Strongly rumored list of 35 players for Argentina’s World Cup squad


Argentine media outlet TyC Sports is claiming that the list which they have released will be the same one coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will announce on Monday.

The Argentina coach will announce his preliminary list of 35 players for the World Cup on Monday. And if the list by TyC Sports is to be believed, we could be in for a few surprises. Here’s the list:


Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United, 31 years old)
Wilfredo CABALLERO (Chelsea, 36 years old)
Nahuel GUZMAN (Tigres, 32 years old)
Franco ARMANI (River Plate, 31 years old)


Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica, 27 years old)
Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla, 31 years old)
Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City, 30 years old)
Javier MASCHERANO (Heibei Fortune, 33 years old)
Federico FAZIO (AS Roma, 31 years old)
Marcos ROJO (Manchester United, 28 years old)
Marcos ACUNA (Sporting Lisbon, 26 years old)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax, 25 years old)
Ramiro FUNES MORI (Everton, 27 years old)
German PEZZELLA (Fiorentina, 26 years old)
Cristian ANSALDI (Torino, 31 years old)


Lucas BIGLIA (AC Milan, 32 years old)
Ever BANEGA (Sevilla, 29 years old)
Giovani LO CELSO (PSG, 22 years old)
Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United, 25 years old)
Enzo PEREZ (River Plate, 32 years old)
Pablo PEREZ (Boca Juniors, 32 years old)
Leandro PAREDES (Zenit St. Petersburg, 23 years old)
Guido PIZARRO (Sevilla, 28 years old)
Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (Sporting Lisbon, 26 years old)
Ricardo CENTURION (Racing Club, 25 years old)
Angel DI MARIA (PSG, 30 years old)
Diego PEROTTI (AS Roma, 29 years old)
Maximiliano MEZA (Independiente, 26 years old)


Paulo DYBALA (Juventus, 24 years old)
Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City, 29 years old)
Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Juventus, 30 years old)
Lionel MESSI (FC Barcelona, 30 years old)
Mauro ICARDI (Inter, 25 years old)
Lautaro MARTINEZ (Racing Club, 20 years old)
Cristian PAVON (Boca Juniors, 22 years old)

Argentina 35 players
Argentina’s rumored list of preliminary players for the World Cup.

Should this be the list, the following players would miss out:

Alejandro GOMEZ
Emiliano RIGONI
Fabricio BUSTOS

We will have the full list once it is announced here on Mundo Albiceleste which will then be followed by a player preview.


  1. This is one of the best posts in recent times. A strongly rumoured 35 list, names with clubs with ages, who missed out. Great job, Roy.

    P.S. Thanks for completing the Padini sticker book of the Albiceleste! Have save the image on my phone!

  2. That’s a fantastic list!!! The only thing that Sampaoli needs to do now is to select the final 23 in his own discretion.

    Does anyone know if they all going to some camp together so that Sampaoli can evaluate their forms?

  3. Goalkeepers:

    Sergio ROMERO (GK)
    Wilfredo CABALLERO (GK)
    Franco ARMANI (GK)


    Gabriel MERCADO (LB)
    Nicolas OTAMENDI (CB)
    Federico FAZIO (CB)
    Marcos ROJO (CB/RB)
    Marcos ACUNA (RB/RW)
    Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (RB)


    Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (LB/DM)
    Ever BANEGA (CM)
    Enzo PEREZ (CM)
    Leandro PAREDES (CM)
    Manuel LANZINI (LW)
    Maximiliano MEZA (LW)
    Giovani LO CELSO (AM)
    Angel DI MARIA (RW)


    Lionel MESSI (10)
    Paulo DYBALA (10)
    Sergio AGUERO (9)
    Gonzalo HIGUAIN (9)
    Mauro ICARDI (9)

  4. My feeling is that someone in Samps staff is leaking lists to media, like canary birds, to see what flies and what doesn’t. If so, then it would mean that Samp is looking for the path of least resistance, rather than forming the squad conformed to his tactics. That would be a more worrying thing than the selection of individual players.

  5. Almost everyone deserved is on the list. I would love to see Ascacibar too there.
    Whatever the final list, as usual, I will be fully supporting the team..!

  6. Some people here really need to stop whining once the list is announced and move on and get behind the team. If you wanna step into a coach shoes, please go play football manager or FIFA. I am ok with any 23 that sampaoli picks coz I trust the coach and the players to do everything possible to bring home the cup.

  7. Is it mandatory for a coach to select certain players from Argentine League?
    How is it justified that a player like pablo perez will be selected at 32 years of age and players like rigoni, lamela, pastore wont even be considered??

    • because they are not needed and pablo perez can play dm or holding midfielder which this 3 cant play

  8. the 23 i would take are ( this will not happen because some of these players arent even gonna make the 35 and plus I have no influence over Sampaolis choices 🙂 , obviously this is just my opinion)

    agustin rossi

    emiliano insua

    guido pizarro
    lo celso
    leandro paredes
    papu gomez


  9. i AM HAPPY WITH THE 35 PLAYERS LIST, Even though not fully satistfied as Sampaoli still bring the unfit and injured players in his squad. However we should appreciate his eagerness and sharp instinct to looks at young players. Pavon,Lanzini,Lo Celso, Armani, Centurion,Paredes,Meza,Batagglia and Lautaro are being given a chance to proved themselves to compete with old guards. There is a big hope to win the WC

  10. The entire world is screaming Argentina hasn’t achieved anything for 25 years now. I rest my case little brat fanboy coach sucker !

  11. 4-4-2
    Ansaldi Otamendi Fazio Taglafico
    Meza Lo celso Biglia Lanzini
    Messi Augreo
    Ansaldi Otamendi Fazio Taglafico
    Biglia Banega/Enzo perez
    Meza/Dybla Messi Lanzini/Di maria

    • Aguero? Are you kidding me? The guy hasn’t touched a ball for months, he needs 2 months of play time to restore his fitness level before getting injured again.

  12. Well, aside from the exclusion of Garay who I think should be on the team but if in fact he deliberately refused call-ups in the past without giving good reasons then …..that is a shame really but being on a NT is a privilege and not a right.

    Glad Messi did not play today and how dare Barcelona fans and football commentators cry about him not being there but I hear there is a friendly next week in South Africa where he is expected to play 45mins!!! what is that bullshit all about?

    Any news on Kun’s recovery?

  13. Wow. Barca coach is horrible and this barca team looks midtable without Messi. With Messi, Argentina have every chance. If we meet Spain, Brazil or Germany, they will not attack Argentina as much as most of them have played against Messi like Kross from Germany, Alba from Spain or Paulinho from Brazil. If our other strikers do not choke, we could challenge any team.

  14. Three straight finals one goal over 360 minutes, I rest my case TROLL. 2007 Copa final and 2005 Confederation Cup final Argentina got humiliated by Brazil.

  15. Oh please best argentinian generation? Yeah they are most expensive for club level, only strikers are expensive who didn’t achieve anything on NT level. Midfielders and defenders are mediocre in their clubs and mostly bench warmers, especially defenders, this team has worst defence in Argentina history. I start to think that having such defenders including mascherano, we can’t top our group and the best we could get from them being 2nd in our group, which means meeting Spain in round 16 and we are out within half time. This generation didn’t figure out how to play together because of coach changing every few months. There is no system in place and no consistency, too much reliance on Messi, add to that the magic circle syndrome. The NT needs more years to build and come up with a real system and play philosophy. This WC we are only spectators, spot filler, so I hope young folks get some time play and experience it to be ready for next world cup.

  16. Papu Gomez deliberately try to injury Biglia. This guy shouldn’t be anywhere near the world cup squad. Players like Papu are trouble makers and now you see why Sabella ignore a lot of these players in 2014. Think about it, this guy would do the same in an Argentina world cup training session if given the chance. Just like Patrick Evra starting a brawl at the 2010 world cup during a France training session. Sad thing is, people are celebrating when a player get injured. How is this different if a person wish you’d end up in a ”car accident?” Be careful, people here are acting as if these guys are not human beings, like they don’t have families too. It’s one thing to want to win the world cup, but selling your soul in order to win it is not worth it. So if people here get their own way and all the players you guys don’ like got ”injured,” and Argentina still doesn’t win the world cup who will you blame?

    Mercado for me is a good player, not flashy but effective, he is solid defensively on his day and can score goals when everyone else expect him to be the most unlikely goal scorer on the pitch. Against Bayern away, Mercado had a great game, and these are the same players he will likely meet later on in the knockout round during the 2018 world cup. Mercado haven’t been bad with the national team so why should Sampaoli throw him under the bus? People keep on fooling themselves thinking Argentina have the likes of Cafu and Roberto Carlos somewhere and that guys like Mercado is the one keeping them off the team. Mercado is a good player and deserve to be at the world cup, if he can stand up to guys Muller, Ribery and Lewandowsky at the Alianz Arena then he will stand up to any attack the world cup has to offer. Get well soon Mercado!

    This idea circling around here saying if Sampaoli doesn’t pick Mundo favorite player A or Player B Argentina has no chance of winning the world cup is laughable at best. People are even saying stuff like this is the ”worse” Argentinean national team ever. Really? This current Argentinean national team is the most expensive one ever!! This current Argentinean national team is the most successful at club level to this date; UCL, Europa Cup, tons of domestic league title all over Europe, Club world cup, Olympic Gold medal and finally, being runners up at the last world cup in 2014 (not a great title of being runners up, but the worse Argentina team will not make a world cup final even if the other teams lay down on the pitch and give them a pass). How does this make the current Argentina national team the ”worse’’ ever? SMH…When was the last time Argentina made a world cup final pre-2014?

    The world cup countdown on Mundo should only consist of players from the 1978 and 1986 world cup winning teams. Please stop hyping up guys like Crespo. Where was Crespo in arguably one of Argentina ”best” teams at the 2006 world cup? Crespo scored some group stage goals and nothing more. These same guys failed miserable at the 2002 world cup. I laugh every time people come here and act as if guys like Crespo and Batistuta live in a world cup ivory tower, these guys have never won the world cup to begin with or made it to a final, so in no way they’re better than today generation (and if we’re talking about club football, Crespo and Batistuta numbers are not that impressive either compare to the Messi generation). If we’re talking about 78 and 86 compare to today, then I’ll accept these arguments on the world cup stage. As for all the players on the Argentina national team post 1990 – 2006, they’re miserable failures, please enough of these washed up retired players already…Nobody care what Chelsea FLOP Hernan Crespo has to say about Messi. Maybe Crespo and is kind kept Messi out of the quarterfinal game against Germany back in 2006. See what I did there Crespo? Chill out already dude.

    In the past decade or so Argentinean national team players have consistently score the most goals across Europe out of all the other national team strikers at club level. It’s the same thing today, so what’s with all this noise arguing over this striker and that striker? Scoring the most goals in European club football haven’t bring Argentina a world cup title in the past and I see no reason it will change today. What need to change is Argentina putting a solid playing unit together and pray everything during the tournament goes the team way, i.e. VAR, refs call, PKs, injuries and peaking at the right time. Who score the most goals in Europe is irrelevant at this point. As I said before here, back in 2014, Palacio was Argentina fourth striker who scored more goals in the 2013/2014 club season than both Klose and Gotze (and I think Muller too if am not mistaken).

    Germany will have to select their 2018 world cup strikers/attackers from these group of guys; Sandro Wagner, Timo Werner, Mario Gomez, Lars Stindl and Mario Gotze. Are these guy’s world beaters or prolific goal scorers today? I don’t think so, then why is it that Germany is consider a top three world cup contender without having a striker on the top ten 2017/2018 Golden shoot race table? I doubt a German striker is even in the top 20 Golden shoe race this season. Germany midfield and their team oriented approach is what always keep them in the conversation at the world cup. On the contrary, Argentinean fans are arguing over strikers nonstop on a daily basis. Please, a striker hasn’t deliver for Argentina at the world cup since the 1986 final, I think it’s time the Argentina national team changes the way how they approach on winning the world cup.

    What encourages me is that I see several players on the Argentina national team who are non-strikers that can score goals; guys like Banega, Lanzini, Lo Celso, Perotti and Lamela (if selected) are more than capable of scoring goals at the world cup, their moments will come, not saying they will score 5 or 6 goals during the world cup, but having a midfield player or two scoring 2 – 3 goals in the knockout rounds will be a big boost to Messi, the strikers and the overall team. The Argentina media and the fans need to wake up, the era of Maradona is long over, enough of the individualism approach. #TEAM, TEAM, TEAM Approach!! ARGENTINA need 20 good/great ball playing individuals that understand each other on and off the pitch, in their good times and bad times. Let’s get this done, I’m with Sampaoli, and hopefully everything goes according to his plan and the Argentina national team. Argentina have plenty of great/good players at the moment, it will be left up to Samapoli and nobody else on how he utilizes the team during the 2018 world cup. Everyone is a great keyboard coach, including myself, but if we had to coach a top club team or national team right now we would be in over our heads. Trust me, we’re not better than Sampaoli at this, no matter how many keyboard lineups with plastered all over the web.

      • Papu kneed Biglia after knowing he was coming off a back injury. It was obvious man! You don’t see any German, Spanish, French etc. team mates doing such acts against their own before an important tournament. I remember during a game between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, Godin was trying to aggravate Messi thigh muscle injury by punching him on the thigh in a crowded area on the pitch where the referee and linesman couldn’t spot it.

        • Why would he deliberately injure Biglia? What’s in it for him? Its part of the game.. Feel bad for Biglia but seems like he clearly rushed himself to play this game just to prove his match fitness to Sampaoli..

    • Totally agree. Great comments on Crespo, I also think that there is an unfortunate culture of sabotage by the wc winners, they don’t want to see anyone else win a World Cup.

      Argentina deciding on 5 strikers picking from a list which is like picking from the top 8 worldwide. This is an easy excercise, pick your play style leave 3 out.

    • @Kid, you can’t just disrespect and belittle Batigol like that. I laugh when people here dismiss Canniggia, Simeone, Redondo, Ruggeri and Goygochea as non-legends. These are 2 time COPA champions. Maybe you never saw Batistuta in his prime but he was beast of striker who endured heavy marking but still prevailed on many occasions. Batistuta won 2 COPA Americas 91 & 93, Argentina’s last international trophies. Just curiuos to know how he is not a legend in your opinion? Only Messi scored more than Batistuta for the NT. That says a lot about the player. Just saying, nothing personal.

  17. Lamela not being in the 35 would be shocking!! He is a must to strengthen our weak midfield. He is playing out of position with Spurs but he is a natural No-10.. His stats would look far better if his teammates in Spurs were not so selfish…

    • What are you smoking? Stop with this nonsense of wanting every damn player. Lamela is horrible player and takes more touches than Paulinho. Stop pretending instead support the team and the coach, if not, go watch your own sport which is cricket going by your name.

      • Indians are great people but unfortunately I am not from there and don’t assume my nationality by my name.. Even though you are a sick racist bastard I’ll cut you some slack this time since you’re menstruating.

        • I don’t think it’s racist if someone said you should ”go watch your own sport which is cricket…” The Caribbean (West Indies), Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Argentina (If I’m not mistaken), Scotland, Holland, Ireland, Bangladesh, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, China, Russia and even the United States have a cricket team, it’s not as big in the US though. If someone told me I should stick to track and field I wouldn’t view it as insulting or racist, maybe a little stereotypical though. Being that plenty of Caucasian, Asian and blacks of African descent play the sport of cricket, I wouldn’t call someone racist if they said I should stick to cricket..Just my input..Some people might like tennis or swimming more than football. Cricket is a huge sport worldwide that was created by the British. Rugby, Football and Cricket all invented by the British.

        • Enough with your constant ranting against the team, players and coaches. STHU and support the team. I bet you never kicked a ball in your life.

  18. Goal
    No guzman behause he Played really poorly in Mexican Playoffs


    Di Maria
    Acuna (can also be play in Defence)
    Icardi / Aguero
    J correa / A correa
    Perotti / Parades
    Lo celso
    Ascacibar (Iam from Germany an he Played very good Even the germans praised him he can be like kante from France)

    Tell me what you think about this Squad thank you

  19. • just one thing sampaoli must do,is to take the captains arm band from messi as he is getting too much up with the referees, as we have seen in the world cup qualifiers games, and give it to mascherano as we all know he will go to the world cup and he is the best leader Argentina have now, because we know that is not the type of player he messi is by getting in the referees face which can be very dangerous for messi himself and Argentina.

    • other than that I think this is a good squad of players. Now when the real list of the 35 man gets revealed we will have to wait for the final 23 man list.

    • but this looks good and solid just wondering where is “garay”???

  20. The biggest missing name on this list is Lucas Alario. A player who truly is a future star and can score from anywhere in the air on the ground and can run all day. How soon we forget what he did at River.

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