Lautaro MARTINEZ and Mauro ICARDI score in Inter draw against Zenit


There were plenty of Argentine players on display but only two scored as Inter drew 3-3 against Zenit.

Lautaro MARTINEZ and Mauro ICARDI will form a formidable partnership if these early beginnings are anything to go by. The Inter captain scored Inter’s second of the match as the goalkeeper went the wrong way off a penalty as ICARDI gave his team the lead.

In the 65th minute, Lautaro MARTINEZ was substituted on for ICARDI and it took him just 10 minutes to make his mark. With just over 15 minutes left in the match, Lautaro drew his new club level with a predatory like finish from inside the penalty area.

For Zenit, Leandro PAREDES, Matias KRANEVITTER and Sebastian DRIUSSI all played for the Russian club.



    Top10 talents in the world (1999+), only Barco on the list…please stop lying about ARG U players, not elite talents…

  2. Yawwwwnnn the most difficult part is the After World Cup hang over, It will be frustrating to see our honorable players performing greatly for their Clubs, When is our next match, In October?? The September friendly is cancelled is int it. By this month end will someone be chosen as the coach?. Any way there is no point in taking a decision in a hurry as its a either a Do or Die situation, If we choose a wrong Coach the we are doomed again

  3. ok enough bullshits i read in this site. First of all Messi is not Argentinean he is not the best player in the world? so you put him in the team. Second there is not a good national team without a good mix of old and new players. You all expect to put all new players and play. Otamendi rojo banega romero aguero messi have to continue with all the others to be new and young. We just need a good strong COACH

  4. First and foremost…AFA needs to structure itself and build a program..find a good coach…again..there is no one other than Bielsa to get the discipline..others are going to be only for comparison and media attention..who is going to captain argentina…still counting on messi? Get messi out of captaincy and take the pressure of him…

    • I have said that before,too. Messi is not supposed to be the captain. take the pressure off him.
      Every team has 2 bosses, one is the coach who chooses the players and the tactics, and the other is the captain who dictates the coaches orders on the pitch. With all the respect to Messi, who I admire very much as a player and as a human, but he is not a leader on the pitch. He is just too nice, not aggressive enough with the referee, the opponent or his fellow players. As a captain, he should not have let things boil till after the Croatia match, He should have explained to Sampaoli that the squad will not be able to perform under Sampaoli’s total football, high defense line plan.

  5. I for one am very grateful for Lio, he carried Argentina to the QF in 2014 and if it wasn’t for him Argentina wouldn’t have been in the WC this year! Also I don’t blame him for Argentina’s abysmal state in Russia (that blame rests on AFA and Sampaoli’s shoulders), although his performance (or the lack thereof) against croatia in the last 20 mins of that fateful game was shameful.
    With all that being said I think it’s time for Argentina to move on from Messi and start to look into the future, a future where there is no I in team.
    Contrary to popular belief Argentina’s supply line of talent hasn’t dried up, the nation still has world class strikers like Icardi and Dybala, talented wingers like Cervi, Ocampos and pavon (yeah that’s right! don’t let the tragedy of this past WC sway your opinion, the kid’s the real thing), potential world class midfielders like lanzini (if and when he recovers), Ascacibar, celso and Paredes and even solid defenders like pezzella, Tagliafico and mammana (when he recovers) and let’s not forget Acuna and especially A.Correa who can play in a variety of positions.
    Is that enough to win a world cup if it were tomorrow? No but that’s enough of a foundation to build a world cup competitive team if provided with a good coach and some semblance of stability, two things that the NT hasn’t had in a long while.

    • For the sake of continuity, AFA Should have started the process and prepared for ‘the after Messi period’ 2 years ago.

      • True but that’s neither here nor there, what’s done is (sadly) done. This is the start of a new cycle and could be the start of a new era if the AFA play their cards right but I for one have no faith in ’em for very obvious reasons.

        • Yes, you are right. there is always the easy way or the hard way, better late than never, if the AFA does not learn from this hard lesson, it will be a shame.

      • “For the sake of continuity, AFA Should have started the process and prepared for ‘the after Messi period’ 2 years ago”.

        Absolutely yes, That is what I’m talkning about still. We are at least 2 years off date.

  6. I found this open letter to Messi from an ardent Argentina fan, It throws some light into what goes on Leo’s mind as a human. I am sure this will piss off some members of this site, but you can not deny that’s it’s genuine, and probably speaks the mind of many Argentina Fans, and (Messi’s fans)

    “Dear Lionel,

    I am heartbroken, and You probably know why. Perhaps the 2018 FIFA World Cup carried an overwhelming amount of expectation from all of us because when You lifted us to the main event with a hat-trick in the final qualifier, we felt now was the time when the world would finally kneel to us, to You.

    It was now or never for us and yet, we feel torn to pieces. We were already starved and dehydrated at the plight of Argentina Football Team when You burst into the scene, in 2006. You with your silky skills, the body feints, the ball glued to your left feet, You put seeds of hope inside our cracked, withered hearts.

    You had taken La Liga by storm already and club football was bubbling with excitement. A little of that rubbed on us too and we got excited. Even though the disappointments did not end, there was still hope, because we had you.

    2006, 2010, 2014, the heartbreaking Finals, we endured, we were shattered, but we got up, refusing to let our hopes die.

    We had one more final to look forward to. And so, this World Cup disappointment was the hardest to bear, because, in all this time, we had grown a little tired and annoyed. Tired of waiting, Leo and annoyed at the inability of the team to give us our moment of salvation. We are shattered because we feel things will never be right for us.

    But in all these, we forget how it feels to be You. We forget how it feels to win all your battles with Barcelona and yet nurse a hollowness deep inside.

    We do not know how it feels to win the FIFA Youth Championship and the Olympic Gold with Argentina and still be taunted for winning nothing for the country. We do not know how it feels to be diagnosed with Growth Hormone Deficiency as a child and not have the money to pay for the treatment.

    We do not know how it feels to represent your country in four FIFA Tournament Finals and continuously end up on the losing team. We forget how hard it is to be Lionel Messi, the best player in the world.

    Yes, we are disappointed, but we forget how million times more disappointing it is for You to not achieve the one thing you crave for, the one thing you desire, perhaps even more than all of us – an International trophy with your beloved Argentina.

    Does a trophy alone define greatness? Or can it be defined by our actions too? When you are Red Carded in your debut for Argentina, leaving you in a pool of tears in the dressing room and yet you come back stronger, is that not greatness?

    When you are being offered the chance to represent Spain and better your chances of winning the World Cup playing around your club mates, but you decline and opt to represent your own country, to fight for glory among your own, is that not greatness? When you lead your country to three consecutive Finals, end up in the losing side, but still have the courage to keep trying, again and again, is that not greatness?

    When you stay loyal to the institution that you helped you out and paid for your life changing treatment as a child, even 18 years on, isn’t that a sign of greatness? When you have the FIFA Golden Ball, five Ballon D’ors and countless other trophies and yet continue to be humble in life, is that not greatness?

    When you marry the woman you have adored all your life and inspire the rest of the world to believe in true love, is that not greatness?

    A true great is someone who can be looked at as an example, who can inspire. Look around you, Leo. You have inspired a million kids to pick up the ball. In the land of our hearts barren for ages since Diego, you brought relief, you brought life.

    Maybe the future will be bright and someone will lift the trophy again for Argentina, yet maybe he will not be endeared to us as you are. Because with or without the fabled trophy, Leo, you mean the world to us.

    So cheer up, lift your chin and look to the skies. Feel our arms around you if you are lonely, find our shoulders to rest your weary head. It shall always be there, whenever you need a hand.

    If you are down, feel the warmth in our hearts for you. It shall never die, it shall never end. There is a Copa to prepare for, and there is never enough time. Arise, prepare, inspire a team, a nation and rally ahead. We are with you, in victory and in defeat, forever and after.”

  7. I really hope that it’s not a case of only either Martinez or Icardi playing and compete against each other. I don’t want to see Martinez sacrificed and played on the right or left of the attack either. Wonder what’ll happen there.

    Villarreal have promoted Luciano Acosta from their B team. Another one to keep an eye on atleast for the 2020 Olympics and beyond. Plays a bit like Portugal’s Bernardo Silva.

    Barco has been dropped from the team for 2 matches for disciplinary reasons. Tata very unhappy with his attitude.

    Ivan Marcone made his debut for Cruz Azul in the Mexican league and has just wowed their fans and pundits alike. They are wondering how this guy was not at the world cup.

  8. People in this site blaming Messi for everything .. They are acting like before Messi era Argentina team doing great in major tournaments ..We reached World Cup Final in 2014 after 24 years.. I am saying it again 24 years ..We Won our last major tournament in 1993 .. Messi era mainly began in 2009-10.. So between 93 and 2009 Argentina played 4 WC and 6 COPA ..They didn’t win any of them ..So whats the excuse then? Please blame messi for that too.. WC 94- Argentina eliminated in the round of 16,WC 98 -Eliminated in quarter-final,WC 2002 -First round, 2006 – Quarter finals.. So basically we were a Quarter-final side between 94 to 2010 WC.. So think about the facts before talking shit about Messi..

  9. This period is not period that the attention of public is in the national teams.
    we are entering to the new season and the most of fans (included me to not play the smart )
    have their eyes anymore to their clubs.

    so the news from now on is little and happening slowly.

    i hope AFA will take time till September to find the best possible choice for our next coach.

    There is no reason people we argue here now because a lot of things will change till September and
    how much more till next summer which exist Copa america.



  10. This is supposed to be Argentina NT site, not Messi fan boys site.
    Messi did shit with the National Team. He scores goals for fun when playing for Barca, but had one goal in the world cup…..he was managed by 5 or 6 managers and he produces same work. It’s time for him and his buddies to retire and open opportunities for the new generation, or else it would be unfair for young talented players who want to prove themselves.

    Messi can’t be a leader, he can’t even know how to fake it. Modric and Pogba showed him this world cup what leadership supposed or meant to be. Argentina under Messi and co were humiliated by Iceland, Croatia and knocked out and outplayed by the young fresh French team. Messi’s experience doesn’t show in big tournament like CL knock out stages and World cup because he gets nervous, bites his nails and becomes invisible (rather walking on pitch). He has fear of getting injured and won’t be able to play for Barca. This world cup he was so cautious not to get involved in any tackle to avoid injury, no sacrifice for the NT spirit like I saw from other players from Uruguay, France, and Croatia. Again, his leadership sucks big time.

    All new promising players can’t really shine if Messi is still the player to build the team around and everyone has to play for. This is bull shit, he got his chances, so did Higuaín, Aguero, Diva, and Banega. They have to let go and pave a way for the new generation.

    A new coach won’t enhance the situation if Messi is still there. Same record will repeat itself, If Messi is in a good mood, we win, if he’s upset of benching one of his buddies, we are screwed.

    • I understand your frustration since we have been so close and we couldn’t win. But I don’t agree with you messi did shit with Argentina. We all are Argentina supporters and we need to support them and love our best player

      • ignore cr 7 fan boy, barca win this year ucl as messi captain and kick out ronaldo plus Dybala Juventus

    • I desagree with a lot of the things you said. But I agree 150% on one thing: It’s impossible right now for young players to blossom with Messi around. He absolutely needs to go away, temporarily, and give youngsters a chance. All these young talents, they need to operate without his oxygen sucking presence. Go away for two three years. This is a must.

    • This isn’t a NT site, it’s a site that delivers news about the national team and players. If you had your way, are you suggesting Mundo shouldn’t post goals about Martinez simply because he’s not in the NT? Your misguided hated of Messi is disturbing.

      If players aren’t shining, it’s no fault of Messi. Thats is exactly what DAMN COACH Is responsible for.. Not sure why these think headed opinions keep persisting. Messi that Messi this…blah blah. Asinine misguided blame.

  11. Hi Guys!
    I’m a new member and a big Argentina fan. Been reading the comments since a long time but never posted anything. Just wanted to share my views about the future of Argentina National Team. Personally, I think that we should aim to win the Copa America 2019 because of two main reasons :-
    1) We haven’t won a trophy since a looong time.
    2) It will be played in Brazil.
    Imagine how it would feel to win a trophy after a long time, that too in BRAZIL.

    I am absolutely not against long term projects, but I believe we should give our best in every competition. There should not be an excuse like “We are preparing for a long term project.” Because, you never know what’s coming in future. (like our 2002 campaign). For that purpose I think that Messi should take a 6 months break. Everyone from golden generation shouldn’t be called except Messi (after break ofc), Otamendi, Aguero & maybe Banega too(as a super sub). If Bustos performs well after taking time we should permanently forget about Mercado. Messi should play as a CM and not as a no.10 in the national team because he has to be integrated into a system not be a system. But, it would be a foolish mistake to not play Messi and I’m sure no coach in the world will do that. Messi can play very well as a CM. Maybe, just maybe Messi can give those through balls and crosses and Icardi can finish them in future. 🙂

  12. So many future Argentine players all together on the same pitch.
    Paredes, Kranevitter, Rigoni, Driussi all need to transfer out of Zenit in order to achieve their desired potential.
    Icardi and Martinez will truly show what they’re capable of, not in Serie A, but in the champions league. Against high quality teams, we will see what these future Argentine strikers are made of. Serie A will not be enough as with Ronaldo at Juventus, he’ll most likely win the capocannoniere every season as long as he’s there. So in the Champions League we will see what Icardi and Martinez are really made of. The rest should move on from Zenit into bigger European clubs in order to improve.

    • My 23 Squad for Copa America 2019 would be:
      – Romero (Really missed him this World Cup, obvious throughout entire campaign)
      – Rulli
      – Guzman (Any third keeper really would do who understands they won’t be playing)
      – Tagliafico
      – Fabrizio Angileri (Played LB for Godoy)
      – Otamendi
      – Pezzella
      – Musacchio
      – Mammana
      – Gino Peruzzi
      – Mercado
      – Banega
      – Paredes
      – Kranevitter
      – Lanzini
      – Lamela
      – Rigoni
      – Ricardo Centurion
      – J. Correa
      – Aguero
      – Lautaro Martínez
      – Messi
      – Dybala

      Only 4 players of or over the age of 30 (I don’t count Romero because he’s not running on the pitch, so age is not as huge of a factor for goalkeepers)

      And the formation would be a 4-2-3-1 as follows:

      – Peruzzi as RB in order to cover for Messi providing overlapping runs when he drops back to collect the ball, and pushing up to keep the width when Messi drifts into the midfield. Something that Dani alves used to do to perfection and Sergi Roberto is attempting to do as well.
      – Let the play revolve around Dybala. With the CB’s and DM occupying Aguero and Dybala, it would leave a 1v1 for both Messi and Lanzini, both I believe are more than capable of passing their respective marks. And if 2 were to mark Messi, it would leave a 1v1 for the rest, Dybala, Aguero and Lanzini.
      – Defending in a 4-3-3 with Lanzini dropping back to become a CM, and MAD ready for a counter, with Messi as RF, Dybala as a false 9, and Aguero drifting as a LF….
      What more could you ask for?
      – Romero and Otamendi leading defense, Banega leading midfield, and Messi with Aguero leading the attack. Experience + youth = success.

      • I thought I am conservative but you are even more. I would drop Mercado and Banega. Some of the players like Rigoni, Lamela and J.Correa don’t have enough playing time and they need to move on and find other club unless their coach trust them again. For the moment, I won’t take them. Lanzini is great but he is always injured, not sure a reliable option. Another issue is most of your midfielders don’t know defending, especially the wingers that you selected, too similar profile. Right now we need more balance. Your starting 11 has no DM, it’s not a 4231 but more a 4222 because Messi and Lanzini won’t stay on the flank. It’s very risky to have 4 attacking players with no DM behind, not realistic in the current football.

        Personally I prefer midfielders who defend like Ocampos, Angel Correa and Lo Celso instead of Centurion, J.Correa and Banega. I will try Ascacibar. I will also take Foyth in the 23 just for learning. Pretty much like Deschamps with Varane many years ago.

      • 1. Where did icardi go
        2. I don’t think banega-parades will be a good defensive pivot. Either of them & with future in mind it has to be parades. Parades – ascasibar will be ideal there or parades-battaglia.
        3. Bustos instead of Mercado again keeping future in mind.

    • Peruzzi’s form dropped significantly last year and he didn’t feature much for Boca, instead Jara played as a RB and Peruzzi was eventually loaned to Nacional of Uruguay. In my opinion, Bustos should be given another chance. The likes of Higuain, Biglia, Fido had been given numerous chances, so why not Bustos?

  13. The better these two play and perform, the better it is for the NT and a way to eliminate the dependency on Higuian when he was seen as the only #9 option.

    • Yes, there will be only 1 place of the starting 11 for Messi, Dybala, Lautaro and Pavon(instead of winger) for this position of 9-half. My preference is Messi>Dybala>Lautaro>Pavon.

      • I don’t understand why a coach wouldn’t be able start Dybala and Messi. I understand we did not have time to improve prior but now we have time before copa.

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