Gabriel BATISTUTA on Argentina: “The only number 9 we have is HIGUAIN”


The legendary Gabriel BATISTUTA gave his thoughts on the Argentina National Team and stated that the only number 9 we have is Gonzalo HIGUAIN.

Gabriel BATISTUTA knows a thing or two about scoring goals. He also knows a thing or two about scoring goals at a FIFA World Cup. Speaking with Tiempo de Colombia, the former Argentina international spoke about HIGUAIN and the National Team. Here’s what he had to say:

“The only number 9 we have is HIGUAIN. One of the skills that a complete number 9 must have is to be able to adapt to his team mates. The number 9 wants to score goals but before anything, he wants the team to win. What he was missing was luck.”

Gabriel BATISTUTA on Argentina not winning the World Cup:

“If we think that not being champions is a failure, we are wrong. Today, we are not a machine. And when we were a machine, we exited in the first round (the 2002 FIFA World Cup). The World Cup is not always won by the best, even though Germany always make the semi-finals.”

Another former Argentina number 9, Hernan CRESPO posted the following picture of himself alongside Gabriel BATISTUTA.


  1. I have been a argentina fan since 86.My favourite 2 players are Diego Armando Maradona and Gabriel Omar Batistuta.The GREATEST FOOTBALLER and GREATEST striker EVER.But since 2002 even though argentina did not do well at all,the team seems to struggle.They lost the copa america 2004 even when they had a few good players like carlos tevez,henize,delgado,zanetti.They lost the 2007 copa america and then the 2014 wc 2015/2016 copa america.And the 2014 wc team was very average except for messi,aguero,mascherano,rojo,zabelta,romero.Argentina lack defence and no creativity in midfield and no firepower up front.Higuain could not hit the water if he fell out of a boat.And what surprised me they left tevez out 2014 wc and 2015 copa america.If he had played he would have added some spice to the team and argentina probably would have won at least 1 trophy.And argentina do not have a true centre forward like batistuta good height/strength and obviously a GREAT STRIKER.Could score from anywhere for both club and country.And today’s performance against croatia was SHAMEFUL.I think maradona and batistuta should show the new generation of players how to score and win games.And i noticed 2014 wc and 2015/2016 the players would not shoot from outside the box.Would try to walk the ball in.And they hardly had any shots today against croatia and none against iceland.God help them.

  2. I wish we could have BATIGOL on our 23, in his prime of coarse!!!! KUN can handle the #9 position just as good as PIPAs unlucky ass. So could DYBALA. I don’t mind PIPA on the squad though, he was one of our main goal scorers in past tournaments, COPA AMERICA and WC 2014…….Just don’t let him kick a penalty and also sub him out, no full game!!!!!

  3. “The only Number nine is Higuain”? If he means the only player WEARING the Number 9 then he is right! But if he means by finishing and winning, I don’t know what he’s been watching. Higuain hasn’t scored since 2016 or something like that! Aguero I’m the other hand, every game he plays he scores! Aguero is 3x the player Higuain is! Personally, I think if playing a 2-3-3-2, it would be better if Dybala played alongside Aguero to look something like this!
    Meza-Messi-Di Maria
    To me that would be a team that could hopefully get past Spain IMO. (And the real number nine as far away from that team as possible)

    • Batigol has right. when he means 9 he speak for the classic type of center forward. like Batistuta , Crespo , Caniggia etc. he didn t mean to play on 9 position. Aguero, Messi and Dybala are not classic center forwards. only Higuain is this kind of players on the 23 squad.

      that Batigol means.

  4. Higuain has one chance to prove himself in this group, and good if he takes it. Sampaoli is providing him one final shot at redemption by still starting him over Dybala and Aguero.
    The ball is in your feet Gonzalo, shoot it and forget your past mistakes
    Or miss it again and be drowned forever in your regret

  5. Double-pivot is back. LoCelso out and Masch-Biglia combo back..!
    New lineup today.
    Wilfredo Caballero
    Salvio-Nicolás Otamendi-Marcos Rojo-Nicolás Tagliafico
    Javier Mascherano-Biglia
    Maximiliano Meza-Lionel Messi-Ángel di María

    • Locelso Masche Meza Dimaria Higuain

      Let’s discuss about their sub:-

      Locelso-enzo perez
      Masche -biglia

      Hope Sampaoli will fix things about subs..
      I think if dimaria higuain starts they will be substituted in normal situation
      Who will be 3rd sub?
      Ans- I think 3rd sub will be in any emergency or in normal condition it will be in last 80s or in injury time

  6. i agree with batigol. he mean that Higuain is the only clear 9 player we have in the world cup squad.
    he didn t mean that we don t have in Argentina other 9 players.
    Sampaoli chooses this squad so even if i don t like some choices he make
    i support my national team and i hope in the end to be proved that i was stupid about my opinion.

    Vamos Argentina. vamos a ganar!!!

  7. Our chances depend upon fitness level of Augreo and Di maria.If they can play all seven matches then we can win the WC.There was a very good chemistry between Messi and Augreo in friendlies so it may reflect in WC too.Augreo and Messi going to be top scorer of Argentina.Some crucial header goal will come from Otamendi.Di maria and Meza will assist.Lo celso and Enzo will provide build up.Lo celso might assist or score.Ansaldi can assist score and build up.He is quite complete player.

  8. Some positive notes from Messi—
    According to Mirror Sport, Messi said out of 6 teams anyone can win this WC. He said England is not in it and said nothing about Portugal.
    He thinks Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Argentina have the chances and he will do his best to win.
    According to Mirror Sport-
    Messi, who turns 31 in this WC, hinted that he might not retire from international football following the competition.
    When asked how he would react if Argentina were to go all the way and win this World Cup he said, “I WILL CONTINUE AND GO ON TO WIN ANOTHER ONE”. I have won a lot with my club and the following year the motivation is always the same, the idea is always to win again. With the WC it will be the same. I will not change anything”.

    😜Thats the spirit boss ❤️❤️🖐🏻🖐🏻✌🏻💪🏼🇦🇷❤️. Win this one and come back to win again with Dybala and Icardi.
    This wont be the last of Messi for Albiceleste. I have a very good feeling about this WC. Messi seems charged and possitive.
    Vamos Albiceleste. Lets win this.

  9. “The only number 9 (we think) we have is HIGUAIN”

    Missing the target on a 1 on 1 situation in the finals of 2014 and 2016 is not bad luck.
    But now that Higuain is our No.9 for the world cup, my full support is with him. I hope he starts, scores and DESTROYS the opponents!.

  10. interesting comments from our greatest striker ever.
    its has shades of 02 when bati was in bad form for club and then country but got picked over a very inform Crespo who should have started ahead of bati, forward to 2018 and we have hig who has had a average club season and has beenpoor at n/t level since 2014 but bati still backs hig to be starting instead of a very inform icardi and guess what Crespo backed icardi to be in ahead of hig.

    • Is it difficult to understand the target #9 such as Icardi, Giroud wouldn’t fit for possession based football? Even Suarez doesnt’ fit fully.

      We have seen how many times Suarez lost the ball while playing for Barca. But he has other attributes such as pressing and power which reduce the overall negative impact.

      Unless Icardi improves his game (play one-twos, pressing from the top, improving ball control), I can’t see him as a starter for Argentina as long as we play possession based football.

  11. Higuain was best no 9 now both Suarez and Higuain finished, selection of Higuain ahead of Icardi is completely injustice if Icardi had great chemistry with team or grabbed little opportunity which he got, Higuain isn’t in Russia only experience and team chemistry put Higuain ahead of Icardi

    • But I’m happy Higuain selection ahead of Icardi because of 1986-87 born same for Enzo Perez as Lanzini replacement

  12. Bati is my fav has his opinion but I dont agree with him on Higuain anymore, Maybe in 2010 Higuain was amazing. I hope and pray that i ll be proved wrong in this WC by Higuain. After all We all want our team to win. I ll be very nervous if Higuain Starts in another Final though. Crespo always my 3rd fav goalscorer after Bati and Caniggia, favors Icardi which I agree would be our weapon in the future. Icardi has a Bati style in him.

  13. Your voice, the voice of a legend, who wants nothing but support,love & Positive energy for his juniors.
    You are full of love, Batti.

  14. 75% of Aguero goals are from friendlies. I’m huge Aguero fan but he is yet to do anything at the World Cup after playing in two previous tournaments. Hopefully he can make an impact when given the chance in 2018.

    • Higuain in prime ahead of Aguero that’s why kun not get opportunity, even tevez starts head of him. But in 2018 completely different, Higuain no more like previous and Aguero improved a lot between Aguero and Messi will be Argentina top goal scorer

  15. Well some of the best teams ever played without a number 9.

    Its just another opinion lik one of us so we should respect it and then say we disagree lol

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