Jorge SAMPAOLI will not coach Argentina U20 team, Lionel SCALONI to manage


Per reports, Jorge SAMPAOLI will not coach the Argentina U20 team at the COTIF tournament.

As we reported earlier, FA president Claudio TAPIA met with SAMPAOLI and the senior national team coach (at least for now) will not manage the U20 team in Spain later this month. Lionel SCALONI (currently working with the youth teams) is likely to manage the team at the L’Acudia tournament.


  1. I have been a huge fan of Argentina football for past 20 years and Lionel Messi is my all time favorite…Still cannot take in Sampaoli’s absurd tactics throughout the tournament … That bald dumbo (thats what i can call him , sorry)was playing a high line defense first against Croatia against the likes of Rakitic, Perisic , Luka Modric , and having all 30+ players in defense … After that repeated the same mistake against the best team in WC till now, France…I doubt if he heard of Mbappe and his game before. Benching Aguero/Higuain/Dybala and playing Meza/Perez/Pavon is the weirdest strategy I have ever seen in my entire life. I mean , how can you bench your star players in such a big knockout match?He made absolutely sure that Messi was ineffective as possible. Argentina got a lifeline with Di Maria’s wonderful strike, then with Messi’s shot deflected into the goal. But , Sampaoli literally again threw away the opportunity with going on with Pavon and Perez. Aguero came in almost in the 70th minute and Messi started to look like the player he is..he ran through the defense in the 83rd minute but shot straight into the GK and then that sublime cross to Aguero for the 3rd goal.. but by then it was all too late.

    Feel bad for Armani , it’s never easy to debut in a do-die knockout matches which he did, he should have played from Iceland match…Caballero should never had played after the 6-1 loss to Spain in the international friendly before WC.Lo Celso was played and was impressive in the WC preparation matches , never played in any of the matches. Messi-Dybala could have been a lethal combination if used together properly, which I believe is not that difficult a task as they have made it look like, given that Messi can switch in to so many roles- but I don’t even expect Sampaoli to come up with a decent plan for that…I got tired and frustrated as hell listening to his post match conferences , where every comment was like “We could not pass well to Messi/We will try to pass more to Messi in next match” staff..He perhaps also started to think Messi as somewhat superman who will cover up for all the team errors .

    After all this , he wants to continue as the manager of Argentina team? Hilarious to say the least…If Argentina does not get a coach by 2019 Copa america, its better to go without a coach and play then..cannot be any worse than Sampaoli’s tactics. I heard Pep Guardiola may be appointed as coach which is good news obviously…Even at 35 , if Messi remains about 80% the player he is now, he will still remain a great asset for the team in 2022. Icardi , Dybala, Aguero upfront with Messi as an attacking midfielder (much alike Zidane back in 06) will be a great prospect for Argentina in 2022 , considering the defense can be organized well. A good performance in 2019 Copa america can surely boost the morale of the team and give Messi the extra motivation to have one last try for the WC glory in 2022.

    • I completely agree when you say that Sampaoli’s strategy was “pass the ball to Messi”. He expected Messi to be become superman. And that was the main reason for his failure.

      It is almost as if Sampaoli messed up his tactics because of Messi.
      The reason Sampaoli was able to win copa with Chile was that he did not have any Messi in that team.

      • Adding to everyone’s disgust, Sampaoli continues to be the Argentina coach .. Now , I seriously want Argentina to lose the next friendly against Guatemala even in September :)’..Maybe then this man will give up his job in some sort of shame… A small loss in a friendly will definitely help for a better future

  2. I think the WC in person of N’golo Kante is full apologiae and rehabilitation of classic No.5. Defensive midfielder that only have defensive duties. There was many voices of late that No.5 for Argentina and in generally in football is past. No way. Not only France reach final already with such player that is seen by many as quiet hero of the team but also in Argentina was seen the lack of such destroyer in good age unlike Mascherano. Moreover we see now the No.5 may be even as short as 1,68 if he has other outstanding qualities. This is the same height also Ascacibar has…

    • You are making a mistake of constantly calling him 5, he is not. 5, like Beckenbauer was the free centerback. He is, Kanté, rather a defensive midfielder a 6. Masche is a 6. Kante is the best I have seen in long time and he plays to perfection. The primary job of a 6 is to kill the opponent game. He also has the difficult assignment of controlling the opponent 10. This goes hand in hand, because 10 is usually the best opposing player, and if he is playing in position, all balls are designed to go toward him. Kante is playing it the traditional way because French coach is very smart in allowing him to float. Past football was more beautiful exactly because midfielders had total freedom to float. Nowadays it’s restricted to one side of the pitch and up and down all game. Thus Iniesta, for instance, is almost always on the left.

    • I expect sampaoli staying in charge till copa. They can’t pay him the money and he won’t resign. In my opinion sampaoli’s decision is not about money its about his ego. He can’t accept such a huge defeat in his career. I understand his decision he always dreamed of coaching the team and he didn’t see the world cup in Russia as a real chance. Long term I believe in his skills but the problem what we have now is that he doesn’t have any authority after our world cup disappointment.
      Bielsa did mistakes but everyone respected him.

      Juan Sebastián Verón tells that in a training of the Argentine national team, Bielsa called the players and asked them if they preferred to play with a line of four or three. Then he counted the votes and the result was overwhelming: the players preferred the line of four. Then, he said “well, this shows what your favorite module is. I want to announce, then, that we are going to play with a line of three. Bye”. And he left.

      Sampaoli looked emotional. He lost his coolness. In theory I understand all his decisions. But what brings the best theory when you can’t transfer it into practice because you dont have the right materials.

      • Worst case scenario is sampaoli stays in charge and AFA will have ppl who block his decision in a new trainer staff. We lose time till copa and after the copa they give him 2mil and get rid of him. Or they try to frustrate him and he resigns after some friendly matches cause he will realize that his situation is hopeless. We will lose time and that’s the worst part.

  3. As we all know, Argentina is in economic crisis. AFA must be quite short in cash and Sampaoli does not want to resign as he does not want to give up his fucking money, so the situation can last forever. That’s also why his lawyer came to negotiate with them. I think that Sampaoli is now holding the national team as hostage. “Ok, if you don’t want to pay, then I stay here but I will fuck up intentionally until the deal is found. I won’t give a shit about the Copa and the WC qualifiers.”

  4. I agree with @Albiceleste_Seattle that total football is needed.

    I think any team needs
    – 2 opportunistic forwards.
    – 2 always on guard defenders who will not play high line.
    – 6 total footballers who can both defend and attack

    However, total football is only effective with speed. Argentina needs speed.
    I was watching highlights and replays of ’90s Argentina.

    They were so much faster than this Argentina.
    For example if Ortega wasn’t red carded in 1998 against Netherlands, we might have won that world cup.

    • All those Argentina teams had chemistry. Players knew how to move without the ball and each others movement. Past martino Argentina had no plan no movement. Our solution is pass the ball to messi and something good will happen. I even understand that but it looked like everyone freezes to see what messi will do with the ball almost no movement. When I saw some movement it was just Tooooooo slow.

  5. @amit

    thanks for appresiation, first of all. I like your posts as well.

    I can only estimate out talents after what they show currently and taking into account modern trends of football as well evolution of football. But you never know where will be a player on 2 years or so. My current line up is set with a view of 2022 WC. Any other is “crime” as someone said here. Don’t belive people who want to convince us the aim is 2019 Copa. Only long-term plan my give us highest achievments. People who say we need players for now or for Copa 2019 are the same supporters of the well known long time burned out generation. The generation had their peak 4 years ago and after that they slowly descended. So according to my knowledge my line up may be like this:



    …………..Paredes…………………Lo Celso



    1. We should think which players will in good age in 2022

    2. We really should invest in generation 97-98 (maybe also some players of ’99). In this category is pelentifull of good material to work with.

    Romero – here to add a bot of experience. The age 34 in 2022 still may be good for goalkeeper. And he was always one of two leaders of our NT along with Masche with his motivational influence. My second choice ATM Esteban Andrada. Rulli also in pool. Rossi, Herrera, Unsain

    For RB Bustos is first to try once again. Other names: Mammana, Jose Luis Gomez, Gonzalo Montiel

    LB -Tagliafico is starting point. Other names to work with: Fabrizio Angileri (Godoy), Francisco Ortega (Velez)

    CB – here is just too many names. After Foyth and Lema: Pezzella, Cristian Romero (Genoa) ’98 – he already had played along with Foyth in U-20 team, Conti, Mammana, Barboza (Defensa), Franco (Inde).

    DM – Battaglia or Ascacibar first choice. I like tall and strong DM of Velez, Nicoals Dominguez ’98, which contributes also in attack. And the fourth is Agustin Almendra of Boca which will probably particapate in upcoming U-20 tournaments. Dominguez and Almendra amongst other have the physical quality to reinforce Argentina on this depart in future.

    CM – Paredes, Lo Celso – first to play with. But there’s also box-to-box Lucas Robertone ’97. You should see him. More versatile type than Paredes. Gaston Lodico (Lanus) ’98. You may see clips with him also another worth notice box-to box. And last but not least Ezequiel Palacios of River ’98. Joaquin Pereyra ’97 (Rosario Central) may be here too.

    AM – Matias Vargas (Velez Sarsfield), Maxi Lovera (Rosario Central ’99), Pol Fernandez (Godoy Cruz), Lanzini, Barco

    Wingers – Vargas ’97, J. Correa, A. Correa, Nicolas Gonzalez (Stuttgart) ’98, Ignacio Pussetto (Huracan), Pavon (Arsenal offer 27m), Pity Martinez (River), Joaquin Torres ’97 (Newell’s)

    CF – Dybala, Lautaro, Icardi, Maxi Romero (PSV Eindhoven)

    • So as you see your and mine line up are close.

      Our coach should follow already youngsters from categories ’97 ’98 and even ’99. I see Vargas and Caseres on the 60 names of Sampaoli’s list. But there’s more to consider.

        • @ El Diego Fan

          you kidding me. 34 years old Di Maria and Aguero. We have better wingers than Di Maria already and strikers equally good as Aguero but young. Messi may be or not but rather too old.

          • How he is one of best wingers? WHat he did on WC apart goal against France. Not only he did nothing he was just poor. You have the wingers above.

            Argentina have enough talent to move on instead still stuck with players over 30.

          • @ El Diego Fan

            Maria’s been done for ages now, A. Correa is better and so is Cervi IMO. Ocampos, Pavon and J.Correa could also be better if used properly.
            As for Kun, well in all honesty he really surprised me in this fateful WC and he’s one of the few players (alongside Banega) who could actually hold their head high. With all that being said by 2022 Kun will be 34 while Icardi and Dybala would’ve hopefully reached their prime at 28 not to mention lautaro (hopefully) and maybe even the likes of Alario and Ferreyra and who knows who else.

    • …………………………?Rulli……………………………………….


      …………..Paredes…………………Lo Celso


      @Gonzalo I really like your lineup but I made some changes especially in defense. I really like Pezzella, he’ll be 31yrs in 2022 and he has the personality to be the leader of the backline and maybe even captain (he’s already captaining Fiorentina).
      Mammana was a player that didn’t impress me initially because he reminded me David Luiz (that’s not a good thing btw) because he tended to venture forward and neglect his defensive duties but upon moving to Leon he really showed his defensive prowess and continued that form in russia. He’s very versatile and can play as a CB and a RB, which is very important.
      Not sold on Bustos just yet due to 2 reasons: first his inconsistency where he started the season brilliantly but faded quickly and the second is because he’s yet to prove himself in europe, which is very important (for me atleast).
      Conti is the player I’ll be keeping an eye on the most because he was brilliant in the primera and he may prove successful in europe, which would be a very good thing for Argentina.

      I really like both Lautaro and Vargas but again they haven’t proven themselves in europe but with lautaro we’ll find out soon what he’s made of. For me it’s Icardi (strong, tall, opportunistic centerforward), Dybala (creative forward) and A.correa (fast, hardworking livewire), overall a good combination of forwards.
      Lanzini is another potentially important player if he manages to gets his injuries under control, hate to see him turn into another Gago and lets not forget about Cervi.
      Lastly Rulli, he had a torrid season with Real sociedad but that’s because the team’s defense was so leaky that they started conceding goals for fun and Rulli lost his confidence, but the season prior to last he was a monster between the posts and I won’t give up on him just yet.

      • Pezzella/Lema almost the same age. Both should be called up as soon as possible. The better should stay. I think one of them because in 2022 they will not of the youngest.

        There are some players from local league that should be called up without waiting for their European career that certainly will came. The other may go to Europe or may not but they are so good long time that finally must get a chance. Pity Martinez is the case here.


        We need the local base of players. Argentina needs more friendlies apart the regular FIFA dates. We should play NT friendlies in local squads between the official FIFA friendly dates when European players are not allowable. The best players of the locals firendlies may go to Argentina A. It should be starting point.

        • Lema was insanely good, good reading of the game and deadly from set pieces, if he proves successful in Benfica he should be inducted into the NT, but for now he’s a maybe.

    • I would take Mammana and Pezzela over Foyth and Lema.
      Kranevitter over Battaglia.
      I would include Lamela,Pavaon and vietto too

  6. Some of my predictions(except for Argentina) was right:

    – Germany and Spain got KO early(Germany got KO earlier than expected) because of the players’ form and their recent friendlies performance.
    – England in semi because they got plenty of young players who recover much faster and they went to Russia with no pressure, nobody expected much from them. Pressure and recovery issue after 1 intensive season in EPL has always been a problem
    – France in final, I believe in their mental strength and in their solid defense + Kante and I know Deschamps can deal with the pressure.
    – Uruguay capable to beat Spain or Portugal
    – Belgium beat Brazil in quarter final. Henry has solid experience and he knows how to beat Brazil which he had beaten twice in the past when he was player. Belgian players in attack are talented.

    My bad predictions are:
    – Croatia finished 1st of the group and Argentina as 2nd.
    – 0 African team in 16th round, sad. The promising Morocco team got KO very early.
    – Boring Nordic football coming back(Sweden and Denmark), what I hate in football.
    – Lo Celso played 0 minute and Dybala almost nothing

    • Well, Dybala refuses to play complimentary with Messi. The limited action he was, we saw him encroaching Messi’s territory instead of feeding from him. His comments on the Ronaldo transfer rumorals, asking for a transfer, shows that he is more interested in his own stats than winning as a team.

      Lo Celso plays no defense. He is a generational attacking midfielder, but don’t make him out to be a Riquelme. To win in this stage Argentina needs complete players.

  7. Seeing France and Croats in the final breaks my heart. Exactly 4 years ago this day I was treating people left and right with the joy of being in Final. And this time things are getting worse and worse. I will never forgive Sampaoli for making ARG such a joke. In whole qualifier we conceded 15/16 goals and in just 4 WC matches we conceded 9 goals ! He didn’t learn absolutely anything from the friendlies.Sorry but, I don’t have high hopes with the new generation. May be , they will be another average team with bunch of young players like Nigeria or Italy(I hope I prove wrong) . Such a great footballer like Messi will retire without a WC while so many average players have got that pride..its hard to take ! Idon’t remember any player who had to go through so much odds , just to prove that he loves his motherland more than his migrated country. Was it too difficult to play team football rather than putting all the pressure on this little man??

    • France and Croatia in finals mean that we actually had a lot of potential.
      We panicked and underestimated our own capability after the Croatia defeat.
      And we experimented badly with no proper striker in the starting line up against France.

      Instead of panic attacks that we had after Ireland and Croatia matches, we should have calmly figured out the right tactics.

    • Argentina’s problems are all because of the corrupt AFA and its total lack of leadership. Sampaoli is to blame maybe for the Croatia game, when he showed desperation by changing tactics.

      Ultimately, watching France today after the 2010 debacle gives me hope. While it would have been sweet for Messi to lift the trophy, it’s time to look for the next generation. Albiceleste need the next Mbappe, Pavard and Demeble to lead the charge. That can happen only when AFA establishes itself as a leader, stop making emotional kneejerk reactions and focus on building a team rather than a collection of individuals.

  8. My nation indonesia just lost penalty to neighbour in a regional cup. People should watch us, we play bravely and without feel of exhaustion. We dominate Malaysia in every single spot, just having extremely bad luck. Even if they lost, I feel really proud.

    If Argentina performed with a spirit like what we have shown today and before during the group stage, I’m sure they would have went far.

  9. I want to reiterate that in Copa 19 they May try 4-1-3-2 with the front 5 being:
    —–Dybala——–Messi———Di Maria—–

    With Dybala, Messi and Di Maria tracking back when needed.


    Dybala->Pavon / Acuna
    Di Maria-> Lo Celso/ Paredes
    Messi -> Pastore??/Banega??
    Aguero -> Tevez
    Icardi ->Higuain

    Goal Keepers:

  10. About the player then and coach Matias Almeyda:

    A tenacious, dynamic and physically strong player, in spite of his diminutive stature, Almeyda excelled in a midfield holding role due to his stamina, tactical awareness, reactions, anticipation and work-rate, as well as his ability to press opponents and break down opposition plays, which allowed him to protect his team’s back-line. Although he earned a reputation in the media as a hard-tackler, he was gifted with good feet and passing ability, which enabled him to start attacking plays after winning back possession; he also stood out for his leadership throughout his career.

    If we want to play beautiful , go with pekerman . If you want to win tournament, then go with defensive coach. It is as simple as that.

  11. If Sampa goes i would love to get Jose Pekerman in charge again(ONLY OPINION). I know he wasn’t big success but his youth system was one of the best in history. Although still i believe if he didn’t leave than we could’ve won something by now who knows. I don’t think it is possible though as he has contract with Colombia i think plus don’t think he would wanna come again. We need a coach with big project not for 15 games or 1 year. I am actually worried because we can end up like Hungary. Once was mighty power of football now they searching their existence.

  12. That’s sums up our situation and downfall for the world cup. We still couldn’t come up with a decision. Tapia and Sampaoli arm wrestling but the National team is suffering. It is getting lower and lower by the minutes pass. Spain took i think only week or two to appoint a coach and we leaving till end of the month. Or some leader in holiday with their club blah blah. There is NO FUTURE.

    • There isn t about decition.
      the problem is the money.
      AFA as all Argentina have financial crisis.

      we can t pay sampaoli.
      this is the problem.

  13. Argentina needs good playmakers – Currently there are none….the forwards were not good neither is midfield or defense..

    Unless some things are good..we cannot progress beyond round of 16..

  14. according to Ole the relations between Tapia and sampaoli is very bad.

    in last meeting they fight in end because Tapia wanted to give the money till the end of year to Sampaoli
    and go from team but sampaoli didn t accept because his contract.

    things is going from bad to worst day by day.

    i wonder what we can expect to succed with our team in this conditions.

    i don t know what to say anymore.
    sampaoli is lucky that the friendly games with Guatemala and Colombia will not take place
    in Argentina.

    how he expect to face the people in the first game of national team in Argentina i really wonder !!!

  15. Last goal against France sums up the tournament
    Messi was supposed to play as an attacking midfielder and assists inbetween
    He should have played in line with banega and enzo
    They weren’t playing for Barcelona
    If u have attacking options
    U dint utilized them

  16. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker

    1 Rulli
    12 Axel Werner
    23 Musso

    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    13 lucas Martínez
    17 otamendi
    20 Emanuel Mammana
    21 Juan foyth
    26 José Luis Gomez
    29 funes mori

    Midfield and attack
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    22 a correa
    24 lautaro Martínez
    25 lucas oscampos
    27 Pastore
    28 vietto

      • No he isn’t he is fit in the beginning of 2019
        That’s wrong news about him that he is out for 15 months he also said it in his Instagram account that there are false news about him don’t belive everything what media says

  17. AFA did not want Sampaoli and Sampaoli did not wanto go, this is becoming a true soup opera. So sad and disappointing to watch the news of Arg football. Can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are being shadowed by dark curse although you have the best player in history. All are talking and calculating the money not the performance and building a best squad.

  18. @gonzalo
    Great inputs from u on the new talents. Thank u. Really excited & waiting to see the new argentina .
    Jus wanted to hear on ur views on what should be the new playing 11. Do u think below one is good for us
    Bustos – Mammana- Pezella- tagliafico
    Battaglia – Ascacibar
    Dybala – Locelso – Vargas

    Subs – Funes Mori, Foyth, jgomez,Parades, lanzini, Pavon, acorrea, jcorrea, Lautaro.

    • like the formation…very sound…makes sense….would also leave a space for messi if he wants to continue…i dont know vargas though

      • Vargas – just IMO he is first to watch of all talents currently playing in Argentina. Complete AM, winger with all abilities you need. Maybe a bit short but it’s still around Messi height. Similar to William IMO though named Hazard of Argentina.

  19. Had Argentina a captain 1983 born like philip lamb or cladio bravo at 2014-2016 golden generation at their peck, Argentina would have won a lot trophies even in 2018 too if Argentina was defensively strong and good team selection then will play final against France instead of Croatia

  20. Argentina lose back to back finals because of bad luck and champion luck wasn’t with messi, now champion luck with messi(1986-87) and barca appointment messi as a captain at right time now between 3-4 year barca win UCL a lot if Argentina team build properly to reach final then messi finally going to lift trophy for NT

  21. Oh I am so Happy that England are out.

    I will never ever forgive Sampaoli for Single Handedly destroying our dream, this World Cup was much easier to win than in 2014.

      • Yes it is beyond me why you go for 3 -5 2 when you played most of the time with 4231. Sampaoli should go …there is no way he can win trust of the team. I for one would have liked the coach to continue but it doesn’t take even a amateur like me to understand Sampaoli had no clue about the game.

        Please let’s go one by one, start with Target to win Copa America first. I liked Matias Aeydas resume so far.

        Let’s wait for baldy to go.

  22. One thing I never understood was that why couldn’t Messi and Dybala play together.
    Both can create and both can score. They can take off pressure from the other.

    In Copa 19 they May try 4-1-3-2 with the front 5 being:
    —–Dybala——–Messi———Di Maria—–

    • Because neither of them contributes much to the defense. In the match with France, Pavon didn’t track back and we saw the consequence. Modern football requires to attack and defend with 10 if not 11 players. Both Dybala and Icardi need to change their style to what Giroud and Griezeman are doing, track back all the time, or Argentina will still be fragile with them upfront.

      • Opportunistic forward players like Aguero and Icardi will be inefficient if they have to maintain defensive duties.

        But Messi, Dybala and Di Maria who will be playing as attacking midfielders should defend if needed. I believe they should track back and defend when needed. I have seen each of them defend when needed.

        I agree that Total football is needed in modern football.

      • In my formation Messi, Dybala and Di Maria are attacking midfielders, not strikers.
        And I believe they should track back and defend when needed. I have seen each of them defend when needed.

  23. It’s funny, but the only 2 teams that beat Argentina are now in the finals.

    This proves that Argentina wasn’t such a bad team.
    And if we had proper tactics, team spirit and perhaps a bit of luck, it would be us that would be in the finals.

    Argentina is also the only team to put 3 past the strong defence of France.
    If only we had defended properly!

      • I think Gareca will get the job. Remember, 40 days was not a random number Gareca said he needed to decide what he wants to do.
        I know some people don’t like him, but I think Pekerman and Cambiasso are very perfect for us short term and long term.

      • I want Diego placente. he is a coach who can establish his tactics what he doing with U-15. also he can get some youngster for senior squad.

        we no need messi, aguero, di mari, banega, romero and otamendi.

        we need players for future.

        he found set of players those are all playing todether.
        Franco orzoco, palacios

  24. Sampaoli fraud and his selfish twin dictator Mascherano should be tied to a chair with eye lid taped to their forehead so that they can’t blink and they should be forced to watch the infinite video loop of all the games we played this world cup. These two can’t be forgiven.

    You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain. Chinese league player has destroyed his legacy and forever written his name in the history as the 2nd biggest culprit of our disastrous world cup 2018 campaign. Don’t even try to defend baldy no2 Selfish Chinese league washed up oldie. His positioning, his passes, his tracking, his man marking ,his slowness his sloppiness everything was off. He was the no2 reason after baldy for our exit.

    No3 reason for our exit was our incompetent captain. Being a captain it was his job to advise and support the coach to drop washed up players and pick the right players, his job was to advise the imbecile coach to play according to strength of the team , this is the reason why you don’t make anyone a captain. You need someone who can take the a decision of dropping useless players no matter if your teammates like it or not. You can’t leave the field crying like a 5 year old girl when you are the captain of the team. He just kept his mouth shut and let two baldys take charge. He is by far the worst captain Argentina ever had. 2002 and 2018 are the worst world cup because we went with Mascherano and Biglia type of washed up players. Not only we need a new coach we also need a new captain. !!!

    • Messi is to kind to be blamed, yes he is also responsible for remain silent, before the match starts there was clear uncomfortableness showed on messi face which never was seen and will be seen in barca. Probably messi wasn’t happy with Argentina team selection and playing XI but remain silent cost Argentina

    • Not happening. Unless Messi retires he will stay as captain. And I don’t want Messi to retire. You see against Nigeria game Messi said dont pass to me try to score. That is what we know from Rojo. But behind the doors Messi might do more, who knows. We knew he talked to players in Spain humiliating game.

    • @SulaV, I suggest you take a break from watching football, and certainly, refrain yourself from commenting in this site for a few days. Your thoughts have gone insane. I think it got to your nerves and you are talking insane now. Blaming Messi for everything has become so childish. To Sampaoli & Masche, you can put your blame, but it is so naive to put blame on someone who want to dedicate all his achievements to win a WC for his country. Moreover, he financially helped this greedy, beggar, corrupt AFA quite a few times!! Which player in world football does that?? The true fact is ARG (and more accurately, supporters like you) don’t deserve Messi!

  25. To all Argentina haters, Croatia and France playing final and Argentina lost against them only

  26. Had Argentina topped the group, Argentina playing final against France instead of Croatia. Final match already played in round of 16, this year champion luck with 1986-87 born captain, so France become world Champion as Argentina failed to reach Final what was i predicted earlier, Argentina vs France final on 15th July and any team can win but Argentina had slightly better chance

  27. All we needed was finished Mascherano out and Locelso in and not press high. But bald twins did exactly what the opponents wanted them do. Sampaoli was outsmarted by every manager he played against. With all the attacking players French team still sat deep and played counter attack against Belgium. Had we done the same we would be playing against France on Sunday. AFA should do investigation on this. Sampaoli could have been payed to make our team lose. There is no way a team like Argentina would play with such mad tactics. Baldy sold his our world cup.

  28. “Thank you for having Argentina get eliminated the earliest it has ever been in a Worls Cup! Here is $20 million for your trouble.”

    It’s like we’re compensating his failure. This guy is something else. Sprints like a maniac down the sideline, shows no respect whatsoever to the opposing team.

    Honestly, ANYONE other than Sampaoli!

    • Sometimes I think if the players just played in their positions as the kids play on the streets it would have been better. they are all professionals and should know what to do. When I played football on the streets as a kid. We had no coach, Argentina would have fared better without him. It’s the players fault for following his tactics. It would have not been as erratic as his tactics.
      It’s a crazy thought I know, But again, it’s just a thought.

      • after Sampaoli s madness in game with Croatia the players did what you say.
        they step up against their coach. they did well because we didn t humiliate completely with group stage exit.
        after they fight against one of the best teams france without coach. alone.

        i am not attacking to them if you have seeing my posts.
        i will never accuse them because they didn t win the world cup alone without coach.

        a lot of fans here give the blame to some specific players for the failure
        without looking the big picture.
        i don t have desire to argue with people here that is why i keep my mouth close.
        i am tired enough to do that and
        i am sad enough too by seeing my national team
        in this mess and seeing my national team failed in this world cup.

        • I am not from Argentina, but I know exactly what you feel. I will live with same pain for another 4 years. 32 years and still waiting. But I will never forgive Sampaoli. I hope We will accomplish something next year in Copa 2019, it’s very very important because it’s in Brazil.
          In 2014 WC final, Brazilians were cheering for the Germans to deny us the chance to lift the Cup on their soil. They were very happy that We lost.
          I still feel the pain after I watched 2 of the teams that We could beat easily reach the final.
          I seen your posts and I see you do not like to argue with anyone, there is no point of arguing. A lot of people here are very emotional, and most don’t really understand much about how football is played. No offense

          • maybe you are not from Argentina but believe me
            you are speaking and you feeling like you are one.

            i am very proud for people like you my friend.
            about what you write up it is exactly how feel and think together with you all the millions of Argentines after the game with French.

            i agree will every single word you wrote up.

    • Honestly, I think whoever takes over will improve the team. We won’t be losing 3-0, 4-2, 6-1 anymore. Why?

      Because whoever the coach may be. Will have to replace Mascherano and Biglia.
      Those are 2 DM positions up for grabs! They HAVE to be replaced, you can’t go around it. That’s two less from the friends club.
      Paredes, Kranevitter, Lo Celso would all be considered, as there is no way around the issue, it need a ton be addressed.
      Messi, Aguero, Banega I would around, especially for the 2019 Copa America.
      We NEED to rebuild our reputation again, because our respect as a team is down!

      Remember the change Zidane made in Madrid to make Real Great in Europe. Putting Casamiero in the place of James. Everything else remanined the same Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Ramos, Varane, Carvajal, even Navas stayed. It wasn’t the simple change of DM that made the difference.

      I believe the same with Argentina! A change of the double pivot or the sole DM will mark a HUGE difference, Mark my Words!!!!

      As of age, a 30 & 32 yr old midfielder (the matter who will turn 33) have boosted their country to the World Cup Final. Ribery being 35 years old is still crucial to bayern Munich, along with 33 year old Robben. Iniesta 34 was crucial to Barcelona AND Spain!

      In the 2022 World Cup, I wouldn’t mind seeing Banega (who would be 32 turning 33, same as Modric), Messi and Aguero (would be 32, like Mandzukic, going to 33, same age as Ronaldo, who won three championship leagues acknowledging to back). Not that I would start all three the same game, but keep them around, at least start one.

      Those would be the only three veterans I’d stick around, the other would go, Enzo, Higuain, Di Maria, Mercado, Fazio, Otamendi.

      That’s where the new blood would come in with experience supporting them the whole way.

      But to the point! Once those DM are replaced, things will change! Mark my words!!!

      • In my opinion We can have great midfield out of the following five potential midfielders
        Paredes, Kranevitter, Lo Celso, Lanzini and Lamela.
        Imagine 3 of these guys along with Messi and Dybala as interchanging play makers or supporting strikers, with Aguero upfront?
        Five great players, yet Sampa went for Meza and Perez ????

        • I agree that those 5 are the only possible midfielders Argentina can look to in the future, and I mean was down the line.

          CB’s would be Pezzella, Mussacchio or Mammana (I thinkthats how you spell it😆)

          Debate would be proper fullbacks. Tagliafico showed he is considerably the favorite to make the LB his, question is who will take the RB. Many say Bustos, but I am very adamant about him to be honest. His real first test, he failed miserably. Lucky for us it was a friendly and not qualifying or group stage.

          But I truly believe with those two gone, Biglia and Mascherano, Argentina can look towards the future with optimisticm! Remember, with Enzo and Mascherano, we STILL about 3 past France. Now imagine with decent DM? We’ll be unstoppable!

          • Huge fan of Aguero but expect messi as q midfielder no old guard in 2022, but Aguero needed in 2019, Gio Simeone will become better than kun in 2022

  29. If Sampa wants to make amends with the fans and stand up as a man, he should resign and not take a dollar. maybe we will wish him luck. But he will never be completely forgiven.

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