Argentina line-up all but confirmed for World Cup match


With the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicking off today and the Argentina team not playing until Saturday, coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has went with the same eleven in training.

It’s been a long road to this World Cup. A difficult qualifying campaign, a 6-1 loss which made headlines all over the world, Sergio ROMERO being dropped from the team, the cancelled match against Israel, Manuel LANZINI also getting injured and all the little things in between. However, Jorge SAMPAOLI finally looks to have found his starting eleven for Argentina’s starting match.

Chelsea goalkeeper Willy CABALLERO will be the goalkeeper, Eduardo SALVIO will be the right back and Sergio AGUERO as the front man. For the fifth consecutive day, Jorge SAMPAOLI put this line-up out in training:


Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, who was not even in the Argentina squad last year is now the starting left back. Federico FAZIO has lost his place in the team to Manchester United’s Marcos ROJO amd not a right back Eduardo SALVIO takes over Gabriel MERCADO’s spot.

Lucas BIGLIA looks to have fully recovered and finds his dance partner from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Javier MASCHERANO in the middle. With LANZINI out of the squad, Maxi MEZA will get a start. The front three need no introduction.


  1. Midfield battle going on so far between egypt and uruguay. Both teams’ defence look solid or perhaps their attack is weak.

  2. I just watched Icelands 4 last games. They are completly awful. The have let in 11 goals in those games, against opposition far less impressive then ours beloved Argentina.

    There defending is absolutly horrific. Their only threat comes from set peices.

    We will either win 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 after wasting several chanses or we will have a ketchup effect and win by a much larger margin. 5, 6 or even 7-0.

    I can also see why Sampaioli is choosing to attack down the flanks. I mean my God its like an open highway.

    After the first 15-20 min when the nerves have setteled Argentina will absoluty demolish them.

    Of course anything can happen in football. But i like our odds.

    Vamos Argentina.

    • if things go normal then we will win easy.
      Iceland is weak team offensively.
      they will park the bus and they will try create counter attacks.

      they have tall players and they will try to score too with free kicks and with corner kicks.

  3. one day left before we begin in world cup too.
    today s match Spain vs portugal is important to see which of this 2 teams will be in our bracket side in knock out stage.
    i am curious to see them playing that game.

    because other thing the friendly matches and completely other story the world up games.

  4. “… We managed to do it (contain) with Cristiano Ronaldo in the European Championship, why Messi should be a problem in the World Cup? ”

    : Gunnarsson, Iceland Captain.

    I am loving these kindbof buildups. A perfect occasion for messi to prove it (for the 446.. th time).

  5. Its amazing that everyone in this blog is smarter than Sampaoli. Four years ago same people were blaming Romero , Mascherano. Same people were saying that we would loose because of g.k and because of poor mascherano. Same people were praising fantastic four lol lol lol but Masche and Romero proved themself giants in the world cup while fantastic four failed. Fantastic four didn’t even score four goals together lol lol lol ..Without Mascherano and Romero we would have been knocked out in the earlier stages. So people like us and our predictions are not always right when there is a toutournament. Coach and players know how to play in system. For the sake of our team please don’t be oversmart and don’t blame any player. Even they loose or win , support Argentina . If you can’t or if you still don’t believe in our team and coach then go and support Saudi Arabia who were humilated yesterday. My bp rises whenever I see comments in this blog. People are so much negative minded.

  6. While we discuss about the team’s chances, let us try to imagine a team that will be there in Qatar four years down the line….

  7. Every single pundit, every single websites are dismissing Argentina

    Still they will be the first ones to blame messi when argentina will crash out of the world cup.

    One of the journalists in Argentina said “You know, 2014 is the only wc in which messi really played, in 2006 he wasn’t given a chance, in 2010 was subjected to scandalous coaching and team selection”.

    Yes 2014 was the year in which he had some balance and he reached the final, may be he would have won with some ifs and buts, their core was fantastic four, yet two of those four were injured and one missed the chance of the century.

    This year again, unbalanced team, new coach (only 11 matches old), Argentina will surely falter and messi will be blamed.

    Alas, he never had a bad world cup, 2006 was so promising, 2010 creating all the goals for his team, 2014 winning the golden ball,,,not a single flop tourny,,,,but he will be blamed, by his own countrymen, by his rivals, by this World..

  8. Argentina needs to pass quickly and play more direct possession based games.if you passing slowly and overall game is slow you can’t break a parking bus 🚌 defence.I hope Argentina practiced a lot for fast possession based game .we need to score quickly before 30 minutes mark to calm the nerves

    • True. If we lack speed, even a 75% possession & 95% pass accuracy won’t be sufficient to break their bus. Hope Messi, Meza, Aguero will have a fantastic combination, one touch passes..

  9. Don’t know how to enjoy Spain Vs Portugal.
    I hate Ronaldo. But i don’t like to see a Spain vs Argentina Quarter final. ( quarter final is too early to kill the giants 😋).. so i want Portugal to win the group. Said that, i hate the idea of Ronaldo getting a great start.
    Complete confusion.

    • Spain suits better for ARG; They will play open game;
      Portugal parks the bus & they are good at Counter Attack; I don’t think our Full backs can stop Ronaldo; It’s better to face Spain (particularly at this time, Coach sacked & players in bit of dilemma) than Portugal (who have been stable for past 3 or so years & defending well; With their team Cohesion they even won Euros);

      I would prefer Portugal to get knock out in Group Stage or face Uruguay in R16 and get knocked out;

      • ” I don’t think our Full backs can stop Ronaldo” Why? Ronaldo need great midfielders to feed him in Real Madrid, in Portugal theres zero, just a great poacher nothing more nowadays, far from a creative playmaker as Messi, and a big WC underperformer soo far. In Euro he scored only vs Hungary and Wales, where are these powehouses in the WC?

  10. Basically the rumoured formation is the replica of the game vs Equador minus 4 players.

    1. Rojo in Mercado out in back 3,
    2. Aguero in Bendettos’ role,(I think Higuein mobility is a plus)
    3. Acuna sacrified for Tagliafico( w’d go for Acuna any day for LWB)
    4. And finally an inform Meza over Perez. It is 3–3-3-1. Observably, then it is Meza who took over Lo Celso not Biglia nor Maschie. I don’t think sampa is going for a double pivot ever again. Puting Lo Celso in Biglias stead fir 3-3-3-1 w’d be a sucide. For this formation let Di Maria be sacrified for Pavon or Lo celso. And Maschie was exposed against tall equadrrians. Fazio is not that bad in back 3 nor he is slow as i have closely saw him in his UCL performances. He was covering the right back hole and running a lot in his back 3 role. So him any day over Maschie. Mascie can’t cover the distance and arae that Biglia could cover, lest he is asked to play as 5 in such smformations. My reservations are Maschie, Tagliafico and Maria. I hope sampa will act quickly if these players are exposed or failed to implement the strategy.

  11. Can argentina win this cup? of course it can like any of the other 31 teams. the fans would want to believe that. especially fans of argentina who has some history of success in the tournament. But are we one of the favorites? a big NO. The top four beating argentina will not be an upset. We are now in the same league as Portugal or Uruguay or Belgium There are individual talents but not enough quality in all positions.

    I do not see argentina winning the world cup this time but I hope I am wrong.

  12. I think it will be…..





    • I think the general attacking position of Salvio will be even upfront.. with Mascherano being the cover rather than dropping back to 3 line defence.. a kind of Square with masche biglia & 2 CBs Tagliafico sealing the left side.

      Instead of going wide, meza playing kind of box to box with interior roles, ( don’t forget meza has trained at the position of Lo Celso/Biglia).. Di Maria & Salvio leading wing attacks freeing up space for Messi & no 9.

  13. A man wake up from coma after 4 years and asked who is controlling our midfield..?
    Ans: mascherano and biglia and dimaira in wings

    Ok , let me go back to coma again

    • Foolish bloggers will jinx the team chances by saying that before even qualifying from group stage yet.

      • Ur superstitious r next level. I believe that we can be champions and so do the vast majority of the fans. Believing in becoming a champion is one thing and becoming a champion is a journey. The journey is started by those u dare to believe that they can get there, I am sure our coach believes in the team and he is planning well for every possible situation, u on the other hand are so pessimistic it’s not funny anymore. Like Fuckin chill out. Don’t let the Nerves of World Cup get to u. Go to the bar and have a beer or two and chill.

      • Ur superstitious r next level. I believe that we can be champions and so do the vast majority of the fans. Believing in becoming a champion is one thing and becoming a champion is a journey. The journey is started by those u dare to believe that they can get there, I am sure our coach believes in the team and he is planning well for every possible situation, u on the other hand are so pessimistic it’s not funny anymore. Like Fuckin chill out. Don’t let the Nerves of World Cup get to u. Go to the bar and have a beer or two.

  14. Argentina front four
    Brazil front four
    Augreo>Gabriel Jesus
    Di Maria>Countinho(if Di maria is in good form)
    MezaDi maria
    Whole team individual to individual
    Argentina CB are better.
    Brazilian full backs are better
    Brazilian midfield is solid defensively but lacks creativity.
    Argentina midfield is more creative but not that solid defensively.
    Argentina front three are better.
    Argentina goalkeeper is experienced but lacks quick reflexes due to age factor.
    Sampoli is better than Tite tactically.

    • I wish people would stop obsessing over Brazil.
      Messi is better than the chicken-head.
      El Kun is better than Jesus.
      Either of the two Pipita or The Jewel are better than Coutinho.
      Brazil has a better defense and mids and their goalkeeper is not that impressive given the options they have unlike what ARGENTINA has.
      Tite basically took the same Brazil that was humiliated 4 years ago, plus or minus few players and made them into what they are now, that is impressive.

      People seem to forget that ARG had a much easier group in Brazil and only managed to beat Bosnia and Iran because of Messi’s magic, nm having a tough time with Nigeria who is better this time around.
      POINT IS, look how far that team went……..don’t overestimate or underestimate what the team can and can’t do.

      • If i had to envy Brazil, it would be because of one player, Marcelo.
        He can dribble, shoot, pass, cross, defend, run….their most impressive and complete player and the most dangerous on either side of the pitch…..I wish we had a Marcelo.

        Sure, the chicken-head will have his moments during the tournament, he’ll do his little song and dance but he is a jerk and will always be and teams will be gunning for him every chance they get. He is easily rattled, a push here and a pull there and he’ll start crying like always does.

        • Lol, Marcelo is one of the weaker players in the Brazil squad. Their fullbacks are weak af, means they are vulnerable on the wings. Every team will try to exploit them on the breakaway. Especially us, the thought of Messi and Dybala/Aguero nutmegging and humiliating him with a fast dribble would be satisfying to watch.

    • But as a team Brazil > ARG as per current form;
      Tite made Brazil tough; They know how to win without their star player;
      Without Messi, we are absolute crap; Dimaria > Coutinho ?? Really?
      A player like Dybala on the bench; That makes you think Sampaoli tactically better than Tite or any other coach?
      Masche – Biglia more creative?? Which sport are you watching?

      As Fans of Argentina we can cheer our team; But ignoring/keeping blindsided about opponents strengths is
      Brazil are hot favourites to win the tournament & we aren’t; That itself tells which is a better team

      • I don’t know why people are obsessed by brazil. Brazil is always favourite to win wc but they fail to deliver at important stages. Neymar and his companies are bunch of jokers. Mark they will be knocked out by belgium in quarter final.

        • “Brazil is always favourite to win wc but they fail to deliver at important stages” Is it? Brazil won 5 whereas we are still at 2;
          They are well prepared this time; After drubbing at the hands of Germany and in Copa America they seriously worked on their team; In two years of time they have become serious contenders not like previous tournaments;
          Tite even travelled to Confederations Cup just to get familiarise with the conditions over there; They r seriously working on every detail;

          Whereas we, r still hanging on one notion; What r our plans?
          Plan A: Messi
          Plan B: Messi & Plan C: Still Messi…
          What if Messi gets unavailable after first match?… Can we confidently say that we will make it to the knockout rounds?

          And everyone here have high hopes of even winning the tournament; Seriously?
          Not even our Coach or President have such hopes;
          Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria & Biglia have time & again proven that they aren’t that great for NT; Not even good; That is a fact;
          For any team to do well, the positions these players occupy are crucial; Without Messi these players can’t even drag this team to Knockout rounds;

          • In last 5 years.
            Brazil played 3 finals and argentina got knocked out at early stage.
            In last WC brazil defeated germany by 7-1.
            In recent years brazil won all the cups with neymar scored 5 hattricks.

      • Oh please, Brazil have been overhyped and rated since 2002.
        This time too, nothing much special
        Counterattacking teams can easily destroy Brazil on the break if they are sharp.
        Also, remember 2002 and 2006, the most hyped up teams never win the cup

    • Brazil as a team is better just we have better midfield but they have better goalkeeper better defence better defensive midfield.we have better forward and better midfield.

      • Better Midfield? R u serious; Casemiro >> Masche@34 Old; Fernandinho/Paulinho >>> Biglia; Meza >= Coutinho/Willian?? Meza is still very much unknown even though we have high hopes; Brazil Headless Chicken is way better than Our Headless chicken;

        But We have Messi; If Messi has one of his best days, then we can win against any opponents; Do we get to face Brazil? That will be only in latter stages;

        We just need to concentrate on Job at hands first; For now we must win against Iceland; 1-0 or 2-0 or even 2-1 is fine;

        • Yes you are true.
          Paulnhio>lo celso.
          If you want to point only negative no one help you . Simply you are a negative person.
          You should quit here and join some Brazil blog.

  15. I just read this article “Forget Messi, Argentina are a complete mess going into World Cup 2018” what it actually meant is that Argentina is a mess of Messi and Mesa they will still the show.

    • dfox1942: amigo im still here but as their are so many posts these days my “ramblings” get lost amongst all of them but im ready for game 1 that is 1 am over here, 2 and 3 and more civilized at 6am 🙂
      im nervous but ready for our march to victory in the final….vamos Argentina!!!!

      • I know exactly what you mean.
        I am fortunate to have all the games start between 9AM-12 and i like that that so I don’t have to think about it all day long before they start. It is only fair they get back to the final, but sadly luck has not been on our side thus far, LETS HOPE it changes to the better.

      • Yo pablo que passa amigo?

        New Zealand is a wonderful country with 2 major flaws: First it’s too far from everywhere and 2nd and more importantly pablo and I either have to stay up all night or wake ridiculessly early to catch any games! For example Argnetina’s game is tomorrow at 1 am, which I can’t catch cos I have a long weekend shift! 🙁

        • I postponed my vacation time by 6 months so I can take the whole month off to watch the world cup LOL. and I go back on july 16, lets hope I go back with my head held high 0)

          • dfox1942: great work from you and yes you deserve to be rewarded for it by being able to have you held held high, that is after we all recover from what im sure will be “large amounts of drinking n celebrating” what we all hope can be true this time….luck to be on our side for once and of course messi holding that trophy nice and high

        • mamoun elpipita: Hola amigo and just relaxing as winter makes its self known once again down the lower south…sigh… but ill be most warm when messi lifts the cup 🙂
          how is life in the north? and i hope you are not to busy at work.

  16. Vamos Argentina. Messi possesed. Sampaoli has actually won a tournament. Argentina will beat everybody.This look exactly like the beginning of la Liga. Madrid( Brazil, France, Germany etc) was supposed to win by fifty. Barcelona?? Done. Then Messi took over.

    • One of the best comments I have seen on this site.

      Motivational 👍

      Yes, Messimerizing Messi is gonna settle the WC just how settled La Liga.

  17. Israel keeps whining over the cancelled fixture with Argentina and still in shock that the Argentinian President told them that AFA is an independent power. All roads are closed for them in an attempt to make the game happens, but no luck as Palestinian victims received an incredible sympathy from around the world including sport teams.

  18. It doesn’t matter who you have upfront, in the middle or at the back…every team needs balance especially if you play possession based football…we have to attack as a block and defend as a block…otherwise we will always be defending 5 against 8…if our wingers track back and the midfield stay compact between the front three and the back four….we should be a contender not only on paper but on the pitch as well.

  19. Finally the time we have all been waiting for is around the corner. Less thatn 48 hours. As a fan, I’m supposed to support Argentina in any shape or form. However though, I can’t be blind. Sampaoli have tried 12 diffrents team sceneario in 12 matches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He still has not found a coherent team. Argentina looks messy around MEssi!!!!!!!!! I don’t see how we can succeed when Dybala is going to spend the world cup on the Bench, when Garay, Mussachio, Perrozi Diego, Paredes, Correa are going to watch the world cup at home

    The only assurance I have and is Meza Messi Chemistry!! and link to Auero up front

    Headless chicken Dimaria will get injured in Croation match cause he still hasn’t learn to play.
    Pavon is our only hope for his replacement. Lo celso is too weak for big games we saw him against real madrid completely absent during PSG match. High defense system by Sampaoli is dangerous with unxeperienced players like tagliafico and Salvio. Macshero is slow Biglia can’t do crap!!

    My poor messi!!! I feel sorry. LIke Carlos said today if he was Brazilian he would have been world cup champions already!!. DOn’t you all can see it, Brazil is unbeatable at this world cup. WHo can possibly stop them. Definitely not us!

    • Bravo, and although I disagree with you on Lo Celso part for not being up to the challenge. My hat is off to you, and yes although we hate Brazil, it is the team to beat today. I said it million times, if I have to risk big bucks on a bid, I would put it on Brazil if I ever want a big prize from my bid. Yes we still have no system in place, no cohesive work. I understand we didn’t have the time to do it, but when you hire a coach with a good reputation like Sampaoli, he should’ve showed his coaching skills within limited time preparation and that separates a seasoned coach from a coach wanna be.

      • I don’t support Brazil idiot, I was saying it’s the team to beat because they have a strong squad and every football fan around the globe with a brain shares me the opinion. So if you have that fucked up bigot attitude, then go fuck yourself in your toilet, filthy shit.

      • Brazil main problem the lack of creativity in the midfield, Casemiro-Paulinho-Fernandinho trio OMG even Mascherano alone 10times more creative than these 3 combined LOL, Brazil will only good when the things goes good, if something shit happens its over baby like in 2014.

        • I guess you don’t count Coutinho (maybe one of the most creative players in the world). Coutinho will likely be lining up in center midfield behind a front 3 of Neymar, Jesus, and Willian. That’s about as much creativity as you could ever need. … Argentina in the same sphere with Aguero, Di Maria, Messi, and Meza though … perhaps the best two front fours in the tournament.

    • Brazil has lost only once since Tite took over. They have walked all over everybody except…that is right, Argentina. This remind me of Barcelona just before the season started. Real Madrid, like Brazil in this World Cup, was going to win la Liga by fifty points. But that was without counting just how possesed Messi was, is, this year. He grabbed Barcelona and Madrid was left in the dust. Remember folks, this is not your regular day Messi. This is a possesed, POSSESED, Messi, the one that dropped three, 3, against Paraguay last October. Nobody is stopping Messi this time around. And he has a coach who knows how to win a tournament. Look how he confused Tite in Sydney last year. There is no denying Argentina this time, bring anybody, ANYBODY, and they will be flattened.

    • Remember the last team to beat Brazil?
      If there’s one team to smash this team that’s everybody’s darling and who everyone is predicting to be invincible and unbeatable at this World Cup, it’s us.
      We have also got unfinished business with them for the 2007 Copa Final as well.

  20. Dear friends. A world cup is coming after four years. Now we all are very much thrilled and excited to watch our beloved team performing . As a real fan I want you people to help each other by showing hope and optimism that our team will win the cup this time. So, we will be very pleased and our enthusiasm will be high and can watch our teams performance in high spirit and with peace of mind (indeed there will be tension but it is a part of a world cup). In case our team fails to win the cup (my mind tells we will win), we will be indeed broken but till then we will have hope and can argue and debate with other teams fans in high spirit. Please dont let our fans down even before our matches start.

  21. Have you guys ever thought that maybe some people Have lived and seen mistakes that are being repeated? The passion for this team is so big that although they know their voice is never going to be heard they try to raise their voices because they want their beloved team to prepare 100%.
    What happens if we lose?
    My pain will be unbareable.
    I will stay here and will discuss our team and point to mistakes being made. Most of the posters here will go on with their life and will not post on this site. I am sure i am a fan a thousand times more than any of you. It doesnt bother me when you call me negative. Calling someone that means you have no arguments. Thats all so you insult. I will forever stay true to my beliefs and will say what i think is right and nobody can stop me. Thanks. I hope we win the world cup. All my wishes in life have come true and winning the world cup will bring peace to me in football.

    • Oh trust me, the Argentinian media is doing better job than us here. They objected Icardi exclusion, they denied having Higuain in the team again, they wrote about Sampaoli failure in his warm up games against Nigeria and Spain in particular. Sampaoli is aware of the rejection to his stubborn philosophy, but like I said, there is pressure from the Friends club too, so it wasn’t entirely his fault.

  22. I’ve read all comments and I must say some commentators have been too negative and a very harsh critic of the NT. Some simply hated some of the players. It seems a couple of them have even gone far to be ready to wait for the team lose in the group stage itself, so they can start attacking.

    It doesn’t help using bad language against fellow members. After all, we are all Argentina fans – some optimistic, the other pessimistic, some supportive , the other criticizing.

    Let’s stand united for a common cause. Lets start believing in our team and supporting them wholeheartedly. We will have a lot of time to criticize the players once the world cup is over – 4 long years (I hope there won’t be much to criticize). Let’s support the team wholeheartedly during the world cup. They need it.

    Hope we shall see an end for negativity from now on. Hopefully everyone would stay behind the team.

    In that bald head, we trust.

    In our players, we hope.

    In our captain, The GOAT, Messi, we believe.

    • I have been an Argentina fan since 1986. I pray this time the World Cup would be lifted by the goat, I mean Messi. I will just wait for the match on Saturday and see what Sampaoli is planning. Let’s support him and see what he has in store. If he needs to make changes in the line up we can see after the match. I’m happy to see Agüero upfront. Aguero, dimaria and Messi would be a great combination with higuain, Dybala and Pavon on the bench. Lo celso would also be great coming off the bench. Let’s discuss after the match

      • Yes, we all have been waiting for that wonderful moment – Messi lifting the cup.

        Yeah, I am also very optimistic about our starting 11 and bench.

        Can’t wait for the match to start.

    • I just want to see them faces when lio will hold the trophy i m speaking of course about the haterz the pessimistic fans
      Can anybody explain me how could a fan be pessimistic it s not logical at all
      A fan must encourage his team in bad and good moments on victory and lose
      Personally i m not Argentinian but i support this team since my first wc in 94 and even if the results were not that good i have always been behind that team even in ortega s moment so why are you pessimistic when you got lio messi in your team? Just support them and don t be that guy who will criticise messi because you re not gonna have a player like him for 30 years at least

    • I have been an Argentina fan since 1986. I pray this time the World Cup would be lifted by the goat, I mean Messi. I will just wait for the match on Saturday and see what Sampaoli is planning. Let’s support him and see what he has in store. If he needs to make changes in the line up we can see after the match. I’m happy to see Agüero upfront. Aguero, dimaria and Messi would be a great combination with higuain, Dybala and Pavon on the bench. Lo celso would also be great coming off the bench. Let’s discuss after the match

  23. Admin, can we let this guy Argentina2018_Rise and his other “agree by default- ippus to find another forum and stop harassing or threatening whoever disagree with the current squad selection?
    They both have idiotic ideas on how this forum should be run by having bloggers with same mental models and frame of references (not sure they comprehend what these terms mean)- anyhow, please try to give them some sort of warning because they are abusing some people here who are out of the box thinkers.

    • Lol, u have harassed the shit out of everyone here for last 10days with some useless long posts as well. So now y don’t u tolerate this guys as well just like most of us have tolerated ur posts, after all we are all one team and we want to see our team champions be it by any means so let’s not request to ban this guy or that guy. It’s not cool to do that. Y not all of us Try to post new info or news on our team here, I am sure all of us are checking this blog like 10 times in a hour to see latest update on our beloved team. So please everyone post new info as soon as anyone hears of it and no fuckin name callings or Shit talking to anyone, it’s not an honourable thing to do while hiding behind a cpu. Thanks and let’s keep it real.

      • I’ve got new info for you. Some people are born with a natural tendency to be complacent, and when they grow up you see them satisfied with their mediocre work at school, at work, with their relationships and so on. Those people who are wowed by a back pass by Bigila or hitting the ball in the high sky instead of the net like Higuaín, they only can sense and understand mediocrity. Having said that, creative, innovative, high calibre skills don’t exist in their limited vocabulary and they don’t even understand it. They want to impose their fucked up retard opinion on here to insult everyone’s intelligence.

        Case Study on that: Sampaoli with all the stars in his disposal, if he is freaked out from facing a team coached by just an armature dentist in a nation embraced football just in the last 15 years, then he’s not the right man for tougher challengers.

          • It’s like this fuckin maxillopez like from 2006. Just keeps bitching and bitching. We have no control over lineup or selection, people give there opinions and that’s it. U Fucking might be that maxillopez after all.

  24. The hostilities here have gotten way out of hand, the name calling, the fights, the repetitive insults and saying the same thing over and over and over again, like the point wasn’t made clear the first 6 times it was mentioned! I sometimes get the feeling and I hope I’m wrong that some bloggers are more concerned with trying to be proven right, almost wishing the team will fail just they can come back here and say,”I TOLD YOU SO”.
    You made your point, MOVE ON. Nobody in here believes the team is invincible, that they are going to simply show up and win every game regardless of the obvious shortcomings but you can’t simply say that the team will fail and fail miserably and repeat it 10 times because this player wasn’t selected or that formation didn’t work in the past….etc etc etc.

    I would love to have somebody in here come out with a solution to winning the world cup and somehow that info. reaches the team and VOILA, fact is this, this is all talk and nothing else, what is said here or there and anywhere in the world has ZERO bearing on the team’s final results.

    UNDERSTAND this little simple fact because obviously you have not thus far and you’ll sleep better tonight knowing that its completely and utterly out of your hands!!

  25. To be realistic… and to see things the way they are…. with the names we have specifically in midfield… winning world cup will be a real miracle…

    • Well dont agree with but to each their own thought, let me ask you this thought, which team in this world cup apart from Brazil and Germany boast a formidable AM/FW than us ?

      • Maybe Spain to an extent…. Argentina could be ranked 4 … this what makes it too difficult… we will start facing those big teams in the quarter final stage… and if we manage to defeat one… it will be difficult to keep going and win the cup against two more… anyway… I can’t wait to see our team playing… and I really prey to see a repeat of 1986 world cup

    • There is no guarantee that Brazil will win being the best 11 of this tournament.

      There is no reason why we can’t win either.

      It’s just that our team will have to be smarter, determined & more importantly united than more talented teams like Brazil, Spain, France, Germany etc to win.

  26. I am an Argentina fan since Maradona era. First I was attracted by his wonderful footballing skills and gradually I became an Argentina fan. I am a very very old member of this group. I have two accounts. One is ippus and other one is ARK . During this long period I visited this site almost on daily basis. I come here in particular to get some information and updates regarding my beloved team Argentina NT and usually I get it thanks to some of our well versed members.
    But now I am very sad because there are many newcomers in this group whose motto is to blame our coach and senior players. I suspect they have some hidden agenda as I don’t know what they are going to get from this kind of approach ? It is not the right time to criticise our NT because nothing is going to change by such criticism. Now we have to be united and support our team . After world cup we will have more justifications to criticise and blame or to cheer and praise our team.
    Sometime I thought of quitting this group but I won’t as I know these new fans will disappear soon after world cup .

    • Agree , some of these so called argentina fans if they indeed want to see their beloved argentina do well should wish well and hope for the best. Criticism is warranted when it is due, not before things have actually unfolded. Also it is fair to criticize only if one uses the proper language, i have seen a lot of abuse lately which the administrator is keeping tab off. That has to stop period !!!

  27. I think both Masche and Biglia will be told NOT to go forward at all. They will be the anchor men protecting Otamendi and Rojo.

    6 other players:
    Di Maria and Tagliafico from the left wing.
    Meza and Salvio from the right wing.
    Messi with his free role as usual
    and Aguero as the 9 will be all over the Iceland defense.

    I believe all 6 will have the free access to enter the penalty box when needed.

    It will be like 2-4-3-1 formation to me. 2-2-5-1 when attacking and 4-2-3-1 when defending.

    • Good formation from tactics standpoint against Iceland, my only concern is with di maria and his passing and shooting accuracy of late which have been poor. I hope the good side of di maria shows up not only for this match but for the entire world cup. Di maria in form along with a young and dynamic pavon coming fresh from substitute bench will keep this team in good goal scoring form

      • Di Maria’s brain doesn’t work when passing or shooting near goal post. Both Di Maria and Higuain have same case for last several of matches. As a coach sampaoli can’t do anything, it’s the players themselves to realise why do they fail to perform. Speak to coaches. But end of the day we can’t afford players who continuous fail and don’t have eagerness to improve.

  28. Few ppl here outbursting with team selection.

    Firstly, they should remember Sampaoli is the coach, they are not and sampaoli knows a thing or two.

    Secondly, Argentina did not have opportunity to play warm up matches. So, new players will be nervous. In the first match of world cup, if Lo Celso miss a vital tackle in first 30 minutes and Iceland take the opportunity then pressure will be on Argentina. So, Biglia is the better option defensively. Biglia is slow, is passing isn’t great but his position sense and ability of controlling tempo is fantastic.

    Thirdly, Iceland relies on spot kick and in goalkeeping position Cabellaro is better suited against spot kick.

    Don’t put your personal anguish on the selected players. They are our team.

    Vamos Argentina

  29. Admin can we please stop this, this forum has turned into lot of abuse of late, i am hoping we can get a filter on all of this, this has already turned away a lot of people, hopefully it does not turn away more !!!

  30. there is one scum on here who was mad after Argentina cancelled their game against the Occupier and evil empire Israel, so he went abusing the people who supported the AFA move. He has no brain and with little experience to recognize right from wrong and what that meant to the entire world. Let the idiot rant.

  31. Some beggar in this group is showing his culture by abusing everyone.
    I won’t respond to the beggar in the only language which the beggar will understand.

    I only offer my sympathies to that Person’s Father (hard to believe he has any) & mother.

    • I think its best line up by sampoli .he wants to attack with two wingers and two full backs salvio and tagliafico so that they will be able to stech the defence widely then only messi and aguero will get space in the middle to score othewise mid of the attack will get crowded so messi and aguero will not get any space to score. In this situation lo celso would be a bi risk so maschareno and biglia will break thier counter attacks and it is no doubt biglia is better than lo celso in interceptions and positioning.
      Vamosss argentina

      • Sampaoli opted for the renewal in the National Team: he tried in every way-he called more than 60 players in this short cycle-until he reached this crucial moment. Of the 23 who live in Bronnitsy, only nine have a World Cup experience – eight in Brazil 2014, one in South Africa 2010 -. Then, the account is quite simple: there are 14 who will listen to the Anthem for the first time in a World Cup and they will have to see how such a moment hits them.But beyond that the coach decided on a new generation to make up the squad, when it comes to thinking about the debut Sampaoli does not risk. He puts his chips to the men in white (and blue).

        In the formation that will begin on Saturday is the basis of the past and this is not pejorative, it is a mere description: if they are maintained it is because no one could overcome them. Red, Otamendi, Mascherano, Biglia, Di Maria, Messi and Aguero have already experienced this adrenaline. They are supposed to know how to handle anxiety and how an inaugural match should be played, where everything weighs twice and much more for the new ones. Only two of the experienced will wait in the substitute bank: Higuaín, who lost hand in hand with Agüero, and Enzo Pérez, who entered the list due to Manu Lanzini’s injury.

        See also: The emotion of Maxi Meza’s dad

        Despite the transformation into names, the National Team does not have a young team. Much has to do with the lack of a Youth project in the last decade, where prestige was raffled and many litters were thrown in the trash. Then, the bet is for players who had a past at home: as Fazio, Banega and Mercado, three members of the U20 world champion in Canada 2007, the last title of the management Pekerman-Tocalli. And all of them already average 30 years … The same happens with Willy Caballero, who was world champion with the Sub 20 in 2001 and gold medal in 2004 in Athens, but who will have his debut for the points in the goal of the National Team at 36 years old! That speaks of its validity as a professional, of how Sergio Romero won the bow in the last decade and that after Chiquito no younger archers appeared who are up to the mark, except for the case of Rulli, who is on a plateau of his career but that has a huge future. And Guzmán? He is already 32 years old, and is another of the management Pekerman that supplied for many years to the Major. And Armani? He will also play 32 in October and still has not a minute in the National Team. Then, the cold statistics shows that Argentina has the oldest team of 32 teams (29 years, six months and 24 days). You can also explain why.

        Everything has an explanation. And it is not that those who are going to debut or those who will sit in the bank are little ones. The only ones with a baby face, although with a valuable career, are Pavón and Lo Celso, who are already at 22, and Dybala, 24. And the three who will be holders against Iceland and who are not of the old guard? , Meza and Salvio have a good journey with their 25, 26 and 27 years respectively.

        Sampaoli tries to insert the new values, but at the same time he does not want to throw them all together on the court. And his fear is logical. With the training designed for the debut, he protects Meza, as he makes him play with Messi, Di María and Agüero. With the defensive structure devised, it gives Salvio and Tagliafico security to go on the attack, since they will have their backs protected by the Otamendi-Rojo-Biglia-Mascherano square.

        Sampaoli thought about every movement. He changed a thousand times his opinion, his system and his opinion. It was lyrical and idealistic. Now he is pragmatic because at the time of the bifes he decided to bet on the men and it sounds logical. But it is also a risky move, since the winners of coffee – who never lose – wait crouched for a bad step to sentence: “What do you want, if they are the same as always”.


      • Yes exactly from the wings where ICELAND is not that strong, hopefully it works out from a tactical perspective. Having a plan is one thing but hopefully the players can execute that plan, that is where practice comes into the picture. This however does mean that Di Maria has to be on top of his game 🙁

    • In my opinion, if Lo Celso plays instead of Biglia or Masche, we would be more attacking from the center, BUT it will limit the movement of both Tagliafico and Salvio going forward without worrying about the defense.

      So Sampaoli chooses to sacrifices his favorite new player, Lo Celso for the sake of the 2 very attacking full backs having full freedom toattack.

      He sacrifices 1 player for 2 players. That is his idea.
      Let’s see if that works.

      For your information, Serbia was known to have the best defense among European team in 2006, but we trashed them 6-0.

      I don’t believe this time it will be 1-0 victory only or a 0-0 draw. We’ll see.

      • Iceland think if they could stop CR7, they could stop Messi.

        Well I don’t believe luck comes twice for a mediocre team when facing 2 giants.

        For example, I don’t believe the likes of Levante can have a 0-0 game with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

        • Iceland would realise soon that Messi is not CR7.

          Messi can score goals, else can assists, else can create, else can create space for others. (2nd, 3rd & 4th need bigger contribution from others). There is no way you can nullify his effect on that game.

        • Completely agree. Attack from the wide will spread the bus. Masch can do deadly long balls for the wingers to run and open space for Messi. The GOAT can tear Islanders apart and score. He is no poacher like Penaldo who can be easily isolated.

  32. ippus: Along with this stupid name, he just joined the blog and doesn’t know what happened last world cup and last 2 copas. In fact he just woke up last week and thought he would find a team to support so he just picked Argentina, and here we go again promoting mediocre players and complacency from the coach. Just another mother fucker.

  33. campeones18 is a hater because this mother fucker wants the team to fail by enforcing lame players. I hope his dream won’t come true, this bastard is trying hard to get us knocked out by promoting players like Biglia and Rojo. Another Israeli supporter who is retaliating.

    • Dude, get over it, just because his thoughts are different than yours this kind of language isn’t warranted. This is a Argentina blog where the criteria is we support Argentina and also potentially leading to the fact that we might have share of agreements and disagreements. But still attacking someone just because they tell something different and against your belief is not a positive thought process in this blog. Please refrain from using this language, lets all have a amicable adult discussion in hindsight , vamos argentina !!!

        • I am no owner and no sponsor but lets keep things in perspective. We all have our rights to freedom of thought and actions but lets keep it friendly is my whole intention. I am sure the admin and all senior members of this blog will agree with my statement.

          • You have absolutely no right to jump and reply to my posts with nasty comments. My rule in life respond to garbage with a filthier garbage. So you are such a scum, low life stupid creating circle of buddies (probably same member, different nick names) and making a cult to support what’s not logical. Now get the fuck out of here, and I don’t need to smell you stinky opinion, bitch!

          • he always like that…. leave him alone… thats best way to stop him… those cmts… what he said before argentina vs equadar…. still in my mind…. he is carbage…. for all argentina lovers… dont take any attention to ARGENTINA 2018…. SO many good guys here.. like dfox, pablo dennision, casabela, ghostedini,amit like many of them always with this site… and ganzolo even though i disagree his many cmts… but he also gave some good cmts but argentina 2018 is worst in this site…. enjoy the football… love the football.. love the players… argentina will win world cup… whoever believes or not.. i believe argentina…

  34. Messi : ” There are teams Better than us, we are not favourites, but we will try to win ”

    Musa : “Even Argentina with Messi are not better than us.”

    Nigerians are not stopping their talk.
    I want our Goal to eliminate them as usual.
    Had always soft corner to African teams. Not to this bunch of Talkers.

  35. My roommate is an hardcore Brazil’s fan, I have read his blog the Brazilian can’t wait to meet Germany and they’re confident they will trashed germany in the meantime we are worrying about Iceland.

    • Argentina will get knocked out in the group stage.
      Agreed, We all accept. You should have been there instead of Sampoli. Agree with all your theories.

      Now please go away from this group, to improve the average pollution index by a 2 or 3 points.

  36. Fun start with so many goals. Saudi Arabia is very weak. Pizzi trained for 3 months fulltime and this is the result… He will be fired after WC for sure.

    • I never liked this Pizzi pizza guy. He betrayed us to wear Spaniard jersey (well, he stood no chance in the era of Batistuta, Caniggia, Balbo anyway) and he suddenly won the Copa Centenario out of nothing but luck. Oh well, now he knows better where is he standing!

  37. The double pivot Maschereno-Biglia is not completely non-sense. Lo Celso is a great midfielder but he is a better fit in a midfield of 3, with his creativity and high work-rate and 2 other players who share the defensive task. He may be a bit light defensively for the double pivot system. He may move up in a more advanced position like right midfielder so that he may cut in with his left foot and let Salvio to cover him. But that means Sampaoli need to sacrify Meza or Di Maria.

    When Enzo find back his form, Samp can eventually use him and drop Maschereno or Biglia from the starting 11. 4231 offers total freedom to Messi because of the wingers and attacking fullbacks. The only inconvenience is that there is not enough creativity and the transition will be slow without Lo Celso.

    • Yup. Biglia is the safer bet. But i hope against Croatia Lo Celso will come.. that only will make our midfield better than that of the Europeans

    • • mascherano, biglia, enzo perez and banega are the only players who can play in that position which is the two players in front of the centre backs in a 4231 formation. As for banega, he is the only natural deep lying creative player in this Argentina squad, whether he will be able to bring he’s “A” game to the world cup, I guess we will have to wait and see, but I think Argentina needs banega to bring he’s A game.

  38. • what I like about this 23 men squad is the fact that we have two of the best attacking combinations with the likes of dybala and higuan,messi and aguero.

    • as for locelso will get he’s chance to prove to sampaoli that he can be the creativity in this Argentina team , because everybody else has prove their worth, so it’s only him and higuan.

    • as speaking about higuan, sampaoli needs to play higuan and dybala together because they are a combination. Same with messi and aguero.

    • as for mascherano and biglia, I have no doubt in my mind that these two guys will give everything they gut as they have always done.

    • I don’t know much about meza, but I would like to see he’s creativity and he’s link up play with messi.

    • anyway, I like this line up.

    • and lastly, congratulations to Russia for smashing Saudi Arabia 5-0. Salute Russians.

  39. The opening game is not impressive. We will see lots of spot fillers teams like Saudi Arabia. World cup 2026 will be the most tedious tournament by having 48 teams that half of it are weak besides playing in 3 countries, so travel will be daunting not to mention the length of the tournament. Pathetic idea.

  40. My two senses tell me there’s a lack of confidence in some players within the coaches staff, but they aren’t the one who makes decisions on players that get selected, just think about it, icardi was one of the players sampaoli put a lot of effort and time to watch, he’s not even selecting. Biglia just returned in action after months, remember your opponent are sturdy your players too, they know who fit and not; am not a coach let just wish for the best.

  41. 5-0 is awesome results.
    Congratulations to Russia.

    Last time Russia (ussr) won by a margin of 5 or more goals in a World Cup match, Argentina lifted the cup.
    #JustSaying 😎

  42. So if Sampaoli is shitting in his pants because we have weak central defenders so he plays 2 defensive Midfielders as a shield, then why didn’t he pick Garay in his defence to avoid wasting 2 spots for DM?

  43. Expect Messi standing next to Mascherano to collect the ball back to midfield leaving Aguero in off side position.

  44. I am making a mental note of the few people upset about Biglia starting. I will make sure to point this out to all the fucking Biglia supporters that aren’t outraged when this weak piece of shit craps his pants again.
    I don’t want to see a single post here from anyone telling me or others to calm down bashing Biglia from you guys. That is only fair. The guy sucks. And people’s excitement is giving him a pass. 2 of our 6 players up front we know what we will get from them. Headless chicken runs from DiMaria and sideways and back passing from the immortal Biglia. Remember this shit when we are tied 0-0 at halftime and everybody on this site is shitting themselves and swearing at their television

  45. Let’s not panic guys! I believe in this group. Why we fear the opponent which is a world cup debutant as well as average weak team like Iceland when the the best players are in your side. Vamos La Albiceleste! Love from Manipur, INDIA!

  46. I cant believe the conclusions that are being drawn up just based on one formation that too for the 1st game of a world cup. I think folks need to take a step back and RELAX please. I know everyone wants to play coach here based on past history and their own personal likes and dislikes. But please leave your analysis till after the game completes. The game is yet to begin and people want to be expert forecasters in their own right with their own doom and gloom stories. While here is an important news for you for all the folks that think they know the future and what will happen with some XYZ formation, it is called coaching. Coaching involves
    a) planning according to what an opponent presents you.
    b) Ensuring that you dont lose a game in key battles across the field.
    c) Ensuring that you succeed where opponents weakness lies (ready Iceland and their height advantage and how they like to occupy middle of the field and how attacking from the wings works against them)
    d) Win the first game to get your confidence up because your opponent would have planned similarly to what you did.
    e) The most important piece of them all, ensure that you are tactically smarter than your opponent and hit them where they least expect it.

    Having said all this lets wait for the game to begin and pass the pros and cons of an approach to actually watching the game in real time. Having watched all of sampaoli games as a coach of this Argentina team his game plan varies from game to game and does not stick to one formation across the length and breadth of a world cup, so please RELAX, this is not going to be the formation for the game against croatia or nigeria for that matter. Every game is a new day for him and a new opponent, ICELAND is different and they are planning according to the opponent they are playing. Cheers and Vamos Argentina !!

    • Dude, if he’s playing double pivot against Iceland, what would he do when playing Germany or Brazil? probably he will field 8 defenders with only Messi and Higuain upfront.

      • Dude read my analysis all over again, the height of the players, the way they occupy middle of the field like Iceland does makes a whole lot of difference on whom we deploy in covering their players, the plan from sampaoli is to attack from the wings and that plan we wont really realize whether it is successful or not till we watch the actual game. Lets leave the analysis to after the game, we haven’t even watched the game unfold and the tactics being employed and everyone wants a piece of the team and how the friends club is doing this and doing that, take a chill pill and RELAX !!

    • Totally agree!! Sampaoli is a great coach. There is reason why team like Chelse wants him for next season. People who don’t have confidence and thinks that Sampa don’t know what to do – Please go and watch Chile games when he was coach or watch Sevila games. He is a man of talent, he applies different tactics for every teams.

      One thing I like about him – he usually keeps changing players in his starting squad. He likes high pressing games. Menotti gave Kampos the role of free man and Argentina lift the cup. Sampa a believer of Menorti tactics also giving Messi the same role and I hope its gonna work.

      My only sadness is if he could have the time of Tite with the NT and wish we had Romero and Lanzini. But its ok – cause we are not any short of talents 🙂

      Always for Argentina!!!

  47. Biglia
    the man with naked pictures of Tapia and Sampaoli.
    I wish Papu had hit this mentally weak limp dick harder so we would be forced to go with the better option in Lo Celso. Let’s compare the two players.
    Younger Lo Celso
    Better legs Lo Celso
    Faster Lo Celso
    Better club Lo Celso
    Better in attacking Lo Celso
    Covers more ground Lo Celso
    Naked Pictures Biglia
    Friends club Biglia
    Misses penalties Biglia

    • Le celso is not kaka or iniesta or Xavi or Ronaldinho or De Bruyne etc etc . So chill guys. He is a young good player and he will get his chance to prove. Let’s support our team and coach

      • He is the better player, plays well with Messi, and is not afraid of the big moment. Why on earth is he not starting? Because some lame ass Biglia has done so well for our team in the past? Just the last game Lo Celso was a part of 2 of our goals.
        THIS is why people have doubts. Because the best players don’t always play. Can we win the game, sure, but why not play your BEST 11? Biglia starting in front of Lo Celso is nothing less than a crime.

        • The coach has a strategy. Le Celso will get his time during the world cup nothing to worry. Its good the veterans are being tested early rather than later
          First game Sabella was also cautious and ultra defensive .

          • Argentina@mylove: True, the coach has a strategy similar to the one when he was thrashed 6-1 against no world class striker team (Spain) or 4-2 against the young Nigeria.

  48. So 3 young guys Meza, Tagliafico, Salvio along with the Masch Bigila double pivot, Rojo is added for his physicality more than anything else, we need calm nerves in the opening 20 mins, i think experience gives you that ability. When fullbacks move ahead Masche and Biglia will drop down to provide that cover for defense. It will work and we will score, after which Sampa will deploy Pavon, Lo Celco and Dyballa or Enzo, watch out ! One early goal and we will see a goal fest from Leo and Kun. Lets be positive ! VAMOS !

  49. So once again after WC 2014, 2 last Copas and Copa Libertadores we have most coaches in tournament. it means something.

  50. New to this page. But I would like to share something. This is really in sane. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to figure out that Biglia is a bad player and has not proved that he is good and will never be good player. Sampoli is doing the same mistakes previous coached did. If Biglia, Rojo, Huguin, or DiMaria too were players for different countries, I guarantee you 1000% none of them will be selected to the National team, they would have zero chance. I like Sampoli, but with these selection indicate of either not smart coaching or he was forced to select or that will be big problem for Argentine. This is world cup for God Sake and it is a shame for Argentine to have the best player (Messi) in the history of football to be on their side and surrounded by bad players in certain and key positions. Also, it is a shame to put the talented and young players on bench or left them at home watching and select not good players.
    I have to express my opinion and I can’t hold it anymore, but selecting Biglia, Rojo, Huguin, Banega, Di Maria and leave talents out is really painful and will cost Argentine.

    • I can totally relate to your outburst. But you need to wait for the first game to get over before getting worried. The 2002 Argentine team probably had the best roster ever, but they still failed to clear the first round. Sampaoli knows that he needs to start defensively since its the first game and its important that they gain some confidence. For the same reason, the team is more defensively set. Masche and Biglia might/might not create opportunities to score but they are most likely going to be strong and hard to penetrate. If Argentina are not creating enough opportunities in the first half, then surely Lo Celso and Pavon will come in. You dont want to start the first game of the world cup with a goal behind and under pressure. These are young kids playing their first world cup 🙂

      And hey, when you have the greatest player in the history by your side winning is not an option! lets get all the positives vibes going on. Vamos Argentina!

    • Germany called Gomez and dropped Sane. France dropped Rabbiot. Brazil do not call Arthur.
      Football is a team game in which the manager build up his team with his own game plan. It’s not putting the names together and call it tactics like what the 17452 coaches here are doing all days.

  51. @EnganChe

    “How does it feel for an Independiente fan to have Tagliafico and Meza starting in the World Cup?”

    Well, it’s always could be better 😛 as Bustos was near the WC, Rigoni was called up few times, Franco and Sanchez Mino rumored as possible call ups and Barco – who know what could be if he’d stayed in Independiente. Also Martine Benitez who was near Olimpic Games and Real Madrid a while ago and seems to be Meza’s successor when he left… All this shows El ROjo are probably backing to days of glory. Don’t forget it’s still most titled team of South America.

    It seems everyone here is excited about Meza let alone Independiente fan. I remember being mentioning here first time when he was yet Gimnasia y Esgrima player. He was never king of statistics and that’s good expemple how many interessting players people may lost if they are “watching” Argentina league by Whoscored. Thanks Sampaoli is watching Independiente live as his favourite team too.

    I know his potentiall very well. Could he become one of crucial players? Yes, He can. I hope he will give us what Lavezzi gave at his best.

  52. I won’t put the cart before the horse but time after time it has been proven that Biglia Mascherano does not work. It would be like playing Busquets with Mascherano. Yet again Messi will have to create every chance.

  53. Midfield should be: Enzo + Lo Celso + Meza.
    Attack: trio of Messi + Aguero + Dybala

    No Rojo – high tempered lame defender in defense.

  54. The trio of Biglia + Mascherano + Diva is not working. This recipe has been tested and failed. I’m not too worried about diva because he will get injured after a few minutes on pitch, but back passer and frozen Mascherano won’t add any pressing factor to our attack. At least fat Higuain is not there- I’m not sure of why he’s in the team from the first place. There will come moments when we all regret excluding the top scorer in Serie A.

  55. Would have Played with armani as keeper fazio as CB in Place of rojo lo celso should be in Place of biglia or Masche only one should be in starting Eleven but i prefer Enzo with lo celso
    Dont forget rojo willy Masche and biglia were one of the worst Players against spain

    ————otamendi ——— fazio
    ——meza———lo celso———di Maria
    —— messi—-aguero if he is 100% fit

  56. this lineup is extremely similar to the Sabella 2014 formation. Main difference is Meza is instead of Banega , Di
    Maria,Masche and Biglia are still there .It’s good to be safe in the first game but it’s worrying that we end up like Serbia and Iran games where we really struggled to create 2 or 3 chances per game. Even Messi’s two goals were purely solo efforts . Same thing against Switzerland , Belgium , Holand and Germany,we barely scored two goals one in Extra time and one from Higuain.

  57. Last world cup our evolved strategy was, filling midfield with defensive players. Trust messi to do some miracle… And it worked. We almost won World cup.
    But actually we won nothing. No cups, No hearts.. nothing.

    I am happy that Sampoli is not going for that kind of safe tactics.. instead he is trying to play an exciting tournament.. these kind of football made Argentina a global brand, not just that 2 cups.

    Still sone of us are unhappy about Biglia. I also like to see Lo Celso starting. But i won’t blame Sam for being a little cautious in the first game.. (last time we started with a very defensive line up, & won somehow)..

    Let’s wait n watch wat he gonna do. This might be giving more bakance to the team, considering Salvio (in him we got another attacking footballer, compared to Mercado)..
    I am excited to see Meza-Messi duo in middle..
    Will miss Lo Celso in the first half.
    But football is a game of 90 mins. We are playing against a highly defensive, tall, physical team.. every minute is important.. surely Lo celso will have a role.
    Let’s enjoy our new team, let’s support it till the last whistle of Iceland match.
    Of course after watching let’s criticize..

    • Quote:

      [I am happy that Sampoli is not going for that kind of safe tactics.. instead he is trying to play an exciting tournament.. these kind of football made Argentina a global brand, not just that 2 cups.]

      With all due respect man but what the hell are you talking about? Going with Masch-Big pair is the epitome of “safe”, safe as in familiar not safe as in safe because we saw how successful that double pivot was during Bauza’s era.
      How is using the same bunch of players (who are mostly out of form and over the hill) that failed to win 3 tournaments (on their best day no less) equates to “playing an exciting tournament”?

      • At least its only the first match and Sampaoli’s eyes would be opened afterwards. Why they are closed to what is obvious after 4 years of evidence is another story.

        • It’s no mystery story, It is friends club story over and over again. Very predictable and obvious. Messi doesn’t like playing without having Mascherano, Biglia, Di Maria, Rojo, Aguero, and his super sub the bartender Banega.

  58. I was assured in here to not panic because it‘s just training.
    What now?
    Spains defensive midfielders dont compare instyle to masche and biglia.
    What a cruel joke.

  59. So after all these attack attack choras it is Masche – Biglia midfield again. Why Sampa played Lo celso all these friendlies then

    • World cup is not one match.
      If the line up is confirmed, then this is for the first match. Not for the tournament.
      Friendlies were not the buildup to this first match.

  60. Apparently we will be going with a 4-2-3-1 formation while defending but will shift quickly to a 3-3-2-2 formation while attacking. The key here is to put full pressure on their defenders when we lose the ball.
    We all know where all the players would be placed while defending but when attacking this is how it is in detail.

    Mascherano will drop back and form a line of 3 with rojo and otamendi. Biglia will stay at the centre and form a line of 3 with the wingbacks ( tagliafico and salvio). Above them will be a line of 2 with Di Maria and Meza and upfront will be Messi and Aguero.

    Interesting indeed if this works out. I’m actually quite optimistic about this formation although i can’t seem to fathom why Biglia can’t be replaced by Lo Celso since both are equally capable to defend in the midfield. Don’t think one is better than the other in defending.

    • Biglia is a much better defender than locelso. He is also more experienced and has more muscle. Sampa must feel he needs that vs Iceland. I preffer locelso, but he is best on more open games where his speedyness can be exploited.. say vs Croatia. Ill be surprised if he plays masch + biglia vs attacking teams. Sampa is known for being very flexible in his lineups and formations on a game specific basis.. lets see..

  61. I am not sure about Mascherano’s fitness. If he is fit he must be starting! There shouldn’t be any doubt. Biglia is also decent. Sampaoli is playing both to avoid counter attack goal.I am worried with the Back four only. Otamendi is good but against speed he is very vulnerable. Rojo is strong .. good in the Air. But that pair are not matured as a central defense pair. But all the options we have looks the best. Salvio is starting this match as we are expecting park the bus tactics from Iceland. Against Croatia I think Mercado will be back. Meza is key. Lo Celso surely will come off the bench.

  62. Wow! Just wow. I said I’d wait until there is conformation and now that this is all but confirmed I shall begin my frustrated rant: Honest to god, one has to be a special kind of stupid to go with the masch-biglia pair that failed constantly with Bauza and culminated with Argnetina’s biggest embarrassment since the 4-0 loss to Germany! And to top it all off Rojo -the guy who wasn’t even good enough to make ManU’s bench and the worst player in the 6-1 licking- is added for a good measure. Jesus Christ what the hell does one have to do to be excluded from the squad?????? This really is a Messi’s buddies’ club!!!
    Nothing good can come out of this s***y selection, if the team wins then that bald fool will think that his lineup is actually good only to get hammered by Croatia’s midfield or Nigeria (again) and if it doesn’t work and argentina losses the first game then it will be downhill from there, god dammit!!!

    *takes a deep breath*……..ok this ends my rant, all I can say now is good luck to our boys and I hope you don’t fall victims to yet another idiotic coach’s decisions.

  63. Teams like spain, germany france all are using 2 defensive midfielders for the first match although they have world class defence.So can’t take risk in first match by starting with only one DM. But oviously he will bring lo celso in later part of the game.

  64. The first game is always the most difficult one. We should defend well and get a goal. An early or at least a first half goal will relax the nerves. Ideally the goal should come from Messi. I think it is important for Messi to get a goal in the first game.

    The reason we have Mascherano and Biglia is because Salvio and Tagliafico will provide the width. Expect lot of attack from the flanks and attempt to spread the defense.

    Wishing all the best. Let’s have solid first game. Does not have to be great, but a solid one. I am predicting a 2-0 for us. Messi and Aguero.

    • ddr1123 Agreed man. That’s Biglia’s role or to slow the pace of the game when leading. Poinless bringing on Lo Celso when we don’t need him…, give him an extra game rest or bring him on last 15 minutes. He’ll be a valuable asset against Croatia and Nigeria.

  65. there is no creativity in the middle. may be bilglia can produce some creativity to opponent players through his back pass.

    • splendour.2839 Funny, if you understood the game you’d remember Portugal and England attacked through the middle and it didn’t work. So having Lo Celso in the middle won’t do anything apart from leave our defence venerable. As much as I don’t like Biglia having him will give our 2 fullbacks free space to attack the defence from the sides, that’ll be 6 attackers vs Iceland’s 11 defenders. Unless you want another Iran game?

  66. Is it correct to leave lo celso in the substitute who is the best midfield in Argentina squad…… What if we get knocked out in group stages??????

    • Last world cup our evolved strategy was, filling midfield with defensive players. Trust messi to do some miracle… And it worked. We almost won World cup.
      But actually we won nothing. No cups, No hearts.. nothing.

      I am happy that Sampoli is not going for that kind of safe tactics.. instead he is trying to play an exciting tournament.. these kind of football made Argentina a global brand, not just that 2 cups.

      Still sone of us are unhappy about Biglia. I also like to see Lo Celso starting. But i won’t blame Sam for being a little cautious in the first game.. (last time we started with a very defensive line up, & won somehow)..

      Let’s wait n watch wat he gonna do. This might be giving more bakance to the team, considering Salvio (in him we got another attacking footballer, compared to Mercado)..
      I am excited to see Meza-Messi duo in middle..
      Will miss Lo Celso in the first half.
      But football is a game of 90 mins. We are playing against a highly defensive, tall, physical team.. every minute is important.. surely Lo celso will have a role.
      Let’s enjoy our new team, let’s support it till the last whistle of Iceland match.
      Of course after watching let’s criticize..

  67. Great!!


    Otamendi Rojo

    Salvio Biglia tagliafico


    Meza Messi Di Maria


    I believe that masherano will have a more offensive role, due to his tackling ability and offensive press, that will lead to the ball staying on Islands half of the pitch!

    My prediction 4-0, Messi, Aguero, Aguero Otamendi!

    • So 3 young guys Meza, Tagliafico, Salvio along with the Masch Bigila double pivot, Rojo is added for his physicality more than anything else, we need calm nerves in the opening 20 mins, i think experience gives you that ability. When fullbacks move ahead Masche and Biglia will drop down to provide that cover for defense. It will work and we will score, after which Sampa will deploy Pavon, Lo Celco and Dyballa or Enzo, watch out ! One early goal and we will see a goal fest from Leo and Kun. Lets be positive ! VAMOS !

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