Another Meeting Between Tapia & Sampaoli


TyC Sport has just reported that another meeting between Claudio TAPIA and Jorge SAMPAOLI is taking place in Ezeiza right now. Though it is unclear as to what is the reason is this meeting since all parties have concluded a couple days ago that SAMPAOLI will continue his job and will be in charge of the Under-20 side for the upcoming L’Alcudia tournament.

My only take is that the top leadership in the AFA are adamant to see SAMPAOLI leave on his own will.

In another twist to this saga, Fernando BAREDES, a lawyer who is representing SAMPAOLI will be arriving in Argentina this coming Friday. He is expected to hold meeting with TAPIA and other people within the AFA’s hierarchy.

The objective is clear! If the AFA wants SAMPAOLI to leave, then he has to be compensate according to his contract. The World Cup might be over for Argentina but trouble with the National Team isn’t going to end anytime soon.


  1. People are blaming mascherano , aguero, for the WC failure. From my point of view, the blame should go to some players who didn’t step up and take a responsibility. Sampaoli is the guys who chose what he wanted and fail to deliver. He is the first one to blame. In my opinion, Mascherano , rojo, they all played with heart. The tactical failure cost everyone look like dumb. And for some reason Argentina should played with 11 players. Not 7 or 8 players that play to cover for 3 kids in the team.

    The problem with Argentina will go on for sure. I don’t believe that future Argentina will bring us some glory. If they can’t milk the best out of this generation, they won’t find the success with mediocre next generation. In past 8 years, Copa 2016 team was the best possible team with attacking and defending balance.

    But as a Argentina fan, I have to keep cheering for them no matter what.

    • masche played his heart out in WC.
      he bleeded and still played.

      aguero was the top scorer for argentina.

      none of them can be blamed.

      sampaoli’s tactics was poor.
      and the referees were against us.

  2. Just to say, there is zero possibility of Messi playing but not a captain. This is the reality. He would be among the oldest and the best. And also which player will want the responsibility. This is a thankless job. No need to discuss unrealistic possibilities.

  3. Mundo cheerleaders were cheering for Baldy when he selected the 23 man squad with Masche, Biglia, Rojo and Higuain. They wanted all the members who disagreed with baldy’s team and tactics banned. You don’t need to be a pundit to know that Mascherano in the starting xi was the ultimate recipe for disaster. The man who was selected to protect our vulnerable defense went pressing in the opponents half as if he was our Riquelme. How many times he lost the ball pressing forward and wasn’t able to get back in time? If it was any other team , Croatia game would have been last for this selfish Chinese league player but like mundo optimist who come to this site once every 4 years , Sampaoli pursued with this guy and we got knocked out. A captain needs to take ownership not walk away from the pitch like a 5 year old girl after defeat.He should resign from captaincy and take a break for 2 years atleast. Messi fan boys will disagree because they think even though he was our captain it wasn’t his job to stop the madness of bald twins Sampaoli and Mascherano.!!!!

    • Messi was irritated with the line up, the tactics and the plan of Sambaldy, as a captain and most potent player in the team, It’s his job to say no, but he did not, He let Mascherano and Sampa decide, That’s why I call for Messi to take a break, give the captaincy away or best yet, have it taken away from him, Allow the players to get used to him not being around, Messi should not play in any friendly before Copa 2019.

  4. Sampbaldy is a coaching legend. First coach to take not one but two teams to the world cup final- France and Croatia.
    Haters gonna hate, but he’s proven his name as the best coach of all time in footballing history.
    Sampaoli is a legend, don’t say he is a bad coach. He brought 2 teams to the world cup final, a feat no one can repeat.ever.

  5. These days I browse this site 100 times a day hoping to see the news that Sampa is gone. A year ago I was doing the same to see Sampa get hired. How time changes things!!

  6. We lost against two of the best in this tournament. But we know how we lost. It was our cup.
    Now I don’t want France join 2 star. Let Croatia win it.

    • Agree. This world cup was written 1986 all over again but Sampoali cost us this world cup with garbage tactics which start from very first game against Iceland. Sampoali should be given $0 and let him go.

      • What a player Luka Modric turns out to be. He was the main man to boss Real Madrid midfield for their 4 champions league trophy. Against all odds, this drag this Croatian side to WC final. Hope we do have such one midfielder to support Messi, we would have been champion.

  7. Thank God its not coming Home Matessss. That’s what over confidence do to u. BBC already was planing for France vs England final. Happy that neither England, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal is not winning the Freaking WC.

  8. The nightmare of England winning the WC is FINALLY over. Now let’s go Croatia as I do not want France to join the 2 stars club.

  9. Brasil out and England out.

    at least i am very happy that nobody of those 2 i hate the most will win the cup.


  10. I know Croatia beat us 3-0. I want our revenge in future but I’d prefer they win the WC.

    I just don’t want England or France equaling our 2 WCs. End of story.

  11. as i see we like it or not AFA can t pay Sampaoli to go and he don t intend to resign because
    he want the big money.

    So we have to accept the fact that we will have him as coach for one more year till end of copa america.

  12. The last time I witnessed Baldy’s level of madness in a world cup was by Scholari when he played that mad tactics again Germany where David luiz was taking on german midfield alone. That mad strategy resulted in 7-1 humiliation.

    • I agree Sampoali cost this world cup. We should have play the way we played against Iceland vs France. Sampoali got his tactics wrong against Iceland-too defensive when we needed to attack and too offensive against France where we needed to defend. Same goes against Coratia. I believe Messi is going against some dark force as his coach in Barca also did same things like Enrique and Valverde in CL games. We need more luck.

  13. What kind of Captain is Messi? Who has been singing him lullaby at Barca after masche went to china. A real captain would stand up for his country and put aside friendship. He has played at the highest level under best coaches in the world. Being a capitain should hr interfere in Sampaoli’s mad experiments? Instead of showing dissatisfaction on the field he should have interfered from the beginning and dropped his buddies Masche, Biglia and Rojo. When Lanzini got injured he still had a chance to bring in a fast young DM but no. His love for masche cost him a world cup. He will forever be labeled a club genius in the history. Congratulations Selfish Masche only you could have made it possible.

      • The messi of barca plays with calmness and trusts his teammates. Unlike the choas in argentina life is good there.
        i think it is personality issue. Messi likes things to be in order. Maradona is the opposite of that Diego couldn’t survive in barca but thrived in chaotic napoli.

        • Ya but now a days to be successful in national level as well as club level, there needs to be definitely order be placed. Look at RM, they won three CL when Zidane was allowed to play same team and build chemistry. That is what pep did in barca, bayern and city. Now tactics is more evolved than ever before. Even small countries or clubs give headache to bigger teams. This is where Maradona was lucky as there was no tactics, so his talent alone won the world cup. Today Maradona would be same like Messi. Not to mention handball which could have cost him red against England.

          • That handball was the best, just because it was against England. I heard that Diego used his middle finger not the whole hand.

    • I agree with your fruastration. Messi is too kind to be successful. Narcassists are way more successful than humble guys. Messi after the birth of kids became too fatherly than brave. Just look at suarez even in barca. He is no where near quality but Messi make him play. Whereas Cristiano prefer benzema because he helps him score.

    • Messi is no captain, he is the best player we have, yes for sure. but he did not show leadership on the pitch when the team needed him. A captain has to be aggressive and should interfere in the coach’s or referee’s decisions. I love it when Messi shows aggression and gets mad, but that does not happen often, If Otamendi, Aguero or Romero stay, one of them should be the captain.
      Again, our elimination was Sampa’s Fault all the way, not the players.

  14. Omg! Croatia are playing scared of England! They got a lucky free kick, and it was not even a good free kick. They have been so lucky!

  15. I think Diego placente and aimar are the ideal candidate to lead the national team with young players. the players selection should be below the age of 22.

  16. A highschool coach would pick a better players for the world cup but like some dumb fucks here in mundo baldy and his staff turned out to be a group of imbeciles. You wanted mascherano and biglia right? I remember some even said we.have to replace these two. Congratulations your god mascherano and your lord baldy together made England vs Croatia semi final possible. a.must. Biglia is better. Gid damitt!!

    • Truth is it’s not Sampa’s fault. When he arrived, he couldn’t get enough time to try new players in a crucial position such as DM. Regarding not trying young players, main culprits were previous previous AFA leadership and coaches.

      Bauza’s appointment made things worse.

      That doesn’t mean Sampa didn’t make any mistakes. He made lots of mistakes, in fact fucked up the team.

      His player selection, formation and sub changes were quite poor and crazy throughout the tournament.

      Playing Perez instead of Lo Celso was a joke. So was playing Meza instead of Dybala. Biglia instead of Bangea or Lo Celso against Iceland was simply crazy. 3-5-2, False 9 were all like WTF.

      Some people said our 23 players squad was worse. That is not correct. If players such as Lo Celso, Dybala had more prominent roles, we would be playing the semi against England today.

      • He can’t continue at any cost. Even Skeleton Bauza had balls to drop Rojo . This fraud should start wearing skirts. A coward can never get you anything.

      • It was Sampa’s fault all the way. you said it he made many mistakes, huge mistakes that most likely caused us a 3rd star. What Dybala, Lo Celso and Aguero were doing on the bench during France match? and why not fall back and defend for 30 minutes and hit on the counter? Why drop Lamela? If he wanted or was forced to use Mascherano and Biglia he should have introduced Biglia after the 2-1 lead, it’s known that they are very understanding of each other and when they play together they are good in holding the ball and passing to each other. If France would score they would score once, not 3. We were most likely to hit them on the counter-using Pavon as a striker who is fast or introducing Aguero with fresh legs- more than them scoring against us. Yeah Sampa failed to play it by the book.

  17. Coward sampaoli should be banished for what he did to us. Had he gathered some balls during players selection dropped selfish washed up granpa Chinese league bald twin Mascherano after spain thrashing we would be playing against England today. Fuck you all. Friends club destroyed our dreams. Whoever still believe friends club is a myth should eat their own shit

  18. As reported by tyc sports sampaoli refused to coach U-20 , he preferred Lionel scaloni to coach U-20. So their is going tension between sampaoli and Afa.

  19. As expected, Sampaoli does not want to resign otherwise he will get nothing. Really, I have no word. This guy has really no shame, no pride. He knows definitely that there is no point for him to continue but he wants his fucking money before taking another job. Now he is just holding the national team as hostage.

    • In all fairness his contract stipulated that he’d get compensated if his contract were to be terminated too early and as such the AFA should stick to the contract, even though personally I don’t think he Sampa deserves a damn cent after that abysmal performance.

      • I agree. But he lost his coaching staff, he lost all confidence and respect from the players, 99 out of 100 Argebtines will curse him on the street. He is not delivering close to the servives his contract expected.. he should get some money, but he doesnt deserve the full bag, incompetence ia non negotiable.

      • Mamoun
        You are correct my friend! This is a problem the AFA created. They overpaid for this guy, now they want a free pass and they won’t get it.
        It’s all over, they need to pay, and it’s not out of the question that Tapia gets the boot for this screw up.

      • Who knows what is in contract. While there are termination clauses, AFA must have put some performance clauses too. Sampaoli has 2022 in his contract, but it should be based on some minimal performance goal.

  20. @Gonzalo.
    First of all, it’s great that Nico Gonzalez moved to Germany rather than Italy, because Serie A is like a second home to Argentines. They adapt easily there. Now I really don’y want youngsters to find their comfort zones in Europe, I want to see them fight to adapt and earn their places in those starting eleven. In fact, I want more guys moving to Germany rather than Italy or Portugal.
    Nahuen Perez would stay at Argentinos on a year long loan, before heading to Atletico in 2019.
    Pellegrino is now the coach of Leganes after he signed Carillo, h e has now signed 18 year old Central Midfielder facundo Garcia from Olimpo. It’s nice to see someone from a small team like Olimpo having a chance to move abroad.
    Recently, I read about Aimar trying to tie up “new Messi”, Luka Romero of Mallorca Infantiles to play for the Argentine u-15. Few years ago, I would thought it was unnecessary to be so desperate, but now I really appreciate Aimar for this. Why? Firstly, it shows Aimar is not sitting on his couch but rather he is proactive and really wants to find and nurture young talents that could serve the Nt in the future. Why the rush? Well desperate situations require desperate methods, you see Argentina right now could do with some really talented players, and we have to open to source them and use them, like in the case of Luka Romero, who is also eligible for Mexico and Spain, that’s why Aimar is in such a rush. He may or may not turn out to be that good, but they is nothing wrong in trying to be proactive and making an effort.
    Also, Gonzalo, what are ur thoughts on young Julian Carranza of Banfield, because, Ajax are showing real interest in him, now that they have sold their 18 year old jewel Justin Kluivert to AS Roma.
    Also, Sampaoli in his wish list for the u 20 squad for the COTIF tournament has Juan Aguero of Atletico and Benjamin Garay (Ezequiel’s brother) of Real Madrid. Any ideas about these youngsters?
    Hopefully, from now on Primera clubs co-operate a bit with AFA and release youngsters when needed. Especially Maroni and Almendra of Boca.

    • What if Luka Romero learns a lesson from Messi’s life and decides to join Spain instead? Win or lose, he’ll have a peaceful career there.

      • Nobody should worry about a 12 year olds footballing skills. This is a child. A child. Think about that. Who knows what he will turn out to be. Let him be a child. A child doesn’t need this pressure.

      • @ imitaz

        True but it’s just because Spain has 11 equal man teams. Responsibility is well distributed. The more our fans are talking still about Messi the worse it is for our NT and Messi as well. Let Argentina build a team. Messi should not retire now. Wheter he should back time will tell.

        • @gonzalo,
          Messi and Maradona are inseparable from Argentina. No matter how many generations pass by, people will still talk about them.

          I agree Spain is a 11man team and Argentina is not. But I don’t like the way you ignore the obvious lack of quality all over our squad. I like your posts until you point all the blame towards Messi. We are dependent on him. Any team would depend on a star like Messi or Ronaldo. That’s not a problem. The problem is our shortcomings in midfield and injured key players during tournaments. No team can succeed with such a one dimensional midfield.Our big midfield prospects like Pastore, Banega etc have failed to live up to the expectations in the last 10years.

          Anyway, I want Messi away from the NT too for a while.Because I am tired of the way every blame falls on him.Even coaches with no clue are trying to deflect blame on him. I just hope the next generation of midfielders wont disappoint us. I have no worries about attackers. Because I know Argentina can produce them enough.

          • ” I like your posts until you point all the blame towards Messi. We are dependent on him”

            I don’t understand why people still think I want to blame Messi.I want to blame Messi POSITION and STATUS in this team but not Messi.It’s fault of our coaches and to some degree fans and the stupid media people that are asking in interviews always about Messi. It’s too much about Messi in team and media and that’s major thing that makes our team so distorted and unbalanced. We have to forget about Messi for some time and concern about other players. It will be good for both Argentina and Messi.

            I’m angry for Messi fans and not for Messi. A lot of his fans has the attitude they want Argentina to win something for Messi. Messi – YES but not over Argentina. Let’s build team without him and see wheter he will able back to make us even better team.

    • “It’s nice to see someone from a small team like Olimpo having a chance to move abroad”

      Yup. I’m following the small, smaller or just less popular than Boca or River clubs of Argentina for their young talents. And I must to say currently there’s many teams in the league that are ahead of Boca and River when it comes to current number of promising players. The Boca and River are just most hyped because of popularity the clubs. THe teams also just like Real and Barcelona in Europe are buying the talents from all the league and it’s just seems they have better youngsters but not now. Velez, Rosario Central, Defensa, Argentinos are far ahead of the 2 potentats on this regard.

    • it’s great that Nico Gonzalez moved to Germany rather than Italy, because Serie A is like a second home to Argentines. They adapt easily there.
      Serie A is slow tempo like south america that is why it is easier for them to adapt.

    • @ Sergio

      I don’t know much about Garay (Real ) and Aguero (Atletico). The first is brother of Ezequiel we know. The second is former player of Barcelona La Masia school.

      Absolutely agree about Aimar move for Romero.

    • I watched few times Julian Carranza in Banfield and I would take him to starting eleven of our U-20 team over few other forward names. It depends also how will play Tomas Chancalay from Colon. He seems to have similar potentiall but Carranza is typical CF while Chancalay may play also winger position. He has already goals for Banfield 1st team. Chancalay was mentioned already in NT senior context, as well as Francisco Ortega.

      As I said before Almendra, Lovera, Ortega – the players I have most expectations of the current U-20 that will likely play on COTIF tournament.

  21. Pusetto to Udinese a done deal. He was one the best players in Primera last season, he’s probably as good as Pavon. Musso also at Udinese now, as well as De Paul.

      • Both Pusetto and Gonzalez have good physical conditions. Pusetto rather lank, maybe it will not turn to problem for him.

        • Vargas, Pusetto, Nico Gonzalez, Pavon, j.Correa, A.Correa, are players for tomorrow – not Di Maria.

          • Vargas in particular was quite superb, Nico Gonzalez i haven’t seen much of so I can’t judge.
            A.correa I think is the most talent of the bunch mentioned, he’s got the speed, skill and the grit hence why he made it in Atletico while vietto and Kranevitter failed. Angel’s only problem is that he has an occasional headless chicken moment.

  22. Money money money mooooney. That is the sticking point. I don’t like Sampaoli, he has to go, but I don’t think he has to do anybody a favor. If he resigns then, the way contracts are done, he might lose his money. AFA has to agree to pay him something even if he does resign. At the same time Sampaoli ought to understand that more than 90%+% associates with Argentina football, including us, fans, absolutely do not want him, want him gone instead. With that, he has to accept a buy out and negotiate, in good faith, a payment plan.

  23. Saw in one Instagram post.

    Reporter: How do you feel that the best player in the world is in here (read Juve) now?
    Dybala: Wait, Messi is coming too?

    • Juve paying all that money for a 33 year old and RM was very happy to see him go and get paid a ton of money in return……….I see him leaving after 2 years max and NO CL trophy.

      • Ronaldo heavily depended on Madrid for his personal glory. During 2016 CL campaign, Ronaldo was below average and missed first leg of Semi final and second leg was won by Bale. Ramos also scored in that years final. In 2017, Ronaldo did good but ISCO was beast. In 2018, Ronaldo was below par in both semis and final CL but he will get credit. Karma is brining Ronaldo to his demise. He takes all the credit when winning but when losing he will be the first to point fingers to others. I do not see Ronaldo getting lot of tapins or first time finish this season with selfish Huigain playing alongside him unless they sell the choker.

  24. In my opinion, this is what really is happening. AFA is in a bind. They need someone to manage the U20 for the upcoming tournament.
    Sampa wants to stay but is willing to go. What he is hoping to do is do well in the U20 so that he can save face and maybe convince them to keep him.
    As for the AFA, they don’t want to be embarrassed by saying we don’t have the money to buy him out. When the attorney arrives, they will negotiate a financial arrangement for Sampaoli’s exit after the tournament.
    Remember, Gareca said 40 days. This is not a random number. This is what the AFA communicated they need in time to get rid of Sampa, so they can hire Gareca. If Gareca stays with Peru, then you know the deal fell through and Sampa stays.

  25. Having good players is not a problem for Argentina even though they don’t have good academy system at the moment
    It’s look like sampoali will go I hope
    Whatever happen they don’t appoint simeone I liked him as player but I’m not fan of his stlye of coaching and is not suited for Argentina in my opinion. albicelestes is too big to be defence team.what they need is attacking and balance coach like pochettino
    I read about good things Marcelo garalldo
    Which I liked but I never watch his team playing .

    Can anyone please tell me about garalldo coaching style is he attacking and balance coach or defensive and boring manager.

    • Yeah like players are dying hard for the NT to pay from their own pocket for coach resignation they have no accountability in hiring him from the first place. Players love money, hide their income from taxes and build for their future, not making money to be spent on Sampaoli. You only see players before every tournament just to say:” we feel good and ready for the challenge, we will have a good tournament, oh and Messi is feeling good, yada, yada, rubbish talk”.

  26. If there is doubt in the minds of AFA about the capabilities of Sampaoli then that is pathetic on their behalf. Surely Sampaoli sold them an idea that he envisioned for this team. So then he now has post world cup to begin afresh and implement those ideas.
    No excuses from either side now.. the AFA should trust their own intuition and let Sampaoli get on with things or bite the expensive bullet and get rid of him.
    This is dragging and only hurting our team.
    Sampaoli needs to plead his case and give himself an ultimatum too! Like “give me 12 months and watch me turn it around and if it doesn’t improve I walk….Scot free”. Money talks and he probably isn’t the type of person who would morally walk and have some shame.

    • There is no doubt in the mind of AFA, and most people, including independents observers. That people would think, like you do, that Sampaoli has some “plan” to implement is mind boggling. That he has to be given twelve months?? For what?? He has shown, multiple times, his total incapacity to manage a team of Argentina caliber, what else people need to see?? Many have called him the worst coach in the 2018 World Cup And it’s hard to desagree. How long someone has to treat you very poorly before you say enough?? I’m just glad AFA is firm on the issue of him leaving. It’s not if but when, pending money négociations. Sampaoli is demonstrably extremely bad for Argentina and he cannot, must not, coach the team anymore. I wanted Sampaoli hired, The day he got the job I celebrated. But he made blunders after blunders up to, and including the very last game against France. His own players revolted against him. People who still support this man, what else do you need to see?? How much suffering, if you love Argentina, do you want him to inflict to you again?? For what?? Smfh.

  27. Its frustrating that we with our limited football knowledge with few matches and clips to refer can understand that how a particular team will play against us. Why didn’t Sampaoli with so much access and football knowledge didn’t understand this. Defence wins championships, Why would he insist on playing high line defence if we don’t have fast defenders.

    There is a reason why we were in 2014 World Cup Final. Sabella’s team were not pleasing to the eye but that’s the only way nowadays teams can reach in the latter stage of the World Cup. The European teams mentality is this. “WIN AT ANY COST” they don’t want to play beautiful they just want to win the Damn thing. Nobody remembers the Runner Up, But Winners will be remembered for eternity. The Europeans know it. Look at Yesterdays match France could have scored at least 2 more goals during the last few minutes but they were only keeping the ball in their feet. (Mbappe looks like the next Best player by the way but his attitude is not suitable for a great player)

    Its up to us whether we want to win the World Cup by playing with defence as our priority(Bilardista coach isn’t it) or do we want to play beautiful and never win a World Cup (Menotista coach wont win us anything in future because all the other teams will simply defend). Sampaoli is so adamant in his philosophy he don’t want to change his attacking style of play. that’s the reason we don’t want him to stay. Bring a low profile Calm headed coach who knows how to build a solid defence with a solid Goal keeper. There is a reason why Sampaoli hasn’t won anything in Europe (Has he, I don’t know) South American leagues and Copa Libertadores etc play more open I think(I may be wrong) but its not like the Champions league where its like “WIN AT ANY COST”. May be its time to take a break from this Play in a Beautiful way at least win some championships may be later we will automatically turn into a beautiful playing team.

  28. About transfer news:
    I think, right now it is better for our young players to go to smaller but good clubs in Europe. Where they can get developed. Argentina’s current infrastructure does not allow development of players. There are raw talents, but they need to be groomed properly. For this its better to go to clubs like Udinese, Ajax, Palermo etc. We don’t have talents that can make to the starting 11 of any big club. Latest big names, like Dybala and Los Chelso also got developed by European teams.

  29. Club Brugge for ’97 category CB of San Lorenzo and former Argentina U’20 Marcos Senesi.

    Ignacio Pusetto (Huracan) close to Udinese.

  30. @Imitaz

    “Looking at the clips of Nicolas Gonzalez, I was wondering why he wasn’t linked to a bigger club. Turns out he is already bought by Stuttgart”.

    It’s good club as for beginnings in Europe. Better than go to big one and being benched. He needs first of all minutes on the pitch now. 2 our talented players of the same category ’97 in one club is good thing.

        • The things were actually more complicated. Stuttgat payed finally aroung 8,5 mln

    • @Gonzalo,
      Actually, I thought he is still at Argentinos. By bigger club, I meant any club from Bundesliga, La Liga or, Serie A. Not just 3 or 4 clubs. I am happy that he is at Stuttgart and I agree with what you said about Ascacibar and Nico Gonzalez playing together. I am planning to watch Ascacibar whenever I get a chance. Nico Gonzalez’s presence there has just added another reason to watch Stuttgart now.

      • Ye, watching of Stuttgart was worth of the time even only for Ascacibar. Let Alone Ascacibar and Gonzalez. Both are players of the generation 97-98 I consider as full of eye-catching players.

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