Ever BANEGA reportedly picks up calf injury

Ever Banega Argentina Italy
Ever Banega Argentina Italy

Ever BANEGA has reportedly picked up a calf injury.

The day keeps getting worse for Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI. Following the news which broke out earlier that Manuel LANZINI has an ACL injury, rumors are circulating that Ever BANEGA now has a calf injury.

Regarding Manuel LANZINI, the rumors are that one of Enzon PEREZ, Leandro PAREDES or Guido PIZARRO can be called as a replacement.


  1. Why this type of guys Banega, Lanzini, Higuain other physically unfit players want to ruin the desire of getting the WC for thier personal gain. In last 2 weeks Training sessions was very ordinary and normal nothing hard at all.
    The problem of sampaoli was picking players of 23 man squad. There was no need to include west ham player Lanzini when knowing he has a poor physical strength and lack pace and skills.

  2. Enzo Perez is called – Enzo Pérez was the only Argentine player to complete 100% of his passes in the last two games of the WC Qualifiers: 18/18 v Perú, 31/31 v Ecuador

  3. mr.sampaoli, please choose pablo Perez instead of enzo.
    enzo cannot score, cannot take the ball forward. when you are chosing pablo who can score, make curling shots, defend, take forward the ball and passing, who can fit to play with messing. he is like gago.

    please chk on youtube

  4. Hopefully Banega is fine, we cannot afford another player getting injured, not good for the team. I did not see any hard physical training in the preparations. I will go to Perroti for Lanzini

  5. Minor injury or major one, either case we won’t see him playing as there’s no time left. That’s the outcome when you take deadwoods to world cup like this alcoholic or somebody brought all clubs injuries season long like Lanzini just to be in the NT but couldn’t fake it any longer during training. It’s the silver lining.

  6. Banega’s injury is minor, that’s the status so far.

    Hopefully he can get into 100% fitness soon.

    I could see some people commented that they’re glad to see the players injured because first of all they didn’t agree with the selection and can now hope their favourite players would be selected.

    Banega is more than useful as a sub. He is playing at Sevilla and he was even in the CL team of the year

    Best player to introduce if we are already winning and want to slow down the game. ie to ensure we don’t lose from a winning position.

    Some people come to this site to vent out their hatred and frustration towards certain players.

    They need to grow and understand that they’re all Argentinian players and they were selected in the squad deservingly.

  7. We have quite a few inexperienced players in team and our two main players Pavon and Meza haven’t even played in the European leagues and those who are playing in Europe are young and not very experienced like Tagliafico, Locelso, Salvio and Acuna . Banega has played in high intensity games in top competitions. We can’t count on him to play a role of enganche anymore because of his inconsistency but Banega would be very useful to slow down a pace of a game especially if we are winning. You need experienced players on the pitch to hold on to a lead until the end of a match especially in a highest level competition like a World Cup. With Lanzini gone we can’t afford to lose Banega also plus He has already spent 3 weeks in the training camp lets pray its just a minor injury.

  8. Another Club member is lost due to injury. He shouldn’t be picked from the first place anyway. I’m glad he’s out simply because he has no impact on the team historically.

      • You asshole, you want him in the team, I don’t, and having him injured is a better resolution for us. This is my opinion, and if you don’t agree with it, move on and don’t have to post your patriotism comment you son of the bitch.

        • i will not go down to your level to use bad words.
          one more time you show how good human you are with your words to me.

          and because still i am sure you don t understand the subject
          for last time i am saying that your opinion for players is respect.
          i don t care about that.
          i care only for your happy for one person have injured.

          just try to be better human.
          simple as that.

        • Arg2018 this is a site where we love and support the Arg national team. As part of that love and support, we, or at least most of us, try to respect everyones opinions. Whether you agree or not, there is no place on this site for disrespect or foul language rants…by your moniker you may have just joined so you may not know the law of lan. Let’s keep it clean so this site continues to be what it was meant to be since initiated back in 2006. Vamos Argentina!!!

          • You got that wrong jerk, bad guess. I first posted on this site which was under different name and basic layout for world cup Germany 2006, and I didn’t even know that time it was first established till years passed. Myself and others had different nicknames back then because at some point we were unable to sing with those nicknames. So shut the fuck up jerk.

    • Banega is more than useful as a sub. He is playing at Sevilla and he was even in the CL team of the year

      Best player to introduce if we are already winning and want to slow down the game. ie to ensure we don’t lose from a winning position.

      Some people come to this site to vent out their hatred and frustration towards certain players.

      They need to grow and understand that they’re all Argentinian players and they were selected in the squad deservingly.

  9. No problem. Media should not make it a issue. Banega, Mascheranho, Higuain are physically poorest of the poor when you compare competitive football. This is the ground reality.
    No regret. I am happy of that news. It only determine that Sampaoli is doing his best to prepare and improve the young and old players in physically Fittest and finest in the whole world cup. Argentina is only footballing nation in the world that has most potential quality young players who didn’t even get a chance and they only need some quality guidance how to play as team.

    • the only poor here is you as human.
      if somebody say that he/she is happy with you have health problem you will be happy?
      i don t have words for people like you …..
      SHAME ON YOU !!!!

      • Injuries takes place to guys who are physically unfit. This is a bitter truth and ground reality. Injuries doesn’t mean he has disease that everyone should worry. But certainly we can’t afford a single player physically vulnerable to play for Argentina in this WC. Ultimate plan is to win the trophy not regrets.

    • Whatever is it. Banega, Biglia, Mascherano are the experience. Technique alone can’t win a game. You need experience to handle the big moments, the sheer pressure coming from it, and the knowledge of opposing team/ players.

      • Maradona has most experience and knowledge than any other player in Argentina. So what???? We can’t include maradona to play because of his past success. We have dybala and meza far better than today’s Maradona.
        We can’t afford a not fully fit player who can ruin total Argentina football by getting injured in any crucial stage of the match even if he is Messi.
        Things are very clear and straight.
        Did you get that.

  10. Also Centurion’s name was rumored till the last moment. Is there any chance of him getting selected (If Banega is also out)? Logically, it seems not likely to happen!

    • Centurion has just operated and adviced complete bed rest for 10 days then he can train normally only after 40 days.so no chance of him.if both banega and lanzini out of world cup very interesting who the 2 players sampaoli will pick.now looks like it is blessing that sampaoli picked salvio and acuna.we may need them in midfield now.and they are practicing from 14th may so has better understanding.those 2 players who will come will need some time to adjust to formations and tactics

  11. First Romero, then Lanzini, now Banega? Makes you question what is really happening in the training sessions! No matter, as long as Messi is still there, let’s be honest, this WC will be determined on how He plays. If he turns up, Argentina shows up, if he’s missing, Argentina will suffer. Maybe we could finally see a Messi-Dybala formation in the WC after all! The best in La Liga and the best in Serie A playing together with Aguero top would be best! We’ll see.
    It could maybe look something like
    Meza-Messi-Di Maria/Pavon
    Let’s not forgets Dybala’s finishing is world class as well. Could look promising.

  12. This can’t be real. Is there too much of practise going on leading to injuries? we need a team for russia please. Banega could have played a good sub role and on his day dominates and influences games like no other.

  13. Nothing to worry. Until Argentina has Messi, it has chance whatever happence to other players. Benefit of having a player of his kind.

  14. So now it’s obvious we should take CM. One of Enzo, Paredes, Pablo perez, Battaglia.

    I hope one of Battaglia/ Paredes + one of Icardi/Martinez if Banega will be also out

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