Matias ALMEYDA: “Argentina hasn’t had an identity for years”


Former Argentine midfielder Matias ALMEYDA spoke about the his desire to manage to National Team and also on other issues, in a recent interview with TyC Sports.

“Some of us would go swimming just to join the National Team. I have a great passion for our country, for the National Team. I have strong desire to contribute”.

He was quick to remind that it will take time and a lot needs to be done.

“I believe we need to implement a project. We have great players, obviously there are some good replacements too. Problem is, Argentina hasn’t had an identity or a game plan for years”.

“The Argentina team have to be a combative team. It’s what we tried to do at Banfield; to have a process and to train. For me, the style is simple: Everyone runs, everyone plays.

On the challenges of managing  the current group of Argentine players.

“There are no such thing as a difficult groups to manage. I like to treat everyone equally. Even the players who don’t like you can make a differences. If you work together as a team, you can empower (Lionel) MESSI”.

On what he felt about Argentina’s performance at the World Cup in Russia.

“Argentina arrived at the World Cup the same way just as how it left. We have stop expecting for MESSI to save us every time”.

He also went to question about the team’ selection.

“I thought it was very weird to see Argentina play the most important matches at the World Cup without a number 9 (striker). We have the best strikers in the world and yet we choose play without one.”


  1. We’ve all heard this before. Need to do this,need to do that yada yada yada… Bauza was phenomenal in that. Made everyone go over the moon with his words(Although his first game was outstanding. In fact it was the last time we saw an Argentina “team”). All hat and no cattle!

  2. Integrate youth with seniors and try to win Copa at any cost. We have players experienced and young who can complement each other.

    We just need a coach who can translate this to a team. Plan should be right after Copa start subbing seniors and include more young players.
    At any cost, I want to win in Brazil.

    If you are saying rebuild the team from scratch you are putting young players under tremendous pressure. This will result in major catastrophe which happened for Dutch. They had to call Van persie n Robben back after missed qualification.

  3. An interesting article. Of course many things have been told by our own experts like Gonzalo. Only the Simeone part does not look practical

  4. Sampaoli’s tactical lesson against Croatia should be the masterpiece of “what shouldn’t do”:

    – Caballero short GK, will suffer anyway against Mandzukic in the air.
    – 343 against a team who has 2 wingers and 2 fullbacks attacking well is a suicide. Especially our 2 fullbacks are wingers.
    – Tagliafico as left CB, not his usual position, completely lost during the game.
    – 2 wingers playing wide with no pressing, they didn’t have the ball and they didn’t block the Croatian fullbacks.
    – Messi false 9, the only one who can make difference is isolated.

    Even me can see Sampaoli’s tactical weakness so easily, Dalic should have been laughing inside. Not a surprise the players were furious after the game, a true humiliation, not just score but in terms of football.

    • Howdy again.

      Sampaoli thought he was being the new Pep by doing all of these things. How wrong! There is a positional reasoning behind all that Barca stuff under Pep. It really is its own system, and needs day-in day-out practice to hone it. I actually believed Sampaoli exposed his own weakness in regards to positional play and basic tactics. High 3 line? Mindblogging.

  5. Almeyda totally resumed the situation in few words, useless to replicate Barca style(which is not working well during this WC), we just need to play simple with basic tactical system. Stop with that false 9, inverted wingers, fullback-winger or deep-lying playmaker stuff, get back to the fundamental, get the fullbacks who know making a tackle, get the forward-striker who can score and can work for the team and everyone should defend together when it’s necessary. That’s how France, Uruguay and Colombia played.

    In the midfield and in attack, we have all the material, there is a lot of work to rebuild the defense but we should find the young players of quality in 2 years. Romero should come back. Only 4 players of this world cup deserve to stay: Otamendi(no other choice despite his poor performance and 0 IQ, but should be replaced in 2-3 years), Lo Celso, Dybala and obviously Messi(unless he chooses to get retired).

    • Otamendi, Aguero, Messi should continue 100%. Di Maria and Banega are still useful but others should start if performing better. Hell even Rojo can be useful if he gets his form back especially considering the slim CB pickings. Lo Celso, Dybala, Pavon, Tagliafico should also continue as they are the future

      • Agreed we need induct the juniors with the seniors. Just removing all senior players is not the solution. Build the team chemistry and based on players available do the best strategy. Defense has to be compact and strong whichever formation you play. Defense will win tournaments

    • I don’t see any reason why acuna, salvio, tagliafico,pavon shouldn’t continue. They definitely can be part of 23 if not 11.

      • Could be. The players that I mentioned above are in the starting XI or almost. For the ones that you mentioned:

        Acuna: You are right, why not. I always defend him. Ideally the next coach will use him as a box to box player, like Matuidi, I see him much better in this position, not as winger and certainly not as a fullback like what Sampaoli intended to do.

        Salvio: No. I think he was there mainly because of Sampaoli’s obsession to convert wingers into fullbacks. On the right winger position, to me, Angel Correa and Ocampos are better. Same profile but both stronger and younger.

        Tagliafico: Maybe a temp solution. But I am quite sure some other new guy will come and take his place. I mean, let’s be honest, he’s just an average player, we are desperate because in this moment we don’t have other option.

        Pavon: no mainly because he won’t be a good fit. I guess in short-term, this team will play a more balanced football with only 1 winger and this winger need to defend and involve a lot in creation. Not really his stuff. To me, he is more like a Claudio Lopez/Caniggia type of half striker half winger, but in this position, you have already Dybala and Messi, and based on his recent performance in WC, not sure he has any added value comparing to Dybala. Don’t forget Lautaro Martinez and Kun can take this role too.

  6. We all first need to understand that no proper manager will be keen to take over the NT with the joke that AFA has become today. Every time a coach is sacked/resigned (post sabella era) Cholo , Pochetino, Gallardo is named as a possible replacement and as top three preferences. Eventually we end up with someone completely different like Martino ( I personally liked Martino as he was our last manager who made attacking look easy), Bauza and then whole cycle repeats after failure. We all (myself included)were excited after sampaoli’s appointment and thought that at last we have someone proper. But today we all know how it ended denting the image of Argentine football ( if it was already not dented earlier with the circus in AFA)badly in front of the world.
    Again the same thing has started , and we are again hearing names. However, this time we all are realistic that Cholo and Poch will not leave their fat-paid job at Madrid and London respectively. AFA also knows that and they are throwing different names in air this time just to measure public sentiments. I don’t mind Peckerman/Garceea/Almeyda/Sabella/Almiron or whom so ever it may be to take up the job as long as they are committed to take Argentina forward with or without messi. Yes we need a revamp in the youth system, yes we need stability in AFA so that players can only worry abt their game and not some other factors. But we all know this for last decade and knowing that they never worked on the same. I am again optimistic that AFA will now get their act straight and rectify the sins they have done. But that needs time and the results will show only after 4-5 years . So realistically speaking COPA 2019 can’t be won although if we can make the SF I will be happy, coz as much as we want we all know that Higuin, Aguero, Banega, Otamendi,Dimaria, Romero will be there along with Messi in Copa next year although they are both mentally and physically done for Argentina and are continuing only owing to the emotion that they want to win something for Argentina. So the total rebuilding we are asking for can only happen after Copa 2019 and by that time qualifiers will start. Till such time I wish AFA hires somebody who is pragmatic and will be able to mix some youths with this oldies and prepare a solid team at least on paper( Because I believe whoever is hired now , if we don’t put a good show in Copa there will be again public outcry for sacking that guy.) . Thus its only after Copa we can look for rebuilding and a coach for long term ( up to 2022 at least).

    Lastly, I am rooting for a young manager and Almeyda suits the bill perfectly. Regarding his comments he told that ” if team is empowered messi will be empowered automatically” just like other 10 members of the team. So in that way he is actually giving the message that he wants to build a team first. So would request all off you to stay calm and support the team( and the manager who is hired) in this moments of Crisis.

    Opinions are absolutely personal and any one can differ and correct me if I am wrong.

  7. Problem with afa and media is that they need best results with limited time. Most of our coaches looks always panic in every matches they managed.Most of our fans and medias needed sudden results.
    Under Edgardo bauza before w.c .he mgd 8 qualifrs. In this 3 win 2 draw 3 deft.
    Lets analyse it. Arg win agnst urugy colo chili. And drw with vene peru
    Def with brz parag boli
    In most of these mathes messi not played.In these 3 matches Maschi is the reason y arg lost points and lost top of can we say bauza is the reason for tht. It is happening from our most expd player with less speed..I think bauza plyd arg with Remember he got arg with all terrific presr matches.i think bauza is very unlucky and disrespected by afa.
    SO coaching arg is a diffclt task. Give time for thm who it will be.

  8. Following Argentina’s woeful 3-0 defeat to Croatia, they had one foot out of the World Cup exit door.
    After that game, Lionel Messi and Javier Mascherano called a meeting with Jorge Sampaoli and the rest of his staff.
    That is according to Argentine journalist Ariel Senosiain of TyC Sports and Ole columnist, who makes the revelation in his book Mundial es Historias.
    The situation was critical and the players wanted to see the coach so they called Sampaoli to an urgent meeting with two of his assistants, Sebastian Beccacece and Lionel Scaloni.
    The purpose of the meeting was clear, to make him see that the squad no longer trusted him.
    “We don’t get what you say, we don’t trust you anymore and we want to have an opinion,” was their argument.
    Sampaoli was surprised by that and responded by asking what it was they wanted an opinion on, to which the players replied ‘on everything’.
    Messi took to the floor and was also unhappy with Sampaoli asking him who he should bring on, a moment which was picked up by cameras.
    “You asked me 10 times which players you wanted me to see on and which ones I didn’t and I never gave you a name,” he said.
    AFA president Claudio Tapia witnessed the unusual situation and was already aware of what the players were going to say to the coach and told Sampaoli that he had to give in to them.
    The meeting calmed down after a lively start but things never boiled over and the consensus was reached that the coach should listen to the players and not get upset.
    One of his assistants, Beccacece, wanted to resign but he was prevented from doing so by Sampaoli.

  9. AFA tried simeone before Sampaoli, therefore simeone will be the first choice although simeone may not take Argentina duty

  10. Opinions are like assholes…everybody has one. I try not to bash anyone no matter how lame or uninformed their opinion may be. Here are a few things I feel strongly about:

    1) Working within the confines of the current AFA is very difficult. It’s like staring a match already down 2 goals. Unfortunately the most qualified folks we have don’t want to deal with the AFA bullshit and don’t want to deal with goons like Tapia. Can you blame them? Imagine accepting a job when you know that your future boss(es) is a clown. So this limits our manager options right from the start.

    2) Personally, I wish Argentina would look to someone not necessarily from Argentina. I know some people will not appreciate this idea but having someone come in with a very sober and objective view of our players and system could be beneficial. It’s like when a company is struggling and hires an outside consultant with no internal biases to come in and look at the problem instead of the same folks who already work there. I look at it like Belgium hiring someone like Martinez who came in and took them farther than they ever went before. I believe that if the AFA was not such a clown show for decades, there was a point in time where we actually would have had a chance to hire a manager like Pep Guardiola for example.

    3) If we stay with Argentines strictly, I don’t believe anyone has as much pedigree or credibility as Javier Zanetti. The more this guy is involved in our future the better. I also like Pablo Aimer because of his intelligence and ability to get along with all types of players/personalities.

    4) I strongly believe we should sacrifice the 2019 Copa for the long-term benefit. I hope they send a very young and experimental side with a new innovative coach who will use that tournament to really decided who will be the key players for the future, for the 2022 qualifiers and for even the 2022 Mundial. The foundation for all 3 of those things should be laid at Copa 2019 with a preferred philosophy, system, players and roadmap for 2022 emerging from that tournament. Of course this will mean we will take our hits at this tournament and suffer…but let’s be honest: we were NEVER gonna beat Brazil on their home soil with the group that just lost to France…now way. So use the Copa 2019 as the kickoff to think long term.


    • 1 ) No argue.

      2) correct or not in Argentina exist 1 unwritten rule which saying that the national team coach should be only Argentinian.

      3 ) Zanetti don t want to be football coach. i like Aimar too.

      4) There is not exist thing like sacrifice one copa america inside Brasil .
      Even if you say it for joke to one Argentinian he will get ungry with you.

      In same time is like to say to Germany to France or Italy for example
      to don t care for one Euro tournament for look the next world cup.
      it is not possible to accept.

      • Exactly!!
        If Argentina can win the Copa America in Brazil, then every Argentinian will see that a victory hard to top.

        Argentina MUST win the Copa America!

        Experimenting with the Cup means also experimenting in World Cup qualifications! And if that goes wrong, then Argentina would have to wait 8 more years for the new team we’re looking for!

        Use your head! What Players is bought in a club and plays a 90 minute debut the following game? It takes time! Use your logic!

        What defender will lead the defense, giving orders to others when and when not to press if all the defenders are new and young?
        If a brand new team, who would be captain, leading by example? What midfielder would push the entire midfield to press and recover? A young inexperienced one new to the National Team?

        You need at least 3 veteran players to lead a new young team, otherwise it’ll be a disaster!
        I would say keep Messi, Aguero, Banega, and Otamendi. And Romero! Everyone else should be new! With them five you’ll have a leader in each department, a goalkeeper pushing the defense, along with an experienced defender. An experienced midfielder pushing the midfield and an experienced forward leading the attack!

        This is how it should happen! AFTER the Copa America 2019, THEN you can replace Otamendi, Banega and such. But only after we acquire silverware!

        • “Argentina MUST win the Copa America!

          Experimenting with the Cup means also experimenting in World Cup qualifications! And if that goes wrong, then Argentina would have to wait 8 more years for the new team we’re looking for!”

          Bullshit. How experimenting with Copa America means also experimanting with qualifiers. So where is actually the time for experimenting? Never good time accodring to you. We are just after disaster WC and you want to say already something like “it’s too late for experiments”. You are crazy man.
          Let’s say the oldies will have another chance in Copa. Getting older they will not win against Brazil in home. And then what? Then we will be forced to experiments, but experiments one year later than now.

          So yes, now here is best time for experiments. We must not win the Copa. We should fight for title but after years of shortsightedness and delaying changes it’s not only time to start apply long-term planning. Now it’s most important. Stop with “ad hoc” philosophy.

          As we have seen in 2004 Copa America almost brand new team, full of youngsters may also reach final. The sooner they will debut the sooner we will reap the fruit.

          • People say as if there was any guarantee of good result on Copa America 2019 if stay with 4-5 oldies. They are not guarantee of anything anymore.

            Keep Romero – I’m for it as goalkepper being 34 is still not old age. To that Romero was always our leader along with Mascherano.

            But the rest? Obviously Otamendi is not guarantee of any good defending. He is no leader of defensive line while should be. We may should try someone older but younger than Otamendi. Pezzella/Lema?

            Banega, Di Maria? – we are not losing anything by replace them with Paredes, J.Correa or someone other not because Paredes or Correa are guarantee of best but becuase of profit and loss account Banega/Di Maria playing. You always need to wait 5-10 games untill we see any good thing from Banega/Di Maria. Banega is also poor on defending tasks. Simply new players here connot be below the level.

            Aguero -he was good on finishing in WC but rather lazy and what he did is nothing more than being penalty box poker. Having said that unlikely Martinez/Icardi will do less.

            Simply the older players are not guarantee of any good result. THe young are not guarantee too yet but they will grow up mentally and gain experience for future.

            Old generation had 2 Copas in 2 years. And they had so many tournaments in past 10 years. The opportunities to play 2 Copas in two years is in itself meaningful.

      • Yeah on one point, there is no such a thing as sacrificing a tournament. Not for Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina and now, to an extent, France and Spain. They play in it, they want to win it, period. Sometimes they’ll lie with bs like we brought a B, young, team etc. But the ball is up, they want the Cup, period. Because they know one of these rivals is going to get it, simple as that. So, Argentina is going to Brazil to add another silverware.

    • With all due respect to your points there 3 main things that I would like to highlight:
      1- Over the years Argentina had only one non Argentine coach, in 1934 He was Italian, The NT will have more chances to succeed under an Argentine coach.
      2- Copa 2019 is a very important edition of Copa America, It’s in Brazil, winning it almost equals winning the WC2014, just because it’s in Brazil. Winning the next Copa will reinforce Albiceleste pride. WE have the talent to do so, only if Tapia and the rest of the AFA put their heads together and hire a competent coach who is the ONLY one with the power of player selection without ANY outside force.
      3- For Argentina to win, The Media has to get off the players and coach ass and let them work in peace

    • Some good ideas and some not so good. Giving up the Copa? For what? Argentina is not that far off. Despite all the disfunction we played the World Champions to a standstill. The only time they actually trailed. Add three minutes to that game and it’s a tie. We have plenty of talented players already. All it takes is a really smart coach, a good camp and some win to get in track and we’re back in business. I don’t know about you but yes I believe we can beat anybody in Brazil. Another thing is the idea of a foreign coach. Not man, not for Argentina. Argentina export, and not import, coaches.

  11. Argenina has lost its identity because throughout all these years our managers were trying to empower messi and guess what! Another ambitious one is looking to do the same!

    Lets get things straight here! Maradona and Messi are the best players by far ever played the game, i am really proud that they are both Argentines and i truly believe that it is not a coincidence that they are both Argentines but: Argentina had, i personally believe that they still and will always have a tremendous wealth of talent therefore the key is to empower EVERY SINGLE PLAYER including Messi and not just Messi alone! In other words, as some fellow fans stated below, the coach must empower Argentina!

    Why is that difficult to hear a potential future manager NOT saying a fucking single world about Messi when it comes to Argentina?

    Yes, he have the best two players ever played the game, but we also have, if not the most, one the most envious footballing legacies and football history, especially when it comes to footballing style of playing, innovations of style of playing (la maquina is one of the many examples) and is not a coincidence that many where inspired by us! So lets not forget that..sigh!

    Even Pep Guardiola has said that he is a fan of Argentina style of playing.
    We have the players, we used to have our own identity which was special so lets take advantage of both!

    • “Why is that difficult to hear a potential future manager NOT saying a fucking single word about Messi when it comes to Argentina?”

      I wonder long time about the question…

      • Wow, what a point. Impressive. And it’s one of the problem. They all say the same crap, we gonna help Messi, we’ve got to play through Messi. And the entire team has been paralyzed because of that mentality. I love Messi but I really do think he need to do what Maradona did in1990 et Zidane in 2002. Take time off the national team for a few years. Stay away for two three years and let a new team build its own identity without the suffocating presence of Messi. And then come back stronger, hungrier, to a much better team.

  12. looks like most people here are thinking about 2022…well, you have a copa america in 2019 , copa america in 2020, confed cup 2021(although it might get cancelled, as i heard few days back)… AFA should target for great results in those tournaments and then the team take that confidence forward…2022 wc, Messi’s probable dip in form is a long term prospect… Rest assure, Messi will remain to be one of top 10 players of world till 2022 , if he’s fit…but its time his argentine team mates put their hands up and come forward to make their country win

  13. In all of Argentina, is there a player as fast as Mbappe(or Ronaldo or Robben)?

    Because that is what we need now more than coach. We need fast defenders

    Let Mascherano become the coach.

  14. for all the friends here that want to see good football
    Sunday River play for copa argentina against Central norte 🙂

    maybe you guys except Argentina national team fans you can be River plate fans too 🙂

    Everybody is welcome 🙂

    Vamos, vamos, vamos, vamos, vamos Millonario,
    Vamos, vamos, vamos, vamos, vamos a ganar,
    Esta es tu hinchada que te sigue siempre a todos lados,
    Esta es tu hinchada la que nunca te va abandonar,
    Yo a vos te sigo aunque vos vayas bien,
    Yo a vos te sigo aunque vos vayas mal,
    Y no me importa en que cancha juguemos,
    Siempre vengo alentar..

    • @cox4

      What do you think about Pity Martinez going to Lazio and Pol Fernandez contracted in the place what is River plan in case of Pity transfer. Actually likely one of Pity, Nacho will leave. I like idea of Ezequiel Palacios as Pity successor though Pol Fernandez is best possible choice.

      What about RB Gonzalo Montiel? He developed under Gallardo a lot in last months. For me one of 3 most promising RB in league along with Bustos and Gomez. I like his fast and attacking instinct.

      • As River fan make me sad but it will be better for Pity to go to Europe make that step for improve himself.

        I trust Gallardo that with his hard work Fernandez will improve and cover the missing of Pity but generally i think for 1-2 months after he go we will suffer till Gallardo find the chemistry again.

        Anyhow they only i can say to you now is that i trust Gallardo and his work.
        He is hard worker.

        As about Montiel he is good and i like him too.
        Just and him need much work too for arrive to the level we want to.

        Sunday line up as i read will be
        Lux , Casco , Pinola , Quarta , Montiel , Ponzio , Palacios , Martinez , Fernandez , Scocco and Lucas Pratto.

        • Montiel, Martinez Quarta, Pity, Palacios are players worth to follow in NT context. Though still I like most Nacho in this squad.

          • yes i agree. if they continue develop their play of course yes.

            Scocco is the player that upgrade the level of our team.

            He is making the difference true.

        • While Beccacece is already doing good results with Defensa. The Copa Sudamericana win over El Nacional… I think Alexander Barboza and Lisandro Martinez are best on the ball (passes, freekicks, penalties) duo of CBs in Argentina league. Barboza is marking himself long time but Lisandro Martinez developed in good direct after Argentina U-20 performances.

          • Barboza belongs to River and 3 years now we are sending him on loan. i don t know why but people inside River don t trust him so much. He played for us on 2014 and from then they are sending him on loan. sure something they know more of course.

            As about Lisandro Martinez i don t have opinion because i didn t watch him so much to be honest.

          • Barboza and Lisandro Martinez have outstanding long passes. Moreover Barboza takes often freekicks and penalties. Also he is Pique like going ahead with ball, sometimes having risky runs on this..

      • Pity is a true talent, so much so that even when river were crapping the bed he maintained his form and was by far the best player in the squad. I think it’s high time he leaves for europe and if he can live up to his potential he can probably fill in the void that is likely to be left by Lanzini (due to his seemingly never ending injuries).

  15. Well known goalkeeper Esteban Andrada (Lanus) to Villarreal. Then to be loaned to Huesca or Leganes. Finally long after his WC U20 revelation he reach a level when deserves call up.

    • i am extra happy if i see improvement to our young goalkeepers and defenders because in those
      positions we need much more than the other positions.

  16. today it is 20 of July and we don t have coach yet.

    of course time exist much till September which the friendly games will played and it is very important subject to make it fast to close quick but…

    Just make me “afraid ” little bit the fact that Angelici put in table names that people like
    and make dreams and if in end all go to sea and they take one coach from nowhere.

    after God save us !!!

  17. Honestly, I don’t care very much about who the coach is as long as they pick the right players.
    Once the right players have been picked, and in the right formation, it is they who will do the job on the field.

    Which is why I care more about line-ups and formations than coaches.

    I have said before anyone of the following will do .


    I know, many people here don’t like Maradona as coach very much, but did he really do that bad?
    In 2010, we won convincingly against Mexico, Greece, Nigeria, South Korea.
    Yes, we had a bad game against Germany which we were chasing from the start and it also had a bad referee against us.
    Yes, his style was very attacking.
    But mind you he was relatively inexperienced as a coach then and he only got 2 years.
    He learns from his mistakes and he is experienced now.

    Maradona, despite all his antics, is an intelligent guy. I can tell simply by the way he speaks. We are talking about the best player ever.
    People who underestimate him are the fools.

    Likewise, Kempes is inexperienced as coach, but surely 4 years is enough to get the team ready?

    In terms of playing style, I really liked Martino and Batista. Pekerman was good too. Gareca’s Peru looked impressive as well.

  18. Gareca won’t join Colombia as he respects Pekerman. He is keen on Arg job, but no contact has been made.

    If Sabella becomes GM, Gallardo will be primary choice. If Pakerman, Gareca becomes the favorite.

    For me, Sabella+Gallardo will be a short term solution, but will be bad for nt overall. We went to final with Sabella and played good in qualifiers, but we scored just 2 goals in 4 knockout matches. We were never that helpless in attack until Bauza came.

    Pakerman and Gareca gets my vote. Today I watched a match of Chivas vs Tigre, which was being managed by Almeyda. Almeyda did a wonderful job at chivas after their 9 years of trophy drought. Just one match, so it is not right to make conclusion, still it did not leave me any good impression.
    Nothing special.

    Sampaoli eneded 99 years of trophy drought for Chile. He was such a mess! We should look two things when we select a manager:

    1. Personality. How much he is respected among peers.
    2. Brand of football. Does his team plays balanced football?

    Chasing after success has gotten us nowhere. We must go after excellence, success will follow.

  19. I dont understand why eveybody blames Messi for being himself?
    It is the coach’s JOB to create a structure where he gets the best out of ALL his players, that’s a major part of the job. Coaches coach and players play and do what they are told. MESSI wants to win and I doubt he ever said “hey, all of you pass me the ball all the time or else because I want to be the one and only who scores”.
    Find a damn coach who will build a team where Messi is part and not the team and stop blaming him for everything.

    • You are not 100 % right.
      in this forum the most of people blames Messi.
      Not generally.

      In same time every person speak according to what understanding from football.
      Everybody can t understand. if you read nonsense just ignore them my friend.

      Some people can believe that just because for years they are going to music concerts they can be able to play guitar too !!!
      what we can do ?
      we can t change the world 🙂 🙂

      just me personally i am going to listen live music long time
      but just because i am doing that i couldn t learn to play guitar or drams etc 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. It’s all speculation.
    Messi stated before the WC that he was not sure if he would continue in the NT. It depended on the WC result. Well, we all know things went bad.
    Changes Messi stops are bigger than that he continues.

    The new coach must look forward and rebuild the entire team.

  21. “Empower Messi”? – and we are still in the same vicious cycle as before. No, thank you already for your service Mr. Almeyda. That’s old song.

  22. I have a question to you guys. If Pekerman would be appointed as the new director, what would be the difference between him and Tapia? Also, if Zanetti would be considered, would it not be a similar role as the one Pekerman is considered for? Who was the previous director at AFA? Do we have any ballpark to make a comparison?

  23. Our potential coach Almeyda says of empowering Messi. Again the same mistake is being repeated. Please empower Argentina. If we are only thinking of passing to Messi and hoping he will do everything we are in trouble. Of course some Messi fanboys will say I am Messi hater. Let me put it this way I am Argentina lover not Messi hater

  24. Messi is set to regress going forward, which is natural due to aging. Nobody can expect him to be like when he was 25 yrs when he is 35 yrs. But having said that, although he will regress, it will be from a very high level, meaning that he could go from top 3 EVER to one of say 50 best players in the world by 2022. Now, that could still be good enough to include him in the NT if he fits into the tactics, but it could also mean that the youngsters will not idolize him in such extent as previously. Going from a God-like status to beung a very good player could in matter of fact be beneficial to the NT. Throwing him out due to age or rumours would in the other hand be truly madness and ignorance.

    • One thing i found weird with this kind of reasonment :

      “. But having said that, although he will regress, it will be from a very high level, meaning that he could go from top 3 EVER to one of say 50 best players in the world by 2022.”

      It’s like noone can imagine Messi retiring before 2022.

  25. He could be another Simeone. His team is very strong in defense and team playing, but lack of offense and creativity. Overall he is a very promising coach. If we miss him now, then he will go to Europe very soon and we will miss him forever like Simeone and Pochettino.

  26. Why is everyone obsessed with Messi? Putting “Messi obsession” aside is as important for the NT as getting a good coach. I want Messi to be part of the NT till 2022 but he must be a very normal player like the rest of the squad.

    • That is the aim though since I doubt any coach will make our team being not hostage of Messi and distorted of his magnitude (the temptation to overuse him is too strong for every coach – it’s addiction) I propose put aside Messi and co AT LEAST for one year. Just like suggested Russo:

    • @Dadir

      “…but he must be a very normal player like the rest of the squad”.

      we want to build new young team. Problem is that our youngsters will not take never Messi as normal player because he is already living legend for them having 5 Balon d’Or and being one of 3 best players in history. Our new players take him cringingly as idol not as equal partner and the situation may progress as the younger and younger players will incorporated.

  27. to select the good and realible coach is not easy. It is sometime gambling and take a high risk. Who is Deschamps before he took in charge of French although no doubt he is a world champion as a player, but Zidane and Blanc record as coach is much better, same goes to Louw as German coach or Southgate as England manager or Tite as Brazil manager.

    Tapia / AFA must learn from his mistake to select and make a long term project with Samp without evaluating his achievement in WC. He got more money than Deschamps who is winning the WC.

    Now the team need a tough coach and dare to break all the mindest and mental issue of the past. Our problem lies not on the talented players but on dis organise and mis manage them. All become clueless once appointed as NT coach. Look at Belgia, they bring Hendry to assist the coach, could it happen to us bringing Riquelme / Aimar to train and reshaped our mid field or Batistuta / Crespo to redevelop our striker ?

  28. Not impressed. ANYBODY who is concerned with “empowering Messi” has no concept of what is ailing this team and should be dropped from consideration immediately. The REASON we don’t have an identity as he mentions is because ARGENTINA HAS WILLINGLY GIVEN UP ITS IDENTITY TO MAKE MESSI COMFORTABLE, EMPOWER, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    This interview almost reads like a political campaign, with the promises of the same bullshit in the past that never worked, except this guy think he can make it work.
    Such a shame, but if his idea is to build a team empowering a 35 year old we don’t want this guy. Doesn’t any manager in Argentina have the balls to say we need to build a team? Or are we all about one player now and ever? Unbelievable

    • You couldn’t be more wrong.

      Sabella-I’m sure he was catering to Messi when he used 5ATB. He also tried 433 and was successful but his focus was clearly in defense.

      Bauza-antitheses of building a team around Messi.

      Samp- fuck knows what the hell he was doing but it was anything but building a team around Messi.He publicly made it clear that’s it’s Messi team but his actions speak louder than words. 3ATB formations and players selections were not for Messi.

      Tata-albeit poor subs, we played beautiful possession based futbol with a purpose. Closest to building a team around Messi

  29. Hello
    Need only 3 0r 4 exper.players with young future talents.
    I love this 23 squad. Most of these playr r below25. If they get more playing time with NT. I m sure they will rock in evry dept.and follow 4.4.2 or basic stratgy..
    Emanul insua

    Guido rodrigz
    Mouricio martinez
    Pity martinez

  30. Hello
    Need only 3 0r 4 exper.players with young future talents. We should not chang this lineup in 3 oor 4 years
    I love to pick these 23 in copa19…
    Emanul insua

    Guido rodrigz
    Mouricio martinez
    Pity martinez

  31. Seriously why on earth is people still posting Player line ups and formations here?? We don’t even have a Coach.

    And whats with this Messi Hating, Let a new coach come and if he thinks Messi can be helpful in the System and tactics which he builds. Let him make a decision. Messi is a Fear Factor which we didn’t utilize before ,a And i think we don’t deserve Messi, Any way i dont think he will continue for us. So calm down guys.

      • Man, come down, no body here is a moron. We all would have loved to see Argentina lift the world cup but we didn’t die that it didn’t happen. Everyone here has an opinion and that’s an entitlement, if you’re tired of them, just ignore and respond to what interests you instead of just abusing everyone as if you’re in ICU about to die of pain and that your life depends on it.

        We all were hurt and still in shock of what happened, but to hell with use of derogatory language and besides, non is more equal than the rest.

        • This is an on going problem with this site. Many people with tremendous knowledge have left this site because people keep posting line ups and I would bet you anything that 90 percent of people here say they should be on the team haven’t even seen more than 5 matches with that player. Take the case of Fabricio Bustos. Over a hundred lineups here saying Bustos is great. He got raped by Isco against Spain. Literally they raped him. They did everything they wanted to him, and then Bustos thanked them for it.
          My point is people that post line ups have NO CLUE about these players the majority of the time. Just throwing shit up against the wall hoping to get another moron to say “yeah that’s great”

    • Thank u Mik.u said exactly. Messi is the player mostly deserves a trophy with Nt.
      He helped arg to get a finalberth in w.c2014 and 2 copa finls.
      He is a very unlucky guy with NT. most of arg. Loving people complaining bcz of his leadership abilities. IN certain games he looks like a very very ordinary calm player with no idea how to motivate other players. Thts y when he is not in foam tht affecting the entire players. Every coach fails bcz dnt know how to overcame this situation.
      In fact a coach doesnt understnd how could i can setup a team for messi.most of thr tactics and lineups fails bcz of that i think.
      Anyway in my opinion best way to perform his talent , arg need to play 4.4 .2 or

  32. Almeyda talks about empowering Messi???? Why on earth again you rely on Messi?
    That means this Almeyda will be like his predecessors… just trying to build a team around that man. It was already tried, tested, failed.
    Hence, we can conclude that Almeyda himself does not have a game plan but wamts to rely on Messi to score and make us win. How dumb? Thats what all tried and failed. Sampaoli failed miserably in that.
    Seniors do not respect the coach. How do you expect them to win anything?
    Messi needs a sabbatical. Other seniors dumped for good.
    Lo Celso for all the humiliation he received in this world cup will lead us to glory one day. He stayed humble through out… did not utter a word. a mark of a great captain in the making. He will never follow in the footsteps of the previous captain for sure.

    • Locelso yes. Everything else you said is idiotic. Messi had nothing to do with Maradonas ego tactics, or the incompetence of thr other coaches, or the mad man Sampa. He is a player. The best one we have. Hating on the guy is a cheap scapegoat. Go wear a Neymar shirt.

      • That is the best comment. I agree, some dam fools still don’t understand Messi is our best player by miles, oh no let’s wait and add some local or mediocre player to the team list and kick Messi out to build the team is the stupidest shit of all time. We need to do a lot of things right first and kicking Messi out is not right by any means. We need all 11 positions to be strong and all players playing those positions to perform or give chance to others. It’s all about development now.

    • No it doesn’t, read it properly. He says “if we work together as a TEAM that will empower Messi.” Meaning, if everyone steps up and takes responsibility, plays their heart out for each other and understands their role and position, Messi can just play without worrying about making up for other people’s lack of ability. The word team is very important and it’s different to what everyone else has said; “this is Messi’s team”, “we must find Messi”, “we must run for Messi”, “we must put Messi in the position to score”. Almeyda is saying we have to build a team, a team that has a way of playing, an identity, a style. Messi in that system, just like with Sabella, will prosper because he knows everyone understands their role and the overall plan, so Messi can do his thing.

  33. So the whole world basically admires Messi as he has to singlehandedly do everything and lately even the Argentinians who know football, and have zero personal interest in praising Messi, and yet some people here are saying shit on Messi because media did some articles? If you don’t see the ludacrisness of your ways from this, than too bad for you, and please skip replying to me, as I can’t take you seriously.

    For the rest, I would love your opinion on something like this (for Copa) –

    Bustos Pezella/Mammana/Otamendi* Tagliafico/Acuna* (*two of the three in the middle; I liked Acuna)
    Paredes Ascacibar Lo Celso/Banega
    Dybala Aguero/Higuain* (I don’t like Higuain, but he clicks better with the team)

    it’s a 4-3-1-2 with a solid base and players that can actually pass the ball so that Messi doesn’t have to go back to CBs and take the ball, the fullbacks are very important to provide width obviously, so I’d be even inclined to put Salvio and Acuna there, especially against weaker teams. If more width would be needed you can always slot in Pavon for the 9 or Di Maria in place of one of the MFs, etc.

  34. Everyone has an opinion and an idea. Good for us. But the action is not happening. There is no one that is able to make a difference. Last WC win was in 1986, and we have qualified for every WC since, but haven’t won a single one. What is concerning is, we haven’t been able to win with such star players.
    We need to focus on defense. Go back and check, all WC winning Champions have one thing in common and that is, the least number of goals conceded. A match can also be won with the score as 1-0, the trick is not to concede.
    Please develop players who are interested in and are passionate about taking the responsibility of defending. Enough of strikers. We have a lot of goal scorers.

  35. I know we all are very much Passionate about the team. But seeing fancy line ups knowing that we don’t even have a coach and no match for the next 50 odd days can be a bit irritating.
    It seems that Almeyda is eager to take up the NT and has a clear vision of what needs to be done, but all our previous coaches had visions only to get lost when actually put in charge. Simione and Poche are beyond our reach. Gallardo seems not interested. Garceea can be a Samapoli Version 2.0 and is almost 60 years old. So it’s better to keep faith on a young manager (42-48 yrs age group) who can lead us at least up to 2022( I prefer to continue till 2026 but hey its AFA) by building a solid team with fighters. Thus as off now Almeyda is perfectly suited as he had a good stint in Mexico and has confidence. Peckerman should be approached first for the director position. If he is not available then only we should go for sabella.

  36. Now its time for the new coach to intergrate players for sep friendlis. Dont waste time. He needs time and more frindli matches before copa19…so plzlim as early as …

  37. I would play 4-1-3-2. My line-up till copa 19:



    Dybala/Pavon-Messi/Banega/Pastore-Di Maria/Lo Celso


    • we will bring this players and get the world cup 2022

      my formation is


      heinz ayala coloccini zanetti

      lucho gonzalez rodondo

      maradona requelmi paserella

      di stefano

      • Di stefano is dead 🙂
        You will bring him from underworld ? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        it is difficault so put Batistuta in his place 🙂 🙂 🙂
        at least he is living 🙂 🙂 🙂

  38. I am actually beginning to feel a bit more sympathy for Sampaoli after reading the Ole article about Masche and Messi leading a rebellion against Sampaoli.
    If the report is true and if even Tapia was present, then what happened was disrespectful and unwarranted.
    If the players were not satisfied, it could have been handled in a better manner.

    I also completely agree with Almeyda when he says “I thought it was very weird to see Argentina play the most important matches at the World Cup without a number 9 (striker). We have the best strikers in the world and yet we choose play without one”.

    As to who the next coach should be – I would add Sergio Batista to the list of viable coaches. I liked his style of play in 2008 olympics.

    • The real shame is that players didn’t rebel during the qualifiers when sampaoli couldn’t stop changing tactics and players. 100 different players and changed formations each game even during the freaking WC. Of course the players looked lost and eventually had enough. Nothing disrespectful when the coach completely lost his direction. Shockingly poor decision making from Sampa….what a let down.

      • What I am saying is – there is a way to say things and handle things. Getting Tapia involved in the middle of WC is not the way.
        I am not saying that Sampaoli is without fault. But let’s not forget that the same Sampaoli and his staff managed to win copa with Chile.

        The Croatia match was Caballero’s fault. Until that point Argentina played well.

        And one has to wonder who picked the line-up against France with no #9.
        Was it Sampaoli, or was it the players?

    • Sampaoli biggest mistake was to take washed up Masche to the world cup. He wasn’t good enough to be on the bench let alone a starter. A young defensive mid along with Locelso for Enzo would have defeated France!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Just kick old guards who are in the team just because of past, Argentina will get their identity again

  40. 23 Man Squad for Copa America 2019:
    – Romero (Really missed him this World Cup, obvious throughout entire campaign)
    – Rulli
    – Guzman (Any third keeper really would do who understands they won’t be playing)
    – Tagliafico
    – Fabrizio Angileri (Played LB for Godoy)
    – Otamendi
    – Pezzella
    – Musacchio
    – Mammana
    – Gino Peruzzi
    – Mercado
    – Banega
    – Paredes
    – Kranevitter
    – Lanzini
    – Lamela
    – Rigoni
    – Ricardo Centurion
    – J. Correa
    – Aguero
    – Lautaro Martínez
    – Messi
    – Dybala

    Only 4 players of or over the age of 30 (I don’t count Romero because he’s not running on the pitch, so she is not as huge of a factor for goalkeepers)

    • Line up for Argentina in a 4-2-3–1


      Argentina needs a good RB to complement Messi as Dani Alves did and Sergi Roberto is doing now, meaning, when he drops deep or drifts into the midfield, the RB (Perruzzi) covers for him by pushing up keeping the width of the team.

      In defense, the revert to a 4-2-3-1 with MAD ready to counter, with Aguero drifting to become a LF, Messi as RF, and Dybala as a False 9 ready to counter. What more could you ask for?

      It’s that simple! Get it done!
      Mercado, Otamendi, maybe even Banega iOS be replaced aced after this Copa America, but we need to WIN this trophy! We need an experienced defender to lead the defense, (Otamendi), an experienced midfielder to leas the middle (Banega) and same with Attack (Messi and/or Aguero)!

      After the Copa America, THEN awe could slowly replace Mercado and Otamendi with younger defenders, and Banega later on as well.

      But experience will be key in this Copa America, as a whole new young team against the likes of Brazil (at home might I add), Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, going up against stars like Neymar, Coutinho, Marcelo, Douglas Costa, Alexis Sanchez, Suarez, Cavani, James, Falcao, Guerrero, so on would crumble and fall in humiliating fashion!

      This is what needs to be done IMO! Just putting it out there for others to comment on.

      • Very good mate. Wish it works. The issue is, we have been dented with logic like – Dybala doesn’t want to play alongside Messi because he too plays in the same position as Messi. Such stupidity is what is costing us.

  41. Some players I will not give up on:
    Ocampos – wish coaches would not play him as winger but as left/right midfielder
    Paredes – surround him with athletic players
    Lo Cleso
    Rulli – i think he had some problems and was unhappy about his contract
    Correa – both
    to name a few

    Laurato – I will watch because there is something that hasn’t convinced me yet
    Maximliano Romero – I will follow closely because I have hopes for him
    Matias Vargas
    and some other youngsters

    • The players you’ve mentioned are essential going forward. I would also include pastore in there! I really think his move to Roma will resurrect his career!

    • For me –

      1. GK:
      lets see what Rulli does in the next two years. Right now, he has a chance in a platter. All the other GKs are shit, and he’s the only one that PLAYS in Europe. Lets see how he fuxes his issue. Coming back to Boca is going to be a mistake I tell you.

      2. Fullbacks –
      Tagliafico is locked. In two seasons he will be playing someplace other than Ajax. And Its going to be a big one. Bustos, and Gomez needs to develop. Lets see where they go in two seadons.

      3. CB
      Pazzela, Mammana, Foyth, Martinez Quarta. All of them are talented.

      4. Midfielders.
      Ascacibar, Lo Celso and Paredes. Three is plenty. All three needs to play in good teams, teams that plays organized good football and has a good manager. I have high hopes on Lo Celso now as Tuchel is PSG manager. He doesn’t like divas like Veratti, and I’m pretty sure he will love Lo Celso. Lets see if he can develop him into a cUltured CM. Ascacibar will move pretty quickly I thik. After this season, everyone will chase him. Kid got a huge shoulder on him. And lastly, Paredes. HE NEEDS TO MOVE. He needs to play in Europe week and week out. He us the most talented CM we have ffs.

      5. Forwards and Wingers
      We have those, and we will always have those. This is the least worrying position ever.

      Two things Argentine players must do in the future –

      – Stop going to fucking Russia
      – Stop going to a team where you will never play

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