Javier PASTORE of Argentina, AS Roma: “I always preferred to assist than score”


Newly signed Javier PASTORE has stated that it’s important for him to be at a team like Roma while also stating he prefers to assist than to score.

The former PSG man signed with the Italian giants last week and doesn’t appear to have any regrets about his move. Now playing for the second time in Italy after having played for Palermo before joining PSG in 2011, PASTORE said that he needs continuity in his playing time. Speaking with Roma TV, here’s what the Argentine international had to say:

“For me, it’s very important to be at a team like Roma. I need confidence at this point in my career and it’s great that a team as big as Roma gives you that. I want to have continuity (playing time). This team has been preparing for important thing and will compete against the best teams in the world.”

When asked about scoring and assisted, he no doubt likes to play the decisive pass:

“I always preferred to assist than to score. It gives me more pleasure to see the forward scoring. It’s always important for a team that the forwards score a lot of goals.”


  1. there is hardly a player i can remember who wasted his talent more than this guy did…what a shame! he doesnt care…bank account is already loaded…who cares?! cracias por nada javier!

  2. All that talent, what a waste. Chose personal gain than enhancing his development. Moving to PSG was the stupidest move he made. Injuries didn’t help and being made of glass. But he could’ve worked on strength.
    Anyway…..expect him to be loaned out back to the Argentine league by 2019/2020 season.

  3. With Cristina Her Majesty Ronaldo close to sign with Juventus, what will be Dybala’s future? To me, that’s good for La Joya. All the flashy light will be on CR7 so Dybala can focus on football. He can also develop into Benzema’s kind of forward, more hardworking, which will be good for our NT.

    • I don’t know how Juve is going to pay 100Million for HER and still manage to keep the team the way it is. I don’t want Dybala playing with that bitch, I’d rather see him going somewhere else where is more appreciated and not love you today and dislike you tomorrow relation with their coach.

      Christina is DONE, it will be a waste of money on the behave of Juve who have always been extremely shrewd with their money. Spain just decided to implode on their first game and luck just landed in HER lap and she ran with it as far as she could, plain and simple.

  4. Cavani is going to miss the Frenchy clash and Uruguay will most likely miss out on going any farther which is good for the Brazil HATERS (MYSELF VERY INCLUDED) since they are the weaker team. I just hope Belgium does the deed so I can celebrate on Friday and call it a WC.

    • Same hare. As much as I love Uruguay, I want France to go through because Brazil will eat Uruguay alive. Brazil out and the WC is decent to me. I don’t deserve another 2002, please!

      • I want Belgium to smack the shit out of the chicken-head, I find it funny that this moron hasn’t changed his ways yet, still the same jerk off who showoffs when his team is winning and cries like a little bitch whenever he doesn’t get his way. C’MON Belgium make us proud like Uruguay did.

  5. When I compare the determination and engagement of the Uruguayan players to that of Argentinean players I ask myself if they are competing in the same sport?

      • Sabella’s team was just as tough as the 90’s team but light years ahead in terms of technique, infact apart from Diego, Goygoccia and maybe Cannigia, the 90s team were downright awful.

    • Same here! Where do they get all that zip and energy and commitment to the cause? I doubt it’s physical so it has got to be psychological and emotional – the unstability, uncertainty, (supposed) favouritism, structual, etc. If only………..sigh……..

  6. He should be the poster child for wasted Argentine talent. Was getting regular time at Palermo and playing well and then got whored out to clubs when he was no where near ready. Had he just spent more time in Palermo who knows what he could have been. Same thing is happening with Lamela with the added complication of injury.

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