Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI receives offers from teams


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has reportedly received offers from several nations, some of which are from the CONCACAF region.

Per a report by TyC Sports, coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has received an offer to coach the United States after they missed out on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The two other nations were Costa Rica and Mexico, both of which made the tournament in Russia.

SAMPAOLI, who is rumored to be on his out of the Argentina coaching job, has already lost several members of his coaching staff after they stepped down.


  1. Hello. Just a very casual football watcher.

    Teams should be wary of hiring this guy. Just because a coach favors “attacking” plans and philosophies, doesn’t mean he knows what he’s doing with it. What was damning, imo, was how Sampaoli failed to make adjustments in the FRA game after the 1st half, when the French forwards were having a turkey shoot slicing right through such a high back line of 3.

    Plus, sitting Aguero? Should tell you that he does not understand the value of his own players, and the players recognize this.

  2. Did you see how hard it is to manage Argentina? You got to manage big stars, including arguably the best player of all time who is bigger than the coach. You got to manage fans’ expectation, anything less than Champion is a big failure. Tata got into two finals, building a working midfield after a long time, and he still looked very bad with the fans. Even Sabella was not that good either until we had this WC.

    Sampaoli is not that horrible but he was loosing control. Unfortunately it happened in the WC. He’s an attacking coach. If defence is weak and attack is not in form then he became clueless. Sabella can do a lot better with a weak team coz his defensive strategy was top of the top as Mascherano admitted.

    • This is the new team and younger players are being proposed by experts and pundits in Argentina after the World Cup debacle:
      1) Rulli (goalkeeper)
      2) Axel Werner (Boca)
      3) E. Mammana
      4) N. Tagliafico
      5) J. Luis Gomez
      6) Martinez Quarta
      7) N. Tripichio
      8) L. Ocampos
      9) L. Celso
      10) Paredes
      11) Lanzini
      12) Acuna
      13) S. Ascacibar
      14) Centurion
      15) Dybal
      16) A. Correa
      17) Cervi
      18) L. Martinez
      19) L. Alario
      20) M. Icardi
      21) Messi

  3. I see couple of times the french’s game vs uruguay, also belgium vs brazil, and i it pisses me off everytime, that although both french and belgium are terrific teams, with real talents, but we definitely should had been able to beat each one of them. We were losing only because Sampaoli were outsmart by Deschamp. Outsmart, either because sampaoli was adopting wrong full attack tactic for that particular game, or the same with Tite with Brazil, sampaoli is just being one headed 90 minute attacking naivety character in the mist of so called pragmatic world of modern football tactics, where top European clubs and countries, even with 11 real talents on the pitch, are planned and designed by their manager to attack you from counter situation.

    Do i worship that ugly negative tactic ? 1000% No i dont. Do we Argentina need to adopt that tactic ? No way, BUT again, we need to be clever to anticipate the opposite tactic.

    The only reason why Barcelona have won so many silverware in La Liga with their notorious full attack minded style, is first of course because they have very Good Coach and Very good player and one God in Messi, but secondly, and to me this is ultimate reason, is because they have 38 games for 10 months. So in a 7 games knocked out tournament like Word Cup, YOU NEED TO BE FUCKING CLEVERRRR ! I dont hate Sampa, but he was not up for the challenge, maybe he is not good enough.

    Coming back to Barcelona, where messi is said to be at best team build surround him, how much Champions League do they collect for the past 6 years compared to Madrid ? only 1, and that was only because they are soooo goood !!!

    I mentioned Uruguay and Brazil, dont get me wrong, I hate them, espescially Brazil. But similar to Argentina, being latinos, both of them and also Colombia, represent the traditional passion for beautiful game on the pitch. Before the game in Kazan, back home in Rio, Brazilian spread their one big Banner, “We refuse modern way of football” ! But their way (more or less our way too in different style of dance) only saw them winning for the last time in year 2002, just 2 years before Mourinho’s Porto won the CL and then moved to Chelsea ! He was not the one who invent practicality and pragmatism in modern Football, but he was the one who really really makes it work and he and his school has become a role model for many on how to gain success, ugly way………

    On top of All….Vamos Albiceleste….

  4. Whenever Elon Musk launches his next Tesla to Mars, we can have Baldie the bast#@d sit in it. He can go to Mars, find life there & form a football team to coach. He can even play his high line of defense while leading 2-1. No one will complain.

    Enough of bullshit on & off the field. WC comes once in 4 years & the ARG fans around the world deserve better!!!

  5. Whoever will be the coach, the same thing will happen in Arg squad. It will be a long journey to have the glory back for Arg. maybe the new generation of Luca Romero, it needs a decade to rebuild the team.

    If AFA and CBF agreed, they can do the Tite and Sampaoli exchanging their place. Sampaoli will be better with Brazil and Tite will suit Arg playing style. Please don’t be humilate with this opinion. Trust, it will work better for both countries

  6. I am still laughing, I am very curious, what was the one thing that made him attractive to other teams?

    His coaching ability for the whole world to see?
    His compact and disciplined structure of the team?
    His versatility to change and adapt when things are not working?
    His team appreciation for his personal skills?
    His status among other elite managers? LOL
    ARGENTINA just won the WC and he wants to pursue new challenges? this one is even MORE LOL than the one before.

  7. Some of you are saying Sampaoli did not get the team of his choice as Selfish dictator General Mascherano interfered which is true but why continue with his mad experiments in the world cup when he knew he didn’t have the right players to execute his tactics and Senior players refused to play according to his plan against Croatia??? He should have dropped his plans and gone back to Sabella’s tactics to which Masche & co were so much familiar. The ego of our players and foolishness of Baldy wasted another world cup and prolonged our agony for another 4 years.

    A coach who can’t figure out the weakness of team and continues his mad experiments forcing aging players to push high against young fast and stronger teams , doesn’t learn anything after getting thrashed 3-0 with 3 man highline defense because of his stupid strategy and his flanks being exposed , does read the situation of the game and makes complete fool of himself with his substitutions, doesn’t ask his team to defend deep after leading 2-1 in a knockout game with 30 mins left , send his slowest defender to replace a the fastest one and still presses high, doesn’t have the balls to drop the slowest and washed up Mascherano after horrible match against Croatia should not be allowed to continue. He must go. We need to start over with a new coach. This man can’t continue under any circumstances.

    • WE would have that third star, if this lunatic just played it smart by the book. This world cup is the weakest edition I have witnessed since 1970. Sampaoli did in fact destroy our chances, and he must go.

  8. Why the Hell Romeo came again, expect Otamendi, Benega, Messi, Aguero please no more old guards, start to build a team that majority of players remain bellow 30 in 2022. I don’t think apart from messi Noone make it in 2022 but will keep Aguero for copa in Brazil.
    GK: Rulli, Musso, Alex Werner
    Defense: Otamendi, Foyth, F.Mori,bustos,Tagliafico, and 20-25year any
    Midfield: Benega,Lo celso, Lamela, Ascalibar, Paredes,Pavon, Messi as midfielder and 20-25year any
    Forward: Aguero, Dybala, Icardi, Lautaro, Gio Simeone

  9. We still have hope for Copa. But we should start this group of players right away:


    Lo Celso/Lanzini—Lamela/Pavon

    Beat this!!

    • I would prefer this Starting XI
      For COPA 2019


      Salvio, Pezella, Mammanna, Rojo
      Bataglia, Lanzini, Lamela, Correa
      Icardi, Martinez,

      • And This Starting XI
        For Copa 2020

        ——— —Messi——————

          • U guys dont know? There will be 2 Copas. 2019 in Brazil and 2020 in USA. Like last time. 2019 is the ls the last verision of odd years copa (traditional) and 2020 would be the beginning of the new even year Copa America from both Conmebol and Concacaf together. Copa is expanding. And 2019 is the last tradtional Copa America with 6 guest teams for the occassion. USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

    • Salvio is a winger by nature, is not a full back. Sampaoli made that mistake and put him as a FB, but the player plays as a winger at his club, so he is not used to running back to defend.

  10. I can not defend Sampaoli
    He was clueless after the Spain demolition , it ruined him mentally

    The team vs Iceland would ironically been a lot better vs Croatia (that 2nd game was a complete shambles )

    1-1 vs Iceland can happen despite domination (Russia drew with Spain , Colombia with England ) etc these things happen

    But he switched but thankfully players got it right for him vs Nigeria

    Now France killed up despite 3-4
    But it was obvious to all of us expect sampaoli that Higuain should not have gone and Icardi omission was an unforgivable mistake

    His obsession with meza is also unforgivable when we have people like lamela and perotti

    Pavon flopped and is a modern version of Pioji Lopez

    Garay omission also unforgivable

    I can not forgive him

    I must also add people saying we had to rebuild our 2014 team for Copa 2015-17 are deluded . Only person needing removing was Higuain

    I wait for Higuain to retire

  11. I don’t know whether it is sad or funny or even both, bashing sampaoli that way. Yes he did too many mistakes in the world cup that i can’t even believe it myself! But it is funny, the same coach who beat us in copa 2015 winning chile’s first ever copa america against us, the same coach that many people, including myself, were celebrating when he took over Argentina, is the same coach who seemed to lose his mind when he was at the helm of Argentina and us wanting a new coach again!! It seems that every single manager, good or descent, who takes charge of Argentina is loosing his mind!

    Since i am not inside the team, the coaching stuff or the afa to know what the fuck is going on, my logic says that the reason for all of this circus is our own mentality from the players to the managers to the afa even to us the fans! They (players, managers, afa) have to realise that a footballing nation such as Argentina haven’t won anything since 93 is way too unacceptable! They have to stop this backstage circus now and be commitment to their job which is helping our beloved team return to the top of the world again. If they are going to hire a new manager, they better do their job and hire someone descent for a longterm project and leave the guy to do his job piecefully without interfering. That coach has to bring back our winning mentality as well, starting from the players and if a player thinks the opposite, the manager must kick him out whoever he would be! We need continuity, the right mentality and commitment, lets start building a team again and stop being clowns in this backstage circus already!
    And something else: Next copa does matter a lot! Every copa matters for us especially when it is in brazil!

    As for Sampaoli, i really feel bad for him and if he finally goes i wish him all the best.

    • Copa 2015 wasn’t Sampa’s greatness, it was Tata’s failure. For not rebuilding after 2014 final. Chile made it to the finals and won on penalties by cheating/luck, WE failed to convert our shots. Do you remember Jara’s/Cavani incident?

        • Let me rephrase:
          Introduce new players, so we don’t end up with what we have now, After 2014 it was Tata’s job to add to the NT. not just carry on with Sabellas players and tactics.
          Sampaoli is a failed coach, Period.
          The group that payed in this WC could have gone far under an average coach. using 3-5-2, high defense line, not defending a 2-1 lead against France, letting good players setting at the bench..etc.

          How in hell you play a high defense line with weak defense?
          why transform to 3-5-2 and high pressing football when you don’t have the players to execute? Why play false 9 without proper FBs or FWs.
          Argentina always played attractive football under 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 .
          with a defense like that he should played 4-4-2.

          • “The group that payed in this WC could have gone far under an average coach. using 3-5-2, high defense line, not defending a 2-1 lead against France, letting good players setting at the bench..etc”.

            The generation always have excuses No one belive that though. Keep them all to next WC. We will WC champion with 34/35 years old players. I see that.

          • @gonzalo-pity-martinez
            bend and twist.
            Where did I say keep them to the next WC?
            You must be happier than ever that Kempes shares your opinion. But again it’s just an opinion, does not make him right. WE had opinion of a world cup winner (Maradona) and mostly they were wrong.
            Our elimination was Sampa’s Fault, not the players, whether they should play or not that’s another case.

    • Waveride: you are right. When sampaoli was named we all celebrated and we thought we finally got elite coach. Tata, bauza, sampaoli all are good coaches but became dummies as soon as they took over. Argentina problem is player power and it is clear to every one. No matter who comes now will have similar fate as long as that toxic player influence exists.

  12. I will be happy to pack this thugs bags and ship him to any country that wishes to hire him. And I would suggest the AFA buy him his ticket there immediately. Heck, I will bet you ANYTHING you want we can take up a collection with Mundo members to buy his ticket out of town.

    I also believe there is some wonderful KARMA here. Alexi Lalas, the main clown doing the world cup announcing for Fox has ripped on Sampa non stop. It would be poetic justice if Sampa becomes USA manager and Alexi can eat a pound of dog shit and have to deal with Sampa going forward.

    • Count me in Isidro. This guy looked completely clueless and didn’t look like we will win anything under him.

      The only advantage is we will have lots of possession with no purpose. I would prefer a pragmattic coach like Sabella who never looked like loosing to any team. I will be happy if Sabella can coach till Next Copa and then help the next coach as his advisor for WC 2022.

      How is Gallardo? Is he that good?

      Plus, I don’t want to blame Armani but he is not world class and I heard klinssmann commenting, that why is Guzman the 3rd choice when he is clearly better than others. His reasoning was because armani n cabLlero plays for famous clubs while Guzman plays in Mexican league.

      • Gallardo is a good coach. I believe he is from Bielsa tree but he likes older players.
        I would not worry about player power as much anymore. I think the veil has been lifted off that already.
        95 percent for sure Argentina will go after Simeone and Poche and not get them, and they will hire Gareca.

      • Guled: can you explain y Sabella didn’t have this problem?

        Y we were defending like some bunch of amateurs?

        Y didn’t Sampaoli learnt from friendlies where we clearly lost twice in 2nd half?

        Y sampaoli stillpersisted with Caballero after shambolic keeping vs Iceland?

        If your answer is friends club, then please I’m out of this conversation.

    • and what is the problem for you if not Sampaoli ?
      he left his job he fail in our team and now he can go find again one other job.

      and he ruin some players chance to win too.
      for not mention he ruin the dreams of 44 millions Argentines.

  13. I’m really besides myself. For Argentina, not anybody else. He can go coach to the moon if he want to, he can go to Pluto but NO NO NO NO AND NOT ARGENTINA. He cost us a probable title. We should have been playing against England if he had done the simplest, the smartest of things. He was, is, horrible, horrible and horrible for Argentina. Argentina is not like all these smaller football nations. It’s a pressure filled team, you must be very very balanced to coach Argentina. He lost it and lost it completely to the point where he couldn’t make the simplest of decisions. How in the world would you leave both Aguero and Higuain off the pitch in any game?? Are you nut?? Man, it’s so frustrating. And makes me so angry. We have to suffer this way because of this stupid man inability to make common sense, simple, decision. And people who still defend him are out of their minds. He starts either Higuain or Aguero and Argentina is playing in the semi finals. He uses wisely, WISELY, all the pieces in the team and Argentina wins a third World Cup. With the best player ever on your team, you do the right thing, you really help him, I will pair him with Dybala every single game, I’ll put Aguero, Higuain and Dybala up front, Messi, Banega and LoCelso behind them, I will carefully have them train that way over and over until they start establishing some cohesiveness. Romero said, teary eyed, that he could have been ready to go by game one and some Doctors said this was possible. I would have kept him on the roster. If he says he can go, I’ll put him. That lineup would have terrorized any defense at this World Cup. Dybala on the right, Aguero on the left and Higuain in the middle. For at least an entire hour?? Who can stop that trio?? Nobody. Go to hell Sampaoli.

    • Don’t be upset about this. Argentina is like a giant grocery store. One of the biggest grocery stores in the world for football players. There are so many different types of players in our grocery store that you need to have the right chef to pull all the right ingredients. The expectations for having the privilege of shopping at this grocery store is you must win or be near the top at all times.
      The expectations are not the same when you buy all your groceries from the gas (petrol) station. If you buy your food there and can pull together a sandwich you have done well. The USA, Mexico, Costa Rica are all like buying your food at a gas station.
      This job was way too big for him. WAAAAAY TOOOOO BIGGG FOR SAMPA.

    • From an article by Donald Wine about Sampaoli coaching the USMNT
      ” Since he won the 2015 Copa America with Chile, he flamed out at Sevilla and took over an Argentine squad that was struggling in World Cup qualifying. While they eventually qualified thanks to some Lionel Messi heroics, they underperformed throughout his tenure. When they arrived at the 2018 World Cup, they did so as heavy favorites despite a pre-World Cup tour that saw them get smoked by Spain and have a friendly against Israel canceled over political protests.

      Then, there was the actual performance at the World Cup. Their 1-1 draw to Iceland and a 3-0 loss to Croatia in the group stage had his team on the verge of mutiny ahead of its final group stage match against Nigeria. His tactics were erratic, his substitutions were puzzling, and his decision-making was frustrating. Still, they somehow made it out of the group by the skin of their teeth.

      Argentina eventually met their end in the Round of 16 against France, a 4-3 defeat that was probably more lopsided than the final score. With the exception of just a few minutes of luck and brilliance on the part of the players, Argentina was no match for a French squad that dazzled from start to finish. La Albiceleste were out, a disappointing finish for the team who were the 2014 World Cup runners-up and runners-up in the 2015 Copa America and 2016 Copa America Centenario and were expected to at least return to the semifinals in this World Cup.
      Those don’t fare well for a stint with the USMNT. He’d also have to figure out a way to continue the development of the younger guys in the player pool, something he wasn’t the best at with Argentina. There, he took a golden generation of sorts and rode them until the wheels fell off…and fall off they did. The Argentine federation is in disarray, and many important players are now considering retirement. Sound familiar?

      When it comes to Jorge Sampaoli, of course he may have a decent resume coaching some big-time South American teams. But, the baggage he carries and his tendencies to have tenures built around turmoil rather than teamwork is something that should not be brought into a situation with the USMNT. There are other qualified candidates out there without the baggage, but as agents try to jockey their clients into prominent positions, know that these rumors will get people talking. But, for the USMNT’s sake, let’s hope Jorge Sampaoli becomes some other team’s problem”

  14. if it is true and those nations want Sampaoli then it will be perfect to resign from AFA
    to save our money and i offer myself to take him free with my car to airport to leave Argentina
    immidiately !!! to take the airplane go to which of this 3 countries he wants.

  15. for don t dream without reason some fans should know that no European coach will work
    in national team.

    The Argentinian national team should always have Argentinian coach.
    it is unwritten rule. something like that.

    right or wrong it is like this
    and it will be like this.

  16. Sampaoli is caught shopping in LA malls buying new tight jeans for his new journey coaching the US NT folks. New jeans mean new tricks from the con artist.

  17. I don’t see anyone to replace Sampaoli. He did a pathetic job in WC but at least I want to give him a time for upcoming Copa. He is the one who show some courage to bring youngster into the team. I just want some continuity and stability. At the moment, AFA is in a complete mess. Even Pep Guardiola cannot solve their problem.

  18. Hopefully we don’t make a mistake letting Samp go I don’t know if the players didn’t let him do his not or not but I don’t trust his style of playing anyways I need a SIMEONE style of playing in the defense first I rather win ugly than losing playing beautiful football

    • It is clear he couldn’t do his job because of player power. His style is doing wonders at the world cup. Both belgium & england are playing similar way.

      • he didn t have style at all. every game other line up and other system.

        we play with 3 back and we almost humiliated from Croatia.
        every counter attack from Croatia was almost goal.
        you forget so soon ?

        we don t have the players to play like Belgium and France.

      • Sampaoli took a golden generation of players and rode them until the wheels fell off.
        Just like taking a Toyota and drive it like a Ferrari until it breaks apart. That’s what he did to the NT.

  19. The Mexican Football Federation wouldneat him alive! 😆
    He would thrive in the USMNT. The unlimited amount of resources he will have, plus he’ll love to become a celebrity. Costa Rica I’m not sure if they’ll go for him or he will accept.

    But man o man. How he has fallen. From coaching two of the best football countries in the a world, to coach Sevilla, to going to concacaf? How the mighty have fallen.

  20. I hope he don’t go to USA. USA soccer has unlimited resources and he might succeed. USA has young players and can be moulded easily.

  21. Jorge SAMPAOLI would succeed coaching the USMNT, the money the US football federation has to arrange friendly games even in the middle of European club season will make life for Sampaoli coaching the USMNT easier, plus he won’t have any major European super stars on the team to deal with. For Argentina, Sampaoli was overrated but I think he can do great things for either the USMNT or Mexico just as he did with Sevilla. Ricardo Gareca or Marcelo Gallardo will be a step in the wrong direction for the Argentina national team. Get outside of your bubble and hire a discipline and competent European coach.

    Gareth Southgate is not even a good coach, he is just benefiting from the work of coaches in the EPL like Pochettino, Pep, Mourinho and Klopp.

    • I was thinking exactly same. I hope he don’t go to USA. USA soccer has unlimited resources and he might succeed. USA has young players and can be moulded easily.

  22. O M G, I don’t know if I wanna laugh or jump up and down and REALLY laugh.

    Mexico, Costa Rica and the U.S. LOLOLOL.

    He wont last 6 months in Mexico, they’ll eat him alive, Costa Rica will go backwards very quickly and the U.S. right now is completely clueless but they have plenty of money, in fact they are the only country that I know of where the players PAY the NT to play for them!!

    Best of the luck and PLEASE GET THE HELL OUT ALREADY.

    • I am still laughing, I am very curious, what was the one thing that made him attractive to other teams?

      His coaching ability for the whole world to see?
      His compact and disciplined structure of the team?
      His versatility to change and adapt when things are not working?
      His team appreciation for his personal skills?
      His status among other elite managers? LOL
      ARGENTINA just won the WC and he wants to pursue new challenges? this one is even MORE LOL than the one before.

  23. If he quits AFA will save a lot of money. Hopefully they start with a profile of the ideal candidate and then start looking.

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