The Team Have Arrived In Nizhny Novgorod


The team and Jorge SAMPAOLI resumed their usual morning practice at their base camp in Bronnitsy, with the focus of avoiding any possibility of a World Cup elimination.

Shortly after their training session, the entire Argentine delegation embarks on a two-hour flight to the city Nizhny Novgorod, where they will play their second group match against Croatia.

They have already arrived at their temporary base and from the looks of it, the team is in good spirit ahead of the crucial game this coming Thursday.

The most talked about topic at the moment is who will SAMPAOLI choose to start in that match and what would be the formation which you can read in our previous post.

In about 45 minutes, SAMPAOLI and one of the designated player will address the media at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. Stay tuned for all the latest updates.


  1. The amount of BITCHING and MOANING I’ve seen over the last few days has been nauseating. From hearing Portugal is going to win the World Cup to Sampaoli has no idea what is doing… Just Christ, some people need to grow a pair of balls and stop being such fragile beings. This is not the Argentino way, we always go in with optimism and sing for those who go and chants for those who represent us. Knock-off all this pessimism.

  2. In his most recent press conference Sampaoli claimed that they have tried this 3-4-3 formation several times in Eziza training camp. The idea is to attack with 5 and defend with 5..lets see

  3. when ronaldo got hattrick everyone said he is brilliant;better than one said portugal is oneman team.but if messi got hattrick everyhater said that this is one man team;no cemestry;no team game and bla bla bla…when messi retired may be every hater realize what messi is.

  4. if argentina lost tomorrow many of them had very happy.hope argentina lost tomorrow

  5. Croatia is going to park the bus against Argentina because they have already won the match and a draw will keep them in good position for knock out games.One creative midfielder like Lo celso is needed to support Messi from the start.Acuna Mascherano Lo celso Meza/Salvio midfield will be good.Acuna is good on crosses.Augreo is on fire do not let Messi to drop deep it will harm our attacking threats.Acuna is much better than Di maria.Messi should play in right wing not in center.

  6. This is the luck I was talking about, Uruguay scores and sits against Mighty Saudi Arabia and will most probably end up with the 3 points, nm winning their last game in the last min. LUCK.

      • Not talking about that, I am talking about the game itself and not the country. Uruguay got 6 easy points when they clearly failed to impress and please I don’t wanna hear that they only played with less gears to save themselves for the round of 16. They went all out in both games.

  7. You really want to know the difference between portugal and argentina ? They don t have 40 millions pressure at the same time.
    When ronaldo misses a game they dont consider him as shit when they lose then they are supported by the whole nation to win the next game.
    Dybala will not start maybe he could been introduce in the second half
    Even if he does really get me nervous on the first game i m pretty sure that tomorrow messi will show to the whole world that s he is the best and he will lead by himself to the final victory. Bad luck does nt last forever

  8. I’ve contacted the Iceland keeper to make a film on our team once we make it to the final and win. He has agreed and wished us best of luck against Croatia. He also gave the bald idiot some tips on goalkeeping. Hope Caballero has learned his lesson

    • full energy of play till end of the game. they attacked and tested Portugal defence. Portugal played like Iceland. unfortunately Portugal scored. Morocco did not giveup the game

  9. …and to all of you Christina fans here….I would eradicate every single one of you from this site and from any ARGENTINA site had it been up to me. That conceited C.SUCKER wishes he was half the player Messi is but for some very strange reason he’s been having his way with winning Ballon D’ors when At least one should have gone to Messi and shitty Portugal winning the Euros when they had No business winning anything but things are bound to change just based on principle!

  10. MAD! Let MAD play together! They need creativity, at least in the attack, to make up for lack of in the midfield!

    MAD (Messi, Aguero, Dybala)
    A scale down from MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar) but just as deadly!
    C’mon Sampaoli, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


    You are pissed off, I am pissed off and virtually every mundo member is pissed off. But you want to know why we don’t win? Read this article from Messi’s mother above.
    Wanting and crying don’t win a World Cup. When Messi is “bummed out” how do you think it impacts the rest of the team? For all his God given talent and skill, the man has the emotional psyche of a child.
    There are many books written on leadership, and crying and suffering is not in any of them. You know what leadership is? It’s doing what others aren’t willing to do. It’s imposing your desire, vision and will in an inspirational way so that others will follow.
    If Messi wants a player in the squad that player is on the squad. Period. End of story. Argentina has given him the keys to the team for 12 years.
    I want a pissed off Messi. You know why he is crying and suffering? Because he doesn’t have the balls to say you know Higuain, you cost us 3 championships, Icardi gives me a better chance of winning. I need to figure out how to play with Dybala. DiMaria is inconsistent we need another option. Garay needs to come back. Lo Celso gives me space to play.
    Instead, he publicly goes to bat for Higuain and Higuain is on the team all of a sudden.
    We are just fans and many of us see this. I am sure he sees this as well. He just doesn’t have the leadership skills to impose his desires on others. He is worried about their feelings instead of winning a cup.
    He is the boss of this team. Does your boss cry at work? Does a leader make bad decisions and mopes about it? This guy wears the captains arm band and has ZERO leadership skills. For all his talent on the field, he still counts on friends for emotional support regardless of outcome. The man has many trophies, a beautiful family, a wonderful club, countless wealth, comes from an intact family, yet he NEVER has learned intestinal fortitude or how to overcome his demons. He wouldn’t even dare leaving Barcelona earlier in his career to learn a different experience, other skills he could draw on. I sure as shit wouldn’t want him as my leader.
    For all the Messi fans, this is not a commentary on his greatness as a player because he very well may be the greatest of all time. I believe he is. But he is no leader. Never was, never will be. Barcelona even knows this and that’s why you had Xavi and Iniesta with the arm band. I just wish somebody in Argentina would figure this out.

    • San Isidro…..the following is what I wrote on the Dybala post last night.

      Dfox1942 June 19, 2018 at 9:45 pm
      The #1 problem with our beloved team is not player selection, not formation, lack of players in key positions, not that other super star players can’t play with Messi, not the miserable past history…………

      The number one problem with this team is that they turn into candy-asses as soon as they are met with adversity, they are mentally weak and lack grit. They never go into a game thinking we are ARGENTINA, a footballing SUPERPOWER with the best player in history, no they go into games wishing and hoping things with turn to be OK and favorable.

      A Lion in the wild doesn’t cut and run as soon as he sees a pack of hyenas, he goes to their leader and takes her out and the rest simply fleas.


      I am furious and I cannot fathom what the players are thinking but all they have to do is man up and win but DAMNIT can we get some breaks, I see it happen to other teams why can’t happen to us, why do they always find themselves on the edge of a volcano and barely hanging on!

      • Your comments are spot on. But even when we get a penalty shot the guy shits the bed because he has no psyche.
        Don’t laugh when I say this but I would have even let Rojo take the penalty. The man has no conscience and it costs us many times, but at least I know he wouldn’t be nervous taking a shot.

    • Maradona was emotional too same goes for ronaldo who cries alot according to his mother. I believe messi has thicker skin then both of them. But messi issue is he is too nice & when you are a boss you have to be tough.

    • Totally agree san isidro…Messi is one of the greatest footballers, if not the greatest, to walk this planet on pure football skills. But the guy is no leader. Nowhere close. When the chips are down, he goes into his shell. He may not quit trying but his entire demenour changes to that of a loser even before the game has ended. When the most important player of the team has that defeated look, it rubs on his teammates too. Mascherano is a leader and so is Ronaldo. They never give up. Don’t mistake me, I am not blaming Messi for not being a leader. That too is a innate quality like footballing skills. it’s not easy for Messi kind of person to be a leader. You can pretend to be. But it’s difficult to keep up the show especially in a physically demanding sport when your mind is focussed on playing football rather than being a leader. I wish he was never made the captain of the team. Messi works best as a free spirit be it in the position that he occupies on the pitch or what goes inside his head.

      • And that’s why the team should NEVER have been built around him. The team should maximize his skill set but not be defined on his success.
        Even a mental midget like Maradona recognized the leader was Mascherano and that is why he said Mascherano plus 10 others.
        We will surely suffer after Messi leaves for a while because we have no identity. Messi is our identity. But eventually others will step up and we will have a well balanced team.

      • Again more nonsense, you can’t psychoanalyze anyone based on facial expressions. I watched Messi come off the bench injured against PSG 4 years ago and even though couldnt run and had 1 good leg he completely calmed down a team which was panicking.

    • agree but the thing is after Messi missed that penalty at the Copa America final , the last thing he needed is missing another crucial penalty ,he defintely needs a psychologist to treat him daily like Tony Robbins or sometihng!

    • I feel you are quoting this article out of context. The article is translated and the word “cry” does not mean Messi felt powerless after failures and just became a crybaby. The translated phrase “suffers and cried” conveys the message that Messi feels a lot for Argentina and therefore he is suffering when the country could not win trophies. Messi’s mum was saying that the Argentina press has been accusing Messi of playing out of obligation and he does not feel for his country and does not really want to win for Argentina; and she is countering this narrative point blank. We all know football article headlines tend to sensationalise things and a casual reading may lead to things being taken or interpreted out of context.

      There are many type pf leadership. Not shouting around like a gangster may not mean the person has no leadership qualities. The leaders that you have quoted like Xavi and Iniesta are of similar temperament as Messi, they are all gentlemen. (That is the La Masia way where players use their feet to do the talking rather than use their mouths or an arrogant attitude.)

      • My friend
        Leadership skills you are born with. It is not learned. You learn how to manage, not to lead. Messi is no leader. And anybody who is naive enough to think this guy can lead has not watched him. No, you don’t have to be arrogant or scream to lead, but Messi couldn’t lead his team out of a paper bag if his life counted on it.

    • agree with the leadership bit and also quite apparent that there’s a friend club. But the fact is he can’t change his natural self. it has worked, and he’s got little better in leadership… time to step up… keep up your natural game and hope samp provides a good team around including Dybala, Pavon and Aguero

  12. Samp has tried everything he can so far….Its not like hes got a proven system..his system failed miserably against Iceland….he definitely needs to have a proven player in Dybala….unleash your talented players….keep messi and dybala exchanging positions between the mid and right side of the midfield…they will create enough space and movement…it will work because of their talent….any other combination needs lot of practice in addition to skill….and I doubt any of the other players can do what Dybala can….and he can do as much defending as I have seen from the Argentine front line in the last game….

    • They didn’t fail miserably against Iceland. Iceland has a great defensive unit and are clearly well drilled. Many good attacking teams have struggled against them. They were underrated in that respect. If we didn’t go braindead on that goal or if we converted the penalty, we wouldn’t be talking about a failed game.

  13. It is no secret , ARGENTINA needs a win, Messi is pissed off and more so now than few hours ago, the defense needs to show up and the offense needs to bring it, no more no less. Go into the game believing that you’re going to win and beat Nigeria after that and advance…simple as that.

    They have the players but the attitude is what has been lacking thus far.
    It is mind-boggling how some teams and individuals have all the luck, unbelievable and unnatural if you ask me!!!

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