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Apparently there are reports that the players have gathered for a meeting and have unanimously voted for Jorge SAMPAOLI to be removed as Argentina’s head coach. There is a high possibility that he won’t be involved in the match against Nigeria.

It appears Jorge BURRUCHAGA has been asked to step in as SAMPAOLI’s replacement for the match against Nigeria. El Burru as he is known, was the player that scored Argentina’s winning goal in the 1986 World Cup final against Germany.

Though we do not have any official confirmation on this, be sure that we’ll post any updates on this matter… stay tuned!


  1. First of all selection was wrong at first Point. Sampaoli had selected old slow passionless unwillingness disheartened players to protect his own asshole. Everyone knows the consequences of the fact all these names in the team will participate in the event, not more that.

    Secondly Even if selecting these inferior players in the team, There was no hard practice sessions by coach to develop these old slow players to a certain label because of fearing of injuries.
    Then the coach started dreaming of only passing the ball Messi. Because he knew at that time no option remain except passing the ball to Messi in midfield and everyone relax and watching Messi to do all the miracle by himself.
    Whole world have seen how these physically and mentally inferior names like Mascheranho, Banega, Otamendi, Biglia, Rojo, Caballero, Higuain played with no intensity no passion no enthusiasm to win.
    All these things happened because of casual preparation and practice and casual approach by the team and management.
    But we don’t have any solution left right now.
    If anyone dreaming of beating Nigeria, It’s bliss.
    Keep my words.

    • Intekhab,

      Be positive please.

      Yes we can beat NIgeria and we havE and we will!

      This is Argentina.

      Guys, let’s stop with all the negativity. PLEASE!

    • well said mr.intikhab. lot of confidence are there in Nigeria players they will beat Argentina even they can beat France. they killed Iceland defence which messi & Co could not do

  2. Armani , Mercado, otmendi, Fazio, Taghliafico , mascherano , LoCelso ,Banega, Messi , Dybala, Di Maria ……..Sub Acuna For Di Maria , Higuain for Dybala, Meza for Banega …this Line up can beat the Super Eagles 🦅……!!!Switch between Messi and Dybala as false 9 … otherwise w re done … will go home 🏡

  3. We should stick to 4.defenders as our defenders are slow. Missing Garay for sure. Rojo is a big question mark after been out for almost a year. Iirational selection. Would love the creative spark of lo celso. Hope he plays if still we lost, we tried our best

  4. We are all pisses off at how Argentina has played so far but we are all die hard fans. Today i was supporting Nigeria all the way to score atleast two goal to give us a life line n prove we can do it by beating Nigeria the next. God mercy us, we played two under par game but now its for our beloved Argentina to prove we can do it by beating Nigeria in the last game. I was so pissed off i believe we all are at the way we played in the last two matches. Hope by beating Nigeria we can be on track, of course it depends on crotia n iceland game whether will we go through. Sampaoli is a puppet we all know it n we know who controlls the the nt, the coach or messi. I would love Icardi to be here n pavon n meza to play from start but thats not under our control. No matter what i will still support the flag till my last breath though selection, tactics doesnt go our way.

  5. this is to Argentina world cup 2018 players: you don’t say you are formidable team in the world. you all just have the piss of Nigeria, Morocco players.

  6. Nigeria : 2, Iceland :0

    for Iceland same team, same defenders, same goalkeeper and same play how let 2 goals to score Nigeria because 10players of the Nigeria team focusing to score and attack Iceland box but for Argentina 9 players are focusing 1player that player has to score goal himself.

    this is the team I am loving it.
    all the teams are playing heartedly for country except argentina.

    which team is playing heartedly for country? nigeria

    what a midfield they have in Nigeria. they passing the ball with confidence not fearlfull

    when it comes to arg vs nig on 26th jun surely I am saying Nigeria will win.

  7. We are the worst and the most critical fans in the World. We put extra burden on our players. Our teams will never win with this kind of Burden. I am sure sonething went wrong back in Argentina. I could tell by players body language in the field against Croatia. Let Messi live. He is a human being after all. If he played for any other country he would have won 2 World Cups by now.

  8. Mik
    I didn’t mention a goalkeeper because Mickey mouse would better with his gloves than cabellero ! So it didn’t matter .

  9. Tato Martino took them to three straight finals and they looked good. Looked like they knew how to play with and for each other. He is now coaching Atlanta FC in MLS. They play very well for an MLS team. Its no accident he is a good coach.

    Since the Copa America final Argentina has looked like poop even with Messi on the field and even stickier poo when Messi isn’t on the field.

    If you have a good coach you don’t fire them because the results haven’t gone your way.

    • Man stop it, you know much flack Martino received when he was our coach? Do you know much criticism Sabella received when he was our coach? Now people are wishing they had Martino back? We as Argentina fans are never satisfied I swear lol

    • Gerado Martino took argentina to 2 finals not 3.He took them to 2 copa america finals 2015/2016 and Aljendro Sabella took them to the world cup final 2014.And argentina were a average side in 2014 scrapeing their way through.And were no better in the copa america,because it was near enough the same side as it was in the wc 2014.And last night’s game was shocking.Average team for the last few years.

    • I do feel the same. When Tata Martino was coach, we were doing pretty well in the qualification as well apart from that first defeat. Our problem is we never give chance to our coach, but seriously, I don’t like Sampaoli. He always treat Messi special. This is the problem. We never have a team after Tata Martino left.

  10. For one I don’t blame the players, Sampaoli has shown to be out of his depth. He’s tried numerous players & formations & has no idea who his best players are or how to play them and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to get it right !! It doesn’t take Google to learn about Argentine footballers , the best are those playing for top clubs , there’s a reason that benega plays for Seville playing in a top world league & playing in the champions league & Enzo Perez does not ! There’s a reason that Psg ( who have the money to sign anyone ) spend it on lo celso & not on acuna ! There’s a reason dybala is top scorer in serie a , playing in the champions league latter stages & Mesa is not! There’s a reason why Rojo is signed by man utd 2nd in a major league & playing champions league & salvio does not !
    This Argentina had the top scorer for man city , the top scorer for juventus & the top scorer across all of Europe in Messi , all champions. So guess what Sampaoli – f##king play them !! That’s your forward line solved & you have also helped your defence because opposition teams will b more negative. Lo celso , benega play for top European clubs who are doing well domestically & competing in the champions league knock out stages, so they (NOT Perez or Mesa) play in your midfield , you now have a higher level midfield players cable of passing the ball forwards & supplying Messi & dybala ! In front of you defence you need a holding midfielder , someone similar to a busquets , someone with a experience of Barcelona football ….. Amazing Sampaoli you have mascherano for that job !! :O Now a defence … Otamendi plays for man city , champions , & champions league football , fazio plays for Roma , champions league semi finalists so he’s in , Rojo plays for man utd so he’s in & at right back macardo who does play for Seville in a high level league .
    So that’s 4 defenders – Mercado, ota, fazio , Rojo
    3 midfielder’s – MASC , benega, lo celso
    3 forwards – Messi, dybala, aguero
    Oh my god would you look at that Sampaoli 4-3-3 !! :O Now what formation do most of those players play for the club’s – man city 433, psg 433, Sevilla 433, Barcelona 433 , stunning Sampaoli we now have players who play at a high level , playing a formation they’re familiar with & Messi has played most of his career – amazing ! So how the f**k Sampaoli were you unable to do that !!!???!!!

      • What about the Goal Keeper, No matter whoever is playing upfront, There is no point if the GK is a Buffoon. We learned that hard lesson yesterday, This PLAYING WITH THE FEET ridiculousness is destroying and confusing so many Goal Keepers. Goal Keepers are suppose to Save with their Hands/Legs/Body whatever, and Clear the Balls from the Danger that’s it. Do that job cleanly, no body will blame a GK if he does like that. Not everybody can be freaking NEUER. What the Hell.

      • I’ve no idea how Sampaoli or honestly the Argentine media don’t list this starting 11 ! These players all play at high level leagues & champions league teams , mostly playing 433 so it’s not a genius to play Mercado, ota, fazio, Rojo, benega, Los celso , MASC, Messi, dybala , aguero , and like I said asky Disney for Mickey mouse & put him in goal as he can’t do worse . It’s a pity there no way of getting this team & formation to their training camp 🙁

      • I’ve no idea how Sampaoli or honestly the Argentine media don’t list this starting 11 ! These players all play at high level leagues & champions league teams , It’s a pity there no way of getting this team & formation to their training camp 🙁

      • @Mik We haven’t tried that 11 because not long ago these so called Argentina Fans were asking for Masch to be dropped.. Banega to not even be selected even as a backup midfielder and blaming Messi for Rojo being selected. lol

    • I agree completely. I was wondering what’s the formation most of our players for their teams and if that’s part of the problem.
      It seems that Sampaoli did whatever he could in order for NOT to get it right.

    • I concur, Great Post. It boggles my mind. I don’t even know 2/3 of the players they have been starting. Pretty easy to mark out Messi and Aguero when you don’t have to worry about any of the midfielders doing you damage.

    • pep guardiola or luis enrique would be the ideal coach to guide Argentina to 2022 FIFA cup. he can understand ARG players very well.

      AFA please get pep / enrique ASAP

      • pep wants it he loves argentina but shit argentine pride won’t allow such thing to happen.they will pick another shit coach from argentina that’s all.

    • Arg27,

      That was stellar!
      Great piece!

      Your post needs to be put uo on the wall in the pantheon of great football posts.

      When I read it, I felt bad, then, I somehow felt good. Bad in that I realised that Sampaoli had it all at his disposal but either couldnt see it or didnt care to utilise it and good in that we do have great wonderuf kids who are the best footballers in the world. TALK OF MIXED EMOTIONS.

      If we are feeling this bad, imagine what these kifs are feeling. They are the ones who’ve been betrayed.

      We lost the game in midfield [and I am no football guru or analyst] but Arg27, with your line up, we’d jabe done two things better:

      1. Hild onto tje ball

      2. Make clean passes without losing the ball anyhow.

      Then of course there is Caballero.

      Someone here said that Mickey Mouse in gloves would have done better than him.

      I woke up this morning and the first thing that came into my mind is that we are out of the World Cul (perhaps) because of Sampaoli and Caballero.

      Anyone who has ever talked badly about Sergio Romero needs to man up and unreservedly apologise to him.

      He is great! He can keep a clean sheet.

      By the way, Brazil, Spain nd even France….oh, and Germany don’t have better players than us.

      We are just ‘stuck with AFA’ and bad coaches.

      If we exit, and I still habe some hope of advancing albeit very little, I dont know whom to support.

      I might have to go with my african brothers, the Senegalese.

      Oh dear!
      All the best friends. ALL THE BEST!


      Once more, thanks. I will bookmark your post.

    • Arg27,

      That was stellar!
      Great piece!

      Your post needs to be put uo on the wall in the pantheon of great football posts.

      When I read it, I felt bad, then, I somehow felt good. Bad in that I realised that Sampaoli had it all at his disposal but either couldnt see it or didnt care to utilise it and good in that we do have great wonderuf kids who are the best footballers in the world. TALK OF MIXED EMOTIONS.

      If we are feeling this bad, imagine what these kifs are feeling. They are the ones who’ve been betrayed.

      We lost the game in midfield [and I am no football guru or analyst] but Arg27, with your line up, we’d jabe done two things better:

      1. Hild onto tje ball

      2. Make clean passes without losing the ball anyhow.

      Then of course there is Caballero.

      Someone here said that Mickey Mouse in gloves would have done better than him.

      I woke up this morning and the first thing that came into my mind is that we are out of the World Cul (perhaps) because of Sampaoli and Caballero.

      Anyone who has ever talked badly about Sergio Romero needs to man up and unreservedly apologise to him.

      He is great! He can keep a clean sheet.

      By the way, Brazil, Spain nd even France….oh, and Germany don’t have better players than us.

      We are just ‘stuck with AFA’ and bad coaches.

      If we exit, and I still habe some hope of advancing albeit very little, I dont know whom to support.

      I might have to go with my african brothers, the Senegalese.

      Oh dear!
      All the best friends. ALL THE BEST!


      Once more, thanks. I will bookmark your post. Great!

      • Thanks , it’s been sad to see so many players who play at top teams not being played or used in a formation that they so often play for there clubs.
        It’s not hard to choose the best 11 & the formation then falls into place. For some reason Sampaoli does not recognise who his best players are.
        I only wish I could get this team list out to their base in Russia or even on Argentine TV 🙁 because if by miracles Nigeria can do us a favour we would still have a chance to qualify !
        So often Argentina have left players of top quality out Redondo & cannigia in 98 , riquelme 02, zanetti , cambiasso in 2010 even though they’d won the cl with inter Milan . It’s just ridiculous & now they’ve wasted Messi & co . I don’t know how but I wish my first comment can reach them & I hope for miracles.

        • I hear you Arg 27.
          First of all, apologies. I typed on my phone and didn’t proofread my work hence the crazy words that make no sense.
          When Basile or whoever (was coach then) left out Zanetti and Cambiasso after winning the CL, and considering the fact that Zanetti man marked Messi in a serious way, one wonders whether ARgentina is cursed.

          Even Nester Pekerman subbed Requelme and Never played Messi in the Quarterfinal. How dare he?

          So, Nigeria gave us a lifeline. I didn’t give up. I never gave up.

          Last night, I said three Hail Marys and a prayer for the team ( I am as serious as a heart attack when I say this).

          Now, I am not saying that my prayers did the trick, but God has given us a chance.

          It is ours to take it.

          It’s in our hands now.

          We could score 6-0 and it doesn’t matter even if Iceland scored 4 goals. It matters not.

          I think we will scrape through. We will qualify it and then, after that, it will be a moment of reflection to figure out ‘where the rains started beating us’ in this tournament and perhaps the three finals that we’ve lost.

          First things first…..
          Let’s win this game on Tuesday first and then, we can think of the next step (round of sixteen)..

          All the best ARgies.

    • Your comment is the best I have read on the matter, i’ve made a bunch myself, but nothing i’ve seen is as clear, as solid, as complete as yours. You cut it down to the fundamental point. Rank your best players based on a factual, solid, factor: Those who play at the top echelon teams in Europe are your best. You play them, you have all this time, let them train, practice together. Play them, play them, play them. Dybala is without a doubt among the ten best players in the world( and this is very conservative, you could easily say top five), so, so, play him. Wow, wish you could get into this madman mind and put some sense in there because he had displayed none so far. ArG27👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  11. A World Cup comes once in 4 years, Everyone is waiting for it. Argentina has billions of Fans all around the world. Why on earth all these players revolution has to happen i between a World Cup. there was so much time before the World Cup, Why is it happening now. This is disappointing.

    And Caballero – Mannnnnn he literally destroyed us in the World Cup. How much important a position of the GK is. Now we can understand what Romero did for us. These r school boy errors., I feel sorry for Caballero this will haunt him for his entire life. he disappointed Billions around the world. Even his family will struggle to come out of this. Football is only a game its not life, But a World Cup brings joy to so many peoples around the world it brings Joy(Make all of us forget about our own Problems) and to do such a school boy mistake is catastrophic. Mistakes happen from everybody , Errors are part of every humans. Hope he deals with this with composure.

    Now there is nothing to do lets wait for this drama to finish & thank you all the members of the Golden Generation of Messi & all the others. They took us to 3 finals that’s an achievement they took us to a WC Final after so long time (Even the Legendary Batistuta generation & Riquelme generation didn’t do that) Thank you for the Memories, Now lets start a new era of (NO BODY) we don’t want any single person, We want a Team (Dybala, Icardi, Angel Correa, Joaquin Correa, Alario, Lautaro Martinez, Pavon, Paredes, Lo Celso, Ascacibar, Meza, Acuna, Foyth, Conti, Tagliafico, Bustos, Mammana, Rulli, Axel Werner, Batalla(What a Trio of Young Goal Keepers) and the experienced Lamela, Lanzini, , and Armani (let the man play for us he is 31 only for a GK 31 is not a big age) there is so much talent left let somebody a cool headed Coach guide us. It will take time, We will loose so many matches our ranking will get down, We may find it tough to even qualify for 2022 WC, But then we will have to have a team.

    Lets see. As fans we all can support each other and the team always.

  12. Many of these Argentine players are idiots. They can’t blame Sampaoli for everything. Hey it’s you the culprit. Messi missed a penalty and two points. Caballero given three points to Croatia. Coach can’t help here. The team has mental problems.

    • Insider,

      ronaldo missed a penalty ………if I recall correctly, and went ahead to win Euro Cup.

      Spain lost to switzerland in their opening game in S.A. and then, went ahead to win the World Cup.

      Yes, if Messi had converted the penalty, we wouldn’t be in the cow dung that we are in.

      In the same breath, had Sampaoli included some players like Icardi , and used others who’ve been warming the bench, and not played Caballero, perhaps the penalty wouldn’t have mattered.

      Caballero is a goat……..adn I don’t mean this in any jocular manner.

    • This is true.. European coach is best option.and only select European base player.local players don’t hve experience to play in big statge

    • Nice to see that finally you resisted yourself from kissing the dirty ass of stupid Sampaoli every time!
      First learn football game, its formation and tactics, then try to defend Sampaoli’s every stupid action like a fool!

  13. Football is really tight these days there are no weak teams when Messi wastes a penalty and Caballero gifts a goal to Croatia you shoot yourself in the foot and there’s no coming back

    • Absolutely true, but again team is not ready for knòckout stages, better to go home and have a vacation than hanging by a thread waiting for Spain Brazil or even Russia to slaughter them. The team wasn’t prepared for this world cup plus bad player selection for coach plan. He left out better midfielders and defenders and went for fancy names, young players were benched and Higuain was untouchable. Caballero was the mystery of this all.

      • Yes true ,I never imagined Sampaoli would flop so badly we always complained of weak coaches and were all happy when he was appointed but he was never able to figure it out I’m sorry I don’t buy the argument that he didn’t have time to prepare thats bullshit

  14. I feel AFA is to blame for the loss as well. Sampa seem to be still experimenting at this stage! There is reason for that…..he was not given enough friendlies to assess his team. Yes, he is still experimenting! He believes Daybala and Messi can’t play together but yesterday he tried.

    Sampa must not step down or be fired, the circle will just go on and on. We need a continuity. I he think picked some lessons from this and will go back and work the team from there. German that won in Brazil was their secret. Spain in South Africa, same story. We need continuity. See how Taberez stayed with Uruguay and still delivers decent results with limited talent. If you bring a new coach, he starts again same process, experimenting and loses, fired and again and again! If players doesn’t really want him, that something then!

  15. With out $ or power Argentina won’t win!

    Didnt Brazil go about 30 years with out a cup till Avalanche was head of Fifa and poof….Brazil win in 94.

    Didnt Argentina win 78 with a brutal dictatorship and a briefcase full of money!?!?

  16. You know in 2015, we beat Paraguay 6-1 or something in the semis of Copa under Tata Martino. Ramon Diaz, the Argentine coach of Paraguay even admitted that this is the best Argentina side he has faced in a long long time. Yes we lost in PK SHOOTOUT (where anything can happen) against Sampaoli’s Chile in the final.

    Then one year after in 2016 we also played amazing Copa. We beat everyone easily until the final. Again, we also lost in PK shootout. We already have a very strong foundation of a really good team.

    A good team that lost in 3 finals in 3 major tournaments do NOT need major tweaks. They only need some minor tweaks. Sampaoli made it as if we failed in the group stage in 3 major tournaments by the way he called up players and keep changing things. He made super major tweaks. That is arrogant. He thinks that his way is better.

    • You hit the nail on the head. If the change was to be done it was after the 2014 world cup wherein a few tweaks could have been made. In both Copa America finals we lost the key midfielders. The problem is instead of making the midfield better by doing wholesale changes to every position is not going to take us anywhere. Reality is we have very limited talent in midfield and defense. Till today’s match everyone wanted Messi close to the goal and today we saw if he doesn’t drop deep and collect the ball, nobody is capable of taking the ball forward.

      • ansaldi – otamendi – faxio – tagliofico

        ——–masherano locelso/banega

        —–messi—-banega/dybala – pavon


  17. Wow, as if we were not ridiculous enough. This kind of action will go nowhere and will only damage the reputation. They forgot they are representing a country…. Just like French national team in 2010, the only possible outcome will be an historical fiasco.

  18. How often does this happen in all sports? Can you tell me?

    I mean players gathering together asking their OWN COACH to be sacked in a major tournament? That means Sampaoli’s coaching including players selections, tactical formations must be super shitty.

    Our players used to not like Bauza too. They played really bad games before he was sacked, then when Sampaoli took over, they thought they had a good coach. They showed it in the friendly against Brazil where we won 1-0. Now they are doing the same. They lost their motivation to play good. It is like they just don’t want to play.

    I can safely say that the only way for us to play good against Nigeria is when we have someone else in charge other than Sampaoli.

  19. This is bigger than Argentine futbol folks, this will be the norm for Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay for decades…..produce players that will end up in European clubs for $ and never developing with team mates in their native lands …while Europeans are all playing together…… Brazil may have qualified first and maybe …just maybe on a way to the final but it wont be the same Brazil of yesteryear….. some teams will have the fortunate of growing in to its self like Uruguay in 2010 to 2011, Argentina 2014 to 2016, Brazil at the moment ….but then ….boom…some players will age and maybe stick around for a bit but the next generation will all be European based….simply not enough to generate strong cohesive teams as their counterparts all playing together in Europe.

    Maybe…. if were lucky will get a good class of youngster down the road ….but again the fact that they’ll grow apart in foreign leagues….yeah….no.

  20. And anyone who thinks Simeone can help this team….doubtful.

    He choked magnificently against Madrid in their first UEFA final with his last minute defensive sub. Oh… AND he lost against them the following yr was it?

    So he’ll bring Italian style futbol yo AFA? Score a goal and play defensive .. .yeah…..ok….what ever happened to Italian futbol btw?

  21. Mexico will win due to all the frustrations Trump has caused….

    Or Portugal and that Csucker Ronaldo will win it.

    The Messi era is finished…..and it finished the moment he become the star player! Messi should have always been our “enganche” not our goal scorer….

  22. To all the delusional mathematical geniuses calculating how Argentina can still go through- please get over it. This is the same team that beat us 4-2. With or without Messi doesn’t make any difference anymore. They will beat us we easily this time as well. I hope before that Iceland beats Nigeria by a handful of goals to help us adjust faster to reality.

  23. for Nigeria match ARG should stick on 4-3-3 when using this system ARG need pazella, pablo perez instead of meza, rojo

    if ARG use this 4-3-3

    mercado otamendi pazella/faz tagli

    lo celso
    di maria banega

    messi dybala aguero

  24. It is over…

    Stop selling yourself short, Sabella only masquearded our defensive problems for a couple of games.

    All attack and never once develop a strong attacking minded midfield(er). Or help develop a defensive system.

    Never shooting outside of the box.

    ARGENTINE FOOTBALL is dead…for at least 5 to 10 yrs.

    Thanks for playing folks

  25. Group D right now:
    1. Croatia 6 Pts. 5:0
    2. Iceland 1 Pts. 1:1
    3. Argentina 1 Pts. 1:4
    4. Nigeria 0 Pts. 0:2

    Best Scenario:
    Nigeria & Iceland DRAW, which would leave the table like this
    1. Croatia 6 Pts.
    2 Iceland 2 Pts.
    3. Nigeria 1 Pts.
    4. Argentina 1 Pts.
    – leaving Argentina with a chance to advance, if they BEAT Nigeria and if Iceland either LOSE or DRAW against Croatia.
    Ok Scenario
    If Nigeria BEATS Iceland,
    1. Croatia 6 Pts.
    2. Nigeria 3 Pts.
    3. Iceland 1 Pts.
    4. Argentina 1 Pts.
    – Argentina would have to hope Nigeria win by the fewest amount of goals possible, BEAT Nigeria by several goals to surpass them in GD, and also hope that Iceland DRAW, LOSE, or can win but by a fewest goal margin than Argentina’s victory, preferably 1-0.
    Worst Possible Scenario
    Iceland BEAT Nigeria,
    1. Croatia 6 Pts.
    2. Iceland 4 Pts.
    3. Argentina 1 Pts.
    4. Nigeria 0 Pts.
    – Argentina HAS to BEAT Nigeria (who would already by eliminated) and hope Iceland don’t rescue any points against Croatia, in other words that they LOSE against Croatia.
    – If Iceland beat Nigeria say 2-0, Iceland’s GD would be 1:3 = +2, while Argentina’s GD is -3.
    Argentina would have to score 3 or more to get their GD at least to 0, and hope Iceland concede more than 2 or more, to lower their GD to 0 or lower.

    Argentina STILL have a shot with all scenarios, but the last one would be almost impossible to overturn. Iceland concedeing 2 against a Croatia that will rotate, according to their coach, and Argentina on their form scoring +3 is hard to see. Waiting for a Messi Hat-Trick is hard to see as well given how miserable he’s been playing.
    Best Scenario is a DRAW. A draw would leave their GD the same, only difference would be 1 more point for each. But Iceland’s GD would still be 0, and Nigeria’s would be -2 still, regardless how many goals scored in that DRAW, whether 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, or even 5-5. There, Nigeria would have a GD of -2 to Argentina’s -3, so a win would of 2 goals would see Argentina surpass Nigeria in points and GD. The real worry would be the ICE-CRO game, as Iceland would have to lose or draw, against a rotated Croatia squad, as confirmed by their coach (what a prick LOL)!
    Every Scenario there is still hope, but Argentina fans better hope results favor Nigeria or a draw to have hope of advancing to the next round!

    • The best scenario should be this instead:

      1. Croatia 6 Pts.
      2. Nigeria 3 Pts.
      3. Iceland 1 Pts.
      4. Argentina 1 Pts.

      Because things will still be under our control. And it is better for Nigeria to win big against Iceland, such that we have the goal difference advantage against Iceland, and once we beat Nigeria in the last group match, we will be second, even though Iceland win with a small margin.

      If it is the scenario below, once Iceland win, does not matter the margin, we are out.

      1. Croatia 6 Pts.
      2 Iceland 2 Pts.
      3. Nigeria 1 Pts.
      4. Argentina 1 Pts.

      There is still hope, I will support Nigeria this time, I know they are our good friends, having playing together for so many world cups and friendlies, I hope that really can help us.

    • You are optimistic.. thats good.. but just think.. if we will be group runners up we have to face france… this could be more humiliating… this team is playing without game planning.. they should not progress in the next round

      • If we give up now, we have to wait for another 4 years.

        If Messi and co give up now, they have to wait for their next lifes.

        We still have a chance, why dont we take it and do our best?

  26. Well this is one hell of a development. Look, I think Sampaoli would have been great if he started right after Sabella stepped down in 2014. He needs time to implement his tactics. As it stands, he had 1 year to not only qualify for the world cup, but to also try to find an identity and style for the team. Let’s not forget how things were during Bauza.

    I’m not saying that he should stay beyond this disaster. His choices for the Iceland and Croatia were amazingly bad. For Iceland, starting with Biglia/Masch instead of having Lo Celso there (when he played Lo Celso in every friendly before this point) was just one of many mistakes. However, we did have a plan vs Iceland; Iceland just defended superbly and prevented us from getting chances. That happened to many teams so far. The complete change for Croatia reflected a level of panic I had not expected from Sampaoli. He knew the 3-man backline was a failure in the short-term and he did it anyway. Needless to say, everything failed and the players appear to be revolting.

    If we’re talking about replacements, we need a good coach who is willing to take a generation of players and develop a system, project and identity. For this, it would be paramount that we give them the required time in order to implement this for the next world cup (unless they suck more than Bauza). Regardless of coach changes, I want the Messi generation of players to retire. I don’t like when professional players revolt against a system when they themselves had a shitty game. Messi had two pretty bad games, he is the last person I feel should be complaining. He is the GOAT for me, but he is a bad leader, does not inspire confidence or fight on the pitch and is not mentally strong. To the next coach: Build a team around Dybala, Icardi, Lo Celso, Tagliafico, Otamendi (maybe), Pavon (maybe), Paredes. Find a formation to incorporate all these players and stick with it.

  27. I don’t know how to express my feelings now. My heart is broken from today’s performance. Now we have to sit and wait for Nigeria win. Sampoli is dumbass coach. With not using dybala and not inviting icardi and using useless aguero and higuan which they already proved they can’t do shit in worldcups. I’m tired of seeing this demotivated players and stupid coaches. We don’t even have an average goalkeeper. I have never thought I would say this. But with this games, we are not deserve to move forward if we would be able. Something is wrong there. Problem is so deep. We need serious changes. I remember Brazil was strangling so bad. They hired great coach and look them now. They play fantastic game. And we can’t do shit with all our stars. I literally want to cry. Tired of false hops.

  28. sampa is good to be manager for chile, peru, England, etc not Argentina. he can experiment his tactics with those countries because of those countries have the players. but Argentina mindset is slow ball game they never adopt for attacking/speed football.

    sampaoli is very good simplicity, honest person, but he trusted all those selected players but they(biglia, mascherano, di maria, enzo, rojo, salvo, acuna, cabellaro and meza) let him down

  29. The thing I cant rap my head around is why Messi wouldn’t just play for Spain? He could have won a world cup, a European or two and hell even with this more or less aging and mediocre Spain side probably hoisted two cups….all he had to do was fly his Argentina during the cup ceremony and I’m sure most of us Argentines would have been happy (hell Di Stefano helped out other countries NT).

    He chose to be with Argentina.. .. I guess that has to say something?

    I’ve been bat sh*t mad critical about him with the NT as well… but alas …..

  30. That Simeone interview was pure FIRE! But he sounds disgruntled and upset as well. He took shots at Messi by suggesting Ronaldo is the better option for NT or regular team.

    I want to thank MundoAlbi and all you guys and gals that make up this forum….or community. I know a lot of us are from abroad (my parents are from Argentina) and it’s great finding a haven with like minded fans (for the most part) from all over.

    Been following this page since its inception more or less and I’m wondering what’s to become of Mundo and the fan base after Tuesday…..

  31. some terms and conditions should be there in AFA papers.
    if anybody wants to coach Argentina senior team please prove yourself to coach and get U-17 and U-19 FIFA cups

  32. This can’t be on the coach alone. Isn’t Messi responsible as a captain? And what was he doing the entire game? taking a stroll? There is no other solution than for the Messi generation to retire and make way for a new team under a new coach.

  33. Spain lost their head coach TWO days before playing Portugal. But they still played magnificently, regardless of the result from a stupid foul by Piqué. And are STILL playing well!

    Maybe this IS A blessing in disguise! Out of pressure to win, he won’t experiment, he’ll play Argentina’s best players!
    That means chances for Armani, Fazio, Dybala (fingers crossed), banega even, we need experience not potential! He’ll most likely start players who are playing at big clubs in Europe (Barca, Juventus, Man City, PSG, Sevilla, etc.)

    Hopefully we play a 4-3-3
    Banega-Mascherano-Lo Celso

    However… I really don’t think Messi should start against Nigeria. His head is just not here, he doesn’t attack, doesn’t defend, doesn’t drop back to help build up, NOTHING!!!!!
    I think the front three, for now, should be
    Dybala-Aguero-Pavon/Meza/Di Maria

    With Sampaoli, no hope.
    With someone else, literally ANYONE else, there is a chance!
    Vamps Argentina!!!!

  34. Baldy sabotaged the team by starting Caballero twice and no linking midfielder. If Willy starts one more game I might cry. This man has scarred me for life mentally.

  35. There was surely something going on even before the world cup started. Messi somehow did not appear happy in all the photos and videos coming out from the Barcelona training camp and Bronitsy. More so during the last two matches. And during yesterday’s national anthem time he was scratching his forehead. He was barely smiling and did not seem to talk to anyone. Even many other players were behaving similarly. I have a feeling that there are some non footballing reasons also for the results. We perhaps may never come to know the true story

    • Messi has always been against the 343 system be it at Barcelona or with Argentina. This system is a recipe for disaster when the defense is not strong. Did you feel comfortable anytime during the game yesterday when the ball was in the midfield. Our team was playing sideways for a simple reason that if they played forward and the pass did not go through, we will be hit badly on counter attack. Otamendi who is our best defender is hopeless in this formation. He was exposed when playing against Liverpool. Expecting the other two who are wrongly categorized as defenders to cover ground is pure stupidity. The system by itself took Messi out of the game. Sampaoli’s hope was to play on the flanks and expected Messi to take a set of folks with him creating space. But Messi was playing closer to the goal with no one taking the ball through the middle. So it made defending easier for Croatia. The unfortunate part was Croatia defense was also average. If the team had played in a similar way to Iceland, they had a better chance

      • Three defenders nowadays, even against regular opposition is madness madness madness. Every single time the opposition attacks, EVERY SINGLE TIME going all the way to the very beginning of Iceland game the defense looks shaky, out of place, outmatched, like the opposition is about to score. And yet he still put the players into that formation. What a crazy madman.

  36. For anybody reading my posts they know I have been highly critical of this team and have basically verbally raped Sampaoli every chance I get.
    But players, especially 90 percent of our players that play for big clubs know if the coach is good or shitty.
    If luck is on our side tomorrow in Nigeria vs Iceland we will go far in this World Cup.
    If Sampaoli is gone the players will kill themselves out of pride to prove their point.
    Expect a 4-3-3 if he is gone with Armani Fazio starting, as well as Lo Celso, DiMaria and Dybala getting playing time as well.

  37. Wait. You mean to tell me that a guy that switches formations match-to-match, changes players at a drop of a hat, paces like a lunatic on the sidelines has the players revolting? So weird. #sarcasm

    • Paces like a lunatic, HE IS a lunatic. Unbalanced. He cannot think rationally, lives in his own delusional world. A world void of logic. And he cost en entire worthy and proud nation a golden chance. One man, one stupid man. Banega, LoCelso, two creative minded, quality midfielders, and he doesn’t even use them, what a moron.

    • No. We will lose to Nigeria. We will lose to just about every team in this WC. Even KSA will give us a good flight.

    • We can if other results go our way and we change the approach to a game. We need to tighten our defense and play quicker football. I had written in my earlier post on the formation I would go with. Nigeria will not be able to play park the bus game. That game is going to be more open. But first they need to beat Iceland. Once that result happens, every game for us will be a knock out

      If Sampaoli continues we do not stand a chance, for a simple reason that no player believes in his tactics. No coach will change overnight.

      Miracles do happen. Did POrtugal not win Euros playing crap!!

    • No. The last thing anybody will do is help Argentina. Even if Nigeria wins, Iceland, for a place in the second round, will beat Croatia. We have a minus 3 goal differential. It will take a miracle, so many things have to happen. Sampaoli has to resign, Nigeria beat Iceland, Croatia beat Iceland and we beat Nigeria. The chance of all those four taking place is close to zero. So No, I don’t see it. It’s very painful.

  38. is not surprising really… that formation and strategy was bad.. u can’t go into a key game with such little preparation of playing a system and then the players chosen for that system were way too slow. Our defence and goalie needed some work after iceland game but to rehash the system and that on such an important game…. is no wonder messi had a headache… i think he knew wat was going to happen…

  39. There is no surprise that players are revolting. I had written earlier it is just a matter of time before the turmoil in the locker room during half time would come out. Messi’s emotion showed it all. Maybe this might be a blessing in disguise if the other results go our way and obviously we win.

    Argentine football has become a joke for the world and unless a miracle happens I do not see the team winning a world cup in the next 3 editions. The Under 20 and below teams have been exiting group stages on a consistent basis. No good defender or an attacking/defensive midfielder is coming out. Be it Kranvitter or Pardes, they just are not being or seen as world class. Here ends the Messi generation which was filled with attacking talent but had no supporting midfield or Defense.

    • Welcome to the fantasy futbol here man. Here we believe that we have world class youngsters regardless of what they achieved in the WC U20 or Olympics. Here we believe that our youngsters are more talented than Mbappe because they are the stars in the Argentina league.

      Here we don’t care if Mbappe rejected $150 million or $200 million from Real Madrid and our player accepts the $5 million from a team like Bari or Elche, we still think that our players are superior and the world class scouts are stupid.

  40. It was a matter of hours really, I was expecting him to resign but then again he wont do it before the next game and now he is forced out as it should be really.
    Croatia manager was signed with ONE freaking game left in their qualifiers………….other teams tend to have things turn around while ARG goes forward one mile after have gone backward 10. It should not be this hard, not like this.

  41. Totally Argentina. Fire a coach in the middle of a tournament.

    And some people thought this guy would get 4 more years.
    I know there are plenty of fans that live in other countries that are not from Argentina. But take it from an Argentine. This mother fucker and Caballero don’t need to worry about their jobs, they need to worry about not getting whacked by the barras bravas once they step foot in Argentina

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