Cesar MENOTTI of Argentina: “It made me want to grab a revolver and kill them”


The AFA recently rolled out a plan to buy training facility in Marbella, Spain that will be used to house the Argentine national team & develop European based players. This idea didn’t go down well with 1978 World Cup winning manager, Cesar Menotti. In an interview with TyC Sport, El Flaco didn’t hold back what he had to say.

“The AFA bought a piece of property in Marbella in hoping they can find the next MESSI when the clubs here do not even have running water. And who bought this mansion? They say that the players are going to have to train there from now on wards? What do the players based abroad have that is not available here?”

The project that annoyed El Flaco will see that the Marbella Football Center to be used as a training centre not just for players who were called up for the senior team but also age category side, ranging from the Under-13 to the Under-20. It is estimated between 800-1000 Argentine kids are attached to European clubs.

The property in question, is owned by two Spanish businessmen, Enrique Pérez SERICHOL  and Andrés Roldán CONEJERO. It has four football fields & another four smaller fields, all equipped with artificial light, four dressing rooms for the players and three for coaches.

Other facilities includes four tennis courts, four archery training areas, a gymnasium, a grandstand with a capacity for 1,000 spectators, a VIP terrace and a press room. The AFA also plan to construct a housing complex with 135 rooms for the player’s concentration.

MENOTTI on the other hand shot down the whole idea as it is deliberate attempt from the AFA to ignore the plight the domestic league & the development of home based players.

“This is terrible, the truth is that I am ashamed. I want to go to hell or to go live in Uruguay, this can not be endured. They spent a fortune on an estate in Marbella, so that the coach of the National Team can put together a European side. Those who are playing here are totally being screwed then.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw that on the news today. I started to feel much worse, my throat started to hurt. It made me want to grab a revolver and kill them (referring to those people in the AFA).”


  1. Argentina media is disgusting I never see media attacking the way the Argentina media destroy their football country.

    England media they over praises their players and overhype.

    I’m not saying praise or overhype every Argentina player but the Argentina media
    Have to be balance and fair on them.

    I have to say I feel sorry for national team
    During world cup I sow world press attacking Argentina national team.

    Every journalist came out and chatting shirt about them

    But the worst thing is their own media attacking them .

  2. @nik, seniors have to go…. they made a big mess and made us a laughing stock just because they all wanted to play instead of the juniors. Why support them again? Do you want to see the same craps playing in 2022?
    Get rid of this generation and build a new set up. Never base your team on ‘a’ player.

  3. Finally an ole article why Messi n co took over the team.

    After this, I can surely say Argentine media is one of the worst.

    Link: https://www.ole.com.ar/seleccion/senosiain-sampaoli-messi-libro_0_2054194649.html

    The content is the following:

    The players called a meeting to the coach and two of his assistants. The children wanted to challenge the father. There were Jorge Sampaoli, Sebastián Beccacece and Lionel Scaloni. In no more than fifteen minutes, they would hear a long list of complaints: the evidence, the insecurity, the training, the changes, the accusations, their fights, their nerves.”If you’re nervous, the player perceives it. If the player does not believe you it is impossible that later you can achieve something as important as a collective organization “. Sampaoli had left it written.

    The speech of the establishment, headed naturally by Mascherano and Messi, aimed precisely at the loss of credibility: “We do not get what you say. We no longer trust you. We want to have an opinion. ”

    The first thing that came up in Sampaoli was the surprise: “Opinion on what?”


    -And you’re going to put together the team, direct the training, everything?

    Messi pointed especially: “You asked me ten times which players you wanted me to put and which ones I did not, and I never gave you a name, tell me ahead of everyone if I ever named you.”

    In the room, in addition to the twenty-three players and the three members of the coaching staff, Claudio Tapia was present. The president of the AFA knew in advance what they would say to the coach, to whom he only said: “You have to give in”.

    The start of the meeting had a force clearly greater than the end. The conclusion was the consensus. That the technician focus and not alter. And that he would listen to them, practically what he had wanted to do at other times.

    Sebastián Beccacece thought about resigning. It was only stopped by the request of Tapia to his representative Cristian Bragarnik: “Tell him that please do not leave, it is the one the players listen to”. Beccacece even warned Sampaoli that a coach could not bank everything.


    • All this Messi is cancer to team and other bullshit.

      Tevez coming in defense of Messi just how much deluded we are that Messi is the reason why he was left out.

      Beccacce saying Messi is one of the respected professional he has seen and what does he get in return ? Hatred.

      I know people will me a fanboy but I don’t give a damn about if Messi wins anything with barsa or wins ballond’or. But you need to understand He is Argentine and no one can deny that to him. He could have played for Spain just like some played for Italy and become a WC winner. But he chose to play for the country of his birth and all he gets hatred.
      He tried to quit but there were procession to get him back and he comes back, makes us qualify.we failat WCand then all the rumors comes back again.

      • Those watched Messi playing in Barca and NT and not biased will know the truth that he brings only positive. I don’t think Messi ever wants to be a coach. He always only wants to do what he can do best which is playing. Sampaoli seems to be frightened coaching big nation and big names and cannot made up his mind regarding tactics and players. That is why even Maradona seems to be slightly better as coach…

  4. Angelici who said he wanted Sampaoli and also said it was a failure wants Sabella as Manger.
    In turn Sabella wants Gallardo as coach according to rumors at Ole.
    I don’t believe people can change suddenly 180 degrees and I give my opinions based on people’s track record so there arises my doubts which are:
    Tapia and Angelici talk about long term project with building a team for the future and developing youth.
    Somehow he sees Sabella mind you the one who fielded the oldest team at the World cup 2014 spearheading renewing the team and integrating youth, someone who didn’t believe in youth during his tenure will change now 180 degrees and do this? I doubt this!
    Now adding Gallardo who also likes older players based on his teams is also going to change 180 degrees and will do something he hasn’t done yet? I doubt this!
    This is like asking Biglia to play possession football, Mascherano being our playmaker, Fazio in a high line defense, etc…
    I would give them a chance but my expectations would be just like when Bauza was hired around 0.

    • Yeah, agree on people not changing part.

      But, I don’t think he will not be able to develop young players. He will be able to, but in a completely different way than Pekerman. I think if he becomes the GM, we will get a lot of defensive midfielders and center backs and no number 10s, and we will play counter attacking football in all age levels.

      I don’t quite like that part, since naturally I’m a fan of free flowing attacking football, but it is going to be better than what we are doing now. A lot better actually. And this time, I think AFA is actually trying to do things, instead of just putting a man. They hired Sampaoli, who I thought was impossible to sign that time. And it was a dream signing for us if we are being honest. Now they kept all the youth coaches, and looking for a General Manager. Who would have thought eh???

      I doubt Tapia will listen to Angelici this much after his Sampaoli suggestion, so that’s going well for us I guess!

      • I am a fan of that football too.

        Guardiola played his brand of football at Barca, at Bayern and now at City.
        Mourinho played his brand of football everywhere he went at Man Utd he is experiencing opposition.
        Pekerman played his brand of football at Argentina and at Colombia.
        The coaches hand is seen in their teams.
        But our coaches and Sampaoli’s team doesn’t have anything to do with the kind of football he played before.
        Strange, there was really something wrong.
        Sampaoli will be regarded a great coach wherever he goes but something is/was wrong with this team.

        • Its strange. Its an anomaly, but it is strange. I think he wanted to do one thing, then another and then realized that was a mistake, then it was too late. He was doubting himself. And I’m glad its over.

          On the hindsight, this eould have been a perfect time for him to start (if he hadn’t took over in 2017). He would have gotten 4 years and a whole qualifying to make his team. But, it all hindsight.

          But one thing is not hindsight is Pekerman is a Maestro at youth development in Argentina. Nobody knows that shit better than him. And if he can make his old students involved, may be in 4 years we wil have more Cambiasso and Aimars in ARG. Its needed. At the moment honestly speaking, we don’t have one world class midfielder and its fucking ridiculous. Its fucking crazy.

  5. Smartest thing AFA has don’t in a long time!!!! Europe has evolutionary the game and they have the advantage over South America do to travel and rich league that force us, Argentinean to play in european league and not european playing in Argentina! To have a base where we can organize before a long trip… in between club breaks or before big tournaments is invaluable !! Good investment !!! About time AFA!!

  6. from what i am able to understand the plan look nice
    but in reality AFA should have other priorities first
    instead to give money from Argentine people for don t make our “boys ” tired from travel back home.

    The Argentine football have other problems more important to look.

    Argentina have economic crisis these years and all this picture in the eyes of people
    don t give good feelings.

    As i am against to host 2030 world cup for financial reasons the same way i don t like to see this kind of moves from AFA.

    AFA should fix the Argentine football building back home first.
    After they can do this kind of projects in Europe or elsewhere.

  7. I actually think it’s a good idea as it saves money in the long term and means the majority of players called up won’t have to travel too far. Obviously, the AFA must also make improvements and have funds available for those back in Argentina too. The AFA has to ensure the domestic league is as strong as possible before anything else. It’s not a bad idea though.

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