielders and fullbacks do! If a striker can also do that it is an additional asset, but if he only does that and no scoring goals he is useless! In my point of view, i don’t trust Higuain and Aguero for scoring goals and because Messi most possibly won’t be at the top of our attack it will be them who will do so.

    I wish we had a striker like Crespo nowadays, Aguero and Higuain combined are half the scorers he used to be, so show a little bit of respect to the legend of not only Argentine but international football as well!

    • Crespo scored far less goals than aguero managed even aguero scored more goals than Crespo for Argentina.Crespo is no legend.Argentina has only 2 legend maradona and Messi.all others are just good players that’s it.ok tell me what aguero doesn’t achieve that Crespo has achieved?? Except only scoring in a wc game.and that respect also I’m confident he will score lots of goals in this wc at least 4 goals from him in this wc

      • “Argentina has only two legends Maradona and Messi”.
        Sorry, but this is the most ridiculus statement that i have ever read/heard especially by an Argentina fan!

        You should ask other people opinion, regardless if they are Argentina fans or not, about Batistuta, Caniggia, Kempes, Di Stefano, Redondo, Zanetti, Veron, Aimar, Riquelme, Ayala, Ardiles, Passarella, Fillol, Pumpido, Goycoechea, Huseman, Claudio Lopez just to name a few.

        I assure you that they will have a different opinion than you even though they won’t be Argentina fans like you do!

        You are right! Don’t show respect, because in order to do so you have to know some things about football, let alone Argentine football!

        I hate when i am talking like this, but sometimes i just can’t help it!

        • If cannigia Redondo aimar veron ayla are legends then you should include aguero also as a legend mayb not among argentines but he is a legend for world wide fans of Argentina

          • And de Stefano is not even a Argentina legend.he is more of a Madrid legend.he played most of the matches for Spain.he played for 3 countries Argentina Spain and Columbia.how can you add him as an argentine legend?? And he hadn’t played any world cup also I believe.

      • Dumbest comment I’ve seen of late. Argentina has no legends other than Maradona and Messi? Do you know what a legend means? If you know, are you really a fan of Albiceleste? Argentina have won two world cups, so they have 22+ legends already. Add players like Batistuta,.Zanetti, Riquelme, Aimar etc who has never won a world cup.

        Messi and Maradona are arguably the best two football players the world has ever seen. Add DiStefano, 3 among top 5 are Argentines. It doesn’t matter he switched the country, he is still Argentine.

        Aguero has been a shit for his country so far. I hope he scores some important goals if he plays in this world cup. If Argentina retires today, he is only a Man City legend. Not at all an Argentinian legend.

        So will be Higuain although he has scored more important goals for Argentina in big tournaments including a hat trick in 2010 WC. But he has also missed some important chances, hence whatever good he has done has been severely overshadowed by his mistakes.

        Some fans are not really Argentinian fans, but the fan of a particular Argentinian player.

        I’m a huge Messi fan, but I’m an even bigger fan of Argentina. And I wouldn’t have loved so much had he not put the huge efforts for his country like he did. Vamos Argentina 😍😍😍

        I’m an Indian, but I feel Argentina is my second home. It’s incredible what sport can do to its fan. I would love to visit Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba etc one day.

  8. Well in mundo maximum supporter supporting aguero and higuain..tell me one thing that in every WC aguero presents himself an injured and an unfit player..u really want this unfit and not match fit player?juventus is not mediocre like inter but why higuain not in the race for European golden shoe? Is icardi get 50match for proving himself like higuain aguero gets?higuain and aguero both gets tons of chances but they never shine in their national shirts..then how all of u blame icardi harshly?inter just a mediocre team but only icardi’s presence makes the differences and we left him to travel to Russia.. and one more question is what u get from biglia banega Di Maria?they r now finished..and when i heard that sampaoli will be our coach on that time I feel that now we will show our strength but I am wrong..his selection of player, comments on player makes him shit..he proves he is worst from bauza and Martino..if he is built a team to win the WC 2022 then he obviously works with young player not the old horses..but unfortunately he has no balls and he is coward..

    • Stop criticizing.coaching is not about picking best player available.its about making a project and choose those players who are needed and make even mediocre players play like world beaters.you can’t take all young players in a wc its not some kind of u20 wc.icardi not going because he failed in qualifiers and also off field behavior was bad of him.also sampaoli knows icardi is more a striker who needs accurate crosses to score and our midfielders like dimaria awful in that so obviously icardi is not needed.we have more glaring issues specially in defense.Mundo members should be more concerned about rojo Mori etc rather than loosing there sleep over a player where Argentina is stacked with world class players and icardi don’t even have champions league experience.actually aguero should be undisputed starter and dybala should be his replacement not higuain.

  9. Crespo don’t has any rights to slander messi he scored 233 goals not even half of Messi he didn’t reach even semis with Argentina even aguero scored 277 goals far more than him.Argentina had one of the finest midfield of the world still he scored less than aguero.such a disgrace.

  10. I am all for Icardi to make it to the WC but you guys are acting like he’s the heir apparent to Batistuta or something.. Even if he makes it, he’s most likely will be the 3rd choice at best.. Please go watch the highlights of Argentina Vs Venezuela, where Icardi started (Messi’s sworn enemy they say) and let me know how’s he’s any different than Higuaín.. He had so misses; misses that we would kill Higuain for. Moreover, Argentina’s problem is with their midfield. They never create enough opportunities for their strikers hence why Samp probably prefers FW with solid build-up play as a way to compensate. Aslo, we need to stop asking for our favorite players to be selected because the reality is, even see the field.

    Honestly, we should be concerned about who’s going to be starting in the midfield.. 4-2-3-1

    Merc – Ota – Fazio – Tag

    Lo Celso – Biglia

    Lanzini Messi Di Maria


    That looks decent to me..

    • This is the same Crespo who excelled @Ac Milan but failed with Chelsea. Pirlo,Kaka were not Lampard,Makalele hence u failed miserably. Icardi like you( Crespo) needs good service in midfield not “conspiral Friends club” to get in the team.

      For me even Aguero and Higuein, though they could play in build up games, shouldn’t be the choices with the unstable midfield we have. Let Messi be upfront along with hard working forwards especially in right forward/wing. Pavon, Di Maria, fit Perotti even the would be wild cards cards ( Papu or Centuririon). If not, Salvio as right wing back to offset the tracking deficit of Leo in right side/wing.

      3/4 of: Lo Celco, Maria, Biglia, Banega, Perez, Meza can be at the center of the midfield to balance the midfield.

  11. Crespo is closer to the team than we are. Crespo knows this from his experience because he was wrongly treated in 2002 and feels for Icardi.
    People who truly love the tam speak up. Silence is as horrible as supporting injustice.
    Thank you Crespo you really love your National Team.

    • “Crespo is closer to the team than we are”

      I absolutely agree with you, but unfortunately someone shows up and tells us that Argentina doesn’t need Icardi.

      If Icardi doesn’t go to Russia this will go down in football history books as one of the worst football crimes ever commited by a football coach.

      Silence is as horrible as supporting injustice”

      Thank you so much @Ghostdeini!

      • No, that was in 2010, the right back of the year Zanetti out, the best central midfielder Cambiasso out, and the striker of the year Milito only a sub, the guy who scored 2 in the UCL final and a lot more in the knockout stages, this is not comparable with Icardi situation, he is good, but not world beater like the above mentioned were, never played Champions League football and didnt win anything so far.

  12. Where was this fool when Argentina almost did not qualify for world cup? Icardi was given chance but did not do shit. What was this fool was thinking that time? Oh wait, waiting to blame Messi if Argentina hadn’t qualify for World Cup. Guess what, you did not get your wish then and now coming with Icardi wishes. What has Icardi achieved? Playing in mediocre team and shining there? Shut the hell up and support the team and coach.

  13. Biggest Failure in the team right now is players have different play style. From tiki taka from Messi to Counter attacking Di Maria and lastly old traditional poacher like Icardi. Sometime you cant combined everyone in the team. Some people want Icardi in team but Messi never play like requelme or veron in middle. Messi is more suitable with posession football where you need better wing back. At this moment, we are lacking those players. Why all coaches want Higuain and Aguero in team? The answer is simple, they can sacrifice themselves for Messi. In other word, their duty is to make spaces for Messi. How many chances were created for our striker in last 30 games? I believe you can still count. If you want to change the play style, take Messi out from the team but we might end up knocked out from quaterfinal as usual. Messi is the biggest present from our god but he is the curse for our team too. All we can do is pray, right now.

    • Good comment. Unfortunately, these former fools do not realize that. They just want every one in the team regardless of system and approach.

    • Okay Messi doesn’t fit with Icardi, you also said DI maria doesn’t fit because he is not a possession vased football player then why does Di maria play and Icardi not? If we play possession football then why does Biglia play who is scared to touch the ball. You know why BIglia and Di Maria play although they don’t mesh. CRESPO explained it to you.

      • The answer is already in my previous comment. This is the best possible collection in coach’s mind. We are a strong team in individual-wise but not collectively. Everyone said Biglia is shit. Yes, I agree. But who is better version of Biglia. Battaglia? Kran? Paredes? The football is not putting every popular player in the field. It is chemistry and understanding.

        The answer you might want is why Di Maria is in the team. Then you should watch our last WC qualifier against Ecuador. The victory is pure combination of Messi and Di Maria not from team play. I hope you would understand

        • Chemistry and understanding can easily be established with a whole month of pre-WC prep camp, hence there is no reason to take a player like Biglia who isn’t good enough for a Nt like Argentina just because he’s part of someone’s circle of friends, especially when Battaglia, Ascacibar and even Pizarro are clearly better.

    • I dont agree with Battaglia, Ascacibar are clearly better than Biglia. Our midfield is just mediocre and there is no world class player. Thry are more or less the same. In our mundo society, we rated them highly but noone know them in reality. Why Biglia is chosen over other was mainly coach decision. I would if we have to choose because of Messi friend, i would pick Gago over Biglia anytime. Just sad to see people bashing Messi again and again. Biglia has been selected from Sabella to Sampaoli including Bauza and Tata so there must be reason.


    Seleccion is now like a private country club.

  15. Crespo must have an ownership stake at inter. He’s just upset there’s no room for Icardi and is lashing out.

    Biggest flaw Icardi has is that he only plays central striker, Aguero is far more versatile. Higuain in my opinion shouldn’t be coming, but Sampaoli likes Higuain experience. Icardi never played in big games alsohurts him.

    I feel bad for Hernán he looks like a fool with these comments.

    • Biggest flaw Icardi has is that he only plays central striker, Aguero is far more versatile.
      Isn’t that where he is supposed to play. We need accurate finisher cause chances will be few and icardi is the best finisher in the world.
      the only thing aguero is better than icardi is taking selfies and being lazy.

      • Crespo need requelme to do his thing. Messi is not AM and there is no AM play maker in the team. The system is to play around Messi, That’s why even Dybala has no place on starting eleven. Icardi is the one who need ball to turn thing around. It is not friendship thing, it is more likely tactical choice. Even in Barca, Suarez need change his play style from what he played in Liverpool.

      • I see your point here.

        What I was stating is mostly that Aguero adds in the box play (maybe not to the skilllevel
        Of Icardi) but also Aguero has good outside the box play which probably complements Messi a bit better.

        Anyway, as I said happy to have Icardi on the team but who do you cut? Higuain is the obvious choice to me. But that ship has sailed, too bad…. I really believe the big reason why Higuain gets the spot is the experience of big games. Icardi skillfull striker but uncomparable big game experience to Higuain.

        Mind you, Higuain hasn’t showed up when he’s had the chance so if I was Sampaoli I think I might roll the dice on Icardi. Although, now with the inclusion of Dybala you essentially have a perfect situation for the coach. Dybala and Higuain have experience together and so do Messi and Higuain. That’s probably the straw that broke the spot for Icardi.

      • I was biggest fan of Higuain in the past but not right now. I don’t know why he is being selected this time. The don’t blame what Higuain missed in the past but I don’t really see him as a first choice striker at the moment. In my opinion, Icardi exclusion is due to pure tactical reason. Even if Higuain injuried in next few week, Laurato would be called up ahead of Icardi.

    SO today’s Public Enemy No 1 in mundo is Crespo… How dare he speak something against the mighty Lionel and Masch Syndicate!! How dare he!!

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