Argentina to wear black shirt versus Iceland at World Cup


The Argentina National Team will wear their black shirt during their opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup versus Iceland.

It won’t be the sky blue and white kit which Argentina are famous for which we will be seeing on June 16 but instead the second kit. The Icelandic FA confirmed on Wednesday that their nation will sport the white shirt which would naturally mean that Argentina would wear their second kit, which is the one they were versus Italy and Spain.

The last time Argentina started a FIFA World Cup by wearing their away kit was in 2002 in a 1-0 win versus Nigeria.


  1. Vamos Argentina. We are BangladeshI people supporting Argentina . There are more than 165 millions people in bangladesh and most of them support Argentina. Millions Argentina national flags are flying our rooftops. We love Argentina and this time world cup Is our . Vamos Argentina

      • I won’t assume the duty to answer on behalf of RomanBangladesh but as for myself I can say with a certain degree of assurance that yes…. it was Maradona with whom this entire thing started and now it is continuing with Messi…………. However, as you know there may be and perhaps should be other factors as well……………..

      • A Bangladeshi here. The reason I supporr ARG is, I find life in the way they play. It must have got something to do with people of ARG, Arg players bring their individual personality into their game, and most of ARG players r not physically gifted, but still they compete with confidence and flair. They r not the most successful football nation, but they have always been very lively and humane in their approach of play. Also arg jersey is different & pleasant, which gives it a cult feel. So ARG is not pop but CULT. We Bangladeshis love ARG football and also ARG. Also cant rule out Maradona factor, becoz when we grew up, there was talks like he is a magician.Lol.Our school notebooks had Maradona on the cover page. Believe it

        • You state “they r not the most successful football nation” I take it you mean because of only winning two WC, but in actuality, Argentina are one of if not the most successful football nations in the world in total titles won at national team and club level as well as having three of the greatest ever to play the game; DiStefano, Maradona and Messi.

          • Hmm.. true that,in terms of WC only, but that could ‘ve easily been 5 too.Not taking anything away from their various other high profile achievements, like copa america, but they lacked in luck on numerous occasions.That’s makes supporting ARG all the more dramatic.

          • In my opinion, of what I have seen, Argentina could have easily had 5 star if not more by now. I grew up in the 80s so i ll talk about only what i Have seen.
            Argentina fielded 2 Champion teams in my era where luck did not favor or you can say misfortune struck. On top of my list is
            *94 WC in USA- Yes that team heavily depended on Maradona but it had all the ingredients for Maradona to easily win the Cup. And the rest of the World was not brilliant either. Probably the worst Brazil team to win a WC. That Final match was pathetic. Maradona had In-form Cannigia at the peak of his career. Just watch the game vs Nigeria. An Emerging Young Goal Machine in Batistuta, Ever reliant charismatic mid fielder Redondo snd young Simeone. We all know what happened to Maradone and the rest is history. We should have had our 3rd star only if….
            *2006 WC in Germany- Pekerman messed up big time against Germany. What a team we had. Probably our most Balanced team with Emerging Teves and Messi. Ayala, Sorin, Simeone, Veron, Cambiassi, Zanetti, Walter, Maxi, Saviola and Crespo to name a few. The best team of that WC. I remeber Germany did not give us a sure penalty in that QF and Pekerman went for Cruz instead of Messi. What a mess. Lil decisions can make huge impacts. For ex Goetze in 2014 Final. What a miss.
            *2014 in Brazil.- We were not as good as we were in 94 or 06 but Messi carried us, Mascherano saved us and Higuain robbed us. It could have been ours. Though Messi seems to be in a better form this time around in 2018.
            Honorable Mentions-
            2002 in Jap/Kor- A very good team prolly the best team in papers at that time we where no 1 ranked team but we did not deserve to go thru even with star stubbed team we failed to score goals. Something was missing and i dont regret that WC.
            *1990 in Italy- We were an zverage team but Maradona, Caniggia and Goychochea carried us to the final. Maradona and Caniggia magic passed us thru the Dangerous Brazil. Only if Caniggia was not red carded!! We could have been….
            First World Cup in 1930. WC was easy back then. No Wonder Brazil took advantage of that era. That WC could have been ours but Uruguay beat us. Fair n Square. But it could have been us.

            Out of all these i think we missed grave opportunity in 1994 (Robbed), 2006 (Foolish Decision and bad luck)), 2014 (Higuain). Could have been 5 stars by now. Anyway lets get that 3rd star. Its never too late and you never know in WC. We usually play better than our form in World Cups.(except 2002).
            Vamos Albiceleste. Go Leo.

        • @shovwar agree, 2006 was a foolish miss. That match against GER 06 was ours. In 2014 messi was not in the best form over the course of the tournament, but had magical moments. He played well in the final. It was really difficult with what happened in the final, even though ARG gave GER a tough time. yea Higuain, palacio and even messi missed good opportunities.

    • The legacy Started with Maradona as 1986 was the first time that the Indian National TV showed all the matches live.(Previously it was only highlights of group games and live telecast of the SF and Final only). As I am from Kolkata, I knew that 90% of the ppl supported brazil before 1986 happned. Post 1986 its 50-50 and still its the same way. The next 1 month the “city of joy” aka Kolkata will be equally divided between these two teams with flags of both the countries hanging in the streets and localities. However Germany & Italy also has supporters here but no where near to Brazil & Argentina. There was some French and Dutch Colony on the outskirts and suburbs outside Kolkata in the per-independence era where there is still considerable support for France & Holland. In another state of India named Goa there is huge support for Portugal as that was the old Portuguese colony before independence. I hope am able to provide a rough sketch. Any one from India is free to ad his/her opinion.

      • @Deepjoy………Yes, Maradona was the proverbial anvil upon which this fanbase was chiselled, shaped and given life. There were other factors too like Falkland war for example but personally I am at my wit’s end even now to pinpoint the precise point of time when this shapeless “Support” transcended its mere mortal confines and started to crystallize into something divine and surreal called love. And even today if I endeavour to dissect this love for Argentine football I still find many factors that might have influenced pretty heavily that initial process but most curiously all those factors when added and summed up individually do not become or add up to the end result. I can strongly feel that “X” factor but feel absolutely powerless to define or give shape to that ingredient. But I believe it’s always same with love which is better felt than reasoned or penned into something definite. By the by I am a Bengali but hail from a town that is situated in the northern part of WB……Vamos Argentina………..Vamos Messi…..

  2. i prefer our first shirt of course but as second shirt i like very much this black shirt.
    much more beautiful than the last one.

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