Jorge SAMPAOLI, Marcos ACUÑA Argentina press conference


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI and Marcos ACUÑA held a press conference on Wednesday.

SAMPAOLI and ACUÑA discussed the team, the players, Lionel MESSI and more. Jorge SAMPAOLI has stated that he has yet to confirm the formation to the players. Here’s what he had to say:

“I still haven’t confirmed the formation to the players. The World Cup is complicated for every team. We are convinced that we came here for something. The team’s unity will make sure that this team makes it to the next round.

“I believe that in the first match we were unable to take advantage of the favorable chances we had. We will look to qualify from the beginning of the match.”

Jorge SAMPAOLI also spoke about the match against Croatia:

“While planning, we thought that this match needed a change of system. The changes in players has to do with the change of system. I think Croatia will go with a different plan from the one against Nigeria, but they’ll keep their strong counter attack. I respect this Croatian generation a lot.”

He was also full of praise for Lionel MESSI and Cristian PAVON:

“Cristian PAVON has enormous potential. We very much have him in mind.

“When MESSI scores, we all scream it together and we feel a part of it. But when we lose, we throw all the responsibility onto him. Every Argentine has a MESSI 10 shirt, like we had of MARADONA during his time. It’s important to take advantage of the spaces which MESSI generates when there’s two or three players on him.”

Marcos ACUÑA also gave his thoughts on the match:

“If I’m chosen to play, I will give my best, no matter of the position I’d be playing in. When I was at Ferro, I started off as a number 3. I feel comfortable.

“We have analyzed the opponent all week and I believe we will have a great match.”


  1. I refuse supporting the team. It’s Messi and buddies team.

    One could say “if you are real Argentina fan you should support whoever will play” but I can’t. This is my protest against ‘ancien regime’. Against club of players that IMO should have been moved away immediately yet after Copa 2015. They have been blocking changes for years, making it impossible to build soemthing sensible around players like Dybala, Icardi, Lanzini, J.Correa,A. Correa, Paredes, Lo Celso, Meza, Ascacibar, Tagliafico, Battaglia, Nacho, Salvio, Lautaro, Pezzella, Pavon, De Paul, Pratto, Benedetto and others. The changes had been postponed everytime when Copa, Qualifiers or WC were coming and then we back again to starting point. This is the reason why we have not monolit team now and why some new players have not clicked and adapted in the WC – they just had not enough time. Now playing Higuain instead of Dybala, Biglia instead of Lo Celso or Di Maria instead of Pavon is unacceptable.

    People like @el principe, @KidultHood, @Csabalala are talking about “class players” thinking about the club that is back for Nigeria. The members and many others have the definition of “class player”: a player from big European club.

    OK. Now all the “class players” from big European clubs are back. According to the Mundo memebers they have all that you need to win a tournament: they are at their peak (having circa 30 years), they play for big European clubs, they have years of experience on tournaments, and they spend together many years hence chemistry must be there. Moreover they’re self-maneged now. All they are back.

    So, no excuses! They should win the tournament. But ok, I will not so demanding. I don’t expectate they will win that (though I should do, taking into account what is said in previous paragraph), I will not expectate also they make final.

    But if they will make semifinal I will eat my own shit with pleasure. I will give the pleasure to KidultHood and few others and left the side once and for all if it happen becuase I will not reliable, knowledgeable for myself. I will lost faith also in my own intuition if the Messi club will make at least semis.

    If they not I expectate the old guard supporters will eat their own shit.

    Nothing too add. No more comments now. I just wait our last match of this WC (not just game against Nigeria) to see wherter it all finish as success.

    Just don’t look for excuses. @KidultHood I see you begins to talk something about absences of Perotti, Centurion (really?! he doesn’t fit to definiton of “class player) or Pastore (you criticized him so much during Copa 2015 as “ballerina”). You have all your old guard. No excuses!

  2. Fire Sampaoli…. immediately…. a joke in football world …. all the veterans to retire…including Messi, Di Maria,Mascherano , Biglia , Higuain , Aguero , Mercado, Banega , Caballero ……………….viva Argentina… We always love u despite everything ❤️❤️Fuck AFA………..Tapia Resign ….

  3. The lineup is a mystery lads
    Also I’m seeing how my friend Oscar Tabarez is doing with Uruguay. We need to get the result and nothing else.
    I don’t care about Messi being the GOAT or golden boot.
    We are a team, and we are out to get those 3 points.
    It don’t matter in the group stages why and how you score, you just score.
    Uruguay might be lucky, but no one is criticizing Tabarez because he has the points in the bag.
    We are Argentina, and we are a team.
    We are more than just Messi.
    We have to prove it today and we will.
    Sheesh, I leaked the motivational talk right on this group, gotta do something else for the boys now eh?
    This is how I should have given the press conference

  4. I am crying for messi because through out this life spanning for 30years and some months always had to face many difficulties but didn’t give up ,sampaoli also from a modest begining came this far to manage this far ,textbook example of sorrow and difficulties and that’s how legends are born.i wish them both a luck for this worldcup.

    vamos argentina

  5. This game will be won in transition.
    How we defend from the counter
    And how we transition after winning the ball….we have to stay compact

  6. Last part to add to comment below.

    Sabella understood Aguero to Messi, that’s why in the crucial moment he gave his shot in the final to bring Aguero on or he would regret it if he didn’t. But it was just too late and Agüero lacked the fitness.

    But now Aguero is strong!

  7. Dybala = 22 Goals and 5 assists in 33 app in Serie A With Juventus.
    Fazio = In 34 matches played, has a pass accuracy of 84%, 77% Of tackles won, 74% of duels won for Roma.
    Mercado = In 26 matches played, has a pass accuracy of 83%, 66% Of tackles won, 53% Of duels won for Sevilla.
    Ansaldi = In 25 matches played, has a pass accuracy of 74%, 67% of tackles won, 58% of duels won for Torino.

    I can go o and on. But the trends here is that these players are crucial to the team they play (some more than others) and yet they don’t play for their national team!
    Dybala MUST play in order to have ANY chance of winning the World Cup!
    Fazio is a world class defender who, don’t forget, Messi couldn’t get passed in Rome during the champions league.
    The only debate would be who would play RB, between Mercado and Ansaldi. IMO Mercado has the slight edge.

    Pavon/Salvio-Mascherano-Lo Celso-Tagliafico

    – MAD (aka Messi, Aguero & Dybala) MUST play together and combine in order to present any threat against powerhouses like Germany, Spain, Brazil, etc.
    – Need life in the midfield along with accurate passing. Therefore, Mascherano to stay back and pull the strings, and Lo Celso to step up and provide support to the creators, Messi & Dybala.
    – Salvio or Pavon with Tagliafico on the wings to provide midfield control and be able to make overlapping runs on the Wings.
    – And the stablest defence Of three we have! Mercado-Fazio-Otamendi together can be tough to break down. With the wing backs making a line of 5, that line of 5 would be hard to break down with those three CB’s holding the fort.

    There is a chance!!! But the RIGHT players HAVE TO PLAY!!!! MAD attacking, Hungry midfield to support, and 3 great CB’s to form a wall, and Argentina has a DAMN good chance to win the a World Cup!
    Vamos Argentina!! 🇦🇷

  8. Meza looked good against Spain because the game was open and meant nothing. How many times did Meza run past an Icelandic defender like he did against Pique and Ramos? Meza is a solid player but he should be coming off the bench at best. We need players on the pitch who can score goals and shoot from distance. Pavon should start over Meza without a doubt.

  9. All my life I say Argentina had no chance of winning the WC even though I always loved the team. Until 2012 when Argentina changed. Argentina were in my eyes destined to win 2014 but I was wrong. Fans, journalists, pundits a lot of don’t think it’s possible for Argentina to win the WC. With “weak” players. But it’s very possible. When I was young I somehow predicted the winner of 2002 and 2006. In different ways, 2002 because of a genius, 2006 by a process of elimination, a lack of genius. Messi does not remind me too much of Maradona but reminds me of Ronaldo Nazario. All these people doubted Ronaldo can win the World Cup, they also said Brazil had a “weak” team, they had Roque Junior, Juninho, Kleberson, Ednilson was “average” player full backs “too attacking” blah blah. Brazil also used 3-4-3/3-5-2. Players don’t win WC alone but with a partner. Aguero is Messis partner. When Agüero injured in 2014 it ended the World Cup. This time Aguero will be ready.

    Tomorrow will be a good day.

    People backed Ronaldo Nazario into a corner like he was garbage, in his hardest time and now they try the same to Messi today. But Messi come out that corner, only so long he can stay there because Messi is here to fight like Ronaldo was. Or Ronaldo would not go to South Korea, Messi wouldn’t come to Russia – if they didn’t want to fight. I followed Messi as a Barcelona fan from the beginning, I always expected/hoped to see a player like Messi at Barcelona. I seen him fighting, when he wants to fight he will fight.

    I believe in Argentina, Sampaoli, Messi, and all those “weak” players all the way. Today with Aguero fit, Argentina have the best team in my lifetime.

    It’s a true true blessing Sampaoli has ended up here.

  10. If we win this game, we might actually win the entire thing. Remember this match is like Knockout game. Do or Die and hopefully Messi and others are firing with little bit of luck. I am glad that Di maria and biligia are out of squad.

  11. Argentina could play the perfect game tomorrow and one spilled shot by Willy would ruin everything. I know I will be nervous anytime Modric or Rakitic take a long shot. Maybe Armani should shave his head bald to get a game.

  12. Keep calm and trust in messi
    I bet he definitely has a say in the team lineup so i guess hell try everything he can to win this cup
    Lets not forget he only needs to be at his best and the games in the bag no matter against which side

    • Moral: Never give out spoilers.
      Also I’m not disclosing what pair of pants I’ll wear to this game
      Last time was a disaster, my wonderful fashion sense was spoiled by Iceland

  13. Spain must draw against Morocco and Portugal win then Spain finish 2nd from the group if both win then goal difference decides position at moment everything is equal

    • Dude… chill.
      Ppl are just saying what they feel along with their opinions. Many sports analysts don’t see Argentina advancing and it certainly looks like it. We’re expressing our concern and there is plenty to be concerned about. People here have a voice, and I’m all ears to hear what people have to say. Just respect other people’s opinion, because that’s all what it is at the end of the day, just an opinion!

      • Thank you
        People need to take of rose tinted glasses

        We struggled through qualifying
        Beat a poor team in Haiti

        Now it’s tactical tournament football

        This is life

        I do agree dybala should start as we need goal scores tomorrow
        Aguero and Messi only score

      • All there is is negativity. People have a voice, fine but bitching and moaning, what do you get out of that? All that does is bring others down, knock it off. It was 1 game and the sky is falling. People are ready to give the World Cup to teams after 1 game or2 and then count anybody out after 1 result goes wrong. What’s wrong with some people?

    • Agree
      This is one of Argentina worse full squads since I followed from 1990

      If we played good as a team we could get that extra level be we do not
      Different systems all the time

      Now he can’t decide between pavon and meza

  14. I am so worried about the game with Croatia… as we don’t have a real strategy to beat them … only Parole ,parole .. like Edgardo Bauza …. it is a pity that we are knocked out from group stage …like 2002…I am very furious about AFA ,Sampaoli and Messi ..!!!!!!!!!

  15. I see Iran beating Portugal and making next round. As for Argentina, we will top group with Croatia second.

  16. By the looks of it MAD would be better than any alternative… strength..Dybala is playing day in day out and excelling against strong defenders in serie a…. defending Dybala and all juventus players keep a very fluid formation covering up and down…. including mandy as a proof…. dybala guarantees one player on him always because of his penetrating and shooting ability….. how is that not helping the balance of the team… he has to be there in starting.. not at half time when argentina is either still tied at best or chasing at worst….. of course i would eat my words and more if the team does brilliantly without him… but doubt that would be sustainable….as always just want Argentina to win and no I am not qualified enough to be the coach…. but do remember there are coaches who didn’t even know the main players on their rival teams so i won’t be surprised if coaches are not always right…i play Kent league and my skipper is also the coach of a pretty prominent second division team but i find his ideas so wrong on the field

    • Exactly! Everyone SHOULD be talking about MAD and the firepower Argentina has… instead they’re omg about Ronaldo! Pfft, I hope MAD gets to play and we remind Portugal to know their place in the food chain!

      Salvio/Pavon-Mascherano-Lo Celso-Tagliafico

      I mean this coach has dynamite to work with but he’d rather use rock hammers!!! I don’t understand! Hopefully, Dybala Either starts, or comes of the ne bench and shows Sambaldy that MAD is the best trio this World Cup will see!

  17. Sampaoli is still confused about Enzo/Meza. Now he’s planning now to omit Pavon for Meza..! Overthinking at its peak…!


    If not Pavon it should be Lo Celso in this situation.

  18. to be honest i don t like that we will play with 3 players in defense.
    it seems to me extremely dangerous and risky.

    but anyway i don t care who will play or which system we will play.
    i care only we win. which way i don t care at all.

    in worst senario we should take one point of draw.

    else better nobody return back to Buenos aires.

    • It’s only a 3 man defense when we’re attacking. When defending Salvio and Acuna will be wingbacks. That’s in addition to Masche, who always plays in defensive positions.

  19. Instead drive on unquestioningly still the rush for Lo Celso people should to think about why actually Sampaoli is keepeing far from squad. He could bring more cretivness in the middle. Perhaps. But there must be reason why he is so passed over in rumored line ups. The same with Dybala. Whoever will play instead of Lo Celso and DYbal will be there probably because of more defensive abilities (Pavon >Dybala here). But it doesen’t have to be the only answer. Pavon is faster than Dybala, more robust to play physical, close footbal.

  20. Bilardo when sampaoli was joining argentina “i will take a boat to uruguya if sampaoli becomes coach”

    Sampaoli today “i wish all the good recovery to carlos bilardo (bilardo has been ill recently”)

    Maradona always blames sampaoli
    Sampaoli today “Messi is our hero just like maradona was”.

  21. We will overpower Croatia on the wings and force them to play through the middle. With the high press and possession we should keep their chances limited to long balls and set pieces. Hopefully we will break their lines early on and go ahead. The earlier we take control the better.

    • The Masche & Meza/Perez pairing is going to be hugely important. They will have to go toe-to-toe with Modric and Rakitic. Personally I think Lo Celso would be better not for physicality against them but because he has the creative potential to outplay them. The current two seem to be a concession from Sampaoli that we will defend in that space more than we will attack. But maybe I am wrong! I would glad to be!

  22. “I STILL HAVEN’T CONFIRMED THE FORMATION TO THE PLAYERS.” But is Sampaoli confirmed within himself about the formation and the players who will be implementing that formation???????????????????????

    • I am very optimistic about this game. Some of you need to be the same way, knock off this negative attitude, from criticizing the manager to saying Portugal or any other team is going to win the World Cup. It is important to have huevos, it is our way, it is the only way we understand life, politics and futbol.


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