Enzo PEREZ not fully fit for Argentina and is a doubt


Enzo PEREZ is not fully fit for Argentina and could miss out on the final group stage match.

Per a Tweet by Martin AREVALO, PEREZ is not at 100% and coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will wait on him until tomorrow before making a decision. If he is fit, he would start against Nigeria and if not, it will be someone else replacing him in the starting eleven.

As we reported earlier, the rumored line-up is out and in it, it has PEREZ starting.

Franco ARMANI; Gabriel MERCADO, Nicolás OTAMENDI, Marcos ROJO, Nicolás TAGLIAFICO; Enzo PEREZ, Javier MASCHERANO, Ever BANEGA, Angel DI MARIA; Lionel MESSI and Gonzalo HIGUAIN.


  1. No need to play him. We can’t afford to include a injured player on pitch in such a match. So Lo Celso must ready to start in place of him.
    Ultimately 11 players are here for nothing but to WIN. Players as a unit should prepare and plan themselves how to score goals. Don’t need to the think too much ahead except for a win.
    Show your hearts with the ball all 90X60 seconds of play time. Even 1 second of vulnerability by one player will put you out of this game any time.

  2. Only way out is if dybala plays along with higuin
    Messi as CAM
    Who has stay connected with perez and banega
    Maschreno can play deep with defence
    Messi will get balls
    Their will be 2 options ahead all the time
    They will defend and counter attack better
    Midfielder can have good game
    This team can’t lose
    Di Maria won’t come back and defend
    Its tactical match and it gives argentina best chance

  3. Argentina XI Armani (1986-87) – marcado(1986-87) Otamendi Rojo Tagliafico – Perez(1986-87) Mache – Benga messi{c}(1986-87) Dimaria – Higuain(1986-87)
    Messi now turned 31 which gives him more luck and huge achievements, Argentina is winning🏆

  4. I’m looking forward too
    1 Messi Goals and more happy if one from spot
    2 Armani heroics plus clean sheet
    3 Aguero Scores coming from bench

  5. Latest news: The starting 11 confirmed

    —–Banega——-Perez—-Mascherano—–Di Maria

    That’s according to TYC sports how it would look like.
    So Di Maria is as left sided midfielder instead of right, and Banega as right sided midfielder? I seriously doubt it. Our attack from the right side doesn’t look lethal if just relying on Messi only as Mercado is more of a defensive minded right back.

  6. Nigeria’s shit mouth-pieces are all writing off Argentina. Saying it will be the easiest game for their Super Eagles (they call themselves so 😂).

    Found an article where they profiling 5 most crucial players to stop.
    This is what they say about higuain.😎😎

    The presence of Gonzalo Higuain in the Argentina attack will offer a lot more to Jorge Sampaoli’s side in the likely absence of Sergio Aguero who has led the lines in the last two games against Iceland and Croatia. Higuain is a target man and a prolific one at that. He good at hold-up plays and will offer a good link with Lionel Messi who is yet to sparkle at the tournament. The Juventus striker is equally good in the air, a quality that can cause the Super Eagles problems. The Super Eagles defence must be wary of the Juventus target man who is regarded as one of the most complete strikers in world football

    • Something to think about, to win the World Cup you need 2 things skill and luck. How unlucky has Argentina been so far in the tournament, Well Maradona sure did use good luck to lift the cup and he did so by visiting Israel, he believed god would stand by him. We all know due to political reasons Argentina did not play Israel but maybe it would have gave them good spirit if they did.

      • Pffff go and make a turn with your jew storie if the team doesn t play at all how would you like to win with angels coming from Jerusalem come on
        Nobody in that team wanted to reach a win against croatia they were just passing time on the field that s why the results was terrible

  7. Vamos Argentina
    Sabes que yo te quiero
    Hoy hay que ganar y ser primero
    Esta hinchada loca, dejo todo por la copa
    La que tiene a Messi y Maradona

    Ponga huevo vaya al frente Argentina
    Ponga huevo vaya al frente jugadores
    Este año tenemos que dar la vuelta
    No vinimo’ todo’ a Rusia a ser campeones.


  8. Congratulations to all the guys that went outside hotel in St Petersburgh and
    express their support to the team before the big game.

    i wish to be there guys to unite my voice together with yours.
    44 millions of Argentines we are waiting back home to see our players bleed for our country.

    heads up guys.
    we have one more fight today.

    Make happy everybody that love us
    and make sad everyone that don t like us.


  9. 5 out of 6 mid fielders and attackers of this team was in the playing 11 of last world cup final where Argentina have only 36% of possession, and in last match Nigeria had 62% of possession. Argentina’s only goal scorer of this world cup is not in playing 11 and when this team thirsty for creativity and freshness in midfield coach is not eager to give a single minutes to one of the world’s most promising midfielder (Lo Celso). Nothing is positive except inclusion of Banega. really want to be optimistic for tonight, hopefully Banega will show the world why he is one of the best.

  10. the big day arrived. today is do or die.

    i wish everything will go well.
    i don t trust Croatia to be honest but whatever happened about Croatia i want we win.

    if we not quallify at least to not quallify with a win.
    not other way.

    we never lost from Nigeria in world cup.
    we win 1994, 2002, 2010 and 2014.

    even difficault always we was winning in end.

    i hope today will not be any different.


  11. Today Argentina is going to play against Nigeria. According to group status Croatia is advanced to knock out stage. Nigeria has 3 points. Iceland and Argentina are in same position. So in this situation Argentina must win with a big goal difference, but it seems that may Nigeria is not going to play all out attacking formation . Because they know if they manage a draw they could advance next stage. So may be they could play defensive and go for counter attack and block Messi. Because now-a-days many teams know how to cover Messi. So it’s difficult match. On the other match for Iceland it is difficult to beat Croatia. If Argentina have to win they have to play like Germany. Fight till the end.

  12. Well, today is a sad day. This is the day that we say goodbye to this generation. We have to say thank you! They were so close, they made us dream. Messi and Masch have played four finals, most of the others have played three finals. So close….but in the end they will all be remembered as losers. Almost, but nothing!
    I have a strong feeling that we will miss these players…..the new generation does not look very strong…4-5 players but not more. At least the current generation did better than all the others since 1993. We are Argentina, but haven’t won the World Cup in 32 years, and we haven’t won ANYTHING in 25(!!!)years.
    Poor Lo Celso…he will be thrown on to the pitch in the second half when we desperately need creativity and goals…and everyone will want to kill him afterwords. Poor Higuain….he will get even more hate after missing a big chance in a final like this. Poor Armani will be so nervous. Poor Messi who is so depressed that he is not able to move on the pitch. Imagine what pressure he is under if we get a penalty again, something I expect will happen.
    We will not go home from the World Cup in a nice and pieceful manner….expect to see red cards and fights. But at least I hope we leave everything on the field and really really try hard to win.
    A win will be very hard to get, it may even not be enough. I predicted a draw against Iceland. I also predicted a draw against Croatia, so I was a bit surprised after that game. I am dead sure we will draw tonight.
    I did expect this World Cup to be sad, because we managed to get to the final four years ago….even after not playing very well. This is us, this is Argentina. It is usually about suffering, we dream but suffer in the end. Sadly. But I will always love and support our NT, our shirt and our players. A big thank you to this generation!!!! VAMOS ARGENTINA!!!!!!!

    • Good riddance to the messi gen/friends/amigos/whatever………….Those cowards are hugely culpable for this disgraceful performance! I’ve never been more ashamed of being an albiceleste fan than I am right now. Thank you for your efforts in the past and for coming so close but at the same time f**k you for putting your greedy needs ahead of the NT’s.

    • I think Sampaoli is not a person who hold grudge otherwise Guzman wouldn’t be called when Romero got injured after all the shit his talked about the coach.

      But what Aguero did was really poor. You should never talk crap in public as long as it’s not over.

      • It wasnt the brightest thing Kun did, but at that stage if anyone looked like scoring a goal was Kun. And Samp took him out. He should have changed the midfield or added one more forward. It was a self inflicting dubious decision by Samp. To be little fair to Kun, he must have felt that he could have put one through over the 90 minutes and Samp killed that chance. Right after the match with journos asking all kind of questions, you can sometimes lose your filter.

      • Yes, Sampaoli doesn’t seem to be the type to hold grudges.
        I hope that is true in this case as well.

        @Diego Messi
        Yes Kun has scored the only goal so far.
        I don’t know why he was taken off.

    • Yes, thats what scares me. Even if there is an issue, Samp has to behave like a coach and set things straight. Do all the talking and lay down the rules for Kun. But get Kun to start as well. Lo Celso and Dybala for creativity. Midfield defence can be taken care of by Masch and Lo Celso. Lo Celso – box to box and Masch as pure DM.

  13. Today is the day when we let know how tough our Argentina football team is. It is a time to show the world about your mentality,little bit luck required.And hope Croatia will play in an ethical way.

    • we already know how tough this team really is, which is to say NOT AT ALL! I have never seen an argentine team with such a weak mentality and I’ve been watching Argentina play for more than 20 years.

  14. I hope I’m wrong but judging by the way our defence is a shambles, I think Musa and moses will cause us some problems, I hope not but I think we are going out of the world cup today. The team haven’t showed up at this world cup and Nigeria with their pace will cause us problems. Going forward Argentina are great, defence wise we are a shambles, an utter shambles

        • I agree. But going through comments on this site which i am following since 2006(worldcupblog), i cannot take it any more. It seems some have personal agenda against Argentina and Messi……..,

    • I saw last wc we played agaist swiss(very good this year) against Belgium (very good) against Holland and final agaist germany i we where better and this wc we are so bad but if we put good system and players play there full potential and we are lucky in the other game i think we can go final again.

  15. Lets Hope to have a great match and hopefully the results from other match helps us too. Lets see. Any way All the best guys.

  16. I hope Enzo is fit. The other options like Biglia and Meza are simply disastrous. LoCelso anyway won’t get any playing time till the seniors retire. Staring into the abyss. My pessimism is making a comeback after feeling mildly optimistic seeing the smiling face of Messi.

  17. Lo Celso is like Messi 2006. Everyone wanted to see Messi play because the 19 years old was our greatest talent since Maradona. Similarly, everyone wants to see Lo Celso play not because he is another Messi, but he is a talent in a position we lacked a quality player for so long. Both didn’t get to play unlike everyone expected.

    In fact, its quite worse in Lo Celso’s case. Messi atleast played a couple of games. He started and played lots of mins in the third group game. Lo Celso hasn’t got a single min so far.

    • That’s because we don’t trust our youngsters. To represent N t player has to be 27/28 years. Ours Is the only team that firmly believes in this. He is mot ready for N t is the usual thing told.

      • But then Meza played for 180 mins. He was even less experienced than Lo Celso at the NT. May be they just look at the age:

        Lo Celso – He’s 22, so he’s not ready
        Meza – He’s 25, he must be ready
        Enzo – He’s 31, Great, he must be at his peak


    • Both of you have hit the nail on its head. The bigger mystery is that its not like Samp has got a working system. He’s put together ridiculous teams, formations and subs. And still the only thing he does not want to bet is a more potentially beneficial one -that of trying out known and proven talents in Lo Celso and Dybala. And for god sake, Higuain should have featured in this WC only as a commentator at best. But alas, he starts. Samp, Messi, Masch or whoever you are who is making the teams, please put your ego, favourism, peer pressure away and put the best players on the field. Nigeria has pace and Argentina has done nothing to get the chance to still remain alive. You better make good of the given opportunity

      • Although I’m also just assuming things.. Sampa or whoever decides the players to play have watch the players in training day in day out. We are talking recent form here (not the form of that person while playing in the league at 100 days ago). He knows way better than any of us. Let alone the difference in understanding in football.

        Because of this reason, i believe that person, let’s say Sampa, will not sacrifice team’s success because of the closeness between players or between that player and Messi or closeness between him and that player (closeness term here not in technical aspects, with exception maybe in icardi’s case since it’s deep rooted). From what I can see (from outsiders perspective), Messi isn’t also the type of person who insist on what he wants, or utilize his influence in deciding things (that’s also part of the reason he isn’t a captain type player). He’s the kind of introverted genious, who likes to burden himself with responsibilities without sharing, to an extent. I guess some would agree on me with this.

        Against Croatia, the blame is mostly Sampa, with the false strategy, which he already admitted. And second is Willy’s mistake, which never going to work well with our mental condition which is at low point at that point. And could still be at current point too.

        Sampa chosen core players from the previous winning team that’s why he didn’t drop di Maria during first match, but did mistake in changing and putting meza in dimaria’s position which also isn’t meza’s strongest position (maybe hearing the voices from outside).

        In summary, I still believe that the one managing our players is a professional person who don’t prioritize subjective matters, because he/they must realize that he/they are carrying the hope of a whole nation here. Mistakes may be made, but all we can do is only assume on what mistakes he did after the result is out (and it’s a bad one). Hell, no one would question his decision if the result is good. No one would create theories and would praise him instead, either it’s “good job Sampa for having confidence in our young players” or “it’s nice that the coach realize that experienced players are still the best choice with this limited preparation”.

  18. I shall not watch this match.I hope Argentina win but I’m not expecting anything.I had a big hope that this time around our midfield will be amazing with banega locelso lanzini dimaria pavon etc but lanzini got injured and sampaoli suddenly drop all the creative players when wc starts locelso banega dimaria mascherano midfield was enough to be a superb midfield but no he selected biglia Meza enzo salvio acuna etc.so no wonder we looked lost and again can’t create anything.lets see how sampaoli form the team but I have no hope.looks like some problems happened with locelso and he may not get any minutes whatsoever with lanzini gone we needed both locelso and banega in midfield and also one of pavon or dimaria for dynamism.

  19. Biglia (i like LOCELSO)will play if Enzo doesnot start….

    Biglia Masche Dimaria…..

    At least don’t concede goal…don’t concede and try to score goal..
    I doubt in our Defence …

    Meza will not start bcoz he was not good in last two game..

    But who else played good in last 2 games….

    I like Locelso,pavon,dybala to start

    Whoever start Argentina will win …

  20. Just like copa finals I’m not going to watch tonight as got a bad feeling
    I think will finish a draw and Argentina players will start fighting

    Feeling of 2002 though that team was better

    Argentina will concede for sure question is can we score

  21. Also need to add
    Everytime meza and cabellero plays Argentina play crap

    So hope Meza dropped too
    Was only picked after his 6-1 loss to Spain

  22. For some reason I just remembered 2006 qf
    When tevez and lucho were too scared to take penalty in shoot out , but are happy to take for their clubs
    (Sorin was next after cambiasso)

  23. If Enzo can Shut down Loud mouth Musa, we are half done. If instead of Salvio, Mercado starts in right that will give more freedom to Enzo. I hope he will do very well.
    Enzo’s pressing in right side should help Messi. Remember Nigeria’s left side is not strong. In fact it is very week. That must be the key. We should exploit it. I hope they won’t use salvio. Such a week defender will neutralise our advantage in Right side.

  24. Many ask Lo Celso for Enzo.
    If Enzo is fit he should be the one DM. Banega/Biglia are ok to start for Mascherano(only one on the field). So there will be a place for Lo Celso. For me, Mascherano’s position is not clear. I don’t know he’s DM or CM or CB.

    • Mascherano’s our DM. It’s Enzo’s position which is not clear to me. Not sure if he was deployed against Croatia as a DM or CM.

      Ideally, we need a CM besides a DM and Lo Celso is the best option now. Enzo would’ve been ok 4 years ago.

      • This is how we utilize Enzo. He’s DM. But playing a more advanced role because of Mascherano and or Biglia.
        Mascherano playing as DM on paper. But actually, he’s not.

    • No chance to include Lo Celso for Enzo. The duty of Enzo is to mute Musa. Difficult task. Biglia/Meza cant do this. They were rumored to start if Enzo injured.

  25. We played the match or not … Iceland will score against Croatia 🇭🇷 and we are out …. Plus we will maximum earn a draw with Nigeria 🇳🇬 this would be our optimistic scenario ….. bye bye …. so sad 😭 The ✈️ is waiting in the airport !!!!! Shame on AFA !!!!

    • There is a reason why Iceland could not score that penalty against Nigeria..! If they scored there. It would have been a big problem for us.

    • whatever is the outcome of tonite match , i hope AFA sticks to Sampaoli . There is no point in changing coach every 1 year. The team will only further collapse. I personally dont think sampaoli is a bad coach . If he did well with Chile & Sevilla – he is a proven coach atleast .
      The only change we should do is to entirely change the team. Let AFA & Sampaoli rebuild the team from scratch with youth being the focus & WC 2022 being the goal. Romero , Caballero, Otamendi, Fazio , Mercado, Biglia, Masche , DimAria , Kun, Higuaín , Messi etc should retire & pave way for the next generation – Icardi ,Alario, Dybala , Pavon , Locelso, Meza, Barcos , Correa , Ascacibar , Mammanna, Conti , Tagliafico etc. We should make that investment now & not scramble around in 2021

      • First: if a coach thinks Caballero is a trusted goalie after conceding 6 goals by Spain, don’t think he knows anything about coaching.

        Second: by 2022, Icardi won’t be considered new generation mind you. His prime is this world cup, though it’s habit we usually call players one year before they end their careers.

    • Praise the lord. Can’t even imagine Biglia starting in our midfield.

      What the hell does Lo Celso have to do to start?

      He was the most experienced player among newbies. Yet, Meza who played just one game got 180 mins, while Lo Celso who played 10+ games, got 0 mins.

      Why the hell Sampaoli & Messi can’t see he is the solution for our midfield problems. So so so disappointed.

  26. Imagine you are the coach of Nigeria…
    You spent the last few months analysing your opponents, saw dozens of Argentina matches and thought about ways to neutralize Messi a.k.a. Argentina. How would Sampaoli surprise you? What tactic would he choose?

    Then you see the line-up.
    A big smile rolls across your face.

    • This line up of Argentina won’t get the job done. Also Messi is in a bad form this world cup. It will be draw

      • Messi is not in bad form.

        He is fucking frustrated with the complete mess in our team. I think he is also responsible for this. As the captain, he should have handled it differently and should not have let the team fucked up.

        Btw, I’ve watched Messi almost since he started his senior level football, I have never seen him in bad form.

        I have seen Suarez in bad form and even Ronaldo in bad form, but never in the case of Messi. There were games in which he couldn’t score (which looked more like being unlucky), but it never looked like because he is in poor form. He almost always performs.

        Messi’s the most consistent footballer ever.

        In this world cup, there were only 2 matches. In the first match, he couldn’t get the ball in. In the second match, his mind was not on the ground.

  27. Stay calm is the best choice. if we win then it is a blessing and miracle that we get another lucky chance, if we loss – well we deserved it because of our poor selection and disorganize in all aspects.

    Lets keep the faith that this time is much better than 2002 !

    • yesterday’s Uruguay game showed how youngsters like Torriero , Bentacuar , nandez were playing . Tabrez has really infused youth & energy in midfield & that is showing in the defense – attack link up. Sampaoli was going in rite direction . But not sure why he chickened out & went back to vintage midfield . Though we lost Lanzini thru injury , not playing Locelso & bringing Pavon late didn’t have much logic. The more i see Torriero , i think why the hell Ascacibar did not get a shot.

  28. I read an article from an Argentine newspaper today regarding the death of A Argentine fan from India who committed suicide after Argentinas loss to Croatia. Am heart broken to hear it. Just want to reiterate alm you guys are awesome (and want to apologize for all my negativity, just frustrated as well).

    I hope the team shows up tomorrow! I hope they have fun and keep their composure.

  29. 4-3-3 formation:
    . Armani.
    . Ansaldi Fazio Otamendi Rojo.
    . Mascherano. Lo Celso.
    .Messi. Banega. Di Maria.
    . Aguero.

    I start laughing when some of you people start saying that Dybala can do what Banega does in the pitch.
    We dont have a player like banega. Messi has to step up. Not dissappear.

    • Banega’s best games are when he has been a deep lying playmaker. I would swap LoCelso & Banega positions. Also i think Tagliafico played decent. Why change him with Rojo ? Anyway seeing all the negative news from the camp , i have no expectations. Let them atleast enjoy & play a beautiful game. sickening to see the back pass – side pass motion.

  30. So is Messi better friends with Higuain or with Aguero?

    The worst thing about this ‘friends’ business if true is that it’s teaching the next generation that that’s the way it’s done on the NT. In 10 years Dybala will want to stick around past his prime because “Higuain and Biglia did it”….

    Too bad they shunned Tevez.

  31. Waiting to see how Mascherano, Otamendi performs tomorrow after their disgraceful showing last match. Not even mentioning Rojo as I see nothing but air instead of him.
    Definitely going out tomorrow as I can’t see this team keeping a cleansheet let alone creating chances and scoring.

  32. Man i ain’t watching if they put Masche-Biglia pair again. I know i might over reacting but it is literally no freaking point watching them play. It will kill me slowly. Someone please make me understand that why would you choose a player in your squad if you don’t want to play him or you don’t have faith on him. Nothing against Biglia,i do have respect for him but he ain’t the player we need tomorrow i think. I hope Biglia prove me wrong .

  33. During the last round of the 2018 world cup qualifiers people were saying that Brazil would throw the game away to Chile because they had already qualify which would possible eliminate Argentina.

  34. We need to protect our F defense. I am hopeful, Sampoali plays Biligia if Perez is injured. We cannot concede. IF we do, then game done. Nigeria has very fast and young players.

    • On the contrary – I think we concede the midfield to their attack when we start slow players. We should play a dynamic midfield that can link defense to attack. Otherwise I think we isolate our forwards. So if Perez is out and we’re playing a 4-4-2, I would like to see Lo Celso or Pavon added. If we have Di Maria and Pavon on the wings, we can let our defenders be defenders instead of opening up space for the counter. I know it’s unlikely, but still.
      If we play a 4-3-3… then I would hope for either Lo Celso to come in or for Di Maria to drop back and Dybala to take his place.

    • This line-up formation would suite best Sampaoli style of play.

      Rojo Lo Celso Di Maria
      Fazio Mascherano Aguero
      Armani Otamendi Banega Messi

      Solids Defense all big guys
      In Mid you got masch who will help on Defense, Banega is your central mid
      Leaves room for Celso to attack with his encridable ball control and passing, could link up well with both Di Maria and Messi, I’m front you don’t need to specify.

      It’s time to think clear and thrash Nigeria!

      • I was like WTF, he put Mercado in the goal until I realized that the lineup is actually from left to right with some wrong indentation, lol
        Actually he meant:
        Lo Celso-Mascherano-Banega
        —-Messi-Aguero-Di Maria—-

    • You can’t call it a defense if it’s Otamendi and Rojo. Two accidents waiting to happen.. Now that clown Caballero is out of the starting lineup, these two can fight each other to see who can be the worst.

      • With 4 defenders , i don’t know why he cant play Fazio. incredibly crazy. Also ansaldi will be any day better than Mercado .

  35. Just don’t concede please please….bcoz after conceding goal Argentina looks more vulnerable

    If Nigeria can’t score they will not win..

    • But of course.
      I’m hoping they don’t score and we score.
      Whatever the win. If it’s more than 1 goal it’s great, but better not thinking goal difference at this stage. Just focus on winning.

  36. https://youtu.be/Jh2Lc128G3U
    I wish to see Argentina moving the ball at this pace. Then we have a chance of advancing. But I know it’s wishful thinking at this world cup. It cannot hapoen with the Sampaoli as it requires him to abandon his obsession for wingers and possession football for packing the middle and attack on the lightning fast breaks.

    • If Masche becomes a manager/coach one day, do you think he will be Menotista or Bilardista? I am very sure he is a Bilardista (win at all cost theory) similar to Sabella.

      Today Masche discussing tactic with Sampaoli, it was leaked to the media. And if the rumor of TYC sports is true, Di Maria moves to the right side of midfielder. No coach other than Sabella and Ancelotti used Di Maria as midfielder. Is it because of all the players request? It can be because Masche discussed with other players and the result is they want Di Maria to play there and then he discussed that with Sampaoli.

      Because I am very sure you can’t win this World Cup without learning how to counter attack. Counter attack is Sabella’s best weapon. And Masche coaching wise, should be Sabella’s disciple.

      If the rumor is true that Sampaoli has no longer right to control the team, then it might be a whole new tactic. If it’s according to Masche’s tactic, my best guess is we would be more similar to Sabella’s than Sampaoli’s.

      If it’s the players taking over completely, then it will be a totally new Argentina. Nothing like we see in the previous 2 matches.

      • I hope the rumours are true. Coz I’m tired of seeing that overly elaborated wing play and the team needs Bilardism balls right now more. It has never been Argentina’s strength anyway. It makes our midfield very lightweight. I thought that lesson was learned in 2002 when we were failed by Bielsa hundred crosses football even when Argentina had great headers in Batistuta and Crespo. It was Tata who brought back this winger bullshit. After 2014 WC.

        El Principe, I think So Jefe is a Bilardista through and through mentally.

      • I don’t think players took control completely but they playing big role on tactics and planning. Whoever comes next i wanna see him for long term. Di-Maria best play for us when he plays as attacking Midfielder so that’s terrefic

  37. Everything is confused actually fifa is now acting live on the scores what a mess !!!!
    It s our chance last chance for messi
    Penaldo has missed his try it will give lio a second breathe
    I just want to see argentinian journalists shutting their mouth forever

  38. I hope for only one think for tommorow. Croatian selling the game to Iceland. Us for us i believe that messi di maria and banega will play very good game. I hope we win

    • What financial and economic gains does Croatia stand to gain from Iceland for them to match fix a tie which could possible jeopardize their entire world cup campaign?

      • Only football no money

        Iceland drew with Argentina with football and luck not money…
        Sometimes it is beyond imagination

        When everyone is thinking that we will loss against Nigeria then the footballing thing may happen…Argentina will beat them with football…with Messi..with goal..etc etc

        Keep faith till the match end..
        We can’t do more than that…

    • Come one man, Iceland with 300K population who are heavily depends on the fishing industry and trade with the Scandinavian countries. They have nothing to put on the table with the Croats and they ABSOLUTELY have no reason to do that. Being at the WC is their huge success, they won’t sell their pride.
      On the other hand, the Croats have no such great hatred/rivalry to us that would make them want us to eliminate. We won’t meet them again until final if both parties make it that far.
      I believe that will be a fair game. It will be on us, if we can’t beat Nigeria then we deserve to go home. If we beat Nigeria and Iceland beat Croatia and go through, that means the Icelanders are better and they deserve it.

      • Agree with you. World Cup is not just about winning, each player promotes themselves individually to move to a bigger club. None wants to intentionally perform bad. There are all scouts from all teams in the world attending the World Cup today. Especially Croatian players who play for the likes of Dynamo Zagreb in local league, of course they would love to move to Italy or Spain or England after the World Cup.

        • That’s definitely a positive point for us. Imagine we have qualified and are fielding our eleven with the faces of Pavon, Lo Celso, Dybala, etc. Man, without pressure, those young lads will be doing great and can give any opponent a run for their money.
          I am happy that Croatia will play Kovacic. That kid is very talented and he has more than 1 thing to prove, not only to the Croatian coach but also to Real Madrid and the clubs that are following him closely

  39. Spain is not playing good, they’re fortunate to make the round of 16..Three poor games from Spain.

  40. I don’t think Spain is really interested in topping the group. If they are, they wouldn’t bring the likes of Aspas, and Rodrigo and replacing the likes of Diego Costa.

    Uruguay tactically is perfect for a team like Spain.

    Anyway Iran just scored so Spain tops the group. So it is Uruguay-Portugal and the winner will possibly meet us.

      • Remember Portugal got lucky in Euros because of addition of teams in the competition. They qualified through group stage due to new addition and got extremely luck. Looks like this time, their luck is turning into unlucky. Remember Uruguay have Godin who loves to play against Ronaldo and would happy to draw.

        • Uruguay looks very tough to beat. They are very strong defensively. Maybe I would compare them to Floyd Mayweather Jr, a great boxer with the best defensive skill.

          • Uruguay can defend like Iran did today and they have Suarez and Cavani who are much more likely would have converted the chance Iran got during the injured time of the match. Gosh, that would have sent Cristina her majesty home!

  41. Just like yesterday, referee didn’t go VAR. Because it’s Germany and Portugal. If it was against Argentina they will go each and every time.

  42. Ahmed Musa will rape alive the slowest and the weakest right side with Biglia and Mercado.
    It’s better not to go with Biglia. I will prefer Salvio instead of him at right. Else Acuna at left and Dimaria at right. Surely they will give better result than Biglia.

    • It seems this world cup is already over for us!

      Biglia, of all people! It’s hard to take. PSG played Lo Celso as the only #5 against RM in the UCL. Surely, it was backfired.

      But that would make him atleast our best option in the dual pivot role in the NT, right?

      • You can’t say Lo Celso is useless in that area because of one game against arguably the best team in the world. He would be paired with Masche and play better. But it’s not going to happen anyway, so whatever. Put Banega in the middle next to Masche if it’s a 4-4-2, play Salvio or Pavon on the right, Di Maria on the left, etc etc.

  43. During the past week, I knew one damn true thing: Argentina is Messi’s firends club. Messi deserves everything happened in the past three years, where C.Ronaldo won three UCLs and he lost three finals. With Biglia, Mascherano, Higuain in this team, we have 0 chance to advance to next stage. Period.

  44. Argentina Football
    Being an albiceleste for many years seeing argentina in this condition is an heartbreak.Argentina, a country that has given birth to numerous talents in this beautiful game has been came in to a pity situation where they couldn’t move the ball across the midfield.They went on to pass in their own half and only parallel passes and minus passes takes place.now we have became a team with bunch of quality offensive players only still there isn’t any acute playmaker.
    As this Generation ends i would like to say the Argentine football is going to much more worse case than before. Looking on to the transfer market and preferences of Top Clubs there isn’t much demand for argentine players ,isn’t that a clear indication of lack of Quality in Argentine youths ?Well yes if you look on to players below the age of 26 only Dybala Icardi is successful their respective clubs. No one is getting in to the average Laliga EPL clubs or in to Top serie A clubs. And there isn’t a good prospect in GK defence and Midfielder Roles. Things will be worse to go on from now. We were a Club that has players playing In Real Madrid and serie A clubs at their Top form . The quality has been decreased to a farther level than we thought.Even the Quality of primera is poor

  45. Portugal will win Group B, so they will have a super easy route to FINAL like Euro 2016. The only strong team in the bracket will be Belgium/England. C.Ronaldo is just so lucky.

  46. Too many Malaga level players were selected for the Argentina world cup squad..This is the world not some back yard tournament..Like the UCL, you’re not going to win the world cup with mediocre players. Enzo Perez wasn’t good enough to continue at Valencia of all teams so he had to move back to River Plate yet people argue for him because he was playing in the Primera…Sampaoli had the chance to select guys like Lamela, Perotti and Pizarro all of whom had UCL experience this season heading into the world cup but instead he opted for the likes of Meza, Enzo Perez and Acuna. This is the world cup, you need to select your squad players from a pool of Europe most illustrious clubs. How are you going to leave out a player from Tottenahm for someone playing in the Argentina Primera? The Argentina Primera is not even the best league in Latin America.

    • I agree with you on this. In fact, I had agreed with you on many points before because you almost always talk sense for me.

      You should definitely select from Primera, either ex-euro players who were in great form (and thus many european teams are again watching him) or the buddying players like Pavon.

      And, actually AND, they should be squad players. Not in the starting 11. If any of them put in a great performance in the first couple of games as sub, bring him on as a starter in the third game.

      • Argentina Football
        Being an albiceleste for many years seeing argentina in this condition is an heartbreak.Argentina, a country that has given birth to numerous talents in this beautiful game has been came in to a pity situation where they couldn’t move the ball across the midfield.They went on to pass in their own half and only parallel passes and minus passes takes place.now we have became a team with bunch of quality offensive players only still there isn’t any acute playmaker.
        As this Generation ends i would like to say the Argentine football is going to much more worse case than before. Looking on to the transfer market and preferences of Top Clubs there isn’t much demand for argentine players ,isn’t that a clear indication of lack of Quality in Argentine youths ?Well yes if you look on to players below the age of 26 only Dybala Icardi is successful their respective clubs. No one is getting in to the average Laliga EPL clubs or in to Top serie A clubs. And there isn’t a good prospect in GK defence and Midfielder Roles. Things will be worse to go on from now. We were a Club that has players playing In Real Madrid and serie A clubs at their Top form . The quality has been decreased to a farther level than we thought.Even the Quality of primera is poor

    • Bang on… and it seems only Argentina loves doing this… irrespective of the manager… we had better squad than we have seen in almost every position of the field…. but, no we have a team full of tier 2 or tier 3 players…. and the bewildering thing is that it seems no one including Masche or Messi seem to have a problem or don’t realise it… blows my mind…. Messi… love you mate… but you gotta put the best out of this mostly rotten squad out there… Samp, Messi and Masche.. better get some sense in your head… Higuain needs to be replaced by Kun and Lo Celso and Dybala both need to be in there

    • Lamela… of all people??? Are you kid-ding..?

      And I assume that the Enzo logic cannot be used in Mascherano’s case,eh? Also with that logic Caballero should start nomatter what eh? He plays for Chelsea..ooohh

  47. Latest news:

    Enzo Perez is not fully fit. If he is not fit by tomorrow, Biglia will replace him in the starting line up. Mercado is confirmed.

    4-4-2: Armani; Mercado, Otamendi, Rojo, Tagliafico; Mascherano, Banega, Perez/Biglia, Di Maria; Messi, Higuain.

    According to TYC, Di Maria will play on the right side. If that is the case, he will be closer to Messi.

    • I was waiting for this. Biglia will come. Now it’s almost ok. Aguero is remaining. Hope he will also start. So it will be completed

      • According to TYC, Mascherano as DM, Di Maria on his right and Enzo Perez on his left. If that is true, Di Maria will play as midfielder instead of winger.

        I notice that Nigeria left side of defense is their weakness. Hope they won’t improve that because Messi and Di Maria will be there.

  48. I think they will go with Pavon if perez is not ready. However my main worries at this moment are 1) Armani : Will he be able to handle the huge pressure ? and 2) If Croatia decides to field brand new sets of players Iceland will find it easy..

  49. Probably we will see Biglia 🙁
    Please not two 5 again. If you select a player for 23 WC squad than you should have ball and faith to play him in XI

  50. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not Lo Celso time (Sorry to his fans)
    It’s Di Maria back in the midfield!!!!!
    And Di Maria in the midfield means…..
    Messi, Aguero (Hopefully), and Dybala!!!!!

    Di Maria-Mascherano-Banega


    Now THAT’S a winning squad!!!!
    Make it happen!!!!!!!
    Vamos Argentina!!!!

  51. So, For the love of all that is pure, please don’t start Biglia, Masche, and Enzo Perez in this midfield, if Enzo Perez isn’t fully fit.

  52. I hope Perez recovers. It can be tough – mental stress affects physical fitness too. Only way out of this – put another able bodied player in his place and give him the same instructions:

    You are part of a team, if you fail, the team can still win but if the team fails you will have failed no matter your individual performance. Keep possession and keep it moving, find the advantage and get the front two (or three) into dangerous positions in Nigerian box.

    and finally:

    Vamos! You are Argentina, chin up chest up and gear up!

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