Lucas BIGLIA on Argentina team: “We are going to shoot our last shot”


Lucas BIGLIA, now one of the veterans of the Argentina team, has stated that the players will shoot their last shot, while also saying he expected an apology by Alejandro GOMEZ.

Speaking in an interview with Ole, the AC Milan man didn’t hold back when discussing Alejandro GOMEZ. However, he also commented on the young players on the team and what he told them prior to the friendly match against Italy. Here’s what he had to say:

“Before the match against Italy, I told them that they are the future of the National Team and that they have to play calmly, that the pressure falls on us (the veterans) and that they just have to dedicate themselves to playing.

“When we played in Europe, especially before the first match against Italy, there were kids like LO CELSO, LANZINI, BUSTOS, TAGLIAFIGO that we told them “guys, you have to play calmly, the pressure is only on us. You guys play like you do with your clubs. They are the future of the National Team, that they (media and fans) kill us, rightfuly or wrongly, we are used to it. Dedicate yourselves to play.”

Lucas Biglia Manuel Lanzini Argentina
Lucas Biglia and Manuel Lanzini with the Argentina National Team.

Lucas BIGLIA on his role in the team:

“I know very clearly what my role is. I do what the coach asks of me and my team mates, nothing more. What interests me the least is being the protagonist. I want the best for the team, the personal achievements do not interest me.”

Lucas BIGLIA on this Argentina team and Sergio ROMERO:

“We are going to shoot out lost shot as accurately as possible. We hope to put up a fight and to have the best World Cup possible. We are very sad because ROMERO is a reference point in the National Team.

About leaving school to play football full time:

“My old man told me to do what I liked to do and to forget the others. I didn’t finish college. I had one year left but at the time it was difficult. I trained at my club and with the National Team. At one point my father told me “Study or play football” and it was he who told me to do what I liked.”

“At home, my sister has three degrees, another one who is a lawyer, one a professor and one a gym teacher. The only bum was me. I owe my mom a degree.

Lucas BIGLIA on the incident with Alejandro GOMEZ:

“During that incident, I was perfectly aware he was behind me, which is why I got back up infuriated. In all honesty, I expected him to apologise on the pitch or straight after (GOMEZ wrote an apology on Instagram), but nothing. I prefer to look forward now.”

“We are not friends, we just play for the same national team. I don’t use social media, not even Twitter or Facebook, so an apology via Instagram isn’t going to do much for me. For example, the Benevento player (Nicolas VIOLA) who caused the previous injury came to visit me in hospital.

“I was so angry because I felt this horrible pain and was afraid that I had hurt my back again. I remember that night I returned home and worked with the physiotherapist until 5am.”


  1. Argentina team is good as always. However, each time they fail to deliver at the right moment. I think it’s not the lack of quality, but the lack of confidence and mentality. The problem is psychological.
    I suggest the team management to keep a trained psychologist with the team for the world cup. Especially, if we go to the important matches, players like Higuain must need the help of such a professional to boost his confidence and to get out of the bad memories in front of goal..

    • each time the reason of our fail was not the same. it depends which of fails you mean and when.
      it is not matter of psychologist. especially in important games the character of one player together with his quality is that make the difference. everybody can t became Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi ,Diego Simeone ,Daniel Pasarella , Mario Kempes ,Gabriel Batistuta……..etc etc etc

    • Yes, given the prevelance of psychology/psychoanalysis in Argentine society I was surprised to learn how underutilized it is by the national team. I’m hoping they have sorted this issue out as Higuain definitely needs some time on the couch. I’m hopefull that losing three finals, drama with qualification, being thumped by Spain will serve Argentina well and make them stronger come WC time.

      • They thought about consulting a psychiatrist but finally decided to go against it.after that 6-1 they will need one for sure.

  2. Dietmar Hamann on Argentina:

    “…..And then the way that Argentina qualified, because they needed to beat Ecuador in the last game of South American qualifiers to get in. They went 1-0 down after two minutes and Lionel Messi scored a hat-trick and won that game.

    “Sometimes, when you have a close shave and qualify like that, and with it also possibly being Messi’s last World Cup, I wouldn’t rule Argentina out either.”

    Jürgen Klinsmann on Argentina:

    “How many times do you think Higuaín has thought about that chance that he had in the first 20 minutes against Manuel Neuer?” Klinsmann said. “For four years he’s thinking if I had put that in, we’re up one-nil and we win the game. That’s where I say if Argentina develops this almost brutal hunger, then maybe it is Messi’s time.”

    Joachim Löw on Argentina:

    He expects that the Albiceleste in Russia is a hot title candidate. With regard to the Argentine defeats in World Cup finals in 2006, 2010 and 2014, the national coach warned: “The greater his (Messi) motivation will now be.There one can imagine what is going on in the Argentines.”

    And we do not believe in argentina XD XD XD

    • We do friend.
      Don’t count non stop cry babies as “us”..
      Some i have seen believing Argentina will lose all the 3 games in group stage.
      Don’t give too much importance. 😂

    • Opponents always say that it’s nothing important.all the critics commentators reporters all not giving any chance to Argentina and that’s because of qualifiers and friendlies drubbing

    • what the opponents saying is not important. we are ARGENTINA . and just because we are ARGENTINA everybody count us as hot title candidate in the beginning of every world cup. it is our destiny. always will be like this. in 2018, in 2022, in 2026, in 2030…. till the end of world>-)

    • Just don’t go with opponent’s saying what Germans say……we have to fight hard ..I wish we can beat Germany this time…

      Believe in Argentine football
      And Messi

  3. I have 100% confidence in all our attackers, starters or not. They are capable to score 3 goals in opening half & seal the game, against any defence.

    But my serious concern is, Maria,Lanzini,Pavon,Meza,Ansaldi,Tagliafico & Lo Celso all crosses the ball well. But with Aguero at the recieving end how effective, this would be?
    Will that force Sampoli to start Pipita, against Stronger teams like Spain, where we have to rely heavily on Counter attacks!

  4. Just watched our game against Dutch in semis. Even we know the result, heart stopped in few occasions. Not sure got the heart to able to watch a match like this again. Everyday curse god if we had won the cup happily felt a total satisfaction in life. There is nothing more to ask for. But feel life become like a zombie state. But lot of things run in mind after watching the highlights,

    * First we get a night like that again..?
    * Lavezzi ran 12 kms ( 11.98 )
    * Enzo played with ultimate dedication. Why he has been discarded like that now?
    * Any time Rojo can be red carded.
    * Messi should have the will of Robben.
    * Mascherano is great.. but he got the energy to play an entire match like that again?
    * Our left flank was mostly inactive that match. We played very defensively. Afraid of Sampaoli’s attacking plans.

    • I watched this recently as well. I thought the game was pretty stressful but needlessly. Argentina wasn’t playing their game, they were scared to lose. No Rojo on defence may have been a reason.

      I also thought all things considered Argentina had the better chances in the game but just couldn’t put them away.

      The match was really Mascherano vs Vlaar. Unbelievable game for both of them. Mascherano gets the edge with that tackle on Robben. But… I also was not convinced that ball goes in the net the angle was closed off and he still hadn’t kicked it yet.

      Garay penalty highlight of the match for me, when he hit that I knew they were going to win

      • He was supposed to train with the team today, but I think he still works separately. He will be fit in time. No more worries!

        I see Mercado as an important member of the team although his latest performances with Sevilla weren’t that brilliant but he always gives his 110% for Argentina.

  5. Sampaoli tried new lineup today.

    Lanzini- Lo Celso-Di María
    Messi Higuaín

    Changes are Fazio IN for Rojo, Mascherano IN for Biglia, Higuain IN for Aguero and DiMaria IN for Pavon.

      • I like the first lineup better… I actually think Masch has way more to offer as a DM than Biglia.. Masch is a way better passer and it can’t be worse defensively than Biglia lol.. Of course, it is no surprise that Pavon was replaced by DiMaria, who I expect to start on the left…

        However, reading that he tried Biglia (for Celso) and Masch together, hurt my soul hahaha

    • What?? Higuain??? Oh no he can’t be starting we are out in 2nd round then and even group league exit not be counted out

      • Don’t worry aguero will start in WC. Now sampouli has to try different line up in practice to examine players ,like higuine will sub for aguero.

  6. “Napoli have made contact with Russian giants Zenit about the prospect of prising Leandro Paredes back to Italy, reports Gianluca Di Marzio. Paredes left Roma to join Zenit in 2016 and the Argentina international has quickly established himself as one of the best players in the division. The 23-year-old has already been heavily linked with summer moves to Real Madrid and Juventus, but now Napoli are keen.
    Napoli are expected to part ways with key midfielder Jorginho this summer and Carlo Ancelotti believes Paredes would be the ideal replacement. The Serie A side are willing to spend as much as €35m (£30.6m) to sign the Zenit midfielder this summer, which would make Paredes the club’s second most expensive signing of all-time.Paredes narrowly missed out on a place in Jorge Sampaoli’s World Cup squad and will be free to report for pre-season straight away. Only three players won possession in the middle third more times than Paredes in the Russian Premier League this season (100).”
    After the WC Lanzini need to go at least a Liverpool caliber team too, Lo Celso is growing, Ascacibar has a lot of big club interests, Battaglia will go to Roma (almost done) plus Matias Vargas, Meza (Dortmund) one day maybe Reynoso, a lot of promising young midfielders.

    • If anyone showing It will be Sony ESPN.
      So far not confirmed. I think AFA Put out telecast right notice veey recently only.
      Since world cup is coming, Sony might not miss this opportunity. And thankfully, this time no overlapping matches.
      Timing is 4 30 AM. In india

  7. I think from a player standpoint, this team is a lot stronger than the one we fielded in 2014. Lets not forget, we barely made it out of the group stage if it was for 2 last minute heroics by Messi in the first 2 games if we are being honest..
    Defense wise, I would say it is about even:

    Romero > whoever starts
    Otamandi = Garay (maybe Garay with the slight edge as an overall CB)
    Fazio > Demichelis
    Ansaldi > Zabaleta

    This is a big change from the last WC. We, as in Sabella pretty much had 3 CDM playing in the midfield with Enzo being the only decent offensive-minded player that would venture forward when clearly that was not his strength. Fast forward to 2018, we now have 2 players, with high work rate, that could push forward and releive Messi from his playmaking duties.

    Lo Celso > Biglia
    Lanzini = Enzo (different type of players but Lanzini is better going forward)
    Biglia << Mascherano (Masch was a great as a DM in 2014)

    DiMaria = DiMaria (lets hope he stays fit)
    Messi 2018 > Messi 2014 (matured a lot as a player and a playmaker)
    Aguero > Higuain (no debating)

    Plus we have more capable back-ups (Pavon, Meza, Higuain, Masch, Acuna, Dybala)
    I think if this team gels like I expect them to, we could be a force to be reckoned with.

    • system is different more offensive so will concede a lot also thats why we need better defnders.

    • Defensively we were far stronger in 2014. Mascherano and Biglia were in top form and them along with Garay, Rojo and Zaba played in almost all the qualifiers and friendlies. Players had a good team chemistry. We also had Basanta and Campagnaro as very good backups. Demichelis was called in the very last moment and he blend in perfectly . He had a very good world cup too until the 2nd half of the extra time in final. Its was the fatigue that led him to make that mistake and I also partly blame Romero who could have done better. Fedrico Fernandez had a very good run in qualifiers but his form dipped when the world cup started. Gago was having great partnership with Messi in WCQs but he too got injured . Injuries cost us the world cup. All our core players Aguero, Di-maria, Gago got injured and especially Aguero and Di-maria were irreplaceable.

      But about having a balanced team I agree with you. This team is better balanced than Sabella’s team but more inclined on the attacking side. Not only we have quite a few attacking players they are also young and promising and they are not just there to make up the numbers. Pavon and Meza are moving to Europe after this world cup. Lo-celso ,Tagliafico ,Salvio,Acuna , Lanzini are all versatile . Good mixture of youth and experience. If our defense can hold tight and midfield can provide cover we are going to be a very hard team to beat. My concerns are lack of one more CB , we are one def-mid less ,Rojo’s form and inconsistent Banega. But seems like Sampaoli is counting on Masch and Rojo to get back in form . If Rojo can get his 2017 form back where he was rock solid for Man utd and led them to the final of Europa league (he had a dramatic return of form after disastrous 2016)and Masch can overcome his age factor we are covered in every department.

      • Defence is the key.many Mundo members rate ansaldi high.I rate tagliafico highly.I think our CB pairing otamendi Fazio will perform decent if the defence line is not too high.if fit biglia can protect our backline.defence will not be that good like 2014.this backline will surely concede garay demichilis standard cb is there this basanta rojo zabaleta was superb.most probably not gonna see that level performance ever again.that’s like a Italian defence type of performance.actually because of defence im not sure about our’s no coincidence that we conceded 10 goals in 2 friendlies.I know those are friendlies but 2014 side never concede that amount of goals in friendlies also.I hope this training help us defensively.every pundit saying we are spectacular going forward but awful in defending.even in qualifiers brazil smashed us 3-0.

        • WELL SAID. All I am saying is, in hindsight, the 2014 team appears to be better defensively. However, none of us expected that defense to play that great in 2014. I am pretty certain if I go back (forum archive), there were similar outcries from us fans about our “weak, old and slow defense” going into the WC 2014. Good thing is, although it has taken 2 world cups to fix, this is the first time where I can confidently see Messi staying closer to the goal, rather than dropping into the midfield out of necessity, to help facilitate. I think this team will surprise many of us as long as Lanzini and Lo Celso start in our midfield. Those two are very dynamic and different in style than what we’ve had in recent memories.

      • well, we were stronger in defence because 7-8 players were sitting in the back for the whole matches.

        it is actually the same thing as if to say that if you attack with 7-8 then you can say “in attack we were stronger” comparing to what problems will your defence face in that case.

        i hope that Sampaoli is smart enough to understand that we will need various tactics for different games. i don’t think actually it is good idea to try to dominate vs Spain in terms of possession, for instance

  8. Nobody in this teams is a sure starter except Messi. Sampaoli want everyone in this team fighting for their starting spot. Everyone in this team ready for action any time.
    If you think anyone else than Messi sure to make starting x1 you are absolutely wrong. Everyone will fight for their place. Armani,Rojo, Mascherano, Dybala,Banega, Pavon. Meza etc….everyone will try to prove their worth in training. It’s going to be very tough for Sampaoli. But team will surely benefit from this.

  9. Game against Croatia will define this Argentine side especially the midfield. Rakitic and Modric would be difficult to dominate. If we win and dominate the midfield battles in that game, we stand better chance in knockout games. But if Croatia dominates the midfield, Spain will be more than handful if at all we advance that far.

    • Argentina will easily dominate Croatia with 60%+ posession, from possession standpoint not just the midfielders count, defenders and strikers too, we are better than them in these regards, especially Otamendi, Messi and Aguero too.

    • well, i watched Croatia in official matches prior to WC.
      if they play on WC the same way as they did last two years we don’t even need to
      think about them, so poor they were.

      in other words, Croatia has its own issues, its not complete team


    Papu had to apologize Biglia face to face, not on social media. Papu made a big mistake in the way he made his apology but I believe he didn’t have any bad intentions when the incident happened. I hope speedy recovery for Biglia and a very good WC though he is not one of my favorite players in this Argentina team.

  11. Now that i think of the incident again that was very reckless of Gomez. I didn’t want Biglia in the team but since he is going be a starter I want him 100% fit . 2014 WC Biglia was in his peak form. I want him to bring his same Solid A game for us again.

    If we go by media rumors Romero was dropped not because he wouldn’t have been fit in time but he didn’t listen to Sampaoli’s advice. He chose not to move out of Man Utd as Sampaoli wanted a keeper with regular playing time under his belt. Clearly Sampaoli wasn’t in favour of Romero. His wife’s ranting in social media adds more fuel.That makes me think the friend’s club influence on him is wearing off!! Very good for the team!!

    I also have a question for regular West Ham followers. How good is Lanzini defensively? As he will be played as a CM for us he has to bring balance in the team. Since Aguero and Messi are not going to defend at all we need rest of the mids to defend and also help in attack and Lanzini is more like a Attacking mid in West ham. Enzo would have brought perfect balance in the team. But its too late for that. I hope Lanzini is not going to be a waste of spot like Ricky Alvarez in 2014.

    • “How good is Lanzini defensively?”

      Defensively he isn’t excellent, but he is very good and he presses throughout the game. Against Italy he made some very good interceptions and tackled correctly a few times. Offensively, I think everybody knows how good he is. If Lanzini, Lo Celso and Messi go on the pitch at the same time I think we’ll watch a very entertaining match.

    • I have watched quite a few West Ham games. I would rather say I watched Lanzini in particular. Even when the ball is not near him, I tried to see what he does (as long as he appears in the TV screen).

      He tracks back well. He covers well. I don’t remember him making valiant tackles etc. But he blocks the spaces and adds up the number in defense. This forces the opponent to go for a back pass or a side pass. Buys more time. He has that tactical awareness. It depends on the coach a lot too.

  12. Biglia is too much of an injury risk. We shouldn’t take him. I’m sure a big Icelandic guy will test his back out at the start of the first game.

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