Goals scored and more, Argentina World Cup statistics


Some Argentine World Cup records can be broken this tournament and we have all the statistics.

From the youngest player to the oldest player, from the number of clean sheets to the number of goals scored, we have all the numbers! Beginning with the World Cup records and statistics:

Diego MARADONA holds the Argentine record for the number of World Cup’s he has participated in (4 World Cup’s). Only two players on the current squad have been with the team since the 2006 FIFA World Cup: Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI.

Diego MARADONA: 1982, 1986, 1990, 1994
Javier MASCHERANO and Lionel MESSI: 2006, 2010, 2014

Diego MARADONA: 21 matches at FIFA World Cup’s
Javier MASCHERANO: 16 matches
Lionel MESSI: 15 matches

The only way Lionel MESSI can surpass Diego MARADONA would be if he plays in all the matches and Argentina win in the quarter finals (as that would secure a semi-final spot which would mean a seventh match either the 3rd place match or the final). There is no way the two can be at 21 matches.

As for the forwards, Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN when compared to Gabriel BATISTUTA:

Gabriel BATISTUTA: 10 goals at FIFA World Cup’s
(4 goals in 1994, 5 goals in 1998, 1 goal in 2002)

Lionel MESSI: 5 goals at FIFA World Cup’s
(1 goal in 2006, 4 goals in 2014)

Gonzalo HIGUAIN: 5 goals at FIFA World Cup’s
(4 goals in 2010, 1 goal in 2014)

For Lionel MESSI, he has yet to score a goal in the knockout stages.

In the goalkeeping department, Sergio ROMERO is extremely close to a record set by Ubaldo FILLOL. The legendary goalkeeper played in 13 World Cup matches. Sergio ROMERO is currently on 12 matches.

2010: Nigeria, South Korea, Greece, Mexico, Germany
2014: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany

Since 2016 Copa America final with Argentina:

Paulo Dybala: 0 goals, 8 matches
Gonzalo Higuain: 1 goal (WCQ), 8 matches
Sergio Aguero: 2 goals (Friendly’s), 7 matches
Angel Di Maria: 2 goals (1 in WCQ, 1 in friendly), 17 matches
Lionel Messi: 6 goals (all 6 in WCQ), 10 matches

For the three goalkeepers, here’s the number of matches played in 2017-2018 season (per TNT Sports):
Sergio ROMERO: 10 matches
Willy CABALLERO: 13 matches
Franco ARMANI: 68 matches

The rest of the 2018 FIFA World Cup squad statistics:

A total of 13 of the 23 players have scored for Argentina (only four of them have scored in a World Cup):
Gabriel MERCADO: 3 goals – 0 at a World Cup
Federico FAZIO: 1 goal – 0 at a World Cup
Nicolas OTAMENDI: 4 goals – 0 at a World Cup
Cristian ANSALDI: 1 goal – 0 at a World Cup
Marcos ROJO: 2 goals – 1 at a World Cup (vs. Nigeria, 2014)
Javier MASCHERANO: 3 goals – 0 at a World Cup
Ever BANEGA: 7 goals – 0 at a World Cup
Lucas BIGLIA: 1 goal – 0 at a World Cup
Manuel LANZINI: 1 goal – 0 at a World Cup
Angel DI MARIA: 19 goals – 1 at a World Cup (vs. Switzerland, 2014)
Lionel MESSI: 61 goals – 5 at a World Cup (vs. Serbia & Montenegro 2006, vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina 2014, vs. Iran 2014, two vs. Nigeria 2014)
Sergio AGUERO: 36 goals – 0 at a World Cup
Gonzalo HIGUAIN: 32 goals – 5 at a World Cup (Three vs. South Korea 2010, vs. Mexico 2010, vs. Belgium 2014)

Only nine of the 23 players have World Cup experience:
Javier MASCHERANO: 2006, 2010, 2014
Lionel MESSI: 2006, 2010, 2014
Angel DI MARIA: 2010, 2014
Gonzalo HIGUAIN: 2010, 2014
Sergio AGUERO: 2010, 2014
Sergio ROMERO: 2010, 2014
Lucas BIGLIA: 2014
Marcos ROJO: 2014
Nicolas OTAMENDI: 2010

A total of 11 of the 23 players have less than 10 caps for Argentina:
Federico FAZIO
Cristian ANSALDI
Marcos ACUNA
Eduardo SALVIO
Giovani LO CELSO
Maximiliano MEZA
Cristian PAVON

The average age of the squad is of 28 years (not counting months or days) in alphabetical order:

Cristian ANSALDI: 32
Lucas BIGLIA: 32
Federico FAZIO: 31
Franco ARMANI: 31
Gabriel MERCADO: 31
Sergio ROMERO: 31
Angel DI MARIA: 30
Gonzalo HIGUAIN: 30
Lionel MESSI: 30
Nicolas OTAMENDI: 30
Sergio AGUERO: 29
Ever BANEGA: 29
Marcos ROJO: 28
Eduardo SALVIO: 27
Marcos ACUNA: 26
Maximiliano MEZA: 26
Manuel LANZINI: 25
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO: 25
Paulo DYBALA: 24
Cristian PAVON: 22
Giovani LO CELSO: 22

These are just some of the statistics of the players. We will continue to add more as the tournaments gets closer!


  1. let’s sampauli buld up a system and hope that system will work in Russia. we have less than a month time for preparation but have to develop system in it. No matter what the fame he has if he is unfit to the system must say sorry for this time.

  2. Biglia ,Mascherano and rojo will define this world cup. if thse 3 players play good football argentina will have a chance otherwise no cup for messi

  3. @Csabalala

    “So we have 3 potential losers in central midfield.” Yes Ascacibar the star from Stuttgart is the winner, didnt you watch our U20 and Olympics matches with Ascacibar, we were total lost, Ascacibar is so average with the ball, and in his passing, not Argentina NT level atm. Samp want to play possession football, in that neither Ascacibar neither Battaglia fit in. or Battaglia is the a big winner? Cannot even handle Aves? in the portugal cup fina”l.

    1. Ascacibar was one of our 2 best players in Olimpic Games

    2. If Olimpic Games is the criterion what to do with Lo Celso or Pavon – there were also part of the team

    3. “Samp want to play possession football” – he may want to play. Although one thing is what he can imagine while another is reality. As far there was no signs this team is able to be possesion football team like Spain. As far it seems wishful thinking. To play possesion football you need understanding. To build understanding you need to have players who played together many times while Sampaoli even does not know his starting eleven. Moreover, possession football does not resolve problem of DMs who are not enough good on destroying. You can’t possesion the ball 100% of time…
    And the last matches rather proved need on typical destroyer. Typical destroyer must be good on destroying not on the ball so Ascacibar was one of possible choices. THere were choices: I mentioned Battaglia, Ascacibar, Pizarro, once Marcone. Do not have single player of the type may cost us a lot. Wheter my assumptions will right time will tell.

    • Friendly matches prove nothing, only experiments, Argentina-Spain 4:1, Germany-Argentina 1:3, Germany-Argentina 2:4, how the hell didnt Arg win the last WC? even first group matches prove nothing, peak form need to come way later.
      If is it for me i would go with Pizarro, can destroy, not bad with the ball, seems intelligent with some UCL experience.
      “”And the last matches rather proved need on typical destroyer. ” If your midfield is too defensive maybe a bigger mistake than the opposite and you’ll get more goals. Sevilla midfield start to click with the much more attacking Nzonzi-Banega-Franco Vazquez trio, vs Real Madrid (0-5) or vs Liverpool the 2,5 DM’s formation with Pizarro, Nzonzi, Banega was overkill, but Nzonzi-Banega-Vazquez tridente controlled the games vs MU and Bayern and defensively was very solid too, only bad luck and lack of real attacking potential from the attackers prevented Sevilla to overpass the germans.
      Maybe Biglia/Mascherano DM, Lo Celso/Banega ZM, Lanzini/Meza AM will be the right mix of midfielders.
      And again please stop analyzing irrelevant friendlies, just qualifiers. Under Sampaoli our defense was not bad in that real matches.

      • Midfield with one DM is not too defensive. It seems Argentina have in DNA such player and that may takes years to left the heritage.

        “Friendly matches prove nothing, only experiments” – you may experiment if you have already any base tactic and line up. Then you may try new things as experiment. But Samapaoli’s experiment looked like building from the scratch and grope in the dark. He should have one such player as precaution.

        Smapaoli may tend to play possesion footbal but he should have also one classic destoryer to switch the tactic for the with No.5 if possesion football will fail.

        • Biglia and Mascherano are destroyers, with Lo Celso (great tackler) and Lanzini (hardworker) lungs will be there too. Imo Biglia is good in this “salida lavolpiana” position like vs Italy. Safe passer, i’m calm when he’s on the ball, rarely miss these “easy”, game controlling passes.

      • Look what happened with Seviilla after tha half time Nzonzi-Banega sub. They were too defensive, still Liverpool scored just for fun, then everything changed. Balance and right mix is the key. Mascherano-Biglia specialy wth Enzo (and CB’s in the flanks) always made Argentina defensive solid, but offensively vulnerable too.

      • From what I have watched, Ascacibar seems to be the best #5 for Sampa’s style of play. He is fast, a great tackler, good with the feet and can turn defense into attack quickly. However, the problem with him is he lacks experience and can also get cards cheaply. As we have seen in his recent league game. Probably two main reasons why Sampa left him. It’s risky to take players who can get cards esp red easily.

        I would have liked Sampa replaced Bigilia, Rojo & Mercado with young more talented versions. But unfortunately he didn’t get enough time and none of the replacement players had a stand out season. (Some like Ascacibar had a good season, but not at the level which catches the attention of one and all)

    • I think Sampaoli called u and told about that he didn’t know who’s in his main 11. U guys should are so lame. Better watch hadudu not football…

  4. Thanks Dadir for the video. I was eager for the latest training session. Training facilities looks substandard compared to Barca, Real, City standards. Are they really good. I heard to play fluid attacking game one must’ve equally good training facilities as well.

  5. Messi will break his duck at knock out stages in this WC and he will score more than 1. That’s how he breaks a duck!

    Aguero too will open his tally in this wc, probably in the first game itself.

    This Argentina team will score more goals than 2010, will also let in more.

  6. Great work Roy ! I hope you get enough hits to do even better in the future as we rely on you more than anyother media/site for news related to Argentina football.
    As far as the team is concerned, I sometimes feel Ansaldi could play the DM role, he is solid plays with both feet and is a good dribbler. Lets see what Sampa has in store. Aguero has never scored in WC so would be looking for it this time. I just feel that given all the criticism Masche, Biglia, Banega, Higuain have received, they would be super hungry and motivated to prove everyone wrong. Keeping Icardi out is a blessing as there are no distractions, other teams have done similar things. Lets support our 23 and hope for the best.
    VAMOS !

  7. Messi will cry like the previous tournaments When Higuein will ruin the opportunities When you cry like children Remember what you did with icardi

          • Post your Images to prove your shit coming through your eyes. So people will know you someone put his PEN… to your BUTT to stop outing. Otherwise, delete all your comment, and I will do samething, and lets see 2018

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          • Oh, I see, you still want another shot of my PEN……Do not worry I will give you freely to your Butt@2018

    • i prefer to lose in final with PROUD and with Higuain than won one world cup with the SHAME that i take in my national team somebody like Icardi.

  8. Interesting food for thought! Wetting in excitement at the constant stream of updates and articles here! Thanks Roy! VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!

  9. So why people think our
    strength are the offensive ???

    Zero goals at the world cup (Agüero)
    And the other player always did not made the 100% opportunities in the knockout stages (Higuain)
    Missed Chances or is injured (Di Maria)

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