Argentina starting eleven, Cristian PAVON starts with Lionel MESSI


Cristian PAVON is in Argentina’s starting eleven.

Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has decided to start Cristian PAVON up front with Lionel MESSI and Angel DI MARIA. Aside from that, it’s an unchaged eleven from the team which defeated Nigeria. Here’s Argentina’s starting line-up:


No Gonzalo HIGUAIN or Sergio AGUERO as SAMPAOLI has decided to go with the winger.


  1. The problem is not the Now. The problem is that AFA did not accustomed 4 years ago to some players like that to gain experience in the team:
    PAREDES – The most balanced MC with: long shot, ball control, long pass and daring to attack.
    RULLI – The only Argentinian goalkeeper who spent a good time in the top 20 of Europe’s, today maybe not, but if he had been prepared before, now he would be very solid and in a great European team.
    ICARDI – no matter what happened, the team comes first.
    ANSALDI – an entire career of wasted, he had difficulty in some clubs, but when he established himself he showed himself a daring Wingback, like good kick, speed and presence, he had characteristics similar to that of Sorin, and still is ambidextrous.
    BATTAGLIA- another MC that brings new characteristics, high, strong, coldness, another young man with passage in the youth teams and that was wasted.
    BUSTOS- perhaps one of the best right-sided players of recent times, he was burned for having recently entered the national team in very difficult matches, no RB in Argentina currently has the offensive ability of bustos, and he is very agile and fast.
    LAMELA – Where is Lamela? Where is Lamela? Lamela returned from injury 7 months ago, came back in great form.
    Apart from the negligence with the base divisions.

  2. Well France played better and they won. There’s no shame in losing, at least we fought with whatever resource we had and hit them with 3 goals. We also had few chances that went begging.But that’s how football is.
    Its very easy to pass judgments sitting in an armchair, but to go out there in the pitch and actually perform is something else. I believe we saw the last of a generation today in our beloved Albiceleste shirt and thank you all for the memories, for the moments and for the hope.
    I hope Pablo Aimar and Juan Veron does their best in rebuilding the youth set up and I pray that they are able to create the next generation of great players. I hope Tapia manages to cleanse the association of all corruption and focus extensively on development of the game. I don’t really know if Sampaoli should stay or go, but i think he should not be made the scapegoat for this early exit. There are plenty of reasons, both football and non-football, that led to this. So one man cannot be solely held responsible.
    The Association should quickly do its every bit to strengthen the domestic league and focus on youth development. A core group of around 30 players should be identified now and a team should be built around those soon because Qatar is just 48 months away and those months will pass in a jiffy. And before that, in 11 months time is the Copa America and the world cup qualifiers start some months after that. There’s no gain in ruing on lost opportunities. You only have to learn from your mistakes and move on.
    Augusto Batalla, Geronimo Rulli, Axel Werner, Juan Foyth, German Conti, Cristian Romero, Lisandro Magallan, Emanuel Mammana, Fabricio Bustos, Jose Luis Gomez, Nicolas Tagliafico, Braian Cufre, Lucas Martinez Quatro, Santiago Ascacibar, Rodrigo Battaglia, Matias Kranevittter, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Manuel Lanzini, Benjamin Garre, Ezequiel Barco, Joaquin Correa, Lucas Ocampos, Ricardo Centurion, Angel Correa, Cristian Pavon, Paulo Dybala, Mauro Icardi, Lautaro Martinez, Lucas Alario….take it over from here GenNEXT…..Vamos Albiceleste

  3. SAMPAOLI had 15 games to turn a team in to a WC champion side…….cmon guys….be serious.

    Wounds still fresh….

    It’s been nice. Been following the site since its inception. Time to go back to the sidelines lol.

    I hope Messi comes back… as an engnache (as he should have been for us since day one).

    You guys are awesome! Thanks, Roy, for creating this haven for us….


  4. Start from the coach. Coach is responsible to set the system and players. See how many coaches Barca has had but they are all bring good results. See how Spain fired the coach two days before but still looking strong. Coach’s job to watch videos and analyze opponents etc etc. Players just need to go with instructions and play what best they can.

    I don’t blame even one of the players as good coach is responsible to find best combination.

    Thank u for the three goals, we played the best with whatever system/players on the field. I feel so sad and reading all your comments make me better at least you understand how I feel.

  5. The rebuild process will take a lot of time. We need someone like Simeone or Pochettino to run this team. Messi need to stay.(Don’t know if he wants to continue).So as Romero, Lanzini, Lo Celso and Dybala. For the rest, we need to renew.

  6. We started without a striker and with Aguero, Higuain and Dybala on the bench. What an idiotic decision by this neurotic coach.

    He must be fired.
    We need a calm coach who starts with a new squad like Passarella did in 95.

  7. IF this guy Macherano had retired a year ago our team would have been completely different. I am sure this guy masche didn’t let Perroti , Lamela, Pezzella and Icardi get selected.!! We need a young goal keeper now. We need young tall defenders. We need not less thatn 17-18 players below 25-26 now

  8. The end of an era, time and time again the coaches let us down. pekerman in 2006, the crazy maradona in 2010, sabella’s decision to withdraw lavezzi in 2014 and this bald guy sampaoli now. I was screaming for dybala to come out the bench and he brings on meza, the guy who did absolutely nothing in this world cup. who on earth expects meza will bring us back to the game and dybala cant??? i fcuking want to know where sampaoli is from. dybala is the star of juventus, a top european club and meza? LOL. Our defence was poor today, the goalkeeping as usual, this is the department where we can even be compared to pakistan. If argentina wants to win something in near future the rebuild process should start now, and they should emphasise on developing world class defenders in argentine leagues, we had enough of worlds best strikers. AND for gods sake get a proper good coach and give him time to build his own team. Pavon, lo celso, dybala, lautaro martinez, icardi is our future. I hope messi plays in 2022 qatar(only if we qualify) as a playmaker, the engine of midfield like pirlo. But this is the end of others. 3 finals in a row and to end like this, heartbreaking!

  9. The so called youngsters you guyz were talking is fuckin overrated no were up to expectation , the now 30’s guyz who you constantly criticized played in the top clubs in England and spain played because they got talent .. while argentina team is a total mess not even a average Gk defense and Midfield . The argentina football is dead no more mesmerizing talents even messi is polished by spanish barcelona . While there isn’t a player form argentina in lamasia or barca youth teams no one in real except francisco

  10. Mppabe or whatever his name is was running though our defense and this bald fraud gay still played highline. We were the underdogs and we were suppose to sit back and attack but this fool went full on attacking mode from the word go!!! SAmpaoli can’t continue. Argeintina FA has to cut a deal with this fraud and kick him out. Or else he will continue with his experiments salvio, acuna , meza, pavon(he was picked ahead of perroti) PERROTI!!!!! Which team drops perroti man!! he should have been our automatic starter ahead of dimaria and Lamela. THis guy Lamela was our complete CM fast, tracks back and defends good, natural playmaker and can score goals too but MEZA gets picked ahead of this guy. A tall striker like Icardi doesn’t get selected and Higauin makes it. Friends club and sampaoli both are responsible for this loss. Messi shouldn’t retire and i pray he doesn’t but he should take a break for a year or 2. Depending on his form he can play the 2019 copa or 2022 world cup. We had good players to make difference. WE could have done it with Perroti, Lamela , Locelso, Paredes in the mid and icardi. We were missing a good CB in pezzela but crazy bald fuck was hell bent on experimenting during th world cup

  11. If you ask to keep Messi, he will bring the Friends Club with him. He clearly stated he can’t play without them.

    • Be objective. The so called friends club brought us to how many finals. I believe Messi or any good players can play if we have system. I’m not sure if Messi wants to stay but I hope he is. Many of the so called friends will say byebye though and then you will start to appreciate them.

    • I think Messi needs to move on. Not that he has been a failure. It’s time to allow the team to rebuild. I think he will announce latest tomorrow. Everyone who will be 33+ when 2022 comes should retire.

  12. When I first heared they gonna to use 433 with Pavon instead of Higuain and Messi as false nine my heart shrinked.I had feeling we might loss.But we have to support the team.If Messi retires today,tomorrow I would say who the hell care for this garbage Argentina Football team especially their coaches and their tactics and their player selection.

    • spot on! playing messi as false 9 like barcelona has ended the match for us before the start. messi is the creator in this team, if he plays false 9 who’s gonna feed him? who will score goals? is he going to give a thru pass and finish it himself? we needed higuain/aguero today. that would have pushed the french defenders to defend and not come out in full attacking mode.

  13. Lo Celso is our best midfielder. Surprised he didn’t get a single minute in this WC. He will come in next WC without experience. Only in Argentina it happens.
    Dybala just few minutes..?
    If France can utilize three strikers at same time why can’t we…?

  14. What a game. This defense is weak, goalkeeper as well. If you need a 34y old player of Chinese league (no offense to my Chinese friends) to play the key role, it’s quite obvious you are weak in defense. The difference is too big.

    People may critisize Messi for having been too supportive to Maschereno, Kun, Di Maria and Higuain. But without them, will we be stronger in this WC? Obviously not. Pavon, Meza and Tagliafico were far, very far from the top level.

    About Sampaoli nothing to add. Not sure if he can still find a job. No interest to talk about him. What I really felt non accomplished was total absence of Lo Celso and Dybala. Can’t believe that Sampaoli didn’t use the 2 most creative players except Messi.

  15. Guys you are over analyzing our loss this world cup. Its simple, we lost our best goalie in bad timing and everything collapsed. If Romero was There, we would win our group, beating Denmark and go through smooth sailing.

    We met a finalist potential team like France early in the competition which is hard to conquer with limited resources in defence and goalkeeping.

    • true. the players was stressed because the miss of Romero and the safe feeling that he was inspire back line was very big.

      Romero is the best Argentine goalkeeper right now. it is very clear anymore.
      far better than the second unfortunately.

  16. This defense was good enough to beat france after leading 2-1. Instead of parking the bus after leading crazy bald fraud still kept on pressing!!! what kind of coach is this!! a high school coach can beat this baldy fraud!! We should have never been selected for this world cup

    • are you serious ?

      after 2-1 you didn t see that we try park the bus but our defense was garbage ?
      they was playing defense with so much panic that the French score so fast and make 3-2 imidietely.

      Armani very bad too.

      anyway. what happened it happened.
      we can t change anything anymore.

      we should look the future we like it or not.

      first of all we should find one coach.

  17. Can you guys tell me how many of these old players will be retiring. I can’t bear such a shame. I am not happy with pavon also. If pavon is the best player of next generation in Argentina then I must say we have nothing to cheer for our young generation.

    • You can’t evaluates players like Pavon, Meza with just 2_3 high pressure games like these. Let the team give them more opportunities. Let them start matches. Friendlies without any pressure. Build the team around Dybala,Lanzini Lo Celso,Icardi… They will all perform well.. be patient to the new generation. They hv just begun

    • Pavon is a great young talent but like always you have to put players in the position to succeed. Great coaches know how to get the most out of a player by putting them in a position where they can actually succeed. His most efficient side is on the left and not right one. I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE THAT ARGENTINA WILL COME BACK AND START KICKING ASS AGAIN. THIS MILL NEVER EVER BE A MEDIOCRE SIDE, NEVER. But Sampaoli has to move on, we need new blood.

  18. Macherano,Rojo,Perez,Biglia,Higuain, Caballero ,Pavon,Meza,Salvio,Acuna . Look at the player selection of Sampaoli. Non of our coaches had ball to drop Masche. If we had drop Masche a year ago we could have a completely different team. Look at the players we didn’t bring to the world cup Icari,Perroti, Lamela ,Paredes, Pezella. We dropped all our fast and young guns!!! I think its better to build a team without messi and incorporate him later. He still can be our Riquelme in the next world cup. But he will be our attacking mid/enganche. We are going to need proper CMs not like biglia or enzo or useless wingers like acuna or salvio. We went to this world cup with 5 defenders .. Only five defenders!! 2014 we had defenders like garay,Demecheles,Campagnaro ,BAsanta . Solid goal keepers. If you don’t have a visionary coach this is what happens!!!! Sampaoli was worst than maradona!!! He can’t continue now. We need someone better. NO more sampaoli please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Friends, I feel so sad for this generation. 3 finals. Lots of good memories. Afa failed them. Coach failed them. Hope all retiring players enjoy good life with family. For 2022 we need to be rational. Pick the best players and not depending on his passion or his patriotism or due to his playing in whatever club. Pick the best and stick with 1-2 main formation for years! Don’t change so often.

    Anyway, thank you for all hardworks. Vamos!

  20. I am proud of the performances put in by the players today. I was fearing worse. It was a tactical mistake to drop the no.9 and play possession football with a high backline. We just don’t have the players to play that against a team that is clearly title favourite. The players did punch way above their weight. I will never understand why LoCelso was warming the bench. Never.

  21. Our future must be built around 4_2_3_1. Need to play 14_15 Regulars for a long term together.
    Team must built around players of Age group 25..
    We have a set of decent players for this system, like

    No9 : Lautaro & Icardi
    LW : Pavon
    CAM : Dybala
    RW : Lanzini

    CM : Lo Celso
    CDM : Ascacibar, Peredes

    LB : Tagliafico

    May be till Next Copa, Papu Gomez & Pastore should play.

      • Of course, Messi should play in Tournaments. But team must built around Youngsters.. Let messi come in for Copa America camp.. i hope he will stay away from the team building..

      • I love Messi but I don’t want him around anymore. I don’t want Argentina to get stuck with him anymore. Icardi and Dybala were most likely frozen out because of Messi, I’m not so sure but I think it’s most likely true. There is no explanation, none, to have on your squad a player of Dybala caliber ARGUABLY ONE OF THE FIVE BEST PLAYERS IN THE WHOLE WORLD and not play him. Messi is too toxic. He should retire once and for all and if he ever comes back NO MORE AS THE god, no more the centerpiece. 100% sure Argentina with LoCelso, Pavon, Dybala And Icardi, to name just those, can be as formidable as any team in the world. Thanks Messi but please move on. Also fire Sampaoli.

  22. Feel can’t take this tourture anymore…long and uncertain qualifying phases..we need to worry for matches happening after two or three months.. permutations and combinations..we qualify.. but everything ends in a day like need to forget the pain of Copa America in is nothing but a 10 division of painful 4 years.. first time believe we must create our own happiness..we should not depend on things beyond our control.. not only this world cup..all future world cup ends here.. totally meaningless.. sorry for the negative things guys.. but the pain is soooo pure.. next one week will be a pure tourture..

  23. At least Argentina played with real citizens of the country not like France England or all European countries who play with sold citizens from all over the world. I even get confused if I was watching French team or African team.

    • well said.
      i agree with you 100%

      i am very proud for my country that we never did that thing.

      France , Germany England and some more European countries look like they are football clubs and make transfers from the rest of world.

    • Please watch your language, you can make every single point you want to make without using the word sold when talking about Africans, about blacks. Not assigning anything to you, just a friendly caution, do not use sold and blacks together, too much painful history there. 🙏🏿

  24. Sampaoli got everything wrong, again. Sending defenders into the attack after taking the lead… he invited the counter. And he even acknowledged before the game that this was France’s threat. A flipping moron.

    • he played a high line against Mbappe!!!
      crushed us with pace

      Pavon was invisible for 90 mins and did not finish a single move once he got the ball and ran behind…
      he needed to be gone at 45 mins

  25. Almost forget, under Sampaoli, Argentina conceded 8 goals in the same stadium..Both France and Nigeria scored 4 each. We had a poor coach, this is Argentina, even if France is individually better from 1-23 players, no way Argentina should be losing by 4 goals after going up 2-1 at the world cup. Does Australia and Peru on paper have better defenders than Argentina? None of those teams conceded four goals against France..A good coach can make not so talented players performed well against any opposition. This is what Argentina have come down to, it was a really sad ending for the team. 6-1, 4-2, 3-0, 4-3 all under Sampaoli tenure as coach, this guy will never coach any decent team again..Sampaoli was busy showing off his tattoos instead of doing the job of a coach.

        • agreed… we never should have played a high line… they had a poor midfield .. their only attack was direct through balls into space.. we had to had the ball after 2-1.. we had to control midfield.. sampaoli went for a 4-3-3 .. glitter upfront that forced Messi away from goal… he is the stupidest coach since maradona … he is tactically stupid and is devoid of ideas…

          he keeps saying its Messi’s team and again and again goes to his same ideas which DO NOT WORK

    • When you have 15 different combinations in the last 15 matches do u expect any organisation. No team had this kind of churn in the last one year. We looked like panama in defence. Today’s substitution just showed it all.

      • We will never know why he changed today and why aguero after and goal in first match starts only one more!!

        he keeps looking for answers without actually reading the mistakes he made last game

    • Kid
      Sampaoli was always in over his head. He never had any clear ideas. I am sure you remember Sabella took over, and basically kept the same team for 2 years. How many lineups, players, formations, did this guy try? Its mind boggling he never could integrate Dybala or LoCelso or countless others on this team. An absolute embarrassment and frankly Bauza was better.

  26. End of a generation 2014 final was it we couldn’t do it…Coach is absolutely horrible made so many mistakes during the cup even today he put meza while locelso and dybala are sweeping the floor or making coffee for the team th I don’t think we will win the cup for next 20 years

    • Actually it was rumoured that Lo Celso was making coffee for the team while Dybala making the bed for Sampa’s foursome with Pavon, Meza and tagliafico.

      • Meza and Pavon!!!!! 😀
        Salvio and Acuna!!!! 😀

        wide players making runs but noone can cross.. no one makes their way into the box .. no one takes on the defense and scores.. .. and noone making runs in the box.. Why did we fire bauza???

        Sampaoli the asshole has ideas and he doesnot see that they are failing..

        This idiot of a coach just had to put up a 4-4-2 with Banega – Messi- Aguero- Di-maria on the pitch today for the last 45 mins.. we would have found a way.. we would have got this game …… 45 mins.

        The high line made Mbappe into a demon .. why did he have space?? Why was Enzo playing in the boz with Aguero Higuain Dybala on the bench??? fucking moron

  27. At least we showed a fight with limited resources…pace defeated us…but the horrible thing is we don’t have any talent coming up…and at last every argentinian gave more than his ability and messi was not even 75% of his ability.

    • Sampaoli beat US…. we didnot play a better team…

      Di Maria came to play … Messi Aguero made every second count.. Banega made a mistake.. but why was there so much space to run.. why were overlapping FBs never marked .. Pavon doesn’t even look around when defending he just stands there and jogs… he wasn’t intense in attack???
      He simply plays becoz he set up one mercado cross in one game…
      And Aguero who scored the first goal… who has had a great season and is a big game player..

      Higuain who played a great first half to retain ball last match sits and watches !!!

      Messi plays with a player like Aguero in Suarez every week.. wasn’t he gonna help Messi play a better game…

    • Sampaoli beat US…. we didnot play a better team…

      Di Maria came to play … Messi Aguero made every second count.. Banega made a mistake.. but why was there so much space to run.. why were overlapping FBs never marked .. Pavon doesn’t even look around when defending he just stands there and jogs… he wasn’t intense in attack???
      He simply plays becoz he set up one mercado cross in one game…
      And Aguero who scored the first goal… who has had a great season and is a big game player..

      Higuain who played a great first half to retain ball last match sits and watches !!!

      Messi plays with a player like Aguero in Suarez every week.. wasn’t he gonna help Messi play a better game…

      Messi was playing at midfield forced to play deep as we couldn’t get the ball up .. Messi receives ball on the right and we put Pavon there .. he is stuck in the middle… there was no movemnt from Pavon either inside or deep runs to allow a ball being played he was standing there all game…

      what do you expect of Messi.. he was being marked my two CBs, and couple of defenders… his only missed chance was a right footed shot !!!

    • Yes true but its time to make a new team a team that is a team and dont depend in one player. For me messi is the best. But this world cup he didnt perform to his potentials. Generally we whore weak. Plus not good selection and no plan. No goalkeeper not proper defence no strong midfield no chances.i feel sorry for messi mache and di maria. There time was the last WC. I read stupid things in this forum that we dont have talented youth because of meza pavon. Well they are not but this are We just need a good COACH to fix a strong team. Argentina i love you. France was not special but there had mbappe

      • wait for it… the next argentina has 4 years and I will be surprised if they qualify given the quality that is available .. they will be like a Peru even of they do.. mediocre payers who are just there to play in the group games

  28. Sampaoli and all assistant trainer should be sacked immediately. Then bring only tall, strong and fast players to the team. No matter if you concede 10-0 in friendly matches. We can’t afford again any single inferior, coward player from now on. Team will be build up as like Brazilian style of play. Mentality, skills should be shifted to Brazilian style.
    Now enough is enough.
    If you can’t do these things, You will lose all fan support all around the world.

    • I agree we should sack Sampaoli. It is sad to say but the reason he is still around is because AFA does not have 20 million to sack him due to his contract. It is pathetic state of AFA.

    • we have our style. Argentina style.
      we don t need Brasil shit style.

      we should find one coach and give him time to work and build the next team.

    • The ‘Tall, Strong,Fast’ model just got its ass kicked…by South Korea.

      Need quality, that’s it. Someone to identify, nurture it, mold it and make it work together. If you keep changing coaches more than you change underwear its never going to happen.

      • As far as i know, the French are tall, strong and fast. I don’t know how many time I have to say it but defense win championship. Not beautiful football or possession based football. Everything start at the back, and with the midfield. Sampaoli is a midget and he loves putting midgets to play his all-out attack based football. We need amore pragmatic coach and a complete reshuffle of the AFA. Time to eradicate the corruption and develop our Argentina U-15, U-20 teams. If we don’t do it we will not win another World Cup ever again

        • spot on Matinjean

          we needed a defense that get the jobs done.. we only needed Messi and one of aguero/ higuain and one of dybala/ Dimaria .. everyone else had to build a strong midfield and defense… Di maria has work rate dybala plays deep for Juve.. too much soundbites wasted on fast runs stupid tactics…Brazil can’t defend.. when a good Ag side comes they kick and foul .. they hope to score more always… Brazil sadly now has a more organized defense.. we abuse masche.. but where is his replacement.. a defensive organiser who will never let you pass.. every player in national competition need not pass well but they need to defend

    • intekhab,


      Brazil plays bad football. Yes they do win at times but their football is nothing to write home about.

      I love Argentina because of the way they play.

      If I wanted to support a team, any team that has the potential of winning, I’d go with Brazil or Germany but no!

      I love Argentinean football. Yes, AFA is responsible for all the mess but Argy football is wonderful.

      Spain too.

  29. we are not giving proper chance to youngsters in qualification stages.
    AFA should prepare the youngsters through friendly matches with USA, Australia, south Korea, Panama, morocco where they will get chance to show their skills and get confidence.

    lack of preparation, routinely changing coaches, there is no technical coaches with physical and mentally preparation

    if we have the very gold defence we could have win.

  30. Sampaoli is the worst coach I have ever seen. If they continue with him, we have to expect the same results.

    • very true, ive just said it but must emphasise when we went a goal up the entire universe could see a striker was needed to put pressure from the front how he coulnt see that standing on the touchline is so s`o stupid

      • he couldn’t see in the first half that the lack of a striker has reduced Messi’s impact..

        look at uruguay!!! cavani suarez vs messi aguero… and we had banega and Di maria behind…

        look at their backline.. Guedes is fast but he has no space to run behind

  31. Hard to think of a less effective coach than Sampaoli. In the end, I just can’t imagine any person in that position with absolutely no clear thought on what the team should be. The exclusion of Dybala LoCelso and many others is mind boggling.
    I hope someone understands that the next world cup starts today for us. They have to get rid of Sampaoli and clean house. I would try to bring back Sabella or even see if you can get Pekerman back. Don’t even bother with the big names because they are good for criticizing us but will not manage the team.
    I think for now you go on without Masche, DiMaria, Banega, Romero, Biglia, Aguero, Higuain, and a host of others. I would not even bother asking Messi. This project needs to find its own identity before incorporating Messi, if you incorporate him at all (he may retire).
    My only desire is no more specialized players like Masche. You need box to box midfielders that can do everything. And we need speed. Our side lost today because we have no speed anywhere, and everything you can see coming a mile away.
    My guess is Gallardo will take over as manager. We could do worse.

  32. I don’t know what to say! But i 1 thing is very clear. Argentina are not winning any major tournament not because of lack of world class players, but because of their BULLSHIT DEFENSE! Yes, Defense, Defense, Defense……….!!!

    It’s now proven fact, Argentina is the only football nation who don’t give a fuck about producing good defenders or even care about developing this project.

    I don’t see a fucking reason, why this fast playing team like Croatia, France etc will lose a match against Argentina! I mean seriously, whoever comes as the national team coach, he don’t give a shit about defending. Only thing they can do…is sucking Messi’s dick!!

    I never felt so uncomfortable(nervous) in any tournament where the team playing! Even the won against Nigeria was not a comfortable one.

    Can anyone tell me wtf Sampaoli trained this players since the season end? I mean how long a coach need to teach his players some basics about football? This is the worst Argentina squad in the history. So pathetic. Can’t believe, Argentina have a diamond called Messi for 12 long years and still they are failing value it!! It’s not about what a single player does for his team, rather what the team itself does for its fans?

    I don’t blaming anyone…. no, no. Seriously, no one! Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Messi, Banega, Mascherano, Romero they all tried & gave it all for the team. But come on….it’s not 19th century football. Those slow boring passing football is dead. In modern football, you can’t waste time! No, simply NO. You have play fast football, whether you have the ball or not.

    Just look at France. Only one player called Mbappe run & tried to rather break the defense, he wanted to somehow reach in the box. Because only then any defense can do mistakes. You have to learn from this dear Argentina! Those meaningless boring tikitaka is dead long before. Modern football is all about counter attack by take care of the defense. And i believe we have those players, but our coaches don’t care about modern football. They are all crazy & do stupid things to Argentina. Never thought, a team like Argentina will crashed out this way.

    And the most funny thing is, now even a little tiny county can score against this Argentina. They even threats Argentina before the match! This is how low we reached nowadays. Shame……
    I’ll love you till i die.


    • Suddenly after Spain Match
      Meza disappeared..
      Pavon looks average…

      Still think both of them need more chances…

      Feeling bad

      Next time You will see

      Dybala Locelso Icardi Paredes Ascacibar Lanzini Rulli A.correa J.correa etc etc….

      Defence and Midfield is very weak

    • Julker9,

      I disagree.

      Tikitaka is not bad. Spain won the world cup 8yeyars ago playing that sstyle. We lost four years ago to Germany playing that style.

      Our problem has always been a coaching one.

      Today, we were leading 2-1.

      then, I think that is when Lloris lobbed the ball via midfield adn it was touched by about six France players and it was a goal.

      There was no defence. It went through midfield more or less. WHY?

      When we were up 2-1, i think a good coach………….

      Okay, first of all, we didn’t have a striker for a long period to begin with. I think only a crazy coach would go in without a number 9.

      back to my point.

      When we were 2-1 up very early in the second half, a sane couch would have brought in a striker….Aguero to harass the defence and make them busy in the back.

      Take out one midfielder (Perez…….or even Pavon) and bring in Aguero to supplement Messi.

      Messi could have roamed wherever he wanted and draw the defenders towards him…….leaving Aguero to roam the box.

      Then, we played very high up the field yet we were leading or tied.

      All teams play tight defence against us but when we are either leading or even, we don’t pay them in kind!

      We shoudl ahve dropped back …even with our sub par players and defend while countering……

      that way, you open up France and try to counter and who knows, we could have gone up 3-1.

      …..but WE DIDN’T!

      I am not a football analyst of any sort but I saw the stupid things that Sampaoli did.

      We had this game!

      We had it!

      Sampaoli threw it away.

      I think we shouldn’t even blame Arman i that much. He was just trying to make up for bad coaching. What was he expected to do when his defenders were almost at half field?

      I am sad but not as sad as I was in 2014 and 2006.

      I didnt expect to go very far and by the way, we were to lose to Nigeria until Roho pulled that stunner!

      I am trying to be okay.

  33. Seniors should retire. Sampaoli should stay. He should be given the time to build a new team with his ideas. Less expectations less will be the pressure. The rebuild will take time. But we do have players who can make a good team if sampaoli works with them long term.

  34. Sighs….I dont want to be a dick, but some of you need to sack up. It’s not the end of the world. Trust, will be back to a top 3 contender by next world cup. It’s always the case. There is a plethora of youngsters heading to European teams.

    I know, the feeling sucks! But it’s ok! We are all alive, it’s a beautiful day in paradise.

    • Surw it’s not the end of the world, but man, every time the same story.
      I started watching football for the first time because I accidentally saw Veron doing a deadly tackle in a game in a world cup. Then loved Ortega dribbling, Baristuta scoring with half a chance, Ayala winning headers up up in rhe air from taller players.
      So, I can accept not winning the cup. But, where is the passion in playing, the Argentinean dribbling? 11 players waiting for France to attack even when losing 1-0? Really?
      We have all these great young players, it’s true. And then what? Who is going to coach them, to guide them, to …

      • Agree it’s crap
        Losing all these finals if they win atleast 2 then I don’t care if the never qualify for a World Cup again

        But it’s only a game
        Family health is more important

  35. You guys sure do have a lot of energy.
    Come on guys deal with it.We’re doomed.There’s no 2022 and even 2026.
    We’re fucked.We came as close as we could in 2014.That was our year.Never for a moment did I feel we’re gonna win the world cup this time around.Not with his team.
    Really feel for Messi.Guess God doesn’t want him to win it.
    Anyways vamos Albecileste

  36. Another world cup gone. Been waiting for 30 years now. THIRTY!
    Stopped coming here after Copa 2016 and seems like still no reason to come back.
    What piss poor tactics, formation and team selection. Now with a downturn imminent I’ll probably be a pretty old man by the time Argentina do anything 🙁
    They need to go back to basics and build everything from scratch. Whoever is the coach needs to get full support for at least a few years, or one cycle, even if they don’t qualify for next world cup.
    It’s just astounding that with more than over three hundred thousand registered players they can’t get a decent goalie, center backs, wing backs, or a defensive mid. This team needs to be rebuilt back to front.

  37. The issue about our decline starts with our youth team

    In the 90s with Pekerman we won all youth and under 20 tournaments but never after he left

    That why we always produced world class defenders like Ayala Samuel Heinze Sorin and add Coloccini Zanetti Burdisso etc

    But also players like riquelme aimar etc

    Our youth system is declined which is why we have no stars

    Our defence was akways rubbish

    I reckon Garay would have made a better combo

    • In early 2000’s we got a lot of great youngsters. That’s why we won a lot of WC u20. All other countries envied us. Now other countries like France or Germany or Spain produce better youngsters than us. It is just like that, talents are God given. Hope soon we will produce again. I think Dybala, Lautaro, Icardi, Pavon, Foyth or Ascasibar are good talents, but I am convinced other countries have better youngsters than them.

      One thing for sure, the world scouts are way better than us. If they rate Mbappe $200 million, that means he is worth $200 million. If our player is worth $5 million then they are really worth $5 million.

  38. Argentina was the most disorganised team in this World Cup. Sampaoli probably has the record to start 15 different combinations as a coach of Argentina. Thanks to Messi and friends at least you folks played good football and took us to 3 finals. Never thought I will ever see a day where Argentine football is bereft of talent. Here starts the fall and trust this will take many years for us to get out and be competitive. Under 20 and under 17 teams are crap. Not a talented midfielder or defender or goal keeper is coming out of Argentina. Scouts are not duds to put a price tag on a player. Talent in attack means nothing when you do not have midfield and defenders.

  39. Very upset about this match.we should’ve won this match but our errorprone defence cost us again and again.i Don’t know why coach did not fix that after 3 match. our defence were weak in lose BALL from Iceland match but sampaoli did not fix that.
    Anyway afa should put more money on local league to develop more young modern time it is almost must to have a better league as it was seen in this wc.mexico improved after putting money on local league so afa should take steps about this.also it had been while since argentine player PLAYING in top european club i dont know why??while Barca Madrid are buying Brazilian player like crazy but not single ARGENTINE player! Afa should take necessary step to develop more young player.

  40. I should be sad that Argentina didn’t make it through, but I’m not. The reason being is becsuse overall they didn’t deserve it.

    From the first game Argentina have been a shambles, no real drive. Now it’s time to regroup, get rid of the old players and get the young guys in who have more hunger and we should be a force come next world cup.

  41. Argentina have the very talented players but the fuckin coaches are not using them due to

    1) the coaches are not trusting young players due to coaches are not trusting himself
    2) argentina should bring joechem low, if he comes in many of the talented youngers will get chance to play.
    3) in that case pochettino is better he will bring good people but he need times to settle
    4) messi should stay in Argentina football till 2022 others can exit.
    5) president of the AFA should go out.

        • But from all matches under Sampaoli, any sign of great coach? Not mentioning the 4 matches in WC, how about qualifiers, friendlies? The commentators keep saying cannot see structure in our team. And I cannot help but agree. Do we really want to trust Sampaoli again?

  42. One comment only… are you guys happy with Aramani fand Fazio… the ones you were asking for from the beggining??? All the players you were asking for were a joke and sorry for that… but why are you still asking for Daybala… I am so sure that he would add nothing…. just the same for the ones you were asking for…we did not have quality players in the back guys…. i was wondering about the selections of the back and what made it worse is when sampaoli did not call Romero…. didnt you guys miss him???. Also… i am questioning since the beggining about Garay and Funes…. all those reasons…. Sampaoli was in charge of…. the did we see tactics on field??? Are we reading matches???? Didnt we know about their speed already… did we mark Pogba from playing long passes? Are we were lucky enough to come back??? Did we learn any thing of our mistakes in the first half???? And securing our advancing???? Again stop mentioning about Daybala because it was Aramani and Fazio and partially Rojo and Maschrano…it was about the backs not forwards… it was about reading matches…. it was about tactics… it was about learning mistakes from the group stages matches… and the mistakes of the first half. Sampaoli is a BIG QUESTION MARK… we cannot win without a coach because no selections and no reading matches and no tactics for all the matches…
    The question…. are we going to learn from mistakes for the upcoming tournaments???
    I doubt because everytime we lose we say we will rebuild and we learned and we will do it right.

    Thank you for everything and i hope we will make it next…
    Vamos Argentina

  43. Messi need to retire. He is good but his presence in the team make all other players not to play the football and pass to him. I really feel sorry for Aguero and Higuain. They were playing as striker where nobody create chances. You can count how many chances did they got in past 4 years. And some people here still want Icardi in team. If Icardi there, he has to walk in the field back and forth.

    Summary : the coaches couldn’t find the right strategy for park the bus team and proper attacking play.

  44. unfortunately we pay heavy that our defense is garbage.

    i don t have words to use about how bad defense we have.

    the players played with heart. they give everything they had but it was not enough unfortunately.

    there is no chance for any team in one world cup to progress with terrible defense like ours.

    i am very very sad because we could win but …..

    Romero is the best Argentine goalkeeper as we all see and finally his miss was very important.

    farewell to Masche and Di maria. God give them health and happieness with their families.
    i am thankful for what they offer all those years. little or much doesn t matter.



  45. Enzo Perez was extremely poor in this game. He was responsible in pretty much all goals but the last one. Most of France attacks were from his side, from Lucas Hernandez, the man he was supposed to mark. For me Enzo was as bad as all of our defenders today.

    Really hope we can produce better players that will be world class one day. NOT world class of this forum. Real world class like Mbappe.

    2022, we will have maybe 18 new comers or something like that.

    • Mbappe is even better than Henry. With proper development he will win a few Ballon d’ Oro in the next decade. It’s so sad to lose the match but I have to admin that wonder kid deserve it all!

      • really?? i dont think so, wait untill they play a proper defensive side like uruguay and portugal and youll see, henry won a world cup with france at also a young age. our defense is the most naive ive seen in history 9 goals conceded in 4 matches unbelivalbe you cant even explain that..

    • Argentina need to focus on the next generation of youth teams..The next project should be to win the upcoming U20 world cup and Olympics then you have yourself a good foundation of players to possible win the next world cup..Moreover, the Argentinean league need improvement in all departments of the game.

  46. Can’t stop Tears……
    Well Fought…from written off to 2-1 then 4-3…
    It’s not the time to analyse negatives..
    One positive-the Iranian Referee was very bad..
    We will be back Stronger…

    Don’t sack Sampaoli….

    • I was thinking we should keep Sampaoli but I changed my mind after this match. He can be a long run coach but his match reading is very very poor. With a proper coach, when we were 2-1 up, we should of sealed it! Sadly, we don’t have that kind of coach: Pekerman, Sabella, Simeone, Pocchettino all flops when it matters the most 🙁

      • i agree with you, when argentina went 2-1 up everyone from africa to asia to south america to usa to europe to the planet neptune could see argentina needed a striker to apply pressure from the front even the commentators saw it, my dog even barked it to mee(haha) but sampaolis reading of the game is unbelivable how he won copa america with c`hile is be`yond me.

      • Tell me why?
        In 2010, except for one bad match against Germany we were pretty good.
        We beat Mexico, Nigeria, Greece and S.Korea convincingly.

        But whoever is the coach, replace Sampaoli. He is an emotional guy, but not have much strategy.

  47. Pavon Meza are all overhyped average players. The future isnt bad though. LoCelso and Dybala will form the core of the attack with Lautaro. Ascacibar should be the DM. A new team will emerge. We will be competitive as ever. Hopefully successful too.

  48. Good thing I watched the game with low expectations and was telling people France would win otherwise it would be a heartbreaking for me. I started to realize the team in not world champion after 6-1 loss to Spain who played without a proper striker.

    We should have played 442 with Messi and Aguero upfront, lo celso in midfield. Dybala should have been brought in 2nd half replacing Aguero or even Messi.

  49. The end of an Era. And we will miss the “friend’s club”as we may find that making three finals isn’t so easy.

    Whatever happens with Sampaoli, whether he is able to work in earnest with new players or gets fired will be seen. Maybe he gets to learn from this and rebuild from the ground up, which is what he wanted. But his poor prep for the world cup may have cost him his job. And AFA wouldnt be unjustified to fire him. Then again, at some point we have to trust someone to install a process for the future. Germany’s world cup in 2014 began after the 1998 World Cup. Belgium has been working for a decade to get where they are. In Argentina we let the quality of our players distract us from the fact that Pekerman’s beautiful development system at the youth level disintegrated.

    Uruguay’s current success is a good reminder of how important stability is. They’ve had the same coach for years and if you ask him how Uruguay has resurfaced in world football, he will tell you that he copied Pekerman’s system in the 90s and early 2000s.

    I’m sad for the loss, but hope this will be an opportunity to rebuild.

  50. I’m absolutely shattered, but I expected us to lose, with the way we have been playing.

    Meza and Pavon did nothing for us this World Cup, they look great in the argentine league and Meza did a few nice dribbles against the Spanish and that is what his selection was based on. Nothing beats top notch European league experience, Players like Perotti, Lamela, Papu Gomez, J and A Correa should have gone before Meza and Pavon. Hopefully Meza and Pavon develop into top notch European players but this was not their time.

    Mascherano,Biglia and Perez were the engine room of 2014 and were at their prime and could keep pace with the game. This tournament they were so fair behind the pace it was embarrassing and really we weren’t gonna get any success with these dinosaurs.

    Banega for me played well in the 2 games and gave everything. I love him to death but this has to be his last argentine game.

    Messi is a genius and I think capable of playing at 35 much like Zidane in 06 but he has to be performing at the highest level.

    Ascacibar and Paredes and Pizarro should have gone to this World Cup instead of Mascherano Biglia and Perez.

    Love you guys……………Siempre Argentina!!!!

    • The thing is few of the players you name would have made a difference with the way Samp prepared.

      France was just better. Individually and Collectively. We had a few moments if Individual brilliance but it was not enough to make up for the lack of team play, especially on Defense.

      • Primera players are always average .. european players especially attacking players are there in Europe for a reason

  51. And why are we so slow? why?
    There was quite clearly not enough preparation for France.
    Why no Kun from start?
    Why no Dybala?
    Why not bring Higuain even as a substitute?

    Messi as false 9? Give me a break. is this Barcelona?

  52. This world cup was very winnable providing some obvious things:

    Proper coaching<<<<<we had none
    Proper players<<<<> always said that Romero was the best GK ARGENTINA has and No Rulli is NOT the answer, not by the longest shot.
    Player selection<<<<<<No Kun, No Higuian, No Dybala, I REST MY CASE.
    I am thankful that we DID NOT get HUMILIATED BY A VERY good team, mind you, ARGENTINA could have easily won this game BUT it would be the same thing the next game…..etc

  53. What could i say that we were winning that game by far but the stupid coach lose it all by himself don t worry guys we could not win the cup with sampaoli we need a smart one.
    Thank you messi for all that you did for argentina you will be great forever even without a world cup like baggio cruyf you were unlucky unfortunately.
    But we ve always had the greatest players i m sure that we will had another crack whom will bring us this trophy
    Vamos argentina

  54. Where is Gonzalo his so called young player meza, pavon, taglafico worst player of the worldcup, even Iran, Morocco, Panama, Tunisia etc young players are better.

    • those teams players have been playing together regularly.. so even if they are not world class doesn’t matter coz they have an understanding on the pitch…. our young players have not played enough together to have build an understanding which is why u see some watsed crosses and passes.

  55. Sampaoli cost Argentina this game PERIOD..First off, the starting XI with Pavon and Di Maria playing wide made no sense..Who in the world were they going to cross the ball to when in advance area of the pitch? What’s the point of having Pavon and Di Maria playing wide when they have no attacking outlet in the box to make a cross? As soon as Argentina went up 2-1 this is where the coach needed to bring on a striker/Aguero..The Perez substitution came too late…Argentina needed a striker to at least keep the France back line in their own half..Argentina took the lead and Sampaoli didn’t know what to do.You’re up 2-1, the coach know the defense is vulnerable, then make a a defensive change and try and hold the lead for as long as possible..If Argentina had a great coach they could have won this game especially going up two goals to one. Too many madness formations and last minute lineups. Another thing, just start Pavon in midfield from the beginning over Enzo and put a striker up top..

    • Yes, when we were 2-1 up, it’s time to sub Pavon with Higuain and someone for Perez. I think Sampaoli was completely clueless.
      Fortune was with us but the defense and Sampaoli refuse to take it. Sad!

  56. Any lay man will know mabappe is quick and attacks from the right. You see where Taglifico was. That just shows the preparation for this match. Guess Pavon and Meza are better than Dybala. This was our match as France has quite a few weakness. We messed it bcos of poor tactics and team selection. Next two world cups we can forget. No quality defenders or midfielders coming out of Argentina

  57. mascherano needs to go… the midfield miles too slow.. aguero comes on with 25mins to go u are 4-2 down u need to get balls up to him and u are playing backpass the ball….. but biggest fvk up is sampaoli who in every single game fails to do anything at halftime to fix the problems that the first half shows… if u’re gonna play someone who hasn’t really played many matches and so doesn’t really have a feel then play dybala rather than pavon at least he is a forward so would make runs into box……u can argue that defence is bad but to me the game is won and lost in the midfield and our midfiled is wrong. i could say a lot more but i don’t have the heart…this is so upsetting…. but we did try but really we need players who have an understanding with each other on the pitch and that takes time to build.

  58. Oh Argentina why this coach.442 with Higuain would have been good.Shit 433.Pavon is best when used as sub.When Sampoli got selected as coach he did some good things but as time progressed he declined.Messi will never win WC.His first mistake was dropping Romero and now he is playing injured Masche and Injured Enzo.When Dybla was selected Dybla said that he still do not what is his role.Such a waste coach.He Libes in imaginary world where every possibility favors him.Dream is over feeling sorry for Higuain and Messi.Higuain will never have another chance to rectify his error.Messi you are the best.Please retire from this team NT is done for you.You do not owe anything.These coache has robbed you.

    • I’m sure many from the old generation like Mascherano will retire. Higuain too. Appreciate all their help. Messi, I’m not sure. I read of Iranian player who resigned due to pressure from fans. We also have the same case with Riquelme. I hope Messi will still be with us, drop as MF.

  59. Not playing with proper striker cost the match, Dybala should come Instead of meza then result could have been different on other side France is too strong to beat, Argentina tried best and fought well but mbapppe made the difference

  60. At least we already tried the hardest.
    4-3 isn’t the worst score line.
    Should’ve been able to avoid at least the last goal if Enzo wasn’t took out. Pavon should be replaced not Enzo. It’s not balanced anymore after that, and coach should know that Pavon is not in his best position. If it was still 3-2, aguero’s goal (if it’s still happen) would make it tie.
    And shouldn’t be meza, but Dybala. I can’t get it why he never get a proper chance.

    Sampaoli and argentina weak points: doesn’t have a quality dm to replace mascherano, not able to fuse Dybala with Messi, never really give him a proper chance. Messi is certainly not at his peak anymore, although you could argue he’s lack support. Except maybe Banega, Argentina currently doesn’t have world highest level mf. Also, I’m asking why Sampa didn’t sub lo Celso in for masche after he got that yellow. Lo Celso is also the player that wasn’t given chance to prove himself.

  61. Maradona was a way better coach than Sampaoli.

    Argentina beat Mexico, Greece, Nigeria and S.Korea convincingly.
    We only lost to germany because we were chasing the game from the start and the referee didn’t help us. It was just bad luck.

    They should bring Maradona back as coach, or Sabella.

    • When the coach make selection alone results can be seen in Switzerland and Croatia games. Do you want it? This coach has taken charge for many games in qualifiers but never showed any great tactic. Sabella better.

  62. Once again we had three world class strikers 200 millions on bench in a do-die game!! Just don’t understand What’s Sampaoli thinking!

    • Once again…… we are out. I am looking arg nt since italy 90 and never, but never saw so bad deffence, also the middle od the pitch. Take off messi from this team and they will probably be like panama or something like that. I am far from argentina but surly there are so bad decisions made by afa that you cant relay more on chairman and all his staff. There is lots of things to be change in arg football to be on peak again. For example we have to stop calling us favourites any more. We just pulling enourmous amoumt of pressure on our backs. Transform afa. Invest in football. And bring back smile on the players faces. This is just the game, not war. I will never accept that messi didnt lift the trophey because he deserved that. Far more than diego and kempes. But it is life, and we and messi and all others have to accept it. Maybe, for him, now is right time to retire. But even though, even if he rest, the team has to exchange. We need fresh legs, and more important the way of playing football.

  63. Man, THEY are who most people thought they are, a juggernaut. HOWEVER, FOOLISH GAME PLAN MADE IT EASY, GAVE ARGENTINA NO CHANCE. Why would you not start either Higuain or Aguero? And Dybala has barely been used. It’s time to move on, open negotiations with Sampaoli and buy out his contract. He cannot coach this selection. New coach, new, AND YOUNG, players and in to the future. Tears Romero told team he will recover by the first game, and possibility was realistic, but they let him go anyway. ARMANI has size and that’s it. Good news, very good for future, Romero will be back and has at least two World Cup. LoCelso, Dybala, Pavon And Icardi now on are good, talented, core. Vamos Argentina!!!! Vamos!!! There is always tomorrow.

  64. We just faced a stronger team that have complete quality players from the goalie, defense, midfield to attack who played counter attack (Bilardista type of coach). We tried our best against them. Mbappe is a world class at 19.

    It is just our team doesn’t know how to defend. Maybe only the likes of Saudi and Panama is worse than us in defense. With luck, today’s game could have gone either way. It was a good fight, we tried our best. It is just they have more talents, better coaching, and better team.

    Argentina should have treated Mbappe as if they treated Neymar or CR7. Mark him with 2 players everytime.

    • Weren’t we suppose to play counter attack because of lack of good players we were the underdogs in this game but mad sampaoli went full attack from the word go!!!!!!!!!!1

  65. Argentine league hasn’t produced a decent goalie since 2007!!! The last decent defenders were in 2006 and the last proper midfielders were in 2006 . Only sabella’s hard core defensive approach took us to the finals.. BAldy fuck man!! What a idiot coach we have man!!! come on!!!! Pavon is still green.. Meza is useless salvio and acuna are average wingers !!come on!!

  66. Torture over. No defence, no midfield, useless youngsters and a third rate coach. I cannot stand watching Argentine football any more. Has been 36 years. Going forward we will struggle to qualify for World Cup. If Pavon, Meza and Taglifico are the future nobody including god can save Argentina

  67. This is my 8th world cup since 1990 and the most hopeless exit; I had totally different feelings the other times:

    1998: we were knocked out in the most dramatic and heart breaking manner, but we had a great team and a young golden generation that was clear it will carry on for years, and they did.
    2002: again heartbreaking exit but we had a team and future.
    2006 and 2014: sad at the end but proud.
    2010: at least I was happy Maradona will leave and we will have our team back.
    2018: No team, no coach, the pillars of the team retiring…

  68. The first player deserved to be substituted is not Rojo it should be Messi. Rojo may got a red card but at least he was involved.. doing something..marked by markers is one thing.. but lacking that basic interest is another.. totally disappointing body language from Messi.. but why God..all this pain?

  69. Well played! The pace of Mbappe did us in. But we did fight despite having an inferior team. Leaving LoCelso on the bench cost us. End of a generation. Thank you. For me you are all champions.

  70. You can blame defenders as much as u want, but the main problem is the goalie who represents 25% of team success. Most goalies saved their teams but ours were crappy and unable to stop a single shot. I think defenders did a decent job except Fazio who was garbage.

    • Exactly. This Armani piece of shit is all size and nothing else. This game could have been at the very least 2-2and into overtime. His timing, his positioning were all horrible, horrible, horrible. On all three late goals he was barely beat because of extremely bad positioning. Subpar talent.

  71. We were already out when friends club and gay baldy selected the horrible 23 players for this world cup. We dropped players who were fast and play long balls like perroti and lamela…. Man we are going to struggle really bad . We dont have any good goalkeeper, we don’t have any defenders we don’t have any midfielders . What are we going to do with these strikers???????? A good coach would have selected inform young players instead of taking these fossils

  72. The ref favored France hard. Almost no cards on the opposing side. They did so Argentina wouldn’t pass, if they had against the next team they’d gotten more by another bias ref. Ref didnt give us a couple more minutes in the end either. I can’t help but feel in my heart Argentina is having to pay for maybe….Italy 90 (Italians were suppose to advance) . Diego’s hand against England.

    Oh well, the guys fought hard in the end. France is clearly mediocre and have no passion.

    I’m rooting for Brazil as I dont see Uruguay up to the challenge.

  73. We fought a good fight despite our many flaws. Thank you to the old guard who tried hard to make something happen. Hasta la proxima vez…

  74. Sabella’s Argentina would of beat France,

    We gave too much space to Mbape

    If Tagliafico is our future Estalblished Left back we are Fucked Forever

    • Baldy fraud wanted to play high pressing game with bicycles against Ferrari!! A good coach would have defeated this french team

  75. Now we know why Fazio wasn’t used prior to this game.

    If we won our group, we wouldn’t go through this finale like brutal match.

    • i agree i was one of the people rooting for fazo but he looks horrible however match fitness has to be considered here but still he is poor. it doesnt matter about winning group cause you still have to beat the big boys anyway, when we lead 2-1 i thought we needed a good coach to lead us through but thats that, my tournament has eneded today..

  76. We got thrashed by Spain 6-1, by NIgeria 4-2,Croatia 3-0 and this fruad bald gay still wants to play highline with crap defenders he selected!!! My god!! What ARgentina can’t produce any better defenders than Rojo,Masche or Fazio??? Argentina can’t produce any good midfielders . Is argentine local league so quality less that we can’t produce any decent goal keeper for 16 years now!!! Why do We have to stick with the fossils for 12 years!! Masche,Biglia,Rojo,Mercado,Meza,Pavon,Salvio,Acuna,Higuain,Perez,Caballero??? I had stopped watching the game after they scored the third goal i just checked we managed to score one more.. What kind of lineup is this man????? I don’t even have world to abuse the friends club and the fraud gay baldy!!

  77. We’re fighting til last minutes but it’s just happened. Finally we’re out. We have individual qualities but sadly not well managed. Also the referee and FIFA do not like us. As I cannot move on to other team, my WC ended here. Wait for 4 more years.

  78. Keep your heads up guy. It was a great match. Our team fought well till the last min. Next goal copa America. Armani had to save that shot but I don’t blame him. Shit happens.

  79. this French team will fuck by Belgium or Spain if they come in

    we lost lanzini. if he is there he can play long shots with right foot.

    • France wasn’t good. We are really bad at defense. Seem worse when Fazio come in. We played our game and lose it. Really sad to see that

      • I’m wondering if we would have played better with Rojo left in as well. Our defense needs some help and then I think we have most of the right players for the Copa America

      • i agree, france werent that good. we gave the game away too easily. we go 2-1 up and cant even complete a single pass unbeliavable. i always knew if we test lloris well beat him easiyly and unfortunately the same was for armani. why they insist on meza???

      • I don’t know. We are playing now without proper strategy. Players are hard working as fuck but there is no tactic to favor our play. There is no idea how to defense against quick counter team. France did very simple job – pass run and score. Maybe maybe we are missing Romero and Lanzini but it doesn’t make sense at all

        • yes we had no strategy at all. i still wanted rulli as part of 23 why he wasnt there is a shocker, guzman has been backup for last 4 or so years yet cant even be picked makes me wonder why he made the previous squads. the fazio change backfired bad, but the 4th goal was just school boy stuff and otamendi our last man dives in a challenge at halfway line. we knew lanzini wasn’t available so that cant be an excuse, another reason i think the defense sucked was a defense is a unit not individuals and ours didnt seem that way at all

  80. Well Messi can’t go to sleep without Masche singing him lullaby, Gay Sampa wants to have foursome with Salvio ,Meza and Pavon. The day he selected the world cup team roster we were fucked!!!! we were super fucked!!!! This man can’t be even given any job to coach any Argentine b league team let alone the national team. He went for attack from the world go instead of parking the bus . A school coach can plan better strategy than this joker. These all should go now … Yeah since i am also a messi fan boy i want him to play one last world cup for us.. but hats off the deschamps he really made sampaoli look like the biggest bald fraud joker in the world cup !! Thanks for ending our misery!!

    • but hats off the deschamps he really made sampaoli look like the biggest bald fraud joker in the world cup ! -> what the fuck. It doesn’t take much to make Sampaoli look like a joker! SHITTY FUCKING GRANCE WAS FUCKING THERE FOR THE TAKING!!! WE COULD HAVE WON THEM!!

    • Salvio didn’t play , or did he???

      4-3 with this team. That actually makes it look good.

      The cycle starts over again. Get ready for the ride.

    • What can you do better than Sampaoli this game? Stop ranting. France were clearly better than us. 4-3 is a good score and I am ok with the show players put. We are simply not as good as them. If something to regret, it was the group stage matches. We have nothing to regret about this match. Sad but I will not see a strong Argentina team in next few world cups to challenge the European teams. Football changed completely. Even Brazil will not be able to keep it up. Talent wise, we are still good but it’s not merely about talents anymore.

  81. See Germany ggets like 10 minute stoppage time. The game was fixed. They dont want to see us Champions!

  82. F**k off Sampaoli trying to play Highline with those crap defenders ,Bauza and Martino would of done much better job than him,

    I don’t want any more Bielsa Studens,they are all pure Losers,

    We need Pragmatic coach like Sabella,Bilardo,Simeone

  83. no good coach, no good AFA president,
    no good goalkeeper, no good defender, no good leader. totally team is waste.

    messi career is finished by bullshit AFA

  84. Well we just don’t have the talents, coach, strategy, defenders, midfielders to win the World Cup. In 2022, logically, we should be even weaker as other countries have better youngsters.

    I just hope that we would get a Bilardista coach. That’s the only way. We can’t win with any Menotista coach. See you guys at the next Copa America or WC u20.

  85. Wow ARMANI is really bad. Bad. Could have saved three of these. You put Nava in there, the Costa Rica keeper, and Argentina is in the quarter.

  86. The game is fixed. Almost no yellows for the French. Its ok…..

    Brazil vs Spain. Brazil 6 time world cup champions.

    Argentina tried with the players called up! All good, hopefully we get the team and coaching staff we all deserve !

    • Fuck sampaoli. This team is not a team. 6-1 to spain 3-0 to kroatia 4-2 to france who Argentina. This team needs a very good trainer i am sad for messi. All France closed him

  87. still the team is not using dybala and the team is shaking. first of all fuck sampaoli. he did not know how to select the players. there is no quality of defence and keeping. we missed garay, pazella and federico fernandez.
    there is no proper defensive midfield to shield the back four.

    4:2 still defensiveindex players. there is no offensive.

    our players are tired.

    still he is not field celso and dybala

    • The fat lady can sing against teams like Nigeria but not France the favorite team to win this WC. it’s over see you in 2022.

  88. After Romero we don’t have a decent goalkeeper. That third goal was easy to avoid by any world class goalie. Game is over.

  89. Our transition is super slow… understandable given that France’s back 4 are just sitting back and we’ve got no point/ focal man… but it’s excruciatingly slow…

    The foul happened out of the box but Rojo should have hands up the moment they moved into the box… We are always succumbing to speedsters ala fricking Owen and now Mbappe. Hate it!

    Nonetheless, thank god they switched off and left centre open… Di Maria. Would like to see Pavon take on players and be more daring…someone said Higuain should play.. perhaps useful too… all to play for. VAMOS ARGENTINA!

  90. The team played really bad overall. Di Maria’s rocket was the only good thing. We need to change a lot of things. 2 players are in danger of getting red carded: Rojo and Masche. I don’t know why Rojo was so nervous today. He panicked a lot when Mbappe touched the ball.

    I am sure sometimes in the second half, one of Perez or Pavon will be replaced by either Aguero or Higuain. I prefer Aguero. He can take Pk at least.

  91. Baldy should have gone with bus parking with this slow defense instead this fraud went full attacking mode. He is still not done with meza

  92. Right now we need first to wake up. The substitutions will help but its a secondary issue. Rhereris no tension in our game.

  93. Enzo seems like he has no stamina. Maybe he is still injured. The goal of France started because he did not bother chasing Mbappe.

    Rojo was very nervous. He and a bunch of others made so many unnecessary fouls. Rojo needs to be replaced. He is in danger of getting red carded. Also Masche got to be careful.

    Man we need to change many of them.

    France played too safe. They parked the bus when winning 1-0. Coward!

  94. If we don’t get Dybala that’s beyond words..Pavon is totally passive today..bring Higuain le celso and Dybala.. first goal is absolutely mistake of Armani..

    • Indeed.
      We need a true 9 in the box.
      Messi is way too far from the box.
      Masche or Rojo are close to red if Mbappe makes another 50 meter run.

  95. Ummmmm….?
    Who said we should bench Di Maria?

    Bring in Aguero for Enzo, he hasn’t done anything!
    Saw Fazio warming up, he may come in!
    And Meza warming up, oh boy!
    Get Enzo out for Aguero!!!!
    Pavon or somebody, for Dybala! We need a dribbler! And put Messi in the right for crying out loud!!!!

  96. great goal but still that rojo position looks vulnerable. if there will be a next game surely fazio has to come in

  97. his favourite left foot shot. he and pavon switching their positions ultimately. they are confusing the game of opponents

  98. Pavon left Higuain, Dybala right and Messi. Defense can’t keep up with Mbappe. But, keep grinding, keep working, as long as you don’t take a second it’s fine. Worrisome is this, no chance for Argentina so far. You cannot score if you do not create chances. This is a marathon, it’s how you finish. Hopefully a strong, and winning, finish.

  99. Get fucking di Maria out of this important match for Argentina. We are playing with 10 players only.

    • Argentina should not concede 2nd goal in first half..second half argentina will bounce back..n hope win the match.10% chances of argentina…this is old team.why team play enzo, n mechrenoo.
      Celcso is the best partner for afa

  100. mpabe is running like messi when he was 19

    we need locelso and dybala instead of enzo and dimaria.

    at least dimaria can play right side to help me so. PaVaN can play in left side.

    what a defence of French. messing is feeling he can’t able to take the ball inside the box.

    all are marked

  101. Mbappe and our shitty defense is killing us… i dont think with these kind of play.. we will qualify.. honestly .. with this kind of play.. they dont deserve to qualify… still hoping for messi and co to fire up.. feeling very sad

  102. what a running maane… tremendous finally got penalty. the team very worst play..
    age 19 vs age 30.

    very old dogs. still back pass nothing has changedvery slow pass.

    umititi, there is no midfield creators. only messi is there nobody is helping him.
    fuck argentinian players.

    there is no individual skilled players in Argentina which is showing clearly. only depending on messi. this team will lose with 3:0

    another freekick by tagliafico.
    this time griezmen will score.

  103. We should go with our full potential to make their defenders busy. Aguero and Dybala should have joined Messi in attack, but I’m not sure Argentina wants to win this game.

  104. Put Kun,Higuain,Dybala…Still Messi will be in pressure…Atleast here he don’t have the pressure to play on right side…An absolutely free Messi who is not obliged to defend,cover wing…I see only possitives here….Again imho…
    It’s time up …For all the analysis…All the tactical breakdowns….Worries….Cryings….Pessimism….Realism….Be a fanatic….Rally behind the team pals…

  105. All the best my dearest team Argentina. Play like a team and be a king. This is what we need form u guys. We are keeping you in our prayers… Vamos Argentina….

  106. Okay guys, here we go again! I know that we are all nervous, but let’s go behind the team and try to enjoy!

    Vamos Argentina!

  107. French line up is way stronger than ours. Di Maria can’t make a single accurate pass and enzo Perez who is non creative. This might be last game for Argentina.

  108. The advantage of Messi as false 9 is we have an extra midfielder. The 3 midfielders and the 3 strikers will be pretty much in midfield. No one waits upfront. if France play high line; they will be very vulnerable.

    Also we will have one more person defending as all players will defend except Messi.

  109. The time is upon us. Argentina..! You have been here before… not your first rodeo.. you have relished pressure more than any other team in recent history.. you got have the have the have Messi…

    You are ARGENTINA!


  110. This is the best system for messi. He played his best football with this system. He decided to play. If he play 60% of what he can with this system and di maria is the true di maria and pavon show his talented i have no fear at all. Possession counter attacks is ours. Vamos argentina. France will try stop messi but he will be free from positions completely making them follow him and open space for the other. If they dont follow him they will pay.

  111. No one will be able to hold play up, or lay off, I hope this pays off because if the French defence line sits back it will be a struggle and any sort of long clearance will go straight to French opposition, fingers crossed the change works, Vamos Argentina!

  112. Let the circus begin. Who is gonna score the goals?
    Oh and can’t for the greatest mis-match of the tournament, Mascherano vs Kante.

  113. I wonder which wing Di Maria and Pavon will play. For me Di Maria is more dangerous cutting in from the right and Pavon cutting in from the left . But then again they could play on the opposite wing to fully stretch the French defence. Either way I think Banega is the key. Where ever your watching guys ….Vamos Argentina !!!

  114. France are also playing matuidi to protect their defence. I wish perez and banega to pay attention to defence. We may have chance if pavon plays his natural game. We are more dependent on perez, banega and mascherano than messi

  115. Compromise: Stronger midfield means we are slightly more creative up front
    But the lack of another striker to partner Messi puts pressure on him to score.
    Wonder how this trade off will pay

    • Put Kun,Higuain,Dybala…Still Messi will be in pressure…Atleast here he don’t have the pressure to play on right side…An absolutely free Messi who is not obliged to defend,cover wing…I see only possitives here….Again imho…

  116. Good line up, and with Messi & Pavon we have pace. France obviously targeting our defence have gone with very attacking line up, could leave them short in midfield though

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