Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI and goalkeeper Franco ARMANI press conference


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI and goalkeeper Franco ARMANI spoke at a press conference on Monday afternoon.

It’s been a difficult week for the Argentina team and fans. A 3-0 loss to Croatia has meant that the team’s destiny isn’t fully in their hands. Coach SAMPAOLI will make some changes to the match against Nigeria and one of them looks set to be in between the goal with Franco ARMANI coming in for Willy CABALLERO.

It would be a disaster should the team crash out in the group stages of the tournament but SAMPAOLI has stated that the team will do everything to qualify.

“I think both teams will do everything possible to qualify, this will make the match more attractive. The week was difficult because of the loss. Its put us in a spot where we depend on a result. I’m convinced that the team will go out to win tomorrow.

“The truth is that Argentina is the only thing that completes me. I’m convinced that tomorrow, a new history will be written for this national team.”

As for the starting eleven, SAMPAOLI didn’t want to confirm anything stating he hasn’t even told the players. He also went on to state that he wants the team to control the match so that it doesn’t become a back and forth game.

“Beyond what I have in my head, I don’t want to confirm the team because I have yet to tell the players. Nigeria have played two different systems. They have relevant players with experience. Argentina have to control the play so that it’s not a back and forth match.”

The loss to Croatia certainly hurt and it was also one of Lionel MESSI’s worst performances. The coach wants the captain to see more of the ball.

“I believe that the way the match was structured against Croatia, it didn’t favor Messi. We’ll try to make it better and we hope that tomorrow he will be able to receive the ball a lot more.”

Perhaps it had to do with the clips of Javier MASCHERANO speaking to him during the last training session but SAMPAOLI mentioned that he has always learned from his players.

“I tend to talk a lot with the staff, trying to get them more into the sporting project. Throughout my career, I have always learned from my players.”

And of course the manager talked about Nigeria but also mentioned that the team have five finals left.

“This match has to be played with the heart. We have to do everything possible to ensure that Argentina are in the next round. Tomorrow we will play the first of five finals that we have to play. I am sure that tomorrow we will see the best version of this Argentina team at this World Cup.”

As mentioned, Franco ARMANI was also present at the press conference. The goalkeeper, who is expected to start against Nigeria, spoke about qualifying, playing, Willy CABALLERO and more.

“The team is very good. We have this opportunity and we are all psyched that we can still qualify. One trains day to day, gets stronger like everyone else. If I get the chance to play, I will be prepared and wanting to have a good match.

“What happened to CABELLERO is normal. It could happen to anyone. Everyone of us has lived through similar moments, we have given him words of support and encouragement.

“One always dreams about being with the national team, ever since you’re a kid. My sporting career has been a process which has helped me in being in this moment. I feel like I’m able to play with my feet. The goalkeeper, in the current state of football, has to be able to do and to resolve things in the best way possible when his team needs him.”

The team will have to be at their absolute best against Nigeria to be able to have a chance to qualify for the next round. And who ever is in goal (in this case, very likely ARMANI), a clean sheet will be needed.


  1. I don’t remember Caballero using his hands to move the ball forward.
    He always kicked it and more often than not, it fell to the opponent who would surge with it towards us.

    Let’s hope Armani will be different.

    I miss Romero.

  2. I hope Di Maria does indeed play from the right. His best form at PSG came from the right and through the middle this year. From the left he can do one thing: cross. From the right he can shoot, pass, cross and run through on goal.

  3. You might not believe in God, but whoever believes let’s start praying. Tomorrow will be a day of great joy or a funeral. I know our team has the capability, hope tomorrow they can show it.

    • It works both way for me. If we win, I am so happy to get my work done. If we lose, I have 100% time concentrate and will get my work done to. I have been slacking due to the WC and my boss is totally not happy, lol.

    • @GodblessArgentina,

      I did pray for Argentina after our dibacle against Croatia. I said three Hail Marys.

      I’ll do the same tonight.

      I am confident. I have hope. WE’ll get a 2-0 or even 3-1.

      We’ll get goals on Tuesday and Leo will score.

      Oh, by the way, the G.O.A.T. missed a penalty today against Iran.

      May be Ronaldo is just being hyped!

      He has had a great world cup though but from this point on, as we say in Kenya, things will be elephant!

  4. I don’t want another heartbreak tomorrow.
    Will have to wait for another 4 years to dream again.
    Pls do it this time.

  5. Inclusion of Banega and Di-Maria (best version of them two) could make Messi’s work much much more easier. But i would hate to see as a fan that everyone passing to Messi while there is another player available. Plus our midfielder should pass always forward if there is even 50/50 chance to create a 1V1. We got One defensive midfielder,One box to box and One CM…so i hope we don’t scare to take risk when it comes to pass. It won’t be easy as Nigeria will narrow down all the spaces. I always liked Banega since Boca days i admire his skills. Since he ain’t fat anymore i hope he make those pass like he does normally in club level. He won’t get any better opportunity than this to show his immense talent. Pipita is one of my all time favourite goal scorer for Argentina. Unfortunately he made us cry a lot lately. So hopefully he gets his goal scoring MENTALITY tomorrow. Another plus point Nigeria doesn’t have their that goal keeper anymore in this World Cup. Ohhh Man.. that GK was pain in heart.

  6. Let’s get the revenge for the friendly loss.

    5-2 or 4-1

    Let’s shut the mouth of Nigerians and instill fear in the minds of France. We need a great performance.

    Tomorrow, our players have the opportunity to show what they are made of – whether glass or steel.

    • well said, f#$king rats who used to quiver at the sight of La Albiceleste are finding their voices and squeaking. Let em squeak…..only as long as our bad times last…for the world will know and bow to the might and beauty of Argentina National Team again… and when that time comes, i will gladly accept it.

    • I really want Argentina to win. Have been fan of Argentina since 1986. I watched Maradona lifting the cup in 1986. I cried when Argentina lost the final in 1990 by that dubious penalty. 2014 was more painful, couldn’t go to work the following day. I want Messi to score a hat trick, they have mocked him and made a lot of funny pictures of him. It pained me, let Argentina show they are a great team. 3-1 in favour of Argentina. Sampaoli should not make a mistake again please. The line up I saw was better than the two. Dybala and Pavon can come on in the second half when necessary. I pray they would come on when the match has been won. To add to the tally. Vamos Argentina

  7. “What happened to Caballero happens to everybody?!”

    Ummmm… not really. Sure spilling a ball or something like that but passing the ball straight to the attacker only a **** keeper does that!

    Never mind! Let’s go for the W tomorrow! They should’ve killed us while we were down, now we’re coming back!!!
    Vamos Argentina!!!!!

  8. Press conference is the cut-off time for all the fans to stop peddling useless lineups and get behind the team.

    The Sky has already fallen – if we break through it, there is literally nothing left to stop our rise!!


    Vamos Argentina.

    • 1-0 won’t work if Iceland won with similar margin (most expected outcome). We need to win by 3 goals to be dependant on ourselves.

      It’s going to be one of the most thrilling days of world cup football.

  9. Let’s do this guys! Hope we can put in a flawless performance and win Nigeria! And Iceland lose! VAMOS ARGENTINA VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS!

    • We should win by a good margin so that even if Iceland lose or draw, shouldn’t matter.

      And winning by a narrow margin will not do us any good. We need to raise our confidence level to prepare ourselves against France.

  10. Nice to hear such words. You talked about goalkeeper. What about defensive disastrous failures???
    How to stop Ahmed Musa and Victor Moses and Mikel???
    The problem is not messi getting the ball in midfield. Problem is our inferior players can’t receive the ball and again perfect pass to Messi or any forward players who is going further forwards.
    How these problems has shut down within 3 days?
    How Di Maria and Meza will able get inside the box to take perfect shots for goal.
    Or just pass, pass and pass and fusssss…
    Does this coach have problems of forgetting ground reality???

  11. No more back pass especially when a new keeper is there. Armani please use your hand as possible as, then think about playing with foot.
    Pass ball more to Messi. Chances of him marked are less against Nigeria than Iceland and Croatia.

  12. No more negative comments please. Lets support the team and wish for a great performance. We need a great performance which has been missing in the last two games we saw. Doesn’t matter what 11 is chosen, it has to play its hearts and legs out. Team Argentina !

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