Argentina preliminary list of 35 for the World Cup announced


The preliminary list of 35 players has been announced and there aren’t many surprises.

The AFA have released the list of 35 with Mauro ICARDI, Ricardo CENTURION and German PEZZELLA all in. Here’s the list.


Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United, 31 years old)
Wilfredo CABALLERO (Chelsea, 36 years old)
Nahuel GUZMAN (Tigres, 32 years old)
Franco ARMANI (River Plate, 31 years old)


Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica, 27 years old)
Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla, 31 years old)
Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City, 30 years old)
Javier MASCHERANO (Heibei Fortune, 33 years old)
German PEZZELLA (Fiorentina, 26 years old)
Federico FAZIO (AS Roma, 31 years old)
Marcos ROJO (Manchester United, 28 years old)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax, 25 years old)
Ramiro FUNES MORI (Everton, 27 years old)
Marcos ACUNA (Sporting Lisbon, 26 years old)
Cristian ANSALDI (Torino, 31 years old)


Manuel LANZINI (West Ham United, 25 years old)
Ricardo CENTURION (Racing Club, 25 years old)
Maximiliano MEZA (Independiente, 26 years old)
Lucas BIGLIA (AC Milan, 32 years old)
Guido PIZARRO (Sevilla, 28 years old)
Enzo PEREZ (River Plate, 32 years old)
Ever BANEGA (Sevilla, 29 years old)
Giovani LO CELSO (PSG, 22 years old)
Leandro PAREDES (Zenit St. Petersburg, 23 years old)
Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (Sporting Lisbon, 26 years old)
Angel DI MARIA (PSG, 30 years old)
Cristian PAVON (Boca Juniors, 22 years old)
Pablo PEREZ (Boca Juniors, 32 years old)


Paulo DYBALA (Juventus, 24 years old)
Diego PEROTTI (AS Roma, 29 years old)
Lionel MESSI (FC Barcelona, 30 years old)
Sergio AGUERO (Manchester City, 29 years old)
Gonzalo HIGUAIN (Juventus, 30 years old)
Mauro ICARDI (Inter, 25 years old)
Lautaro MARTINEZ (Racing Club, 20 years old)


  1. If any player gets injured during the world cup, can the coach replace the injured player from the list of 35? or is it, the squad will consist of remaining 22 players?

  2. If we are going to play back 4 no need of acuna in the side with tagliafico rojo and dimaria centurion….
    Its better to have ansaldi because he can be a RB in mercados absence or add a proper CB like mori….
    Mache can be uaed as a sub for biglia…its better to have battaglia in place of pizzaro to add a bit of speed and variety in the midfield…
    Mori for rojo
    Ansaldi for acuna
    Battaglia for pizzaro

  3. my 23

    Sergio ROMERO
    Nahuel GUZMAN
    Franco ARMANI

    Eduardo SALVIO
    Gabriel MERCADO
    Nicolas OTAMENDI
    German PEZZELLA
    Federico FAZIO
    Nicolas TAGLIAFICO
    Marcos ACUNA
    Cristian ANSALDI

    Manuel LANZINI
    Guido PIZARRO
    Ever BANEGA
    Giovani LO CELSO
    Leandro PAREDES
    Rodrigo BATTAGLIA

    Angel DI MARIA
    Paulo DYBALA
    Diego PEROTTI
    Lionel MESSI
    Gonzalo HIGUAIN
    Mauro ICARDI

  4. i dont understand you people. how can you select rojo, funes mori when these players didnt play at all this season. i cant understand why garay didnt get selected… he had a good season.
    Banega has to start in our midfied. he s the only player who dictates the tempo of the game. he can dribble, he can pass, he can shoot.

  5. Only four forwards are needed
    8 midfielders and 8 defenders are needed.Lanzini,Meza,Acuna,Ansaldi,Di maria,Fazio,Otamendi,Taglafico,Biglia,Lo celso,Banega must be in 23 squad.

  6. What was Paredes thinking when he made his move to Russia? From Serie A to Russian league in a world cup year… smh….he could’ve been a regular starter by now.

    • yeah bad career move that one for sure by Paredes.

      also Driussi too…..if he had stayed at river and continued to bang in goals he could have been a serious contender to go to the world cup

    • That’s nothing.paulinho and mascherano was getting regular callups playing in china and let me tell you Russian leagues are far better than Chinese leagues

      • Mascherano and Paulinho were already established players in their respective national teams before moving to China. You’re comparing apples and oranges.

  7. Final 23:

    Guzman (willy was horrible vs spain)


    Lo celso
    Banega (only sub)
    Di maria

    Aguero (if Fit) / Martinez
    Higuain (Although i would prefer him not going at all & Martinez taking his place.)

    One thing i know for sure is all the hype about Dybala. Watch him flop wen he gets a chance. Just like he did for 12 games for Argentina & does for Juve in important games. Him & higuain are a pair made in flop heaven. But you never know, so you have to take him.

    Parades is a must along with battaglia & Meza.

    • The Dybala part is not true, there was a lot of games in this season what he won single-handedly, btw Lautaro Martinez and Centurion were the flop of the day, only 1 point needed for the Libertadores spot. Martinez is talented but not ready, his passing is utterly pure shit atm, needs to work on it.

  8. My 23 man squad
    13.lo celso
    17.meza or centurion
    23.higuain or icardi

    • But I believe out of my 23 man squad sampaoli will choose salvio in place of battaglia and rojo in place of pezella and will prefer centurion over Meza and higuain over icardi

      • I think Sampa needs Acuna and Salvio, these two can play as wingbacks in 3-5-2 formation in special cases and maybe Ansaldi and Tagliafico too in a more conservative system, just like Rojo and Mercado in 4-3-3, the main reason Rojo has a cemented place.

    • Actually no, the majority here are saying let’s dump the injured Aguero and useless Higuain and get Icardi and pavon instead.

      • Pavon will be selected for sure and aguero will be full fit and fully fresh in wc.we have to take the risk as he is our best bait to score goals as Messi will not play in false 9 position.sampaoli will not play him false 9 because we don’t have xavi iniesta busquets standard midfield

      • If anyone were to say something as idiotic and insane as “leave Messi out”, they should never watch or support the NT again.

        • Some people here are eager to say this but they know the reality. If Messi does not play for Argentina, nobody would care about this Team. Its as good as Panama or Austria without him.

  9. for me this is neither a good nor bad list but a solid list.
    i am disappointed not to see lamela not their and papu gomez as well as hes has a great season and i sincerely hope icardi is in the final 23, as for garay who knows the real story as to why hes not their and its a crime hes not.
    as for g.ks id cut caballero, he was bad vs spain and has not improved in the epl since then, he is also 36 and their is no need for him, sadly his time has passed.
    for me upfront for the final 23

  10. Sampoli need to hard his mind and make intelligent idea..If sampoli can cut those those 12 then it will be fantastic..

    1/ Guzman
    11/ parroti

    I know Muri only played few minutes but remember he was expriance and fast..can good back up for Fazio..
    We need four DM for whole World Cup..
    1/ Peredes
    4/ Mascherano

    Pizzaro played fantastic against Real Madrid last match.
    Don’t need more slow midfield..

  11. As it is, Sampaoli have got the fixed list of 35; lets wait how he select the best 23 out of it. We can hope that it will highly objective selection which are the best that meets his playing style and full fit – injured free players. Start the engine ! we have been waiting for too long since our last glory WC 1986.

  12. very unpopular decision, but for that 23 since there’s no bustos, I would drop Salvio for Ansaldi.
    I feel bad that Paredes, Meza, Lautaro might not make it. I would take any of the 3 ahead of Dybala. Why? they can give us a hand in midfield, whereas i highly doubt that Dybala will get a lot of minutes in this WC. he’s Messi replacement and we all know that if Messi has to come off then all hell will break loose.

    Paredes would come in handy whenever Banega, Lo celso, or even Biglia is having an off day.

  13. For me the key players are Pizarro, Ansaldi, and Icardi. These 3 players are players of need that do not play out of position. Pizarro is a very good defensive midfielder, Ansaldi can play either full back position, and Icardi is critical because aguero is not fit and Higuain sucks. You cannot compete with just Messi and Dybala at forward as they play the same position. Icardi gives us a real threat up front that will run his ass off all game.

  14. Argentina media is predicting the 23 list will be this:

    Sergio Romero, Wilfredo Caballero,Franco Armani.

    Defendors: Eduardo Salvio, Gabriel Mercado, Nicolás Otamendi, Javier Mascherano, Federico Fazio, Marcos Rojo, Marcos Acuña, Nicolás Tagliafico.

    Midfield: Lucas Biglia, Ever Banega, Giovani Lo Celso, Manuel Lanzini, Guido Pizarro, Ricardo Centurión, Ángel Di María.

    Forwards: Paulo Dybala, Sergio Agüero, Gonzalo Higuaín, Lionel Messi, Cristian Pavón.

    We will see next week.

  15. I am surprised how many people here pick Rojo in the final 23. Since he came back from injury, he has played badly. His positioning is off and overal defensive performance is weak. Why choose him over Pezzella? I hope the Fiorentina man will go to Russia and Ansaldi too.

    • Bcoz this is Argentina, we make sure we do things in our way. Funes Mori plays 120 minutes for the whole season and his in the list . What else is surprising?

    • The reason is most are here just because of the world cup… They just want Messi & Co to score 5 goals every game and that is why Midfield and Defense means nothing to them.

      • Rojo was pickef because he jas experience and played very well last cup. He is tall and fast, something not many of our CB have, he is also versatile blth as a CB and LB, so I can see his value as a sub.. but ya, we should do better.

        Funes mori I really hope gets cut, its his ball playing ability the coach likes, highline pocession passing.

        Biglia gets hate, but he is a very intelligent player with great work ethic, is consistent and reliable and the coach trusts him to dictate thr tempo. There are faster, more skilled players.. but he is tactically the smartest in his position.

        Aguero is our best #9. He had a monstruous season. Yes he had surgery, but it was minor, and he *should* be fit in time. The coach is not stupid, he will see at training. That is why Icardi made thr list if 35.. in case.

        • Yes I agree Rojo was part of the most miserly defense of 2014 WC also he had a very good last season at Man Utd but this year after he came back from very bad injury he has been very poor. His lack of playing time has impacted his game.. His positioning is weak and his tackles are poor. He will be a big liability if selected as he will be our direct replacement of either Otamendi or Fazio as Mascherano is too old to be play the whole 90 mins and If both Tagliafico and Ansaldi are selected he wont have any shot at the LB position either. Sampaoli has to go for Pezzella . He has been rock solid this season for Fiorentina. Lets hope Sampaoli’s team will select fit and inform players..
          My defenders from the list of 35 would be Otamendi,Fazio,Pezzella,Mascherano,Tagliafico,Mercado ,Ansaldi and Salvio

    • Rojo will allow Sampaoli to shift between a 4 man defence and 3 man defence. I haven’t seen Pezzela play. From what I’ve heard Pezzela and Fazio are similar type of players. So Rojo adds tactical flexibility. I don’t like Rojo’s temperament tho.

  16. If they are announcing the 23 by next monday, does anyone know if they are having training before then and who would attend? I know premier league is done, Argentine league is done.. is he going to base icardi on how well he does this weekend?

  17. otamendi fazio isn t a good pair in defense they have the similar role even the old masche will be a better option with one of them why didn t he take someone like musachio he s not that good but he s aggressive and that s what argentina need agressive defending
    the attack you have messi he could be magic on any action if he s good surronded of course
    and also you need a 6 with good passing skills and good control of ball all that biglia didn t have

  18. Final 23 man squad will be announced next Monday 1pm at azeiza.why declare so fast?? Why not give all 35 man at least some chance to prove their worth in training camp??

    • Brazil name their 23 man world cup squad today..35 players are not going to the world cup, this is a fact, so why would the coach want to lead on players? With your logic, why not wait until June 15 to select the final 23 man squad so that everyone can ”prove” themselves in training?

  19. Great list! Thou i am a bit surprised regarding A.Gomez because his been called up on several occasions.

    I believe we will have a strong World Cup and lets please stay positive and support the team.

    Hopefully we are lucky with minimal injuries. If we could Keep Kun and Di Maria fit it would be great, they would unloaden the burden on Messi.

    I super exited and hopefull to see a a great coherent understanding between Messi, Lanzini and Lo Celso. Lanzini is extremly underrated but as with Kun and Di Maria he is Injuryprown.

    My 23



    Di Maria
    Lo Celso

    Kun Aguero

    I pretty certain if all goes well the following 11 will start against Icland.



    Lo Celso

    Di Maria


  20. 23:

    GK – Romero – Armani – Caballero

    Def – Mercado – Ansaldi – Mashcherano – Otamendi – Fazio – Rojo – Tagliafico – Acuña

    Mid – Lanzini – Lo Celso – Biglia – Di maria – Banega – Pavon – Paredes – Meza

    Fwd – MESSI – Agüero – Dybala – Higuaín

    Starting 11 –

    Biglia-Lo Celso

  21. I guess this will be the squad.


    Mercado,Salvio,Fazio,Otamendi, Rojo, Mascherano, Tagliafico,Acuna

    Biglia,Banega,Di Maria,Lanzini,Pavon,Centurion,Enzo,Lo Celso

    Messi,Dybala,Aguero, Higuain

  22. There could be:

    2 Boca man: P.Perez, Pavon
    2 Independiente man: Bustos, Meza
    2 Racing man: Centurion, Martinez
    2 River man: Armani, Enzo

    Unlikely to see all of them but at least one of every club. Say: Pavon, Meza, Centurion, Armani – most prabable names

  23. First of all GOOD LUCK to all the 35 players. Congratulations.

    Now that the 35 players are final it is a waste to talk about players that are not on the list. Our next focus is the 23.

    1. Armani
    2. Romero
    3. Caballero
    4. Tagliafico
    5. Mercado/Ansaldi

    Central defenders
    6. Otamendi
    7. Fazio
    8. Pezzella
    9. Mascherano

    Side midfielders and wingers
    10. Acuna/Mezza
    11. Salvio/ Enzo
    12. Di maria
    13. Pavon

    Central midfielders
    14. Biglia(if injured)/ Pizarro
    15. Paredes
    16. Lo Celso
    17. Lanzini
    18. Banega

    Attacking Midfielders – 2nd striker
    19. Messi
    20. Dybala

    Centre forward:
    21. Aguero
    22. Higuain
    23. Icardi

    If we don’t take Icardi than take both Mercado and Ansaldi. Or drop 1 of the midfielders for them.

    The reason I chose these:
    – Tagliafico and Ansaldi can both play also as wing backs. Mercado can also play Central defender. Ansaldi can play on both sides. Mascherano can play in midfield.

    – Biglia/ Pizarro and Paredes. More advanced Lo Celso and Banega. Lanzini can play all the positions, in case of injury to Di maria he can play on the left, and so can Acuna/Meza. No need to take 3 Lanzini, Acuna/Meza and Centurion. Even Pavon can help there. Lanzini will most likely start on the right where Pavon and Salvio can replace him. Than Icardi can offer us something we don’t have poaching and areal threat if it gets tough we can through him in to the game.

    • for our midfield we need meza ,centurion,lanzini,lo celso quartet.meza’s and centurions link up with messi will be the defining factor.

    • I think Sampaoli will take too many wide midfielders and wingers. It’s dangerous trying to fit them as fullbacks/wingbacks, as none of them know how to tackle. I have absolutely no idea how Ansaldi played this season so can’t really comment if he’s going to be a good fit or not. But, as he’s already on this roster then he’s done something right I guess!

      And as I told you in my last reply that I don’t think Sampaoli is going to take Paredes, and it is going to be a big mistake.

      I presume we are going to play a 4-2-3-1

      GK –
      1. Armani
      2. Romero
      3. Willy

      Fullbacks –
      4. Mercado
      5. Tagliafico
      6. Ansaldi (plays both sides)

      Center Backs –
      7. Otamendi
      8. Fazio
      9. Mascherano
      10. Rojo (WHY????!!!)

      Central Midfielders –
      11. Biglia
      12. Pizzarro
      13. Banega
      14. Lo Celso
      xx. Masche

      Right wingers –
      15. Lanzini
      16. Salvio
      17. Pavon

      Left Wingers –
      18. Di Maria
      19. Acuna
      xx. Pavon

      Central Attacking Midfielder –
      20. Messi
      21. Dybala

      Striker –
      22. Aguero
      23. Higuain

      The confusion right now is – If Sampaoli thinks Salvio/Acuna can play fullbacks then he aint taking Ansaldi and then taking another midfielder.

      Also, 2 number fives in Biglia/Pizzarro is fine, but I would have taken Paredes instead of Pizzarro. I think Sampaoli thinks Lo Celso as a #8 like Banega and going to play a #6 and #8 with a #10 (Messi), with wingers emphasizing width and build up like in a 4-4-1-1. Most definitely Biglia/Banega will start with Leo and Di Maria and Lanzini as the width.

      I don’t really like Banega, but he’s our only midfielder in this whole fucking goddamn planet who’s La Pausa. So…he’s kinda needed. Hopefully he will get his head out of his ass and don’t start dribbling in our box.

      N.B. Man, I watched the Brazilian squad and got shell-shocked. I wish we had their squad lol. They will probably win this world cup IMO.

      • I know since paredes made that error against Italy he is out. Some players are not allowed to make even a mistske but other are because in the same game biglia made dozen of mistskes but he gets not punished. Since sampaoli is not going to trust Biglia he will take pizarro in case of injury but mascherano should be biglia‘ s replacement. Life goes on. I am aware that paredes is out.

  24. MY List:


    Lo celso


  25. Very good list of 35 provisional players for the world cup … sad Lamela missed out.. Sampaoli has selected some good players here .. How many strikers is he planning to take to world cup as Perroti is clearly a left wing attacking Mid fielder . If anyone can fill in for Di maria its Perroti but if Sampa is planning to only pick 4 strikers then both Perroti and Icardi will miss out!! It would have been better if he was listed as a midfielder.

    We need at least 8 Defenders and 8 Midfielders to have a balanced team. Going by form, fitness and experience Sampaoli shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up his defenders .

    However he is going to have a very tough time picking his strikers and Midfielders… All in all very good list!! I hope the young players will impress Sampa during the closed training sessions!! Vamos Argentina!!

  26. My Final 23


    Sergio ROMERO (GK)
    Wilfredo CABALLERO (GK)
    Franco ARMANI (GK)


    Gabriel MERCADO (LB)
    Nicolas OTAMENDI (CB)
    Federico FAZIO (CB)
    Marcos ROJO (CB/RB)
    Marcos ACUNA (RB/RW)
    Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (RB)


    Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (LB/DM)
    Lucas BIGLIA (DM)
    Ever BANEGA (CM)
    Leandro PAREDES (CM)
    Manuel LANZINI (LW)
    Maximiliano MEZA (LW)
    Giovani LO CELSO (AM)
    Angel DI MARIA (RW)


    Lionel MESSI (10)
    Paulo DYBALA (10)
    Sergio AGUERO (9)
    Gonzalo HIGUAIN (9)
    Mauro ICARDI (9)

  27. I would also add that following are guaranteed a place in final 23:
    Di Maria
    Lo Celco
    So there are 10 places left…Dyballa, Tagllifico, Salvio, Pavon, Meza, Armani, Guzman, Pezella, Battaglia should make it, the only debate would be between Higuain Icardi, or Martinez…

  28. Let match fitness, form and strength decide the final 23.

    By listing Pavon as midfielder we can take 5 strikers! Good move Sampa.

    • Benjamin Mendy missed an entire season with Manchester City, now that he has recover, he will be going to the world cup with the France national team. In football, reputation and past performance matter a lot at both club and international football. When a player gets injured at club level, they’re immediately integrated back into the squad after recovering..

    • The final 23
      11.Biglia or Enzo Perez
      12.Lo celso
      14.Di Maria

  29. I think its a good list. To all those haters out here, lets stop this “friends club” BS and support the team we all love. Messi’s Argentina needs to win this and I have a feeling that Sampa has done a fair job by including Icardi, Pavon, Battaglia, Ansaldi etc. 10 + days would be good to see which 23 gel well. of course the team will be structured around Messi and that’s how the final 23 will be decided, we all have our favorites and our theories but ultimately it will depend on how they get along as a team…lets hope that whatever squad is chosen, plays as a team with the greatest ever and wins the CUP. Its a fantastic combination of old and young and players in form and some not so…but there is enough time to see which 11 and/or 23 play well together as a team… LETS GO ARGENTINA !

  30. • this is a good solid squad. I also think it’s better to play mascherano as a defender because he does not have the energy to play as a midfielder, and we all know otamendi can make some awful mistakes when under pressure and he panics.

    • I think it’s obvious that fazio will be one of our first choice centre backs, he does have the experience.

    • it’s also a good thing to se ansaldi in their as well, some young blood also. Lol. I love this squad though I would have liked to see Roberto pereyra and garay in their but I guess we can’t have it all our own way. Right!!!

    • Mascherano should be used tactically and sparingly at the world cup, not as a starter, but as some one who comes in the game at around 25/15/10/5 minutes mark of a game approaching the final whistle or even in overtime if the game goes on that long. For short: Masche should be used as an experience squad player.

      • • I think mascherano are going to be used for he’s leadership and he’s versatility as specially if someone gets injured in the DM or in CB or if their is someone under performing in those respective areas.

        • will he mascherano be a starter??? I guess we gonna have to wait and see.

  31. Goalkeepers:
    Sergio ROMERO
    Wilfredo CABALLERO
    Nahuel GUZMAN

    Gabriel MERCADO
    Nicolas OTAMENDI
    German PEZZELLA
    Federico FAZIO
    Nicolas TAGLIAFICO
    Marcos ACUNA
    Cristian ANSALDI

    Manuel LANZINI
    Maxi MEZ
    Lucas BIGLIA
    Ever BANEGA
    Giovani LO CELSO
    Rodrigo BATTAGLIA
    Angel DI MARIA
    Cristian PAVON

    Paulo DYBALA
    Lionel MESSI
    Sergio AGUERO
    Gonzalo HIGUAIN

    I hope this is the 23 final squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You forgot Rojo, he’s also part of the magic circle with a golden friends club membership.

    • • why no “Diego perotti “???

      • I also think sampaoli should choose icardi over higuan, as icardi can give something to our forward line which none of aguero or higuan can give and that is he’s aerial and poacher ability as well as he’s two feet ability.

      • but let’s wait and see what sampaoli does, so far he’s done good to be fair to him. Vamos Argentina

        • • “he is not a regular starter at roma”. Do you “rohit” even watch football??? Your comment says it all my fellow Argentina supporter.

    • @karl

      Good job with that list. I personally had a hard time trimming it down to 23. The names are below have very slim chances of making it honestly.
      Eduardo SALVIO (victim of limited spots in the wingback/RB position)
      German PEZZELLA (most like competing with Rojo or Mori for the final CB spot)
      Marcos ROJO
      Ramiro FUNES MORI
      Cristian ANSALDI (competing with Salvio so he has a decent chance now with Mercado injured)

      Ricardo CENTURION (new featured)
      Guido PIZARRO (featured once)
      Leandro PAREDES (victim of limited spots in in his position)
      Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (never featured)
      Pablo PEREZ (featured once plus is in competition with Enzo who has a leg up)

      Lautaro MARTINEZ (too green plus victim of limited spots)
      Mauro ICARDI (Victim period lol)

    • Good squad Karl. I am also hoping for this considering masche will surely be picked by sampaoli. Hope pezella makes it over rojo & meza is also picked in final23

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