Preview on Argentina’s Base Camp and List of Roommates


TyC Sport has already arrived in Russia and have everyone a preview on Argentina’s base camp which situated in Bronnitsy, on the outskirt of Moscow.

As you can see, the place has all the necessary amenities for the team including a football field, tennis court, archery court, state of the art gym and swimming pool.

Meanwhile, each room at their training camp will consist of two players. The following are the list of roommates in Russia.










Mercado/Lanzini’s replacement

Di Maria/Lo Celso

Only Ever Banega will be having a room all to himself, provided if he is fit enough to play in World Cup following the injury he picked up earlier today.


  1. If banega not fit. Don’t need to waste time on him. Rather immediately call Ricardo Centurion or Eziquil Barco to join and practice with the squad. Every single player’s fitness is important if we want to win the trophy. We don’t need things to hide without solving and then regrets.

  2. So it is enzo perez…i have mixed reaction towards this. He is out of form for river for last few months but he always played well in argentina shirt.

  3. Enzo is a utility midfielder. Not brilliant nor poor. Hopefully will not be called to play unless as a sub in a game won in the first half (unlikely lol)

  4. welcome to the squad Enzo. you are very good and hard worker player.
    i am happy to see you back to the national team. good to have you.

    Vamos Argentina!!!

  5. If the News of Enzo is true…

    Enzo Perez is Messi’s friend.. so Messi gave him holiday, saved him from Training camp…
    Now Enzo Perez is Messi’s friend… So he got selected into the team.. Messi is spoiling our Great Team…

    Waiting for Usual Suspects.

    • For the record, Enzo has been at home training non stop. He has not been in vacation. He knew there was a possibility. He reached a final last WC, saved our asses vs Equador and deserves the call up, he is an excellent box to box option.

      • So he trained because because and only because of this faint chance?Really,also just saw the video of him in tears after we qualified in the ecuador game,and unless he has aged very badly he is perfect for us

    • Messi is a brilliant guy you know??…if enzo has been selected at first in place of lanzini he knew he would have been blamed…
      But using his future vision and calculations he was sure what will be going to happen….
      Several reporters saying that messi and masche with the help of an astrologer worked out the whole scenario even before the preliminary list has been announced..
      He is mesmerizing…. Ridiculously mesmerizing….!!!!

  6. Mundial Rusia 2018
    Enzo Pérez, el elegido por Jorge Sampaoli para reemplazar a Manuel Lanzini
    El director técnico de la Selección argentina se inclinó por la experiencia del volante de River
    9 de junio de 2018

    Tras más de 24 horas de darse a conocer la triste noticia de la lesión de Manuel Lanzini (rotura del ligamento cruzado anterior de su rodilla derecha), Jorge Sampaoli decidió convocar en reemplazo del hombre del West Ham a Enzo Pérez.

    El mediocampista de River, pese a no tener un buen semestre -mermó su performance y tuvo algunos problemas físicos-, terminó ganando la pulseada para integrar la lista de 23 debido a su experiencia y al nivel mostrado cada vez que le tocó lucir la camiseta albiceleste, como el duelo clave ante Ecuador por la última fecha de las Eliminatorias Sudamericanas rumbo a Rusia 2018.

    Aunque en un principio se barajó la posibilidad de llamar a Diego Perotti o Erik Lamela, futbolistas que pueden ocupar el lugar que dejó vacante Lanzini, Sampaoli se inclinó por reforzar la zona central del campo. El mendocino competía por un lugar con Guido Pizarro (recientemente incorporado por Tigres de México), Leandro Paredes (Zenit) y Pablo Pérez (Boca).

    Otro dato importante a favor de Enzo Pérez es que conoce muy bien al grupo, ya que formó parte del plantel que fue subcampeón del mundo en Brasil 2014.

    El mediocampista, que se encuentra en Argentina, viajará directamente a Rusia, donde se encontrará con todo el equipo en el búnker de la Selección (en Bronnitsy, a las afueras de Moscú), ya que dejarán hoy el complejo del Barcelona

  7. Meza looks great but I’m holding my judgement on just how good he is until he actually plays in an international game that means something. Obviously Sampaoli rates him and expectations are high. Hopefully he comes out the motor of the national team.

  8. 11 from today’s practice : Caballero; Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, Tagliafico; Mascherano, Lo Celso; Maxi Meza, Messi, Di María y Aguero

  9. pablo perez is better than enzo. who can score goal. also he can support messi too in midfield like gago

        • But the pressure associate with actual match is different.actually if rojo improves our CB concern is gone.then only dm and fullback position concern remains

    • Meza has received praises from Messi, Cabellero, Guzman and Armani.

      For me, if he can do it against Spain, he can do it against Iceland or Croatia.

      • That was a friendly and no one knew him so it was easier now in actual wc everybody will strategies for each and every player and make a plan to stop them not easy to perform

    • Meza is special gifted & hardworking intelligent player.
      hopefully sampaoli calls another hardworking smart player in enzo perez. If we face a physical midfield like brazil enzo will be needed.

  10. Banega is fine. Thank God.
    Hope he will join the team training ASAP…

    To those who wish Injury for Players,
    for the time being,
    support our selected players, they have been doing together in the system for a while, replacement however super talented as some of you claims, won’t be that much effective.. it’s not easy to merge into a new system in 4_5 daya time…

    And after World Cup, Consult a doctor.
    Wishing Injury to human beings is not a great quality

  11. Please stop wishing players injury and finding positives in injury to a player. That’s the most vile thing in sports.

  12. Meza caused a great impression on everyone in training when playing alongside Masche.

    If meza masche combo works , then all good. Lo celso is better in upper positions in my opinion.

    • Meza seems to be a generous player in addition to his natural talent, always here to give a hand to his partners, similar to Pires in the past, this position may work for him. I like the idea of having Meza, Lo Celso, Acuna or Tagliafico, Salvio and Pavon in the starting 11. All of them are always mobile, can attack and defend, can do the pressing, dribble and keep the ball. It’s a good support to Messi.

  13. still now, I believe Argentina has good chance to win worldcip if players stay fit.

    if our 14-15 players are super fit then we are ok to compete with brasil or germany.because both team will field 11 players on the don’t have any fucking reason to think about opponents another 12 players.still now we have those 14-15 worldclass players,though lanzini is a great loss for us.but if any players get injured from these list then I would say we are done.just look at 14,15,16s chile u will get my logic.beside their starting eleven they lacked world class players,but their first 11 were fit and they won the title.
    in my opinion I believe still now we are ok.

  14. With loss of lanzini, we not only lost a good player and a possible starter but also 3 weeks of training, understanding, tactical work.

    People here who wishes injury to players are stupid.

    Ever banega is with Sampaoli since the beginning. Loosing him means loosing 8 months of work.

    No matter how talented, the replacements won’t be in same page with rest of the team as the lost ones.

    Lanzini could score few goals that for sure. We lack goal scoring midfielders. His ball holding is good, he can drive the ball forward, his football iq is good however he lacks in passing and vision.

    I believe meza will be able to fill the gap nicely. He has same characteristics. Better running, dribbling, I am not sure about his shooting, just haven’t seen him that much. He is more agile though. For the opponents meza will be more handful. Lanzini for me a good utility player, not the game changer.

    Pavon does not bring the same services. Only meza can replace lanzini in starting xi .

  15. reports saying lanzini replacement will announce today.i think mayb after morning training

  16. • I think it’s a positive for the fact that these injuries happens now, and not in the world cup.

    • many guys here in this group says “dybala ” can’t be lanzini replacement??? The only reason I can think of why “dybala ” can’t be lanzini replacement is the fact that messi and dybala stated that the two find it hard to play together, other than that my friends if you watched dybala this season, especially in the champions league you would have found that dybala defensive work rate as well as he’s pressing is far better than the likes of lanzini, banega and definitely locelso. So guys please don’t make statements that are far fetch.

    • I really hope messi and dybala can find a way to play together, sampaoli has to make it work, it will be very good for Argentina if they can make it work, baring in mind that I have no doubt in my mind that they have been working on it in training.

    • according to Jose mourinho predictions on RT, their is a big possibility that Argentina can face Spain in quarter finals and Germany in the semi final, but that’s if Jose mourinho predictions are correct. We can only wait and see I guess because we all know mourinho technical ability are second to none. Also according to mourinho predictions, their is a big chance that Argentina can face Brazil in the final.

  17. According to Juan Arango barco is considered to replace who is barco?? Which position he plays??is he any good??

    • Attacking midfielder. He runs a lot and can track back. Rigorous, ball hungry and energetic. Usually he plays on the left side. He is 19 years old only. If selected, i think he will be the youngest squad member.

    • now who is juan arango? Barco is the future like ascacibar . he is currently in MLS with Tata Martino . When u have Enzo/ perroti/ pizzaro etc – no chance for him now. that way ascacibar can also be selected. really hoping biglia, di maria , aguero, Mercado hold on for the whole tournament without injuries. Pretty sure Banega’s is a minor injury.
      The argentina camp drama is more than a soap opera this time. romero- lanzini – canceled friendly – now some cook shit.

        • no wonder he said that. Barco plays in MLS ( with Atlanta FC ) .. So US based view. definitely to be ignored. Surely the replacement will not be a surprise & will be from 35 list only. DM selection will be good for us as we have enough wide players . Don’t know why Sampa does not have any mindshare for Battaglia.

  18. Will be pretty bad if Banega is off too because I thought he could be Lanzini’s replacement in addition to the option Meza. Comparing to Lanzini, it is actually his natural position. He can carry the ball, break lines with his passing or using his dribbles to make the difference. His champions league performance this year was quite good, that reflects his level. He has decent defensive contribution too despite his lack of concentration from time to time and he is the one who has the good understanding of Messi. So naturally he should be the 1st choice. It’s a shame that a player like him cannot play 1 single world cup. But if it really happens, then Paredes seems to be the 1st choice. His style is different, he likes to stay in his zone, which gives more freedom to Lo Celso.

    Lanzini’s injury for sure is a bad thing but that could let Sampaoli to choose another DM, which is a good thing. He should have realized that during his training sessions. I hope that offset each other. For Lanzini’s replacement, should be between Kranevitter, Pizarro, Pablo Perez and Enzo Perez. Lanzini is a great player, he will be missed with his long shot, his creativity, his high work-rate and his capacity to keep the ball. Just hope that Banega, Meza or eventually Paredes could take his responsibility.

  19. The replacement for Manuel Lanzini will likely be named today – it will be a central midfielder: One of Guido Pizarro or Enzo Pérez


  20. There is a rumour that sampaoli sexually harassed a cook in afa premises.i don’t know what’s happening??

  21. Look at Messi reaction after hearing the news about Lanzini injury yet people talk about ”Messi and friends.” Messi seems broken, like he blanked out for a few second, same for Aguero next to him. This is the human aspect of Messi apart from his game which I also love about the player. All the players on the bus were so sad man.

  22. Hey, anyone playing Fifa Fantasy? Last time I played as El Principe posted about it. I picked Robben, Messi both scored 4 goals. I also picked Di Maria who did not have a good wc. Another mistake I did was not selecting goal scoring midfielders.

    Here is my team this time:


    —Isco———-Lo Celso——Coutinho——-Carrasco


    If you are playing post your team 🙂

          • tite’s preferred midfield will be Coutinho – augusto/fernandinho- casemiro- willian.
            Paulinho is not a starter. he will be more of an impact sub. Even with Barca he plays as sub regularly.

        • Seems like you don’t watch Brazil much in qualifiers.paulinho is absolute starter and coutinho will play as a winger.actually Willian is a sub player.

          • agree paulino played more in qualifiers than willian. but with alves now not as RB , tite will want to use willian who is a solid right winger & will help more in attack. paulinho is more box to box & will be used as sub for pretty much any midfielder
            BTW Coutinho plays on left side & with willian/paulinho we are speaking right wing

        • Chances of Tite putting,
          Neymar–Jesus—Willian in front & using
          Any 2 out of Renato,Casemiro,Fernandinho
          + Paulinho (100% sure starter) in midfield is good….

      • Coutinho is not only a sure starter he is also their main man in the midfield. You take him out and Brazil will struggle to create chances which means Neymar has to drop to midfield like Messi does for us.

  23. many players are there like mauro zarate, Nicholas parejo, bruno zucchini they are all wasted their career where they signed on English clubs.
    pavon should not sign with english clubs if he signed he will get injured after 3 to 4 games then

  24. Guys there is agreed sense between Argentina fans and France fans that they wish to meet each other in final. I believe both Arg. and French fans believe that if they some how get past against Germany and Spain(in Arg case) and Brazil (in france case), they could beat each other. For Argentina, it is similar to Portugal situation in Euros where they were lucky to avoid spain, italy, germany and only had to face France in one off game and they won the tournament. Argentina need same luck to win world cup. If Germany get knocked out before we meet them and if we somehow beat Spain, we could win the tournament all the way but Varane needs to get inured as he is the best defender to stop Messi in the world.

  25. We need both good destroyer and perhaps No.9 so someone like Batigolia (thanks to @dolon for the idea) would be great cross of the two 😛

  26. Sad for Lanzini and for the team. As I said previously, EPL is too intensive(physically demanding) which may explain why England had never been at 100 percent during the big competition. Other than Lanzini, Otamendi and Aguero are also EPL players and they also have injuries. Let’s hope now nothing happens to them.

    Now for his replacement, Sampaoli seems to prefer a more defensive profile given that Biglia is not fit yet and we cannot solely rely on Maschereno. It could be Enzo Perez, Kranevitter, Paredes or Pablo Perez. Why not Battaglia and eventually Ascacibar? In the starting 11, Sampaoli may replace Lanzini with Meza or Banega if he wants to stay in the same system.

  27. Just don’t know what to say on Argentina’s World Cup hopes. It just gets slimmer and slimmer as the days go by.
    Anyways its all beyond our hands. all we can do is just pray.
    ‘He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. Oh what a love between my Lord and i. I keep falling in love with him over and over and over and over again’

    • I think he has been pretty unconvincing. He has played before and I’m not sure he can really help our midfield. I think Ascaibar or Enzo Perez.

      • it it comes to DM, my choice is karne utter who can move the ball forward with dribling and passes also he can defend

  28. I feel really sorry for Lanzini, he was set up to have a solid world cup and a possible big club move after tournament.

  29. sampaoli can use pablo Perez he can be a box to box player and also he can get support from boca teammate pavon. pablo is like gaga. he can play one on one, dribble the player. if his age is concern then why did you choose cabellaro, March, biglia and he is more better than biglia

  30. in these days if sampaoli used u19 team at least they could be ready. these are all chuckers

    • Absolutely, just an easy training session makes them collapsed, see other teams play 2 or 3 friendlies against tough opponents and no injuries reported.

    • Di Maria usually get injured after 20 min from running as a headless chicken. Aguero’s knee will follow. Sampaoli chose wrong squad and now he’s reaping his stubbornness and stupidity.

      • Agreed. Di maria depend on his running rather than using his brain for the guy who is Skinner than stick. Someone should slap Di maria and tell him to pass the ball than shooting for impossible angle. I was watching 2014 world cup highlights, Di maria was shooting without looking for team mates or the goal post. What a jerk. Hopefully Sampoali realize that and start using team oriented players than greedy bastard like Di Maria. However for haters, Di maria is argentina’s best player because he runs. As for Huigain, he has bigger ego than Ronaldo. Not selecting Icardi could be our downfall unless Sampoali plays guys who are there to help messi rather than trying to take lime light.

        • Yes that what concerns me about Higuain, not his sitter misses or poor finishing skills, rather his fucked up attitude towards fans and his ego which is as twice as CR7 ego.

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