Inter officially sign Argentine Lautaro MARTINEZ of Racing Club


Inter have officially signed Argentine forward Lautaro MARTIEZ of Racing Club.

One of the most promising players of the Argentine Superliga has made the jump to Europe, with the 20 year old signing a five year deal. The medical, which was done a few weeks ago was just the beginning as the deal was confirmed earlier today by the club.

Lautaro MARTINEZ was on Jorge SAMPAOLI’s preliminary list of 35 players for the 2018 FIFA World Cup but ultimately missed out on the squad to Russia. However, he will no doubt play a major role moving forward for his national team and a partnership between he and fellow Argentine Mauro ICARDI could be in the books not only at club level but also for the Albiceleste.

Speaking in an interview with Inter’s Instagram TV program, here’s what he had to say:

“In truth I am very happy, we were working for this, today everything is closed and I am very happy for this stage of my career that I will spend here.”

Did you follow Inter’s last season? What do you think you can give?

“Yes, of course I followed them. First of all I want to settle down and meet my teammates and coach, then I want to understand what I will be doing on the pitch, of course I’m ready to give my best for this shirt.”

What do you expect from Italian football?

“I expect to adapt quickly, for me it will be a new game, completely different from the Argentinian one, but I think the Serie A will be crucial to learn more and add new qualities to my game and help my teammates and play where the manager thinks he needs to play me.”

You continue a tradition, that of the Argentines at Inter. You are an attacker like Icardi and Milito…

“I had the opportunity to share the locker room at Racing with Milito, so many times he told me what Inter means, then I spoke with Javier Zanetti too. I want to follow their path at this club.”

Have you received messages from your new fans?

“Yes, the truth is that since we started talking about my transfer, many fans started sending me messages on social media, and many were present at the airport and in front of the hotel, which can only make me happy, because it helps to get in touch with the environment very quickly, I want to repay this affection as soon as possible.”

Any words for the fans?

“I want to thank all those who have followed me and sent messages. I hope that this season we can get as high as possible, where this club deserves to be, I want to give my best for this shirt.”


  1. Mik there are several players who play enganche with magic in their feet. They are for the future. Quintero is not enganche either. He struggled badly to deputize for James in that central role partly down to the formation Pekerman adopted.

    As for Angileri Gonzalo. From what I have watched I would use him as a wingback. He has great stamina, speed a good dribbling technique and his passing is pretty decent into midfield where he often tucks into. However his crossing needs to improve as it is pretty random and his shooting is very poor from his attacking role.

    Defensively his positioning is suspect and he is not part of the unit at the back but acts almost independently of it using speed rather than sense to cancel danger. If he could improve his crossing/shooting and positioning ie reading the game he has the other attributes to make a decent full back. This he has to learn quickly as he is already 24.

    • @Brian

      Angileri’s assists of last season were almost all thanks to his crossing.

      If he will really join River I think the doors to NT will open for him. Players of Boca and River are always one step closer to NT than players of other Argentina clubs. I don’t like it but that’s fact. Of course Angileri must keep the level in next season to be even considered.

      I think about him as possible Tagliafico subs of cours. Francisco Ortega from Velez is the third to expectate from good level.

      • Its great to have an insight to the Argentine Primera liga player through some of you.

        Well i like to see Emanuel Reynoso more by the way.

  2. It makes me sad to see Columbian player like Juan Fernando Quintero an enganche who has magic in his feet. There are no enganches now in Argentina who has similar traits, Its a dead breed now, Will there be anybody coming soon. We need someone in Midfiled who can carry on for long time I have huge hopes from Paredes he can be one for us(Whom Riquelme himself said in the past that he is my successor). Man i was looking at all again by reading articles on them, Riquelme, Aimar, Veron, Ortega what a gem of players. Players who made me fall in love with Argentina more than Messi i liked those midfielders a lot.

    • Why are u sayimg that argentina han no engamche???!
      Whats parades then???
      Hes one of the best enganche now but taken wrong decesion for money…

      • the problem is the best enganche of argentine football plays in zenith which is a sub standard club in european, here is the probelm – quality
        If someone is good enough the big teams will definitely buy him, plus you have to be the first team player not a bench warmer

      • I already put Paredes name in the above mentioned didn’t I?? I think Paredes along with Lo Celso will have to carry our Midfield creativity burden now on wards Its a great chance of seeing a left footer and right footer in tandom at Midfield too, It may work but would like to see that. Paredes does seems to have the PAUSE to his game,.I think he has to move to a better league, Definitely.

  3. Ascacibar – Paredes – Lo Celso it looks like they are decent midfield huh.

    The Forward trio of Angel Correa – Icardi – Dybala looks great on paper too.

    Defense will be an ache less heel, Apart from Tagliafico rest all positions are vacant

    Goal Keeper (Whoever it is should be error free one, Caballero is still haunting me)

    The talent is there as always but who is gonna knit them all together?? Football is a game where the Coach is so important. The Tactics, The playing style it all comes from his head. Who will it be . I think Sampa will stay till Copa and if we didn’t perform well in Copa the AFA can easily throw out him. That looks like the plan from AFA. Sampa will have no further explanation too.

    I was looking at Mbappe, Dembele they r so young. They playing the World Cup. But Why none of our coaches plays any of the young players like Barcos, Reynoso etc even in the friendlies, There is so much talent but no coach is using them.

  4. Only a thankless idiot can not be appreciative of what Messi has done for the “average” “quarterfinal” team that we were. Argentina punched wayyy above their weight in 2014/15/16 BECAUSE of MESSI .
    Have respect for the man and move on.
    I shudder to think what will happen after him.
    I hope the best for the NT but i fear the worst.

  5. Tagalifico played well and definitely has more to contribute
    But against France 3 goals came from the place where he was supposed to defend
    Otamendi and mercado were working extra

    • i hear alot of crazy things in this site. anyway a national team to be very very good needs a mix of talented youth and experience players a visionary coach organisation foul friendly games. This Argentina team had nothing of this nothing. no system no goalkeeper no talented youth all of the stayed home or did not play or the 2 that played especially meza could not do even control. i am very angry i wait for everyone and everything to change asp

      • Not only the press. Some writers on this site are constanly spewing up new guys, the next big thing. Interesting occasionally but tedious mostly.

    • Yeah since his manager career is soooooo impressive. -_- AFA will keep sampaoli till the cops finished after that they will fire him and give him 2mil….. end of sampaoli drama.

  6. Except world class forwards and decent CB all positions in Argentina full of below average players reason Superstar of Argentina only performed for their club

    • I don’t think so; there is good enough talent to compete; They aren’t given chances or trusted; Why all of a sudden Lo Celso not in the starting line-up? Not even as Sub; that is strange;

      Lo celso, Ascacibar, Marcone, Battaglia, Paredes, Lanzini are good enough in midfield;
      The best the team played under sampaoli consists of Lanzini, Lo Celso and Paredes;(vs Italy); Of course Paredes made a horrible mistake, but that’s his first match as a starter;

  7. Argentina won’t win jack shit until they start producing quality players in all positions, not just forwards. midfield, fullbacks, goalkeeper all very mediocre or below average compared to world class teams. They dont produce anything but shiny and flashy goal scorer, that’s about it.

    They say Maradona won the world cup single handily, which is total bullshit in an attempt to glorify a player. Maradona won the world cup with the ELITE DEFENSE to back him up, a team that does everything very well without just popular players, and a team with a functioning system that everyone knows what their roles are.

    Until Argentina start producing quality players all over the field, and not just focusing on the attacking area, they will not win a single thing until that changes. I miss the old days where we have QUALITY in every single positions and now i can only see talents in the attacking department, and nothing else.

    • It doesn’t matter how good the next coach is as long as that toxic player power exists.
      I feel sorry for bauza a sabella like coach the kind we wanted in tournaments coudn’t play his way because of senior players.
      Sampaoli new what is going on yet chose to come.

  8. Sometimes in life the answer is right in front of your eyes and you look for something else. It is like having a beautiful caring wife at home and then fantasizing about another who offers nothing. My point? This is how we ended up with Sampaoli. Other than Chile not an impressive resume and honestly he figured out how to beat this band of mentally weak players in the copa and all of a sudden he is a hero and wanted manager. Now we do the same with Gareca and Peru but at least Gareca has a little nicer track record.
    The best choice, the only choice to fix this mess long term is the guy who has fixed it before and has a history of winning trophies and that is Pekerman. And he has cambiasso with him so cambiasso can take over the under 20 and under 17. This is such a no brainer and when Pekerman steps aside Cambiasso can take over the senior side.

  9. Furthermore, Sampaoli simply inherited Bielsa’s work in Chile, and it’s known that they both follow the same blueprints. if you think Sampa can a build a team of youngsters to win the WC2022 -let alone copa 2019 or 2020- you are delusional.

    • This might sound funny to many, but the best coach we should hire is a coach with Mourinho style/personality. Simoeone is a mix of both Pep and Mourinho, but I doubt it very much for the time being, unless he agrees on part time coaching task.

  10. To all who accuse anyone who is telling the truth to be a Messi fanboy. Yah I am talking to you @Gonzalo .
    I was Argentina supporter long time before Messi was born, since Osvaldo Ardiles(the python) time, and I will remain all my life. But Messi is the best and he is not to blame for our elimination, He should have interfered and refused to play Sampa’s tactics. don’t accuse him of walking around because if you follow him closely throughout his career, that is his style. he walks and scans for opportunities, to me he is still the best and will be the best for at least 2 more years. Even if he does not make it to 2022, He will be by then in top 10 in the World. but he def needs to stay for now.

    “The Barcelona legend must surely be tempted to stop playing for his country. The life of a Europe-based player for a South American national team is arduous, full of long journeys. And it is ungratifying when the team keeps losing. Why should he put himself through all of this? He might decide that the best way to prolong his club career at top level is to retire from national-team duty.

    Whatever happens, Argentina need to stop looking for him to be a savior capable of righting the wrongs of everyone else. At least the recent results should have put to bed the idea that Messi is an underachiever for his country. It must now be clear to all and sundry that he has been trying to do his best in the midst of a shambles.”

    You all blame the ‘oldies’ for the elimination. It’s Sampa’s fault for imposing his plan on players that can not execute it. He was looking for players to execute a specific plan instead of finding a plan that can be executed by the available players. That’s clear from his formation changes all through his time in the NT.
    it’s too obvious that playing high defense line with a bunch of old players is a suicide, he should just stuck to 4 back line. anyone who demands more of this generation is just a lunatic. Sampa’s tactics made Argentina look so bad, yet make the opponents look so strong. A smart coach should play it by the book sometimes, If instructed the players to fall back we would close the spaces down for mbappe and griezman, and defended the 2-1 lead against France and introduced fresh legs, we would have hit them at least once on the counter. remember the Ecuador goal in the last qualifiers? it was because of a high defense line, just like 7 of the 9 goals we conceded in this WC.

    • No the players were burned out. Poor qualifiers under several coaches poor friendlies, poor WC. It’s not coincidence. Coaches were changing but impressions the same. That because of old worn out generation. How you can defend player like Di Maria? The guy did everything wrong in this and previous WC excpet 2 goals… Higuain??? Biglia??? Banega???? And so on. People like you still can’t admit they were wrong supporting the generation for years.

    • “But Messi is the best and he is not to blame for our elimination, He should have interfered and refused to play Sampa’s tactics. don’t accuse him of walking around because if you follow him closely throughout his career, that is his style. he walks and scans for opportunities”

      He had weak tournament as for him. Was stil better than others our stars but this team needs new chemistry. There’s no chemistry since years despite the fact we had 3 proved in past coaches. Messi presence is benumbing our youngsters.

  11. as i see Sampaoli is difficult to go because AFA can t pay him to go.

    Nicolás Russo of AFA take the side of Sampaoli.

    i wonder what good can come up from somebody that keep his place by force situation.

    God help us.

  12. One of the players I would like to see somwhere around NT already, Nicolas Gonzalez from Argentinos Juniors (’97), after Inter offer for him was snubbed by Argentinos, is now closer to Borussia Dortmund. Official offer €8.5M

      • He learned Tite:

      • Bianchi is retired… and considering his last stunt in Boca a couple years ago (absolutely awful), i doubt he will be even considered. His time has passed, it was in the nineties or early 2000’s.

  13. I didn’t think it would be possible for Maradona to outdo Pele in public stupidity but now its official. First he acts like a fool while watching ARG play, drunk and probably high, making racist remarks to An Asian fan who asked for his autograph, sticking out two middle fingers to probably Nigerian fans, offering to coach ARG for free, calling the American REF bias (probably was) and now apologizing for it!!

    “I was overcome with the emotion of being a fan of Colombia the other day and I said a few things. I admit that a few of them were unacceptable,” Maradona wrote on his Instagram account on Thursday.

    “I apologise to FIFA and to its president. Even though I may frequently have differences of opinion over certain refereeing decisions, I have the utmost respect for the work that the referees and their institution do. It is certainly not easy.”

    • Diego is Diego no matter what he does. He has lot of passion and I don’t blame him for anything. Diego and his generation doesn’t owe us anything.they already paid on the pitch. You guys don’t remember the press conference right after qualifying 2010?

      • Being the greatest football player Currently is not a licenses to act like a fool. insult others, and to say what you want whenever you want no matter how disrespectful or damaging to others it might be.

    • Diego is entitled to do and say what he wants, yiu don’t like it, don’t listen to him. The guy won the last world cup Argentina will win in my lifetime, and people like you want him to now dissapear? Up yours.

  14. It is a shame about Beccacece. I think he fell out with Sampaoli maybe because he did not like some of the decisions he made whether under duress or not from certain senior players.

    He is very analytical the epitome of a modern coach and ideal for our u20. This chopping and changing at this level when he has already earmarked the u20 players he thinks have the right stuff is far from ideal. He did well at Defensia Y Justicia and Barboza excelled under his stewardship as did Pochettino.

    Anyway Marcos Senesi has moved to Club Brugge. They will be in the CL. It may not be the toughest league but it is a good place to learn if he can force his way into the first team under less pressure than he might have experienced if thrust into Serie A or La Liga. Make your name and then move to these leagues afterwards.

    • I’m with you here. WHat he did in Defensa y Justicia of unwanted in other clubs promising youngsters was feat.

      “I think he fell out with Sampaoli maybe because he did not like some of the decisions he made whether under duress or not from certain senior players”.

      Probably the reason.

      “He did well at Defensia Y Justicia and Barboza excelled under his stewardship as did Pochettino’ and other boys of the team.

  15. After Beccacece resign Argentina sub-20 is without a coach while Torneo de Alcudia en España start yet in this month.

      • The starter line up and subs for the game against Iceland includes all Friends Club except Remoro who was injured.

      • the friends club will never die 🙂 🙂 and inside the list every time will be new members so you can t list them all 🙂 🙂

        for one simple reason Argentina s national team players will be forever friends between them. whoever is or will be the coach of team.
        always they will be friends and always they will be like family united.

        for some people is called “friends club ” for the rest include myself we called
        “Argentina national team”.

        everybody is free to call the team as he prefer.

        • @cox4 in that case, then I embrace and accept Messi and his friends with open arms. On a serious note, Messi and his long list of buddies are probably the worst group of players to ever don/wear the Argentinian jersey. I hope they go away and never come back for their lack of success with the NT.

          The last thing I want is for Messi to hold the team captive and impede them from succeeding due to his selfish ways….

          • Anyhow the years passed and the “old guard” is gone.
            what happened is happened. it doesn t change anything unfortunately.

            but what we can change is about the future.

            about Messi i don t feel that he is the problem of our team.
            i think our problem is the phylosophy of AFA that is not stable.

            they don t have one strategy. one plan.
            they are going every time according the wind !!!
            north south west east !!!
            how the wind blows the same way change their ideas.

            this is tragic.

        • cox4: You are absolutely correct. I can tell that Meza and Pavon are in the list already. There is also a master black list that includes Icardi, Dybala, A.Correa, and some others.

          • in my opinion in black list exist only Icardi.
            Dybala from now on he will be core player. he will be between starters. as about Correa he need little bit more work to his club to improve. if he will have good season i think he will be in squad.

  16. nicholas russo from AFA n president of Lanus makes accusation against ( part ) the players saying they interfered a lot in the decision making including forcing sampoli to call players and deciding to play in barca before world cup among other things and that sampoli did not want to break the team
    he says they are more to blame

  17. Pekerman should be taken on by the AFA but as head of a technical committee to supervise and look at youth football. Not as a manager. 2006 the less said the better.

    Sampaoli made the same mistakes as he did against Spain. Pekerman repeated the mistake of taking off Riquelme early and paid the penalty. He also cost Colombia by being overly cautious and utilizing 3 DMs isolating his three forward players.

  18. Gonzalo knows a lot more about football than you ever will Arjunamessi. Doing down Meza and Pavon.

    Dybala might struggled equally given the mess the team was in without any structure or clear plan especially when going behind.

    Football and organizing a team, tactics is more than just picking big names and thinking that they will instantly gel together. Both Meza and Pavon have excelled in the Superliga something you probably have never ever watched but you have heard of Dybala.

    Throwing in young players indeed their first competitive caps in a World Cup smacks of poor management. Given the state the squad was in the disagreements it’s not much of a surprise they struggled. No doubt the senior professionals had their say with Sampaoli and then you have these youngsters unsure of themselves.

    Shall we side with the coach as he picked us or lets follow the club of older players. We had the situation where Pavon stuck up for Caballero and that at the very least shows courage in itself. They have been impressive for Independiente and Boca. Pavon still has a lot to learn but he has the raw skillset to be a top player and Meza missed a decent supporting midfield as he has at Independiente.

    In particular he missed Lo Celso and his ball carrying abilities. The two had a lovely synergy as shown in the debacle against Spain which was never ever used again. I remind you that Meza created some decent chances and Pavon was often ignored by Messi in games despite offering the width he requires.

    Dybala himself has not really proved it at the crunch stages of a top flight competition. Part of that is down to Allegri and his tactics but some of it is also down to Dybala himself. He has yet to really stamp himself on a tournament as Messi has consistently done. But as he is a name you recognize he would magick all of the ills on display in this team.

    • @Brian

      it’s good to see someone who can express a lot of my thoughts using better, accurate, english. Everytime when I want to say something more extensive and precise I feel bound by my ENglish language limits. So keep writing.

      “Football and organizing a team, tactics is more than just picking big names and thinking that they will instantly gel together”

      I think the same. Our biggest stars since few years looked spoiled. It’s not that I don’t want to European stars. They must be there but some people thinks the it’s criterion of selection to take the most famous, form biggest clubs, having best stats. If it was the case everyone would be coach of our NT. Smart coach takes right players not just “best” players. When I see our coaches doing great job with other South American teams, when I see passion, sacrifice the small clubs players show, when I see the understanding and cohesivness on the pitch I understand really some thing about passion is losted since years in our NT. I’m sure if the Peru of Gareca had more experience and luck they could have been marking themselvs mcuh more on this WC. They lacked something to beat teams like France or Denmark but the just left better impressions than Argentina. That was team.

  19. Inter plays in 4231 or 433 for years, I wonder how to have Martinez plus Icardi together in attack. Unless they convert Martinez as false winger.

    Miranda, Vecino, Perisic has all a good world cup what a shame that Icardi didn’t even have his chance.

  20. @ Brian

    @ WC2022

    Your thoughts are usually my thoughts. You have a lot worth reading notice to say. You just need to write shorter posts to be read by everyone. Personally for me it’s not a problem but I think people like each thread in separate post.

      • you made lot of cmt before the equdar match and nigiria match… and hiding some time… then come back smoothly……. to mention this kind of post… you ;backed meza…. but he failed and to blame sampaoli… he believed pavon and meza…. over dybala… now you come to start a fresh list…. you are the idiot of this forum…. go and turn back your cmts… and blame anyone…. your meza even could not control a ball in pressure moment…. your local league players never faced top class players…. and you will blame messi for everything.. and so called friends club…. the local league players may be good but not world class to compare like germany and france spain… even portugal…. if they are good how many argentina mid fielders.. in top club lik rm barca juve city liverpool man united chelsea… but other national team have world class players on every position…. messi did everything he could… but afa is a mess…. and some fans like you dont understand football…. bring talented players… then who is mappbe and demble…. why psg and barca invest 100 of million.. why not meza or pavon understand otherwise dont speak about football

        • I still backing Meza and Pavon unlike the kids that were hyping them only before WC

          while you are one of Messi fanboys of this site that prefers his glory over Argentina glory. People like you will interested about Argentina just till moment he will retire.

          I do not take serious this Messi kindergarten anymore.

        • “you made lot of cmt before the equdar match and nigiria match… and hiding some time… then come back smoothly……. to mention this kind of post…”

          Yet after Copa 2015 I’ve said we need new team if not WC 2018 will be disaster as WC 2014 for Spain. Am I mistaken?
          I have said before Nigeria game I refuse supporting the oldies because they were blocking development of NT since 4 years. They may retire few years ago being loved but if you don’t know when to say stop you may lost respect at the end.

          • I am 100% agree with Arjuna messi. Meza one of the Worst player of WC, he did nothing but for Gonzalo he is like Zidane.He ( Gonzalo) always blames messi for everything , messi in the team for his ability & if he want he definitely will play copa 19, he earned his place in the team by playing well & today Afa had something left that because of messi , weak goalkeeper, weak defense, weak midfield how can this team win and you comparing with neymar just look Brazil team they are strong in every positions. A good person never blame messi but people ( Gonzalo ) like you always blames messi because he is not meza your Zidane.

          • First:

            Why you compare Meza to Zidane? I never did that. if you see resemblance, Ithink it’s good.

            Second: Oh, I understand: Messi, as always, is victim of the team. Everone and everything was bad behind him. Sorry to say but Messi had not good WC and not because he didn’t scored penalty but because he is getting older and has the final loser mentality, demons of past in his mind. If anything may change in Argentina Messi must go. Yes, they have bad influence on young players. They are coming to NT like his teenagers fans who want to get autographe and just pass to him the ball being so proud. They don’t act as footbal teammates but worshipers.

          • so gonzalo you are saying messi-masche group should have retired after 15 copa…..very well then….just give me a single example of players from any NT retiring at the age between 25-31…. so basically your accusion about messi masche group aka friends club blocking the development of young talents is totally baseless….I hope whoever our coach is not obssessed about local league players, otherwise we are going to be eliminated in grp stage….
            and I hope you have some knowledge about football….playing messi as false 9 without any converted winger is the stupidest idea ever….obviously you will back sampaoli so that you can say things about messi

          • “so basically your accusion about messi masche group aka friends club blocking the development of young talents is totally baseless”

            Oh really, now everyone has the feeling of wasted years. Everyone has the feeling we did wrong things in selection yet after Copa 2015. Do you want to deny this? The oldest team on the WC – no wonder we finish like that. Central midfield with 34, 32, 30 old players??!!! So you want to say it was good invest with the players? Now the same people want to invest in Messi 2022 year project of player that will closing to his 36. Player that is strongly basing on speed in his play.

            Everyone has the feeling of lost years. After Copa 2015 Mascherano had 3 finals of COpas and 1 of WC lost – that was obvious the players were going to disaster finall because of their mentality too. If it was not obvious for you, it’s only your problem.

            If you want to say everything was ok, the oldies deserved for WC 2018 you’ve lost your mind. Higuain should have been kicked out yet after WC 2014 let alone another misses in Copa finals and last 2 years or so without goal in NT. THere’s more reasons for most of the oldies why they shouldn’t have been taken to RUssia.

            For you everything was OK, I understand.
            And Argentina barely making 1/8 of WC is good result. Sorry byt I know very well the potentiall of this nation and for me last years were just wasted. I think 99% of people think the same.

          • so you have successfully avoided giving example of any players retiring frm NT at the age of 25-30…..its not their fault young talents doesn’t come up and take their place…..I am a huge albiceleste fan, and because of this I started loving messi….and I think its one of the luckiest pick being a fan of messi…..put your high energy and big footballing nation pride to your fedaration ears…..and you are telling about theirs loosing mentality….. I ask you a single question….how many times arg qualified for semi with this huge talent….only 5 and one in 1930 and one in 14 by friends club….so what are other talents doing…basically nothing…
            and put your local club theory in your genius head… good coach and no good players stay on your shitty leqgue…..and because of little quality coaches in your league, max talents get rotten there, no technical abilities or sense…..dribble like headless chicken….. thats why max arg players now fails at top rated league….
            so go nuts…dream about your huge talents…..where messi putting a final blow for Argentina at 22wc

        • @Arjunanmessi hahaha I felt some anger and passion behind your response.. Anyhow, if I were you, I would not even bother responding to some of these posters on here. I am NOT saying Messi is above criticism but if you are going to criticize the guy, do so objectively and solely from a footballing standpoint.

          ALSO, enough with the speculation unless you can back it up. Some poster here even went as far as accusing Messi as the sole culprit behind Yerry Mina not starting for Barcelona… What? why would he care if Mina start or not? Apparently, he hates Gomes but yet, he continues to get minutes in Barcelona. SO which one is it.. Is he calling the shots or not?

          You know why I know Messi doesn’t phave a say on who plays or not? Because for a while, he was playing beside mediocre players like Jose Sosa and Gutierrez and never heard a peep from him

          • yes bro this last one for this negative guys… yes i am messi fan… i like dybala icardi pavon everybody …. but i dont like these negative people… they dont know with this medicore team messi carried three finals…. with your new team ganzalo you can reach three finals… you will see what your local league… and corrupted afa will bring cup… after messi retired…. no one fear argentina…. even equadar… switcherland type of team will soon get above argentina…. european teams developing talent… argentina wasting their incridible talented team…. without trophy.. i hope messi will atleast bring copa to argentina… then he will retire… too much pressure… kill the talent… these people never understand messi… after 10 years… they will put messi… on every team … they will pray… want the player like messi………… that is for sure… i wont cmt to this bullshit idiots…anymore… i am only intersted to watch match… not cmt anymore… i am not a coach and i am not a player.. to advice these talented players… i will just support…. argentina untill my death… even messi gone .. i wont change the team… this is last cmt… because.. journalists wants people talk like this.. and always put headline like that…. that s why they can earn money….. if you put lionel messi whether good or bad… everybody will read… he decides the team he want pogba…. he want paulinho… he want meza he want aguero he chooses the team… he runs the barcelona.. and he runs argentina…. then only they can sell the paper… plz understand otherwise you are biggest dump in the world… always vamos argentina…. bye guys… those one for real fans………..

    • Gonzalo oam a fan of u as far as argentine football is concerned…u are a keen watcher of argentine league and youths which gives us info about our new gen.but what do u think about this wc???? What about sampoli??!
      I wonder why baldie dint used the same formation as nigeria game ???
      Dint u think baldie was culprit for not playing aguero and dybala in starting eleven!?
      Why he played messi as false nime which he never played before recently and even published he was playing messi as false nine before the game???
      Isnt baldi the culprit??
      Iam from india supporting albicelate for 20 years… i from a country in which football is not valued much…. but still i can figure out the the lapse in formations and players….
      Why an argentine manager with such a huge football history cant figure it out???!
      Why it is like this???
      Please answer me iam deeply concerened about afa and messi…
      Why the hell did argentina dint played with energy
      Why are they sooo emotional????
      Why cant they enjoy football and play???

      • Maddy028

        Well, Sampaoli was considered long time as coach of really flexible mind who always can adapt. That was the opposition Bielsa brought with comparison himself to Sampaoli. Changing of formations, taking every opponent as totally different challange and material to handle with is something that seems to be obvious advantagae.

        Although perhaps Sampaoli made a principal prescription of this adaptability and ability to rebuild idea of formation. And he went too far on this.

        We should not blame him for idea of playing Messi as false nine because almost all Mundo (including me) wanted to see him in that position in NT to see other players being more active.

        “Why the hell did argentina didn’t played with energy
        Why are they sooo emotional????”

        My answer will not surprised you. Lack of energy comes from age of (the old) players, their mentality of loosers (after all that lost finals), pressure of expectations. If you lost few finals everyone expectate from you win finally but no one thinks that maybe the silver coin was the best you can do. Worse than older legs of our oldies were their old, tired of final losts defeatist minds. I’ts also good mirror of
        stale and musty atmosphere about AFA. Both needs deep reform.

        • Meza is an average player, if you are 26 years old and still playing in the Argentine league then irs because you are not good enough to play in europe. End off

          • Yes, let’s bring in a 70 year old loser like Pekerhead, the guy who threw the 2006 quarter final against Germany more thoroughly than someone who would have been paid to do the job. The guy is a coward at managing grown up teams, stick to youth teams, but not adult football.

        • Unfortunately Pekerman will always be linked to that substitution in 2006, IF that had worked out and ARG ended up winning the WC then he would have been a genius, IF Messi had scored against Germany in 2014 then ARG would have been world champs and him the greatest ever, NO QUESTION, IF higuian would have scored against Germany in 2014, IF he scored against Chile and again against fucking Chile…..ARGENTINA WOULD HAVE BEEN WORLD CHAMPS, and copa champs 2 years in a row IF IF IF IF IF IF , seems there are many IFs when it comes to ARGENTINA .
          All I know is this, Perkerman transformed Colombia and made them instantly competitive the sec he took over and only held back because they lacked top tier players, not enough or against better and more talented teams . Age might be a factor or it might not.

  21. Here we go again, after world cup failure, folks on here come up with their dream line ups which is 100% new faces which will never happen. Even if Argentina brings a new coach and starts to rebuild the team, there will be only 2 or 3 new starters, the rest are from same squad played in the world cup. AFA also needs to make money on friendlies by including names like Messi, Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, and all that jazz.

    Can we stop posting formations and line ups that includes 7 attacking minded players as starters which don’t make sense. Some players could be heroes for their clubs, but that doesn’t mean they can play great for the NT and Vice Versa. For instance, I see Neymar gives 70% when playing for his club but 100% when playing for Brazil, that’s just an example.

    • i read your posts and almost every time i don t agree with anything you write but
      i am shocked today because I AGREE with everything you wrote up 🙂 🙂

  22. @pipita

    “Varags is an undeniable talent but Robertone is the type of player that Argentina needs right now, a hard working, creative CM.
    To be honest I’m really liking what Heinze is doing with Velez right now and I wish him the best”.

    Absolutely yes. And notice how young was the team of Velez last season: Robertone was best in central midfield, but first impressed me Nicolas Dominguez. The third CM is Santiago Caseres that is already on EUropean clubs radar. The trio was playing together in central midfield:


    Robertone is most offensive and versatile of the 3. Best on the ball. Typical box-to-box. Dominguez is most physical one, the strongest and tallest. Agree Robertone is ttype of player that NT need most. Caseres is more soft, though he had best stats if I remember correctly.

    and there’s also two young promising fullbacks: RB Hernan De La Fuente – had few impressive games and Francisco Ortega, the youngest, he makes me optimist when I think about future of LB. Tall, fast, strong. Was in Russia to spar against our senior team and most likely will represent us on U-20 Sudamericano.

    So Heinze was playing the super young team better and better at the end of the season:

    De La Fuente………………………………………………Ortega

    Sometimes also Delgadillo. In first half of the season there was Maxi Romero as well. All they are players born ’97 to ’99 and the generation looks really good ATM. Velez is protagonist in league when it comes to youngsters promotion.

    • How good is Heinze as a coach? Why nobody mentioned him as a viable candidate. I always like what Passarella did back in 1995 and I think one of Almeyda, Gallardo, or Heinze can do the same. New generation with passion and discipline who put the NT above all.

      • Heinze yet needs to prove in upcoming season he will bring Velez again among best clubs of Superliga. He already already became good talent promotor in Velez but still a lot to prove. I just want to say – if anybody want to see little optimism in Argentina football should follow Velez more than Boca or River.

  23. The reason Icardi, Asascibar for instance should be starting Gonzalo is that they are proven already. They also have the right mentality. I like the look of some of the players you have mentioned but they need to prove themselves consistently at their clubs week in and week out for a couple of years at least. Until they do that all they have is potential. Talent for certain but has it been realized ? If a player like Vargas takes his form on a consistent basis and shows he can adapt when required and how he reacts at a higher level of pressure then we can say he could well be on the way to NT material.

    As for Lema I think we have Pezzella as the leader and we need to be looking already at younger CBs than Lema. Otamendi was fine as was Tagliafico. You cannot criticize Otamendi if you are going to defend Tagliafico by the same criteria.

    When asked to defend they did very well but in many instances they were let down by the right back and centreback and the coach. They were merely plugging holes all the time. The only coherent period of defence was against Nigeria in the first half when Perez + Tagliafico and Mercado + di Maria worked as a unit to shut down both flanks.

    That backline for the most part was all over the place with both fullbacks either too high and neither of the CBs acting in tandem. Nico is an excellent reactive defender but he needs an organizer alongside him like a Pezzella a classic 2. Rojo is far from that. He is also a headless chicken when it comes to reading a game and over anticipates at times.

    As for Asascibar size is not a prerequisite for a DM. If you have watched him in the BL he is never overawed physically. One only has to see Kante playin the same role as him and if Santiago keeps developing as he does he will be just as good if not better and be more than an adequate replacement for Mascherano.

    • @ Brian

      “The reason Icardi, Asascibar for instance should be starting Gonzalo is that they are proven already”

      Agree about Icardi here but rather not Ascacibar. I don’t mind against starting now with Icardi over Martinez. I just suppose Lautaro will be better within 4 years.

      Ascacibar is not proven more than Battaglia I think. Ascacibar was in U-20 WC, played well, the same on Olimpic Games. On the other hand Battaglia was part of that wall solid defence (as CM) from 2011 U-20 WC and has already his experience in Champions League against teams like Barcelona or Juventus. So for me Battaglia ATM while Ascacibar on the bench. And yes, I hope Ascacibar will develop to be our Kante. It’s optimistic, watching Kante, to think you don’t need to be tall to do the things so good.

      I brought here Ascacibar name when he was in februar 2016 and I still expectate to see him among best players of the world on the classical destroyer position. He needs time though.

      Otamendi disappointed me a lot. He was nowhere near the level best CB in Premier League. He was not the worst of our defence but didn’t looked as anchor of the defence. Tagliafico had just his first tournamennt unlike Otamendi and I don’t see level of comparison here. Pezzella deserved more chances but Lema as well should be given the chance while he is only one year older than Pezzella.

      • I actually recommended Lema to our club but obviously he was picked off by Benfica.

        About Tagliafico he is incredibly solid in an organized line up and those criticizing him have no idea at all. The same way Otamendi is attacked. That is why I am lumping the two together Gonzalo. It is not their fault that the whole defensive unit was for the most part disorganized. No one had any idea to act in concert. When to push forward or sit back or cover each other. Tagliafico and Otamendi were like those desperately trying to plug holes into a leaking dyke. But they cannot cover everything. I think that shambles of an organization can be encapsulated by three players going for the same ball against Nigeria or the positioning of both CBs on France’s penalty award. It does not help either that Caballero is not vocal enough. Nicolas when he has competent defenders around him does shine more because if he does make an error than someone else will sweep up because he does from time to time reactive as he is. He has competent DMs infront of him at club level and it also allows him to express himself going forward and push into midfield with comfort. Unfortunately given the high line and level of disorganization at the back it was a calculated risk each time. He can never be an anchor. He is a six type defender who reacts when danger presents but he never had a 2 to play alongside to sweep up. Pezzella would have been ideal. As for Santiago his sheer hunger and mentality his ability to learn game to game like Lo Celso marks him out. I really think the sky is the limit for him and Lo Celso.

        In that shambles of the Olympics in 2016 he was what held the defence together constantly mopping up, intercepting attacks and helping out his clueless defence a bit like the way Foyth stood out for the u20s in a similar situation.

        I would have no hesitation putting him alongside Lo Celso and Paredes/Caseres. Robertone as the other box to box player with Dybala/Vargas (assuming he develops along the lines he is doing) for the midfield. Heinze is also a future seleccion manager I think.

        Astute and no nonsense and would rule by his personality alone. He too has picked up a fair amount of knowledge from Ferguson, Halihodzic even Deschamps.

        • Fair amount of interesting analyze from you, Brian. I must to think about that. Still think we should only depend now on players bord in 90s. Otamendi is not player for WC 2022 and for the same reason he should be excluded also for Copa next year if there’s any long term 4 year project. I don’t want to see again and again youngsters being shelved after one weak game as it was since 4 years. Now we have comfort of many friendlies we needn’t to win but there must be settled corner stone.

          As we see there is plentifull of good prospects in category ’97, ’98, ’99 and we should think about them primarly I think.


          let me know, in time, what do you think about Pol Fernandez and Fabrizio Angileri of Superliga revelation runner-up Godoy Cruz. Especially Especially I think about Guillermo Pol Fernandez that I’m following quite good time. Definitely not one of the youngest but Fernandez is one of the main reasons the little club was only 2 points after Boca. I’ve been mentioning him few times before and the interest of River and Benfica about the player makes me the more convinced he is worth to see.

  24. @amit

    What about the line up:



    …………..Lo Celso……..Paredes



    I selected Battaglia over Ascacibar because of his physical conditions. I would take Battaglia over Ascacibar anytime if he was younger. Despite that Ascacibar is so young and capable to learn new things that I suppose some time he may be more versatile player than Battaglia. ATM Battaglia

    J.Correa/Vargas over Pavon – Correa reminds me Kaka a lot. I believ he has more to show than we have seen as far. While Matias Vargas is in my humble opinion No.1 talent in Argentina league. Absolutely complete player. Fast, winger, playmaker, fantastic vision, outstanding driblings. Most assist after Pavon in league but the only thing Pavon is better than Vargas that he is even faster.

    Lautaro over Icardi – I just think he will be better than Icardi and it’s worth to invest in him since beginning.

    Lema over Mammana – Mammana is our future no doubt. But I want to see him backing to his form since River times. I was talking about the guy a lot here… I saw him as our CB, RB, LB and still think he is our most talented CB along with Foyth and Cristian Romero (while giving more in attack than the two), but ATM I’m just waiting to see him showing his best. Has a chance to be one of best defenders on the world.

    • But I see the players you mention in our team, just on the bench for me.


      plus few of the players that will U-23 in 2016:

      Matias Vargas (Velez, close to Europe)
      Cristian Romero (Genoa) ’98
      Lucas Robertone (Velez) box-to-box ’97
      Joaquin Torres (Newell’s, Benfica offer 3,5m for him) winger ’97
      Lovera (Rosario Central) AM ’99
      Ezequiel Palacios (River) CM/AM ’98
      Martin Sarrafiore (Huracan/Internacional PA) playmaker ’97
      Nicolas Gonzalez (Argentinos Juniors, very close to Inter) winger,AM ’98
      Gaston Lodico (Lanus) CM ’98
      Marcos Senesi (San Lorenzo, several European clubs interested) ’98
      Matias Zaracho (Racing) AM ’97

    • Lema deserved for call up after last season. I don’t know how he will fare in NT and Benfica but Otamendi was similar to Otamendi from 2010 and I don’t want to see him more. Lema is still 2 years younger.

  25. I’m pretty sure we would still be playing if we had the following team from match day 1:

    4-1-2-2-1 (can be changed to 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 or 5-4-1 or 5-2-3 depends on the situation)

    Mercado | Otamendi | Fazio | Tagliafico
    Lo Celso (cover for Mercado) | Mascherano | Banega (cover for Tagliafico)
    Messi | DiMaria

    other tactical changes

  26. A lot of nonsense being written again by several individuals who seem to possess prescient thought.

    First of all Sampaoli. Part of me is thinking how an earth can a coach who has been pretty reasonable everywhere he has been turned out to be such a fool in terms of players selected, tactics. Perhaps his chief assistant Juanma Lillo was not there. He did have Beccaece who is very analytical too but looking at the body language of the two on the sidelines it looks like there was a fallout even before the WC started.

    A good number two if he is listened to can offer a different perspective to the manager, ideas and challenge the manager. He can also act as an intermediary between a coach especially if that coach is not a great man manager and smooth things over and keep the morale of a squad positive. Simeone relies as much on Burgos as anyone else.

    Nonetheless for his cock ups and his statement I pick on how I feel on the morning he should do the decent thing and resign and organize some compensatory payment.

    There is no way in the world the AFA can afford Pochettino, Simeone or Guardiola either. And with the last he is a chequebook manager. He has hardly proved himself at some middling club with limited resources.

    Msi75 was banging about youth football a long while ago in the former WC blog and many were decrying him for being pessimistic this being 2006 when all looked rosy. To keep at the top of a sport in which other nations are constantly moving their development programme forward and that includes the likes of England and Belgium we too have to keep moving forward.

    Talent is being produced still and players with real potential like this Thiago Almada. A very right footed dribbler who is very direct but finds space at will and is selfless with a great range of passing and little tricks.

    But potential is just that potential. I repeat it again as in 2006 too many youngsters are leaving far too early well before they have matured physically or mentally or learnt the basics of their position. They go abroad where the manager may not care much for them is expecting immediate results and when they do not materialize relegates them to the bench or sends them out on loan like Cecchini. Players are losing whole seasons without even playing a competitive game at a point in time when they need to be learning by playing.

    It is inevitable with the economic situation of Argentina which is also part of the problem that kids will leave for the near future and not at 23-24 which is far better and also better for the quality of the league and also builds a rapport with supporters of whatever club produced them.

    It is thus vital to maintain youth coaching of the highest level. And this should be based on potrero football. Learning close control and technique in confined pitches and making sure these are available to kids. High quality coaching to make sure when players have mastered ball control and are being categorized into suitable roles that they understand their position and then they are given the opportunity to play.

    This means less if zero emphasis on winning juvenile domestic tournaments but on creating a plethora of technical skilled players for a wide range of roles. I see several idiots criticizing Meza, Pavon, Tagliafico and no doubt they would jump on others too despite the paucity of their international experience thrown in at the deep end and also Bustos.

    This also happens far too much in the domestic league from supporters. Players need to be encouraged and cajoled and learn from mistakes. They can be shown by the manager, experienced team mates or whatever analytical tools to hand what they did wrong. If they keep making the same errors then they obviously lack the additional football IQ which makes good players and there is nothing that can be done about that.

    Young players also need to be better prepared psychologically something which seems to be lacking in Argentine youngsters on the field. It’s not about passion but having that calm collected belief to stay firm under pressure and think on the pitch as what to do.

    And all this emphasis by many. We need player X Y Z to be 1.98m 1.86m. No, no, no. Certainly in some positions you will need some height. Not even a five foot four CB or goalkeeper is going to succeed at their role no matter how technically competent they are but for most other areas we don’t need a race of footballing Cyclops.

    Technique is paramount combined with footballing IQ, a strong mentality and a degree of physicality to make the best players and by looking at all these areas and making sure kids are developed properly we will be fine. Unfortunately the technical reviews the AFA have held are a joke meant to pretend everything will remain rosy and issues like the lack of keepers and laterals is swept under the carpet.

    As I said that combination of virtues is what makes the top players and by instilling the basics of that in our youngsters as they progress to the ages of 18-19 we can still have high hopes of seeing a return for the seleccion as well as maintaing a constant link between the u15-17-20 into the best of the best at the canteras. And giving those kids the best advice on their career choices when they do go abroad. Perhaps a talk from a seasoned veteran like a Batigol to tell them the pitfalls and right choices to make.

    Kidulthood does talk a fair amount of tripe as well for instance insisting Higuain was going to be the saviour when he already looked like he was a dragging a weight mental and physical against Spain. Perhaps he should read the history of the Mar del Plata and Argentina to understand why there are no black players playing for the seleccion.

    African teams and those like England with an Afro-Caribbean population have hardly been successful at the very top level but better so at u17 amd u20 level. Physique and pace only count for so much more so at the lower age groups but without the footballing IQ pace without technique is nothing.

    The ball is the fastest thing on the pitch or being able to carry it at speed under control and next to that is quickness of thinking. For a midfielder as to where a team mate is likely to move, for a defender where space is appearing around him that a forward may spin off into or when to intercept a forward pass. That comes with absorbing information and learning game after game until it almost becomes instinctive.

    Having pace and strength allied to that would be the best of all worlds but it rarely ever happens usually once in a generation.

    Strong youth development, making sure Argentine youth coaches don’t prioritize big fast players at 12-13 remains critical and would ensure despite all the critical structural issues within the AFA and domestic league we remain a force. One only has to read with horror Di Maria’s letter or read an article about little Saviola being given game time when 15 despite losing the ball to bigger players in the River cantera because of his awareness and technique that there are issues with some youth coaches who think this big is best approach is correct.

    We will end up with a team of big fast tactically unaware unskilled donkeys who cannot win a thing. As for this Vinicius Junior being a reflection on youth development many youngsters have been highly rated like the infamous Kerlon and turned out to be nothing at all. We have our won like Casasola and Oliva but the more correct career choices these kids make the better the outcome for themselves and the national team.

    Foyth for example needs to wake up and think to himself will I be getting first team football to learn from this season. If not at Tottenham he needs to get it somewhere else. It is a damning indictment that two highly rated keeping prospects in a position where the cupboard looks bare have been content to bench warm and then take the odd loan here and there. Werner is a fool to sit on the Atletico bench hoping to displace Oblak and Damian Martinez has played forty games mostly not at a top level in six years. Shocking.

    • Nice write up there Brian. I personally feel that Sampaoli letting Masche & co influence the 23 man squad led to the chaos.

  27. What was wrong with Argentina?? 23rd squad, yes 23squad and playing 11 even worser, Sampaoli might think same group reached final and can reach final with same group which cost Argentina. Mache,biglia finished, Dimaria higuain past their best expect otamendi no decent CB with out proper full back how can Argentina win world cup, expect messi and aguero no player in the squad is world class and Sampaoli benched aguero anfld expect to beat France, if Aguero wasn’t brought into the field final score line could be 6-2 instead of 4-3

      • That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
        Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
        For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker

        1 Rulli
        12 Axel Werner
        23 Musso

        2 pezella
        3 taglafico
        4 bustos
        13 lucas Martínez
        17 otamendi
        20 Emanuel Mammana
        21 Juan foyth

        Midfield and attack
        5 parades
        6 ascacibar
        7 Pavón
        8 lo celso
        9 icardi
        10 messi
        11 dybala
        14 Lanzini
        15 lamela
        16 bataglia
        18 ezequiel barco
        19 j corrrea
        22 a correa
        24 lautaro Martínez
        25 lucas oscampos
        26 meza
        27 Pastore
        28 vietto

  28. if Argentina played with lo celso benega lanzini in midfield, if Dybala played instead of dimaria if Argentina played back 4 without salvio/acucna if Argentina not selected cabarello as no1 and if…. messi with out world cup can’t be digest. Same thing happened in India in 2007 world cup early exit after reaching 2003 final. Many questioned for Sachin retirement and old gurads like Ganguly,Dravid,Laxman,Kumble but ultimately Sachin played 2011 would cup India finally won and God of cricket lift the world cup. Hope same thing happened with messi

  29. next year u20 world cup is crucial for Argentina, expect forward line all position mostly blank

  30. Still i am very angry. i waited 4 years for this. You go in this WC with unbelievable bad 23 players. the selection should have been completely other. France build there team 2 years know. They played a very good euro and lost in final by penalty. we had to do our new team after we lost last copa america. we dont have time we have to start know.complete new team. this circus coach have to go.

  31. Irrespective of all the mistakes Sampaoli made, it would be best if he is allowed to continue for at least 2 more years before making a decision. There’s no doubt that he is not a great leader and could not cope up with the team at his hand and the results. He was definitely confused, nervous and mostly out of ideas and full of wrong ideas. However, he now knows the system, expectations etc more. And he’s proved his mettle when given time. I am sure, if he is given a strong vote of confidence, including a no expectation card for next copa, he can start building a good team. All he needs to do is get the best players and set up a system. Only thing I hope he does not do is heavily rely on South American league players. The players bought by good European teams are done so after a lot of assessments because no one wants to lose a single penny from his pocket unless its worth it.

    • He would deserve a long term naturally, but then he fucked up our chance for this world cup. Didn’t play with right system and players.

      I’m pretty sure we would still be playing if we had the following team from match day 1:

      4-1-2-2-1 (can be changed to 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 or 5-4-1 or 5-2-3 depends on the situation)

      Mercado | Otamendi | Fazio | Tagliafico
      Lo Celso (cover for Mercado) | Mascherano | Banega (cover for Tagliafico)
      Messi | DiMaria

      other tactical changes

  32. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker

    1 Rulli
    12 Axel Werner
    23 Musso

    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    13 lucas Martínez
    17 otamendi
    20 Emanuel Mammana
    21 Juan foyth

    Midfield and attack
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    22 a correa
    24 lautaro Martínez
    25 lucas oscampos
    26 meza
    27 Pastore
    28 vietto

    • Goal keeper

      Damian Martinez (arsenal)
      Walter Benitez (Nice)

      Alexis Soto (racing)
      German conti
      Marco senesi

      Valentin vada
      Santiago colombatto
      Joaquin pereyra
      Lopez pissano
      Maxi lovera
      Matias Vargas
      Hernan Toledo
      Garcia ( las palmas)

      Facundo fereyra

  33. When will a European club sign a Argentinian midfielder or defender for big money ? Now a days they sign only our striker . As for laurato Martinez he could be our mbepp, even better , he has everything strength, speed, skills i.e. a complete number 9. But I concerned about how much minutes he will get at Inter as they generally play as 1 forward, if Inter play 2 no 9 then it will be better which is highly unlikely.
    My team for future………. Juan musso( GK) Gomez- Conti- Lema- taglafico.
    Ascriber. Lo celso. Parades. dybala. Icardi Pavon.
    Sub – rulli, bustos, Lucas Martinez Quartz,Franco, angelliri,casares, j.correa, a.correa, m.varges, l.Martinez, Romero etc.

    • I personally would rather a middle table/good team sign an argentinian midfielder (e.g. Ascacibar, Lanzini, J.correa, Pardes with empoli, Ocampos, Cervi, Acuna) or defender (Conti, Mammana with Leon, Pezzella) than a top european team where said player might rot on the bench and then get loaned out like what happened with Bruno Zuculini. It’s very rare for a young player to be signed by a big club and find regular playing time e.g. Celso or A.correa.

  34. Yeah he has a lot of potential for sure… Not only that but from what i have seen, he seems to be a good professional off the pitch which is very important.

  35. Off topic:
    Brilliant initiative from Brazilian federation

    To get every club team in the league involved in the World Cup, the Brazilian federation approached every club team and asked their analyst team to analyse one WC team. The team at Flamengo analysed Mexico, the team at Gremio looked at Switzerland etc.
    They used the expertise in the clubs to analyse all possible opponents. Experienced analysts looked both at team level and at each individual player.
    – Team tactics
    – Standard situations (positioning during corners, free kicks)
    – Playing patterns, running movements
    – Shots from distance and inside the box
    – Headers (who, position etc.)
    – Dribbles (inside or outside)
    – Strengths and weakness of players
    – Penalties (which corner)

    Personally I think this is a very wise move. It gives you commitment and participation at club level and access to expertise that will help the NT. Why would you do it all yourself when you have tens of experts available to help you.

  36. This is certainty great news. The way I see it, the more players from the same team yoy have in each line, the better chemistry and understanding on the field you will achieve.
    Now let’s hope tgay whoever ia rhe coach has a plan and the strength to see it through.

  37. With those 2 upfront we could start with a conventional 4-4-2. Especially against teams who like to attack.
    Two banks of 4 doing the graft and dirty work. The counter would be immense with Martinez and Icardi.

  38. Who are the players that will be the core part of new Argentina Midfield ????

    I think it is depending on Coach…
    Not the performance…

    Banega Pastore Ascacibar Lanzini Locelso Paredes Kranevitter Bataglia all will be there..

    • yes all of the except Pastore. ARGENTINA should always play attack ATTRACTIVE football. 4 3 1 2. Romero(rulli) ansaldi (rojo)garay otamendi taliafico paredes ascacibar lo celso(banega) messi (lanzini) icardi(martinez)dybala(aguero)

  39. This is outstanding news! The partnership Icardi-Martinez will be good for the future Argentina NT.

    • Have we utilized the proved partnership of Higuain and Dybala before utilizing an unapproved potential one?

      • @WC2022 Higuain and Dybala’s partnership is great. Their playing time together for Argentina is like 30 minutes, now you can’t judge a playing time of 30 minutes now can you WC2022? Therefor I cannot answer your question.

    • Pep Guardiola will be our manager at some point in our lives because since 2009 he’s said he’d love to manage Argentina with his own mouth to Maradona. He loves Argentina so much, I don’t know the full history between him and Argentina, but I ain’t complaining!

    • Well that means Dybala Icardi and Martinez will play for NT when they are 40 years old because Pep will play Aguero and Messi until their kids join the NT.

      • @WC2022 Oh you’re funny I tell you. We need some sort of experience in our squad. I’m sure he’ll find a formation which will suit everyone’s needs. There’s like a 15% chance of this happening anyway.

      • I don’t think that will be the case. Non performers will not be selected. Since he is foreign coach will not tolerate interference. This is the best news in recent Times. Hopes it becomes reality

    • That would be a dream come true if Pep was to be our manager, he would transform not only the NT but the entire structure of Argetine football. Sadly it won’t happen, he recently signed a contract extension at Man City and is on £18 million a year!

  40. Came across this little write up on Ascacibar

    Guess who conceded the fewest goals in the Bundesliga last season after champions Bayern Munich? Runners-up Schalke? Third-placed Hoffenheim? Nope. It was Stuttgart. That they let in just 36 all season as a newly-promoted side was in no small part thanks to Argentinian terrier Santiago Ascacibar. Signed from Estudiantes in his homeland in August 2017, the 21-year-old made an immediate impact at the Mercedes-Benz Arena and started 27 of his team’s Bundesliga games.

    “He’s very quick on his feet and his compactness and aggression make him a good player,” said former Stuttgart coach Hannes Wolf of the 5’7″ defensive shield. Sporting director Michael Reschke was equally taken with the South American: “He’s like a machine that knits everything together out on the pitch. He wins an unbelievable amount of challenges and is a very tidy forward passer.”

    • Is he Messi’s friend? That’s the question. Mina scored 3 goals for Colombia but didn’t play a single game for Barca because Messi asked to bench him.

      • @WC2022 I am pretty sure you’re that WC2014 that was spewing nonsense before the WC started but anyhow, you sound pretty pathetic. You contribute nothing of value other then continue to exhaust this “Messi and Friends” narrative. It’s over, move on geesh. If you hate Messi so much, go follow another team with no Messi. I guess Messi is best friend with Meza, Pavon, Lanzini, Tag and whoever else got minutes this past WC. Give it a rest kid. Stop speculating and stick to facts smh

    • Almost everyone discussed here. Ascacibar is the best Argentine DM currently. Until Mascherano and Biglia there, he cant get a chance. Now it’s his time. We need 11 players like Ascacibar, Tagliafico etc. 11 warriors.

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