BECCACECE, DIEZ, BRESSAN terminate contracts with Argentina


There was a meeting between the AFA President Claudio TAPIA and members of the Argentina national team coaching staff regarding their future amid the ongoing rumours of Jorge SAMPAOLI’s exit.

Its been confirmed that Sebastián BECCACECE, Nicolás DIEZ and Martín BRESSAN have all reached a mutual agreement to terminate their contracts. This will only add more fuel to the speculation that SAMPAOLI could be leaving his position as the head coach.

BECCACECE’s time within the national team has been pretty stormy with news about him falling out with rest of the staff and players, dating back to the month of March.
On their website, the AFA thanked all of them for the work they have done during the last year and wish them the best of luck in the future.


  1. So much analysis this and that. Simply Sampaoli doesn’t know how to defend. If this team is Sabella’s hand, very likely he’ll take us either to final or at least loose by penalties only.

    Remember in 2014, Messi was a little bit out of form, Di Maria was too tired. Most important midfielder Gago is out of form. Aguero was injured and out of from too.

    The friendly game against Nigeria was a typical result from Sampaoli, and this has been known months ahead.

  2. By the way if we thought Portugal winning the WC is Catastrophic and if Brazil winning is a Disaster, Imagine when England wins it, its like sitting inside a Conjuring House with Anabelle Doll in our hand for next 4 years. Goshhh I wanted to see Argentina lifting the WC during my life time and what i m getting is England Winning it. Where is Germany when you need them, This is the exact reason i wanted Germany to be there. Brazil and Germany 9 out of 10 times beats England(England won their only WC by beating Germany i know, but still). Some teams are born to beat some others. We are not good in that department i think. Usually my prediction are always wrong but in England case it looks like happening, Dammmittt

    • If we don’t win in 32 years, then not surprised all those things happened. During the time, Germany from levelling with us to 4 cups, and Brazil from 3 to 5, Italy 3-4, and other B-teams in the past won too like France and Spain.

  3. If France Vs Croatia -> The 2 teams defeated us. So we lost to two of the best team in this WC..?
    If Belgium Vs England -> The 2 teams playing 3-5-2, the Sampaoli’s preferred system..! Players opposed this..?

    Sampaoli finally has a smile on his face…?

    • Sampaoli’s fault was that he was crazy with his team formation and selection. 3-5-2 is the best formation for effectiveness, but he tried it in our team while it was crystal clear that we didn’t have players to play that system. He so tried 4-3-3 with Messi as false 9. That was also stupid act without compatible players.

  4. The Hardest part for any Fan who loves any particular team is to watch a World Cup without their favorite team is nowhere to be found. When watching Quarter finals, Semis finals still think what if Argentina was there. Especially listening to the English Commentator where they r praising even average European players up to the elite. Its Sad, I just want this World Cup to be over. Its torturing. Well we r used to this torture we always gets out in the QF, 2014 was joyful even though we were not playing great but still we were there in the Damn Finals it was a unique experience. It was first time since i was watching Football we r getting to a World Cup finals.

    I remember the 1994 was my first WC and the first match i watched was Argentina – Greece someone was saying during the Match that this is a Beautiful team and there is one player who is great DIEGO MARADONA. Then i glued into the TV since then the Blue and White stripes have been a part of my Football journey. There is something about Argentina which is heavenly. I don’t know what. Even with all the madness, Corruption and Chaos. These all things makes us to support Argentina more.

  5. Some commentators such as Kid, Gonzalo are taking this “we need black players”, “football is now for fast players” a bit too far.

    There are two ways to win a game. Either be a protagonist or be an antagonist. IE, either keep attacking or keep defending and then counter attack.

    Players like Messi, Neymar, Hazard, Iniesta, Coutinho (Highky skilled and fast, but not very fast) are suited for the first group. Players like Cristiano, Bale, Mbappe (super fast and skilled, but not that skilled) are suited for the second group.

    Both have advantages and disadvantages.

    With group B players you can win by just defending and counter attacking through those players. But then you will have very less chance of winning against teams that defend too. Because these players won’t be able to break a tight defense. These group B players need fast co-players in attack and great defensive unit to stop the attacking team.

    With group A players, you have better chance of winning. They can always outscore the opponents and unlock the tightest defense. The problem would be the defense are getting more and more strong, so you will need a perfect attacking unit to unlock them. There is always a chance of conceding due to opposition counter, so you will need your defensive unit be vigilant and fast to nullify the counter attacks.

    Also the truth is great players can play in both systems irrespective of their group classification. It’s just that their best version is suited for a particular system. For example, Ronaldo can score a lot of goals playing for a protagonist team and Messi can score a lot of goals and assists a lot playing for an antagonist team.

    Some people are saying its better to have players Mbappe than players like Messi. Mbappe was able to excel coz his team played in a system that got the best out of him. He also had the perfect players along with him (Greizmann, Giroud, Kante, Pogba, Umtiti, Varane).

    While Messi didn’t have a system or players to excel. Messi needed Lo Celso instead of Meza. Messi would have been able to excel if we had a better defensive unit and attacking play maker. (a player like Iniesta, Coutinho who are both intelligent and good passers and can give the passes where he wanted).

    Bring on Coutinho, Casemiro, Miranda, Marcelo and Allison in this Argentina team and we will win the cup by playing the most amazing football. And everyone would say Messi is the true magician!

    • Apart from the craziness of Sampaoli, we mainly lost coz players like Mascherano, Biglia, Perez, Caballero, Meza, Pavon were our key players while they should be the squad players at best.

      And we didn’t use the players who should have been our key players – Lo Celso, Dybala, Ascacibar/Battaglia/Pizarro, Mussachio, Rulli, Perotti etc

      It’s as simple as that!

  6. Sampaoli will not leave unless AFA fired him, simeone system suits Argentina most and will succeed but if Argentina adapt Sampaoli system then will dominate world football, Sampaoli played high pressing game against speedy French team with old DM and CB which cost the match

  7. @Csabalala

    It doesn’t matter. Argentina won 2 Copas within 2 years 1991, 1993 having refreshed team. No coincidence.

    Argentina with all your superstars and Messi as well can’t win 2 Copas within 2 years despite the fact the opponents teams were weakened as well. Poorest Brazil in history, Uruguay without Suarez, Mexico B team and more.

    • with farmers like meza Argentina won’t pass group stage but yes with old guard Argentina won’t win. Local league farmers or outside top5 league player from Football can’t win the title even they played as team like paraguye or peru. Ultimately quality matter, with out kane/ali England or with out modric/racatik Croatia. Only Argentina need to kick big names who past their best then Argentina can win. Mache played ahead of lo celso and perez ahead of beega and Dybala wasted cost Argentina

      • You have not any prove for what you’ve said. FIrst take team full of farmers and give him 1 year or so. then we will see. As for now we say “class players” from big European clubs being flop.


        You romance post are always taken not so serious.

    • Yes they won cause neither of the superstars were there. With Bebeto, Romario, Dunga and the others its a different story. These Copas were farmers Copas 91, 93, 2004 not serious tournaments. Compare 2015 or 16’s Columbia, Chile, Uruguay, even Brazil squads to 2004 when Edwin Congo was the superstar in Columbia, best Chile, best Columbia and best Uruguay in the last 50 years with full of superstars from top european clubs. In 2004? Edwin Congos tournament.

      • That’s a different story altogether then.

        Arg played with just two seniors – Goyacchea and Ruggeri(Canniggia was also involved in 91). That kept aside, Arg was a team full of young chaps wanting to prove something. On the other hand, Brazil had Rocha, Rai, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Mazinho etc. playing for them(WC 94 winners of course).

        Results could have probably been a bit more extra favorable to us had any of Sensini, Abel Balbo, Chamot, Ortega(although he started career at some point in 93) had got involved for us(let alone S10).

  8. From the 4 teams left in competition:
    9 players come from Tottenham
    7 players come from Man City
    7 players come from Man United

    Those numbers would be even higher if Argentina was where Croatia is now…

    Foyth, Lamela
    Aguero, Otamendi
    Romero, Rojo

    Pochettino must be doing something right.

  9. See everyone’s leaving apart from Sampa. I’m guessing he’s staying so he can continue to piss everyone off.

    • damn DC just knocked the lights off the overrated Croatian! #UFC226

      a little vengance for me for that fluke….that anomaly that was a Croatian victory.

  10. I never once said I was religious. People are putting words into people’s heads. My goodness. People should learn to start reading better.

  11. This site has officially gone berserk!
    From Brazil lovers, to conspiracy theorists, to Messi haters, to some who want Sam to stay, to things anything and everything that has absolutely nothing to do with football….etc

  12. Kid……

    by your logic ……
    Africa should win every world cup….

    why haven’t they?

    Id rather Argentina lose always than succumb to the rest! Why Germany,Italy, France are subpar …they need foriegn talent to shine!


    I cant believe TYC is reporting on possibly getting Guardiola ….fuck that dude sideways…..

    he inherited a great Squad in Barcelona,
    moved to two other super group clubs and hasnt won a champions since and mark my words never will.

    im going Trump…..


  13. Now that Argentina have been humiliated – thanks to Israel – Sampaoli (if still in charge) will be able to play how he wants to and pick the right players and start again. He’s mentioning a new “60 x 6 system” which will be his new “project” until 2022.

    The “project” looks promising because it includes 60 players who’ll all be considered and 80% are young players. He’ll need more time for this so sacking him for a cancelled Israel game would be a little harsh if you ask me.

    Also I hate hearing this garbage Sampaoli inherited Bielsa’s tactics. Mark me if I’m wrong after Sampaoli played stylish football with Santiago and won them the Copa Suda 2011, the Chilean FA picked him for the NT role. He changed Chile and made them play attractive football, it was so good that people world-wide were so excited to watch them play. That has nothing to do with Bielsa. Plus he added a lot of Chilean local league players (who never played with Bielsa) who were nobodies before the WC 14 such as Vargas… they became good for their NT and won a title.

    At Sevilla Sampaoli for the first 25 games were the best team, they finished 4th and got Sevilla CL football. He lost because the revenues of Barca and Real was too good.

    …you’ll hear a lot of people say Sampaoli was lucky at this and that club. The truth is they say this because they either haven’t researched anything or following what the crowd say. Sampaoli was wanted by Barca but what changed? How can he become so tactically amazing to become so dull.

    Sampaoli likes high line football, so why didn’t he play a high line against us in the final of a major competition in the Copa 15 but did when we’re winning 2-1 vs France; he didn’t just bring in a defender he brought a slow defender on and continued the high line. Clearly paid…

    When Sampaoli asked Messi if Aguero should be played. Wow, everyone worldwide with different TV channels were put in the same camera, the camera just happened to be right in front of Sampaoli, positioned at the right time… lol.

    At the end of the day you had to pick:

    1. We play vs Israel – have a 85% to win or now knowing we would’ve played Denmark, Russia, England, France/Belgium – an 98% chance to win. Lose a lot of fans in Asia (because of the friendly) but have 3 stars on our badge and go in as WC champions or…

    2. Ignore the Israel friendly, have some of our players and managers forced to humiliate our team by Israel, play so badly, and keep the fans in Asia and most importantly keep the 2 stars for another 36 years…

    A lot picked option 2. You got your result. I knew once the Israel friendly was cancelled we’d not win. I kept lying to myself hoping nothing bad would happen. Got my hopes up for something I knew wasn’t going to happen. When we went 2-1 up we didn’t deserve to take the lead we didn’t do nothing. I bet Sampaoli and the players including Di Maria were shocked he’s random shot even went in. But they knew at HT they’d have to lose the game somehow.

    In life you have to pick. One could be the easily way the other the hard way. That’s life I’m afraid.

    • What has cancelled Isreal friendly got to do with Argentina crashing out of the world cup? Are you saying mr imbecile Sampaoli was payed by the illuminati ?? I won’t be surprised if they did because the way Sampaoli was conducting his mad experiments either he had gone completely crazy or he sold himself !!

      • Don’t even bother responding to this brain dead troll.
        He is a disgrace to the human race.
        Ignorant religious freak that has the IQ of a used diaper.

      • funny how all the illuminati / jesuit or zionist WC youtube videos had Argentina winning the WC.

        FIFA is obviously corrupt and ive said a few times on this thread ….today….

        we need a American president to win a WC again….

        what the fuck was so controversial about a friendly with Israel…..

      • @SulaV Yes I believe the Israel match is the reason, I’m not the only one. Not a “conspiracy” when people have said it to your face lol.

        They made us lose on numbers look at this stat. Euro 16 and WC 18 Portugal and Argentina:

        First game:
        Euro 16: Portugal vs Iceland 1-1
        WC 18: Argentina vs Iceland 1-1
        Ronaldo took 11 shots, none on target.
        Messi took 11 shots, none on target.
        Ronaldo missed a penalty in Euros.
        Messi misses a penalty in WC 18.
        The Portugal Iceland goals were at 31, 50. A difference of 19 minutes.
        Aguero scores his goal on 19, Aguero shirt was 19.
        Iceland scored in the 23rd minute against Caballero, number 23. That was them telling us he’ll be the disaster. 23 is the number of distaster.
        Messi misses his penalty in the 64th minute, he had 64 goals for Argentina. That was them mocking to tell us Argentinian fans he was staying at 64 goals.
        They like their numbers and one is 3. That’s why Messi scores his only goal on the 3rd game vs Nigeria. We lost 4-3. 4-3= 43 twist = 34. ‘Distaster’ 4 coded numbers ones 34. This has their DNA written all over it.

        • @SulaV You have to be awake to see this obvious messaging. People will always attack people that understand the world better then them, they’re walking zombies = @San Isidro who thinks the WC doesn’t have a centimetre of rigging in it. Infantino already KNOWS the winner. He’s just an actor sitting watching these games laughing in his head. This WC was definitely rigged in some matches.

          I doubt they get all these players on board with the idea so they could use some type of special prayers.

        • holy shit….CAI….you must be the person uploading those illuminati youtube videos…..

          same bS with the numbers…..

          8 is the magic number
          11 players= 11 illuminati steps
          11 shots to penalty bla bla bla.. .

          • @3RDcupStateofMind I don’t upload anything. I copied and pasted that of a thread hahaha.

            It would take me a week to research all that. This WC was held in Russia. That should been enough proof lol…

  14. People on here still with the personal attacking nonsense. I stand by comment, Russia would have easily beaten this Argentina team by 4 or 5 goals. Same for Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, England, Belgium etc. Argentina was an overrated JOKE of a team at this year World Cup. Without Messi and his youth U20 Championship team and Olympic Gold medal friends you’re left with an Argentina team at the level of Paraguay. It’s this simple, you’re not beating Russia or any other European team until Argentina evolve from medieval times, mediocre local talent won’t be enough. Stop kidding yourself, Argentina without “Messi friends” is mediocre.

    And I wasn’t contradicting myself. After the game against France I stated Argentina needed black players, this was against France! I later responded to another poster comment saying Argentina did not need speed to defeat teams like Iceland and Croatia in the group stage. So there you have it!

    Pavon was voted Argentina best local league player yet this guy is getting no serious attraction from any top European club. What does this tell you about the quality in the local league? Meza can’t even pass and control a ball so no wonder why scouts look else where for technical midfield players instead of Argentina. Most of Argentina “talented”young players are playing for midtable European team.

    Argentina failure to qualify for the 2009 youth World Cup, failure at the 2011, 2015 and 2017 youth World Cup is the reason why the national team had to carry on with the Messi generation for so long. What you guys expected U20 group stage exit players was going to win the FIFA senior World Cup for Argentina? Pavon was a flop at the U20 youth World Cup in 2015 yet people expected better of him today. Tagliafico was a flop at the U20 World Cup in 2011. Mundo recent favorite defender Pezella was also a flop at the 2011, U20 World Cup. There are more I forget about, most recently Ascacibar was a major flop at the 2017, U20 World Cup yet people wanted these youth failures in Argentina senior World Cup team who couldn’t even get out of the group stage at the U20’s.

    England won the U20 and U17 World Cup in 2017 yet none of those players are in the starting XI at the World Cup for the senior team yet U20 flops from Argentina should get promotion to the senior team in a World Cup year. Messi and his generation earn the call up to the senior team because they won the u20, Olympics and play for some of the best clubs in Europe. What have this new Argentina generation done to merit them a place on the senior team? This is by far the worst Argentina generation I have seen to date. And yes, the Argentina senior team need diversity if they’re going to ever win the World Cup again. There I said it again.

    • Hey man since we are a joke than this will be your last post on this site. Please leave this site if you feel this way.
      Go follow France or whomever wins the World Cup. Just get on that bandwagon.
      But whatever you do….please leave.
      This site doesn’t need people that pretend they know football and then consistently post absolute ignorance day after day in perpetuity.

      • this dude….”Russia scores 4 or 5 on us”

        the same Russia that only beat Spain on penalities and loses to Croatia on penalties.

        This Argentina side….despite no emphasis on Defense ,mid field, and a fucking chilean coach…..

        1. dont concede a goal to Croatia and at worse tie the game…likely win.

        2. dont concede a goal against Spain and score first likely tie, win, or lose by one maybe two goal difference (at the end of the it was only a friendly)

        • It’s not ignorance man, Sterling immigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to England at 15 years old and now he is playing for the England national team..Would Sterling have played for Argentina senior team if he had immigrated to the country with his family at 15 years old? I doubt it!! Jean Beausejour the Chilean international who won Copa America is of Haitian back ground, would this guy get the same chance to play for Argentina if he was living in the country? It’s a shame you guys never gave Fernando Tissone a spot on the Argentina national team. Pass on a message to the AFA and tell them, that the Argentina national and youth teams need more diversity. I only speak the TRUTH not ignorance..

          • Dude
            Get off this site. There are plenty of other causes you clearly need to address like all the social injustices in the world. You and the play Israel guy are cut from the same cloth.
            Good luck in life.

          • If Beausejour were Argentine and was good enough, I don’t think he would have been excluded solely based on his skin colour. Was Tissone ever a national team material? I doubt it. It’s not like all Argentine players are white, there are plenty of mestizo players as I mentioned in my other post.

    • gunners reportedly made an offer for Pavon in Jnaurary. He is on his way out….

      dude….youre talking about Argentina’s league as it’s Mexico….. be for real…. yeah its not the same as yesteryear but Argentina will always be one of the leaders of exporting.

      let me make it sound simple….it’s all easier said than done right?

      we need
      1. A coach staff, that will stick around

      2. emphasis on goal keeper development

      3. emphasis on defensive development

      thats basically it.. yup… n

      Our attacking prowess has always been promient and not sure if you noticed it got better within in the last 10 years.

      winning SUBS means shit at this stage. how many does Argentina have again? and only 2 WC’s.

    • Kid, here, I’m saying it again, Afro-Argentines are less than 1% of Argentina’s population. Unlike Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil, Argentina simply does not have them in significant numbers. Argentines are primarily of Italian and Spanish descent with some other Europeans mixed in (German, Polish, etc), although some players are likely mestizo (Native American and European mix) such as Enzo Perez, Meza, Garay, Kranevitter, J.L. Gomez, Centurion..

  15. touching on leadership….

    Didn’t Bilardo have the balls to bench Maradona once to?

    have to wait and see how all the Samerican nations bounce back from this.

    I’m still cynical about Fifa / WC’s being fixed and favored…. AFA is a joke too.

    almost feel like the main goal for our Adult teams should be COPA America 2019 now (and 2023) We need to win properly in Conmebol for once to begin thinking about WC finals again.

    Lautaro to Inter…
    Dybala on his way out?
    Will Lo Celso build on his forn or maintain.

    will be an interesting yr for futbol!

    • Copa America will be held on even years starting 2020, The Copa America after 2019 will be either 2020 or 2024.

  16. Argentina lost because the cancelled ISRAEL friendly.

    Check this out: When Argentina lost 3-0 vs Croatia EXACTLY after the game Miri Regev the Israelian Minister of Culture and Sports said this: ‘WHEN IT IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, WHO MESSES WITH THEM, THEY *CRASH.*’

    Even before the game when Israel heard Argentina might quit the Zion’s threatened them with fake news like Sampaoli had sexually assaulted someone or Messi had to questioned of Panama again for example.

    When Messi misses a penalty Israeli minister Avigdor Liberman said: ‘Messi missed the penalty because he and Argentina didn’t play the friendly game vs Israel.’ They’re telling you the truth. Get with the program!

    Sampaoli was forced and paid to sabotage his squad by Israel.

    Also I find it funny how Messi says after he messed the penalty: ‘If I’d scored the penalty *it would’ve have changed the SCRIPT*’. Argentina were forced to lose.

    • I know it’s very hard for you but try to grow a brain.

      There is no place for faith on a sporting forum. Do not bring religion into sports.

    • loco…^ this guy is Chilean and obviously anti semitic…..

      you sound like the same Jews youre bashing….and chilean LOL.

      you know how i know ….NO BODY PRAISED CHILE, as much I feel USA espn and fox sports here in America arent partial to our football …..every article was a shock and awe at Argentina losing…..i never once heard any one praise Chile.

      the only person who praised Chile was that cunt Lowe from Germany. and he likely did it to spite us(Argentina) …


      • I’m talking about fans. Not bothered about pundits or managers.

        I don’t love Chile or hate Israel. It’s sadly the truth. You’re just blind and be-LIE-ve everything you see lol…

        Israeli leaders have told you with their own mouth.

        The blind will always be blind.

    • I agree, it had nothing to do with the fact that Argentina had an incompetent coach the likes of which we haven’t seen since Diego or the fact that the wrong tactics and personnel were selected, No it all had to do with some stupid superstition associated with a country proud of it’s terrorist like tactics *insert sarcasm* here incase you missed it.

  17. que va ser pibes!?!?

    toco y me voy la camiseta es como un dios!!!!!!!

    anybody watching UFC 227 tonight?

    the Croatian Stipe Miocic vs DC!

  18. All
    We had a bad World Cup due to lack of preparation and poor leadership from the manager. The manager lost control of this team long before the World Cup began and that’s pretty much the long and short of it.
    To all that post stupid crap like Kiduninformed that we would lose by 4 or 5 goals to Russia think before you post.
    We need organization, we need leadership, and preparation. All 32 teams are there to win the World Cup, and anything can happen. Even small teams had to battle to get here. Yes we have the most talent but we whore all the players out to Europe for money. Until this all changes, we won’t win anything.
    But let’s try to keep the postings informative instead of nonstop lineups and emotional garbage like some of the crap below.

    • Leadership is the key. A coach who is the boss, and a player who is a leader on the pitch.
      A coach who convince the players of his tactics without getting lost between this and that.
      Sampa got lost between his tactics and the players who could not keep up physically. He should have noticed that and switch tactics.

  19. I read all your comments. Some of you are correct. But i think the fault for all this fiasco is for sure on SAMPAOLI and macherano and little on messi and the others. First the selection of the 23 players. It was unbelievable bad. When you have super talented players young and old and you leave them outside the team so you can take(Biglia Macherano who play in china higuain who is responsible for lost finals acuna salvio fazio enzo cabalero meza who you can see his is not ready for strong games already you have 9 players not for a team like Argentina and plus you put them play. Other thing from the moment you come us coach of a big national team you try so many players and you try every game different formations. There is no plan or organisation. I will not talk about the formation or the players that was playing in THIS WC because for me it was a circus. The formation of Argentina should be 2. 4 4 2 diamond or 4 3 3. Messi should always play as your number 10 and be involved as more as possible like maradona Riquelme aimar. You put next to him good midfield players that can play attack and defence (lo celso banega paredes ascacibar and others that can play with him and understand him fast play 1 2. The team that had to play in this WC should have been : ROMERO ANDALDI GARAY OTAMENDI ROJO. PAREDES LO CELSO MESSI. DYBALA ICARDI OCAMPOS. THE THING THAT MAKE ME ANGRY THE MOST IS THAT WE HAVE THE PLAYERS TO WIN AND PLAY AND BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL AND WE DONT. I DONT CARE WHO’S FAULT IS IT. THEY HAVE TO FIX EVERYTHING ESPECIALLY FOR THIS AMAZING CROWD THAT WAS THE BEST I EVER SHOW

    • Amazing crowd indeed and you know what, when it comes to common people like us, and surely not to journalists and media who are serving a cause, most of them support Argentina! I strongly believe that Argentina is the most beloved team worldwide, even in my country in Greece when i talk football with other common people, the majority supports Argentina because it has something special other teams don’t.

      That is why this backstage circus has to end and put right people in the right places and let them work longterm piecefully! This is our only problem but big enough to make us hit rock bottom as our main enemy is ourselves.

      Offtopic: How is it possible an Argentina fan to root for Brazil after our disqualification??
      I am super glad that the shity yellow team crushed, i was celebrating!

    • No Paredes please, he’s also not proven. And Ocampos? Who the hell is him? I mean I’ve heard his name, so?

      Banega and Aguero are right choices and performed under right tactic. And Romero WAS in the squad anyway before he got the injury. And Lanzini too.

      My formation should Romero and Lanzini we’re fit:

      A bit worry in defense though, lol. Only played Banega when we have a slow opponent (no France type). And younger DM like Ascacibar would nail it. He’s also not proven, but if he had entered selection sooner and were picked from months ago, he would have been the player (to answer Masche’s replacement). Battaglia is another contender.

      Well I’m putting this for Copa, that if Messi still want to wear the shirt. If not it’s Dybala’s time and take Martinez at least as a substitute.

      And Maybe Icardi? Since the seniors are gone.

    • why….why de we never play messi as an enganche is beyond me.

      Garay too, he was the first defender ive ever gotten behind in the past 6 yrs.

      why wasnt he called…. also why in the F did he ever go to Russian League….maybe thats karma… he saw money more enticing than progress … damn shame…. but oh well got to keep moving forward

  20. by far the worst world cup ever.

    England is in the final…that says it all.

    i was rooting for Brazil to bring it back to South America (in the end) ….but it’s obvious these things are terribly fixed.

    besides needing to rebuild everything (Argentina) dont expect Argentina to win until we get a AMERICAN PRESIDENT HEAD OF FIFA.











      I have that thought crossing my mind ,too. He deliberately destroyed our chances in this WC. maybe he is looking for that 20 mil.

      I still don’t understand why he played high defense line, and why he did not defend a 2-1 lead against France. This WC should belong to us, easily. Why he kept throwing Meza in and not Lo Celso or Dybala, Why he played with no striker while he has Aguero on the bench? Why,Why? Why he played Acuna and Salvio as full backs when they play as wingers? Why he dropped lamela? too many questions surrounding his failed tactics and substitutions. If he accepted the formation of the players he should have used them accordingly.

      • i understand im over reactng a bit…honestly to think we deserved the WC since Sampaoli started coaching is a bit far fetched but we should have been in the top 3. how the fuck do you not commit to some formation.

        exactly ….why in the fuck of everything do you play a high line Defense….

        why do you play against iceland in a defensive formation.

        i bask in Brazil and every latin america. soccer team failing… behind Argentina.

        but Brazil having advanced was an ounce of glimour for South american futbol.

        why the fuck should i get behind Uruguay….

        i said here they would lose

        i didnt watch their match. but ill double down Tabarez is the Uruguayian Arsene Wenger.

        everytime they face strong opponents they park the bus, cavani falls back to play D and Saurez chokes magnificently.

        at least the Brazilian have the attacking mentality that Argentina does. im Argentine, ill never root for Brazil but ill appreciate their players and what theyve done and i know there are brazilians who feel the same way. im pretty sure we had some brazilian fans in this group at some moments as well

    • oh and sorry….European futbol isnt trash (im obviously a bit upset) .

      south american is still better!

  21. This is the same Russian team we beat convincingly few months ago. Only a stubborn fool like Sampaoli can manage to make a three major competition finalist team a mediocre team in a matter of 12 months. Congratulations Baldy !! You have written your name in the history. You are by far the most foolish manager of this world cup by miles.

    Also how the hell the Russians are able to keep up the speed in the additional time also? Look at the Croatians they look dead tired the Russians on the other hand look as fresh as start of the match.

    • Beat convincingly? Argentina won with a offside goal..Argentina = OVERRATED. If Argentina had played Russia at this world cup they would have lost by 4-5 goals..The Russian crowd alone would make the Argentina players shrink on the pitch..Argentina would also lose to every other European team at this year world cup.

      • Kid
        I have been reading your comments and if you think we would lose to Russia by 4 or 5 goals you don’t know jack shit about football.
        I already called you out for posting stupid crap before and now I will continue if you don’t start putting some thought in your posts instead of writing crap like an emotional hormone.
        Argentina doesn’t need uninformed fans like you nor does this forum.

  22. Gonzalo is a critic of Messi and I can understand that. However WC2022 is a troll and I just can’t understand how he is still not banned.

  23. Man, I think I strongly disagree with some of the comments here. Some say that we don’t need our players playing for big clubs to “succeed” in the World cup. It depends how you describe “succeed”. If you mean playing beautifully or sexy latino futbol, then we are talking about 2 totally different things. For some reason, a lot of people think that our WC 2006 was a “success” just because we had that 50+ plus passing in Cambiasso’s goal and we played like a team there. Success my ass!

    Don’t you guys know that 43.85 million of Argentina is waiting for the trophy? No they are not satisfied by being labelled as “the sexiest team”. They are tired of that.

    And yesterday I said we need our players to play in big clubs and some here think that our players can play for small/mediocre clubs and as long as we play like a team then we will win. I mean REALLY?

    So you’re saying if our team consists of players from Stuttgart, Bari, Lecce, Como, Benfica, Alaves, Elche, San Lorenzo, and so on, we would capture the World Cup? Wow…. this place has been extremely biased now.

    1. Why do Croatia rely on Madrid’s Modric and Barca’s Rakitic and Juventus Mandzukic? Do you think they rely on the likes of Vida or Strinic? NO others are pretty much role players. The stars lead the way.
    2. Why do you think Belgium are in the semis. Who are their stars? Answer: Manchester United Lukaku, Manchester City’s De Bruyne, Kompany. Chelsea’s Hazard and Courtois, PSG’s Meunier. What is the similarity of those teams? They play in the Champions league as CONTENDERS and THESE PLAYERS ARE KEY PLAYERS of their teams! (Meunier sometimes starts instead of Alves).
    3. Do you think the likes of Rakitic or Modrid would be the player they are today if they stayed in Sevilla or Hotspur? NO WAY! Do you think Zidane, CR7, Neymar would be the same Zidane, CR7, and Neymar if they kept playing for Bordeaux, Sporting, or Santos?

    In the same way, I think Lanzini or Paredes would be a much better player if they are transferred to one of the European giants, not just West Ham or Zenit (some of those teams won’t play even in the UEFA league)!

    There is nothing to be proud about of our players doing well in small team as key players. Everyone wants to move to bigger teams. That’s normal. So stop bragging these new comers who was the man of the match for West Ham or Lecce for one or two games. For me a good achievement is if they consistently keep playing good in their European career, and then the next year a bigger team buys them and they prove that they can be the key players there and play good. THAT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT!

    Playing regularly (I repeat REGULARLY!) for world class teams build your confidence that you are a world class player. Their mental aspects/confidence grow tremendously there because they believe that they are the world best players.

    Some of you brought the names of our “stars” who played for mediocre teams like Riquelme or Aimar. Well first of all, Villarreal was in the semis of the Champions league one time, and Aimar’s Valencia was the CL finalist. I respect them, but did they even bring our team to the semi final of the World Cup? Let alone the trophy. What? You want to bring their “succeed” in the World Cup 2006 again now? So sweet.

    What about Russia in this World Cup and South Korea in 2002? Why are they a major surprise without anyone playing in the big clubs. Well because they are the hosts! These two teams are just World Cup first rounder regularly before they became the host.

    England? Well don’t mention them. They are just pure lucky this year. Their group and journey to the final was supposed to be among the hardest when they were put in the group G in December 2017. They were supposed to meet Germany in the QF and Argentina in the semis. Even before reaching semis, they were just a penalty shoot away from being eliminated by Colombia.

    The fact that our players play regularly for the world class teams are the only way to show that our teams are acknowledged by the WHOLE WORLD (not just by Mundo Albiceleste’s biased childish community) that they are superb players. They scouts, the fans, the experts, the players, and the coaches acknowledge them that they are very good players.

    The big clubs are not that stupid to select mediocre players to play for their clubs. Only the best can play for them. And remember I am saying they must play regularly for the big clubs, not just bench warmers.

    • Another one I forgot, the semi finalist, France: Their stars: PSG’s Mbappe, Atletico’s Griezmann, MU’s Pogba, Chelsea’s Kante, Juventus Matuidi, Madrid’s Varane, Barca’s Umtiti.

      The likes Of Pastore and Lamela are 2 examples of players who are stubborn. These 2 are never key players for PSG and Hotspur, but they don’t want to move. They should have moved to a smaller team for ONE YEAR to prove their worth and move again to the bigger club the next year. Pastore was a star for Palermo, and Lamela was the star for Roma. Their futures were supposed to be bright.

    • I second that.

      And some of the morons here want Argentina to play some unknown players based in Argentina league in the first 11 (They should be squad players unless they earn their starting place and play consistently) instead of the players who are playing key roles at big clubs in the Europe.

    • I think it is better to play whole new and young players in friendlies, and then integrate back some senior players back in the team.

      Chile v Argentina, 16 November 1994
      Manager: Daniel Passarella (Debut as coach)
      Assistant: Alejandro Sabella

      Carlos Bossio
      Rodolfo Arruabarena
      Nestor Fabbri
      Roberto Ayala
      Christian Bassedas
      Marcelo Escudero
      Fabian Espina
      Hugo Perez
      Javier Zanetti
      Ariel Ortega
      Sebastián Rambert

      Nelson Vivas
      Marcelo Gallardo
      Luis Alberto Carranza
      Jose Oscar Flores

      I think only Nestor Fabri and Ariel Ortega were the senior players in above list.
      Olympic 1996

      Carlos Bossio
      Roberto Ayala
      José Chamot
      Javier Zanetti
      Matías Almeyda
      Roberto Sensini
      Claudio López
      Diego Simeone
      Hernán Crespo
      Ariel Ortega
      Hugo Morales
      Pablo Cavallero
      Héctor Pineda
      Pablo Paz
      Christian Bassedas
      Gustavo López
      Marcelo Delgado
      Marcelo Gallardo

      Can also look the squad for Copa 1995, Copa 1997 and World Cup 1998.
      I think Passarella was a decent coach with Sabella and Gallego as his assistants.

    • Can’t be better said! Champion team needs world class players who play for BIG teams in the BIG stage! We can be a QF team with average players and good team chemistry but to be the champions we DO need something special, a super star!

    • @el_principe
      You know what your posts used to have substance, now you’ve become as condescending as Kidulthood and that’s quite and accomplishment.
      I love how you through examples like France and Belguim but you conveniently neglect Brazil, Germany and Spain, the no.1, 2 and 3 team respectively when it comes to ‘strength on paper’.
      Do I think that having players who play regularly for big teams (aka ‘world class’ for some fans) is important? ofcourse it is, but do i think that a team can only succeed (in other words WIN the wc) by having ‘world class’ players then the answer is a resounding no. Take 2014 Argentina for example, Enzo, Biglia, Demichiles, Lavezzi, Rojo and Garay were all little known or solid players at best based on the standards by which you measure a player and it was those guys that got Argentina to the final after Messi lost steam while Argentina’s ‘world class players’ (messi, higuain) crapped the bed.
      put Dybala, Icardi, Celso and A.correa aside because the former 2 are world class players by every measurable standard while the latter 2 are highly rated players who play regularly for big teams (even though PSG are overrated IMO) and so you’re left with guys like J.Correa, Pavon, Cervi, Ocampos, Lanzini, Paredes, Ascacibar, Acuna Mammana, pezzella, Tagliafico, all of whom are skilled players who have proven themselves in europe on a regular basis and all have shown enough skill and grit to be atleast given a chance instead of the same ol’ losers/amigos that have plagued the NT for what seems like eons now.
      What I want is a player who plays regularly for his club in a strong league, someone who shows consistency and some one who actually saves some of his energy for the NT instead run himself to the ground for the sake of their club only to reach a tournament tired, injured or out of form (yes i’m looking at you Dimaria).

      • dude just because i sound like kidulthood doesnt mean that he is the standard of bad poster here. i am talking abt the truth. the one that always sounds stupid to me is obviously outlaw and u sound like him now in the last 2 years. sorry to say that. he is not a fan of Argentina. i know u are a fan of Argentina, but u sound too similar now. I hardly posted anything here for almost 4 years, I just want to post something that is the reality.

        do the reality check. say something and back up your words.

        i said france and belgium are full of world class players that is why they are in the semis. that is fact combined with analysis, not rubbish.

        one more thing: I DO watch Argentina league and it is my favorite league!

        • you mention brazil? brazil lost against belgium, another world class team. only one of them would go through. had they met denmark or sweden, they would be in the semis now.

          germany? too many good players in one team and the coach problem is the same as sampaoli’s: he could not decide which one is his best 11.

          spain? too much politics inside and too much reliant on ball possession game, which is an outdated tactic. In today’s futbol game, one can just sit back and hope for a 0-0 and defeat u in PK. it is that cruel.

          • u know i totally disagree that one has to sound like outlaw to be smart here and one has to sound like kid to be rubbish.

            i am analyzing what is happening. if our youngsters and leagues are good, then i would be praising them all over more than any of u.

            sadly we are in sharp decline now. and that is the fact. and NO i don’t sound like kid. i am sounding as real as possible based on real fact.

            if one day some of these youngsters are getting better and better until they become among the world best, then I’d be extremely happy… but as of now they are NOT there yet. period.

          • Ok first of all who the heck is outlaw?

            2nd you saying that Belgium and France making it because they have world class squads isn’t what I have a problem with but the fact that only a team that has ‘world class players will succeed’ when clearly spain, brazil and germany fulfill that criteria and they all failed, THATS a reality check and that’s what backs my words.

            3rd I give you 3 legit examples in brazil, spain and germany and you tell me brazil met a strong opponent, spain had an internal politics problem and Germany had….too many good players on it’s team, so much so that the coach couldn’t decide!!! Are you kidding me?
            And what makes you think Brazil could’ve beaten a very determined and organized Denmark if they couldn’t even beat switzerland?

            Lastly who the hell is talking about the prirmera? I was talking about Paredes, Ascacibar, A and J Correa, Icardi, Dybala, Celso, Acuna, pezzella, Mammana, Tagliafico, Lanzini, Ocampos and Cervi, those players who have played well for their club and who deserve a shot after messi and his amigos helped ruin Argentina’s chances in this world cup.
            If you read any of my comments you’d realize that yeah I am optimistic about the primera’s talents but I never said for a second that the NT should be populated by talents from the primera unless these talents prove themselves in europe.
            I really like Gonzalo pity, Vargas, Robertone, Angeleri, but no way would I say that they be selected for the NT because they still haven’t proven themselves. Heck even Conti and Lautaro are still question marks because they’re yet to prove themselves in europe.
            Argentina’s football has lots and LOTS of problems however producing talent isn’t one of them, it’s like you said before; coaching problem and internal politics except those are legit reasons and not a bunch of excuses I made for other teams so I can win an argument on some fan forum.

        • I went to the stadium watching the league live a couple of times among River fans. I watched El conejito Saviola and Damian Alvarez beating estudiantes in their stadium. I watched some others. how about that?

  24. Sampaoli made a lot of mistakes in this WC:

    1) Started with double pivot against Iceland (a team that would not possess the ball for less than 20%). That was the dumbest decision a coach can make, I thought. But I was mistaken.

    2) Starting a new formation in the midst of a crucial world cup game was even worse. And on top of it, it was pretty clear that we don’t have the players to play 3-5-2 and our players don’t have any experience playing in that system. Sampaoli had never tried it with those players before. Sounds like a recipe for disaster? It was exactly what happened.

    3) He made the same mistake against France. Messi played as false 9 for the first time under Sampaoli but without anyone to complement him. Try something new in the biggest match of the world cup? Crazy guy!

    4) Didn’t play our best midfielder of past season, Lo Celso, at all. It will remain as the biggest mystery of this world cup. Lo Celso had features in almost all games before the WC.

    5) Didn’t play our second best player, Dybala, with a proper system. At worse, he could have played him at RW instead of Pavon in the match against France.

    6) Started with Caballero eventhough he looked very shaky in the match against Spain. GKs making mistakes are not uncommon, but if the GK is not playing convincingly, you should not stick with him.

    This should have been our 11 in the WC matches:

    vs Iceland (against park the bus)

    Salvio | Otamendi | Fazio | Tagliafico
    Lo Celso | Mascherano | Banega
    Messi | DiMaria

    vs Croatia (Against strong midfield)
    Mercado | Otamendi | Fazio | Tagliafico
    Lo Celso | Mascherano | Banega
    Messi | DiMaria

    vs Nigeria:
    Mercado | Otamendi | Fazio | Tagliafico
    Lo Celso | Mascherano | Banega
    Messi | DiMaria

    vs France: (against the most devastating counter attack team)
    Salvio | Otamendi | Mascherano | Fazio | Tagliafico
    Lo Celso | Banega
    Messi | DiMaria

    Both Lo Celso & Banega can also do the job of destroyer. Both of them can make glorious passes for Messi & co.

    I’m pretty sure our defense looked shit mainly due to the system rather than the players. Sampaoli should have acted as a smart coach, one who can exploit the weakness of opponents and reduce the impact of their strengths. His game plan was totally a mess against Croatia and France. We just played exactly how they wanted us to play.

    Our other problem was we didn’t have many youngsters in the squad. But that was not Sampa’s fault. That blame should goto previous AFA & coaches. There were no way Sampa can find a replacement for players like Mascherano in the past year. His problem was, he didn’t play even those who performed well in the matches prior to WC.

  25. This world cup is pure mediocrity. Look at VAR penalties, dead ball situation and goals especially on one side of bracket. All teams on that side are plain shit England, Russia,Sweden,Croatia(made look good by us). I will not be surprised if Russia wins against Croatia. England vs Russia will be fun for English media, who have here already started blaming Russians for effective doping. There will be too much pressure on FIFA to make Russians loose. I wished for England loosing to Sweden but this is what it is now…

      • I also think Russian players are doping, their energy level is abnormal and that caught me attention.

        • of course and the Russians are doping.
          just i find comedy if really English speaking for doping because they
          and the Germans are the inventors of doping.

          plus in our century nobody is clean.
          everybody have private doctors and taking “innocent ” medicines.
          nobody have right to accuse nobody for doping in our century.

  26. 35 man squad . Only name missing is Lamela, not many agree here but he is our complete CM. Pochetino has made him a complete midfielder. His injury & his selfish teammates in spurs made his stats look average.

    Goalkeepers: Sergio Romero, Nahuel Guzman, Willy Caballero, Franco Armani

    Defenders: Gabriel Mercado, Javier Mascherano, Nicolás Otamendi, Federico Fazio, Nicolás Tagliafico, Marcos Rojo, Marcos Acuña, Ramiro Funes Mori, Cristian Ansaldi, Eduardo Salvio, Germán Pezzella

    Midfielders: Ángel Di María, Ever Banega, Lucas Biglia, Manuel Lanzini, Gio Lo Celso, Ricardo Centurión, Guido Pizarro, Leandro Paredes, Maximiliano Meza, Enzo Pérez, Pablo Pérez, Rodrigo Battaglia, Cristian Pavón

    Forwards: Lionel Messi, Sergio Agüero, Gonzalo Higuaín, Paulo Dybala, Mauro Icardi, Lautaro Martínez, Diego Perotti

    • How did Baldy come up with that 23 man squad still amazes me!!! Pavon for Perroti????? Meza over Lamela, Papu Gomez, Fiorentina’s best defender last season Pezzella not in the squad, Masche and Biglia together over Paredes , Battaglia !! Higuain over Icardi!! SMH!!! Seems like Sampaoli and his staff did some homework while announcing his 35 preliminary list of players. Then enters Mascherano from Chinese league in the training camp and then we have the worst 23 man squad of all time. I don’t blame Sampaoli for our keeper drought. He couldn’t do much there but other than that it was Mr Mad scientist and his boss Mascherano everywhere. If you think Masche and Co didn’t influence the team then you are even bigger fool than Sampaoli!!!!

      • Mascherano and Messi selected the final 23 players. Even when Lanzini got injured, they sent for Perez an old buddy of them. Sampaoli wanted to go for energetic big guns but they wanted their buddies. Meza wasn’t Sampaoli preferred choice, rather he’s Messi’s buddy. Again Messi’s leniency toward playing with friends cost him this world cup.

        • Even if they did, sampa should find a plan to suit them instead of asking them to execute a plan that they can’t execute. any average coach would have gone far in this WC with ‘friends club’ as you call it, but he needed to play by the book without high defense line that sampa is obsessed with. he converted 2 wings into full backs, right or wrong? he demanded too much of them, if he agreed, then he should have changed his tactics

        • messi is a victim of mache selection, higuain cost messi nt and cr7 ucl. Cr7 kicked higuain from real and won ucl and messi selected higuain for failing again and drop best friend Aguero never acceptable, it mache who decides everything

  27. Is it me, or is this World Cup one of the most boring in a while?
    Sweden vs England is just awful.
    Croatia vs Russia won’t be any better.
    Most of Uruguay’s games! Same when they played Portugal.
    The only games that were “entertaining” was POR 3-3 ESP and FRA 4-3 ARG. All the other games were mediocre at best. Just defend, pass it to the back, build up slowly, repeat. Teams that provide flair like Brazil, Argentina (with a bit of Messi magic), Spain are out.
    I guess that’s what happens when Italy, Netherlands don’t qualify.
    I’ve never Found European teams playing against each other entertaining. Just a show of strength and long balls. South American teams play more, while Spain and Italy are the only European teams that play.

    This tournament might as well be renamed Euro 2018.

    • You have not seen many matches it seems. Almost all of Germany’s matches were entertaining. Belgium-Brazil was entertaining while Belgium – Japan could be the best game of this WC.

      Due to the quality of less known teams and upsets, this world cup has been brilliant for me, much better than 2014. The only disappointment is our beloved side is already out.

    • Also Mexico vs Germany was one of stunning games in this tournament. But France vs Argentina was the best by far.

  28. I’m not a Messi fanboy and supporting Albiceleste since 1986 . But I still don’t understand why are we critizing Messi for WC debacle? Did Messi leaked those goals?

    The only thing Messi needs to change is quitting attitude. If opposition scores, he will put his head down.

    Im sure you put Messi in Uruguayan team and will guarantee they will at least pass semifinal.
    Y? Because they have balanced midfield and back.

    Plus, those who are supporting Sampaoli, please tell me he saw how we are struggling in second half from the friendlies but still learnt nothing.

    How can you trust him for next year Copa?

    Nigeria 0 -2 Argentina
    Spain 1-1 Argentina
    Croatia 0-0 Argentina

    Second half:
    Nigeria 4-2 Argentina
    Spain 6-1 Argentina
    Croatia 3-0 Argentina

  29. Argentina suddenly lost their identity. When did we see a play from Argentina and said,”UFF WHAT A PLAY”. We say this more often after seeing Messi playing jot Argentina anymore. Few of us here actually wrote this before that we became too much depended on Messi. I was not giving importance. I thought they are negative vibe but now actually if we look Argentina is like Messi. No team,No unity on the field but off the field they united against Coaching stuff and press. I am proud of this generation but time to leave now. Tapia should decide quickly about coaching situation. Even the new coach call few old players they should stay away from influence the dressing room. The way i see there won’t me much change. AFA needs to milk Messi and so bullshit will continue without future. I hope i am wrong

    • That’s why Messi needs to go for all the reasons you mentioned. Also he’s not young anymore, so we won’t expect from him miracles like scoring against Iran in dying minutes. I probably said that million times: our game against Ecuador was fixed. Go rewatch and you know what I mean.

  30. England are playing 3-5-2 and succeeding the same system sampaoli wanted to play but couldn’t because of player interference.

    • Thank you. Yes Sampaoli made awful mistakes but player gets the blame too. This generation is too much powerful for any coach. BECA didn’t leave for Sampaoli. He left because of the players.pocho,Cholo,Bielsa all refused because of this reason. They knew players influence is too powerful in Argentine team right now. Sampaoli took over and asked for 2022 because he knew that happened. But he didn’t know and we didn’t know this will happen

    • The main difference is the English players play in bloc unlike us. When someone lost the ball, they cover immediately each other and fight hard to win back the ball. Other difference is the age, England team is the youngest of this competition and ours is the eldest. In terms of quality, ours are more technical but theirs are smarter. So add up all these factors, there is a big gap.

      • Despite the wrong/unwilling players the system was perfect v croatia before willy blunder.
        The difference with england is their players are willing to play the system.

      • You can’t advance in WC or win it without having young squad and young subs who make the difference. I mentioned that before the tournament and everyone stormed at me like I was saying something violated the rules of every creed or religion. Now everyone is realizing that experienced washed out players in most giant teams did horrible and only young players can go farther in the competition.

    • The 3-5-2 formation was a debacle against Bosnia Herz back in 2014 when Sabella tried it, the team had to switch back to it’s usual 4-3-3 formation in second half and that’s when Argentina game improved. England have quick and athletic players like Ashley Young, Trippier and Kyle Walker to make the 3-5-2 formation effective. When Argentina used the 3-5-2 formation against Bosnia Herz back in 2014, Campagnaro had more touches on the ball than any other player in the first half for Argentina because most of the possession was in their own half.

    • England right wing player kiron tripper play in defense for whole year same as aslay young for manu while our right or left wing player salvio & acuna not familiar with that role in benfica or sporting respectively, playing 3 defense need practices .If you noticed you saw that in the 1st half Croatia created chances from salvio side.Sampaoli had many tactical mistakes like not playing ansaldi instead of taglafico ( France scored 3 goals from taglafico side), playing messi as false 9( not utilized Aguero or heiguine from start), after leading 2-1 still pressing, bring in meza ( even don’t know how to control the ball though he is best player for someone in this blog) etc.Afa should get rid of sampaoli because he even can’t taken basic decision properly.

    • Some people have no clue. 3-5-2 worked well for Chile, England, Nigeria etc and not for us because they have the players suited for that type of football and we don’t have. That system requires athletic players as wing backs and midfielders which we didn’t have.

    • No, our squad can not play 3-5-2, he should switched to 4-4-2. to play 3-5-2 you need athletic young players, high defense line is his major mistake, 7 out of the 9 goals we conceded were because of his tactics of employing a high defense line.
      A smart coach should hatch a plan according to players abilities, not look for players for specific plan.
      even when he played false 9, he needed Inverted wingers so it’s easier to shoot on goal or cut in the box when the false 9 has the ball. most of the crosses into the 18 went to French defenders because we had no presence there, and he needed 2 very athletic full backs to run back and defend. which we don’t have. high pressing football requires very athletic players, which our squad does not have. that simple. Sampa is a failure, he had no plan A, let alone plan B. changing formation 15 times in 15 matches tells it all.

  31. France plays similar football to Argentina 2014: solid defense with 4 CB, 3-men midfield with high work rate, Kante is the new Mascherano, Pogba and Matuidi the box to box, up front Giroud plays the pivot role as Higuain, Griezmann as the playmaker 9 half like Messi and Mbappe the powerful fast winger like Lavezzi.

    I think they are as strong as this Argentina team and may win the WC. Why Sampaoli and Martino believe blindly in possession football when others inspire from your own football? They should have simply continue Sabella’s work instead of pretending can do better. Those coaches said they worship Bielsa and thought they can help team to play the true Argentina football. But did Bielsa win something at high level? He is a great coach for young team or small club, and maybe a good inspiration for many other coaches but his philosophy will never work at high level. It’s a good concept to sell dreams but in practice never work.

    I prefer coaches much more down to earth and pragmatic who knows how to use the existing players instead of claiming the tactics are more important than the players.

  32. Sampoli made such a great mistakes that coated us WC but we should thank him for bringing Lo celso and Lanzini.They are best midfielder and more importantly creative like Xavi and Iniesta.Cops should be won in 2019.It is time to say good by to Banega after 2019 copa.We need new coach

    • We should thank Emery for giving his chance to Lo Celso, who becomes a great midfielder with PSG. Lanzini has been doing well since 2-3 years with his club. Sampaoli has little to do with that.

      The players that Sampaoli brought us are Pavon, Tagliafico and Meza. We all saw what they worth really. Myself I am very disappointed.

  33. Our fucking morons AFA,FANS and players should learn from England. After 2016 now they have identity and we have only Messi and AFA & FANS without any patience . Angry and frustrated a big nation of football became shit hole in football because of internal politics. Whoever fucking coach is next should have full power. All those claims ain’t false after all that players takin over in dressing room. Coach should be boss no more fuck around

    • Shut your mouth.Coach is the reason for our downfall.I do not why when they come to coach Argentina even the top class they infected with coach Argentina error.They decline in Argentina

      • You idiot. Keep dreaming on that. Keep changing coach like this,like that helping for you. Sabella was so successful because he was around long time than any other few recent coach. Remember moron like you actually calling Sabella out in first few games. Read before you writte.

    • we don t have to learn anything from England.
      it is one shit team that got lucky in draw.
      lucky with Colombia and they lost with the first serious team that they played. Belgium.

      • They are not playing bad. They have plan and unitym defending as a team and attacking as a team. YES they are enemy but i am envy of them. Wish my team still here now

        • yes they are not playing bad but they don t play good too.
          i believe the type of football that you mean is Belgium type.
          not England.

          Argentina have much more talent than English.
          Our problem is the tactics and the strategy.

          sure you are right about last. i wish our team be there too but…..

    • Not wrong. England is very strong with corners and free kicks. We don’t train that kind of players in school but we should. Besides Deschamps after the game said that the main weakness of Argentina is our players don’t like to defend, however it was the trademark of Sabella. Its definitely the quality we need to find back.

    • Learn from England?? The most overrated underachievers in football history? They have done jack s**t since 1966.
      Yes they made the semi’s after beating the mighty Sweden AFTER losing (intentionally) to Belgium inorder to avoid the tough side of the bracket.

      • I wasn’t talking about their football. I was talking about their structure, dedication. Last few years was spain and German now I feel like it is France and England. I hate England because i bleed Argentine but we should take example of their structure.

        • what structure? they played one, just ONE good team (Belgium) and they lost! Argentina made 3 finals in 3 years running and I (and most Argentine fans) call that failure and now England make first semi since 1990 and suddenly they’re an example that should be followed?
          Tell you what, Germany is an example that should be followed, yes they crapped the bed this WC but watch how they’ll restructure their whole footballing system just like they did after their 2004 euro debacle and will come back stronger than ever.

  34. Mascherano at best could only be our substitute brought off the bench around 15 to 20 mins left to close games . Not only he played as a starter he even pressed high up as if he was our attacking mid and with his aging legs couldn’t catch up with opponent’s players when we often lost the possession of the ball. Thats how we were exposed. Mascherano trying to be our Riquelme.

    When you have 🐌 slow players like Mascherano, Biglia, Mercado, Banega,Enzo who were all starters only idiot like Sampaoli will go for high pressing full attack strategy. Everyone saw how old , slow and weak our defense and midfield was against Spain but Sampaoli saw how positive we looked in the first 60mins with Meza shining like Messi.

    Look at England they had average experienced goal keeper like Joe hart but instead of risking with out of form goalkeeper they went with young keepers. They might lose today but it did pay dividend.

    I am 100% sure the dispute between Sampaoli and His assistant happened after selfish Mascherano and co interfered in player selections. Only stupid coach like Sampaoli and selfish dictator Mascherano aka Chinese league player can select a 23 man squad like that. Had we won our group this world would have been ours. Damn!! This feeling of missing out is going to stay with me forever. Hey mr positive thinkers ya all still think Masche’s & co mafia didn’t exist right? Hahaha.

  35. 2022 world cup is reserved for Argentina
    – 1986
    – 2022

    Before that
    – 1978
    – 2014
    We came so close in 2014. We almost won it, I still could not figure out why we lost.
    We already have quality players for 2022, Messi can play as striker upfront. we just need to find a good backline and keeper that can last us till 2026.
    2026 world cup will also be played in Americas(Mexico,USA). We won there in 1986.

  36. Sweden doesn’t look the same team that played against Germany and Mexico. They are giving this overrated epl team too much respect. Lets see if the real Sweden turns up now.

  37. So its either be a new 2 time WC winner(France or England) or there will be a debutant WC Winner (Croatia or Belgium) I dont like this WC, After 2010 this one is bad in my charts. But has to say all the teams even smaller or mediocre nations are putting a fight now, they r not here just to represent. Japan, Iran, Iceland etc r examples. After long time none of the Original Super powers wont be in the Semis(Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Italy) atleast one among the 4 was usually there always, Germany and Brazil r so consistent in the WC’s. Its a Pinnacle of a tournament, Euro and Copa r there but a World Cup is something Special. What all madness is there in FIFA, The World cup is their Golden Child. I for one always like the Super powers to win it. There is a prestige in that.

  38. The name of Argentina (a Spanish adjective meaning “silvery”), traditionally called the Argentine in English, is ultimately derived from the Latin argentum “silver” !!

    Could be the reason why we are getting silverware ?

  39. Messi should do what Maradona did after 1990, semi retirement. Love Messi, the best player ever but reality is reality. He needs to be, Argentina needs him, away from the team for the next two three years. We need a clean, fresh start, with young players. Let them play, let them chart their own course. Argentina has ton of young talents, give them a chance, give them a chance and they’ll show what is speed, Argentina true caliber. Give them a chance. After 90 new team came in and they won what is still the last Argentina title. Then in 93 Maradona came back and paired with the young guns, played best ball in WC 94 before it was stolen from Argentina. I can see Messi becoming an outright midfielder and supplying great balls to young, already established, new guns. Sampaoli out, Messi long rest and on to victory in Brazil 2019. Vamos Argentina.

    • Exactly, last 2 Copas Argentina won without Maradona. He may back for 2022 WC if will be enough good and will not interfere with team cohesivness.

      After 1990 final it was obvious morale and quality is descending, refreshment is needed. You need always keep the finthe on the pulse to see wheter your team is not just reheated pork and feel time for changes.

      • Copa Americas B my friend like in 2004, were there Romario, Ronaldo, Bebeto, Leonardo, Dunga, Mauro Silva, Branco, Aldair etc in 91 or 93? No, no and no, the first full Copa was the Copa 2011, then 15 and 16.

        • @Csabalala

          It doesn’t matter. Argentina won 2 Copas within 2 years 1991, 1993 having refreshed team. No coincidence.

          Argentina with all your superstars and Messi as well can’t win 2 Copas within 2 years despite the fact the opponents teams were weakened as well. Poorest Brazil in history, Uruguay without Suarez, Mexico B team and more.

    • Haaaaaaa I LOVE IT, BRAZZUU, PAYBACK is a MOFo 😉

      maybe we should have more of these people from the video as members on this site to show them what it is like to be an exclusively ARGENTINA FAN.

  40. I am not sure if I am only one to think that South American team in this WC were fragile mentally. look at Cabellero, Muslera,Brazil, Colombia debacle..This is the reason I don’t want Pekerman, he lost lot of crucial matches involving penalties. I was watching Col-Eng, Col players were lost despite playing well in 2nd half.
    We could have done better against France with European coach. European coach not understanding Spanish will be better as they can ignore vile argentinian media…

  41. Sampaoli MUST go!!!! He’s the worst excuse for a coach I’ve ever seen!
    I always believe like Guardiola said that an Argentinian should be the coach for Argentina, as is a brazilian for Brazil, Spaniard for Spain, so on so forth.

    I think the team will get better, because the two pieces that everybody hated and made the defense weak and slow (Mascherano & Biglia) are gone! Whoever comes in HAS to replace those two DM positions. Defense will greatly be supported once a proper DM comes in, and attack would be boosted as well. Players like Paredes that have potential or Kranevitter that have already played the role would be my choice!

    Did anyone see how poorly Uruguay played against France? Makes it even worse knowing that we could’ve WON had it not been for Sambaldy choosing the wrong players (Mascherano for Lo Celso, Rojo for Fazio [penalty could’ve been avoided], Enzo for Dybala). WE SHOULD be in the semifinals not France, but that’s what we deserve for giving that bald midget the coaching job! I just hope we learn from this mistake! Also hope Messi stays for the 2022 WC, whether as a forward or deeper back, but his talent will be requiered as he is IRREPLACEABLE!

    • Players natural replacements for 2022 WC
      Peruzzi for Mercado
      Pezzella for Fazio
      Mussacchio for Otamendi
      Tagliafico stays
      Paredes/Kranevitter for Mascherano
      Lo Celso/Lamela for Banega
      Lanzini for Enzo
      J. Correa for Di Maria
      Martinez for Aguero (Martinez More versatile than Icardi)
      Dybala for Messi (If Messi retires. If not, then Dybala for Di Maria)

      Lanzini-Paredes/Kranevitter-Lo Celso/Lamela
      Messi/Dybala-Martinez-J. Correa/Dybala

      Messi/Dybala-Dybala/Lamela-Lanzini/J. Correa

      • Not a bad list thatguy however for me A.Correa or Pavon are almost like for like with Maria while Paredes for Banega and Ascacibar for Masch.

        Mussachio is good but he’s a bench player in a struggling team like Milan while Mammana has been impressive for both leon and Zenit so he’s the one I’d keep my eye on in addition to Conti who is now at Benfica.

    • you are very write he have to go YESTERDAY. he is a complete circus. even with this wrong SQUAD we went russia with the write formation and lineup everything would be different. fuck i am so angry

    • Higuain is not retired yet. He will definitely make a comeback with any low profile coach. Messi cant play in midfield as teams will play around him. It is better to keep Messi upfront with a striker.

      • Miroslav Klose despite being 36 played as a striker for World Cup winning Germany in 2014. And he scored goals and was important player for them as well, keeping the younger Podolski on the bench

    • “Did anyone see how poorly Uruguay played against France?”

      Are you serious? They have played good game. Their defence was well-organized. They neutralised Mbappe. The team was not ripped apart by France as Argentina. They had opportunities yet at the beginning of the game. The goals they lost: one is Muslera goal the second after free kick… France didn’t scored against them goals after flowing, run actions, no off the game goals apart Muslera flop. With second sting – Cavani – Uruguay wiould definitely found way to France net.

      • Exactly. That’s what I thought too. And if we had met them in the quarters we would’ve lost.

        The key is being organised at the back and midfield which Argentina weren’t at all.

      • Dude. With all due respect, Argentina is the ONLY team this World Cup who was beating France in this tournament! We were leading them 2-1, NO ONE was able to do that, but we were! And we put 3 past them! 3!!!! Imagine if Aguero has played the full 90, with Dybala intergrated! I guarantee that we would have beaten them! We had them against the ropes the final minutes!

        Sambaldy’s mistake as to put Meza as the final sub instead of Dybala. Meza who wasted a perfectly placed ball to cross for the equalizer the final minute. He panicked and just rocketed the ball of off Fazio! Dybala would have slid a pass right across who would have most likely either found some one who could at least shoot or hit a defender and have the possibility of going in or going out for a corner.

        Again, WRONG selection! Summary of Argentina’s World Cup Campaign! Makes me upset to think what could’ve been. We’ve beaten Uruguay before WITH Cavani, and we would have done it again!

        Uruguay is just a team that sits back, absorbs pressure, and waits for the opportunity to counter. Of Course they “neutralized” Mbappe, he’s just fast, like Pavon. When another team sits back, he’s useless. Argentina don’t sit back, we’re not pussies like that, we play! France were just the better team!

        Argentina could’ve taken them both with the RIGHT selection! Uruguay didn’t have Cavani because of injury, but Dybala and Aguero we’re healthy but on the bench!!!! Ffs

  42. To be honest Sampaoli regine unless AFA shacked. Sampaoli took NT job in a crisis when nobody want to take it. Yes Sampaoli is totally flopped but we at least give him one more chance in order to prove again. Sampaoli is a top class manager with out any doubt but become clueless with each and every passing time. Sampaoli had guts to drop Aguero/higuain, drop mache but his experiments failed then he lost his power. I think 23rd squad planed by mache not Sampaoli although messi remain a soft target, messi hasn’t strong personality otherwise higuain dropped forever who cost messi NT and Cristiano ucl success. Mache is playing 11 not lo celso proved old guards told Sampaoli the same generation took Argentina 2014-2016 three back to back final and will do the same again cost Argentina. Apart from Messi,Aguero,Otamendi,Benega no player from old guard deseve to be called up

    • If Sampaoli regine then he will no longer consider as big and always remembered as coward, i think old guard lost now Sampaoli should be given time to prove why he took this challenge. Sampaoli dream was to coach Argentina, he’ll not regine unless AFA shacked now hope for the best

  43. Look Sampaoli stay or not hardly matter if old guards continue to be called up. Even Sampaoli stay and starts building team under his system then 2 or 3year latter Argentina start dominating football again without even messi. Argentina can’t depend messi in order to success in 2022 so 2019 u20 world cup is very important in Argentina point of view and Olympic too, hope Sampaoli manage those squad and build a team with full of young fast player with match experience, I’m sure Argentina is going to win every trophy next 4year as Don Mache is no more

  44. Many fans in CONMEBOL in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Colombia cheer for Argentina when their own team goes out or because of a lack of success in their own national team. Colombia has historical links when Carlos Peucelle a great River player set up his footballing schools there and ties that have lasted at club level.

    Top Colombian kids still come to Argentina like Barrios because they see it as a finishing school. Uruguay is very similar culturally to Argentina and regarded as the little brothers so I was hoping they won yesterday. Of course there is rivalry and after the 1930 finals there was a fair amount of violence at the result in Argentina but brotherly squabbles.

    I would never cheer for Chile or Brazil. Brazilians always look down their noses for the most part on Argentinian football while Chile is a historical enemy off the pitch.

  45. I also recommended Pusetto to our club as a cheaper alternative to Pavon Gonzalo. I don’t like this club though Benfica and others in Portugal taking kids for cheap fees and if they do succeed selling them for large sums.

    Who benefits ? Benfica and the agents. The clubs that develop them back in Argentina get little back to help themselves.

    • “Who benefits ? Benfica and the agents. The clubs that develop them back in Argentina get little back to help themselves”.

      Oh, absolutely yes and there’s no other nation being so wastefull. Argentina clubs are ready to sell their talents at once instead keep them longer to raise the price.

      @ Brian

      may I ask what club you are scout?

  46. Beccacece hopefully will come back at some point. He is a talent coaching wise. I think he fell out perhaps because of Sampaoli bowing to players already within the squad demanding their friends be included. If you look at the initial lists that were made at the start of Sampaoli’s reign they were exactly the players playing in form.

    What has happened ? Perhaps the 6-1 disaster allowed the players already entrenched in the seleccion to force Sampaoli to change tack. He cannot have become such a disaster minus his assistant with Beccacece alongside him.

    I find it disturbing that clubs are refusing to release players to the AFA as was the case at the Olympics. The seleccion is the be all and end all of Argentine football. Is it because of money issues, or once again club presidents trying to show off their ‘power’. Whatever it is it needs to end soon.

    Clubs and the AFA need to work together especially on continental competitions, youth policy and a new divisional structure. Two top divisions of 18 teams each. Two relegated from the top and replaced by two from the second. Ends financial insecurity encourages teams in the second tier to field attacking and young players without fear and managers to develop.

    Best kids from the second get transferred into the first and create a better top level competition.

  47. The sad truth is Sampaoli had 20 days with his squad leading up to Iceland game. Yet he couldn’t find a convincing starting eleven.
    So what will he learn or change drastically when he next has the squad together? That will be far shorter time. 5 days maximum?
    I was sold a year ago with him. The difference between him and Tite is, Tite pulled it together fast and got Brazil competitive in no time. Sampaoli was given a reality check with what he had at his disposal.
    The only thing that will save his arse and give us hope is he retracts with this ‘it’s Messi’s team’. And bring in the young fresh blood.

    Club football in Argentina are constantly trying to survive and be competitive that their scout policy is to look for combative and grafters rather than the technically gifted player.
    Players like pastore are thing of the past. Shame because they were part of the Argentine ethos.
    Maybe Gonzalo can prove me wrong and mention that there is a plethora of enghance.

    • Well, maybe there’s no players that are enganche in the full meaning of the term but I may put to the category Maxi Lovera from Rosario Central if play in midfield and not as forward. Juan Brunetta (Belgrano) Ezequiel Palacios (River), Alexis MacAllister (Argentinos), Matias Sarrafiore (Huracan/Internacional Porto Alegre) have many of enganche traits. If we are talking about not so young: Fabio Alvarez (Atletico Tucuman), Pol Fernandez (Godoy).

      THough I think we don’t need enganche par excellence when players like Matias Vargas have all enganche abilities with outstanding vision plus fast energetic winger habits. Gaston Lodico, Lucas Robertone, Matias Zaracho – creative players. Tomas Conechny is more in the category but I’m not convinced about him.

  48. —————– rulli———————-

    Luis gomez…mammana….foyth…tagliafic


    Messi. …… …..Lo celso………….lanzini…..


  49. As we don’t have top players in each position, I think only Bilardista style can win us trophies. Menottista may be stylish but we don’t have players to win it in style.
    Hire one of the Bilardista who can build a team with young mix. Plan for next WC or for the next two WC.
    Sabella was a good Bilardista. But he never promoted young players.

  50. Apparently Benfica want to be more Argentine. After contracting Lema and Conti players like Pussetto (Huracan), Pol Fernandez (Godoy Cruz) and Joaquin Torres (Newell’s) on radar. There were already offers for the players.

  51. If they are soooooooo unsatisfied with sampaoli. The players should pay 800k each and sampaoli is gone. There wasn’t a single kind word for the coach and his staff after the tournament. Pay 1mil each and hire a magician who will make a miracle happen for the next tournament.

    • “In 15 games as coach of Argentina, Sampaoli has used 15 lineups, and a total of 59 players. He has never given an impression that he knows what he wants this team to be, or who — beyond Messi — he wants to be in it. There was no plan B, to be used in an emergency, because he had not yet settled on plan A.”

  52. If England win today, they will be an example for other countries. Young coach, young players, fresh blood and a change of tactics.

    I hope AFA hires a foreign coach, but given the financial situation I doubt that will happen.

      • France isn’t super young nor Belgium, it’s there Golden generation, like Argentina 2012-2016 period, bad luck cost Argentina in final same for France in Euro Final

      • Rather super talented France (Mbappe, Griz, Pogba, Kante, Varane, Umtiti, Pavard, Hernandez, Ousmane Dembele (150 million euros player is a sub LOL) Fekir, Thauvin, Rabiot etc.) where are ARG super talented youngsters? Nowhere, 2 strikers Dybala and Icardi who are less talented than their anchestors Messi and Aguero the others? England the same Kane, Alli, Stones, Pickford (great goalkeeper), Rashford, Lingaard, Dier etc. U20 WC-winners. You sit inversely on the horse. Maybe our only world beater talent is Lautaro Martinez, the worst argentine NT striker in your history. Where are the wingers, the midfielders, defenders, goalkeepers?

    • What the hell have England done, scraped past Tunisia, hammered Panama, lost to Belgium reserves, beat Colombia thanks to the ref. And that’s the example you want to follow? Personally I’d rather use France/ Belgium as the blueprint.

      • All true.. but look a bit further.
        England qualified with ease, their great team spirit, the support at home for the youngsters etc.

        Last WC England played their golden generation (Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney…). Huge failure. They re-started with a complete new squad. That example will be followed if they reach semi’s.

        • England Golden generation was 2004-2006 period, that moment they looked serious contender now England luckily got easy group and easy path doesn’t mean they are superior

        • “Last WC England played their golden generation (Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney…). Huge failure. They re-started with a complete new squad. That example will be followed if they reach semi’s.”

          Yup, total purge is needed now.

    • England is only team that is playing 5-0-5 and winning. Most of their goals came from penalties or dead ball situation. I think they can easily beat Sweden and Croatia to reach finals. Other side has known chokers France and Belgium. England might win it all despite playing shite..

    • I doubt Argentina wil ever hire a foreign coach, for what?? Argentina is an exporter, high caliber exporter, of coaches not an importer. Some countries just do not do that, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, they have so many capable coaches, such a long tradition, that it’s unthinkable. The trick is for AFA to actually do their homework, look around in Argentina, look among former players and make a pick. I think Burruchaga will be a great choice.

  53. Baccacece being fired is very very wrong step and everyone who followed his not long coaching carrer knows that. Stupid federation.

    • They don’t care.
      Apparently, Beccacece couldnt get his player from the clubs, which would be one of the reasons he’s resigning from his post as Sampaoli’s assistant and sub-20 coach.

  54. We got a local story like this. Someone was searching something in a place and a passer see this and ask him what he is searching. The searcher say he is searching his Car key. The passer ask whether he lost the key here? The searcher say no “I lost the key there” pointing some other place. The passer was surprised and ask why the hell then he search here. The searcher say because there was no light in the place I lost the key and its full of darkness. The place now am searching is full of light. So I search here. Our situation is like this. BECCACECE is a man of potential. We always beg for young players. Why not for a change go for a young coach. Give him a chance and more importantly a free space. Not a toxic atmosphere and totally free of amigo club. Let us see what he can do. We lost everything. We are in all time low. So why don’t give him a chance and wait for sometime. Really really things are corrupted to the core. Obviously players played their role. Amigo club is real. It will be there at least till 2022.

    • Take PEKERMAN and cambiasso and of story give them all national team from youth to men and in 4 years you dont see foul talented players and super football fror the next 10 years i am here and we talk about it

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