Gio SIMEONE of Fiorentina: “I hope to be part of the next (Argentina) cycle”


Gio SIMEONE has high ambitions and the Fiorentina striker is hoping to be part of the Argentina senior squad sooner rather than later.

Following a 14 goal season in Serie A, SIMEONE has stated his intentions of wanting to make the Argentina team. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, here’s what he had to say:

“I hope to be part of the next (Argentina) cycle. I really want to be there. We did not have a good World Cup but that was something that could happen. You have to be more patient and be better organized.”

About the upcoming season in Italy, SIMEONE wants to find the back of the net more often:

“We want to do better than last season and I want to score more goals.”

The former River Plate man has been linked with clubs around Europe but he’s happy at his current club:

“I’m happy in Florence, I feel at hope and this group is a family.”


  1. Lots of talk of Pekerman taking a manager role for all of Argentina football and Gareca coaching the National team. I was not aware the two had that close a relationship. Has anybody else heard this as well?

      • I like Pekerman a lot. He is a class act. He has a proven track record of developing players. He has a deep connection to Argentine soul and people. He feels very deeply. He will never embarrass us with his sideline actions like Sampaoli did.
        I think Pekerman will take the job if he is given all of it. U20, U17 and NT. I do not believe him and Gareca will come. Pekerman has chosen Cambiasso as his protege. If you remember, Cambiasso was always one of the smartest players. If he comes, we will be very lucky. Maybe the only coach out there who will have the courage to say Argentina is bigger than one player, and Messi will be integrated in our system, he will not be our entire system.

        • Isn’t Pekerman in his mid60s? Isn’t the whole issue finding someone who can dedicate all their time and energy in rebuilding the youth program?

    • Ole making many articles about Pekerman every day.

      About Gareca is not connected with Pekerman.

      i have read some posts here about that but i never read something similar in newspaper or website.

      Pekerman is in holidays now and he didn t open his mouth yet about all this rumors about him.

      The only is confimed is that Tapia want him so much. this is his desire but nothing from pekerman yet.

  2. The new format of world cup that will start from 2026 is completely stupid.

    16 groups of 3 teams !!!

    and i thought that in AFA we had the most stupid brains for leaders.

    as i see exist and much worst from AFA !!!

    i hope at least 2022 remain with same format in end.

    • More teams , translates to more money. that’s what FIFA is good at. That’s all they care for.
      The WC will not be special any more. WE will start seeing teams loosing 5-0 on regular basis

      • Yes i was thinking same. The quality of world cup will decreased so much.
        Till they realized their mistake and change it again it will pass so many years for nothing.

        it reminds me the time of Golden goal thing which they realize their stupid and change it imidietely after they destroy 2 or 3 Euro tournaments if i remember well.

    • 19 names ATM for l’ Alcudia tournament:

      Lautaro Morales (Lanús)

      Facundo Mura (Estudiantes)
      Leonardo Balerdi (Boca)
      Andrés Ayala (Estudiantes)
      Nahuén Pérez (Argentinos Juniors)
      Gastón Ávila (Rosario Central)

      Fausto Vera (Argentinos)
      Elías Pereyra (San Lorenzo)
      Matías Rosales (Boca)
      Agustín Almendra (Boca)
      Anibal Moreno (Newell´s)
      Francisco Álvarez (San Martín de San Juan)
      Enzo Barrenechea (Newell´s)
      Gonzalo Maroni (Boca)
      Álvaro Barreal (Vélez)
      Francesco Lo Celso (Rosario Central)

      Rodrigo Pasquini (Rosario Central)
      Alan Marinelli (Rosario Central)
      Matías Palacios (San Lorenzo)

  3. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker

    1 Rulli
    12 Axel Werner
    23 Musso

    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    13 lucas Martínez
    17 otamendi
    20 Emanuel Mammana
    21 Juan foyth
    26 José Luis Gomez
    29 funes mori

    Midfield and attack
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    22 a correa
    24 lautaro Martínez
    25 lucas oscampos
    27 Pastore

    • emanuel cecchini / centurion / gonzalo pity martines instead of messi

      santiago caseres / Eric remedi instead of battaglia

    • I think you missed di maria,aguero.
      Our traditional front trio was dimaria,messi and aguero.
      Against colombia we need them otherwise we lose or draw. I repeat attack is not the problem.
      Fix defence attack will never be a problem.
      And yes now icardi should be our no.9
      Time to say goodbye to higuain
      Pavon should not be trusted against colombia you all saw what hapenned against france did he deliver one cross,one single dribble.

  4. A comment from Youtube:

    “Just to say I support psg since I am a kid I saw all the changement since the Qataris.
    I see neymar, lavezzi, mbappe, motta Cavani ibra draxler etc but there is no one like El Flaco!!

    He was one of the only one that the supporters never whistle and I can tell you neymar had ever been. We loved him but the real reason why he failed are here:

    First he did an excellent first season
    But for the 2nd Zlatan arrived at psg and if you are young you can’t progress with him look at the real 10 in the world and you will understand that to take this leadership you need to have all the key and Zlatan took too many space for that.
    It’s right to say that sometimes he was injured especially 4 seasons ago for the last of ibrahimovic. But it’s wrong to say that he was all the time.

    If he didn’t play it was because of the choice of emery and blanc.
    I will add that pastore DIDNT PLAY THE REMONTADA AND I REMEMBER VERY WELL he did 4 excellent game before the remontafa but emery choose matuidi and Lucas for the physical aspect and what’s happen? Verguanza humiliation 6-1
    This year at Bernabeu he put Lo celso who is good but too young and did an awful game. He decided to put pastore when everything was done at 2-1 at the back game.

    They never trust him because psg want to win and fast I swear look what they do when we lose we already buy expensive player.

    And the last reason to explain why he failed in psg.
    It’s because he is too kind too nice. Not enough ambitious and he loved Paris so much so he refused to leave and when he wanted to we refused to sell it just by because we were selfish and want to keep our magie here.

    Now the story is done he is not a warriors but damn when you will see all the nutmeg the beautiful pass etc Roma you’ll love futbol again. Pastore is special really special.

    Good luck flaco”

    • Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

      For me there is only one reason, why he failed: Not ambitious enough. Not strong enough (mentally), did not have the zeal to fight. Whether he is too nice, or laid back, or weak I do not know. But that is his problem.

      Javier Pastore is a player who could do very well under Mourinho. If Mourinho likes him, he will be like a father and Pastore will give his life for him.

    • Yep, guys like Pastore are the ones that make football the beautiful game. It makes us want the match to go on forever,not ending. At PSG, Palermo – yeah loved his play since I don’t care about either of them. I don’t care if they win or lose. I just want some entertainment. But when it comes to Argentina I don’t want him anywhere near the squad. He gives beautiful moments to cherish but a successful/aspiring to be successful team can’t afford a player like that.

    • In 2014, Kante, Umutiti, Mbappe, Grizzeman, and Pavard were nobody. 4 years can change a player completely if things go right. I really hope our players like Ascacibar, Santiago Caseres, Gio Simone, Lo Celso, and L. Martinez can grow up quickly and become superstars in a big club by 2022.

      Past 3 world cups, most favored teams won the champion. You can be lucky and go to final/semi final, but the best team win the tournament. If we still use mediocre players from mediocre clubs, then we will not win in 2022. We need many superstars and key players from super european clubs.

      • Pavard is player of Stuttgart, Umtiti reached yet in 2016 Euro final as Olimpique Lyon player. It’s rather about experience in NT and being together for some time than just play for big club. Look at Argentina 2011. Team as never of Big clubs players. 4 of Real, 4 of Barcelona, 3 of CL winner Inter. And more big clubs: Roma, Manchester City, Atletico, Valencia. Everyone was there. Our strikers scored together 180 goals in season. Finally oversalted dish. Making team is not just collecting of famous names. Another example here is our 2002 Dream Team.

        • Some players can’t start to do well till they not leave big club. As it was with Garay and Gago after Real period.

          • Before Messi era, Argentina didn’t have any superstar or a top class player like Ronaldinho, Zidane, Kaka. Those were the time when even Steven Gerrad and Frank Lampard used to be a big star than any Argentine. Argentine rarely played for big clubs. Still, we were considered to be one of the best and respected team in the international stage. We used to play as a team, there used to be more mutual respect and understanding between players to players and players and coach. Now, after Messi evolution, everything got abrupted. I don’t know whose fault is this but now Argentine football is the laughing stock.

  5. @msi75

    2 days ago Boca have played 2 friendlies vs Miami United with two quite different line ups that seemed to be comparatively good. In the first was draw 1:1. In the second they win 7:2 with 10 minutes hat-trick of Benedetto backing after injury, with brace of Zarate. But in the second game there was also Maroni and Almendra. As you’ve said watching Maroni you feel optimistic about Argentina future. But there was also Agustin Alemndra (born 2000) for me even more interesting player. CM, box-to-box or No.5. Tall, good on the ball and looks unusually mature at the age. Unlike Maroni he seems to have chances for many minutes in upcoming season. Boca is going to build their Dream Team.

    Hope both will represent Argentina U-20 team.

  6. Plz dnt simeoni.. Under him arg .players looking really not good in athletico.under
    Him krane vietto correa not developed..

  7. I have never seen any coach as dumb as Sampoli.He started the things well when he started but months before WC he gone mad.
    Only Tata Martino is practical choice now.He is good with him Argentina played as a team although they lost two cops but both on penalty shootout.

    • That’s the thing, he cannot handle pressure and he does not understand the high level. Our team was such a mess, no discipline, no tactical organization. Basically players did whatever they like and they stay far from each other so whenever we lost the ball, it becomes immediately a danger. I mean tactically even South Korea and Morocco were more organized and better prepared than us. It’s a miracle to win against Nigeria and scored 3 times against France.

      But I don’t agree Tata is the guy. He’s a Bielsa’s believer and that kind of possession football will go nowhere. We need someone pragmatic who can rebuild the defense and make the team play as a team. Very basic requirement, make our defense and midfield become solid again.

    • Yeah Sampaoli is dumb but not Tata!… Tata the schmuck is the major reason why we are in this situation right now(ofcourse there is AFA). Statistically he might be the king of all coaches, but who we are we kiddin.. He was clueless and ball-less! Tata fanboys brag about how he reached two copa finals and forget about the fact that Argentina failed to reach only one Copa final since the 21st century(excluding the 2001 in which we dnp). Atlanta can have him for eternity, nobody cares.

  8. And pastore is not done with the NT.
    The coming season he will prove his worth,infact if he is in form we don’t have a good fast attacking midfielder like him.
    YOU all know he has the skills to do it

    • I am a big fan of Pastore too but let’s be honest, his time is gone. He didn’t take his chance. Besides, we have already 2 half-9(Messi and Dybala). There is no room for a number 10 like him who plays behind the forward. Why not in a 433 but he will only play as a 8 in this case and he is not good in this position.

  9. What do guys think about meza,acuna,enzo,pavon,salvio.
    Should these guys be given a second chance or dybala,lanzini,perotti,paredes,lamela,pastore should replace them

      • Acuna: why not, but he should be used as a box to box player, similar to Matuidi, instead of winger or advanced fullback.

        Enzo, Salvio, Meza: NO! no future with Enzo, he is already 32 and no more added value. Salvio not creative enough as winger and not good defensively to play fullback. Meza I have serious doubt on him, he made so many technical errors, not even a good control.

        Pavon: so so, he’s still young so yes. But in his position, there are many options and he’s not the only one.

        Dybala, Paredes: yes of course

        Lanzini, Pastore: no, too frequently injured, cannot rely on them. It hurts to say that because I like them so much.

        Perotti: no because in 4 years, he will be 33, he playing in the winger position that need speed and strength.

        Lamela: why not as a sub.

        To me, a big yes to Icardi, Lo Celso, Ocampos, Angel Correa and Ascacibar. This world cup shows that fast and high work-rate wingers, a strong forward striker and classic DM are necessary. I guess a return to the classic 442 will become the trend. There will be a lot of work to rebuild the defense. I will only keep Otamendi and Romero in short term.

    • Acuna and pavon yes.
      dybala and Paredes are a no brainer.
      Lanzini is a question mark because he’s world class but his injuries make him a big doubt.
      lamela is an excellent squad player and I think he can be a real beast if used properly so he’s a yes!

      parotti and pastore will be too old by the next wc cycle so no to both.

  10. Argentina needs to focus on right back, left back, defensive midfielders and center backs. Enough of strikers. Every other kid wants to be a striker. There is no one to defend. The end result is, if strikers get lucky, Argentina lose 3-5 and if strikers have a bad day, then it’s 0-5…. they will concede 5 goals either way for sure! Learn from France. They were solid in defense, and when they moved to attack, they scored 80% of the times! That’s how you win World Cups!

    • France has good defence???? Their defence is quite shaky. They conceded 3 against us and 2 against Croatia. In fact the goal scored by adm was a massive defensive lapse. That they managed to win WC was because they outscored the opposing teams

      • The 3 goals that Argentina scored against them: 1 superb shot because no pressing, 1 luck goal and 1 exceptional passing. In the game, Argentina had the possession but our players didn’t have much opportunity. Against Croatia, they only made mistake on the 1st goal and the 2nd one was GK’s mistake. The same scenario, they let the opponents own the ball and they stay passive behind.

    • Their real force was playing as a group, each one covering for each other, even Giroud defend like a DM. Pogba helped a lot his central backs, Matuidi’s fighting spirit and Kante was really impressive except the final. Even Griezmann defend.

      We need to replicate this spirit first in order to become more organized. It also going to take time to rebuild a defense. We need Otamendi and Romero in short term in integrating new players. It will be a long project.

  11. well first we need a proper coach which might be hard to find because of “AFA” there might not be any proper coach willing to come at all so now we all just have wish first forcthat to happen and after that the proper coach will select his players, not us as fan’s or the playersby themself’s because as long as theese 2 things or 1 thing(players selecting players or at least some of them?) things will never work for us ! The new coach has to be respected by the players and that is why Pekerman or Sabella are currently our best options because i do belive that our olauet respect them ? Sabella’s health current health conditions to me are unknown so i can’t speak more about him but for me Pekerman looks like at healthy at least to coach Argentina and i think he will be able to find the right talent to right positions from Argentina and Europe too because he haa done this before with us and now he have done this with colombia too ! But AFA is unfortunatly the one who decides in the end so i quess we just once again pray for miracle that at least finally after Pekerman left there has been only 1 good coach for us which was offcourse Sabella who also made a misstake like every coach does sometimes nevermind if it is guardiola, mourinho, klopp, pochettino or simeone because sometimes u can’t just get everything right even how hard u try as coach ! Pekerman truly regrets that 1 crucial error taking of Riquelme against German’s at 2006 and Sabella’s bench was very poor and he had extremlybad luck and hard times because so many players were either injured or not in the best shape but still he got us to final with players available to him during that time and offcourse ee should have won! But it did’nt happen because “choker” and also Palacio could not find the net!
    With Tata the copa’s we lost because wecoukd not also find the net against blody Chilean’s and penalties are allways penalties so eitheru win or lose and we lost 2 times against the blody Chilean’s but heshould have won all those 3 finals without any extratime or penalties but that is long gone and now we just played the 1 of the most shittirst worldcups i have personally watched since 1982 offcourse at being 4 years old during that time i mostly remember how the italians and brazilians kicked the shit out of diego and after another 4 years then he lifted the trophy ! 1990 our team hd so many injury problems but still we went to final against the Germans once again and also that game was decided by very small margins and detailswhich favoured the german’s like every final is final and in the end is allways decided by very small margins and sometimes the i belive there is also something called luck which for some reason has not favoured us for so long but this is also something to do with ourself creating our own luck which was very close with pekerman at 2006 and who know ‘s what would have happen if we had played the italians instead of Germans who got knocked out ? Also Sabella was somehow able to create that so called our own luck together with our players available to him and he had to change basicly everything when he found out that our fab4 was at least half injured during the whole tournament so if i blame Pekerman by taking out Riquelme against Germans then i also blame Sabella for weak bench selection which might have been influenced allready by some of our players which Sabella could not simply throw away from the tarm because durind the qualification they were at least delivering and then some of them hide their injuries or Sabella knew that if he would drop certain players everything will end up in catastrophy so either way he at least was a smart and wise man who had to convert everything with many injured players, only if he could have power enough to select at least 1 more proper striker then who knows if that so called proper striker would have deliver, anyway in the end nobody give’s a shit because all that is past and now is now so AFA, please get yourself together and get us a proper coach who can develop and find the best talent for every position on the field, rise up Argentina !

  12. I still wonder at halftime against france if aguero,dybala,higuain all would come up at once for pavon,enzo,and banega(who was on a yellow carded), i know it would have created a gap in the midfield but then messi would drop to the midfield like he did in the last goal. France manager would have been clueless.he had set up 3 players to mark messi,from where would they would have players to mark dybala,someone out of the 5 stars would not have been marked. I think it would have sent a shiver down of the french spine seing those 3 players come up.with no strategy how to possibly stop them. Girourd would have to track back,and we would dominate. But he chose mezaaaaaa do you think it was the right choice.

    • All his dad cares about is keeping his glamorous job in the hope some bigger club will come calling, maybe ManU, Chelsea, RM in few years time. He’ll only think about ARGENTINA when he had enough money, fame and fortune.

    • Higuain is no more, and currently Aguero is best Argentina striker along with Icardi, Gio Simeone will replace Aguero after copa

    • Higuain and Di Maria Will not be part of the NT by 2022, because simply there are many players who play in their position, They are subs now at regular times. What makes you so sure that they will last till 2022? I would give them 2 years max ( AS subs) and they will be out.Maybe sooner.

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