Lionel SCALONI announces Argentina U20 team for Alcudia tournament


Argentina’s U20 coach Lionel SCALONI has announced his squad for the Alcudia tournament later this month.

The squad consists of 23 players, 22 of which play in Argentina with striker Facundo COLIDIO being the only one playing abroad with Italy’s Inter. Four players from Boca Juniors, four from Rosario Central and four from San Lorenzo make up most of the team.

Argentina U20 team
Lionel Scaloni’s Argentina U20 team for the Alcudia tournament.

Fausto VERA (Argentinos)
Agustin ALMENDRA (Boca Juniors)
Leonardo BALERDI (Boca Juniors)
Gonzalo MARONI (Boca Juniors)
Matias ROSALES (Boca Juniors)
Enzo BARRENECHEA (Newell’s Old Boys)
Anibal MORENO (Newell’s Old Boys)
Gaston AVILA (Rosario Central)
Francesco LO CELSO (Rosario Central)
Alan MARINELLI (Rosario Central)
Rodrigo PASQUINI (Rosario Central)
Matias PALACIOS (San Lorenzo)
Elias PEREYRA (San Lorenzo)
Adolfo GAICH (San Lorenzo)
Federico GATTONI (San Lorenzo)
Alvaro BARREAL (Velez Sarsfield)
Andres AYALA (Estudiantes de la Plata)
Facundo MURA (Estudiantes de la Plata)
Nazareno COLOMBO (Estudiantes de la Plata)
LLautaro MORALES (Lanus)
Francisco ALVAREZ (San Martin de San Juan)
Tomas DURSO (Gimnasia)
Facundo COLIDIO (Inter, Italy)

The tournament runs from Saturday July 28 until Wednesday, August 8 in Spain.


  1. @vimal

    yeah, Matias Palacios is interesting one. The youngest players of U-20 teams are usually 18 years old…

    In this team Agustin Almendra (born 2000) is first to follow I suppose.

  2. Too many important absences:

    Ezequiel Barco (Atlanta United), Maxi Romero (PSV Eindhoven), Maxi Lovera (Rosario Central), Leonel Rivas (Rosario Central), Enzo Cabrera (Newell’s), Tomas Chancalay (Colon), Benjamin Garre (Inter), Francisco Ortega (Velez), Nehuen Perez (Argentinos/Atletico), Manuel Roffo (Boca), Thiago Almada (Velez), Juan Aguero (Atletico), Benjamin Garay (Real), Julian Carranza (Banfield.

    I understand Barco, Lovera, Chancalay, Carranza or Maxi Romero being not released by clubs. But there is a lot of players that are playing just for their reserve teams or in youth divisions.

    Two IMO most creative players of the group above Lovera and Almada seems to be substantial absence. Lovera is around A team of Rosario Central but Almada only in reserves of Velez so I don’t understand why he is not on the list. He was in Russia to spar with our seniors.

  3. I’m surprised there is not finally LB Francisco Ortega from Velez. He could be one of our strongest points though Heinze needs him in club. I saw him yesterday in Copa Argentina. Was one of best players at the pitch.

  4. Feuillassier went to Real Madrid at age 10, now at 18 he decided to play for Spain and not for Argentina. Oops…

    • Messi went to barca thats why he could play for Argentina. But did Argentina appreciated messi for his love for the country? No… Why a young kid would take the same risk?

      Having said so, AFA should contact Feuillassier and entice him to play for Argentina…

      • Messi Critised for his loyalty, had messi chose 2008-2012 Spain generation will considered as great for NT as club like barca. Now Spain is no more powerhouse like France or Germany but Argentina in critical condition and Argentina youngsters happily chosen spain, respect the sacrifice of messi

      • Agree with both of you. Argentina always put extra load on him and he was rarely appreciated for his sacrifice. I also regret, had he chosen Spain he would have been considered all time great by now with a WC trophy. I think these new talents should learn from his mistakes . With their new generation I think ARG may not qualify for the 2022 WC and that might do a great favor to them. Their media , impatient fan will have a lesson to curve their expectation.

  5. I personally believe Gareca can be the world cup winning coach, as a footballer his dream was crashed when not call up for 1986 world cup despite playing in qualifier ultimately Argentina won that tournament and Gareca retired. As a player not able to win but as a coach only Gareca can

  6. AFA should think about foreign coach and please no pekarman, yes he developed Argentina youth team but that generation retired and this Argentina Golden generation time is also over so starting from new needs young coach who have guts to drop old guards

  7. Watch out for that Matias Palacios guy people. He was the star of the argentina under 15 team (wore number 10) which won the south American tournament last year after beating brazil.

    He’s only 16 this year and has already signed a professional contract with San lorenzo and is now selected for the under 20 team. Apparently he rejected an offer to play in Europe last year. He must be really impressive judging by his cv.

    If you remember Colidio( from inter) is another future star striker (18 this year) whom we can expect great things in this tournament. I’m excited for this tournament.

    Fun fact : latest revelations suggest there are about 800-1000 Argentine kids who have been playing in youth teams in Europe. Afa is strategically making them play for us in future if they’re worthy enough.

    Also tapia has signed an agreement with the management of the mallaba training centre (spain) to make our youth team train there prior to any future tournaments. This is great news for our youth players of all ages. I applaud tapia for his efforts.

  8. This u 20 tournament will give us a chance to see how good our kids are in comparison to other European countries. Hope some real good talents come through

  9. For me pekerman is too old now
    Argentina national team need young manager who can stay long time.
    Personally I will pick pochettino or Gallardo but that won’t happen so that leave me Ricardo Gareca for next 4 or 5 years he will be good choice.

    • Said it before and I say it again and again and again, I would pick Pekerman if it was up to me and just for the fact that is he not shying away from the challenge if what you say is true when many probably wont touch it with a 10-foot pole.

      • Few weeks before the 2006 worldcup 18 year old lionel messi owned chelsea the best defensive team at the time in their ground but coward pekerman benched him that was the worst decision any argentine coach ever made.
        pekerman is coward coach but is fine as manager.

        • No one can guarantee that ARG would have won against GER if Messi was brought on as Sub; Being Messi fans, one could think it could have been different, but not so; After all these years we can clearly see that Barca’s Messi is different from ARG’s Messi; So, there is more chance of Messi failing in that situation; Pekerman might have read Messi mind clearly than anyone of us;

          • Messi was unkown at the time and there was no stop messi tactics like now.
            Messi can’t play for argentina like barca is bullshit cooked by haters to discredit his greatness as player. Some of his best displays were with argentina colours.

          • Arg Messi is not different than Barca Messi. The primary difference is quality surrounding him and tactics and chemistry amongst players.

        • @Guled, totally agree with you!! The difference between France this WC and Argentina of 2006, Deschamps decided to unleash Mbappe and Pekerman wrapped Messi up in cotton wool. If only he unleashed Messi, we would’ve won that WC

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