Gabriel MERCADO suffers muscle injury, substituted off for Sevilla


Some news that will surely concern Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI as Gabriel MERCADO has suffered an injury.

During Sevilla’s match against Real Betis on Saturday, defender Gabriel MERCADO left the match due to a muscle problem in his back. Sevilla have announced that the Argentina international will undergo tests to determine the severity of the injury.

With just 33 days until the start of the FIFA World Cup, it could be a tight race for MERCADO to arrive fit.


  1. First time watching fiorentina.. so far I see pezzela strong and a good pick for national team.. simeone looks to be all over the pitch and he’s forward.. hope Mercado injury not too serious, not sure who will be his replacement.

    • I am watching man u vs Watford. Rojo is playing very bad. Just hope he is not in final23. Btw Romero made a great save . Is anyone watching everton vs Watford. Howz Mori doing ?

        • I would rather pick Mori than to pick rojo.we don’t have enough options in CB and rb our biggest weakness defense everybody knows it

        • He played decently well in 2nd half. Just that it’s too late for wc. If he had 4-5 more matches of 90 mins , he should come back to better match readiness. I won’t discount rojo in terms if overall ability. He was probably our best defender in Brazil 14 & also had a great year with man u before the injury.

  2. We are being very harsh on Icardi. Some people are claiming that he’s not faced a big European team so far. But Icardi has been scoring against juventus on a regular basis. Upto the last year juventus has the best defence. So far Icardi has played only 3 matches for us. And he’s not scored even a single goal. Kun and hig help in build up game, but we need a real striker whose converting rate should be good. Icardi’s convertiion rate is really high, had he been a worthless striker he could not have scored so many goals for inter. He could not play some matches because of his injury. Still he is the highest scorer of seria league. It is unfortunate that he’s being labelled as an useless for missing some chances against sassuolo. We need to understand that everyone can have an off day. It seems to me that he is not mentally weak like higuain. It will be a big blow for him if he is not taken to Russia specially after producing such a spectacular form. One more thing he is not going to help us in build up play but he is a great goal scorer. If we take Icardi then Messi may feel some relief, because if unfit Kun and mentally weak higuain can’t score then Messi has to score goals because all the other midfielders barely score for us. That’s why I feel Messi will feel some relief if Icardi plays along with him. And it’s great to have a lethal player of different characteristics at our disposal.

    • I am not saying icardi bad.yes he is good.but to think not choosing him will derail us that’s not true I also prefer icardi over higuain but we will be alright even without icardi he is not starter anyway.if we derail in wc that’s because of our defense and lower intensity and lower workrates from our forwards and midfielders

  3. Now tomorrow official 35 man squad will be announced so I think biggest surprising inclusion could be battaglia ansaldi pezella lamela and biggest surprise would b ascacibar if they actually gets selected.let’s see who gets selected

  4. My 23 squad for World Cup
    No guzman behause he Played really poorly in Mexican Playoffs


    Di Maria
    Acuna (can also be play in Defence)
    Icardi / Aguero
    J correa or A correa
    Perotti / Parades
    Lo celso
    Ascacibar (Iam from Germany an he Played very good Even the germans praised him he can be like kante from France)

    Tell me what you think about this Squad thank you

  5. Inter lost to sassulo
    Out of CL place chance

    Icardi had a unlucky night ..missing many
    Scoring one which was denied as offside…….

    Any update of Mercado injury

    • If we apply same yardstick we use for Higuaín , Icardi was useless in yesterday match. It was a crucial match from a CL spot for IM. Icardi botched up atleast 2 straight chances. If this is his output , i think we are better with Higuaín who contributes in build up & only fails in converting. Icardi is non existant in build up & if he cant be a clinical finisher ( maybe yesterday was an exception ) , we are maybe not missing too much in our attack in final squad.

      • Icardi was wasteful against Lazio also he always goes missing against good teams.he actually never played against a top team also he never faced real Madrid atletico Madrid Barcelona psg bayern etc so he is still relatively untested in big games pressure of wc will be something else

        • What Gotze had prior to world cup 2014? Nada, he was a super young sub who brought a cup to his nation and gave the friends club a lifetime lesson…..his coach believed at that moment when all legs were tired, a young fresh sub can make the difference. We will face moments like those this world cup so you understand the lesson for a second time.

          • Didn’t you watch him play for borossia Dortmund?? He was touted as German messi.reached champions league final with borossia Dortmund.before that wc he played against each big clubs in the world and was performing ordinary player can’t influence a game like that.he already played a CL final against bayern Munich so he was experienced in that pressure situation even in such a young age

          • Dybala can be our goetze.he has already played against Madrid Barcelona etc and even played in a CL final.he is young hungry just he needs to throw his ego and give it all for the national team when he will get minutes

      • We should have Pratto in squad. He is in optimal form. I can’t understand why he was dropped off the team.

  6. ansaldi is a left back stop saying bullshits the problem now is to find a right back as soon as possible and not bustos because it will be a great mistake

    • Ansaldi can play both right back and left back we don’t have better options in this position

  7. The quality of the posters on this site is now reaching an all time low. Idiots rooting against Icardi. For the record people here including myself don’t hate Higuain, he just doesn’t belong on the big stage because he chokes. We have better options at players. And I’m beginning to think we have better options on other sites as this site has become a focal point of uninformed posters

    • Agree. When I read the comments now I feel like it’s a miracle if the team wins the World Cup it most certainly will be without any fan support.

      I think comments like Crespo are totally unhelpful to the team. The players, coaches and fans need to start coalescing behind the team now. Sampaoli is the coach, these commenters are not, they comment on a website Sampaoli knows all the real info. Trust the coach or stop posting, if you don’t have faith in the coach you will live your reality when you watch the games even if they win. So why hate? Support and trust the coaches there is no alternative now and enjoy when they win!

      Also Sampaoli has shown to be unfazed by friends club or baggage (Icardi), first thing he did was call every player anyone was asking for.

      I am happy to have Icardi on the team, happy to have Higuain but I will rip both of them if they miss a sitter in a big game. That’s not hating that’s loving the team.

      Let’s get behind our team.

  8. Where are the Icardi fans now? The guy bottled very hard, again, not the first time, bye bye Champions League, you are the loudest when the others do something wrong, so?

    • You are a fan of a player who caused Argentina lose a world cup final and two Copas. I think the word shame isn’t in your dictionary!

      Whether you like it or not Icardi is wanted by the same team which offloaded Higuain to Napoli.

    • what did you do? watched that game to root that Icardi bottles it?
      Believe it or not but my favorite active Argentine players are:
      13Di maria
      18Lo Celso
      20Gago (forgot about him too lazy to relist him but would become higher)

      It’s not about favorites, the only guy I prep is Paredes because I think he could be our Midfielder for years to come and don’t see anyone better than him now. Some of my favorites had their chance, not once but thrice, Some others also need a chance now. Iniesta could have kept on playing for Barca but he chose to go when it’s right and so did Xavi. Forget your generations and favorite players and be objective. Just because Pastore is my third favorite player he you will not see me call for him. In 2014 we made a mistake though not calling him, lamela, banega, and icardi.

    • @Csabalala

      Are you kidding me? Inter wouldn’t have even been in contention for a CL spot if it wasn’t for Icardi’s heroics!
      Also what do you suggest, you want an eternal choker like Higuain and a half fit Aguero to lead the charge?
      Honestly some of you are making this s**t personal, those of us who don’t want kun or Higuain in the team is because of the reasons I listed above and not because we have against them personally.

  9. Thank you God. Mercado brings red cards to the team. He tackles players like there is no referee on the field. Thank you God.

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