Argentina knocked out in a World Cup classic against France


It was a World Cup classic as Argentina were eliminated 4-3 against France in the Round of 16 of the FIFA World Cup.

The speed which France possess in attack and when transitioning was no secret. When Kylian MBAPPE ran past the Argentine midfield and was fouled down in the area by Marcos ROJO, you felt like it was going to be a long match. Lionel MESSI’s men fell behind through a GRIEZMANN penalty following the foul but were lucky enough to find themselves level at 1-1 after Angel DI MARIA scored an absolute beauty of a goal.

The second half started with Federico FAZIO getting his first minutes at the World Cup as he came on for Marcos ROJO who was on a yellow due to the earlier penalty incident. Angel DI MARIA was brought down nearly the penalty area as Argentina were awarded a free kick.

Up stepped Ever BANEGA, the ball found MESSI and his shot came off Gabriel MERCADO and deflected into the back of the net. Argentina had taken a shocking 2-1 lead!

That celebration was short lived as nine minutes later Benjamin PAVARD scored a screamer of a shot to make it 2-2 and bring France back into it.

Kylian MBAPPE scored twice, four minutes apart and it was suddenly 4-2 for France. In came Sergio AGUERO and Lionel MESSI sent in a cross and AGUERO headed it in to make it 4-3 in injury time. Maxi MEZA sent a ball into the area which was touched by DI MARIA but went out of play as Argentina were eliminated.


  1. Speed really kills. And with the speed and talent the French have, I don’t think anybody remaining will keep up with them. Brazil? France owns Brazil the same way Italy owned Germany for a long time: Brazil have lost three consecutive World Cup games to France and they will lose again in the semifinals when they meet, I predict they will, in a showdown. Argentina lost to the most talented, the deepest, youngest team in this World Cup. Now it’s time to make a cold assessment and chart a new course for the future. Argentina needs youth, speed and talent. Argentina has both of those. Just in this World Cup LoCelso, Dybala, Banega et Pavon gives a very good quartet to start with. Argentina needs a balanced, RATIONAL, head coach. Sampaoli has failed miserably to show capacity to lead a team of Argentina caliber. He is too unstable for such a job. Thank You for services but please move on. I pray that Cool heads will prevail among fans, former players, officials etc, bring enough pressure to both him and the federation, to find, pick, somebody else. New coach and new, young players and let start anew. As for Messi we cannot eternally be blinded by love for him. I love Messi, he is the best ever but it’s very very difficult to surround him in the national team with the same circumstances as in Barcelona where, starting with the goalkeeper, everybody helps him 200%. In the national team Messi is too much. Young players like Dybala and Icardi got frozen out and the best interest of Argentina put on the back burner. That is wrong. Messi should absolutely, positively, stay away from the new team for the next three years. He will still very good then, the team evolved from him, and could be reinserted as an addition. He might even take the lead again but with already established players who won’t have to depend on, defer to him, anymore. This already happened, in the past, for Argentina. After Italy 90, a new generation came in, lo and behold they actually won the last Argentina trophy. Then around 93 a rejuvenated Diego Maradona came back. Unfortunately in 94 the Brazilian head of FIFA at the time, Joao Havelange, personally conspired to stop an unstoppable Argentina, up to that point playing the best ball in the entire tournament, with a devastating duo Maradona-Batistuta, by disqualifying Diego with the most bogus of drug tests. Maradona temper, it’s true, did not help, he kept insulting Havelange and publicly. Anyway the future is bright if, only if, there is renewal. Look at Italy, watch what Germany will do, look at what Brazil did, you have to renew. Argentina will always, always, and always have a pool of capable young players, all you need is to give them a chance.

  2. Around 8 players must quit playing for the national team including Higuain, DiMaria, Benega, Mascherano, Biglia, and others. They need to build the defense and midfield. This current defense and midfield are joke and street players will play better than them. Need to have new smart coach with defense and attack mind not like this shit Sampoali. This coach has destroyed the team with players selection and keep talented young players on bench. I really surprise how some people here defend Sampoali and want him to stay. This coach should be in prison and he is really the worst coach Argentina has ever. The whole team players who played this WC don’t deserve to be here except Messi. Argentina soccer federation didn’t take care of Messi and he is the victim of the coaches and bad players they put in the team.

  3. Home FIFA World Cup
    FIFA World Cup
    Javier MASCHERANO, Lucas BIGLIA retire, SAMPAOLI, AGUERO to stay with Argentina
    By Roy Nemer – June 30, 2018214
    Sergio Aguero Argentina
    Sergio Aguero with the Argentina team.
    Javier MASCHERANO and Lucas BIGLIA have retired from the Argentina squad while coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will stay on.

    Following the team’s 4-3 loss against France in the Round of 16 at the FIFA World Cup, two players have called it quits. The veteran midfield duo of Javier MASCHERANO and Lucas BIGLIA have both announced their retirements from the Argentina National Team.

    For MASCHERANO, it’s not much of a surprise as he stated before the start of the tournament that this would be it for him.

    As for the coach, Jorge SAMPAOLI stated that he will continue as coach of the team while Sergio AGUERO said that he will continue with Argentina for as long as the coach needs him.

    For the moment, no word on whether Lionel MESSI will retire or not.

    Personally, I may be in the very, very small minority but I think SAMPAOLI should continue. He’s a coach which needs time for his teams to play his system (something, if we are being honest, he hasn’t had with Argentina). He inherited a broken squad while introducing young players like Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (who was a stud in this World Cup and made that left back spot his), as well as the likes of Cristian PAVON and even Maxi MEZA (though this one may not have turned out too well).

    Also worth mentioning that it would bring continuity to the squad and some stability in terms of the coach. This team went through three managers in one year with Gerardo MARTINO, Edgardo BAUZA and Jorge SAMPAOLI.

    Furthermore, Argentina will play a friendly match against Colombia on September 11 at Metlife stadium in New Jersey.

    Argentina France
    FIFA World Cup
    Argentina knocked out in a World Cup classic against France
    Lionel Messi Cristian Pavon Argentina
    FIFA World Cup
    Argentina starting eleven, Cristian PAVON starts with Lionel MESSI
    Ever Banega Argentina
    FIFA World Cup
    Argentina press conference by Ever BANEGA and Jorge SAMPAOLI

    June 30, 2018 at 8:22 pm
    Guys this is a bad day for us. But calm your selves down. We should be thankful that we came to Russia after awkward qualification campaign,where 4 times winner Italy failed and strong Netherlands failed. And we should be thankful we avoid group stage exit. Where the champions failed to do so.
    Beside that we lost our no1 keeper very late. And another very good player too.
    Final preparation matches were cancelled. We were at on a difficult group.
    The reason Messi failed to shine is because out of 736 players playing in the worldcup Messi is the man with the biggest pressure on his head. Why?
    1. This maybe his last chance for a worldcup
    2. The whole team depends on his performance
    3. Unlike Portugal (who never won) Argentina (fans and team) would not want anything else but the title.
    4. The whole media focus on him.
    And many more.
    I hope he would not retire yet and play as a playmaker and push the team for glory next time.
    We still need him with the likes of new talents arroud.We have seen a better Maradona in him and at the age of 34 he still could be a better Requelme or a Better Aimar with some couple of new Maradona around him, I have no doubt we can still win this.
    So cheer up guys. And hope for the best for the upcoming friendlies and Copa America .
    I am sad but this makes me stronger, and I want you to be so…

    • You made a lot of good points. However, read my comment, I am in what you rightfully call the majority. In life you have to have

    • …you have to move on and it’s time. It’s time for cold reason to prevail. Sampaoli has shown more than enough, more than enough. As a coach you are in charge, you set the direction. Do you really think this man who paces and paces has the temper to do that?? You have to be cool, calm and collected. I supported him 100%, after the game against Nigeria when Argentina lost 4-2 I started losing confidence and the disastrous show in Madrid was it. As a fan I hoped against hope that somehow there could be a way. Yet. He screwed up even more, losing control of the locker room in the process. Argentina is too big of a job for him, too big. Put Burruchaga in there and Argentina, with young players, and please no Messi for a while, will be right back.

  4. You all didnt mention 1 important thing during the game.


    Goalkeepers and Defenders were all awful..Thats was the main problem. Romero and Demichelis/Garay in previous world cup seems to me impressive comparing with Armani/Cabajerro and Ottamendi/Fazio/Rojo

    And also Sampaoli couldnt prevail upon the players. Mascherano is a personality but he shouldnt be on basic squad. Paredes/Kraneviter or Ascacíbar could do far better job as defensive midfielders

    • Useless possession cost us. Sampaoli played high defense and retain a lot of possession but he didn’t have a plan to neutralize Mbappe’s pace. I thought he would play counter attack with low defense when he fielded Pavon and Di Maria. Possession without any player in the D box, terrible idea.

  5. ok so here’s my thoughts… my biggest problem with sampaoli isn’t the fact that his tactics were wrong player selection was wrong… the real problem with sampaoli is every match we went into half time level…. everyone watching first half of all matches can see that there is a problem with ball movement.. from back to forward link up play is not good, too many bad passes losing the ball etc…so at halftime u expect that he would change the tactics for the second half….. but every second half they came out playing the exact same way….and he made some of the worst substitution decisions i’ve ever seen.

  6. When i saw the formation 3 upfront i was happy and even HAPPIER when heard higuain was on the bench.Still annoyed that aguero did not start.I still had doubts because i have seen argentina play for last 30 yrs and since 2010 they are not all that which is sad to say.But i am a realist.The defence was shakey as usual,fazio making a short backpass to the keeper which griezman nearly scored.The keeper making a mistake which gave the lead,if that 3rd goal had not gone in,maybe, maybe, argentina could have gone through.But there was short passes,long balls which are wasted because the center forwards that argentina have are not that tall.I know aguero scored from a long ball but that was a perfect long ball from messi which floated over the french defence and aguero was facing towards goal.Most of the long ball’s argentina played in the wc were intercepted.Again banega played well and mascherano gave it all.I was shocked when di maria took a shot and went in.Not saying di maria is not good because he is talented but since 2014 i did not see any player shoot from outside the box.And i am talking about the 2014 wc and the copa america’s 2015/2016.Not qualifiers because none of them were on my cable.Argentina need to start from fresh,new manager,new players,especially a couple of strikers that are true center forwards tall strong and great finishers.Like cavani of uruguay,his second goal against portugal was sublime,if that was higuain that ball would have ended up by the corner flag.I hope argentina have a better team by the next copa america which should be the first step to win a trophy.

  7. We lost against a better team. Period!

    Our support for Albiceleste is unconditional.

    Vamos Argentina. 😍

    Viva Messi 😘

    • not today.. apart from the pace of Mbappe nothing troubled us.. We let him be a demon by leaving acres of space infront ..on a day when we should have shored up our defense and connected in midfield.. we went to fight fire with fire playing Pavon… we left experience on the bench of players who thrive in situations as this..

      Aguero was in form and hungry.. see how Di Maria responded .. France sat back knowing they have pace in lines of two.. 2-1 down why didn’t we… if Mbappe defends why doesn’t Meza Pavon.. pride destroyed us..stupidity lost us a berth in the quarters

      Pavon let the LB free space to run into time and again.. resulting in two goals .. he just doesnot track back .. on the pavard goal he is jogging lazily while the entire team has a low block and in the next one only starts when hernandez is running into the ball.. he floats in that cross with acres of free space and ample time..

  8. Guys,

    I think most of us expected it and look for a new chapter..I do see we have good defensive midfielder in youth ranks…i do not know if there are good attacking midfielders, winger, defense and GK?

    Lastly a good coach or some coach who can get the best of Messi…i don’t care if Messi calls the shots or coach calls it..

  9. Lossing is very sad! But we have to keep going with new hope with new generation! We need Messi for 2022 must & build up a real team for him! Now focus at Copa 2019. Vamos! Love u Argentina! Always with u, in joy & sorrow!

  10. Young and fast won old and slow. We got whatwe deserved. We were not a team, just a bunch of very talented individuals. Talent got us this far. But France was too much.

    I Will always remember this generation. Fine players and lots of memories. Vamos Argentina! I will support this shirt forever!

  11. Why didn’t Sampaoli take coaching sessions from Tabarez or Peterman? His ego wouldn’t allow him to learn from veterans?

  12. To call the match as classic is really a misnomer.. really we did nothing.. totally dominated..a classic is one where all 22 players play with heart.. even after our second goal we are not confident.. the way players remained silent for the national anthem.. lost the confidence there itself.. the most painful is.. easily we could have won..Pavon is a mere spectator in first half..why not change the formation at half time itself.. Higuain played a great game against Nigeria.. helped a lot in defense and Messi got his beloved space..why the hell change a winning team..coordination is more important than formation.. Sampaoli is not our man.. Messi should leave at least for time being.. first we need to build a team for 11 players.. start from scratch.. but it’s too painful..end of all hope.. but strangely feel little bit sure never in my life.. almost 32 years of wait.. it’s a beautiful will be a beautiful dream.. maybe if we win one day.. the players will dedicate to all the past players.. like that the site too thank all the past members.. but hope our day will come..

  13. With defence weakness, referee was too biased.
    FIFA is fixer. Bullshit.
    From day 1, referee were against Argentina.
    It’s shame to fifa.

  14. It was just matter of time when a fast attacking forward will expose defense3
    Now how can a maschreno keep up with 19 year
    Forward line dint matter at all
    It was all about defending
    We need to ready to defend

  15. Complete disgraceful performance for Otamendi. Cost us valuable time after Aguero’s goal.
    This bunch of so called “experienced” players must retire and give way to the younger ones

  16. He is the worst coach I have ever seen. We concede 9 goals in 4 games. We have to go far in our history to find another performance. Although I beleive that we must have a long term project but not with Sampaoli. HE HAS TO GO….

  17. it s clear that sampaoli have to go cause he s not good at all in his job putting meza instead of higuain or dybala count us the draw at the final and that s what you need from a coach as expected for messi challenge we need a coach making difference too and he s clearly not he lose against the most bad coach in the world so go out

  18. Sampaoli tried 15 different line up in his 15 different matches proves Argentina wasn’t ready for the tournament. Had Bauza instead of Sampaoli Argentina could have been a better world cup campaign if not win it.

  19. Guys, Sampaoli was bad from day one! Was willing to overlook as thought he needed time. But he doesn’t seem able to read games and keep changing his mind. Do you remember he announced our starting vs Switzerland…….too much confidence without any result to back up. It’s not like we did good during qualifiers.

  20. SAMPAOLI OUT!!!!
    – People who say he should stay, when do you expect changes to come when Managers come? In 2 years?!!!!! He NEEDS TO GO!!
    He came into the competition NOT knowing who his best team was, like the England coach did in Euro 16, and they were humiliated. Now we leave in humiliating fashion!

    – We scored 6 goals this World Cup, but conceded 9!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
    – you have the 15th best player in the world (something like that) in Dybala, AND YOU DON’T PLAY HIM?!!!!
    – Enzo joined a couple weeks ago due to Lanzini’s injury, and HOW IS HE DEEMED FIT TO START?!!!! He JUST JOINED!!!!
    – You play Fazio in the final 45 minutes of Argentina’s last game at the WORST possible moment!!!
    – Lo celso didn’t play a single minute!!!
    – Meza gets picked over Dybala?!!!!
    – Caballero starts his debut at the World Cup?!!!!
    – You have Rulli but choose Caballero STILL after that 6-1 humiliation?!!!

    Things must change!!!

    • YEAH the day this fool selected our 23 players we were doomed! He went in with 5 full time defenders out of which ROjo, Mercado were horrible for their clubs. He dropped Perroti , Lamela Icardi,Paredes ,Pezzella all inform players got dropped. Last few matches Lamela was in hot form he aloong side loceslo and Perroti on left , Pezzela and otamenedi and a better goal lkeeper would have done the job.!! Horrible man horrible

      • That is not Sampaoli’s team; That is Messi’s & their generation’s; He clearly said that;
        It is very much evident that when all of a sudden, the double pivot started in the first match; He is not the ONLY ONE who is making the calls;
        It’s not Sampaoli alone, Bauza, Tata everyone struggled; Even if some new manager comes he will also struggle with these group of players if they continue;
        Good or Bad, the manager has to be given free hand; If something goes bad, they will be the first one to step down with due respect;
        As Sampaoli believes he is not the sole person responsible for this chaos, he still wanted to stay their and wanted to prove something;
        Every one right from the first moment know they aren’t winning anything or go far in this tournament; Messi clearly told that this is their generation’s last chance;
        Some media even reported that Sampaoli wanted to drop Mascherano from the 23 after the Spain match; But what happened? Masche has become the starter & played full 90 minutes in all the matches; Doesn’t it tell something;
        Sampaoli compromised everything for this group or generation of players; They caught up in middle & they don’t know what to do;
        All the senior players, Masche, Biglia and Messi were stating that Higuain deserves a one more chance even before the final 23 announced;

    • People who NEED to leave!!!!
      – Sampaoli (he’s nothing, un vende humo, he has EVERY RIGHT to be sacked!!!)
      -Mascherano (NOW he retires?!!! F*** me!!!)
      – Biglia
      – Meza (had his chance, did nothing!)
      – Caballero
      – Enzo
      – Higuain
      – Acuña
      – Salvio
      – Armani (isn’t that much better than Caballero)
      – Guzman

      Who Stays:
      – Messi (duh)
      – Dybala ( he NEEDS to play)
      – Aguero
      – Di Maria (one of the few who actually have his all)
      – Banega (Would consider even to play in 2022 WC)
      – Pavon (didn’t do much but he’s still young)
      – Tagliafico (He needs actually training from a real coach)

      In Limbo:
      – Otamendi
      – Mercado
      – Ansaldi
      (They’ll all Be 35 next WC)

      Who needs to be called up!
      – Paredes
      – Lanzini (injury kept him out but he needs to play)
      – Rulli
      – Kranevitter
      – Lamela
      – Icardi
      – Martinez
      – Musacchio
      – J. Correa
      – Pezzella
      – Vietto

      Possible 11 in 2022:
      Lanzini-Paredes/Kranevitter-Lo Celso

      If Messi retires, then
      Dybala-Icardi/Martínez-J. Correa

  21. Well, not much need for analysis. Our defence sucked big time and that for me is the root of all the problems for this team. the attack was always reliant on individual skill – fine. No tactics, poor decisions on squad, what seems like bad preparation – the perfect storm of dysfunction. At 2-1 up, surely close up and play counter? At least not eliminated at the group stage. Australia, Korea and Japan have better organisation. I really hope Messi sticks around and plays midfield in 4 years time.

  22. What’s wrong with Argentina???
    GK: Romero missed, in his absence fans realise how much he important player in the group. Rulli with out doubt best Argentina GK, not giving his proper chance cost Argentina.
    Defense: This world cup Argentine defense is worst in the history of Argentina world cup squad. No team can win world cup with out proper defense.
    Midfield: The heart of football is the sole reason Argentina player failed to perform for NT like their clubs. When slow 34year old mache is main DM how can Argentina cope with speedy attack shows against France.
    Forward: Argentina has best attack but not used probably, pavon is soso i won’t criticise but meza ahead of Dybala a joke
    Striker: Its crime to select Higuain ahead of Icardi, man is finished. Playing with out striker in a big match cost Argentina. Gerund threats Argentina defense, until Aguero came no one threatened France defense.
    Conclusion: Expect Messi and Aguero no world class player in this Argentina squad, Otamendi some how to extend and Dybala not getting chance where Icardi dropped from the Squad. Playing with 30+ player isn’t a problem, playing with finished player like marcado, biglia, enzo, mache, Dimaria, higuain was a problem. Young Players in the squad either unexpected or overrated. Argentina did their best but not enough to beat France.

  23. Our fullback are lack of defence awareness. And midfield is so empty that pogba and Kante had free run always.defender are dick headed . Need four defender who will never concede a goal from forward attack.

  24. We have to start over now. Sampaoli shouldn’t be allowed to continue and Mascherano should not be allowed to talk to any new players. Mascherano and SAmpaoli together destroyed the dreams of millions of fans and Messi!!

  25. Sampaoli has no clue and I was his BIGGEST fan and was so happy when he was hired…… SHAME on me and clueless doesn’t even begin to describe him.


  26. Of course sampaoli should stay. Nothing left to say as hope if get a duo like kante-pogba or rakitic-modric . Banega and leandro paredes can be THAT. Defender should be Argentina captain for next 30 years.

  27. When Mbappe was running like olympic race against our defenders shouldn’t BAldy fraud drop our defense and midfield deep after leading 2-1 and park the bus. My god I am no expert but any school team coach would have played with sit back and attack strategy but on the contrary france were playing conter attacking game . Fuck man this guy sampaoli is the worst coach we ever had!!! Worst!!!! If AFA continues with this guy then argentine people should burn the houses of the people running afa. The argentine league and teams should have a meeting about how to come together to win next world cup. Sampaoli and Mascherano are the two biggest culprit of this world cup failiure. Mascherano not retiring after copa loss has brought us here, If he had reitred we could have a young fast and inform team but he made sure that he is not going to miss this world cup!! he and sampaoli are the biggest culprint of this loss!!

        • SulaV This is painful. I honestly don’t know what to say. Who’s your Argentine manager you’d hire if you had to choose?

          • Well our good managers don’t want to take this job because of AFA. AFA should talk to Simione to work as a part time coach for us. Only simione can convince atletico to allow him to look after argentina . If players can play both at club and country a coach can too!! but its not going to happen

        • To sulva.I would not like to see a foreign manager.I could not stomach that.I think each country should have their own managers.Imagine a brazilian manager of argentina or vice versa or a german manager or french or english or portugese.It just’nt seem right.It’s ok to have foreign manager’s in the domestic league as well as foreign player’s in the domestic league but when it comes to country it should be of that country.Even if argentina got a foreign manager there is no guarantee argentina will win.England had a swedish and italian manager but won nothing.At the end of the day it’s the player’s who are not performing.You can point the finger at the manager especially when he start’s a certain player over another for example against nigeria higuain played 94 minutes and did F*** all when aguero should have started,just like today aguero was on the bench for most of the game.I bet there are better argentine player’s and argentine manager’s out there who should have a chance in representing their country.

    • I agree on this. Argentine coaches make mistake when it matters the most, no matter how good they are: Bielsa, Pekerman, Sabella, and Sampaoli. It was 2-1 lead in a knockout match and he did not even lower the tempo. How crazy!!!
      Argentina should stick with one coach and suffer until he is matured like Uruguay have been doing with Tabares. Or, go for a foreign coach!

  28. I think Sampaoli should stay. I know he made bad decisions but he’s also only been in for 9 months.

    We need to completely rebuild and some players need to be man enough and retire. We need to start giving young players the keep. We’ll have enough friendlies to prepare for the Copa 19.

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