Breaking news: Jorge SAMPAOLI out as Argentina coach


Breaking news coming out of Argentina that Jorge SAMPAOLI is no longer the coach of the national team.

The official announcement is expected very shortly with the papers being signed on Monday but SAMPAOLI will not continue managing the team. He will reportedly be paid 1.6 million dollars through seven installments.

SAMPAOLI’s record as coach of Argentina stands at 15 matches. He won 7 matches, drew 4 and lost 4 with the last match coming against France. Here’s a list of names who have recently managed the Argentina national team:

2006: Jose PEKERMAN
2006: Alfio BASILE
2008: Diego MARADONA
2010: Sergio BATISTA
2011: Alejandro SABELLA
2014: Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO
2016: Edgardo BAUZA
2017: Jorge SAMPAOLI
2018: Unknown


  1. A few minutes silence for all those saying ‘Messi’s toxic presence’ in the team was the cause of WC misery for Argentina and playing Dybala would have done wonders….trust me , without him, this team was not even as good as Iceland/Nigeria.. One bad day for Messi , which any player in any sport can have, and the rest of the team could not score against Iceland..that portrays the quality of rest of 10 members in the side.
    The moment Messi came good against Nigeria Argentina looked a different unit altogether…that shows his impact on the side..I find amazing when people suggest Messi to be substituted with Dybala. Shouldn’t it be Dybala who should try to adjust his game and utilize Messi’s presence on the pitch? Dybala can never better Messi , but he is unfortunately wasting his chances in trying to step into Messi’s area instead of trying to use the chances that Messi creates on field.

    And if you expected Messi to topple France defense and score 5 goals , go play Fifa ’19 in your gaming console, stop watching real football…Admit that Argentina’s defense and GK was trash and it was made to look even worse with Lord Sampaoli’s crap tactics.

    Talking about hyper dependency on Messi, any football team in the world will be happy enough to depend on a player like him…stop highlighting your greatest strength as your biggest weakness. Any team would devise their game plan , keeping Messi’s presence in mind…nothing wrong in that. Even Barcelona does that and look at their success rates. Being a national team player , you have to adjust to that otherwise you are simply not good enough , sorry. Yes , Dybala was not played , Icardi was not included , but you still had Aguero /Higuain two of the best strikers of EPL/SerieA, why did you not play them against the most difficult opposition? Messi is the one to blame for this? Surely not..

    But yes, at this point of time, Messi can stay out of the friendly matches played this year and let the team rebuild….no way, Argentina can go without him or Aguero to the Copa america 2019 in Brazil, but its high time AFA fill up their short comings in defensive half of the field

  2. I’m football man I even coached under 16s football league. What I’m saying is this afa re going to be good God willing
    Tapia knows what he is doing
    They will make right choice
    Definitely won’t be simeone or pochettino
    My bet is Ricardo Gareca but they will take their time I’m even hearing Roman Diaz.Jorge almiron matias almayda re in the list too.

  3. Dfox, even if afa hires a proper manager, who i wish they will, doesn’t guarantee a bright future. These people, the ones that run afa, have managed to do the unthinkable: They made one of the most prestigious jobs, and that is coaching Argentina nt, to seem like a nightmare for any manager to take over. This means that even if afa hires a good manager who will be able to have a plan on building a team based on its strength, this manager will know that he will have to face afa interference and a very vicious media factory which make our position even more difficult than it seems.

    What i am trying to say is that a collective effort by everyone is needed, apart from the coach afa has to leave the new manager work in peace, having the upper hand and the first saying regarding the team because is his job afterall, and build on players who will not put theirselves and ego above the shirt.

    I am sick and tired seeing after all these years other teams winning and especially sick and tired seeing so much talent wasted, because unlike some fellow Argentina fans in here i believe that Argentina has a great wealth of talent, they just need the right people to get advantage of this wealth.

    • I couldn’t agree more, the talent has always been there but getting that talent to play well together solely falls on the coach. Look at France, they left Benzema off the team and never looked back, surely a proper ARG manager can do the same providing he knows what he is doing.


  5. YESSSSS YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEES VAMOS ARGENTINA VAMOS ARGENTINA VAMOS ARGENTINA TE QUIERO ARGENTINA YESSSSS YESSSSS YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m away from home right now, I have Bacardi waiting, The World Cup winners club has been fiercely protected, Thanks France 🇫🇷 And Congrats, celebrating tonight YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEES YEEEEEEEES!!!! ARGENTINA 🇦🇷 ARGENTINA 🇦🇷

  6. Giroud Mbbape and griezeman all were defending in their own penalty box. Unless Argentine forwards defend in this manner we will not win titles. France strategy was similar to 2014 of Argentina.

    • Good point, and this was remarkable. They all were really going back to defend. That is why France had such a good defense, the entire team defended.

  7. LOL, only when I think this site wont get any crazier, it does just that!!
    Mentioning the exact same thing 20 times wont make it any clearer, just because so and so said such and such about someone doesn’t make true………..i see pitchforks, torches, and rope….hang ’em high.
    France and Croatia did everything they needed to do to get to the final, as much as we hate it but the WC didn’t stop the second ARGENTINA lost.
    Next few days are crucial, the next 4 years depend on who the AFA hires and then it will trickle down from there. Make a good choice and future is bright, make a lousy one and we will be back here almost this time next year saying what a shitty Coach XYZ is.

    • I am watching Atlanta Untied play as we speak and the camera must have shown Tata at least 6-7 times and it got me thinking. He was pretty good coach, two straight Copa finals and zero wins, we had the up and downs during qualifiers with him, some games were won very comfortably and some weren’t but his refusal to mess with the formula that got ARG to the 2014 WC was his downfall.
      Sabella had his ups and downs during the qualifiers but there was no doubt who was in charge when he was the manager.
      Brazil is basically the same team that started the qualifiers just as bad as ARG, losing badly in the previous two cops plus or minus few players until Tite took over. He was the boss and nobody else and that team instantly became a powerhouse during all their games before and during the WC until they lost to our delight.
      Point is, a proper manager is not just some idiot standing on the sidelines pointing, screaming, waving his arms………he has a job to do and it all starts with him before anybody else.

  8. Our new manager needs to tell the players I’m in charge. Messi needs to stop being a cry baby and learn to integrate in new formations and players. I still remember when Icardi played, Messi wasn’t celebrating any goals because Icardi was on and he couldn’t play with him.

    • The Icardi thing is over, over and over with, done. The guy deserves to be in the national team. Period. Messi should stay away from the team for at least two years. Icardi has clearly been frozen out. We don’t care about people personal beef, we cannot suffer from all that crap. Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷

      • your time passed, just go to hell. If messi doesn’t win world cup then world cup no more prestigious

      • I don’t think his time has passed but I think it is time for him to take a time off from the team. He needs to stay away for a few years, let young players chart their own course without his looming, at times toxic, presence. I love Messi but it’s time to temporarily part ways.

  9. Argentina biggest mistake to choose finished player like Higuain, Mache, Biglia, Cabarello, Perez and playing them in first XI makes the team Disaster. This was happened when world class Icardi left home, best GK rulli not selected, lo celso not get a minute, Dybala benched and finally benega not used properly. Last but not least only infrom playe from Argentina Aguero benched against France, so its common that it must be happened

  10. many here on saying France won with younger squad. Look at French playing XI Loris 31yr, Mattudi 31yr Giroud 31yr Grizmaann 27yr N’golo kante 27yr rest of are young while mabbape only teenager. Varane, Progba and umtiti are below 25 and consider young interms of age experience wise playing for Real, Barca and Man U for a long time also 50+ matches so should not consider young. Only pavard and Hernandez are young. If Argentina had player like umtti or varan playing for barca and real then Argentina not played with 30yr old rojo otamendi or fazio. Yes 25yr worst young player award goes to meza for sure. All French player had 2016 euro experience while Grizmaann and progba had world cup plus euro experience.

  11. How long will it take for the AFA to make a sensible decision?

    The media should support the team now and not to mock the team further. The public knows the mess we are in, give the team a chance now to move on.

    Let’s drop the stupid talk of Simeone or Pochettino taking the job. They won’t. They are heavily involved at their respective club. They won’t want to tarnish or halt their career by taking on a job that needs to be cleansed from top down.

    These rumours of Messi involved in decisions to drop certain players is worrying. I think his status has got to his head.

    Why will I not be surprised if by the end of managerial careers for the likes of Tata Martino, Sabella and Sampaoli who blow the cover and explain that Messi was a difficult guy to manage. I am just saying.

    Youth team needs direction. Go back to basics. Improve on player development.

    I was screaming before that youth will win this world cup. If we don’t learn from the French, English or Germans now then we will never.

    And if…..if the Messi rumours of him playing God and deciding the outcome of the likes of Lo Celso is true,……then all that he had built in our eyes will come tumbling down badly. And i will burn my messi shirt.

    No one…..I repeat no one is bigger than our shirt.

    Thank you Sampaoli for making our team a laughing stock. Thank you for destroying the very little respect we had left. Take your 1.6 million and get lost. Broke any hope I had left.

    Don’t expect drastic and whole changes. I would expect the following to return:
    Di Maria

    Out of the lot I would only want Messi and Otamendi to return. And saying that….that sounds really bad.

    • No, my friend, Messi cannot, Messi must not return to the national team right now. He needs, ARGENTINA NEEDS HIM, to get away from the team. We do not need his toxic presence right now. I don’t pay much attention to the rumors but it is quite clear that the Messi experiment is not so far working well. Messi must stay away from the team for two three years. Let the team groom new, young, players. With Dybala, Pavon And Icardi up front we have a good base to build from.

  12. As i predicted one month ago 1986-87 born captain lift the world cup and its between loris for France or messi for Argentina. Technically Argentina vs France in final if Argentina topped the group

  13. huh.. such a disappointment and frustration and pain.. almost waiting for 30 years.. especially the last 4 years..all for a day like this.. somebody lifting the cup and screaming.. again 4 years of hope and dreams.. Painful qualifiers.. I decided one thing.. there should not be any dependency for our happiness..we must be happy.. the more we think that winning day as our greatest day, that day never comes.. the winning day is just another day like goal is just another pass in between the posts..AFA, politics, friends club, sucking coaches everything beyond our control.. just let us be happy..we deserve that..we are happy Argentina fans..

    • Very True… I watched Germany celebrated in 2014 and with tears in my eyes i thought it could be Messi and co, this time watching France celebrating was tough to digest. I had a dream… I never watched Argentina winning a trophy because i started watching football since 1994 world cup when i was only 6 years old. 30 years has been passed by.

      I just wanted to watch Argentina players lifting a world cup or copa. Before this world cup i discussed with fellow supporters that we want them to win in our lifetime. But i lost hope now. Don’t know, it seems that we are cursed.

      I will not be emotional for Argentina. Easier said than done…

      • No, Argentina is not cursed. When you make mistakes, as Argentina did again this year, they will cost you. Argentina will win again, trust me. If Pekerman is named Coach, you might see that as early as next year in Brazil. Can you imagine?? Lifting a trophy in Brazil, how sweet that will be?? Keep hope alive.

  14. im actually mored pissed off today than I was losing against France….it’s just not fair….

    im honestly so upset i hope Argentina never win again….hopefully never qualify!

    i wish we cared about Los Pumas o las Leonas the way we do soccer….at least those teams know what it’s like playing for their jersey.

    Fuck it all…..

  15. We did not introduce a good football team Or a good referee
    How the fuck can france win this match ?
    How the fuck can Olivier Giroud hold the world cup ?
    Fuck you sampaoli …. Fuck you friends club including messi ….
    And fuck the AFA

    • 2010 germany was inexperienced, 14? Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Podolski, Klose…yes France with lot of god-level talents, where are these in Argentina? Nowhere without 1-2 strikers

    • 2014 Germany was very experience team
      2018 France was finalist in last Euro which Portugal wins.

      what inexperienced teams you talking about.

    • Ansaldi don’t be starter because he touch Messi’s shoes.Fuck you believe trash news like that.

    • Where are your overrated Neymar and overrated Coutinho brazil fanboy? Coutinho without Messi=grand zero like in Liverpool (0 trophy) and with Brazil 0 trophy

  16. All of Messi’s dirty laundry is now being aired. This time Nico Burdisso.

    For all those people that “CLAIM” they know Messi, good guy, blah blah blah, this is a reminder, we don’t know SHIT about ANY of these guys. Just what we perceive. Everyone has good and bad in them, and Messi is no different.
    For the record, I like Messi, but I am not foolish enough to think the man is God. He is a man, with faults and all.

    • Every your post are blame Messi.You always saying Messi bla bla bla.We All know Messi weak leadership.I don’t know what kind supporter of you.and one,why you always believe media whatever news about Messi???you’re just one of Media’s victim because you cann’t know about news,sarcarsme or hoax

      • No Ali,
        You are naive. My respect for a player HAS to be EARNED. I don’t give a shit how many club championships a player wins if they don’t win anything for their country. You want to talk about Messi? Let me tell you what I think of him. Great player. Maybe the best ever. Now let’s talk about him as a person. He is passive aggressive. He does not have the balls to confront anything but like a weasel he does his dirty work behind curtains. He cannot take pressure. Every coach says “we have to make him comfortable”. You know what that means? That means he can only play in one system, he cannot adapt, and we have to set something up for him to do well. Have you ever heard that being said about any other great player? The answer is no. Every coach says that. That’s media? Wake up man. Pull your head out of Messi’s magical ass and look at the results. Do you know how many championships he has won for Argentina at senior level? The same number I have. Is it all his fault? No. Sampa should have said this guy hasn’t won shit so I am building a team that can. He can either be a part of it and adapt or not, but 12 years of nothing is long enough for ALL of them. Not just Messi. Some leader. The guy couldn’t lead you out of a paper bag with 2 flashlights and a guide.

        • Puskas,Cruyff,Eusebio etc success in club, but not in nation.every player need luck to win.He’s rich 4 finals but unlucky.Medals is important,but not everything.You can talk to all coaches why he want Messi’s system?? Answer is because effective in Barca. Unfortunately, Argentina’s not Barca. All.coaches want Messi playing like in Barca but not all player are same Barca’s player level.You can think that Messi controlling Argentina’s player because he give money from endorse and sponsor,AFA agree.That’s true or not we don’t know, but don’t think whatever Media saying is 100% true.

        • Yes, Sampaoli could have build a team without Messi. But what happened when Messi retired ? Isn’t that the best chance for the team to show they can exist without him ( I know this happened during Bauza regime)
          You know what happened, we called him from retirement and then we got qualified.

          Look.i believe the shirt is more important hence the new coach needs to rebuild this team.
          If Messi wants his friends, then he should get lost.

        • Yeah man you’re right, I love Messi and am a huge fan but what is rational is rational. Messi has been toxic and it doesn’t take a Rocket scientist to see that,, not at all. There is no explanation, none, Icardi and Dybala we’re frozen out other than the desire to make Messi happy. And like you say, Messi has no balls, is not a crazy motherfucker like Maradona. If he was, even with the players Sampaoli put out around him, and since this, and exactly, was to make him happy then he’ll come up swinging. Penalty against Iceland?? He steps up like a man, rather than like a little bitch, and buries it, not even a chance for the keeper. Against Croatia?? Two goals. On and on, 100% effort, playing hard every minute. Is it what we got from Messi, 100% effort?? No. I will always love Messi, he is the best player ever, but it’s time for him to get away from the national team for the next two three years. Argentina needs to rebuild without his toxic presence and then he could come back later after the team has established itself.

    • @San Isidro… aren’t you tired of repeating the same shit every post? Every single post of yours is about Messi this and Messi that… you sound obsessive kid. We get it, you don’t like Messi but some fans do. So
      Deal with it. Your hatred for the guy runs so deep that you’re digging up old dirt? You do know that the fight occurred in 2010??? And I like how you conveniently failed to mention how Burdisso concluded the interview by saying “things like that happen all the times in futbol”.

      I read your post sometimes and you rarely contribute anything of value other than regurgitating this “Messi and friends” nonsense..

  17. It’s WC dude. We don’t have good defense, coach is unstable, key players too old. Sooner or later we will got eliminated. The only way we can win is having Sabella and with so much damn luck!

  18. The end of collective football.
    France unorganized attack.. individual run, and lost of concentration beat Croatia.
    Croatia played better, certainly better than us when we were defeated by France with smaller margin.
    But this is football.
    Congrats France.

    • The only that matters is the score at the end of the game, not possession, chances, players, luck or unluck, effort or lack of, pretty or ugly doesn’t matter.

  19. Fake sampaoli and members of frind’s club!! Mess’s childish behavior, loose cannon Rojo, old mascherano, balby’s idiotic game plan, baldy canballeros horrific mistake, all these will hunt me for long time!! Fake all these bastrads

  20. Argentina could be France 2.0 maybe better than France
    Argentina must give the offensive players all freedoms they need like France do
    Also its Argentina’s Team Not Messi’s sampaoli was always talking about Messi that must be stop

    Argentina should play 4-2-3-1

    Bustos/Gomez —otamendi—-mammana—- taglafico
    Ascacibar——Battaglia/lo celso——
    Messi—-dybala—-Lanzini/Pavón ——

    Ascacibar is our Kanté and battaglia our Pogba
    And this attack could be better than France but I don’t know if icardi is hard working like giroud also giroud win almost every aerial duel

    And the captain should be like in Brazil in every match a other so that every player take and learn responsibility

    • Awesome here come the stupid f**ing lineups from the fantasy football brigade.

      Do EVERYONE here a favor and get yourself a video game and line up until your heart is content

    • Hi ArgentinaFan93,

      The midfield is no way near the mark…along with your current lineup – you need a riquelme or a modric level kinda player..& most importantly a super coach..

      If not this will be only good for fantasy football..

  21. WHAT A DISGRACE!!!!!!
    WE should’ve been there!!!!
    If Dybala, Aguero would’ve started and Enzo mascherano In the bench, we would’ve beaten France!
    We were leading them ffs!!!!!!!!

    Sampaoli Goodbye!!!!! You WONT be missed!!!

  22. what a week for these Croatians…first Stipe gets knocked the fuck out….now France KOing them too…

    man fuck Messi and Fuck Sampaoli (with a horses c…..)

    loco ….perdimos un Mundial facil ….

  23. bahahahah Mandookie ..Mandicksuphisass….

    he is so bad…worse than Higuain….doesnt know what he is doing lol

  24. Every time they name and put Simeone,Pocho in the list i just lost it. They should stop mocking around and get real with that situation. This 2 will never coach Argentina. Well not at this moment. So better start with someone does and can. I hope they get someone till copa. Goal will be good results and build a team

  25. Ebo
    “I don’t understand since when Messi and the players became the Enemy of the national team”?

    I think there is a substantial feeling amongst many fans that the players care more about themselves than the NT.
    Is it justified? Maybe, maybe not. But when you see all this glory for club teams and zero trophies for NT some of this is to be expected.
    The lack of seriousness from people like aguero with all the instagrams does not help. The hanging on for glory of Masche when he CLEARLY is washed up does not help. He wants one more shot instead of giving a younger player an opportunity is selfish. The personal stories of DiMaria putting the focus on his life story in the middle of the World Cup does not help. As well intentioned as it is, he is not larger than team. Choking in multiple finals does not help especially when it is under multiple managers.
    Some of this is justified, some definitely not. But many people have tired of this generation and it’s time to give another group an opportunity. These players lost every final, and we all lose the battle against time, and their time is up.

    • i wish terrible things to happen to everyone involved in AFA post 2006 WC. terrible terrible things!

  26. this was Argentina’s WC. literally…..

    they will never have it this easy again.

    Worst World Cup ever.

    France is winning with the refs!

    hope Croatia crashes ….

    first Stipe Micocic now these undeserving Croatia. douches….

    shame on Fifa the only European team deserving to play a final and win 1 is Holland!

    f Croatia!

    F Messi too.

    time to turn a new page Argentina!

  27. This site never stops to shock me!! Shocking and foolish comments from so called Mundo football pundits . They claim that they have been watching football since Maradona days they know better than the ex-players , coaches and pundits around the world!! And they don’t forget to mention that “No matter what happens I’ll always support this team” , “I have been supporting Argentina before Messi and I will support after Messi is gone”. They will add few line at the end because they want to make sure nobody second guesses their loyalty and support!!

    According to these greatest fans of Argentina Some of our players can get away with anything. How many of you remember the match against Croatia. This guy Messi looks completely uninterested to even touch the ball. Its a do and die game for the team, millions of fans across the world are watching and praying and just because an imbecile coach decides to play with different strategy and formation our Queen acts like a 10 year old spoiled child and decides to walk the whole game. That how a captain suppose to act?????? Is that how the captain suppose to play in a game which is so so so important?????????? Our so called experts here don’t want to even look at the childish behavior of our players and just come up with one conclusion. Messi is the greatest players and he might be our captain but he doesn’t have to do the duty of a captain . He took us to a final .He has assigned the old horse Mascherano his deputy so he can just do what ever he likes.

    These so called greatest pundits and biggest fans of the team who have been watching the game since they were in their mom’s belly , they put the blame on Imbecile Baldy and baldy only. Yes this man is the no1 culprit , yes he should have played to the strength of the team and should not have done any experiments in the world cup. But you know how all of this started ?? Your Friends club . Yes Friends club was the root of all the problem. No matter which coach came and went these Friends club was untouchable. Argentina is losing and drawing games left and right since the 2nd half of the WC qualifiers but no one has the balls to drop Mascherano who was the weakest player in our starting xi. Game against Spain and Nigeria couldn’t make this selfish man realize that his time is up . His greed destroyed our world cup and denied the greatest player of all time a world cup. These people are so ignorant that they keep on saying that these senior players had nothing to do with team selection . After Croatia game these players revolt was a rumor. They need a tape of the dressing room or someone from the team like Messi or Mascherano has to phone them personally and only they will believe but skeptically . Baldy is gone but he will talk now . He will expose those selfish dictators who helped him to make sure we will not win this world cup. These so called biggest and greatest Argentina fans still think that we didn’t have better players to replace Mascherano , Biglia, Rojo, Higuain, Enzo. Do you really think Pavon is a better player than Perroti? The 23 man squad is a combination of Friend’s club buddies and SAmpaoli’s madness. The 23 man squad had 17-18 players from Friends’s club quota and rest from Imbecile camp quota. These so called Greatest Argentina fans think we hate Messi. We are disappointed too. The greatest player will end up without a world cup because he chose to not act like a captain and let some of his team mates take decision for him. Had we gone with the right players and Sampaoli had played to the strength of the team we would be playing against France today.

    No doubt Biggest culprit of our disastrous world cup is non other than Baldy . His stupidity cost us. But no-2 is the friend’s club and its leader Mascherano ,Who thought that even after moving to china he is an automatic starter along with his buddy Biglia. He thought he is not only bigger than the captain he is bigger than his coach too. The 23 man squad had his name written all over it. No-3 is poor leadership of Messi. Had he interfered from 23 man squad we would have been playing this final today and not Croatia. Imagine a captain in the most important game of our world cup is not even interested to touch the ball!!!! But these so called greatest fans and pundits they not only want him in the team they want to still have him as a captain. Oh i forgot, No matter what happens I’ll always support Argentina and our legends aka friend’s club. Also, I have been supporting before messi and I’ll support after messi.

    • true!

      Perotti, Ocampos, tuqu correa did their best season for their team.
      but culprit messi had the full controls choosing player.

      this man is done. even he couldnt do anything against roma when he was underpressure. only walking and passing.

      seriously he needs Pep, Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets.

    • The buck stops here. Friends club or not it really doesn’t matter. Me, I don’t pay attention to players interference that much, it’s pointless. There is reason why another name for a coach, in England for instance, is MANAGER. So forget players, Sampaoli was, is, an incapable man. Real coaches, real men really, are jealous of their control over the team. Nobody, I mean nobody, makes decisions but him. This stupid of a man allowed things to desingrate and quite frankly the fact that he made so many bad moves destroyed his credibility from the get go. Argentina was too much for this moron, too much, he was never up to the job and melted away quickly.

  28. Had the goalkeeper guessed the other way then it would have been stopped……you know that happens sometimes where the goalkeeper gets lucky and goes the way the ball is going and stops it, BUT Noooo, Messi missed that PK, that is pure stupidity.

  29. I must say that I didn’t think it was possible to get rid of him without severe financial sanctions but 1.6 million to be paid in 7 installments? VERY WELL DONE AFA…..finally did something right.

    I already expressed my desire to see Pekerman as the new manager based on his experience, 3 WCs, and his instant credibility and professionalism. I, unlike many of my fellow bloggers do NOT want to see MESSI retire from the NT but what I do want to see is the new manager, whomever he is use him as part of the team and NOT the team itself. 2nd, use the immense attacking power ARGENTINA posses to their advantage and not the other way around. 3rd, sound structure and shape to the team AT ALL TIMES.
    4th, integrate old with new to make a brand new whole team because lets face it he wont get rid of all the old players.
    Romero:FOR now, who is better?? and Rulli is SHIT so dont bother.
    Kun: seems to me finally coming around and what surprised was his statement, “i’ll play as long as the coach needs me”. good attitude
    Otamendi: NO BRAINIER.
    I can make an argument for few others but it all depends on what players the new manager wants in his team.

    Dybala, LETS SEE Icardi and that SOB better show us SOMETHING ONCE GIVEN THE CHANCE because I do not want to see you know who again.
    Corea and Pavon…..easy picks.
    Meza>>>>I will always associate his name with the France game and its not his fault but that is how it is.

    • My good friend, good points like always. I strongly agree with you on Pekerman. HE WILL BRING INSTANT CREDIBILITY TO THE TEAM AND COMPLETELY CALM THE WATET EVEN BEFORE HE TAKES OVER. Don’t know what Tapia would do but Pekerman would be a surreal choice, unbelievable.I also strongly desagree with you on Messi. I will not get tired of saying this, Messi is extremely, I mean extremely, toxic. Toxic, toxic and toxic. To be honest, mostly because he is just too good, out of this world goo, a god. And that sometimes makes it impossible for youngsters to be themselves, to play with abandon, to

    • …to be themselves, to show what they can do. The highest interest of Argentina requires that Messi goes away for two three years. This will finally, FINALLY, clear the air and let players be free. I don’t care what their personal, egotistical, beef is with Icardi but this universally recognized extraordinary talent, young talent, was frozen out. That is unacceptable. Messi must go away and not come back until 2021. By that time the team will already have an identity independent of him. Maradona did that after 1990. You know what happened?? In short order, WITHOUT MARADONA, Argentina immediately won Copa America, what is still to this day the last time this glorious team won. As soon as Maradona went away the team exploded. Think about that, do that for a second. We are talking about a man who actually WON the World Cup for Argentina. Messi has won shit and yet we’re supposed to linger around with him, for what????? We’ve suffered too much already. It’s time for him to go away, it’s time. I guarantee you will get two three beast in his absence. When Maradona went away Batistuta came along. Batigol was a beast, insane.

  30. Maximiliano Romero (PSV), Benjamín Garre (Manchester City), Ezequiel Barco (Atlanta), Facundo Colidio (Inter de Milán) y Tomás Chancalay (Colón) will not play in L’Alcudia tournament., Their clubs will not allow them. THere’s no ATM also Francisco Ortega (Velez) and Maximilano Lovera (Rosario Central) Carranza (Banfield).

    Instead from Central we have Francisco Lo Celso (brother of Giovani), Almendra and Maroni from Boca and Nehuen Perez (Argentinos /Atletico).

    • I can understand Barco and Romero not allowed to go. Barco is having a great time in the MLS and has also been selected to represent the MLS all star team. Romero is coming from injury and so PSV wouldn’t risk him. But Colidio and Garre are both reserve team players and yet they won’t be allowed. And also Chancalay?

  31. When you look through the list all of them made huge selection errors. Pekerman in 2006 lost to Germany with Messi, riquelme, aimar, crespo sitting on the bench :s
    Maradona left out zanetti & Cambiasso.
    Batista was unlucky, lost on penalties to eventual winners Uruguay. Beyond that he was the only coach to play many of the players who had won so many youth tournaments.
    Sabella left out banega & pastore when Argentina were desperate for a midfielder who could pass forwards. 4yrs later sampaoli repeated the same mistakes – Garay left at home, icardi too, dybala, lo celso under utilized & banega left out until Nigeria even though he dramatically improved the Iceland game.
    Argentina need to choose a coach who can analyse the players available, recognise that those playing for juventus or psg will be better than the Mesa & Perez that are playing local league. And most of all be flexible to find a formation that suits the best players available , than be rigid to a formation when there isn’t the players to make it work.

  32. EBo you are the best blogger of this group We were tired of Messi haters “absolute knowledge” and wisdom. Now we see someone who is a real NT supporter.

    • Banega, aguro,ontamendi,rojo only players should are useless.withoit messi we can’t imagine argentina.he is the symbol of argentina.he never play bad match for argentina.due to messi argentina play 3 finals.. everyone know that no nymaar or no ronaldo play a 3 final.ronadlo play a single final.

  33. Considering the future of NT and coming tournaments there is no need to involve banega and aguro. We have better midfielders and lots of good strikers .only messi need to stand in between younsters.
    Already sampoli made mistks not giving chance to asacabar and paredes in mdfld and leaving 4.4.2 strategy mainly.and not picking any young goalkeepers and dub inexp meza.

    • In Short term success don’t think there are better player than Aguero and benega in Argentina. It will be considered injustice and crime if Aguero and benega not even i bench for copa 2019 who are the best player for Argentina in 2018 world cup.

  34. Maybe im one of few people who are not enthusiastic about sampaoli leaving the NT. sampaoli wasnt a bad coach. In my opinion he just needed more time. A new coach wont do any miracle. The new coach needs time to build up the team and 1 year until copa is not a long time. I just hope new and young players get their chances no matter who they are outside the pitch and I hope we see some progress till the copa but to be honest i don’t expect us to win in brazil anyway I will be more than happy if the team and our new coach surprise me and prove me wrong.

    Best luck to sampaoli . At the end everything he did was with huge amount of passion.

  35. Apart from doing everything else, First the new coach have to establish this – You are playing for Argentina!! That is still one of the proudest achievements in your life. Only “1 in 2 millions” gets this opportunity!!! Once the intent and hunger is back, I believe success will follow in no time. Best wishes

  36. The only guy I would consider from the old squad is Mercado and Otamendi. The rest of the guys need to retire for the sake of the team. Maybe, just maybe, if the team has a strong enough personality Messi can be integrated later on. If nothing else, right now we need to know how good the young crop of players we have can play with each other.

    • both marcado and otamendi flopped in world cup and both of are 30+. I also against old guards considering they can’t play in 2022 but at least so some respect for Aguero, messi and benega only this three player proved their worth for NT

  37. Who ever the new coach just kicked all old guards and call up player aged under 26-27. Messi can’t be dropped otherwise AFA can’t earn money but should be rested or pkay 20min max. Aguero, otamendi, benega, Dimaria should be consider aiming to win copa but as of now friendlies no more old guard otherwise changing coach is like old wine in new glass

      • I love Messi and that is part of the problem, what you just said. No, Messi needs to go away. Argentina has always been, is, and will always be one of the most sought after national team regardless. Teams always line up to play against Argentina and whenever the team go people will come. Drop Messi right away, bring in talented young players, Pavon, Icardi, Dybala And there will be a buzz.

  38. Let to be honest Argentina tasted biggest defeats under Sampaoli considered worst coach in 12year. To think Argentina team like prime Barcelona (2008-2012) was Sampaoli biggest mistake. Argentina has so many limitations and weaknesses and sabela understand this very well and make Argentina strong points as weapon make the team into the final and considered best coach in last 12year.

    • “Argentina has so many limitations and weaknesses”
      Argentina has great players and famous coaches.
      Argentina has a corrupt AFA and insane critical media, that’s about it.

      • You got me wrong, Argentina has weakness in defense, full back. Average GK and midfield as of now in future can be changed. Only Argentina has World class attack with this limited sources any good coach can success in world cup. At least Argentina team much better than Croatia who is playing final so winning world cup this year Argentina wasn’t difficult either if they found a proper plane, where Sampaoli changing his line up and tactics every game. The reason Croatia and Belgium success playing with same team long time and good chemistry despite bigger limitations and weaknesses compare to Argentina

  39. This site is becoming addictive, the more I read and browse the more disappointed I get,
    The story of Messi preventing Lo Celso from playing because he passed the ball between his legs or the assistant coach touching his shoulder is spread among thousands of sites where many ignorant people ( 99.9% of them have REAL MADRID logo or Christiano or Neymar or brazil as their profile picture)believe and attack Messi for the imaginary incidents. It breaks my spirit when I see that from an Albiceleste fan. Imagine what goes through the mind of our future players when they see these things.

    All that on top of the pain to wait since 1986 for Argentina get that third star. I am over 55 years old I witnessed 78 and 86. I have more than 6 Argentina shirts with no names on the back because my loyalty is to the NT, not to any player. and I am not Argentine. I belong to to the hundreds of millions of the global Albiceleste Tango national team family.
    With all due respect,I am tired to keep hearing the nonsense.
    The existence of so called ‘friends club’ and ‘messi and co’ along with Messi’s influence on the selection or tactics or plans of the team defies the logic of Messi’s character(Messi is not a leader and not arrogant) and how events unfolded. Why Messi left his best friend and his roommate on the bench(Aguero)? Why Messi left his friends Di Maria and Higuain on the Bench? Why messi allowed Pavon to play after fighting with his other best friend (Mascherano)? Why Messi allowed Sampaoli to take Rojo out and put Fazio in when he said he don’t like him? it seems that Messi abandoned all of his ‘friends club’ members contradicting the idea of ‘Friends club’ influence. Why influence player selections and seems to give up and not play as hard in Croatia match? if it was true that he dictates player selections then he should fight very hard just to prove he is right. logical, isn’t it?
    Sampaoli is a total failure whether he allowed Messi and friends to dictate his job or not. If he allowed them then he is not a good coach with very weak ego and personality( We all know that it’s not the case), if he did the selection and the tactics and we still lost. he is a failure. He is total bust at this WC by the vast majority of pundits and football analysts in the World. WE all agree that Sampaoli’s future took a very bad hit with him leaving the NT with a huge failure, his future as a coach is vague, his reputation is at risk, his image as a successful coach is ruined, he has to prove himself from the scratch.Then please explain why he does not shift blame to ‘friends club’ and ‘Messi and Co’ to save his career and yet more, save his 20 Million that he was supposed to get? if he was such a good coach he should have seen that coming if he accepted so called ‘Friends club’. can someone answer please?
    If there is a piece of news that has no credible source, then a normal smart human being would throw it against reasoning and common sense before going all the way to believe it based on a blind belief.
    I don’t understand since when Messi and the players became the Enemy of the NT. Unless people have a hidden driving force behind hitting on the little man and the NT. this idea is over exaggerated by many Messi/NT haters on the net. Sampaoli is at fault when he tried to make this team a Messi team, he said that loud and clear, this is Messi’s team, We will do anything to help him. Now a lot of people blame Messi for the failures of others. If you are against fans who think the NT does not succeed without Messi, then you should not say the team failed because of Messi. because both make Messi the focal point of failure or success, and both are wrong.

    • my friend i will give you one advice.
      Don t give so much attention to people here or generally.

      Everybody don t have the same age and experience.
      Everybody don t have the same understanding of football too.

      So don t destroy your psychology. no reason and no worth to destroy your mentality.

      Keep in your heart what you feel about Argentina and don t give attention to anything else.

      As i told you in past posts i am very proud for people like you.
      maybe you are not from Argentina but really you are one of us.
      Your heart is Argentine so you are Argentine.

      for me this is more important than just one ID card or 1 passport from Argentine republic that write your name.

    • Agree with you.
      Disappointed with this blog. Encouraging hates (not positive critic), calling names to our own players and make unbased assumptions/accusations.
      No wonder the player become less motivated when the supporters are like this.
      I hope I only see a small part and not the big picture of our nation. If it were, then only doom awaits the NT.
      We’re the same like AFA, corrupt.

    • I am a die hard Barcelona fan, a die hard Messi fan. The responsibility of Argentina debacle fall on Sampaoli stupid shoulders. I love Argentina more than I love Messi and this allows me to see things differently. Many are Argentina fans brought by Messi, I am not. I’m born Argentina fan. Messi IS, HAS BECOME, toxic. It is very hard to believe that the real reason why Icardi and Dybala were frozen from the team is not Messi presence. Whether he directly influenced that or not is irrelevant, the fact that something so suicidal as that could happen is unacceptable. You can never win anything in such an atmosphere. Never. The national team is exactly that, national team. Personal beef, real or not, must never be a part of the equation. Period. I think Messi should go away for two three years and let the team, unshackled, evolve without. He can come back later but right now he needs to go away.

  40. Any coach comes should have a strong personality
    he chooses the squad and puts the forms
    not any player

  41. @Ebo

    First I wonder how long you are here. I have good memory to remember the reactions here after Martino, Bauza and Sampaoli were appointed. I remember that pinky optimism and it goes for all the coaches.

    If people think Sampaoli is only to blame for Argentina lose in WC you will be disappointed once again. Samapoli made mistakes. No doubt. But how is that Argentina is only worse and worse since Martino times. Every new coach was “good choice” I heard. I heard that when Martino was appointed. The coach with Paraguay NT success and European experience. At the end he was “the worst coach ever”. I heard “anyone but Martino”, “anyone must be better”.

    Once again when Bauza was appointed. “Best possible choice” Ive been hearing. Copa Libertadores winner with several clubs. It’s hard to imagine but at the end he was named the worse of the worst. Worse than Martino.

    Finally Sampaoli was dream coach. The best of the best. With his Chile title and European experience. And he turned to be… how to name that… worst of the worst of the worst.

    I remember ver well people reactions to Sampaoli’s debut win against Brazil. Almost everyone said here: oh, I may see improverment already, after 1 game.
    When I was sceptic: “oh really?! you see the difference already? Sorry but for me there was no improvement. We need to wait to estimate Smapaoli”

    Don’t you understand? This is all part of the same childish approach. The same people claim for some youngster to claim to kick him out if he will not impress immediately or fail one game. The same people. And the same people want blood of every new coach that will not deliver within 12 months or even 6 months. They behave like blased generations growing up on consumptionism, buy and throw out habit.

    Argentina needs revoulution everywhere. In AFA as well.

    But there’s some kind of supporting that is always reflection of this infantilism of AFA. Claiming only for new coaches if the will not deliver immediately. Claiming for new youngsters if they will not deliver immediately. All this is exact opposite of sound, long-term planning. The only thing people don’t want to go is our beloved old generation.

    Argentina fans must think about what they want actually? If they think new coach will resolve all our problems they will disappointed. If they think new coach will make our old generation shining they will disappointment.

    Is this possible every of Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli was so horrible coach? I doubt each of Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli was/is weak coach. Impossible. They proved themselve with other South American NT and in clubs.If you have several coaches on which people were so optimistic and all failed maybe it’s time to understand there must be other factor that makes the team unbalanced for years.

    Now the childish people will once again triumph for Sampaoli’s end and when new coach will be apointed. I know that very well. It’s exactly case of Martino, Bauza and Sampaoli. ‘Historia vitae
    magistra est’ so i will stay sceptic.

    And tell me: if Gareca or Gallardo will be oppointed do you see already the difference? Gareca has similar CV to the previous coaches of Argentina like Martino or Sampaoli. He succeed with lower South American NT. Gallardo similar CV to Bauza with his club titles. All I want to say is: if he will succumb the temptation to once again build around Messi and oldies he will be fired after Copa America. We may only pray for courage and long term vision for new coach. Only that may brings final triumph in future. But that requires coaurage not to just build for next Copa.

    As @pipita said ther is no contuinity. Who was the last coach make Argentina looking really good? Sabella. And he was the last who had few years with NT. Here Argentina is exact opposite to Gemany. They will continue with Loew after 12 years and after the group stage exit. And I’m sure it will be good for them.


    • I also wonder where lost the Mundo members with familiar names that were posting here regularly under Martino, Bauza, beginnings of Sampaoli cadency? In Here was many people that were ultra optimistic about every of the coaches. They were throwing rashly their optimism about them here. But when the things turned out to be wrong the members faded. I remember their names still. I know it’s not that the go. They are still here but under different names because the ultra-optimism could embarassed them so they need new account.

    • I have been reading news of the team on this site for years, but only became a member 2 weeks ago. its addictive, I am sure you know what I mean. sometimes productive, most of the times depressing.

    • @Gonzalo, your comment had logic and true historical evidence. But upon what you are too concentrating is “I heard”, “People told” etc … are these truly a scale of judgment?? Is it logical to decide someone’s success/failure on what a few bunch of illiterate/camoflouging fans discussed in this site? You must know very well that most of those people never played soccer in their real life, except PS4!! I wish there was a method to identify authentic fans with proper soccer knowledge. As there’s no such, it’s not safe to rely on peoples’ comments here!!

      With my sanity intact, I will always say Sampaoli was not a bad choice to select as the NT coach as experience, success was with him. But “WHAT HE HAS DONE WITH THE NT WAS NOT RIGHT, TO BE HONEST, HORRIBLE!!” Your selection can’t guarantee an instant result but the effort, intent, thought will be there. That will be enough for true fans to understand whether this guy was doing the right thing, taking right decision and thinking at the right way. For Sampaoli, all three were missing. He lost it after a few matches, and was never able to get it back.

      I wish him best of luck elsewhere. He might still be a very good coach for other teams but not for ARGENTINA. Along with everybody else, I also don’t know who will be the best option right now. But I’ll always prefer José Pékerman. Because with him you might not find instant successs but he’ll work towards a team that can bring you success in 2026. Right now we need that – To build for future

      • @Farhan

        Yes, I’m concentrating too much on the things you’ve said. The reason is I’m disappointed not only by NT but also by tendencies among fans I see. What I see is too much populism. Here are trends and dominating main-streams of thoughts. You are renegade having ‘votum separatum’ when you say after Sampaoli’s debut: “I didn’t see the improvement yet”, you are renegade when you say players like Meza needs more time despite their poor WC, you are renegade when you say the next coach doesn’t have to be better than Sampaoli if other changes will not come with him and so on.

        The immediate changes people often claim are usually paliatives, half-measures, quick fix, stop gap solutions. Things goes wrong – so fire youngster (depsite fact he just debuted in NT few weeks ago) and take another one, fire coach if he will not have results within a month. Stability, continuation, calm work with youngsters – these are things quite foreign for us.

        Do you belive that: within the time Gemany have only one coach Loew we will have at least 9!!!! And Loew just continues work of Klinsamann as was his assistant. SO Loew is there since 14 years. FInally Germany lost (IMO because their winning generation is past his best just like our) but they make all the coins on WC and Euro thanks to the continuity.

        We are denial and contradiction of seriousness, sobriety, gravitas that lay behind success. So now I’m disappointed when I see fans already celebrating just because Sampaoli is fired as if it was guarantee of anything good. The same will be after new coach appointed. People will say: “it’s best possible choice”. After first game will be: “Ah, I alreade see the improvement”. Too much auto-sugestion. We need stay calm and wait ti estimate only in long-term perspective. If you want to see what happend to your project you must follow this first of all in long perspective. You need stay calm and do not make rash decisions after first fails.

        What I’ve seen for few years is descending of the generation and progressive Messi dependency – main reasons, along with Sampaoli’s decisions, we lost. So this time new coach needs revolution, not just evolution. We delayed too long with evolution and for the reason now the way is revolution.

        • Germans are one of few good examples of succes thanks to continuity. Tabarez in Uruguay or Del Bosque in Spain as well.

  42. Who ever comes
    Just give him a temporary contract to see what he have .
    Just give him only 3 friendly matches…..
    A good coach does not need more than that to show his names choosing ability
    If a football coach can not choose the best 11 players out of 60 or more … then please dont even bother yourself to sign a contract with him ….
    And if you think i am not realistic … see what brazilian tete did in less than 3 matches
    It is not logarithm for god sake ….. see the last 2 matches of every player you need….
    if he is in good shape … just but him in his origenal position ( the position that he is comfortable in )
    I know that about 70 % of us here knew that bauza and this clown will do nothing just from the names they selected in there first matches .

  43. I think Old guard no longer respect Sampaoli and Young guard no longer trust Sampaoli reason AFA fired despite financial lose, I hope AFA not choose coaches in hurry and take time to decide wish Simeone or conte if foreign manager selected but i think Gareca qnd pothechino is front runner

  44. Everyone is happy so I guess I am the only one who is not in favour of Sampaoli leaving…now that mascherano is gone i thought sampaoli can select teams freely and he is going to build a young squad.

    So who is next, 90% sure pochettino and simeone will not be in charge. I am afraid Gallardo will continue with the old guard. That leaves garcea or pekerman for me. Anyway all the best to next coach

    • What evidence is there that suggests Messi or Mascherano were picking the players? The media in Argentina is insane and to believe anything they say is simply stupid. You perpetuate these stupid rumours and people believe it. Sampaoli tried to make the national team adjust to his ideas that simply didn’t work. A good coach adjusts to the players he has and instills his ideas into a formation/strategy that suits them. Sampaoli did everything the wrong way round. I wanted it to work out because I like Sampaoli, but it clearly hasn’t, so he must go. Bielsa kept his job after the poor World Cup in 2002 because he had proved to be a good coach in qualification. Sampaoli in the 11 games proved nothing but confusion. I think Ricardo Gareca will build a real team ethic if he takes over, one that works really hard and sacrifices for each other. Pekerman will have us playing as a team with good football. Whoever takes control must build a team first, a real team with continuity and competitiveness. Then, he puts Messi in that team as one of eleven. We have the best player in the world, those who say he should retire are utter fools.

      • For the past two years there has been reports coming out saying mascherano(n other senior players) influencing the team selection, dont you think there is little bit truth to it? Maybe you are right that senior player dont speak for excluding any players but there is some evidence that they favour to play with each other(like they spoke for higuain numerous times)

        like you said maybe mascherano did not pick the team but someone did (from AFA maybe). anyway i strongly believe someone influenced sampaoli’s team selection

      • Doesn’t look like Gareca will be the coach. It looks more and more like they will try to lure Poch, will fail, and then give the job to Gallardo.

        I don’t think Gallardo is good enough to do something extraordinary.

  45. Well what to say better late than never, Management don’t want him, Players don’t want him, People don’t want him, So its rather better for him to move to his next destination, Hope he finds something good for him. Have to respect him though he took the burden when no other famous coach was willing to take, He dropped showed courage to drop Di Maria and Higuain and Mascherano, His performance was way below par which we all expected, May be with external and internal factors too, Whatever he was not performing up to the level we expected him to. Good luck for Ur future endeavors Sampa.

    8 Coaches in the time span of 12 years No wonder we are not winning anything. Lets put a Calm headed coach like Sabella or rather A defensive Coach, let him guide us for a 10 years at least give him 5 years, In that case it would have to be a young coach not like someone who is older. Joachim Löw is a great example Germany persisted with him even when he was losing matches he continued for 10 years ,Now what? they r having a clear system, Let us do that too.

  46. Romero (PSV), Garre (Man City), Barco (Atlanta), Colidio (Inter) & Chancalay (Colón) all denied permission for LaAlcudia U20 tournament

  47. Some writers here say that if the oldies are completely wiped out and replaced with youngsters, and then they lose matches at next Copa, it will not be a big deal. I disgree.

    For me, wc2022 is the main objective, neither Copa19 or wc2026. Argentina is not Croatia (who will have a shot at the title every 10-20 yrs). Every WC should be an opportunity.

    I believe a new team should be formed to be at its peak in 2022, but to be there, the team must have a good start at the qualifiers. I see Copa 19 as a good opportunity to test and make adjustments going into the WC qualifiers. It will certainly not be a good time to make necessary changes in the middle of it. If the team loses a lot of matches at the Copa, then we will have Groundhog day all over us again, looking for a new coach and so forth.

    • For world cup and copa success u should b mixture of old n new player…messi should play next world cup.without messi we can’t imagine football… and Argentina too..
      Plzzz Argentina don’t lost player like messi.. Argentina should take care of messi..neither nymar nor ronaldo did not play three final..

  48. A coach is a boss, Imagine a boss at a company.
    There are mainly 2 different kind bosses
    One that is tough and arrogant and pisses you off all the time, all he cares is about his company to make more money regardless of how employees think about him, is not willing to understand the employees needs and sacrifices. In this case the employees will work while they are not happy and always skeptical of their boss who does not give a flying f..k about their needs, always afraid and uncomfortable with him around to the point where they will be making mistakes out of fear and dicomfort.

    The other is a boss who is too democratic and lets his employees walk all over him, jokes around all the time, disregard the order of business, becomes too democratic to the point that the employees will start slacking off at work and don’t really care about the success of the company.

    Both are not what we are looking for.

    I remember when I was a kid at school, We had teachers who were very tough and arrogant, I hated them sooo much for being such A holes. And I had teachers who were very lost and joked around all the time We used to make fun of them and create a lot of disorder in the classroom.

    But, We had teachers who were nice and democratic to certain point, they never lost the order of the classroom, they were tough when needed to be tough, and were democratic and compassionate when needed to be so.

    A successful coach should be in between, tough enough with a little of arrogance to execute his vision and convince the players of his tactics on the field, but compassionate enough to get close to the players needs but not make a fool out of himself and let the players make the decision.

  49. Take a young coach and a young team. Then results will start coming in about 2 years. If we still stick to oldies we will be going completely retrograde and it will cause total instability and chaos. For me Gallardo.

    • With the talent Argentina players have, and a good coach it will take less. I feel that what Argentina went through for the last 3 years is a hard hit on the head that will make it stronger in no time. There are a lot of young but experienced players around.

  50. Finally some good news.
    Not that Sampoli can’t do anything, or the options would be 100% Better managers.
    What we need is a complete çhange. New manager should think like we are in rockbottom. Let the change begins early.

    And the mentality of sampoli is also a problem. He is tensed always. His that mentality was very much visible on team in all the 4 games. We were not playing calm.

    Whatever, All the best to the new guy. Let he build a new team of below 27s for Copa

  51. If new coach will fire all oldies and not make good place in Copa America next year I think no one will blame him much if only there will be good work with youngsters before Copa that must be profitable in future. If he will go once again for Copa with oldies and lost no one forgive him and Argentina will take another coach. That mean once again no contuinity and back to starting point. New coach need coaurage and long-term vision.

    • @gonzalo who you would like to be Argentina manager .

      For me is either Marcelo garalldo or Ricardo Gareca
      Definitely no Diego simeone I don’t like his stlye of playing but I liked him as player.

      • I am not gonzalo, LOL
        But I would go with Marcelo Gallardo, unless there is a GARALLDO 🙂
        Simeone will not leave his castle in Atletico for now.

          • I noticed that Gallardo has that balance, Attack minded with strong identity along a solid defensive shape. I only hope that he will not favor any player including Messi if he decides to call him. I know that he picks his players wisely to adhere to his tactics.

      • In my opinion sampoali wasn’t bad coach but he never picked his choice of players there was big influence from messi and his friends

        • With all due respect,I am tired to keep hearing this nonsense.
          The existence of so called ‘friends club’ and ‘messi and co’ along with Messi’s influence on the selection or tactics or plans of the team defies the logic of how events unfolded. Sampaoli is a total failure whether he allowed Messi and friends to dictate his job or not. If he allowed them then he is not a good coach, if he did the selection and the tactics and we still lost. He is total bust by the vast majority of pundits in the WC.
          I don’t understand since when Messi and the players became the Enemy of the NT. Unless people have a hidden driving force behind hitting on the little man. this idea is over exaggerated by many Messi/NT haters on the net. Sampaoli is at fault when he tried to make this team a Messi team, he said that loud and clear, this is Messi’s team, We will do anything to help him. Now a lot of people blame Messi for the failures of others. If you are against fans who think the NT does not succeed without Messi, then you should not say the team failed because of Messi. because both make Messi the focal point of failure or success, and both are wrong.

  52. Hector Cuper is free, has plenty of European experience and success and knows what it is to manage national teams. He and Aimar know each other very well.

  53. We need players like modric and rakhitic who are quick and agile. Mentor players with these traits. Parades needs to join a better club and prove for a season to be considered

    • If WE don’t have such players, what we do?
      Smart and logical answer would be, find players and tactics to neutralize such players.
      Kante of France neutralized Messi most of the time, is he as good as Messi, hell no.

      • @gonzalo-pity-martinez
        I don’t understand your skepticism, you seem to have a very pessimistic look at the future of the NT.
        But if you just get that idea of ‘Messi and friends club’ out of your head for a moment, maybe you will see that it’s a bit over exaggerated, just try to look at it from a different prospective. Sampaoli’s termination says it all. I will explain after everything unfolds.
        Sometimes I think you are really a die hard supporter of the NT, other times I doubt that you even care. To me, I am behind the players first and foremost because those are the ones who are on the field, Every Supporter should live and abide by these words

  54. Even Sabella was criticised heavily after his resignation. Anything but winning the cup is a failure – this attitude should change. Had Sabella led us to at least one Copa after 2014, we would have won a Copa already.

      • That’s right. I think that squad was weaker than 2018 squad in many respect because it lacked squad depth. Sabella was a top coach so he covered the cracks brilliantly.

        I’ve been supporting Argentina even before I started understanding football. Frankly speaking, the only time I felt like I am supporting a truly Top team was under Sabella. No matter how bad we played, we always got a result. That was some top class mentality in that team.

        • I am with you Sabella was by far the best Coach we had,we were a proper Team.
          I want a Bilardista I don’t want any more of Bielsistas and Menotistas.

  55. AFA incompetence,for sure.
    If the AFA does not get their act right this time, We are doomed. WE need a coach to work in peace and pick the players of his choice, A coach that will last at least 5 years. I would like to see Gallardo take the job, young, energetic, good in attack and defense and with extensive knowledge of the domestic players. We have to start snatching domestic players before they go to Europe. The majority of International players all over the world take International competitions to show their talent in order to secure contracts in big clubs, We have to give our players that chance. Gallardo is known to pick the players who completely suit his tactics. Look at what he did in River.

  56. I don’t know about the coach but I want to mention some players names : Paredes, battaglia, funes Mori , lo celso .These players deserve place in Argentina squad.They have youth power which is very important right now.

  57. Great news!
    Now whoever comes in next I hope media and fans give him patience.
    We have been waiting decades. I don’t care what style he brings as long as it leads to a championship. Everything else is secondary.

    • Yup and there in lies the problem, no continuity, it’s actually remarkable that within those 12 years Argentina reached a WC final and 3 copa finals.
      The MAIN reason for this lack of continuity is the AFA and their infinite incompetence ranging from losing a capable coach like Pekerman to hiring incompetent coaches like Diego and Batista to creating such chaotic environments that turn established coaches into incompetent ones (Bauza, Martino and sampaoli).
      Although Sampaoli is a special case because his incompetence proved to have no bounds after the comical fashion by which he handled the team during WC prep and the actual tournament.

  58. I think messi should also be kept out for a while and build a team and then put messi in the team.any way sacking sampaoli was the right thing.

    • dear messi,

      please go out of Argentina. we have the set of players they can play as a team and score goals. when you are in Argentina team all the players are passing the ball to you to score goals that is what your are expected. that kind of players are there in Spain and barcelona.

      I am asking a question if you are genius in football then why didn’t you go out of barcelona to other clubs. see CR7 he played at man.utd, RM and now juv he can play every club and he is genius than you.
      if you are genius you go out of barcelona and prove yourself you are the world class.

      you cannot touch maradona legacy, he played his country, he played club like barcelona, napoli, intermilan and monaco.

      • Pure Messi and Albiceleste Hater. Go support Christina on a Portuguese Forum, If you are a real madrid fan, go say that on a Spanish site. If you are a brazilian troll, simply get lost.
        You clearly don’t know Jack about football.
        I witnessed all the greats starting from Pele (Over rated because the laws,defeneders physical attributes, offside rules and the tactics were completely different). Christina is not even in the top 5 in history.
        the order goes like this
        1- Messi
        2- Maradona
        3- Johan Cruyff
        4- Zidane
        5- Ronaldo (Brazil)

        P.S. I am not Argentine and not a fan Of Barcelona

  59. Great news. Warm welcome.
    Hope AFA appoint a decent young powerful decision making coach.
    Please appoint him at least 4 years.

  60. no sympathy for sampaoli.he has done nothing for argentina.6-1 with spain,4-2 with nigeria.biggest humaliation i have ever seen .took paredes and celso for every match before the wc and excluded one from the 23 man squad, another hasn’t been given a single rubbis.
    16 matches,16 different formaton.this is ridiculou.
    whoever comes to the position,only keep messi and exclude other oldies. build a new team where messi is no more than a player.

  61. Adios Sampaoli. A name to be remembered by every Arg Fans. Time to rebuild a good team with young players and young coach without forgetting the past lessons.

    Hopefully Tapia will reshape and reform AFA not just NT.

    • @rohandybala 21
      Absolutely agree with you mate
      I know a lot of people will scream for simeone but his coaching stlye won’t good for national team because Argentina is big national can’t be playing defensive football

  62. Sampoali is gone now
    So all guard need to go too
    We can start new Argentina whose doesn’t depend on individuals like messi
    We need team no fance names
    I hope Marcelo garalldo or Ricardo Gareca
    Become Argentina manager
    Please no Diego simeone I don’t like his stlye of playing but I liked him as player
    I want see Argentina playing attacking and fast football with solid defence
    Not like the mads of sampoali or boring buaze
    Viv albicelestes

    • Your gripes with the squad can all be solved with the right coach. He should integrate the old with new.

      Messi, Aguero, Otamendi should continue and Di Maria and Banega are still useful as subs or even starters if they are in form. Rojo can still be great if he finds his 14 form again.

      Attackers: Icardi, Dybala, Pavon, Martinez
      Mid: Lo Celso, Paredes, Ascacibar, Lanzini
      Defenders: Funes Mori (hope he regains form), Foyth, Tagliafico, Bustos, Ansaldi

      • we dont required parades he is very slow like biglia. we need a midfield players take the ball forward and score goals. that case we have the midfield players like ascaciber, locelso, emanuel cecchini, Eric remedi, santiago caseres and santiago colombato.

        above said players are like deep lying playmaker.

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