Breaking News: Sergio ROMERO out of the World Cup


Some breaking news coming out of Argentina which has been confirmed by the team, goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO is out due to injury and will miss the World Cup.

A tweet coming from the official Argentina National Team’s Twitter account has confirmed that the Manchester United goalkeeper is out of the tournament. A join in his right knee has caused him problems and he is out of the tournament.

This would mean that one of Franco ARMANI or Willy CABALLERO will take over as the starting goalkeeper. Nahuel GUZMAN who made the list of 35 could possibly be called-up as the replacement but comments made by GUZMAN’s father after SAMPAOLI had left his son out of the World Cup squad could make things interesting.

As noted in this article, Sergio ROMERO was close to drawing Ubaldo FILLOL’s record of 13 World Cup matches. ROMERO was on 12 games.


  1. Sad to see him off, my hero for his performance against Netherlands semi final in 2014. He cried “Vamos” when he stopped the penalties. Hope he gets back soon and find a right club to play. Basically he’s been bench warmer at club since 2011.

  2. i don’t know why this happens with good players only ,never seen that sort of luck in case of biglia,mascherano,higuene

  3. Thank you Romero.
    We will miss you. But no one will forget your efforts in 2014. You didn’t made a single mistake, the winner wasn’t your fault.
    You didn’t conceded a single goal in 2 copa finals.
    You are an Albieceleste Legend.

  4. Wow sorry to hear about Romero, he never did us wrong.. time to watch highlights on Armani.. I like Willy, but he hardly gets playing time.. a few family members always mention how Armani should be the starter ( they being Colombian are impartial) … either way vamos carajo.. does anyone know how long they can make changes to the final 23

  5. Consequences of the players who did not play regularly, they are susceptible to get injured. Biglia, Rojo,Lanzini,Maria,Salvio and Kun all were injured prone. 5-6 players will not be ready for semis and final. Sampaoli need to brings a reliable back up. GWS Romero, luck is not with you this time.

  6. Go with Armani….remember Goycochea. I remember watching him as a child in the World Cup and telling myself the way this guy leaps at balls he is part leopard part man. God I miss those Argentina teams…in those days league matches meant nothing and the shirt meant everything

  7. I feel bad for him. So its gonna be caballero or armani for number 1. I just wanna say thanks for your effort you have never let argentina down.We are gonna miss him in.worldcup especially in game goes to extra time and penalty are cabballero or armani good penalty stopper.
    Get well soon & Good luck for.future

  8. I feel bad for Romero, even though I don’t like him as our goalkeeper. I wish no injuries to any footballer even to our rivals not. I think Sampaoli was planning with Armani and yesterday confirmed by suspicion when he refused to confirm Romero as our goalkeeper.
    It is rarely that teams have all their players to count on and injuries always happen to 2-3 or more players before the World cup. We have 2-3 matches and a month and everything could happen. Hopefully all of our players will be fit…and Sampaoli makes the right decision and leaves not fit players at home.

  9. Very bad blow. The only thing is to think optimistically at this moment. Thank you Romero for the wonderful moments you gave us ( especially 2014 Netherlands shootout)
    The stage is set for Armani exactly like what happened with goycochea in 1990. Praying that history repeats.

    • Deja Vu moment. I still remember Italia 90 when pumpido broke his leg during Russia match. We had already lost opening Cameroon match. Clearly a moment when unknown goycochea walks in to replace the undisputed pumpido & even diehard Argentina fans think we r getting packed out in group stage. Rest is history & goycochea virtually carried us to the cup. Armani now gets his ‘goycochea ‘opportunity

  10. Ohh….no!! Can’t believe this.

    Just when we started to think we are ready for WC with everything, this happened!? I was really satisfied with the GK department till yesterday. Now slowly getting a little scared ……..

    Now we have a huge hole to fulfilled between the sticks. 🙁

  11. Thanks for your efforts mr romero you did well in 2014 & Goodluck to your career.
    armani & willy are both better now & who ever starts we will have excellent keeper.

  12. Not the best goalkeeper, but never made mistakes in big matches with a lot of pressure, Caballero and Armani too seem better Gks, but with lack of experience on the highest stages. If one of them will make a blunder (Armani tend to) it cost us a lot…

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