Gonzalo HIGUAIN of Juventus receives offers from Chelsea, Bayern, AC Milan


Juventus striker Gonzalo HIGUAIN has reportedly received offers from Chelsea, Bayern Munich and AC Milan.

While the Argentine international didn’t particularly have a good World Cup with his country, that hasn’t stopped the offers from coming in for his services. With the arrival of Cristiano RONALDO at Juventus, the reigning Serie A champions have received some calls for their number nine.

Per la Gazzetta dello Sport, AC Milan have made an offer of €60 million for HIGUAIN. Apparently it would be a four year deal.

There were reports last week that Chelsea president Roman ABRAMOVICH travelled to Turin to hold talks with the club. Bayern Munich are apparently interested in signing him as well.


  1. Let me make one thing very clear, I LOVE pipita! I will never forget his goal against peru that helped Argentina qualify for the 2010 WC, nor will I forget his predatory goals against korea and mexico, nor the 10 goals he scored in the 2014 WCQ and most importantly the Belgium goal that got Argentina to the semis.
    I love pipit and I salute him for his service and with being said I don’t want to see him in the NT ever again! I didn’t want him in Russia, I don’t want him now nor will I ever want him anywhere near the team or even the bench. It may sound contradictory but the reality is after that fateful miss in 2014 something cracked in Gonzalo and he was never the same and things went downhill ever since culminating in that spectacular miss again Chile in copa cent. Add to all that the fact that Argentina has Icardi, Dybala and maybe the likes of Lautaro, Chucky, Alario and Simeone! Simply put he’s not needed.

    For the last time I LOVE pipita and wish him the best in his club career and will always cheer when he scores, but stay the hell away from the albicelestes.

    • i totally agree mamoun el, i had his shirt with his name on the back if it 10 and 14 w.cups but as you stated he should be no where the n.t every again, he has never recovered from those misses 14, onwards and every time he wears the n.t shirt looks like a rabbit in head lights.

    • @Sulav, if true, its great news.

      basically, the “Sabella Plan”, covers from thr sub 13 to the NT. The focus is the sub 20 tournament coming up so we can get a slot into the sub 23 Tokyo 2020 Olympic. Thats the perfect trial for the players come Quatar.

      Furthermore, it says he would be willing to coach for thr next year, while trying to personally lure Simeone, Pochetino or Gallardo to take the job full time, this would give those coaches a full year to transition away from their clubs.

  2. Bayern no chance .. Chelsea may be.. AC milan which is a midtable team and Higuain who is an average overrated striker is the perfect match for each other!!

    Since he and his buddy Aguero haven’t retired yet so no Icardi or Martinez for next few years!! Poor Icardi!!

    • Ac Milan is a midtable team just like Inter, perfect place for Icardi? Higuain always played in powerhouses Real, Juventus, Chelsea, Bayern? Icardi? Never, why?

      • The difference is teamwork, Higuain is with 3 or 4 dimension better than lazy Icardi in this aspect, who stand in the box all day long and wait the perfect cross. Giroud, Mandzukic and Benzema score half the goals than Icardi but much useful strikers than Mauro for a top european team. Imo the main reason Icardi still plays in Inter and will for years. In a midtable team..

      • Inter was bought by a rich millionaire not to long ago so they don’t have to sell their stars for money may be that is why Icardi is still at Inter , also now they are in Champions League there is no point moving to a new club this season .

        • Sulav

          no need to comment with oldies die hard lover. He was predicting them going far in this WC. Enough said. Frustration drives him. He said without Messi and co Argentina will not even qualify to WC. Let’s see. I don’t know what NT he is supporter but not Argentina for sure.

          Go away troll who can’t see Argentina potentiall.

          • How far you went being Higuain lover in last 2 WC and COpas? The guy, No/9, didn’t score since 2 years or so for NT and you still want to defend him. Being midtable player and to have most goals in league is harder task than scores for team dominating leagues when several class players works for opportunities for striker. Moron.

          • twitter.com/FTalentScout/status/1021132707735142401?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1021132707735142401&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdisqus.com%2Fembed%2Fcomments%2F%3Fbase%3Ddefault%26f%3Dnousantrafford%26t_u%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fnst.reblog.hu%252Fpost-030%26t_d%3DNST%26t_t%3DNST%26s_o%3Ddesc%23version%3Dedc0ae0b26976225accc590d45d9acd

            Top10 talents in the world (1999+), only Barco on the list…please stop lying about ARG U players, elite talents…where are our super-talented 99+ players? Only in your mind…scouts are professionals, they earn euro 100K’s yearly, and pay attention to every young player all over the world…no exception, so please stop bullshitting from our pseudo world beater talents

          • Rank of “Top Talents”. Such a typical kind of knowledge of Csabalala. “Top talents”, “top clubs”, “top players”, “Class players”, whoscored. Your football knowledge sources are most superficial sources as possible. Knowledge of 15 years old fan boys of Real, Barcelona, PSG and City. Your “top” is exectly symbolical mirror of your top knowledge that is TOP OF ICEBERG. This is good for people who rarely follow players in full games. It’s better for them to go for stats and ranks.

            I’m watching our youngsters regularly and know about their potentiall. The fact the “scouts” placed Barco higher than few other Argentina players U-20 is best prove they know now so little about Argentina youngsters, just like you. I’m sure the poeple never watched Barco in full game. Such ranks are only reprints of previous cliche. You stick about Barco but Barco is not even most talented Argentina player U-20. Your pundits are as much ignorant about Argentina potentiall as you.

            They never counted in their ignorant ranks of U-20 talents players like Dybala or Icardi. And what?!!!

          • Your infantile ranks are thrash for someone who is following Argentina potentiall by himself and in full game. That’s good for ignorants like you. Please don’t make me laugh.

            You will see Argentina being WC challenger again soon. As always was. No need for your oldies. Then your anti-Argentina trolling will judge against you.

          • Dont lie about scouts, they saw even the 17 years old Dybala’s talent in the argentine second division!!!. Ignorant? Ofc, do you think they don’t follow closely every young talent? Cmon you live in your dream world again, only not interested cause lack of real talent, so simple, Manchester City bought 15 years old Benjamin Garre, but they dont follow our 18-23 years old lads, ahahaha. 23-24 years old players from the Primera are mediocre, not strenghtening for european clubs, so i dont even understand why we deal with them for the NT. Absurd. Btw where is your Meza? You said he will be a top target after the WC for the european clubs, so? Bustos, Bayern followed him, not just him every talented players all over the world, but they signs Pavard, not Bustos Surprise surprise.

          • You said Tagliafico was our best defender against France and Croatia (absurd), Meza and Bustos best vs Spain (LOL), two of the biggest humiliations i’ve seen in recent years were Mbappe vs Tagliafico and Isco vs Bustos. You lay Ascacibar was good in U20 and on Olympics (surreal), please be realistic, not a football blind fanboy cause i will not believe to you even when you ask. Man must to divide your words with 10 when you speak about the argentina league, the next generation, our U20 or Olympics team performances, your favourite young players performances with 100.

          • But where was DYbala or Icardi on the list of U-20 talents. Nowhere. Talents always are there. The problem is find smart coach. Was Mascherano in big European club when Bielsa called him up from River reserves? No, just like other player of COpa America 2004, he was not. Was Tevez on that tournament European club player? No, he stayed long in South America then. He was In Boca, Corinthans. And enough good to win Olimpic Games. WHat about other players like Lucho, ROsales, Delgado…….

            Where was on this stupid ranks top talent lists best goalscorer of WCs Miroslav Klose. Being 22 years old he player in 3 league.

            Pavard? Hahahaha. If Deschamps was ignorant like you he could have never find right fullback as Pavard was according to your criterions weak player of weak club (Stuttgart) if I remember correctly often even benchwarmer in this club. Here you go ignorant. You see what concusions brings your infantile criterions.

            Ranks of ‘Top talents” Hahahah. Go back to Kindergarten

    • At Napoli, He broke the 60 year serie a all time record for most goals. That will not be forgotten until it’s broken again. Hes also one the best strikers of this generation (for club) averaging 20+ goals per season. With this said, I hope he leaves the NT for good. Time for ICARDI!!

  3. I am slowly starting to hate Diego Maradona lately! Just look what nonsense & trash he is talking against Javier Zanetti here.

    Argentina legend Diego Maradona attacks Inter Vice-President Javier Zanetti – “he always offers to do everything”

    The Nerazzurri hero has offered to work with the Argentinian FA after the poor World Cup showing, but El Diego isn’t impressed.

    “He always offers to do everything,” Maradona told TyC Sports.

    “They need an Inter President and he’s there first, a fitness coach is needed and he’s there. You need a player and he’s on the bench.

    “I don’t like that attitude.”

    I mean what’s wrong with you Diego!? You are surely a jealous guy. Why you can’t impress for someone like Zanetti, who offers himself to help Argentina football? Sadly, I am seeing another Grondona like mafia in you Diego….!!

    • Diego is a fucking idiot and he can’t shut his mouth up. He simply is against the development of Argentina football by saying such things about Zanetti. I don’t know why this guy is so jelous of everyone. Zanetti must not respond to this insane old fat man!

  4. This might be unrelated, but can somebody explain to me what is so special about ascacibar?
    I know he plays for Stuttgart, but they finished 7th in the Bundesliga, wining 15 matches but losing 13, scoring 36 goals but also conceding the same number.

    Soo… explain to me why he is a better option than Paredes or Kranevitter!
    Explain using stats, not opinion! Stats like percentage of successful tackles, passing accuracy, etc.

    • Ascacibar is the real thing IMO. He was a standout in Estudiantes and again in the bundesliga.
      The kid is an athlete of the highest order, he can run, tackle and pass all day long! Basically he has a 3rd lung like Dimaria used to.
      He’s great at defending and not just through tackling but also by reading the game. Basically he has a good footballing IQ.
      And if all that wasn’t enough he’s actually a damn good passer, both short and long, very accurate and always tries to move the ball forward.

      Regarding Stuttgart, the team started out near relegation but then changed their coach and finished 7th! They were by far the most improved team int he bundesliga!
      El russo came in into a league that isn’t known to be hospitable to argentines yet he booked a starting place on the team from day one and never looked back. It’s one thing to play for a team like Bayern that’s miles ahead of everyone else but it’s another to play for a struggling team in a strong league, perform regularly and stand out. Again Ascacibar is the real thing!

      He’s miles better than kranevitter IMO, who couldn’t hack it in Spain nor was he that good in a nothign league like russia’s, despite coming from river with a huge amount of fanfare.
      Paredes is a different type of player. Ascacibar is a DM while paredes is a regista or a deep lying playmaker, infact these 2 could do very well if they play along side eachother and if you add Celso, Acuna or maybe Gonzalo pity (if he moves to europe and proves himself) then Argentina could have a very dynamic midfield.

      • Yeah, two completely different players. Ascacibar and Paredes. Taking it briefly Ascacibar is for sure better than Paredes on defence. Having said that he must be considered on the position. Kante is also 1’68 cm and his only work in WC was defensive destruction. Still such kind of player is in price if only really enough good in this tasks.

        And Ascacibar is really comprehensible when it’s going to learning new things.

        Already experienced in Copa Libertadores, SUdamericano, Olimpic Games, Bundesliga.

      • Paredes can’t play for us just No.5 role. He may be partner of No.5 but as lone/last instance/ DM/destoyer in Masche position is not enough good on defence.

  5. Cr7 knows with higuain in team can’t win titles but mache/biglia always prefer higuain for Argentina

  6. Agustin Almendra will go to Spain with U-20 team to play in COTIF tournament. Gonzalo Maroni and Leo Balerdi from Boca as well.

    • That’s great news. Midfield consist of maroni and almendra with colidio in front would be an interesting team to look forward to. The youngsters though deprived of a few good youngsters will have to prove to the fans that they are a bunch of hopeful ones for the future.

      • A lot to prove. What is most worrying is that again we make team and appointed any coach just few days/weeks before tournament just like it was before Olimpic Games and Sudamericano. Such improvisation doesn’t bode well.

  7. I’m not a Higuain fan…damn…But hearing things like this makes me sympathize with the guy…He’s the living example of someone who’ll be evaluated(read bashed) on the basis of 2 or 3 moments of his playing life…His struggles,hard work,professionalism….Everything will be forgotten for 10 seconds of his 60 or 70 or 80 or more years of life …How sad…
    He always seemed like a nice soft guy and am sure which was his biggest weakness…
    I don’t want to know any of you keyboard warriors have played professional football for once?Atleast can you run for 45 minutes like pipita…
    I’m gonna get trashed for this comment…U know…Empathy don’t allow me to skip these comments…So you all can have your opinion…But never ever bash some Argentine player like this…Poor soul…How depressed he’ll be…Guys we have other things to change the focus…But he…No…
    Sorry if I look like a kid…….After all that is what I expect from you guys…I call it empathy,,,humanity….Or whatever the fcxk it is called….So please if you see something about Higuain and you fucxing hate that guy…..Please leave the comment section….Van Nistel Rooy…My axx…

    • Yes, definitely a kid never played football, who used words like “warrior”, “hard-working” when talked about a professional player. The same kind of people who may think that Higuain fighting harder than Iniesta.

      I simply said that I admire the way Higuain’s father managed his son’s career initially, how to turn an average player into an international star playing in big clubs and in national team for so long.

      For your information, it’s a website people are free to write, they can hate or love Higuain, whether agree or not.

  8. Wow, after 8:0 win of Independiente in Copa Argentina 2 days ago last night River defeated Central Norte 7:0.

    I’m hugely interested how will develope talent of midfielder Ezequiel Palacios who scored 2 goals yesterday. Scocco also with brace. Pity and Pratto both with one.

  9. AC Milan will be good. So, they will stay doomed for a few more years. This guy Di Maria and Aguero still don’t have decency to call it quits with the NT. They have taken advantage of the poor admin by AFA for the past 4 years and have literally been the blood sucking leeches they are.

    • Aguero did great in the WC and may still be our striker. Between Icardi and Aguero at this moment. Di Maria can also be useful if he regains form.

      • qwerty: “Aguero did great in the WC”- Aguero like any World Cup is busy taking selfies and photos, oh and mingling with messi day and night. Vacation Time was in Russia.

        • WC2022: Goodness, chill out with the memes. Aguero scored 2 great goals. You cannot put blame on him for losses. I actually think we would have won against France if he started

    • Actually I think Kun is one of the very few who could hold his head up high after the mess that was russia. I believe that Dybala and Icardi should take over from messi and Kun respectively but I don’t see any prob with having kun around as a backup IF he continues to perform.
      Mind you this all depends on how Lautaro, Chucky, Gio simeone and god knows who else will perform this coming season.
      One thing is for sure, Argentina doesn’t seem to have any problems with its supply of forwards.

  10. Another example that a career is not all about talent but also you need luck and a good agent well connected. Higuain’s father used to play in France and Higuain was born there during his stay in Rouen. After just few games with River one day his father went to meet the French coach Domenech, that he knew in the past, to talk about his son and sold him as the next Trezeguet. Domenech was OK to try him. After that his father put some pressure on Basile. Obviously AFA didn’t want to make the same mistake again as they did with Trezeguet. Finally the 2 national teams wanted him in the same time, so Real Madrid got the attention and thought he was a crack. If Van Nistelrooy had his age, I guess he wouldn’t have this chance to stay at RM for so long. I have rarely seen someone as average as him but has such a career.

    If I were the Chelsea president, I wouldn’t give up Giroud for him. Both the same efficiency but at least the French defend better and stronger in the air.

  11. This guy will never be a part of winning squad. Where ever he will goes, that team will probably miss the trophy due to this guy. Only good at Juventus when there is no competition in one horse league. Missing sitter in big game is his habits and he dont care to improve it rather lash at the fair criticism.

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