Diego SIMEONE nominated by FIFA for 2018 Best Coach award


Diego SIMEONE has been nominated for the FIFA Best Coach award of the year.

The only Argentine coach to make the list, the winner of the 2018 UEFA Europa League will attempt to pick up his first ever best coach of the year award. The presentation will be held on September 24 in London, England. Here are the 10 nominees:

Massimiliano ALLEGRI (Italy)
Stanislav CHERCHESOV (Russia)
Zlatko DALIC (Croatia)
Didier DESCHAMPS (France)
Juergen KLOPP (Germany)
Roberto MARTINEZ (Spain)
Diego SIMEONE (Argentina)
Gareth SOUTHGATE (England)
Ernesto VALVERDE (Spain)
Zinedine ZIDANE (France)

Good luck to Diego SIMEONE!


  1. I think it is better to include ezeq palacios and san.colombatto as early in our central midfld along with locelso. They will get enough time with nt and willbe motivated to became future stars..look james rodrigz. He is like that.

  2. The best Argentina coach had was tata martino
    His team was very balance
    I’m sure if he was stayed till world cup
    Argentina would have been good to watch and could have reach final and win it

    • aside from the poor subs….we played beautiful attacking some games. i remember being so excited to finally see us click and working to our strengths.

  3. Martin Benitez signed new contract with Independiente despite West Ham and Santos Laguna interested.

  4. Without messi Argentina is a quarter final team at best, if Argentina topped the group could have played another final instead of Croatia, those who are posting Argentina 2022 line up with out best in the world also post spain/Germany/France line up you will feel the difference

    • Maybe WE could say that without a smart coach Argentina is doomed. Argentina can win without Messi, just as they can lose with Messi.
      Messi is the best, sure. Having him in the NT as the sole savior of the team is wrong. Having him in the NT is just a surplus. Players should step up to the plate and work for the team to win. Relying too much on Messi is our weakest point. sometimes your strength is your weakness at the same time. Messi is not the problem or the solution. WE NEED A SMART COACH TO BUILD A TEAM WITHOUT RELYING ON ONE SINGLE PLAYER.

    • Romance KING I don’t know how many Argentina games you’ve watched. When we had Sabella and Martino we won games without Messi. When we had Bauza and Sampaoli we struggled. Managers have the most important job.

      People were saying Spain can win without a manager, or they’ll win despite replacing a new manager. Not a chance!

    • To romance king.I do not know what you are talking about.Without messi argentina are a quarter final team?Did you watch the world cup?With him they did not reach the quarter final,which is embarassing.Argentina should at least reach the quarter finals every wc.Most of the squad was CRAP except for aguero,mascherano,rojo,romero who did not play,banega,perez,and of course messi.Argentina have gone from BAD TO WORSE.I have supported argentina for over 30 yrs.Even i could have picked a better squad.

  5. Ariel Holan, Eduardo Coudet, Hienze along with Gallardo plus Jorge Almiron are the ones which afa have right now for the nt as a coach role. Pekermann ,Sabella as well as others are going to become as a argentina directors. we have to choose very carefully the coach and Manager. I Want mundo members to tell us more about these coaches. these coaches technical capabilities as well as their overall personality.Vamos Albiceleste

    • Sampaoli will be our go to man, when we are struggling to qualify for the world cup in 2021. Till then Sampaoli will travel around the world to carefully choose his tight meat ripping jeans and clothes. He will also find time to inject his regular botox in his face to look as glamorous as he was in the touchlines in Russia.

  6. The 3 Argentine coaches Pekerman, Simeone and Pochettino had made their impact during this world cup.

    > Deschamps admitted recently the friendly game vs Colombia was a football lesson to them and it played a very crucial role in their victories against Peru, Argentina and Uruguay during this world cup. I don’t think England really deserved their qualification against Columbia.

    > The main source of inspiration of Deschamps is Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, same style with similar players: fullbacks can play as CB(Hernandez in both), 3 defensive player so 1 of them as half-time playmaker + 1 fast winger in the midfield, 1 strong forward and Griezmann as half-9. Intensive pressing, the forward has the central role because everyone will rely on him, once they score, they stay behind and wait for counter-attack. Everyone involves in defensive tasks.

    > There are 9 spurs players at the semi-finals, only Son and Erikssen were not here, both of them played well. Great contribution of Pochettino to Belgium and especially England football.

  7. It would be nice to start the new era working with these bunch.
    Gks: yet to be born. Sorry here.
    Defensors: pezella, Funes Mori, Conti, Lisandro MARTINEZ, Tagliafico, Bustos, Fabricio Angeleno, Montiel.
    Medios: guido Rod, Marcone, Pity MARTINEZ, parades, Lo Celso, Battaglia, Lamela, Barco, Roberto pereyra.
    Delanteros: Icardi, Alario, Sala, Dybala, pavon, Centurion, Joaquin Correa, Ocampos.
    I took into consideration the age. In 2022 no one should be above 32.

    • It’s worth also to think about players that are now U-21 but will U-23 in 2020 year of Olimpic Games:






      Joaquin Pereyra from Rosario Central
      Gonzalo Escobar from Colon Santa Fe


      Nahuel Molina RB (Defensa)
      Marcos Senesi CB (San Lorenzo/Udinese?)
      Lisandro Martinez CB (Defensa)
      Francisco Ortega LB (Velez)
      Lucas Robertone CM (Velez)
      Ezequiel Palacios CM (River)
      Gonzalo Maroni AM (Boca)
      Maxi Lovera AM (Rosario Central)
      Maxi Romero CF (PSV Einhoven)
      Ezequiel Barco LF (Atlanta)
      Benjamin Garre winger (City)
      Franco Feuillassier RF (Real)
      Joaquin Torres RF (Newell’s)
      Santiago Caseres DM (Villarreal)
      Matias Zaracho AM (Racing)

        • Palacios is already on good track as he seems to have the place in starting line up of River and several experienced players around to learn from

      • In Fifa Pes or FM 19 fantasy Gonzalo, half of these players are maximum late sub benchwarmers in their clubs. Very weak team btw except attackers, primilarly Lautaro. Almendra your newest liebling? Where is Colombatto? Still in Serie B? He need to play in Cagliari this season.

        • Colombatto will emerge sooner or later…

          I know frustration drives you after disaster of your oldies generation but…

          I have your word: Argentina after current generation will not even qualify to WC. It doesen’t matter who: Colombatto, Lautaro, Almendra… Argentina always have enough potentiall. If anyone want to deny that know very little about football history.

          After Maradona times one could say we have no future but the team 1994 looked stronger than anyone. In 1998 again we had competitive team and so on… Whoever followed our WCups had the feeling we are there to fight after title. Nothing changed. The only time I hadn’t the feeling was WC this year with outdated team.

          Now you want to convince everyone Argentina have no future and you will embarassed just like in this last WC. Keep your trolling out of frustration and making laughing stock of yourself.

        • Strikers like
          Chancalay of Colon
          Carranza of Banfield
          could be added. It’s hard to predict which of them will develope best. The starting eleven is strongest IMO and ATM.

          Gaston Lodico CM (Lanus)
          Alexis MacAllister (Argentinos)
          Thiago Almada (Velez)
          Colidio (Inter)
          Nehuen Perez (Argentinos/Real)
          Juan Aguero (Atletico_

  8. I couldn’t care less what these Coaches and Players who will never contribute to the national team ever achieve at club level. These coaches and players are the reason we have been trophy less for last 32 years!! At least mad scientist aka Mr Imbecile Baldy Sampaoli quit his high paying European job to take over the mess but that doesn’t mean this fraud can get away from what he did in the world cup!!

  9. Only blunder substitn cost us many imp.games.
    Lets look at when maradona s time he sidelined 2 ofthe most infoam plyrs in that tournmnt for arg.and with pek also same happnd when we were looking good.he subed req and sidelind messi . And in 2014 w.cup sabella also made same tht he subed lavezzi as early. When he is the one who plays with good pace and technq.. complt blindness from sabla . And now in 2018 our baldy made same again .he benched worlds one of the future midfld gen locelso and terrific attacg plyr dybla .

  10. It would be interesting to see Argentina under Simeone, we’d be playing a 4-4-2 with a deep defensive line, a Bilardismo through and through…doing anything to win…we need that kind of mentality

    Dreaming out loud

    • Enganche : hope that happens .
      But his style doesn’t suit Argentina , cause , the style is too defensive , argentina tradionallity was offensive , so it will not suit much .
      But lets see what happens , whatever happens , may god bless them.

      Forza Argentina.

      • Carlos Bilardo is Argentina’s most famous defensive coach who won the World Cup with the most offensive player ever – Maradona. It can be done. Not that I am a fan of that kind of football, I just want us to win a trophy by any means necessary.

        • Today higuain would have won the world cup 2018 , had he played with france , but he chose to play for argentina , that doesn’t mean he is shot for his country.
          Maybe he missed those chances , but I love him , be coz he is patriotic.

          First is argentina , then everything else .
          A week back ago , luka romero , who has been hailed the “new Messi” opted to play for Argentina, that his dream, so it must be very clear after all, how big is Argentina for everyone ( for argentines and non argentines).

          • Love for luka Romero, love for Higuain, love for messi…
            Feuillasier chosen the easiest path. Hope if he plays for spain then he wont win anything…

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