Argentina’s Benjamin GARRE makes Manchester City debut


Benjamin GARRE from Argentina made his debut for Manchester City in a 1-0 pre-season friendly loss to Borussia Dortmund.

With Manchester City coach Pep GUARDIOLA being unable to count on Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI as they have yet to rejoin the team following the World Cup, there was still one Argentine representative.

Despite losing 1-0 to a Mario GOTZE goal, Pep gave the 18 year old winger his debut. The positive news for Argentina fans is Pep’s track record not only in integrative youth players into his teams but also giving them full confidence and making them grow as a player.

He is the grandson of Oscar GARRE, World Cup winner in 1986 with Argentina.


  1. People in this site blaming Messi for everything .. They are acting like before Messi era Argentina team doing great in major tournaments ..We reached World Cup Final in 2014 after 24 years.. I am saying it again 24 years ..We Won our last major tournament in 1993 .. Messi era mainly began in 2009-10.. So between 93 and 2009 Argentina played 4 WC and 6 COPA ..They didn’t win any of them ..So whats the excuse then? Please blame messi for that too.. WC 94- Argentina eliminated in the round of 16,WC 98 -Eliminated in quarter-final,WC 2002 -First round, 2006 – Quarter finals.. So basically we were a Quarter-final side between 94 to 2010 WC.. So think about the facts before talking shit about Messi..

  2. Agustin Almendra (category 2000) may not go with U-20 team to L’Alcudia for COTIF tournament. Gonzalo Maroni likely will be released by Boca (Maroni might be loaned to Talleres Cordoba for next season), but Almendra is much more important player for Barros Schelotto.

    Much has been said here about Argentina lack of physical strengths and conditions of black players. We don’t have black footballers though if there’s any one really resembling physical qualities of black one it is 18-years old defensive midfielder of Boca. Boca was rarely incorporating young players in recent years and certainly not that young. But this time Boca coach seems to be really convinced to the tall, strong, long-legged midfielder. Almendra has debuted in April. Now unexpectadly he may compete after place in central midfield with players like Pablo Perez, Gago, Reynoso and wanted by European clubs after their WC performances Uruguayo Nandez and Colombiano Barrios.

    I heard already comparisons Almendra to future Argentine Pogba. It’s too early of course but the boy is outstanding wherever he play. If things go well he will represent Argentina rather sooner than later. So far he played for Argentina U-15 (with Garre and Colidio) and shall play for us with U-20 team at the latest on Sudamericano.

    Yesterday he scored nice goal in Boca friendly against Independiente Medellin:

    • These things happening reduces my interest for L’Alcudia tournament…I hope he plays. Now there are only two players whose name am familiar with (colidio & maroni)

      • Unfortunately it’s the same history always when it comes to Argentin youth tournaments. Our (at least on paper) best players stay in clubs even if they are not any necesarry for them.

  3. Patience will have to be the key word for all Argentine football fans for next 4 years, Its going to be the toughest period for us all. No matter whoever the coach is it will definitely take time to form a team with new players and new system. Forget about Copa 2019, The biggest hurdle for us will be the Qualifiers for 2022. Its gonna be tough, Really tough to Qualify. We have rise again as a team. Forget about all the individuals lets form a team. We may not have the Fear Factor like Messi(We will see how valuable he was for us), but we still have great players like Dybala, Angel Correa, Icardi who have to take up the challenge. It will take at least 10 matches together to form a new 11, then we have to build on that 11. Football is a game where the Coach is so important. We will see how good the next generation players really is. We have no other choice so lets wait.

    • “Dybala, Angel Correa, Icardi who have to take up the challenge”

      That’s the thing… We don’t really know how well they will fare once we will start the WCQ. After all, a majority of these players will play the qualifyers in the next 18 months for the first time ever and as usual they will be very difficult.

      • Yupp unfortunately those next generation players haven’t even played at least 5 matches for us, At least in Friendlies, I still believe TATA wasted a lot of games, He should have tested a lot of new players in those friendlies, because of that we are now in a doomed state. Our future looks unpredictable. Its sad that Icardi played only 2 matches didnt scored, then he got rejected , Higuain played 20 games didn’t scored still got selected(I know Higuain works hard, But he is a damm striker, How long will you start to score??)

        Still Whatever we complain at least Sampa had guts to start making changes, But when it mattered in the WC he failed, He succumbed to pressure.

      • Relax my friend, there are talents and talents. These players have it, period. Icardi and Dybala especially are world class, and universally recognized as such, talents. They are very good. If you can play the way they have in Italy, a top top league for more than a century now, you can play. It’s true, however, that they definitely need to feel comfortable in the national team. Too much controversy surrounding them as far far as the NT is concerned, some of own making, some not, that a wait and see is not completely wrong. But I lean on their qualities and expect them to tear things up. You start Dybala and Icardi together in any game, against any opponent, ANYBODY, anyplace, and give them the entire game, they will put on a show. Guarantee. I believe that, no question. They will reap any defense apart. Remember, they still have young legs, these are not some 30 years old with mileage’s aplenty. Not at all. Young and talented, yet, underused. This is why it’s so frustrating because we let a lot defenses off the hook, diinave to deal with the full strength of Argentina.

  4. Messi sacrificed spain 2008-2012 generation for Argentina can turn huge let down to his legacy. Had messi choose spain will considered as great for NT as Club.

    • Look, man, Messi is not an object, a thing, but a human being. Do you think he has no feelings? You’re talking about sacrificing as if the guy is a robot. He was born in Argentina and left when he was thirteen. So for thirteen years he breathed Argentina, that is the country in his blood, in his DNA. Somewhat, in your opinion, he should have picked Spain, against every fiber of own being, so just he could win titles with them. In addition, Messi played for Argentina in World Cup 2006 in Germany and somehow he should have picked Spain a few years later, something not even allowed by FIFA. Where do you get your facts from?? The more I read your comments the more I lose my respect for your ability to make any sense. You sound very ignorant.

  5. I think man city should sign leandro parades as it would be good signing for both….man city desperately need a CM and parades can improve a lot under guardiola .

  6. I understand why many are upset and hurt by the WC result, WE ALL ARE.
    I went back to work on Monday after being off for the past five weeks and everywhere I turned I heard the smart ass remarks from one idiot to another and almost all of them don’t know shit from shinola when it comes to football. Heard the same crap after 14WC and again Copa 2016 especially when Messi called it quits. This has strengthened my resolve and I made it a point where I would wear my sky-blue and white as much as possible, 7 different clothing articles, one for every day of the week because we must represent, two Albicleste stickers on the back window of my car for the whole world to see.

    POINT IS, I come here because it is my understanding that we ARE ALL ON THE SAME DAMN SIDE but everywhere I turn I hear this or that comment about the Messi fanboys…….blah blah blah. I been an ARGENTINA fan from before Messi was Born…..its always been ARG 1st 2nd 3rd and fourth before it’s Messi’s turn in 5th. I refuse to blame the man for the shortcomings of the coach or all the coaches that came before or his useless teammates and Nothing would please me more than to see 20 Messis running around wearing the sky-blue and white instead of ONE. Some tend to associate being a leader with All the screaming, pointing, clapping many captains do with their teammates to get a point across or just for the Cameras Like you know WHO to see. If acting that way is a prerequisite for being a captain then Messi should have never been given the armband because that is not who he is now or ever because that is who he is.
    ARG/Nigeria game in the tunnel right before the 2nd half started, remember when Messi was talking to his teammates? THAT WAS SO FAKE and I felt bad for him because he heard all the fucking bullshit said about how he is not a leader, he doesn’t take action, he doesn’t talk to his teammates… and was simply trying to play the camera ……etc same crap that is talked about here.

    Coaches coach and players play….

  7. Messi needs to retire first before this guy can make his debut with the National Team and he has to refrain from competing in tennis football against Messi.

  8. Hope that Icardi can stay in inter and play with Lautaro at least until the next world cup. If they play day in day out in inter, argentina will then have the deadly strikers partnership, with the support of Dybala, we can rule the world again.


    Bustos Foyth Rojo Tagliafico


    Lanzini Dybala Lo Celso

    Icardi Lautaro

        • After mardona era European teams treated Argentina like Colombia and after messi era will do the same until next messi/Maradona came, Messi has his best next two years left and play top label next 5year just enjoy and appreciate and hope with messi Argentina not humiliate 6-1 with out solid defense and good DM or GK Maradona can’t succeed where messi carried 10donekeys

    • I don’t want to be harsh but fact is that we should forgot about Lanzini about year and a half. We need to starto with young players immediately. We have interesting options on Lanzini position.

  9. If Chelsea don’t find a suitable replacemnt for Courtouis ( hardly any) in time if he leaves and sign Higuain(if too) we are in for a treat at both ends of the pitch. Caballero( Sarri may chose another option) at one end and Higuain at the other. What a combo!

    • Don’t forget Giroud the world champion No.9 who didn’t have a single shoot on target 😀

      Just kidding! I don’t take the useless numbers to judge the players. Giroud played very important role. Without him, Griezman, Mbappe, and Pogba couldn’t find space to roam and score. For Higuain, without the curse, he has been the best striker we have in 10 years. Should he scored in 2014 and we won that damn World cup, he would be an immortal legend. But the curse is just too strong 🙁

  10. I mentioned Ocampos 2 days ago. I really think he must be played in midfield (left-right). he is being used more as a winger.
    I have seen people in here complain about line-ups so I thought I should also make a line up to have some fun 😀

    ———-lo celso———————————-ocampos———–
    ————–messi/dybala—–dybala/laurato/icardi ????—

    • Most intricated situation is on CB as we have number of young promising defenders: Foyth, Cristian Romero, Martinez Quarta, Conti, Barboza, Franco, Mammana, Lautaro Martinez, Senesi.

      From the older ones most interesting Pezzella and Lema to me.

    • My favourite on left wing position is Matias Vargas though it’s just my favourite and the place should take the best. Joaquin Correa and Ocampos are good contenders. We should try all them. Though Vargas seems to me really creative one. He was on long 60 names list of Sampaoli’s players and even if Sampaoli is past I suppose he will be first followed by new coach from local league (along with Pavon). Currently I’m rather for tall players like Ocampos or J.Correa though if there is any short one I’m convinced to it is Matias Vargas.

  11. Another Argentina last sub 20 team (after Foyth and Cristian Romero) CB may go to Europe as Udinese brings official offer for Marcos Senesi from San Lorenzo. Foyth, Romero, Senesi and Lisandro Martinez (Defensa) had played together CB on Sudamericano and WC and all they attract interest of European clubs.

    • He has all the abilities and features that are most characteristic for Argentino archetype being even more dribbling prone to which he seems to have special predispositions. Really quick leg on his fancy driblings, good vision, good speed. Maybe sometimes keep the ball too long on driblings. Rather lank. Perfect material to work with. Reminds me one of classic times players and a bit David Silva.

      • Gonzalo, thank you for the info on Garre amigo! I really appreciate it!

        Lots of young talent and potential as always. As i mentioned it several times before and despite that some fellow Argentina fans here may not agree, one player that is very talented but unfortunately didn’t prove his worth yet is Lucas Ocampos. Even though he is still very young, only 23 years old, Ocampos is very fast, strong and physical and although he is tall, 1,87m, he has very good technique and dribbling, he has a good and powerful shot using both legs and he is also good in the air too. A player who has all the attributes to be a complete world class in my humble opinion and someone who is dragging back helping in defence and also could be deadly in a counterattacking approach. I would really like seeing him in the nt.

        • I always thought it’s really worth wait to player 28 to estimate (and sometimes give up on promising player) see wheter the latent talent will not suddenly shine. Ocampos still has the time to knock at NT door. Personally I would take him over Di Maria

        • Ocampos struggled for a few years but last year in Marsielle he really came into his own and if he has another strong season people will begin to learn of his worth. Personally I think Ocampos has done enough to atleast earn a call up.

      • “Maybe sometimes keep the ball too long on driblings”

        Agree, that’s what I noticed when I looked at his videos 2 weeks ago. But most players tend to do this at his age till they mature and learn how to follow coach’s orders. Manchester City snatched this talent earlier than the others after his 16th birthday. Pep must have seen a promising future for this kid, I heard they will loan him out to get more experience.

  12. Garre one of the significant number of best known U-20 players that will not play in COTIF tournament.

  13. Garre is one of 5 youth players taken along with the first squad on their US tour. It’s gonna be tough for Garre to make the cut this season , honestly. Remember they have also bought Mahrez this season, and have a host of attacking wingers already. This opportunity is to see if Garre is ready for PL action, and at best, even if he impresses, the plan is to send him on loan most likey to a newly promoted team or the championship.

    Lamela has refused to move on, and has signed a contract extension and has accepted the posibility of being a bit player as Pochetino has made it clear to him, that he is going to be signing one or 2 more midfielders to strengthen the squad. Lamela will have to earn his spot.

    AEK Athens have a frightening a strike force this season, as they have signed 2 of Argentina’s deadliest young strikers, Ponce from Roma and Lucas Boye from Torino. Both over the course their time in europe so far have registered like 4 goals in 60 odd apperances. Fearsome!!!

    In the primera, Heinze is back again for Franco Soldano, but has competition from Estudiantes. I hope Heinze gets his man. They are desperate for a goal scorer, especially with Zarate gone. Velez though, have further strengthend their impressive midfield (they have lost Caseres though) with the signing of Gaston Gimenez from Godoy Cruz.

    Speaking of Godoy Cruz, looks like Pol Fernandez will head to Mexico, as they have made a better offer than River.
    2 other interesting players, who still could develop are heading to right clubs. First, Lucas Zelerayan is to be signed by Racing from Mexico and Maurico Martinez (forgotten young Defensive mid) has been signed by Racing. Why I’m excited, because Racing have Eduardo Coudet as their manager. Coudet like Heinze, is only a few years into his coaching career, but already like Heinze has his signature in his team. He has already given us Lo Celso, who blossomed under him at Rosario, and Cervi also flourished under him (though I don’t see Cervi developing into NT material right now). So, I’m super excited about what we can expect from both Heinze’ and Coudet teams this season. These 2 along with Holan are the best managers in Primera, while Ghallardo and Scheletto ar both over-rated and nothing good about them.

    When there was talk of Axel Werner returning back to the Primera on loan only after a year at Atletico, I thought here we go again, but thankfully he will stay in La Liga afterall, after newly promoted Huesca signed him on loan. Hopefully he gets plenty of playing time. Huesca interestingly, is managed by former Argentina international goal keeper and 1997 world youth cup winner Leo Franco

    • Velez have all the talented youngsters with Vargas at the head but indeed they need reinforcement on some positions. Soldano and Gimenez would be optimal choices.

      Have still hope Pol Fernandez will go to River or rather stay in Godoy as the team could be one of strongest also in upcoming season. Outstanding player.

  14. One of many Argentina talents that are for us guarantee of being one of titles challengers in future – as always – and unlike some people (especially anamored in Messi and his generation but without knowledge about Argentina resources) want to convince us – that we have not a future, Argentina without Messi will not even qualify to WC and such nonsenses.

      • Here are some big Messi fans that are at the same time bigger NT fans and I know they are ready to sacrifice Messi NT well-being in the name of NT well being. Everything ok with this. But here are also the Messi fans that want just to see Argentina winning something for him.

        • Argentina is first priority but there is nothing wrong to become Messi fan. Argentines should be proud of Messi and if they are not, then there is problem. If people think Argentina not winning because of Messi they live in fools world

    • Btw, according to a recent book by a journalist with inside knowledge, Messi asked Sampaoli, after the Croatia game, and in front of everybody this question “You have asked me 11 times who should play or shouldn’t play and I never gave you any name. Haven’t I?”. Eleven times he’s been approached eleven times he’s refused to give any name, one way or another. So the friends shit is bs. Fucking Sampaoli was just over his head.

      • Actually, he said 10 times not eleven. LOL
        Messi apuntó especialmente: “Me preguntaste diez veces a qué jugadores querías que pusiera y a cuáles no, y nunca te di un nombre. Decime adelante de todos si alguna vez te nombré a alguien”.
        Messi haters and doubters Will find it difficult to believe this, but they found very easy to believe that Messi prevented Lo Celso from playing because he passed the ball between his legs.

        Neither Messi is the problem of the NT, nor Messi is the solution. WE NEED A COACH. All who call for Messi to be included in or excluded from the NT, as if he is the savior or the problem of the NT are straight out wrong, Argentina can win without Messi, just as they can lose with Messi.

        • Me personally I don’t call for Messi exclusion as such, I just think very strongly that it will be to everyone benefit if Messi was temporarily not included in the near future rebuilding. Messi is way too good and it’s human nature for players to fall into dependency. Even at Barcelona, even in Basketball with Kobe and LeBron James, players found themselves watching instead of playing. So the best thing will be for NT players, with the help of a new coach, to try to build something without Messi for a few years. If they look the’ll found and when god comes back a formidable team will be born. Maradona did it too in 1990. He walked away.

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